Term Definition
W C 0 likes
Abbreviation for toilet or water closet
Wafer Board 1 like
A fabricated wood panel composed of one to two inch wood chips with glue; frequently used instead of plywood in roof sheathing and external walls
Waferboard Sheathing 1 like
External wall or roof sheathing panels composed of waferboard
Wainscot 2 likes
The lower three or four feet of an inside wall when it is finished in a different way from the rest of the wall
Wainscot, Terrazzo 0 likes
See Terrazzo Wainscot
Waiver 0 likes
The intentional and voluntary relinquishment of a known right or claim
Wale 0 likes
Horizontal beam
Waler 2 likes
A horizontal structural component in a concrete formation or excavation shoring assembly
Walk 2 likes
A path specifically constructed and paved for the purpose of walking
Walk-In Cooler3 likes
walk-in cooler
Larger commercially refrigerated space maintained under room temperature; generally employed in restaurants, supermarkets, wholesale meat distribution businesses, and food processing facilities
Walk-Through 1 like
The last inspection of a home before finalizing the sale to determine and document issues that will require resolution
Walk-Up 3 likes
An apartment building or living unit with at least two stories that does not have an elevator
Walkway, Roof 0 likes
See Roof Walkway
Wall 1 like
An upright member that separates or encloses areas
Wall Angle1 like
wall angle
L-shaped aluminum angle that supports grid work of a suspended ceiling at the wall
Wall Blocking 1 like
Framing short lumber lengths mounted horizontally among wall studs as filler pieces to secure the framing, block fire, or serve as a backing for attaching a finish fixture
Wall Bracket4 likes
wall bracket
A wall-mounted support projecting from a wall, employed for shelving or holding another object
Wall Cabinet1 like
wall cabinet
Box or item of furniture that is mounted on a wall; usually has shelves and doors, and employed for storage
Wall Cladding 1 like
External wood or metal siding for a building
Wall Cleanout 0 likes
An opening in a wall that is used to remove refuse
Wall Covering 2 likes
An application that finishes a wall surface
Wall Expansion Joint 2 likes
A space or break in a wall to provide for expansion and contraction of materials due to temperature changes
Wall Fabric1 like
wall fabric
Wallpaper or other fabric that provides a finishing cover for a wall
Wall Finish 1 like
The final actions to complete a wall including staining or painting
Wall Flange3 likes
wall flange
A ridge or rim on a wall that thwarts movement, and supports various attachments
Wall Furring 2 likes
Wood strips that level a wall surface, create an air space, or surfaces for attachment of items
Wall Grille1 like
wall grille
A wall grating that covers and protects an opening or has a decorative purpose
Wall Heater4 likes
wall heater
A heating unit attached in or on a wall
Wall Hung Sink1 like
wall hung sink
A lavatory mounted on a wall with brackets
Wall Hydrant 4 likes
An attachment to a water sawn through and installed on a wall; see Hose Bibb
Wall Insulation1 like
wall insulation
Material positioned in wall cavities to decrease fire hazard and serve as protection from extreme temperatures
Wall Lath 0 likes
Expanded metal, sheets of gypsum, or thin wood strips connected to stud walls that serve as a base for plastering
Wall Louver2 likes
wall louver
Wall apertures to ventilate areas
Wall Mounted Flagpole1 like
wall mounted flagpole
A pole that displays a flag, mounted or connected to a wall
Wall Mounted Heater2 likes
wall mounted heater
A heating unit installed on or connected to a wall
Wall Mounted Oven3 likes
wall mounted oven
A domestic oven that is installed in or on a wall or another surface
Wall Out 0 likes
Situation when a painter spray paints the inside of a home
Wall Panel 2 likes
Boards, plywood, or metal sheets installed as one unit
Wall Plaster 0 likes
A paste that hardens when dry and is employed for covering walls
Wall Railing2 likes
wall railing
A decorative wood that is installed on a horizontal plane
Wall Reinforcing, Masonry 1 like
Steel strengthening rods or mesh positioned between courses in masonry walls
Wall Scupper 0 likes
See Scupper
Wall Sheathing 0 likes
The first layer of coating on an external wall that is attached to the wall studs
Wall Spreader 0 likes
A Z- or U-shaped accessory that separates two curtain faces of steel reinforcements in a concrete wall
Wall System 1 like
A modular shelf and cabinet set that can be positioned along a wall in different arrangements and combinations
Wall Tie 3 likes
A mechanical metal fastener that attaches masonry wythes to one other or to other materials
Wall Tile 2 likes
A glazed non-vitreous tile for interior use that is intended to handle excessive impact
Wall Z Tie 1 like
A Z-shaped strengthening strip that serves as a supportive bracket between the structural wall and the masonry veneer
Wall-to-Wall 1 like
Covering the total floor space
Wall, Cavity 2 likes
See Cavity Wall
Wall, Retaining 2 likes
See Retaining Wall
Wallboard2 likes
Large, inflexible wood pulp, gypsum, pressed cellulose fibers, gypsumboard, plywood sheets, or similar sheet materials, employed instead of plaster in the interior surfaces of buildings
