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Technology in Construction: 2015 Report

technology-constructionIn order to understand the role of technology in construction, JBKnowledge, Inc. performed the first annual Construction Technology Survey in 2012. While providing technology consulting and solutions to companies across North America, the Caribbean and Middle East, JBKnowledge discovered the need to learn more about how technology is adopted and utilized in the construction industry.

Technology in Construction in 2015

In 2015, JBKnowledge performed the fourth annual Construction Technology Survey along with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), the Texas A&M University Department of Construction Science and HCSS construction software. 30,000 construction professionals received the 45-question survey. 2,000 responses  to the 45 multiple choice questions were received and then reviewed.

Critical Findings

The construction industry under-spends on technology compared to other industries. Lack of budget is apparent in the number of unofficial IT personnel, minimum technology R&D, no cloud security policies or implementation, and low technology adoption. Many builders do not have any awareness of their technology budget.  Most do not understand the reasons for creating a budget. Costly software is underutilized and outdated software is prevalent and rarely replaced. Construction companies too often view technology as an expense. They will need to learn more about how technology produces revenue.

Regardless of numerous concerns about the use of technology in construction, total construction spending has increased by 13.7o per cent over the past year. The construction industry is doing well, however there is a great deal of room for technology to increase efficiency and profitability. This will require openness and education.

Get this Technology Report

The following report provides a thorough review of the current research pertaining to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of technology in construction.  The report will enable you to identify problematic issues in your company, proactively formulate solutions, and get ahead of your competitors.

The 4th Annual Construction Technology Report

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