Little Giant Ladders – Choosing The Best Model

Little Giant Ladder SystemsWe all need a reliable, stable ladder. It is certainly best to invest in a ladder that can fulfill any challenge you take on. Little Giant Ladders is the only answer, if you are looking for the best ladder. But do you know which little giant ladder is most appropriate for you?

Little Giant Ladders: 8 Tips

1. Stability. Check out the little giant ladder system with flared footings so that you remain stable when you climb high, and even on the topmost rung of the ladder. Your little giant ladder should provide you with 100% protection.

2. Warranty. The Little Giant Ladder company should provide you with a warranty; make sure you get a warranty to ensure that you end up with unnecessary expenses if your ladder breaks down in the first year.

3. Construction. Look for the ladders that are most durable, with a longer life span, and offer the best value for your money.

4. Value. Look for a ladder that will prove valuable to you. Little Giant Ladders has many models; so make sure that you consult the shop assistant to learn about the different types of ladders and the right one for you.  If you have limited space, you should consider the little giant folding ladders. Select your ladder in accordance to the height that you want to reach.

5. Versatility. It is not usual to have a garage full of ladders. Therefore, your little giant ladder should serve multi-purposes, saving your money and space.

6. Weight. A professional grade aluminum ladder weighs between 25 to 45 pounds and a fiberglass model will weigh between 35 to 50 pounds. Lighter models won’t be as durable or stable.

7. Accessories. When choosing your little giant step ladder, make sure you purchase the accessories. Accessories include wall stand offs, leg levelers, and work platforms.

8. Origin. Look for “Manufactured in the USA”, as these models have better craftsmanship and are of a higher quality.

Invest some thought before purchasing your little giant ladder. You will not use it just to get the job done. You will use it to take care of your safety and your health.

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