Term Definition
T & G, Tongue and Groove 0 likes
A juncture made by creating a rib on one side of a board so that it slots into a correlating groove in the side of a second board to produce a compact square joint; subfloor plywood is generally T & G
T Bar 0 likes
Corrugated, T shaped bars with a horizontal metal plate at the base that are hammered into the ground; generally employed as fence poles that are connected by chains, and to indicate the whereabouts of a water meter pit
T-Bar Ceiling System 0 likes
A suspended ceiling structure where the structural components are T-shaped metal and allow sound insulation board panels, lighting fittings, or air conditioning registers and grids or frameworks to be fitted
T-Beam 0 likes
A concrete structure for stabilizing and reinforcement where a section of the slab is above and two components function together
T-Square 1 like
A design and planning instrument that when on a drawing board, is employed to create parallel lines on a drawing
T-Stat 0 likes
T&G Siding 0 likes
Cladding for the outside of buildings that consists of boards connected together with interlocking hollows and ridges
T&M 1 like
Abbreviation for a form of agreement called Time and Materials
A contract in writing between the owner and the contractor ensuring that payment is determined by the contractor’s full costs for work undertaken and associated resources in addition to a set fee that accounts for the contractor’s additional expenses and profit
Tab 0 likes
The bare part of strip shingles defined by grooves along the edges
Taber Abrader 0 likes
A device that measures the extent to which substances can withstand abrasions
Table Saw2 likes
table saw
A power saw where the saw stays in a fixed position on a surface so that material to be sawn can be positioned beneath it
Table, Laboratory2 likes
table, laboratory
See Laboratory Table
Tableware2 likes
All cutlery and ornamental pieces that are used on tables at mealtimes
Tachometer1 like
A device that calculates a motor vehicle’s speed by determining the rotations in a rotating shaft
Tack2 likes
Little nail with a sharp end and broad top employed to hold thin or interlaced materials to wood and comparable products
The extent of a substance’s stickiness
Tack Board1 like
tack board
A small board, frequently constructed of cork, that holds different types of information such as visual displays and written reminders
Tack Coat 2 likes
Placement of bituminous material on an aged surface to guarantee its adhesion to recently construction
Tack Hammer1 like
tack hammer
A litter hammer used to insert tacks
Tack Rag 0 likes
A section of cheesecloth or cotton rag dampened with diluted varnish, employed by painters to capture little particles of abrasive powder and residue
Tack Strip1 like
target strip
A wood strip made up of a collection of elevated barbs for latching on to the sides when laying carpeting
Tack Weld 0 likes
A little weld to fasten steel components for a limited period of time
Tack Welding 0 likes
Prior to joining, pipes are correctly arranged and then tack welded; specific line-up clamps are employed to guarantee precise alignment
Tackiness 0 likes
Gumminess; stickiness
When a substance used for painting congeals or runs out of moisture, there is a loss of adhesiveness
Tacky 0 likes
Still quite moist; syrupy
Tail Beam 3 likes
A proportionately short beam reinforced in a wall on one end and by a structural beam at the other end
Tail Line 0 likes
Compact portion of a high-pressure hose that is smaller than the primary hose to allow greater portability and flexibility
Tail Pipe2 likes
tail pipe
The release point from the evaporator
Tails 0 likes
In high pressure spray painting, splayed and diffused arrangement
Take off 0 likes
The materials needed to complete a job
Take-Off Man 0 likes
Someone able to decipher plans or drafts, knowledgeable of the particulars; creates written records of particular information pertaining to the undertaking after acquiring the required information, then assesses how much labor is required, including the resources and particular items to finish the project; otherwise known as a Take-Off Person or a Quantity Surveyor
Take-Off Person 1 like
See Take-Off Man
Takeout Loan 0 likes
See Permanent Loan
Talc1 like
Crystalline magnesium silicate that exists in soft flat plates, employed for drying or lubrication purposes. Alternatively known as Talcum Powder or Soapstone
Fine powder placed on the back of gypsumboard to reduce friction and allow more seamless movement of bundles
