Term Definition
Teak1 like
Wood from a teak tree that is yellowish-brown in color; utilized mainly for constructing ships, furniture, and wood finishes for constructions
Teak Veneer 1 like
Narrow sheets or layers of dark teak wood, employed for plywood or other finishes
Tear Strip 1 like
Heavyweight paper strip under bundling tape to assist in the opening of bundles
Tear-Off 2 likes
Repairing a roof that requires demolition of the old roof and insulation down to the deck
Technical Competence 0 likes
Thorough understanding of business and trade processes to effectively fulfill the aims of business
Technically Infeasible 0 likes
When changes to a construction or a facility are unlikely due to present structural circumstances, or the need to remove or change a vital structural support of the structural frame; or because other current physical or site limitations impede modifications or addition of materials, spaces, or features that are in stringent adherence with the basic necessities for new construction and access
Technobabble 0 likes
Technical terms and jargon that is impossible to understand
Technology 1 like
An applied science; the study, development and application of devices, machines, systems and techniques for manufacture and production
Teco 2 likes
Metal bands that are fastened and secured to the roof rafters and brackets to the uppermost horizontal wall plate; occasionally called a hurricane clip
Tedlar 0 likes
A registered trademark of du Pont Co.; an elastomeric layer or sheath composed of polyvinyl fluoride
Tee1 like
A T-shaped component used in plumbing
A metal or precast concrete component whose cross section is shaped like a T
Tee Joint 0 likes
A joint between two components positioned at right angles in a T shape arrangement
Tee Member 1 like
A metal or preformed concrete component with a connecting piece that looks like a T
Tee Square 0 likes
A four feet long T-shaped metal guide employed in cutting gypsumboard to the prescribed size; also known as a Hangers Tee
Tee Turn 0 likes
Turn Piece
Tee Weld 1 like
Weld in a joint between two structural supports positioned at right angles to each other in the shape of a T
Tee, Bulb 0 likes
Heat treated steel in the shape of a T with a bulb at the end of the web
Telamon2 likes
The figure of a man employed as a reinforcing pillar
Telescopic 0 likes
Possessing components that pass inside each another
Telescoping Bleacher 0 likes
A retractable seating arrangement, mostly in gymnasiums
Teller Window 1 like
The gap in a wall divider through which business dealings occur in a financial establishment
Temblor 0 likes
Seismic movements or shifting of the earth’s plates; earthquake
Temper 0 likes
The state of metal in terms of its toughness and malleability
To mix plaster to the point where it is consistent
By the addition of water, creating mortar of the correct texture
Tempera 0 likes
A method of fine art painting where a viscous substance, such as egg yolk, is used rather than oil; poster color; water color
A paint that is water-diluted or wateracrylic
Temperature 0 likes
The amount of heat in a body as determined by a thermometer
Determination of the speed of molecules
Temperature Bars 0 likes
See Temperature Reinforcement
Temperature Control1 like
temperature control
Temperature-regulated thermostat that spontaneously opens or shuts a circuit
Temperature Inversion 0 likes
The condition or result where a warmer air layer traps a layer of cooler air in closer proximity to the earth thereby limiting its rise and at the same time, confining any air contaminants
Temperature Reinforcement 0 likes
Steel stabilizing bars placed throughout concrete to reduce cracks as a consequence of variations in temperature and concrete contraction, also called Temperature Bars or Temperature Steel
Temperature Rise 0 likes
The rise in concrete temperature due to heat of hydration and heat from other sources
Temperature Steel 0 likes
See Temperature Reinforcing
Temperature-Humidity Index 0 likes
Temperature and atmospheric pressure collected in an air specimen as distinct from air in an unaffected, natural state
Temperature, Curing 1 like
See Curing Temperature
Tempered 1 like
Bolstered; strengthened; hardened or baked glass will not shatter or produce fragments, but will break into pellets, like an automobile window; mandated in bath and shower recesses, entry door glass and sidelight glass, and in windows where the sill on the window is less than 16 inches to the floor
Tempered Air 0 likes
See Conditioned Air
Tempered Glass1 like
tempered glass
Glass that has been cured and processed in order to augment its firmness and to reduce the potential for smashing or shattering
