Term Definition
V-Belt 2 likes
V-shaped belt widely employed in refrigeration work where there is a contact surface with a pulley
Vacuum 3 likes
A space that has absolutely no matter
Vacuum Breaker2 likes
vacuum breaker
An electrical breaker with an area that has less air pressure
A device that prevents a vacuum forming in a water supply pipe in order to stop backflow
Vacuum Cleaner1 like
vacuum cleaner
A suction device employed to collect dirt and dust
Vacuum Gauge1 like
vacuum gauge
Instrument that measures pressures beneath atmospheric pressure
Vacuum Piping 2 likes
The pipe from a pump’s suction side attached to a vacuum fitting beneath water level where underwater cleaning equipment is connected in a pool
Vacuum Pump1 like
vacuum pump
Highly efficient device that produces vacuums for drying or testing
Valley 5 likes
An long low area of land between two raised areas
A trough or internal angle formed where two roof slopes meet; water drains from the roof at the valley
Valley Flashing2 likes
valley flashing
Sheet metal that lies in the V part of a roof valley
Valley Rafter 2 likes
An oblique rafter that buttresses a roof valley
Valuation 2 likes
An inspection to determine if a property is appropriate security for a loan; provided for the mortgage lender
Valuation Fee 2 likes
Fee paid by a potential borrower for the lender to inspect a property; typically paid when the person applies for the loan
Value 2 likes
The worth of something expressed monetarily
Value Engineering 2 likes
A methodology employed to improve products and services by examining their function, where value is defined as the ratio of function to cost; value is enhanced by increasing the function or decreasing the cost
Value of the Assets 1 like
The assets of an entity in monetary terms
Valve2 likes
A device which controls the flow of liquid, gas, or moveable materials by means of a movable component that partly blocks, opens or closes one or several passages
Valve Plate2 likes
valve plate
Part of a compressor that contains compressor valves and ports
Valve Suction 4 likes
See Suction Valve
Valve, Expansion2 likes
valve, expansion
See Expansion Valve
Valve, Solenoid2 likes
valve, solenoid
See Solenoid Valve
Valve, Suction1 like
valve suction
See Suction Valve
Valve, Tapping5 likes
valve, tapping
See Tapping Valve
Valve, Water1 like
valve, water
See Water Valve
Vane2 likes
A rotating pointer installed in a high location that indicates the current direction of the wind
Vanity Cabinet1 like
vanity cabinet
A cabinet located in the bathroom which has a sink mounted in the countertop; often has draws and shelves below.
Vapor 2 likes
The gaseous state of any substance at a temperature beneath its boiling point
Vapor Barrier5 likes
vapor barrier
Product mounted on external walls and ceilings beneath the drywall on the warm part of the insulation that hinders the passage of water vapor into walls and condensation within them; polyethylene plastic sheeting is usually employed for this purpose
Vapor Retarder3 likes
vapor retarder
A layer that obstructs the movement of water vapor through a building; sealing material positioned between building components or materials to stop the passage of moisture within a building enclosure unit; also called a Vapor Barrier
Vapor Retarder Felt 1 like
Sealing material consisting of asphalt-saturated felt
Vapor, Saturated 2 likes
See Saturated Vapor
Vaporization 1 like
Transformation from a liquid or solid to a gas
Variable 2 likes
Changing; able of liable to change, inconsistent; indeterminate
Variable Pitch Pulley1 like
variable pitch pulley
Pulley which can be adapted to produce various pulley drive ratios
Variable Rate 2 likes
An interest rate that will change during the loan period
Variable Rate Mortgage 3 likes
A mortgage that enables the lender to increase or decrease the interest rate at various times when a specific index changes
Variance 1 like
A variance is a procedure established by state law where an applicant requests relief from the minimum zoning district requirements established by the zoning ordinance for issues including building height, lot size, or structural coverage; variances cannot be employed to allow a restricted use of the property; when variances have potential environmental consequences, the applicant may submit an application for an initial study