Hydrous magnesium aluminum compound that extends paint; assists in making paint smooth
Talcum Powder 1 like
See Talc
Tall Oil 0 likes
A combination of resin and oil acids produced as a consequence of the sulfate process used for creating paper
Tamp 0 likes
Exertion applied to compress soil
Tamper1 like
An instrument for compressing earth in areas where rollers cannot access
Tamping Rod3 likes
tamping rod
Employed in fitting concrete barrels for analysis, a circular polished flat steel rod, 5/8 inch in width and roughly two feet in length, having the packing end rounded into a half-sized tip, the width of which is 5/8 inch
Tandem 0 likes
An apparatus composed of two pieces, one located behind the other
Tangent 0 likes
A curve, line or surface that contacts a curve at one point without intersecting it
An algorithmic quota of the sides opposite and neighboring an angle in a right-angled triangle
Tangential 0 likes
Existing independently or positioned in a tangent
Tangible 0 likes
Recognizable or sensed by touch; absolute; certain; able to be rationalized
Tank White 1 like
White paint used on outside merged metal lines that effectively conceals the surface upon which it is painted
Tank, Supply 0 likes
See Supply Tank
Tap Box 0 likes
The electrical storage facility that contains the community’s electrical supply line attached to a branch that serves a specific building or construction
Tap-a-Line 2 likes
See Saddle Valve
Tape3 likes
duct tape
A flexible roll used for measurement, defined by incremental markings
A band of thin transparent material covered with adhesive for attaching, affixing, or providing protection
A woven thin material
A plastic strengthening gauze or paper that stabilizes angles and joins stabilizing junctions when plastering veneer
Gypsumboard juncture that provides reinforcement
Tape Creaser 0 likes
A manually operated implement that folds joint tape in interior corners during gypsumboard joint finishing
Tape Recorder2 likes
tape recorder
A mechanical apparatus which creates sound recordings on magnetic tape
Tape Test 2 likes
A specific examination for adhesiveness
Taper 0 likes
A slow and consistent reduction in size, such as in a round or rectangular segment or hole
The manufactured edge that is progressively reduced in size from the front to the outside edge thereby hiding the joint tape under the surface level of the gypsum board
Tapered Edge 1 like
See Taper
Tapered Edge Strip 0 likes
Tapered protective strip used to raise the roof at the circumference and at ledges that stretch through the roof
A tapered protective strip employed to offer a slow transformation from one thickness of insulation to another
Tapered Pattern 0 likes
Oblong shaped spray formation or arrangement; a spray arrangement with converging lines
Tapered Steel Girder 0 likes
A manufactured steel plate bean with a slanting top rim
Tapestry2 likes
Looped pile material spun on the velvet apparatus
Taping 0 likes
The act of concealing drywall joints with paper tape and joint amalgam
Taping Compound 1 like
Gypsumboard joint amalgam specifically developed to enclose joint tape
Taping Tools1 like
taping tools
See Ames Tools
Tapping 0 likes
The act of creating interior screw threads inside a bored hole
The knocking or hammering of a brick or other form of masonry into the layer of plaster or cement
Tapping Tile 0 likes
An investigative approach where a coin, key, or a different small metallic item is hit lightly against a tile to ascertain by sound if the tile is completely fixed to its backing; a hollow sound is heard if the tile is not set correctly; tile setters frequently tap the tile with a pointing trowel to verify that an effective bond has taken place
Tapping Valve1 like
tapping valve
An instrument that functions by opening or closing a channel, pipe, or other conduit, or to control flow; it is placed inside a pipeline by penetrating the wall of the pipe and accessing the flow
Taproot 0 likes
A major root that grows down from the tree base
Tar 0 likes
A dense dark combustible liquid extracted from wood or coal and employed as a sealant, a wood protective, for roofing and road surfacing
Tare 1 like
The capacity of a truck or receptacle to hold materials
Tarp 1 like
See Tarpaulin
Tarpaulin2 likes
Waterproof canvas or material employed for safeguarding building projects, athletic fields, consumables, or other objects or spaces; also known as a Tarp
Tarred Felt 1 like
A felt that has been soaked with processed and purified coal tar
