Term Definition
Yard 5 likes
A unit of linear measure equal to three feet, 36 inches, or 0.9144 meters
A square yard, such as in yards of flooring
A cubic yard, such as in yards of earth cut or fill
The area between buildings
The area surrounding a home; see Curtilage
A piece of enclosed ground
Yarn Size 8 likes
Carpet yarn is calculated by the length in number of yards to the weight in ounces of a single ply; two to four plies of a sole strand will be entwined to produce the best balance for a particular weave and fabric quality
Yellow Fir 7 likes
Douglas Fir
Yellow Metal 6 likes
Muntz metal
Yellow Ochre 11 likes
An earthy pigment produced from impure iron ore, employed in paint
Yellow Ware 12 likes
A yellowish semi-vitreous ware or an earthenware that has a colorless glaze; originated in the United Kingdom in the late 18th century, and produced in the eastern United States from the late 1820s
Yellowing 2 likes
Developing yellow color or cast in whites; can occur as a result of aging
Yield 3 likes
Ratio of the net income of real estate or another investment compared to the purchase and operating costs
Quantity of concrete produced by a specific combination of materials; the total weight of ingredients divided by the unit weight of the freshly mixed concrete
The quantity of units, such as blocks, produced per batch of concrete or sack of cement
Cubic feet of concrete produced per sack of cement
Yield Point 7 likes
The point where a material experiences deformation without an increase in load; the stress at which a material no longer deforms in a totally elastic fashion
Yield Strength 2 likes
Specific minimum yield strength or yield point of reinforcement in psi
Yoke 3 likes
The location where the water meter of a residence is sometimes installed; usually between two copper pipes in the water meter pit in the yard
Yoke Vent 7 likes
A pipe connecting in an upward direction from a soil or waste stack to a vent stack to prevent pressure changes in the stacks
Youngs Modulus 3 likes
Ratio of unit stress to unit strain under the proportional limit
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