Varnish1 like
Thick drying oil or drying oil with resin; a slightly yellow, and semi-transparent liquid that when applied to a surface, produces a hard, glossy, transparent coat; can also be combined with pigments to create enamels
Varnishing 3 likes
Applying varnish to a surface with a brush
Vault2 likes
A fortified room or compartment employed for the safe storage of valuable items; found in banks and other located where additional security is required
An arched surface
VAV 3 likes
Variable Air Volume
VCP 4 likes
Vitreous Clay Pipe
VDU 3 likes
Video Display Unit
Vegetation Control 1 like
Spraying chemicals or spreading powders on undesirable vegetation
Vehicle 1 like
Any structure that transports people or goods
The liquid part of paint and other finishing substances that consists of the nonvolatile binder and volatile thinners
Vehicle Lift 1 like
Apparatus that raises vehicles so they can access the carriage which is located below
A mechanical device in a parking structure employed to transport vehicles vertically
Vehicular Way 0 likes
A passageway employed for vehicles such as a street, driveway, or freeway
Veining 2 likes
Stretch marks that develop when soft bitumen matures
Vellum1 like
Delicate parchment-like paper employed for drawings that will be reproduced
Vellum Glaze 1 like
A semi-mat glaze with a satin appearance
Velocimeter 1 like
Apparatus that measures the speed of air
Velocity 2 likes
The speed at which something moves; rate of change in the location of an object when it is moving in a particular direction; generally expressed in length units per time unit, such as miles per hour or feet per second
Velocity of Sound 2 likes
The frequency multiplied by the wavelength of sound
Velvet Carpet2 likes
velvet carpet
A pile fabric that is woven on a velvet loom; the simplest carpet weave employed mainly for solid colors; see Woven Carpet
Vendor 2 likes
A person that sells equipment or other goods
Veneer 0 likes
A thin layer, sheet or facing
Extremely thin sheet of wood overlaid on an unattractive interior surface; employed for decorative purposes
Nonstructural brick, concrete, tile, metal, or similar facing material mounted on a backing to decorate, protect, or insulate the interior
Veneer Plaster 2 likes
A wall finish assembly in which a fine layer of plaster is spread over a particular gypsum board base
Veneer Plaster Base 1 like
A gypsumboard employed as the base for gypsum veneer plaster
Veneer, Ashlar 1 like
See Ashlar Veneer
Veneer, Brick 1 like
See Brick Veneer
Veneer, Granite 0 likes
See Granite Veneer
Venetian Blind2 likes
venetian blind
A window blind with horizontal slats that can be arranged at various angles in order to adjust the quantity of light entering the interior
Venetian Terrazzo 2 likes
A mosaic terrazzo topping with large chips of stone
Vent2 likes
An upright pipe attached to a waste or soil distribution assembly that arrests a back pressure or vacuum that could suck the water from a trap
An upright pipe that facilitates the discharge of water vapor and vent gases from gas-burning equipment to the atmosphere
An opening to facilitate the intake, discharge, or circulation of air in areas such as attics
Vent Cap4 likes
vent cap
The top cover positioned on the end of a ventilation pipe
Vent Screed 1 like
Sheet metal plaster screed that has a vented section employed mainly in roof extended soffits
Vent, Foundation4 likes
vent, foundation
See Foundation Vent
Vent, Masonry2 likes
vent masonry
See Masonry Vent
Vent, Roof2 likes
vent, roof
See Roof Vent
Vent, Smoke1 like
vent, smoke
See Smoke Vent
Vent, Soffit2 likes
soffit vent
See Soffit Vent
Ventilated 0 likes
Provided an enclosed space with a way to circulate sufficient air to remove excessive heat or vapors
Ventilator, Gravity3 likes
gravity ventilator
See Gravity Ventilator
Ventilator, Relief 0 likes
See Relief Ventilator
Venting Clip 2 likes
Clips that help with curing and moisture loss from concrete or gypsum fill on a deck
Venting of Roof Assembly 3 likes
Essential venting to remove moisture and vapor from roofs
Venturi1 like
A short tube with a narrowing restriction in the middle that increases the flow of a fluid and decreases fluid pressure
