Term Definition
Wafer Board 1 like
A fabricated wood panel composed of one to two inch wood chips with glue; frequently used instead of plywood in roof sheathing and external walls
Waferboard Sheathing 1 like
External wall or roof sheathing panels composed of waferboard
Wainscot 2 likes
The lower three or four feet of an inside wall when it is finished in a different way from the rest of the wall
Wainscot, Terrazzo 0 likes
See Terrazzo Wainscot
Waiver 0 likes
The intentional and voluntary relinquishment of a known right or claim
Wale 0 likes
Horizontal beam
Waler 2 likes
A horizontal structural component in a concrete formation or excavation shoring assembly
Walk 3 likes
A path specifically constructed and paved for the purpose of walking
Walk-In Cooler3 likes
walk-in cooler
Larger commercially refrigerated space maintained under room temperature; generally employed in restaurants, supermarkets, wholesale meat distribution businesses, and food processing facilities
Walk-Through 1 like
The last inspection of a home before finalizing the sale to determine and document issues that will require resolution
Walk-Up 3 likes
An apartment building or living unit with at least two stories that does not have an elevator
Walkway, Roof 0 likes
See Roof Walkway
Wall 2 likes
An upright member that separates or encloses areas
Wall Angle2 likes
wall angle
L-shaped aluminum angle that supports grid work of a suspended ceiling at the wall
Wall Blocking 1 like
Framing short lumber lengths mounted horizontally among wall studs as filler pieces to secure the framing, block fire, or serve as a backing for attaching a finish fixture
Wall Bracket4 likes
wall bracket
A wall-mounted support projecting from a wall, employed for shelving or holding another object
Wall Cabinet1 like
wall cabinet
Box or item of furniture that is mounted on a wall; usually has shelves and doors, and employed for storage
Wall Cladding 2 likes
External wood or metal siding for a building
Wall Cleanout 0 likes
An opening in a wall that is used to remove refuse
Wall Covering 3 likes
An application that finishes a wall surface
Wall Expansion Joint 2 likes
A space or break in a wall to provide for expansion and contraction of materials due to temperature changes
Wall Fabric2 likes
wall fabric
Wallpaper or other fabric that provides a finishing cover for a wall
Wall Finish 1 like
The final actions to complete a wall including staining or painting
Wall Flange3 likes
wall flange
A ridge or rim on a wall that thwarts movement, and supports various attachments
Wall Furring 3 likes
Wood strips that level a wall surface, create an air space, or surfaces for attachment of items
Wall Grille2 likes
wall grille
A wall grating that covers and protects an opening or has a decorative purpose
Wall Heater5 likes
wall heater
A heating unit attached in or on a wall
Wall Hung Sink1 like
wall hung sink
A lavatory mounted on a wall with brackets
Wall Hydrant 4 likes
An attachment to a water sawn through and installed on a wall; see Hose Bibb
Wall Insulation1 like
wall insulation
Material positioned in wall cavities to decrease fire hazard and serve as protection from extreme temperatures
Wall Lath 0 likes
Expanded metal, sheets of gypsum, or thin wood strips connected to stud walls that serve as a base for plastering
Wall Louver2 likes
wall louver
Wall apertures to ventilate areas
Wall Mounted Flagpole1 like
wall mounted flagpole
A pole that displays a flag, mounted or connected to a wall
Wall Mounted Heater2 likes
wall mounted heater
A heating unit installed on or connected to a wall
Wall Mounted Oven3 likes
wall mounted oven
A domestic oven that is installed in or on a wall or another surface
Wall Out 0 likes
Situation when a painter spray paints the inside of a home
Wall Panel 2 likes
Boards, plywood, or metal sheets installed as one unit
Wall Plaster 0 likes
A paste that hardens when dry and is employed for covering walls
Wall Railing2 likes
wall railing
A decorative wood that is installed on a horizontal plane
Wall Reinforcing, Masonry 2 likes
Steel strengthening rods or mesh positioned between courses in masonry walls
Wall Scupper 0 likes
See Scupper
Wall Sheathing 0 likes
The first layer of coating on an external wall that is attached to the wall studs
Wall Spreader 0 likes
A Z- or U-shaped accessory that separates two curtain faces of steel reinforcements in a concrete wall
Wall System 1 like
A modular shelf and cabinet set that can be positioned along a wall in different arrangements and combinations
Wall Tie 3 likes
A mechanical metal fastener that attaches masonry wythes to one other or to other materials
Wall Tile 2 likes
A glazed non-vitreous tile for interior use that is intended to handle excessive impact
Wall Z Tie 1 like
A Z-shaped strengthening strip that serves as a supportive bracket between the structural wall and the masonry veneer
Wall-to-Wall 1 like
Covering the total floor space
Wall, Cavity 2 likes
See Cavity Wall
Wall, Retaining 2 likes
See Retaining Wall
Wallboard2 likes
Large, inflexible wood pulp, gypsum, pressed cellulose fibers, gypsumboard, plywood sheets, or similar sheet materials, employed instead of plaster in the interior surfaces of buildings
Wallpaper5 likes
A decorative paper that finishes the interior walls of a building