Template 1 like
A formation or cast used to guide what is being produced
Template Hardware 0 likes
Pieces of hardware that are formed to guide the distribution of all holes and measurements, such as in hinges and locks
Temple 0 likes
A building dedicated to the acknowledgment and celebration of faith or beliefs
Temporary Centering 2 likes
Impermanent structure employed during the construction to reinforce a concrete block or masonry arch
Temporary Closure 0 likes
Impermanent structure employed during building to block openings to safeguard against the weather or to segregate building areas from occupied areas
Temporary Facility 2 likes
A structure built to be employed for a limited period of time
Temporary Restraining Order 1 like
An order of a short period given by a court awaiting a hearing on the various aspects of the legal proceedings
Temporary Services 2 likes
Utilities, such as water, electricity and telephone, brought onto a construction site for the workers shortterm use
Tenant 0 likes
Someone who pays for the use of a property or land from a landlord; a Lessee
Tenant at Sufferance 0 likes
Someone who retains possession of a property with the agreement of the lessor; also called Tenant at Will
Tenant at Will 2 likes
See Tenant at Sufferance
Tenant’s Rentable Square Feet 2 likes
Usable area in square feet in addition to a portion of the commonly used space on the floor, including hallways, bathrooms, and main entrance areas; this combined area determines the rent paid by the tenant
Tenant’s Usable Square Feet 0 likes
Area in square feet included within the demising walls; see Demising Walls
Tenants in Common 0 likes
Two or more people who collectively own land without having individual rights if the other party or parties pass away
Tender 1 like
The individual who supports the requirements of a mason, such as hod carriers, pack carriers, or wheelbarrow people
The placement of an offer
Tendon 0 likes
Method for overcoming concrete‘s natural weakness in tension; produces beams, floors or bridges with a longer span than is practical with ordinary reinforced concrete; provide a clamping load which produces a compressive stress that balances the tensile stress that the concrete compression member would otherwise experience due to a bending load
Tenement 2 likes
Apartment residence
A basic apartment construction inhabited by families who are struggling financially, generally in an urban setting
Tennis Court 0 likes
A flat four-sided area split by a low net, upon which the game of tennis is played
Tennis Net1 like
tennis net
A low-lying net that is located in the middle of a tennis court
Tenon2 likes
A tongue-shaped extension on the end of a component which is firmly inserted into a rectangular slot in the side of another piece
Tenon Saw1 like
tenon saw
A saw operated manually that has fine teeth, a narrow blade, and a rigid back; employed for severing tenons and other delicate work
Tensile Strength 0 likes
Capacity to counter enlargement; the most extreme longitudinal tension a substance can cope with without breaking or staying permanently enlarged; the pulling force required to sever a sample divided by the cross sectional area; measurements determined by pounds per square inch
Tensile Stress 0 likes
The strain or tension due to stretching a material
Tension 1 like
Stress that can cause the enlargement of a component
Tension Ring 0 likes
A structural component, creating a closed arc in plan, which is under pressure due to the other parts of the structure; a masonry or concrete arch usually includes a tension ring
Tepidarium 1 like
The specific room for the warm bath in Roman baths
Term 1 like
The expanse of time stipulated in a property arrangement such as a mortgage or lease
Term Loan 1 like
A loan most often secured from a bank or insurance company with an operating time frame that is more than twelve months and less than 7 to 10 years
Terminal 0 likes
An instrument used to secure and terminate an electrical conductor
The last point
The depot where trains or long-distance buses return after they have completed their journey
Terminal Adapters1 like
terminal adapters
Electrical fixtures secured to the end of a conductor or to a part of the equipment with the function of removing power from an outlet in ways that were not prescribed
Terminal Block3 likes
terminal block
An ornamental feature that forms the end of a block construction
Terminal Box1 like
terminal box
An electrical box made of metal, frequently with a detachable lid that holds leads from electrical equipment for linking to a source of power
Terminal Reheat Handling System 1 like
