Term Definition
To the Weather 1 like
Any component of a building which is exposed to the elements; a roof with shingles is exposed to the elements, however the framework is not
Toe Nail 2 likes
Nailing obliquely, from the base of a stud up to the sole plate
Toe Plate1 like
toe plate
A metal bar or plate secured to the floor grating exterior edge
A safeguarding metal plate fixed to the lower door rail
A plate constructed of metal secured to the back of a stair step
Toe Space 2 likes
A section at the base of a cabinet below a work counter to allow room for contractors toes
Toeboard1 like
Wood or metal upright metal structure at ground level positioned at floor or landing side to stop objects from dropping or people from falling over the edge
Toggle Bolt1 like
toggle bolt
A bolt and nut unit to secure objects to hollow construction formations from one side
Toilet2 likes
A bathroom fitting that acts as a repository for human excrement; also called a Water Closet
Toilet Bowl1 like
toilet bowl
The elliptical component of a toilet that collects the excrement and fills with water during and after expelling the waste
Toilet Carrier2 likes
toilet carrier
A metal formation connected to a bathroom wall to uphold a toilet that is attached to the wall
Toilet Partition 0 likes
A wall that segregates a toilet to ensure privacy
Toilet Room 0 likes
A room with one or more toilets and generally one or more urinals
Toilet Room Accessories2 likes
toilet room accessories
Articles and property within a toilet area including grab bars and rails, toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers and hand dryers
Toilet Seat and Cover3 likes
toilet seat and cover
A hinged seat and lid for a toilet
Toilet Tank2 likes
toilet tank
The storage tank in the back of a toilet
Toluene 0 likes
Varnish diluent generally made by breaking down coal tar; also called Toluol
Toluol 0 likes
See Toluene
Tomb 3 likes
A grave where someone is buried
A house, chamber, or crypt for the deceased
Ton 1 like
Weight measurement equivalent of 2000 pounds
The metric ton is the equivalent of 1000 kilograms or 2200 pounds
Ton of Refrigeration 0 likes
Refrigerating impact or force equivalent to the melting of one ton of ice in the period of one complete day; may be represented as 288,000 Btu/24 hours or 12,000 Btu/hour or 200 Btu/minute
Tone 0 likes
A single frequency sound
Gradation of color, either a tint, hue, or a shade, as in blue tone
Tone Down 0 likes
Decreasing visual distinction of an installation by applying coatings to the surface; melding of the general color scheme with the surroundings
Tone-on-Tone 0 likes
Carpet arrangement formed by employing at least two shades of the same tone
Toner1 like
Used to adjust color
Tongue 0 likes
A jutting edge, such as on a board, that slots into a hollow of another component, as in a tongue and groove joint
See Spline
See Steel Square
Tongue and Groove (T&G) 0 likes
A form of lumber, metal, or preformed concrete with coordinated edges that create a tight fit
Too Much Drag 0 likes
Paint with too much pull or drag when used
Tool Belt1 like
tool belt
A woven or leather belt worn by carpenters, electricians, and other workers into which manually operated tools are held
Tooling 0 likes
Packing and configuring the face of a stonework joint with a tool other than a trowel; also called jointing; See Jointing
Tooth 0 likes
Profile; surface coarseness
Coarseness or porous surface which influences adhesion and placement of covering
Toothed Ring 2 likes
Strain-resistant timber joint used in the construction of large member wooden beams
Toother 1 like
A brick that protrudes from the end of a wall against another wall that will be constructed
Toothing 0 likes
The process involving construction at the end of a wall in which every alternate row protrudes one half of a brick length; this facilitates integration of another wall
Toothing In 0 likes
The attachment of a new stoneware wall on to the old coarse wall
Top Bars 0 likes
Stabilizing bars made of steel close to the top of fortified concrete
Top Chord 0 likes
The highest support component of a framework
Top Coating 1 like
The final coat
Top Colors 0 likes
Fiber colors employed for the pattern, as distinct from the ground color
Top Dip 0 likes
The most elevated water or waste point in the lowest portion of a trap
Top Mopping 0 likes
The last coat of hot asphalt on a layered roof
Top Plate 0 likes
Top horizontal component of a frame wall that sustains ceiling beams, rafters, or other structural features
Top Weir 0 likes
The highest component of the outlet of a trap
Topographic Map 0 likes
See Topographic Survey
Topographic Survey 0 likes
A land inspection that shows geographical and other physical features; also called a Topographic Map or a Contour Map
Topography 0 likes
The shape of land formations
Graphic representation of surface characteristics of the land with contour lines showing the height of the ground
Topology 0 likes
Examination and exploration of the mathematic attributes and spatial conditions of flat and solid shapes unaltered by physical manipulations, or size changes
Topping 0 likes
Fine substance used as a top layer or covering for a road
Topping Compound1 like
topping compound
A gypsumboard joint mixture made for the last joint finishing covering; not for embedding tape
Topping, Concrete 0 likes
See Concrete Topping
Topping, Granolithic 0 likes
See Granolithic Topping
Topsoil1 like
Superficial soil at and inclusive of the median plow depth; soil which is employed for planting or growing
Torch Brazing 0 likes
A welding process wherein amalgamation takes place via heating with a gas flame and by utilizing a largely iron-free filler metal with a melting point above 800° F. but under that of the core metal
Torching 0 likes
Administering direct flame to a surface with the aim of heating, melting, or fastening
Tornado 0 likes
A destructive storm consisting of spiraling winds at ferocious speed over a thin passageway often joined by a conical shaped cloud
Torque 0 likes
Revolving or spinning action
Torque Wrench2 likes
torque wrench
Wrench employed to determine pressure or torque exerted on a nut or bolt
Torque, Full Load 0 likes
See Full Load Torque
Torque, Stall 0 likes
See Stall Torque
Torque, Starting 0 likes
See Starting Torque
Tort 1 like
A careless or willful wrong act that hurts a person or their possessions; not connected to any legally binding association with the person
Torus1 like
A structural, mathematical solid shaped like a circle with a hole in it
Total Absorption 0 likes
The quantity of water a stonework unit will absorb when placed in water
Total Alkalinity 0 likes
Quantity of soluble alkali salts in swimming pool water
Total Cost 0 likes
A means of determining damages sustained by a contractor due to infringements of contract due to the contractor functioning in a wasteful and disorganized way
Total Design Displacement 0 likes
The designfoundation of seismic sideways movement that includes extra displacement due to real and unintended shifts
Total Maximum Displacement 1 like
The optimum capacity of earthquake movement, including supplementary displacement as a result of real and unintended shifts, needed for authentication that there are no external forces
Touch Up Painting 0 likes
Spot repair painting undertaken after the initial paint coat
Toughness 0 likes
A characteristic of a substance which enables it to take in a large quantity of energy, to endure repeated shocks, and to experience significant deformation before succumbing or snapping
Towel Bar1 like
towel bar
Horizontal rod, generally fixed to a wall, on which a towel can be placed
Towel Dispenser1 like
towel dispenser
A receptacle for paper towels with an opening that permits one towel to be withdrawn at a time
Tower1 like
A tall structure, higher than the surrounding area, built of supports and accessories
Tower, Cooling1 like
tower, cooling
See Cooling Tower
Townhouse 0 likes
A single-family residence of two or three levels, often attached to comparable houses
Township 0 likes
In legal terms of property ownership, a township is a square 6 miles on a side, with a total of 36 square miles; each square mile is known as a section
Toxic 0 likes
Hazardous; poisonous
Toxicity 0 likes
Extent of harmfulness and noxiousness
Toxins 0 likes
A poison created by a living being or entity
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