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Feng Shui Bathroom Locations and Wealth

feng shui bathroomFeng Shui has tried and time tested wealth strategies that implement theories based on Feng Shui Elements. Feng Shui colors and tools such as the Feng Shui Bagua to provide followers with keys to long term wealth and prosperity.

A Feng Shui study enables you to have a deep and clear understanding of the energetics of an environment; how to balance and positively activate energy in your working and living environments. You can then explore new ideas and techniques to heal your body, mind and spirit.  You will be amazed by the relationship Feng Shui establishes between the bathroom and wealth when you perform a Feng Shui Study.

This article will deploy this knowledge to provide you with new ways to increase your prosperity and expand your knowledge of this popular practice, revered due to its spiritual and scientific basis.

Location of a Fung Shui Bathroom

Even if you’re a Feng Shui novice, you’re probably familiar with the Feng Shui bagua (Feng Shui map of a space), and know that the family area is suitable for the living room, or that a Feng Shui office is best positioned in the knowledge, wealth or career sectors. You may also be aware that a Feng Shui bedroom is best placed in the marriage corner of the Feng Shui house.

But do you know where the Feng Shui bathroom should be located if you’re seeking wealth? If not, you will learn about the importance of a Feng Shui bathroom and how it can expand or reduce wealth in your home.

As most of the Feng Shui practices have a scientific basis, there are two important rules of thumb that you need to keep in mind about the location of a bathroom. First, the bathroom and toilet are primarily governed by and driven by the element Water. In Feng Shui, water is associated with wealth, prosperity, career and good cash flow. Second, bathrooms are associated with elimination and waste. With these two considerations in mind, it is easier to understand the main rules that apply to the layout and location of this space.

Without a clearly marked out space in Feng Shui bagua, the bathroom is a little out of place anywhere, but thanks to the time tested Feng Shui wisdom, you can easily identify challenges with your bathroom (cash flow blockages, drained finances, etc.) that are detrimental to your wealth (by blocking your cash fwlo, draining your finances, and increasing your financial stress). Although some of locations are more troubling than others, one of the best Feng Shui tips to keep in mind here is that a defective bathroom plumbing has a draining effect wherever it is located.

According to traditional Feng Shui some bathroom locations which can have negative effect on your wealth. These locations include:

  • Bathrooms next to or above the front door.
  • Bathrooms on the second floor directly above the kitchen or front door
  • Bathrooms in the center of the office
  • Bathrooms under the stairs

It may seem restrictive but the reasons are sound when you employ Feng Shui principles. For example, a bathroom in the front hall, close to the door, or a bathroom at the end of straight hall way can drain Chi away before it has a chance to circulate through the rest of the house.

Keep this information in mind when building, renovating, or buying a home.

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