Wallpaper5 likes
A decorative paper that finishes the interior walls of a building
Wallpaper Paste 1 like
An adhesive used for securing wallpaper
Walnut 2 likes
A grained reddish-brown wood derived from the walnut tree that is employed for cabinets, veneers, and moldings
Walnut Door 0 likes
A door with a walnut veneer
Walnut Veneer 2 likes
A thin layer of walnut wood for the exterior finish and decorative purpose
Ward 0 likes
A large hospital room that accommodates several patients
The inside court of a castle or fortress
A local Mormon congregation
A protruding metal ridge on a lock which does not allow a key without a matching notch to be inserted
Wardrobe2 likes
A room or closet where clothes are hung
Wardrobe Locker2 likes
wardrobe locker
A clothing storage cabinet with a lock on the door
Warehouse 1 like
A large storage room or building
Warm Air Heating 3 likes
A heating system that relies on warm air circulation
Warm Colors 0 likes
Red-orange colors; warm colors are associated with heat, fire, and sunshine
Warming Colors 0 likes
Colors with the exception of green can be warmed up by adding red; green is warmed up by adding yellow
Warpage 0 likes
A concave or convex curve in a material that was supposed to be straight
Warping 1 like
Deformation in a material
Warranty 1 like
In construction, there are two basic warranties; one warranty is provided by a manufacturer of a product, the other is a warranty for labor; several new homebuilders offer a one-year warranty
Warranty Sale 1 like
The sale of a person’s personal belongings or household effects that have been seized to meet unpaid debts.
Warren Truss2 likes
warren truss
A truss with parallel or approximately parallel top and bottom chords, the top chord is occasionally slanted to provide for roof drainage
Wash 1 like
The slope of a wall, parapet, capping, or sill to permit the water to drain readily, without obstruction
Wash Coat 2 likes
A very fine coat of finishing material, typically shellac
Wash Fountain1 like
wash fountain
A waist-level sink that supplies water to wash the hands
Wash Primer 1 like
A thin inhibiting paint generally chromate pigmented with a binder
Wash-Out 2 likes
Insufficient coverage and texture build-up in machine-dash textured plaster
Washboarding 0 likes
In asphalt paving; see Corrugations
Washer2 likes
A narrow flat ring or a punctured plate employed in joints or units to ensure tautness or reduce friction
Washer (Top Load)1 like
top load washer
Top Load washers allow you to load laundry at waist height, saving from repetitive joint stress every time you load the machine. Top load washers are cheaper, they are the preferred option for rental apartments, commercial uses, and shortterm living situations.
Washer Dryer (Stacked)2 likes
washer dryer
A stackable washer and dryer unit is precisely what its name implies. A fully functional washing machine sits on the floor and is attached to the standard water and drainage hook-ups. This stackable washer may either be a top load or front load model, although many modern stackable washer and dryer units now use front loading almost exclusively.
Washer-Extractor 1 like
A clothes washing machine with a high speed centrifugal drying cycle that takes out all the free water, leaving only damp contents
Washer, Coin2 likes
See Coin Washer
Washer, Flat2 likes
washer, flat
See Flat Washer
Washer, Steel Welding 2 likes
See Steel Welding Washer
Washroom Faucet 1 like
A device installed above a sink that provides hot and cold water
Waste 0 likes
Material that has no value
Contaminated liquid discharged from plumbing fixtures
Waste and Overflow Fitting 1 like
Bathtub drain fitting that serves as the outlet for the bathtub drain, and as an overflow to eliminate extra water from the tub
Waste Pipe1 like
waste pipe
A plumbing line that conveys waste water from fixtures, with the exception of water closets and urinals
Waste Piping 0 likes
See Filter Waste Discharge Piping
Waste Receptacle1 like
waste receptacle
A container for temporarily storing garbage
Waste Stack 0 likes
An upright line of piping that spans one or more floors and obtains the discharge of fixtures, with the exception of water closets and urinals
Waster Mold 0 likes
A prefabricated plaster mold to facilitate production of ornamental monolithic or cast-in-place concrete; the mold cannot be used more than once, as it is destroyed when removed
Water 1 like
The transparent, colorless, odorless liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen
Water Absorption 0 likes
The quantity of water soaked up by a substance in specified conditions; indicated by the weight percent of the test sample
The quantity of water soaked into the core and surface parts of gypsumboard; indicated by a percent of water added over the dry weight
Water Blasting 1 like
Blast cleaning that employs high speed water
Water Board 0 likes
Green or blue water-resistant drywall used in rooms with tubs and showers
Water Closet1 like
water closet
A term for toilet
Water Conditioner3 likes
water conditioner
A device that dissolves and removes minerals from water; water is determined to be soft after the minerals have been eliminated
Water Cooled Chiller1 like