Wallpaper Paste 1 like
An adhesive used for securing wallpaper
Walnut 3 likes
A grained reddish-brown wood derived from the walnut tree that is employed for cabinets, veneers, and moldings
Walnut Door 0 likes
A door with a walnut veneer
Walnut Veneer 2 likes
A thin layer of walnut wood for the exterior finish and decorative purpose
Ward 0 likes
A large hospital room that accommodates several patients
The inside court of a castle or fortress
A local Mormon congregation
A protruding metal ridge on a lock which does not allow a key without a matching notch to be inserted
Wardrobe2 likes
A room or closet where clothes are hung
Wardrobe Locker2 likes
wardrobe locker
A clothing storage cabinet with a lock on the door
Warehouse 2 likes
A large storage room or building
Warm Air Heating 3 likes
A heating system that relies on warm air circulation
Warm Colors 0 likes
Red-orange colors; warm colors are associated with heat, fire, and sunshine
Warming Colors 0 likes
Colors with the exception of green can be warmed up by adding red; green is warmed up by adding yellow
Warpage 0 likes
A concave or convex curve in a material that was supposed to be straight
Warping 1 like
Deformation in a material
Warranty 1 like
In construction, there are two basic warranties; one warranty is provided by a manufacturer of a product, the other is a warranty for labor; several new homebuilders offer a one-year warranty
Warranty Sale 1 like
The sale of a person’s personal belongings or household effects that have been seized to meet unpaid debts.
Warren Truss2 likes
warren truss
A truss with parallel or approximately parallel top and bottom chords, the top chord is occasionally slanted to provide for roof drainage
Wash 2 likes
The slope of a wall, parapet, capping, or sill to permit the water to drain readily, without obstruction
Wash Coat 2 likes
A very fine coat of finishing material, typically shellac
Wash Fountain1 like
wash fountain
A waist-level sink that supplies water to wash the hands
Wash Primer 1 like
A thin inhibiting paint generally chromate pigmented with a binder
Wash-Out 2 likes
Insufficient coverage and texture build-up in machine-dash textured plaster
Washboarding 0 likes
In asphalt paving; see Corrugations
Washer2 likes
A narrow flat ring or a punctured plate employed in joints or units to ensure tautness or reduce friction
Washer (Top Load)1 like
top load washer
Top Load washers allow you to load laundry at waist height, saving from repetitive joint stress every time you load the machine. Top load washers are cheaper, they are the preferred option for rental apartments, commercial uses, and shortterm living situations.
Washer Dryer (Stacked)2 likes
washer dryer
A stackable washer and dryer unit is precisely what its name implies. A fully functional washing machine sits on the floor and is attached to the standard water and drainage hook-ups. This stackable washer may either be a top load or front load model, although many modern stackable washer and dryer units now use front loading almost exclusively.
Washer-Extractor 1 like
A clothes washing machine with a high speed centrifugal drying cycle that takes out all the free water, leaving only damp contents
Washer, Coin2 likes
See Coin Washer
Washer, Flat2 likes
washer, flat
See Flat Washer
Washer, Steel Welding 2 likes
See Steel Welding Washer
Washroom Faucet 1 like
A device installed above a sink that provides hot and cold water
Waste 0 likes
Material that has no value
Contaminated liquid discharged from plumbing fixtures
Waste and Overflow Fitting 1 like
Bathtub drain fitting that serves as the outlet for the bathtub drain, and as an overflow to eliminate extra water from the tub
Waste Pipe1 like
waste pipe
A plumbing line that conveys waste water from fixtures, with the exception of water closets and urinals
Waste Piping 1 like
See Filter Waste Discharge Piping
Waste Receptacle1 like
waste receptacle
A container for temporarily storing garbage
Waste Stack 0 likes
An upright line of piping that spans one or more floors and obtains the discharge of fixtures, with the exception of water closets and urinals
Waster Mold 1 like
A prefabricated plaster mold to facilitate production of ornamental monolithic or cast-in-place concrete; the mold cannot be used more than once, as it is destroyed when removed
Water 1 like
The transparent, colorless, odorless liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen
Water Absorption 0 likes
The quantity of water soaked up by a substance in specified conditions; indicated by the weight percent of the test sample
The quantity of water soaked into the core and surface parts of gypsumboard; indicated by a percent of water added over the dry weight
Water Blasting 1 like
Blast cleaning that employs high speed water
Water Board 0 likes
Green or blue water-resistant drywall used in rooms with tubs and showers
Water Closet1 like
water closet
A term for toilet
Water Conditioner3 likes
water conditioner
A device that dissolves and removes minerals from water; water is determined to be soft after the minerals have been eliminated
Water Cooled Chiller1 like
water cooled chiller
Equipment that creates chilled water; employed for cooling
Water Cooled Condenser 0 likes