Verbal Quotation 1 like
A verbal proposal employed by the contractor to get a subcontract or material cost proposal over the telephone before the subcontractor or supplier submits their written proposal
Verge Boards 0 likes
Boards that function as the eaves finish on a building’s gable end
Vermilion 4 likes
A mercury sulfide employed as a pigment
Vermont Slate 2 likes
A refined grained rock employed for roofing and paving found in Vermont
Vernacular 1 like
Everyday building style of a period or place; pertains to common rather than significant buildings or structures; vernacular architecture
Vernier2 likes
A small portable scale employed on another instrument to achieve precise readings
Vertical 1 like
At right angles to the horizon horizontal; upright
Vertical Application 1 like
Of gypsumboard, see Parallel Application
Vertical Application of Roofing 1 like
Roll roofing that is parallel to the roof slope
Vertical Broken Joint 1 like
Way of positioning tile where each vertical row of tile is offset to half its length
Vertical Check Valve2 likes
vertical check valve
An upright device that permits fluid or air to move solely in one direction
Vertical Joint 3 likes
See Butt Joint
Vertical Louver1 like
vertical louver
A louver with upright slats; see Louver
Vertical Pipe1 like
vertical pipe
Any pipe or fitting that is positioned upright
Vertical Reinforcing 0 likes
Upright steel reinforcing bars in concrete at right angles to the horizontal bars
Vertical Siding 0 likes
External wall cover connected vertically to the wood frame of a structure
Vertical Slotted Shelf Standard 3 likes
Metal strip with slots on upright surfaces to support the adjustable shelf hardware
Vertical Transportation 0 likes
Transportation such as elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters
Vertical-Grained Wood 1 like
Edge-grained lumber
Vertically Laminated Wood 0 likes
Laminated wood where the wider dimension of each lamination is approximately in the same direction as the load direction
Vestibule 1 like
An entrance hall; generally enclosed
Veterans Administration (VA) 3 likes
A federal agency that insures mortgage loans with highly favorable down payment conditions for honorably discharged veterans and surviving spouses
VG 0 likes
Vertical Grain
Vibration 2 likes
Periodic repetitive movement occurring within specific time intervals
Vibration Detector2 likes
vibration detector
A burglar alarm system component
Vibration Isolator2 likes
vibration isolator
Supple device that supports vibrating machinery and decreases the vibrations to another part of a building or structure
Vibrator2 likes
Device that agitates moist concrete to remove air pockets
Vibrator, External 1 like
See External Vibrator
Vibrator, Internal 1 like
See Internal Vibrator
Vicat Apparatus 1 like
Penetration device that establishes the setting properties of hydraulic cements
Video Display Unit (VDU)3 likes
video display unit
Cathode Ray Tube
A computer monitor
Television screen
Vierendeel Truss 1 like
A rigid frame that serves as a beam, built from parallel bottom and top chords fastened by upright members
Vinyl 2 likes
A plastic produced by polymerization, employed as flooring, gaskets, and wall coverings
Vinyl Asbestos Tile 0 likes
Sturdy floor tile made of vinyl strengthened with asbestos fibers
Vinyl Floor Tile1 like
vinyl floor tile
A sturdy floor tile composed of vinyl
Vinyl Foam Cushioning 1 like
Carpet cushioning composed of foam synthetic materials
Vinyl Gasket2 likes
vinyl gasket
Plastic seal that is in between glass and aluminum
Vinyl Sheet2 likes
vinyl sheet
Vinyl in rolled form
Vinyl Sheet Floor2 likes
vinyl sheet floor
A thin vinyl sheet employed as a floor surface finish
Vinyl Sheetrock 0 likes
Gypsum board with a finished thin vinyl layer
Vinyl Siding 2 likes
External wall cover composed of a thermoplastic compound
Vinyl Trim1 like
vinyl trim
Extruded moldings composed of vinyl employed for hiding edges, corners, and joints of sheet materials
Vinyl-Covered Gypsum Board 2 likes
See Predecorated Wallboard
Viscoelasticity 2 likes
The ability of asphalt and numerous polymers to simultaneously exhibit viscous and elastic responses
Viscometer 2 likes
An instrument that measures viscosity
Viscosity 0 likes