water cooled chiller
Equipment that creates chilled water; employed for cooling
Water Cooled Condenser 0 likes
A condenser that circulates water via a cooling tower through which heat is discharged to the atmosphere
Water Cooler2 likes
water cooler
An apparatus that cools, stores, and dispenses cold water
Water Defrosting 2 likes
Water employed to melt ice and frost from an evaporator during the off-cycle
Water Gain 0 likes
Of concrete; see Bleeding
Water Gauge2 likes
water gauge
A device that measures the depth of water, or indicates its height, such as in a steam boiler
Water Glass 1 like
Instrument that has an open container or tube with a glass bottom; employed for viewing objects in water
A water gauge
A viscous sodium or potassium silicate solution employed as cement, protective covering and fireproofing, and egg preservation
Water Heater2 likes
water heater
A device that heats and stores water
Water Level2 likes
water level
Clear plastic hose, 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter and roughly 50 feet long containing water; employed to check the levels in walls or structures
Water Main 0 likes
Water supply pipe typically located on the street, which supplies several buildings
Water Meter Pit (or Vault) 1 like
The container, cast iron lid, and concrete rings that house the water meter
Water Paint2 likes
water paint
A water emulsion paint in which water is employed as the thinner
Water Pipe Restoration 1 like
Installing new linings in existing pipes to improve their condition; typically includes cleaning and elimination of debris from of the pipe and relining with a suitable material
Water Reducing Admixture 0 likes
Substance included in cement or concrete mix to reduce the water content
Water Repellent 2 likes
A finish that resists but does not prevent penetration of water
Water Resistant Gypsum Backing Board 2 likes
A gypsumboard used on walls as a foundation for ceramic or plastic tiles
Water Resistant Gypsumboard 0 likes
A gypsumboard used in locations where there is sporadic dampness; plasterboard that has been chemically treated to make it moisture resistant but not essentially waterproof
Water Service Pipe 0 likes
The pipe coming from the water main or another source of water supply to the building being serviced
Water Slide1 like
water slide
A slanting trough from which water is conveyed due to gravity
Water Softener2 likes
water softener
A device connected to a water system that eliminates undesirable minerals and substances
Water Stain 0 likes
A colored dye that dissolves in water
Water Tap 1 like
The point where the home water line is attached to the main municipal water supply
Water Valve2 likes
water valve
A device that controls water flow in a pipe or other passages
Water Vapor 1 like
Moisture that is present as gas in the atmosphere
Water Vapor Transmission (WVT) 2 likes
See Permeability
Water-Cement Ratio 2 likes
Water to portland cement proportion indicated by the gallons of water required per 94 pound sack of cement
Water-Cooled Condenser3 likes
water-cooled condenser
Condensing unit that is cooled through water flow
Water-Repellent Paper 0 likes
Gypsumboard paper surface that has been treated to resist the penetration of water
Water-Repellent Preservative 1 like
A liquid rubbed on wood to enable the wood to repel water
Water-Resistant Core 1 like
A gypsumboard created to resist the penetration of water
Water-Struck Brick 0 likes
See Soft Mud Brick
Water-Thinned Paint 0 likes
Paint composed of thinner which is primarily water; the binder may be a material that
a) which does not emulsify in water, such as flat wall paint
b) needs water to set, such as portland cement
c) which dissolves in water, such as casein
Water-Tube Level2 likes
water-tube level
A leveling apparatus that has a water-filled tube and a transparent section on each end; also called Water Level
Waterbar 0 likes
A rubber or plastic strip cast in concrete at the joints to prevent water from leaking; also called Waterstop
Waterproof Cement1 like
waterproof cement
Portland cement to which waterproofing agents have been added, including surface repellents
Waterproof Membrane 1 like
An impervious layer of plastic film, roofing, bitumen, or another substance that stops the passage of water or water vapor
Waterproofing 1 like
Treating a surface or structure to stop the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure
A covering that prevents water or moisture penetration
Waterstop 1 like
See Waterbar
Watertight Manhole 0 likes
A cover for an upright access shaft that stops entry of the elements
Watt 0 likes
The unit of electrical power
Rate of work by a current of one ampere under a pressure of one volt; the standard in the U.S. is 1/746 horsepower
Watt-Hour 1 like
A unit of work or energy equal to the power of one watt functioning for one hour
Wattmeter2 likes
A device that measures electric power in watts
Wavy-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood in which the fibers are in waves or undulated
Wax2 likes
A fatty material that provides an aesthetic, protective covering, such as for wood; waxes are employed on their own or mixed with other substances to produce paints, varnishes, polishes, and paint removers