A condenser that circulates water via a cooling tower through which heat is discharged to the atmosphere
Water Cooler2 likes
water cooler
An apparatus that cools, stores, and dispenses cold water
Water Defrosting 2 likes
Water employed to melt ice and frost from an evaporator during the off-cycle
Water Gain 0 likes
Of concrete; see Bleeding
Water Gauge2 likes
water gauge
A device that measures the depth of water, or indicates its height, such as in a steam boiler
Water Glass 1 like
Instrument that has an open container or tube with a glass bottom; employed for viewing objects in water
A water gauge
A viscous sodium or potassium silicate solution employed as cement, protective covering and fireproofing, and egg preservation
Water Heater2 likes
water heater
A device that heats and stores water
Water Level2 likes
water level
Clear plastic hose, 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter and roughly 50 feet long containing water; employed to check the levels in walls or structures
Water Main 0 likes
Water supply pipe typically located on the street, which supplies several buildings
Water Meter Pit (or Vault) 2 likes
The container, cast iron lid, and concrete rings that house the water meter
Water Paint2 likes
water paint
A water emulsion paint in which water is employed as the thinner
Water Pipe Restoration 1 like
Installing new linings in existing pipes to improve their condition; typically includes cleaning and elimination of debris from of the pipe and relining with a suitable material
Water Reducing Admixture 0 likes
Substance included in cement or concrete mix to reduce the water content
Water Repellent 2 likes
A finish that resists but does not prevent penetration of water
Water Resistant Gypsum Backing Board 2 likes
A gypsumboard used on walls as a foundation for ceramic or plastic tiles
Water Resistant Gypsumboard 0 likes
A gypsumboard used in locations where there is sporadic dampness; plasterboard that has been chemically treated to make it moisture resistant but not essentially waterproof
Water Service Pipe 0 likes
The pipe coming from the water main or another source of water supply to the building being serviced
Water Slide1 like
water slide
A slanting trough from which water is conveyed due to gravity
Water Softener2 likes
water softener
A device connected to a water system that eliminates undesirable minerals and substances
Water Stain 1 like
A colored dye that dissolves in water
Water Tap 1 like
The point where the home water line is attached to the main municipal water supply
Water Valve2 likes
water valve
A device that controls water flow in a pipe or other passages
Water Vapor 1 like
Moisture that is present as gas in the atmosphere
Water Vapor Transmission (WVT) 2 likes
See Permeability
Water-Cement Ratio 2 likes
Water to portland cement proportion indicated by the gallons of water required per 94 pound sack of cement
Water-Cooled Condenser3 likes
water-cooled condenser
Condensing unit that is cooled through water flow
Water-Repellent Paper 0 likes
Gypsumboard paper surface that has been treated to resist the penetration of water
Water-Repellent Preservative 2 likes
A liquid rubbed on wood to enable the wood to repel water
Water-Resistant Core 1 like
A gypsumboard created to resist the penetration of water
Water-Struck Brick 0 likes
See Soft Mud Brick
Water-Thinned Paint 0 likes
Paint composed of thinner which is primarily water; the binder may be a material that
a) which does not emulsify in water, such as flat wall paint
b) needs water to set, such as portland cement
c) which dissolves in water, such as casein
Water-Tube Level2 likes
water-tube level
A leveling apparatus that has a water-filled tube and a transparent section on each end; also called Water Level
Waterbar 0 likes
A rubber or plastic strip cast in concrete at the joints to prevent water from leaking; also called Waterstop
Waterproof Cement1 like
waterproof cement
Portland cement to which waterproofing agents have been added, including surface repellents
Waterproof Membrane 1 like
An impervious layer of plastic film, roofing, bitumen, or another substance that stops the passage of water or water vapor
Waterproofing 1 like
Treating a surface or structure to stop the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure
A covering that prevents water or moisture penetration
Waterstop 1 like
See Waterbar
Watertight Manhole 0 likes
A cover for an upright access shaft that stops entry of the elements
Watt 1 like
The unit of electrical power
Rate of work by a current of one ampere under a pressure of one volt; the standard in the U.S. is 1/746 horsepower
Watt-Hour 2 likes
A unit of work or energy equal to the power of one watt functioning for one hour
Wattmeter2 likes
A device that measures electric power in watts
Wavy-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood in which the fibers are in waves or undulated
Wax2 likes
A fatty material that provides an aesthetic, protective covering, such as for wood; waxes are employed on their own or mixed with other substances to produce paints, varnishes, polishes, and paint removers
Constituent in many lubricating oils which can separate from the oil when cooled
Wax, Floor2 likes
wax, floor
See Floor Wax
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