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How to Find the Right Interior Designer

interior decorationThe process of redesigning a house or commercial property can be exhausting and complicated, with numerous problems and points of consideration. Redesigns are tricky for experienced home makers and developers, but they are downright terrifying for new home owners who are just looking for a fresh start. This is where interior designers come in. A good interior designer can smooth out the entire process of improving the appearance of your property, adding an additional layer of flair to your decorations. After all, two heads are better than one! So, how does one go about hiring the right interior designer? The answer is: carefully. There are a multitude of steps involved in finding a reputable and reasonably priced interior decorator.

Step 1: Go online or talk to a friend and locate several interior designers. If one lived in the city of Los Angeles for example, they would search for “local Los Angeles interior designers”, “local Los Angeles home decorators” or a similar keyword. Multiple avenues of search should be utilized in order to cover a broader base of potential hires and to gain a wider selection of services.

Step 2: Once several reputable designers have been located, ask each of them to make a trip to your property and ask for a quote detailing how much they will charge for the job. Oftentimes, one can make them bid against each other in order to secure a lower price for a higher quality of service. This does not always work, but generally home decorators hate to lose business and the potential positive reference that can be given to others in the neighborhood. It may sound a little tough but this is usually the most effective way to get the best package.

Step 3: After you have ended the bidding war and selected your favorite interior decorator, it is now the time for actual work. Outline the plan you have in mind for the rooms and the overall feeling desired, and then ask for the opinion of the decorator. They have usually been in the business for years and sometimes decades, and can visualize how a home or commercial property will look after they have added their touch. It is common that they have worked with many people with similar tastes as you and may have a lot of good suggestions about how to improve the appearance of the property that you may not have ever considered.

Step 4: Since the plans have now been laid out for your interiors, it is time for materials to be purchased. Do not trust the decorators to buy materials because it is likely that they will raise the price in order to pocket the extra money. The best way to approach material purchases is to ask them to make a list of the things they require and then go to the stores with them. They will not add on frivolous expenses if you are beside them the entire time. After the materials have been purchased, it is simply a matter of letting them play out your agreed upon vision of how each room should appear.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and wish you good luck in realizing your commercial and residential design dreams!

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  1. Jacques Hillaux says:

    Your four steps for finding the right interior design make good common sense. I am now interviewing three interior designers from your pro directory. Thanks for these resources.

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