Intrinsic friction in a fluid; flow resistance; measure of the resistance of a substance to movement under an implied force
Viscosity Cup2 likes
viscosity cup
A device that measures viscosity
Vise2 likes
Bench tool with two jaws that can be closed by turning a screw or lever, that secures an object which is being worked on
Vise Grip3 likes
vise grip
A hand tool similar to pliers that grips objects
Vision Panel 1 like
Glass located in a door opening
Visqueen1 like
A 4 mil or 6 mil plastic sheeting; a sturdy polyethylene sheeting employed in building and in the production of waterproof household items
Vitreous 2 likes
Possessing the properties or appearance of glass; degree of vitrification demonstrated by low water absorption; vitreous indicates less than 0.5 percent absorption, with the exception of floor and wall tile and low-voltage electric porcelain that are vitreous until 3.0 percent water absorption
Vitreous China2 likes
vitreous china
The material of a china plumbing fitting with a glass-like finish with respect to color, configuration, fragility, and low porosity; employed for toilets and urinals
Vitreous Enamel 0 likes
An opaque glassy metal coating
Vitreous Tile2 likes
vitreous tile
Tile that has water absorption in excess of 0.5 percent, but not exceeding 3.0 percent
Vitrification 1 like
The progressive decrease in porosity of a ceramic during a firing; process of transforming materials into glass
Vitrified 0 likes
An object that is fused by heat and transformed into glass
Vitrified Clay Pipe 1 like
Hard-baked clay pipes employed particularly for subterranean drainage
VOCs 0 likes
Volatile Organic Compounds
Void 0 likes
An empty area within a material
A hollow space in the core of gypsum board due to air being trapped during manufacturing
Empty areas in a compressed mix surrounded by asphalt coated particles in asphalt paving
Air spaces caused by segregation and inadequate consolidation during the placement of concrete
Void Volume 2 likes
Total sum of empty areas in a compacted mix
Voidable 0 likes
A lawful provision of an agreement that voided by pursuing a specific procedure or process
Volatile Content 0 likes
Materials that evaporate, generally indicated as a percentage
Volatile Flammable Content 1 like
A combustible liquid with a flash point under 100°F (37.°C) or a liquid whose temperature is higher than its flash pint
Volatile Thinner0 likes
volatile thinner
A liquid that evaporates freely; thins or decreases the texture of finishes without changing the volumes of the pigments and nonvolatile substances
Volatiles 1 like
Fluids that evaporate quickly
Volcanic Ash 3 likes
A delicate lightweight powder employed as a filter medium or filter aid
Volt 0 likes
The SI unit of electromotive force; the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit that would carry one ampere of current against one ohm resistance
Voltage 0 likes
Electrical potential or electromotive force in an electrical circuit; most homes are wired with 110 and 220 volt lines; 110 volt power is employed for lighting and most circuits; the 220 volt power is generally employed for the kitchen range, dryer, and hot water heater
Voltage or electrical pressure which causes current to flow
Electromotive force
Voltage Regulator3 likes
voltage regulator
Electrical device that ensures uniform voltage supply
Voltmeter1 like
A device that measures the differences of potential between various points of an electrical circuit, in volts
Volume 3 likes
Quantity of space taken up by a gas or three-dimensional solid, measured in cubic units
Volume Ceiling 0 likes
Any ceiling higher than the standard
Volute 1 like
Spiral or scroll-like form, such as in volute pumps
Vomitory 0 likes
An entry or exit passage in a theater or amphitheater
Vortex Tube 0 likes
Refrigerating or cooling mechanism for cooling that produces cooling by discharging compressed air through a special tube
Vortex Tube Refrigeration 0 likes
Refrigerating or cooling device employing a vortex tube in mining suits
Voussoir 0 likes
A wedge-shaped stone or brick piece creating an arch
VTR 0 likes
Vent through roof
Vulcanizing 1 like
Employing sulphur to treat rubber at a high temperature; the treatment hardens and fortifies the rubber
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