Term Definition
Vibration 3 likes
Periodic repetitive movement occurring within specific time intervals
Vibration Detector2 likes
vibration detector
A burglar alarm system component
Vibration Isolator2 likes
vibration isolator
Supple device that supports vibrating machinery and decreases the vibrations to another part of a building or structure
Vibrator2 likes
Device that agitates moist concrete to remove air pockets
Vibrator, External 1 like
See External Vibrator
Vibrator, Internal 1 like
See Internal Vibrator
Vicat Apparatus 1 like
Penetration device that establishes the setting properties of hydraulic cements
Video Display Unit (VDU)3 likes
video display unit
Cathode Ray Tube
A computer monitor
Television screen
Vierendeel Truss 1 like
A rigid frame that serves as a beam, built from parallel bottom and top chords fastened by upright members
Vinyl 2 likes
A plastic produced by polymerization, employed as flooring, gaskets, and wall coverings
Vinyl Asbestos Tile 1 like
Sturdy floor tile made of vinyl strengthened with asbestos fibers
Vinyl Floor Tile1 like
vinyl floor tile
A sturdy floor tile composed of vinyl
Vinyl Foam Cushioning 1 like
Carpet cushioning composed of foam synthetic materials
Vinyl Gasket2 likes
vinyl gasket
Plastic seal that is in between glass and aluminum
Vinyl Sheet2 likes
vinyl sheet
Vinyl in rolled form
Vinyl Sheet Floor2 likes
vinyl sheet floor
A thin vinyl sheet employed as a floor surface finish
Vinyl Sheetrock 0 likes
Gypsum board with a finished thin vinyl layer
Vinyl Siding 2 likes
External wall cover composed of a thermoplastic compound
Vinyl Trim2 likes
vinyl trim
Extruded moldings composed of vinyl employed for hiding edges, corners, and joints of sheet materials
Vinyl-Covered Gypsum Board 2 likes
See Predecorated Wallboard
Viscoelasticity 2 likes
The ability of asphalt and numerous polymers to simultaneously exhibit viscous and elastic responses
Viscometer 2 likes
An instrument that measures viscosity
Viscosity 0 likes
Intrinsic friction in a fluid; flow resistance; measure of the resistance of a substance to movement under an implied force
Viscosity Cup2 likes
viscosity cup
A device that measures viscosity
Vise2 likes
Bench tool with two jaws that can be closed by turning a screw or lever, that secures an object which is being worked on
Vise Grip3 likes
vise grip
A hand tool similar to pliers that grips objects
Vision Panel 1 like
Glass located in a door opening
Visqueen1 like
A 4 mil or 6 mil plastic sheeting; a sturdy polyethylene sheeting employed in building and in the production of waterproof household items
Vitreous 2 likes
Possessing the properties or appearance of glass; degree of vitrification demonstrated by low water absorption; vitreous indicates less than 0.5 percent absorption, with the exception of floor and wall tile and low-voltage electric porcelain that are vitreous until 3.0 percent water absorption
Vitreous China2 likes
vitreous china
The material of a china plumbing fitting with a glass-like finish with respect to color, configuration, fragility, and low porosity; employed for toilets and urinals
Vitreous Enamel 0 likes
An opaque glassy metal coating
Vitreous Tile2 likes
vitreous tile
Tile that has water absorption in excess of 0.5 percent, but not exceeding 3.0 percent
Vitrification 1 like
The progressive decrease in porosity of a ceramic during a firing; process of transforming materials into glass
Vitrified 0 likes
An object that is fused by heat and transformed into glass
Vitrified Clay Pipe 1 like
Hard-baked clay pipes employed particularly for subterranean drainage
VOCs 0 likes
Volatile Organic Compounds
Void 0 likes
An empty area within a material
A hollow space in the core of gypsum board due to air being trapped during manufacturing
Empty areas in a compressed mix surrounded by asphalt coated particles in asphalt paving
Air spaces caused by segregation and inadequate consolidation during the placement of concrete
Void Volume 2 likes
Total sum of empty areas in a compacted mix
Voidable 0 likes
A lawful provision of an agreement that voided by pursuing a specific procedure or process
Volatile Content 0 likes
Materials that evaporate, generally indicated as a percentage
Volatile Flammable Content 1 like
A combustible liquid with a flash point under 100°F (37.°C) or a liquid whose temperature is higher than its flash pint
Volatile Thinner0 likes
volatile thinner
A liquid that evaporates freely; thins or decreases the texture of finishes without changing the volumes of the pigments and nonvolatile substances
Volatiles 1 like
Fluids that evaporate quickly
Volcanic Ash 3 likes
A delicate lightweight powder employed as a filter medium or filter aid
Volt 0 likes
The SI unit of electromotive force; the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit that would carry one ampere of current against one ohm resistance
Voltage 0 likes
Electrical potential or electromotive force in an electrical circuit; most homes are wired with 110 and 220 volt lines; 110 volt power is employed for lighting and most circuits; the 220 volt power is generally employed for the kitchen range, dryer, and hot water heater
Voltage or electrical pressure which causes current to flow
Electromotive force
Voltage Regulator3 likes
voltage regulator
Electrical device that ensures uniform voltage supply
Voltmeter1 like
A device that measures the differences of potential between various points of an electrical circuit, in volts
Volume 3 likes
Quantity of space taken up by a gas or three-dimensional solid, measured in cubic units
Volume Ceiling 0 likes
Any ceiling higher than the standard
Volute 1 like
Spiral or scroll-like form, such as in volute pumps
Vomitory 0 likes
An entry or exit passage in a theater or amphitheater
Vortex Tube 1 like
Refrigerating or cooling mechanism for cooling that produces cooling by discharging compressed air through a special tube
Vortex Tube Refrigeration 0 likes
Refrigerating or cooling device employing a vortex tube in mining suits
Voussoir 1 like
A wedge-shaped stone or brick piece creating an arch
VTR 0 likes
Vent through roof
Vulcanizing 1 like
Employing sulphur to treat rubber at a high temperature; the treatment hardens and fortifies the rubber
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