Term Definition
Tab 0 likes
The bare part of strip shingles defined by grooves along the edges
Taber Abrader 0 likes
A device that measures the extent to which substances can withstand abrasions
Table Saw2 likes
table saw
A power saw where the saw stays in a fixed position on a surface so that material to be sawn can be positioned beneath it
Table, Laboratory2 likes
table, laboratory
See Laboratory Table
Tableware2 likes
All cutlery and ornamental pieces that are used on tables at mealtimes
Tachometer1 like
A device that calculates a motor vehicle’s speed by determining the rotations in a rotating shaft
Tack2 likes
Little nail with a sharp end and broad top employed to hold thin or interlaced materials to wood and comparable products
The extent of a substance’s stickiness
Tack Board1 like
tack board
A small board, frequently constructed of cork, that holds different types of information such as visual displays and written reminders
Tack Coat 2 likes
Placement of bituminous material on an aged surface to guarantee its adhesion to recently construction
Tack Hammer1 like
tack hammer
A litter hammer used to insert tacks
Tack Rag 1 like
A section of cheesecloth or cotton rag dampened with diluted varnish, employed by painters to capture little particles of abrasive powder and residue
Tack Strip2 likes
target strip
A wood strip made up of a collection of elevated barbs for latching on to the sides when laying carpeting
Tack Weld 0 likes
A little weld to fasten steel components for a limited period of time
Tack Welding 0 likes
Prior to joining, pipes are correctly arranged and then tack welded; specific line-up clamps are employed to guarantee precise alignment
Tackiness 0 likes
Gumminess; stickiness
When a substance used for painting congeals or runs out of moisture, there is a loss of adhesiveness
Tacky 0 likes
Still quite moist; syrupy
Tail Beam 3 likes
A proportionately short beam reinforced in a wall on one end and by a structural beam at the other end
Tail Line 0 likes
Compact portion of a high-pressure hose that is smaller than the primary hose to allow greater portability and flexibility
Tail Pipe2 likes
tail pipe
The release point from the evaporator
Tails 0 likes
In high pressure spray painting, splayed and diffused arrangement
Take off 0 likes
The materials needed to complete a job
Take-Off Man 0 likes
Someone able to decipher plans or drafts, knowledgeable of the particulars; creates written records of particular information pertaining to the undertaking after acquiring the required information, then assesses how much labor is required, including the resources and particular items to finish the project; otherwise known as a Take-Off Person or a Quantity Surveyor
Take-Off Person 1 like
See Take-Off Man
Takeout Loan 1 like
See Permanent Loan
Talc1 like
Crystalline magnesium silicate that exists in soft flat plates, employed for drying or lubrication purposes. Alternatively known as Talcum Powder or Soapstone
Fine powder placed on the back of gypsumboard to reduce friction and allow more seamless movement of bundles
Hydrous magnesium aluminum compound that extends paint; assists in making paint smooth
Talcum Powder 1 like
See Talc
Tall Oil 0 likes
A combination of resin and oil acids produced as a consequence of the sulfate process used for creating paper
Tamp 0 likes
Exertion applied to compress soil
Tamper1 like
An instrument for compressing earth in areas where rollers cannot access
Tamping Rod3 likes
tamping rod
Employed in fitting concrete barrels for analysis, a circular polished flat steel rod, 5/8 inch in width and roughly two feet in length, having the packing end rounded into a half-sized tip, the width of which is 5/8 inch
Tandem 0 likes
An apparatus composed of two pieces, one located behind the other
Tangent 0 likes
A curve, line or surface that contacts a curve at one point without intersecting it
An algorithmic quota of the sides opposite and neighboring an angle in a right-angled triangle
Tangential 0 likes
Existing independently or positioned in a tangent
Tangible 0 likes
Recognizable or sensed by touch; absolute; certain; able to be rationalized
Tank White 1 like
White paint used on outside merged metal lines that effectively conceals the surface upon which it is painted
Tank, Supply 0 likes
See Supply Tank
Tap Box 0 likes
The electrical storage facility that contains the community’s electrical supply line attached to a branch that serves a specific building or construction
Tap-a-Line 2 likes
See Saddle Valve
Tape3 likes
duct tape
A flexible roll used for measurement, defined by incremental markings
A band of thin transparent material covered with adhesive for attaching, affixing, or providing protection
A woven thin material
A plastic strengthening gauze or paper that stabilizes angles and joins stabilizing junctions when plastering veneer
Gypsumboard juncture that provides reinforcement
Tape Creaser 0 likes
A manually operated implement that folds joint tape in interior corners during gypsumboard joint finishing
Tape Recorder2 likes
tape recorder
A mechanical apparatus which creates sound recordings on magnetic tape
Tape Test 2 likes
A specific examination for adhesiveness
Taper 0 likes
A slow and consistent reduction in size, such as in a round or rectangular segment or hole
The manufactured edge that is progressively reduced in size from the front to the outside edge thereby hiding the joint tape under the surface level of the gypsum board
Tapered Edge 1 like
See Taper
Tapered Edge Strip 0 likes
Tapered protective strip used to raise the roof at the circumference and at ledges that stretch through the roof
A tapered protective strip employed to offer a slow transformation from one thickness of insulation to another
Tapered Pattern 0 likes
Oblong shaped spray formation or arrangement; a spray arrangement with converging lines
Tapered Steel Girder 0 likes
A manufactured steel plate bean with a slanting top rim
Tapestry2 likes
Looped pile material spun on the velvet apparatus
Taping 1 like
The act of concealing drywall joints with paper tape and joint amalgam
Taping Compound 1 like
Gypsumboard joint amalgam specifically developed to enclose joint tape
Taping Tools1 like
taping tools
See Ames Tools
Tapping 0 likes
The act of creating interior screw threads inside a bored hole
The knocking or hammering of a brick or other form of masonry into the layer of plaster or cement
Tapping Tile 0 likes
An investigative approach where a coin, key, or a different small metallic item is hit lightly against a tile to ascertain by sound if the tile is completely fixed to its backing; a hollow sound is heard if the tile is not set correctly; tile setters frequently tap the tile with a pointing trowel to verify that an effective bond has taken place
Tapping Valve2 likes
tapping valve
An instrument that functions by opening or closing a channel, pipe, or other conduit, or to control flow; it is placed inside a pipeline by penetrating the wall of the pipe and accessing the flow
Taproot 0 likes
A major root that grows down from the tree base
Tar 0 likes
A dense dark combustible liquid extracted from wood or coal and employed as a sealant, a wood protective, for roofing and road surfacing
Tare 1 like
The capacity of a truck or receptacle to hold materials
Tarp 1 like
See Tarpaulin
Tarpaulin3 likes
Waterproof canvas or material employed for safeguarding building projects, athletic fields, consumables, or other objects or spaces; also known as a Tarp
Tarred Felt 2 likes
A felt that has been soaked with processed and purified coal tar
Taupe1 like
A brownish, drab gray color or hue
Tax 0 likes
A fee placed by a a governmental agency on people or property for the purpose of improving and enhancing the community
Tax Shelter 0 likes
The neutralization of investment earnings by non-cash charges with the aim of minimizing income tax
TCA 1 like
Tile Council of America Research Center
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