Taupe1 like
A brownish, drab gray color or hue
Tax 0 likes
A fee placed by a a governmental agency on people or property for the purpose of improving and enhancing the community
Tax Shelter 0 likes
The neutralization of investment earnings by non-cash charges with the aim of minimizing income tax
TCA 1 like
Tile Council of America Research Center
Teak1 like
Wood from a teak tree that is yellowish-brown in color; utilized mainly for constructing ships, furniture, and wood finishes for constructions
Teak Veneer 1 like
Narrow sheets or layers of dark teak wood, employed for plywood or other finishes
Tear Strip 1 like
Heavyweight paper strip under bundling tape to assist in the opening of bundles
Tear-Off 2 likes
Repairing a roof that requires demolition of the old roof and insulation down to the deck
Technical Competence 0 likes
Thorough understanding of business and trade processes to effectively fulfill the aims of business
Technically Infeasible 0 likes
When changes to a construction or a facility are unlikely due to present structural circumstances, or the need to remove or change a vital structural support of the structural frame; or because other current physical or site limitations impede modifications or addition of materials, spaces, or features that are in stringent adherence with the basic necessities for new construction and access
Technobabble 0 likes
Technical terms and jargon that is impossible to understand
Technology 1 like
An applied science; the study, development and application of devices, machines, systems and techniques for manufacture and production
Teco 2 likes
Metal bands that are fastened and secured to the roof rafters and brackets to the uppermost horizontal wall plate; occasionally called a hurricane clip
Tedlar 0 likes
A registered trademark of du Pont Co.; an elastomeric layer or sheath composed of polyvinyl fluoride
Tee1 like
A T-shaped component used in plumbing
A metal or precast concrete component whose cross section is shaped like a T
Tee Joint 0 likes
A joint between two components positioned at right angles in a T shape arrangement
Tee Member 1 like
A metal or preformed concrete component with a connecting piece that looks like a T
Tee Square 0 likes
A four feet long T-shaped metal guide employed in cutting gypsumboard to the prescribed size; also known as a Hangers Tee
Tee Turn 0 likes
Turn Piece
Tee Weld 1 like
Weld in a joint between two structural supports positioned at right angles to each other in the shape of a T
Tee, Bulb 0 likes
Heat treated steel in the shape of a T with a bulb at the end of the web
Telamon2 likes
The figure of a man employed as a reinforcing pillar
Telescopic 0 likes
Possessing components that pass inside each another
Telescoping Bleacher 0 likes
A retractable seating arrangement, mostly in gymnasiums
Teller Window 0 likes
The gap in a wall divider through which business dealings occur in a financial establishment
Temblor 0 likes
Seismic movements or shifting of the earth’s plates; earthquake
Temper 0 likes
The state of metal in terms of its toughness and malleability
To mix plaster to the point where it is consistent
By the addition of water, creating mortar of the correct texture
Tempera 0 likes
A method of fine art painting where a viscous substance, such as egg yolk, is used rather than oil; poster color; water color
A paint that is water-diluted or wateracrylic
Temperature 0 likes
The amount of heat in a body as determined by a thermometer
Determination of the speed of molecules
Temperature Bars 0 likes
See Temperature Reinforcement
Temperature Control1 like
temperature control
Temperature-regulated thermostat that spontaneously opens or shuts a circuit
Temperature Inversion 0 likes
The condition or result where a warmer air layer traps a layer of cooler air in closer proximity to the earth thereby limiting its rise and at the same time, confining any air contaminants
Temperature Reinforcement 0 likes
Steel stabilizing bars placed throughout concrete to reduce cracks as a consequence of variations in temperature and concrete contraction, also called Temperature Bars or Temperature Steel
Temperature Rise 0 likes
The rise in concrete temperature due to heat of hydration and heat from other sources
Temperature Steel 0 likes
See Temperature Reinforcing
Temperature-Humidity Index 0 likes
Temperature and atmospheric pressure collected in an air specimen as distinct from air in an unaffected, natural state
Temperature, Curing 1 like