A reheating assembly that is an adaptation of a single zone system; consists of a cooling coil; air is circulated to all areas at a regulated temperature as in a single zone system, but at a reduced enough temperature level to maintain the temperature and moisture needs of the zone with the greatest cooling load; a reheating station at each designated spot reheats the air as required; a continuous reserve of air is dispensed to the various areas
Termination for Cause 0 likes
The right of an owner or contractor to terminate a contract if the other party engages in particular, specific actions
Termination for Owners Convenience 0 likes
The right of an owner to terminate a building contract for any reason that suits the owner
Termite 2 likes
A wood consuming communal insect; subterranean termites live in the ground, and will construct mud-based channels from the ground up to the wood structure; kalotermes, known also as drywood termites, gather together and pierce the structure where they drill into the wood and empty out the structural components; similar in appearance to ants
Termite Control 0 likes
The action of dispensing chemicals into buildings and structures to curb an outbreak of termites
Termite Shield 1 like
A guard, generally constructed of reinforced metal, positioned in or on a major reinforcing wall or around pipes to thwart entry by termites
Terms 0 likes
Conditions for remuneration when goods are sold or purchased
Terne 1 like
A lead-tin alloy, employed to cover panels of stainless steel, carbon steel, or copper as a metal roofing sheet
Terra Cotta1 like
terra cotta
Ceramic material shaped into masonry units
Terrazzo2 likes
Finished polished flooring, possibly precast and prefinished, composed of concrete with a mixture of marble chips chosen for size and color, which is broken down and smoothed after treatment
Terrazzo Concrete 0 likes
See Terrazzo
Terrazzo Divider 0 likes
A metal strip that divides terrazzo areas
Terrazzo Epoxy 0 likes
An adhesive, using epoxy resin, to bond marble or other stone fragments set in Portland cement to an auxiliary substance
Terrazzo Floor 1 like
A high gloss floor constructed from small marble or stone chips ingrained in a portland cement cast
Terrazzo Receptor 0 likes
A shower sink, shallow, serving as a floor and constructed of Terrazzo
Terrazzo Removal 1 like
The action of destroying and disposing of decrepit terrazzo floors, walls or tiles
Terrazzo Tile 0 likes
A surface composed of composite material on portland cement and sand, created by combining marble fragments and portland cement; generally polished until smooth
Terrestrial 1 like
Pertaining to the earth
Tertiary Color 0 likes
A color created by combining two secondary colors, or by combining a primary color with a secondary color
Tessera 0 likes
A fragment of glass or marble employed in mosaics
Test 0 likes
Assessment, examination, or evaluation
Test Cut 0 likes
A roof cover sample, most often 4 inches by 40 inches, that is removed from a roof membrane to ascertain the quantity of plies, weight, and the median interply asphalt density
Test Light 1 like
Light with test leads to examine or analyze electrical circuits to ascertain their electrical conductivity
Test Pattern 0 likes
Spray arrangement employed in reconfiguring a spray gun
Test Plug 0 likes
An impermanent plumbing fixture which is placed into the end of a plumbing assembly to assist in pressure and leakage analysis
Test Set 0 likes
Device used to test the quality of water
Testate 0 likes
An individual who passes away leaving behind a set of instructions and expectations in a will
Testimony 0 likes
Verbal testimony provided by a witness in a legal proceeding
Testing Laboratory 0 likes
A place where building materials are examined to ascertain whether they meet particular guidelines and parameters
Testing Machine 1 like
An instrument for administering a test environment and correctly measuring outcomes
Testing Weld 0 likes
The method of examining the stability of a welding bond
TEV1 like
Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Texas Forest Service (TFS) 2 likes
P. O. Box 310, Lufkin, Texas 75902-0310, Tel: (409) 639-8180, URL: http://texasforestservice.tamu.edu/main/default.aspx
Texture 0 likes
Surface features that are able to be seen or touched
An external ornament
In carpet, a surface impression gained by employing various pile heights, at least two types of yarn, or by interchanging the round and cut pile wires, by brocade etching, shaving with an electric razor, or other distinctive procedures to augment the design, in order to provide additional interest
Texture Paint 0 likes