Constituent in many lubricating oils which can separate from the oil when cooled
Wax, Floor2 likes
wax, floor
See Floor Wax
WCLIB 0 likes
Acronym for West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau
Wearing Course 0 likes
A surface treatment or covering that enhances resistance to abrasion of a pavement or slab
Weather Cock4 likes
weather cock
A cock-shaped weather vane
Weather Delay 2 likes
Halt in construction due to inclement weather
Weather Seal 2 likes
A flanged channel mounted on an external door’s edges
Weather Vane4 likes
weather vane
A vane; a portable device for indicating the direction of wind
Weatherability 1 like
The ability to withstand weathering
Weathered 0 likes
Stonework that has been produced with slanting surfaces so it will drain water from rain or snow
Weathered Joint 0 likes
A sloping mortar joint that drains water to the exterior of the wall
Weatherhead 0 likes
A weather resistant fixture for passing aerial electrical conductors into a building or structure
Weathering 1 like
The changes in texture, shape, color, composition or other characteristics of a material as a result of the weather
Weathering Steel 0 likes
A steel alloy that produces a tough protective rust layer when exposed to the atmosphere
Weatherometer 2 likes
A testing apparatus that simulates atmospheric weathering
Weatherproof 0 likes
A construction which is not damaged or does not experience loss of function by exposure to elements of the weather
Weatherstrip 0 likes
Thin metal or other material sections that are fitted around windows and doors to stop air and moisture from entering
Weave Bead 3 likes
A weld bead created by transverse oscillation
Weaving 0 likes
Process of creating carpet on a loom by entwining warp and weft yarns
Web 0 likes
Upright plate that connects the top and bottom flanges of a metal member
Internal solid part of a hollow concrete block
Web Belt1 like
Widely-used military style belt adjusted to hold manual tools on the job
Wedge1 like
A material such as wood, plastic or metal, that narrows to a sharp edge and is driven between two objects to attach or isolate them
Weep Holes 1 like
Small perforations in storm window frames that permit moisture to exit
Weep Screed 1 like
Plaster screed at the bottom of an external stucco wall that permits moisture to leave
Weft 0 likes
Backing yarns that span across the width of a carpet
Weight 0 likes
The force a body experiences due to the earth’s gravitation
Weld 0 likes
The joint of two pieces of metal created by fusing the pieces, usually with more metal that is melted from a rod or electrode
To join two pieces of metal by heating until fusion of material occurs either with filler metal or without it
Weld Bead 1 like
A weld deposit created from a pass
Weld Crack 0 likes
A break in the weld metal
Weld Plate1 like
weld plate
A steel plate secured into a concrete surface to which another steel element may be welded
Weld X-Ray 1 like
To treat, examine, or photograph surface joints that have been welded
Weld, Shielded Metal-Arc 0 likes
See Shielded Metal-Arc Weld
Welded Joint 0 likes
Union of two or more components as a result of welding
Welded Pipe1 like
welded pipe
Piping where attachments and fittings are welded together
Welded Railing 0 likes
Railing areas where the components are attached with welds
Welded Truss 0 likes
Trusses with components connected with welds
Welder 0 likes
A person who performs manual or semiautomatic welding functions
Welder (Stick)1 like
Stick Welder
This welder is suited for use on steel, stainless steel and cast iron.
Welding 1 like
Fusing metallic parts by heating and facilitating the metals to combine; a metaljoining process where coalescence occurs by heating to various temperatures, may achieve fusion with or without applying pressure or adding filler metal
Welding Electrodes and Rod 1 like
The parts of the welding circuit through which current is conveyed between the electrode holder and the arc
Welding Goggles2 likes
welding goggles
Goggles with tinted lenses employed during welding or oxygen cutting to protect the eyes from harmful radiation and particles
Welding Leads 1 like
The work and electrode leads of an arc-welding circuit
Welding Rod3 likes
welding rod
Wire or rod filler metal employed in gas welding, brazing , and in arc-welding where the electrode does not supply the filler metal
Welding Test 1 like
Act or process of determining the strength of a weld; Welding examination or inspection
Welding Tip2 likes
welding tip
A welding-torch tip for welding
Welding Torch5 likes
welding torch
A device employed in gas welding or torch brazing for combining and regulating the flow of gases
Welding Transformer1 like
welding transformer
A transformer employed to furnish current for welding
Weldment Connection 0 likes
The joining together of pieces to form a unit by welding
Weldor 1 like
See Welder
Well 0 likes
A pit or hole in the earth to obtain a supply of water
An open space that spans vertically through various floors of a structure
Wellpoint System 0 likes
A series of vertical pipes located in the ground attached to a header and pump in order to drain marshy areas or to regulate ground seepage
