Term Definition
U Stirrup 0 likes
A U-shaped steel loop bar employed as fortification against the diagonal tension in a member
U-Value 1 like
See Coefficient of Heat Transmission
U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) 0 likes
10th & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530, Tel: (202) 514-2000; URL: http://www.justice.gov/
UF Cable 0 likes
Underground Feeder Cable
UHF Cable1 like
UHF cable
Cable employed for ultra-high frequency
Ultimate Compressive Strength 1 like
The stress when a material is in a state of crushing
Ultimate Load 1 like
The maximum magnitude of load that a structure can sustain, only restricted by total failure
Ultimate Strength 0 likes
Maximum strength in a material
Ultramicroscopic 0 likes
Too small to be viewed with a normal microscope
Ultrasonic Transmitter1 like
ultrasonic transmitter
Apparatus that converts sounds vibrations into equivalent wave forms above human hearing range
Ultraviolet 0 likes
Invisible rays of the spectrum on the violet end
Invisible radiation waves with frequencies shorter than visible light and longer than X-ray wavelengths
Unadulterated 0 likes
Unbalanced Wall 1 like
See Unsymmetrical
Unbalancing the Schedule of Values 0 likes
See Front end loading
Unbonded Construction 0 likes
Construction contract where a surety bond has not been submitted by the contractor
Uncertainty 0 likes
The doctrine that contracts cannot be enforced if they are incomprehensible
Unctuous 0 likes
Oily, greasy, or soapy feel; pertaining to minerals
Uncut loop 0 likes
Carpet pile yarns that continue from tuft to tuft with observable loops
Underbid 1 like
Bidding less than a competitor
Undercapitalized 0 likes
Not having enough capital to function efficiently and effectively
Undercoat 0 likes
A layer or layers of paint applied before the finishing coats; sometimes called the Prime coat(s)
Undercut 0 likes
A groove at the base metal next to weld toe without weld metal
Underdrain 0 likes
Punctured pipe drain mounted in crushed stone beneath a slab to collect ground water and redirect it away from the structure or building
Underestimate 0 likes
To make an estimate of something that is too low
Underfloor Duct 1 like
A circular or rectangular metal pipe positioned under a wood or concrete floor to transfer warm air from a heating or air conditioning system
Underground 0 likes
Underground Feeder Cable1 like
underground feeder cable
Insulated electrical cable appropriate for subterranean use
Underground Paper 0 likes
Wallpaper that does not have a background color
Underground Plumbing 0 likes
Plumbing drain and waste lines below a basement floor
Underground Tank 0 likes
A storage container that is located underground
Underlay1 like
One or more layers of felt that serve as a base sheet on which finish roofing is employed
See Carpet Padding
Underlayment 0 likes
A ¼ inch material positioned over the subfloor and under finish coverings in order to provide a smooth surface
A secondary waterproof or water-resistant roofing layer on the roof deck below shingles or another roof-finishing layer
Underpinning 0 likes
Installing new foundations below an existing structure
Underslab Drainage 0 likes
Continually capturing and removing ground water from under a concrete slab by means of a perforated pipe
Underwater Light2 likes
underwater light
A light fitting designed to light up a pool from under the water surface
Underwriter’s Laboratories Label (ULL) 0 likes
A label on a manufactured item indicating compliance with the minimum standards of the Underwriter’s Laboratories requirements for safety and quality
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 0 likes
An organization that classifies roofs for fire properties and wind resistance for the benefit of insurance companies in the United States
Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) 1 like
7 Crouse Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1R 3A9, Tel: (416) 757-3611, URL: www.ul.com/canada/eng/pages/
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc (UL) 0 likes
333 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, Tel: (708) 272-8800 URL: www.ul.com
Undivided Interest 0 likes
Joint ownership of an interest in the entire property rather than in a distinct part thereof
Unemployment Tax 0 likes
A program employers fund on a quarterly basis to the Unemployment Insurance Fund; benefits are paid to qualified ex-employees according to their wages
Unencumbered Property 0 likes
Real property that is free and clear, with no impediments
Unfaced Insulation1 like
unfaced insulation
Insulation that lacks a vapor barrier
Unfinished Bolt1 like
 unfinished bolt
A standard carbon steel bolt
Unforeseen Conditions 0 likes
Unexpected situations or conditions that could impact the contract
Ungrounded Cable 0 likes
Two-wire covered cable that has one neutral wire and one hot wire
Uniform Building Code (UBC) 0 likes
A model building code by the International Building Officials Conference; employed by numerous cities and counties
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) 1 like
A statute governing commercial transactions that has been adopted throughout the United States
Uniform Sand 0 likes
A sand mixture where the majority of the granules are approximately the same size