See Curing Temperature
Tempered 1 like
Bolstered; strengthened; hardened or baked glass will not shatter or produce fragments, but will break into pellets, like an automobile window; mandated in bath and shower recesses, entry door glass and sidelight glass, and in windows where the sill on the window is less than 16 inches to the floor
Tempered Air 0 likes
See Conditioned Air
Tempered Glass1 like
tempered glass
Glass that has been cured and processed in order to augment its firmness and to reduce the potential for smashing or shattering
Template 0 likes
A formation or cast used to guide what is being produced
Template Hardware 0 likes
Pieces of hardware that are formed to guide the distribution of all holes and measurements, such as in hinges and locks
Temple 0 likes
A building dedicated to the acknowledgment and celebration of faith or beliefs
Temporary Centering 2 likes
Impermanent structure employed during the construction to reinforce a concrete block or masonry arch
Temporary Closure 0 likes
Impermanent structure employed during building to block openings to safeguard against the weather or to segregate building areas from occupied areas
Temporary Facility 1 like
A structure built to be employed for a limited period of time
Temporary Restraining Order 1 like
An order of a short period given by a court awaiting a hearing on the various aspects of the legal proceedings
Temporary Services 2 likes
Utilities, such as water, electricity and telephone, brought onto a construction site for the workers shortterm use
Tenant 0 likes
Someone who pays for the use of a property or land from a landlord; a Lessee
Tenant at Sufferance 0 likes
Someone who retains possession of a property with the agreement of the lessor; also called Tenant at Will
Tenant at Will 2 likes
See Tenant at Sufferance
Tenant’s Rentable Square Feet 1 like
Usable area in square feet in addition to a portion of the commonly used space on the floor, including hallways, bathrooms, and main entrance areas; this combined area determines the rent paid by the tenant
Tenant’s Usable Square Feet 0 likes
Area in square feet included within the demising walls; see Demising Walls
Tenants in Common 0 likes
Two or more people who collectively own land without having individual rights if the other party or parties pass away
Tender 1 like
The individual who supports the requirements of a mason, such as hod carriers, pack carriers, or wheelbarrow people
The placement of an offer
Tendon 0 likes
Method for overcoming concrete‘s natural weakness in tension; produces beams, floors or bridges with a longer span than is practical with ordinary reinforced concrete; provide a clamping load which produces a compressive stress that balances the tensile stress that the concrete compression member would otherwise experience due to a bending load
Tenement 2 likes
Apartment residence
A basic apartment construction inhabited by families who are struggling financially, generally in an urban setting
Tennis Court 0 likes
A flat four-sided area split by a low net, upon which the game of tennis is played
Tennis Net1 like
tennis net
A low-lying net that is located in the middle of a tennis court
Tenon1 like
A tongue-shaped extension on the end of a component which is firmly inserted into a rectangular slot in the side of another piece
Tenon Saw1 like
tenon saw
A saw operated manually that has fine teeth, a narrow blade, and a rigid back; employed for severing tenons and other delicate work
Tensile Strength 0 likes
Capacity to counter enlargement; the most extreme longitudinal tension a substance can cope with without breaking or staying permanently enlarged; the pulling force required to sever a sample divided by the cross sectional area; measurements determined by pounds per square inch
Tensile Stress 0 likes
The strain or tension due to stretching a material
Tension 1 like
Stress that can cause the enlargement of a component
Tension Ring 0 likes
A structural component, creating a closed arc in plan, which is under pressure due to the other parts of the structure; a masonry or concrete arch usually includes a tension ring
Tepidarium 1 like
The specific room for the warm bath in Roman baths
Term 1 like
The expanse of time stipulated in a property arrangement such as a mortgage or lease
Term Loan 1 like
A loan most often secured from a bank or insurance company with an operating time frame that is more than twelve months and less than 7 to 10 years
Terminal 0 likes
An instrument used to secure and terminate an electrical conductor