West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) 0 likes
P. O. Box 23145, Tigard, Oregon 97281, Tel: (503) 639-0651, URL: www.wclib.org/
Western Frame 0 likes
See Platform Frame
Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) 0 likes
1500 Yeon Building, 522 SW Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204, Tel: (866) 778-9096: URL: www.realcedar.com
Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) 1 like
522 SW Fifth Ave. Suite 500, Portland, Oregon 97204-2122, Tel: (503) 224-3930, URL: www2.wwpa.org/
Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer1 like
wet and dry bulb hygrometer
See Hygrometer
Wet Areas 0 likes
Inside or outside areas exposed to occasional or constant wetting such as showers, exterior walls, roofs, exterior pavements, interior floors, and pools
Wet Cell Battery1 like
wet cell battery
Cell or group of connected cells that transforms chemical energy into electrical energy
Wet Edge 0 likes
Fluid paint boundary
Wet Edge Time 0 likes
The time before an area of paint sets up without displaying lap marks when the painter adds the next stretch of paint
Wet Film Gauge 0 likes
A device that measures wet film thickness
Wet Film Thickness 4 likes
Thickness of paint liquid film right after application
Wet Heat 0 likes
Heating system employing hot water heat or steam heat; see Hydronic
Wet Niche 0 likes
Underwater light in a swimming pool with a water-cooled sealed beam unit
Wet Sprinkler System2 likes
wet sprinkler system
A sprinkler system filled with water at design pressure for immediate use when activated
Wet Standpipe2 likes
wet standpipe
A fire-fighting pipeline that is always filled with water under pressure and ready for use in a building
Wet Vent 0 likes
A pipe that performs as a drain, waste pipe, and as a vent when not conveying liquids, serving as a waste pipe for the nearest fixture; when this fixture is not being used, but fixtures further down the line are in use, the wet vent acts as a vent pipe for those fixtures
Wet-Bulb Temperature 0 likes
The temperature displayed by the wet-bulb thermometer of a psychrometer
Wetting Agent 1 like
A substance that can decrease the surface tension of liquids, enabling the wetting of solid surfaces and allowing liquids to penetrate capillaries
Wetting Oils 1 like
Products employed to enhance adhesion of coatings when all mill scale and rust cannot be extracted
WF Beam 1 like
Wide Flange Beam
WFI 1 like
Wood Flooring Institute
WH 2 likes
Wall Hydrant
Water Heater
Wharf 2 likes
A structure that serves as a berthing area for vessels, enabling the loading and discharge of cargo
Wheel Barrow1 like
wheel barrow
A small vehicle with handles and at least one wheel that transports small loads
Wheel Chair Partition 1 like
A wall in a bathroom or bathing room separating a private area that is accessible to the disabled
Wheel Stop1 like
wheel stop
A roughly 4 to 6 feet long concrete or wood bumper at the end of a parking space to stop the car from moving further
Wheelbarrow Air Compressor2 likes
Wheelbarrow Air Compressor
A machine used to compress air.
Wheelchair2 likes
A chair mounted on wheels to be propelled by its occupant manually or with the aid of electric power, of a size and configuration conforming to the recognized standard models of the trade
Wheeled Extinguisher2 likes
wheeled extinguisher
A fire extinguisher on a wheeled cart that can moved around by a person
Whiskering 0 likes
See Efflorescence
White Blast 1 like
Blast clean to white metal
White Cedar Shingle 0 likes
A weather-resistant light-colored cedar wood employed for roofing and siding
White Cement1 like
white cement
Cement composed of materials with low iron content that produce white mortar or concrete
White Coat 1 like
A term for a gauged lime putty trowel finish
White Metal1 like
white metal
Lead-base or tinbase alloy that is employed for bearings and fusible plugs
White-Rot 0 likes
Decay or rot creating a whitish residue that may be spongy, stringy, or appear as pocket rot in wood
Whitewash1 like
A solution that whitens walls; products that contain a whitening solution
Whiting1 like
Calcium carbonate, limestone, or chalk as a pigment; employed widely in putty production and to extend paints
WHO 1 like
World Health Organization
Whole House Fan3 likes
whole house fan
A fan that circulates air around and out of a home; typically mounted in the ceiling
WI1 like
Wrought Iron
WIC 0 likes
Woodwork Institute of California
Wide Stile Door 0 likes
Wider than standard upright members producing the outer frame of a door
Wide-Selvage Asphalt Roll Roofing Surfaced with Mi 1 like
See Nineteen-Inch Selvage
Wilton Carpet1 like
wilton carpet
A textile floor covering woven on a Jacquard loom that has a velvet-like surface as a result of the cut loops of a pile
Winch1 like
A hoist or windlass that lifts or transports heavy loads
Wind Brace 0 likes
Metal straps or wood blocks, positioned diagonally on the inside of a wall, to fortifies the frame against lateral forces
Wind Farm 0 likes
Land with numerous wind turbines that produce electrical power
Wind Load 0 likes
A load on a building produced by wind pressure
Wind Shelf 0 likes
