Term Definition
TI’S (Tenant Improvements) 2 likes
Interior enhancements following the conclusion of the Building Envelope; includes ceilings, floor covering finishes, partitions, doors, frames, windows, fire protection, hardware, HVAC, electrical, overall standards, and the general contractor’s payment; the fee for enhancements undertaken by the tenant are usually the responsibility of tenant, differ with every dwelling, based on the various needs of the tenant; See Work Letter
Ticky-Tacky 3 likes
Run down, inferior product
Low cost, repeated housing constructed of inferior components
Tie 1 like
An instrument to secure pieces or parts together; a structural tool or apparatus that operates in tension
Tie Bars 0 likes
Steel stabilizing components in a perpendicular arrangement and connected to primary reinforcement to maintain its position
Bars that span a construction joint
Tie Beam 2 likes
A strong concrete beam built as part of a masonry wall whose main function is to keep the wall together particularly against seismic shifts, or placed between a number of separate foundation structures to ensure that they do not move
See Collar Beam
Tie Rod1 like
tie rod
A steel rod that provides resistance and generally fixes and holds wall forms while concrete is being added
Tie Strap1 like
tie strap
A metal panel or sheet that secures two components such as a post or beam
Tie Wire2 likes
tie wire
Lightweight sectional wire used as impermanent connectors in building work
Soft tempered steel wire employed to join girder supports, attach beam to supports, and affix additional materials
Wire employed to fasten junctions of stabilizing bars with the intention of securing them in position until concreting is finished
Tie-In 2 likes
The point at which new materials come into connect with old materials when improvements or repairs have been undertaken
Tie, Masonry 0 likes
See Masonry Tie
Tie, Mesh 0 likes
See Mesh Tie
Tied Column 1 like
A square or rectangular strengthened concrete pillar consisting of longitudinal stabilizing and lateral ties
Tier 0 likes
A layer, ranking, or order of a structure, where layers are on top of each other
An upright layer in a masonry wall’s thickness
TIG Welding 1 like
See Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding
Tile1 like
To position or place a variety of tiles such as ceramic or flooring tiles
A slender flat or curved piece of baked, possibly glazed clay or synthetic substance employed to cover floors, roofs and walls for decorative purposes
Tile Adhesive2 likes
tile adhesive
Natural adhesive, such as a rubber solvent or extract, employed for adhering tiles to a surface
Tile Assemblies 1 like
Tile arranged into sheets by appropriate material to enable handling and placement; tile may be mounted on the front, back or side
Tile Council of America Research Center (TCA) 2 likes
P. O. Box 326, Princeton, New Jersey 08542, Tel: (609) 921-7050; URL: http://www.tcnatile.com/
Tile Cutter1 like
tile cutter
Any implement that cuts tile; a flexible, manually operated tile cutting board is extremely effective in saving time and is relatively inexpensive
Tile Mounted 0 likes
Tile secured together in sheets to enable handling and placement
Tile Setting 0 likes
The professional task of arranging ceramic tile on floors, walls, stairs, or counter surfaces
Tile, Acoustical1 like
tile, acoustical
See Acoustical Tile
Tile, Back Mounted 1 like
See Back Mounted Tile
Tile, Clay2 likes
tile, clay
See Clay Tile
Tile, Conductive 0 likes
See Conductive Tile
Tile, Face Mounted 0 likes
See Face Mounted Tile
Tile, Mounted 1 like
See Mounted Tile
Tile, Quarry 0 likes
See Quarry Tile
Tile, Resilient 1 like
See Resilient Flooring
Tile, Sewer 0 likes
See Sewer Tile
Tile, Terrazzo 0 likes
See Terrazzo Tile
Tilt Angle 0 likes
The angle between a solar collection and absorption surface and a horizontal surface
Tilt-Up Construction 0 likes
A technique of building concrete walls where panels are created and dried horizontally on the floor slab, then positioned on an incline
Tilt-Up Wall 1 like
See Tilt-Up Construction
Timber 0 likes
Wood used for commercial purposes with a diameter over 4 by 6 inches, such as girders and posts
Timber Framing 0 likes
Structural formations with timber for weight bearing purposes
Timber, Standing 0 likes
Wood remaining on the stump
Time and Materials Contract 0 likes
A construction agreement which outlines a price for a range of components of the project such as hourly cost of labor, fixed overhead and profit; a contract that may stipulate a ‘price not to exceed’ but may not include a ceiling
Time Clock1 like
time clock
A clock that marks employees starting and finishing work times on a time card
Time of Completion 0 likes
The date or number of working days stipulated in the agreement to have largely completed the particular project; See Date of Substantial Completion
Time-and-a-Half 4 likes
A situation where any persons standard hourly rate is augmented by a multiple of 1.5 after prearranged usual working hours
Time-Sharing Ownership 2 likes
Sharing of ownership, most frequently of leisure properties and facilities, where each coowner has the use of the properties at particular times
Time-Weighted Average 0 likes
The median concentration of pollutants in air during a specific sampling phase
Timekeeper 1 like
A person who maintains records of employees work times
Timely Completion 0 likes
Finishing a contract requirements prior to the pre-determined date
Timer1 like
Clock-driven apparatus that has the function of opening and closing an electrical circuit
Timer-Thermostat1 like
Measuring device that contains a clock apparatus; the system spontaneously regulates room temperature and modifies the temperature according to the time of day
Tin 0 likes
A malleable lightly blue glossy low-melting translucent metallic element that is pliable at normal temperatures and is employed as a protective covering, in tinfoil, and in amalgamations of metals and soft solders
Tin Shingle 0 likes
A small tin piece employed in waterproofing and fixing a roof with panels
Tin Snip2 likes
tin snip
An instrument used for shearing tin, operated manually
Tinge 0 likes
Minor indication of color
Tinner 0 likes
Heating contractor
Tinning 0 likes
Coating metals to be attached with a thin veneer of solder
Tinsmith 1 like
Someone who works specifically with tin
Tint 0 likes
Hue lightened by including white; a color created by including white pigment or paint to a colored pigment or paint with more white than colored pigment
Tinted Glass3 likes
tinted glass
Glass treated to lower glare
Tip Up 0 likes
Downspout extension that conveys water away from a home; usually rotate upwards while mowing the lawn
Tissue Dispenser2 likes
tissue dispenser
A container with a narrow opening that holds tissues and permits the release of one tissue at a time
Titanium1 like
A metal which is the foundation for the coloring or staining, titanium dioxide
Title 0 likes
Proof, generally a deed or certificate or deed, of an individual’s legal right to real property ownership
Title Deed 0 likes
Proof of property ownership
Title Insurance 3 likes
Assurance of ownership provided by an insurance company
Title Search 0 likes
An examination of the county documents and archives to ascertain the state of title of a real estate property
TJI or TJ 0 likes
Mass produced structural building part with a similar appearance to the letter I; employed as floor joints and beams; I-joists consist of two principle components: flanges and webs
TL 0 likes
Transmission Loss
TLV 0 likes
Threshold Limit Value
TMS 1 like
The Masonry Society
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