Term Definition
X-Ray 1 like
Electromagnetic radiations of a short wavelength that can penetrate various thicknesses of all solids
X-Ray, Weld 0 likes
See Weld X-Ray
Xeric 2 likes
Needs a small quantity of moisture, such as a xeric habitat
Xerography 0 likes
Dry electrostatic document copying
Xerothermic 0 likes
A hot dry environment
XO, XOO, XOOX 1 like
Designations of the arrangement of sliding and fixed panels in sliding glass doors and windows; X indicates a sliding panel; O indicates a fixed panel; see OX, OXO, OXXO
Xylem 1 like
The portion of the tree trunk, branches, and roots that lies between the pith and the cambium
Xylene1 like
A solvent obtained from wood tar, coal tar, or petroleum
Xylography 0 likes
The art of making engravings on wood
Xylol 0 likes
Xylonite 1 like
A thermoplastic material like celluloid, used in model building
Xyst 3 likes
In Greek and Roman architecture, a long covered portico for exercise in bad weather
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Door Framing

Exterior structure immediately surrounding the area of a door made of wood or metal

door framing


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