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Home Repairs for Home Improvement

Resolve Leaky Faucets

screw gunLeaky faucets invite immediate home repairs often due to annoying sounds as water drips into the sink. When faucets leak, it is usually due to the wearing of the washers or O-rings. These leaks are relatively easy to repair by replacing the washers or O-rings or just tightening the screws.

There are many different styles of faucets and parts differ widely, but they all have parts that can be replaced. To replace the faucet you might have to buy a new faucet kit. The kits are easier to install than buying one component at a time.

When installing the faucet kit you must shut off the water supply below the sink or in the basement area.

After disconnecting the water, locate and unscrew the nuts at the top of the faucet of the old faucets to loosen the nuts, and then pull up the faucet. When taking apart the faucet,  pay attention to the arrangement of the parts.

Once the old faucet is removed, you are ready to install the new one. Make sure the nuts are securely tightened on the faucet before reconnecting the water lines. You can then reconnect the water lines and turn on the water. Make sure you check for leaks before using the sink.

Improving your home is relatively easy in some areas. Home repairs are often easy. Make sure to follow instructions carefully before starting repairs in your home.

Replace Your Shower

If you need to install a new shower, you can do it without a contractor. Shower kits come with clear installation instructions. You can use prefabricated shower panels and a plastic shower base to build an inexpensive shower stall. If you want to achieve an elegant appearance, try a custom-tiled shower stall.

Other kits are also available that have systematic instructions for repairs and installations. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should not have a problem completing the tasks.

Increase Home Equity

When you improve your home, you also increase the equity. The equity of your home determines how much you can sell the home for or how much a bank will loan you against your home.

Repairing or installing a new faucet will only cost around ten dollars, but it will increase the value of your home a percentage or more. The equity of an additional percentage is more than the price you will pay for a new faucet.

If you are installing a new faucet in the bathroom or kitchen, the kits are often the same price and you will follow the same procedures.

If you are repairing complicated plumbing, you may want to get quotes before taking on the job yourself. Remember that water leaks can cause damage to your home if left unattended for a period of time.

If you are installing a new shower, purchasing a kit will cost less than hiring a plumber. The kits include materials such as shower flooring, doors, walls and/or curtains, shower head and faucet. Sometimes when you have a leaky shower, it is easier to merely renew the faucet, but if the shower is old, it may be wise to up the value of your home by replacing the entire shower.

Tools You Need for Home Repairs

If you are installing a new shower or involved in similar home repairs, make sure you have all the tools you need, including 3/8 inch PVC pipes, or a half-inch PVC pipe. You will also need Purple Primier, CPVC Cement, Philips cutters, liquid nails, and silicon sealant. Use a little caution. If you feel uncomfortable installing a shower, consider hiring a professional. It will cost you a little more but will save you in the long run.

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  1. Alan Zestrino says:

    It never occurred to me that I could change our shower on my own. I’m willing to give it a go. Thanks.

  2. Nancy Jule says:

    You’ve convinced me that we could do this on our own. We will just have to find the time.

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