Able to be reconfigured by brush, trowel or another implement to create different arrangements
TFS 0 likes
Texas Forest Service
Theater Equipment1 like
theater equipment
Various objects, resources and accoutrements in a theater
Theater Stage 0 likes
An elevated platform where a diversity of performances and artistic styles are presented
Theodolite 3 likes
A surveyor’s apparatus that determines upright and horizontal angles; a transit
Therm 0 likes
A heating element; 100,000 BTUs
Thermae 0 likes
Communal bathing rooms used by the Romans; See Calidarium
Thermal 0 likes
Related to heat
Thermal Capacity 1 like
Amount of energy required to heat a material
Thermal Cutout1 like
thermal cutout
An overcurrent safeguarding apparatus which includes a heater element in conjunction with and triggering a sustainable fusible component to open the circuit; it is not built to interrupt short circuits
Thermal Fracture 0 likes
A compression fissure created when peripheral building parts expand
Thermal Inertia 1 like
The inclination of a building to stay at the same temperature or to fluctuate gradually
Thermal Insulation 0 likes
A substance employed to impede the motion of heat through a closed off surface
Thermal Insulator1 like
thermal insulator
An insulation product that reduces the thermal conductivity of a component of a building system, such as a floor, ceiling, or roof
Thermal Lag Factor 0 likes
The time span between when heat enters a substance at one side and leaves at the other side
Thermal Movement 0 likes
The expansion and reduction of any substance or object created by variations in the temperature
Thermal Protector2 likes
thermal protector
An electrical apparatus that spontaneously opens a circuit when overheated, safeguarding the apparatus from potential impairment
Thermal Radiation 0 likes
Electromagnetic emissions discharged by a tepid body
Thermal Relay1 like
thermal relay
Heat driven electrical regulator that opens or closes a refrigeration system electrical circuit; a resistance wire is employed to transform electrical energy into heat energy; also known as Hot WireRelay
Thermal Resistance (R) 0 likes
An index of a material’s capacity to impede or absorb heat flow; reciprocal of thermal conductivity (k) or thermal conductance (C); the method of determining thermal resistance is generally expressed in kelvin-meters per watt (K·m·W-1)
Thermal Shock 0 likes
Pressure created due to abrupt and significant changes in the temperature
The disturbance created as a consequence of dramatic temperature changes in a roof covering; such as when a rain shower after intense sunshine
Stress produced as a result of a marked and dramatic change in temperature that may lead to cracking of plaster which has not yet reached its maximum toughness
Thermal System Insulation 3 likes
Insulation placed on pipes, fixtures, boilers, tanks, ducts or other internal structural parts to stop heat loss or increase or water buildup
Thermal Transmission Value 1 like
The resistance factor to heat conductivity
Thermistor1 like
A semiconductor whose electrical resistance changes with differences in temperature
Thermocouple1 like
A pair of unlike metals that produce a thermoelectromotive force that can be measured and transformed according to variations in temperature
Thermocouple Thermometer1 like
thermocouple thermometer
Electrical apparatus using a thermocouple as a generator of electrical current, joined to a milliammeter graded by degrees of temperature
Thermodisk Defrost Control 0 likes
Electrical control mechanism with two types of metal on a disk regulated by temperature variations
Thermodynamics 1 like
The science based on the relationship between heat and other types of energy
Thermoelectric Refrigeration1 like
thermoelectric refrigeration
Refrigerator apparatus that relies on Peltier effect; direct current moving through an electrical joint between dissimilar metals produces a heating or cooling effect contingent upon which way the current flows
Thermometer2 likes
Apparatus that measures temperature
Thermomodule 1 like
Several thermocouples employed in parallel to attain low temperatures
Thermopane Window 0 likes
Tradename; a form of glass built to safeguard against sound, heat, or moisture changes; double or triple glazed glass
Thermopile 0 likes
The number of thermocouples employed in series to amplify voltage
Thermoplastic 0 likes
Softens when heated and re-hardens when cooled
Thermoplastic Glues and Resins 1 like
Adhesives and resins that can be repeatedly softened by heat and re-hardened by cooling
Thermoply™ 1 like
Laminated covering used outside and nailed to the outward face of external walls; generally ¼ inch thick, 4 by 8 or 4 by 10 sheets with a surface of aluminum