Concave ledge in a fireplace behind the damper at the bottom of the smoke chamber that directs the cold air downdraft in the flue to combine with the hot air rising in the flue
Winder 2 likes
A stair tread at a turn in a staircase that has a greater width at one end than the other,
Window 0 likes
An opening in the wall of a building or structure with a glass pane that admits light and air; closed by sashes or casements
Window Blind2 likes
window blind
A flexible window covering
Window Box1 like
window box
A box on an exterior window sill that is used to grow plants
Window Buck 0 likes
Rectangular or square box containing a window that is installed in a concrete foundation or block wall
Window Frame0 likes
window frame
The static part of a window assembly; the window sash fits into the window frame
Window Guard Lock 0 likes
Tamperproof hasp with a padlock for window guards
Window Guard, Diamond Mesh 1 like
See Diamond Mesh Window Guard
Window Guard, Steel Bar Grille 0 likes
Guard produced from a steel bar grille
Window Guard, Woven Wire 1 like
Guard consisting of woven wire
Window Head 0 likes
The assembly of components at the top of a window frame
Window Header1 like
window header
A horizontal structural component spanning the top of a window opening to serve as a support for the load located above it
Window Pane4 likes
window pane
A pane of glass located in a window
Window Sash 1 like
The functioning , moving portion of a window consisting of window panes and the borders
Window Screen1 like
window screen
A fine mesh screen mounted in a window frame to eliminate insects
Window Seat1 like
window seat
A seat constructed in a window recess
Window Shade1 like
window shade
An adjustable window covering that is used to control the amount of light admitted into an area, or to provide privacy
Window Sill 0 likes
The horizontal component at the bottom of a window
Window Stool 0 likes
Wood, masonry, or ceramic tile fitted on the window sill plate on the interior of the window against the lowest rail of the lower sash
Window Treatment3 likes
window treatment
Hanging curtains or blinds on a window’s interior
Window Unit1 like
window unit
Air conditioner located in a window
Window, Drive-Up 3 likes
See Drive-Up Window
Window, Service 1 like
See Service Window
Windowwall 0 likes
The opening in a wall surface containing a window unit or wall of window assemblies
Wiping Stain 1 like
See Pigment Oil Stain
Wire1 like
A metal thread or thin supple rod used for fences, conducting electricity, or binding objects together
Wire Cut Brick 1 like
A brick whose surfaces have wires cutting into the clay prior to baking
Wire Glass 1 like
Glass into which wire mesh was embedded during fabrication
Wire Guard1 like
wire guard
Flexible metal strands fabricated as a unit to enclose moving machinery parts around an excavation or equipment, preventing injury to the operator
Wire Hook Hanger2 likes
wire hook hanger
Flexible hook-shaped metal strand that secures a construction component
Wire Mesh1 like
wire mesh
A longitudinal and transverse wire series arranged substantially perpendicular to each other
Wire Mesh Partition 0 likes
A partition composed of wire mesh.
Wire Nut2 likes
wire nut
A device that fastens electrical wire conductors together due to twisting
Wire, Aluminum 2 likes
See Aluminum Wire
Wire, Chicken2 likes
wire, chicken
See Chicken Wire
Wireway2 likes
A sheet metal trough with a hinge or detachable cover to hold electrical cables
Wiring, Flexible1 like
wiring, flexible
See Flexible Wiring
With Framing 0 likes
Of gypsumboard application; see Parallel Application
Withdrawing Room 0 likes
Drawing Room
Withe 0 likes
A single row of brick or stone in a wall
A masonry divider or partition between flues in a chimney when there is more than one flue
Withering 0 likes
Gloss loss frequently resulting from varnishing open-pore woods without filling the pores, using unsuitable undercoats and adding topcoat prior to the undercoat has dried
Witness 0 likes
A person who observed or heard an event and testifies about these events at a hearing
Wolfram 0 likes
See Tungsten
Wolmanized Lumber 0 likes
Lumber treated with Wolman salts to arrest decay
Wonderboard ™ 1 like
A concrete and fiberglass panel usually employed as a ceramic tile backing material on bathtub decks
Wood 0 likes
Tough fibrous material from a tree trunk and branches
Wood Alcohol 0 likes
Toxic alcohol produced by the destructively distilling wood
Wood Anchor4 likes
wood anchor
A bolt or fastening device that fastens wood to wood, or wood to other materials
Wood Backing 0 likes
See Backing
Wood Batten 1 like
Wood strips covering upright joints on boards employed as outside siding
Wood Beam 0 likes
Horizontal wood structural part supporting consistent, concentrated loads
Wood Blocking 1 like
Small wood pieces that secure, join, or reinforce components, or to fill spaces between parts
Wood Bottom Plate 0 likes
Horizontal wood lumber part on the floor sheath that supports wall studs and fastens them together; employed in Western or platform framing construction
Horizontal component that supports the upright wall studs and posts; also known as a mudsill, and employed in balloon framing construction
Wood Buck 1 like
Wood frame built into a concrete or masonry wall to house the finish door frame
