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Pool Maintenance Tips for Everyone

pool maintenanceBefore you buy the latest pool cleaner, you will need to know a few basic things about pool maintenance.

Get a Sturdy Pool Cover

After installing a swimming pool, you really need a pool cover to protect the swimming pool when you are out of the house for long periods of time or when the pool is not in use during winter.

A plastic pool cover can be very effective in protecting the pool from various objects falling into the water and from the elements. A sturdy plastic cover can prevent children or pets from accidentally falling into the pool. Although setting up the pool cover is a lot of work and requires some time and effort, it is part of basic pool maintenance.

Buy a Quality Skimmer

Every swimming pool requires a skimmer to gather dead leaves, branches, insects and other debris from the water surface. This rake does a great job of removing objects from the water, particularly dead insects and leaves. Pool maintenance and cleaning is usually in direct correlation to how much the pool is used. If you plan to use your pool frequently, you will need to use a good skimmer. Make sure you set aside some money in your budget to purchase a quality skimmer.  You will use it a lot.

One of the most important things in swimming pool maintenance is filtration. Keeping the water clean and circulating is important in any pool. There are several types of filters available for swimming pool water. Sand and gravel, diatomaceous earth, anthracite, and cartridge filters are most commonly employed.

Ensure Proper Filtration

Swimming pool filtration systems use the same basic principle of passing water through tiny passageways to filter it. Particles larger than these passages are trapped and separated from the main body of the water. This process continues until all of these passageways are blocked. The filter must then be cleaned and the cycle is repeated.

Sediment and suspended matter usually find their way to the bottom of the pool and will need to be removed by vacuuming. As swimming pool filtration varies in quality and depends on the frequency of maintenance and quality, you will need to consider vacuuming as a general pool maintenance tool.

The swimming pool vacuum operates in a similar manner to the common household unit except it draws water through the vacuum head rather than air. There are two ways in which this may be achieved. One method deploys a jet of water supplied by a garden hose to power the suction which draws the dirt into the head to be trapped in a cloth bag. The other method uses the suction power supplied by the filter which draws the sediment and dirt from the pool floor for removal through the filter. When a large amount of sediment needs to be removed, the filter valves should be adjusted so that the vacuumed water will bypass the filter and run to waste.

Include Chemicals Carefully

Chemicals are used in pool maintenance on a regular basis to keep water safe and clean. The most common chemical used is chlorine. If used in large quantities, or if not maintained properly, chlorine may irritate your eyes and skin. The swimming pool owner should study the proper maintenance instructions of the chemicals and follow the manufacturers instructions when applying the chemical to the pool.

Use Common Sense Pool Maintenance

Use common sense when dealing with pool maintenance and pool cleaning. Although your swimming pool is there for your enjoyment, it comes with a few simple responsibilities. Cleaning your swimming pool regularly will enable you to enjoy a clean, healthy swimming pool for a long time.

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