Thermostat1 like
An instrument which controls the temperature of a room or building by turning heating or cooling equipment on or off
Thermostatic Control 3 likes
Instrument which controls system or components of system by changes in temperature
Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TEV)1 like
thermostatic expansion valve
Control valve impacted by temperature and pressure within evaporator; it regulates the flow of refrigerant; control bulb is connected to the evaporator outlet
Thermostatic Motor Control 1 like
Instrument that regulates cycling of unit via the use of control bulb which responds to changes in temperature
Thermostatic Valve2 likes
thermostatic valve
Valve governed by changes in temperature responses
Thickness 1 like
The least sizeable of three dimensions of an object
The condition of being thick
Thin Coat 0 likes
A single layer plaster structure positioned over gypsum board
Thin Set 1 like
The fusion of tile with appropriate substances, applied around 1/8 inch in thickness
Thin Wall Conduit 0 likes
See EMT Conduit
Thincoat-High Strength Plaster 0 likes
See Veneer Plaster
Thingamabob 0 likes
See Thingamajig
Thingamajig 1 like
Something that is hard to define or whose correct name is obscure; a Thingamabob
Thinner1 like
An unstable liquid included in finishing material to facilitate its movement; also called a Diluent
Third Party Beneficiary 1 like
Someone who is not directly involved in a contract but who is a planned recipient, thereof may enforce the contract
Thixotropic Paint 0 likes
Characteristic exhibited by some paint of becoming fluid when shaken; after the disturbance stops, such as stirring or placing brush into paint, rigidity reoccurs
Thixotropy 1 like
The distinctive characteristic of a variety of gels to become fluid when shaken or stirred
Threaded Coupling2 likes
threaded coupling
A fixture for connecting two pieces of threaded pipe
Threading 0 likes
Creating exterior screw threads on a rod or pipe
Threadless Coupling1 like
threadless coupling
A fixture for connecting two pipes secured with solder or cement
Threads 0 likes
Curling ridges on a component or fixture, such as a pipe, by which components can be screwed together
Three Coat Plastering 0 likes
The administering of plaster in three layers one after the other, ensuring that time is allowed between coats for setting and drying the plaster
Three Point Lock 2 likes
An apparatus that is used to lock a door to the jamb in three places
Three Quarter 0 likes
A brick with 1/4 broken off; a brick that is three-quarters of its standard size
Three-Phase 0 likes
Functioning by three alternating current circuits which vary in phase by one-third of a cycle
Three-Quarter Bath 0 likes
A room that includes a toilet, lavatory, and shower
Three-Way Switch 1 like
A circuit that facilitate control of a light fixture by two points
Three-Way Valve1 like
three-way valve
A flow control valve with three orifices to allow and inhibit fluid flow
Threshold 1 like
Wood or metal beveled floor component at door openings that frequently divides irregular types of flooring
A piece of wood or metal beveled on each edge over the finished floor under external doors; also called a Sill or a Saddle
Threshold Limit Value (TLV) 0 likes
The highest concentration of solvent fumes in parts per million parts of air in which a contractor may work eight continuous hours without the use of an air enabling mask; the smaller the TLV figure the more poisonous the solvent
Threshold, Door 0 likes
A beveled floor trim over which a door opens and closes
Throat 1 like
The space at the top of a fireplace where smoke moves into the smoke chamber and chimney; the damper is positioned in the throat
Throne 1 like
A ceremonial chair for a powerful person or prominent religious figure
Throw 0 likes
The extent to which a door latch or bolt may be extended
Thrust 2 likes
A lateral or oblique pressure as a consequence of the structural movement of an arch, hanging structure, frame, or vault
Thrust Block 0 likes
A concrete formation around water piping to stop movement as a consequence of an abrupt change in the speed of water flow
Thumb Screw1 like
thumb screw
A screw that has a flat shaped head that may be held and rotated between the thumb and forefinger
Thumb Tack1 like
thumb tack
A short flat-headed tack that can be pushed into a surface with the thumb
Thumbnail Proof 1 like
Testing the firmness of a product by applying pressure to it with a thumbnail
Thyristor 1 like
An electrical semiconductor instrument for transforming alternating current into direct current
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