Union 0 likes
A plumbing fitting that fastens one end of a pipe to another without having to turn either pipe
Union T 0 likes
A pipe tee with a fitting on one end that fastens two pipes without turning them
Unit and Mullion System 0 likes
A curtain wall assembly made of prefabricated panel units fastened with mullions onsite
Unit Cost 0 likes
Cost per unit; or cost per unit of length, volume or area
Unit Heater2 likes
unit heater
An instrument for heating an area that does not require ducts
Unit Masonry 0 likes
Fabricated or natural construction units, including concrete, glass, stone and gypsum
Unit Price 0 likes
Fee charged for a single unit or minimum quantity of work to be performed, including all associated materials, equipment, or services
Unit Price Contract 0 likes
A written agreement where the owner agrees to pay the contractor a specific amount of money for each unit of work properly accomplished
Unit Stress 1 like
The force exerted on a component divided by its cross-sectional area, expressed in pounds per square inch in imperial units
Unit Vent 0 likes
A vent pipe that is associated with at least two traps
Unit Ventilator1 like
unit ventilator
A fan coil unit with an aperture through an outside wall for the passage of air
Unit Weight 0 likes
The weight of a unit volume of a material; also density
Unitary Package Unit 0 likes
A conditioning air system in an outdoor assembly resembling a rooftop unit, although the supply and return ducts are located horizontally through an exterior wall
Unitary System 0 likes
A heating/cooling system for conditioning one room or area
United States Customary Systems 0 likes
Measuring units employed in the U.S., known as Imperial Units, such the pound inch, foot, mile, gallon, and second
Universal Motor1 like
universal motor
Electric motor that functions with a-c or d-c
Unjust Enrichment 0 likes
A situation where a party gains unfair advantage at the expense of another party
Unlawful Detainer Action 0 likes
Lawsuit for the purpose of evicting a defaulting tenant from a property
Unlined Stack 0 likes
A chimney constructed solely of brick; may have a cement plaster lining, but no terra cotta flue lining
Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride1 like
(uPVC); an inflexible plastic substance from which many construction components are fabricated, including windows, doors, and corrugated roofs
Unrated Door2 likes
unrated door
A door which has not been graded for fire resistance
Unreasonable Hardship 1 like
Situation where an enforcing agency determines that adhering to their building standard causes the specific work in a project to be unfeasible; determination is based on comprehensive evaluation of all pertinent factors
Unreinforced 0 likes
Concrete components built without steel fortified bars or welded wire
Unstable 0 likes
A structure that is not firm, fixed or solid; collapsible
Upset Price 0 likes
A guaranteed top price in an agreement
Upside Down Roof 0 likes
A membrane roof where thermal insulation sits on top of the membrane
uPVC1 like
Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
Urban Renewal 0 likes
The revival of an inner city area that has deteriorated
Urethane Board 0 likes
Inflexible type of plastic foam
Urethane Foam1 like
urethane foam
Foam insulation between a container’s interior and exterior walls
Urethane Padding1 like
urethane foam
Plastic foam of polyurethane employed to cushion carpeting
Urethane Roof 0 likes
A roof that has plastic foam of rigid polyurethane; in board form or sprayed onto the roof
Urethane, Rigid 0 likes
Sheet or board plastic foam of inflexible polyurethane
Urinal1 like
A plumbing receptacle attached to a wall into which men urinate
Urinal Carrier 0 likes
A metal structure mounted on a bathroom wall to hold and brace a urinal
Urinal Screen1 like
urinal screen
A privacy partition that isolates urinals, installed on the floor, ceiling or wall
Urn, Coffee1 like
urn, coffee
See Coffee Urn
USC 0 likes
United States Code
USC&GS 0 likes
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
USCS 0 likes
United States Customary Systems
USDA 0 likes
United States Department of Agriculture
Useful Life 1 like
The anticipated time period a coating is expected to be beneficial
USGS 0 likes
United States Geological Survey
USS 0 likes
United States Standard
Usury 0 likes
Charging a greater fee than the permissible legal maximum interest rate
Utensil Washer, Medical 0 likes
See Medical Utensil Washer
Utility 1 like
A public utility service such as electricity or water
Utility Easement 0 likes
Location of earth that contains gas, electric, or telephone lines, possibly in the locale of a homeowner; the utility company has the legal right to maintain or repair the line at this location
Utility Excavation 1 like
Mining existing cable buried in the ground, or creating a trench to place new cable
Utility Knife1 like
utility knife
A widely employed knife with a handle and razor-type blade
See Board Knife
Utility Pole 0 likes
An upright pole with transverse arms that supports electrical and telephone lines
Utility Room 0 likes
A room, such as a laundry, that accommodates domestic appliances
UV 0 likes
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