Wood Bumper 2 likes
Wood part that absorbs impact and thwarts damage to other surfaces
Wood Cant Strip 0 likes
Slanted wood strip used at the edge of a roofing sheath to transition the sheath from a horizontal to upright surface
Wood Cap 2 likes
Wood component on top of an assembly that terminates or finishes the assembly
Wood Carriage 0 likes
Slanting beam mounted among stringers to reinforce steps of a wood staircase
Wood Chip Mulch1 like
wood chip mulch
Wood chips that are dispersed on the terrain to avert erosion, minimize evaporation, and enhance the soil
Wood Chisel2 likes
wood chisel
A sharp-ended manual tool that is employed to carve various shapes from wood
Wood Column 0 likes
Upright wood structural part that supports a beam
Wood Cornice 0 likes
Horizontal wood molding that may consist of multi-shaped pieces
Wood Diagonal Bracing 1 like
Diagonal wood part that stops buckling or wood studs rotating
Wood Fascia 0 likes
Upright flat wood part of the eaves, cornice, gable or another finish to which the gutter is attached
Wood Fiber 0 likes
A relatively long, narrow wood cell tapering, and closed at each end
Shredded, stain-proof wood employed as an aggregate with gypsum plaster
Wood Filler1 like
wood filler
Highly pigmented substance that fills and levels off the pores in open-grained woods
Wood Float1 like
wood float
Flat wood trowel employed for floating mortar immediately prior to the pure coat
Wood Floor Joist 3 likes
Horizontal structural part of a framed floor
Wood Floor Removal 2 likes
Ripping up wood floors
Wood Flooring1 like
wood flooring
Floor coverings that have dressed and finished boards
Wood Flooring Institute (WFI) 0 likes
111 Chesterfield Industrial Boulevard, Suite B, Chesterfield, MI 63005, Tel: (636) 519-9663, URL: www.nwfa.org
Wood Flour 1 like
Fine wood particles that can pass through a 40-100 mesh screen
Wood Frame 1 like
The wood floors, roofs, exterior and interior walls of a building or structure
Wood Furring 1 like
Wood strips added to concrete or masonry surfaces to create a planar surface and a fastening base for finish materials
Wood Girder 1 like
Horizontal, large wood beam that supports intense loads at separate points along its length; supports rafters, joists and other loads
Wood Ground 1 like
Thin wood strips applied around openings and at the edge to guide strike off of plaster in order to achieve a straight and level or plumb line for the plaster
Wood Header 0 likes
Wood member positioned across joist ends or at wall openings in order to reinforce joists or studs at openings in a framing assembly
Wood Joist 2 likes
Horizontal framing component of a floor, flat roof, or ceiling
Wood Lath1 like
wood lath
Wood strips, 1-1/4 inches wide by 3/8 inch thick, that were employed as a plaster base
Wood Lintel 1 like
Wood header above openings in wood frame walls
Wood Nailer 1 like
Wood strip connected to steel or concrete to expedite nailing
Wood Pile 0 likes
A thin, long wood pole located in the ground to serve as a foundation and support upright loads
Wood Plate 0 likes
Horizontal wood part on top or bottom of wall studs that fastens them together and supports studs, rafters, or joists
Wood Pole1 like
wood pole
A long wood piece that supports utility lines, often round
Wood Railing Newel 0 likes
Main wood post at the bottom of a stairway, or the main support of a winding staircase
Wood Railing Post 0 likes
Large upright wood component that supports railing
Wood Ridge Rafter 0 likes
Horizontal wood supportive part at the top of a sloping roof just below the sheathing
Wood Riser 1 like
The upright wood board below the tread in a stairway
Wood Roof Cricket 0 likes
Small raised wood roof area that diverts water around a curb, chimney, or other protrusions
Wood Roof Curb 0 likes
Wood component raised above the roof surface in order to mount equipment and other items
Wood Roof Edge Strip 0 likes
Wood strip along the plane of roof insulation at the edge of the roof fastened to the structural roof deck to secure the roofing membrane
Wood Roof Nailer 0 likes
Wood strip in the plane of roof insulation attached to the structural roof deck to secure the roofing membrane
Wood Saddle 0 likes
Short horizontal wood part located on top of a wood column, providing a seat for a girder
Wood Saw1 like
 wood saw
See Handsaw
Wood Screw1 like
wood screw
A screw for attaching items in wood
Wood Shake 1 like
Handsplit shingle
Wood Shingle 1 like
Cedar wood fabricated roof covering in modular widths, lengths, and rectangular shapes
Wood Siding 0 likes
Wood employed as an exterior surface or cladding for outside framed walls to protect from the elements
Wood Sill Plate 0 likes
Horizontal wood part on the bottom of wall studs to fasten them together on concrete or masonry; horizontal timbers which either lie on the masonry foundations or actually form the foundation
Wood Sleeper 0 likes
Wood component positioned on concrete floor to reinforce and accept the wood subfloor fastening or finish flooring
Wood Stain1 like
wood stain
Wood finish with a dye or pigment sinking into the wood fibers
Wood Stair Framing 1 like
Wood structural components reinforcing stairs or stair openings
Wood Structural Panel 0 likes
A structural panel product mainly made of wood, including all veneer plywood, composite panels of veneer and wood-based material, and mat-formed panels
Wood Threshold 0 likes
Wood strip secured to floor under a door
Wood Treatment 0 likes
Application of stains or chemicals to thwart fire, decay, or deterioration as a result of the elements
Wood Trim 1 like
Wood millwork, mainly moldings, to finish and cover joints and openings
Wood Truss 0 likes
A structural component of wood pieces arranged in a triangle, frequently employed to brace a roof
Wood Wool 0 likes
Long, curly, thin strands of wood employed as an aggregate component for various particleboards
Wood-Fibered Plaster 0 likes
Gypsum basecoat plaster that contain wood fiber as an aggregate and employed with or without other aggregates
Wooden Brick 0 likes
Seasoned wood brick positioned to create a nailing area in masonry walls
Woodwork Institute of California (WIC) 0 likes
P. O. Box 980247, West Sacramento, CA 95798, Tel: (916) 372-9943, URL: www.wicnet.org
Woodwork, Architectural 0 likes
A high quality finish work employing wood for decoration
Wool 0 likes
Fine, soft hair from the coats of sheep and goats, also yarn produced from this hair and the fabric produced from it
Wool-like substances including mineral wool, steel wool, and lead wool
Wool, Mineral 0 likes
Fibrous, lightweight, vitreous materials employed for sound and temperature insulation
Work 1 like
Performance of the entire scope of a specified construction project including labor, materials, equipment, and other items necessary to fulfill all the contractual requirements
Work Letter 0 likes
Often referred to as Exhibit B in a lease or rental agreement, a written statement of the specific materials and amounts the owner will provide; usually related to the leasing or renting of office space by a tenant within a Building Envelope; see TI’S and Building Envelope
Work Load 0 likes
Electric conductor among the arc-welding current source and the work
Work Order 0 likes
A written order signed by the owner or representative of a contractual issue requiring performance by the contractor
Work Product Exclusion 0 likes
A liability insurance policy provision that holds back coverage for damages to work produced by or on behalf of the insured
Work Station 1 like
An area defined by work surfaces used by one or a few employees, including ticket booths, sales counters, guardhouses, toll booths, and counter spaces in restaurant kitchens
Work Top 0 likes
A counter top
Workbench2 likes
Table where work is performed
Workers Compensation 0 likes
A system established by law whereby an employer is responsible for medical expenses and disabilities of workers injured on the job; payable if the employer is not at fault or if worker carelessness impacted the injury; the employer is not automatically liable for damages pertaining to pain and suffering
Working Capital 0 likes
Capital available for current use in the functioning of a business calculated by the current cash holdings and assets readily converted into cash minus current liabilities
Working Day 0 likes
A day on which construction work may be accomplished, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Working Drawing 0 likes
A drawing with plan and section views, details, dimensions, and notes so that it can be constructed and reproduced without instructions; see Drawings
Working Drawings 0 likes
Drawings of the project that form part of the contractual documentation
Working Stress 0 likes
The maximum allowable stress employed in the working stress design of a component
Working Stress Design 0 likes
Design of concrete and masonry components where safety is achieved by limiting permissible stresses
Workout 0 likes
A procedure where a borrower negotiates a mortgage or trust deed restructure instead of a foreclosure
World Changing Architects 0 likes
World changing architects are people who design buildings that shape our world and may supervise their construction.
Woven Carpet2 likes
woven carpet
Carpet produced by interlacing backing and pile yarns on a loom simultaneously
WP 0 likes
Water proofing
Wraparound Deed of Trust or Mortgage 0 likes
See All-Inclusive Deed of Trust or Mortgage
Wrapped Drywall 0 likes
Areas that receive entire drywall cover, such as in the doorway openings of bifold and bipass closet doors
WRCLA 0 likes
Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
Wrench1 like
A hand or power tool, that grip and turn bolts and nuts
Wrinkle 0 likes
A pattern of ridges
See Cockle
Wrinkle Finish 0 likes
A varnish or enamel film with fine wrinkles or ridges employed widely as a novelty finish
Wrongful Death 0 likes
Unlawful homicide, whether negligent or intentional
Wrought Iron1 like
wrought iron
A resilient, flexible, soft form of iron used for forging or rolling; not cast iron
WWF 0 likes
Welded Wire Fabric
WWM 0 likes
Welded Wire Mesh
WWPA 0 likes
Western Wood Products Association
Wye1 like
A Y-shaped pipe fitting that connects three pipes
Wythe 0 likes
Each continuous upright section or layer of masonry one unit thick; also called a Tier
Thick masonry segregating chimney flues
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