The last point
The depot where trains or long-distance buses return after they have completed their journey
Terminal Adapters1 like
terminal adapters
Electrical fixtures secured to the end of a conductor or to a part of the equipment with the function of removing power from an outlet in ways that were not prescribed
Terminal Block3 likes
terminal block
An ornamental feature that forms the end of a block construction
Terminal Box1 like
terminal box
An electrical box made of metal, frequently with a detachable lid that holds leads from electrical equipment for linking to a source of power
Terminal Reheat Handling System 1 like
A reheating assembly that is an adaptation of a single zone system; consists of a cooling coil; air is circulated to all areas at a regulated temperature as in a single zone system, but at a reduced enough temperature level to maintain the temperature and moisture needs of the zone with the greatest cooling load; a reheating station at each designated spot reheats the air as required; a continuous reserve of air is dispensed to the various areas
Termination for Cause 0 likes
The right of an owner or contractor to terminate a contract if the other party engages in particular, specific actions
Termination for Owners Convenience 0 likes
The right of an owner to terminate a building contract for any reason that suits the owner
Termite 2 likes
A wood consuming communal insect; subterranean termites live in the ground, and will construct mud-based channels from the ground up to the wood structure; kalotermes, known also as drywood termites, gather together and pierce the structure where they drill into the wood and empty out the structural components; similar in appearance to ants
Termite Control 0 likes
The action of dispensing chemicals into buildings and structures to curb an outbreak of termites
Termite Shield 1 like
A guard, generally constructed of reinforced metal, positioned in or on a major reinforcing wall or around pipes to thwart entry by termites
Terms 0 likes
Conditions for remuneration when goods are sold or purchased
Terne 1 like
A lead-tin alloy, employed to cover panels of stainless steel, carbon steel, or copper as a metal roofing sheet
Terra Cotta1 like
terra cotta
Ceramic material shaped into masonry units
Terrazzo2 likes
Finished polished flooring, possibly precast and prefinished, composed of concrete with a mixture of marble chips chosen for size and color, which is broken down and smoothed after treatment
Terrazzo Concrete 0 likes
See Terrazzo
Terrazzo Divider 0 likes
A metal strip that divides terrazzo areas
Terrazzo Epoxy 0 likes
An adhesive, using epoxy resin, to bond marble or other stone fragments set in Portland cement to an auxiliary substance
Terrazzo Floor 1 like
A high gloss floor constructed from small marble or stone chips ingrained in a portland cement cast
Terrazzo Receptor 0 likes
A shower sink, shallow, serving as a floor and constructed of Terrazzo
Terrazzo Removal 1 like
The action of destroying and disposing of decrepit terrazzo floors, walls or tiles
Terrazzo Tile 0 likes
A surface composed of composite material on portland cement and sand, created by combining marble fragments and portland cement; generally polished until smooth
Terrestrial 1 like
Pertaining to the earth
Tertiary Color 0 likes
A color created by combining two secondary colors, or by combining a primary color with a secondary color
Tessera 0 likes
A fragment of glass or marble employed in mosaics
Test 0 likes
Assessment, examination, or evaluation
Test Cut 0 likes
A roof cover sample, most often 4 inches by 40 inches, that is removed from a roof membrane to ascertain the quantity of plies, weight, and the median interply asphalt density
Test Light 1 like
Light with test leads to examine or analyze electrical circuits to ascertain their electrical conductivity
Test Pattern 0 likes
Spray arrangement employed in reconfiguring a spray gun
Test Plug 0 likes
An impermanent plumbing fixture which is placed into the end of a plumbing assembly to assist in pressure and leakage analysis
Test Set 0 likes
Device used to test the quality of water
Testate 0 likes
An individual who passes away leaving behind a set of instructions and expectations in a will
Testimony 0 likes
Verbal testimony provided by a witness in a legal proceeding
Testing Laboratory 0 likes
A place where building materials are examined to ascertain whether they meet particular guidelines and parameters
Testing Machine 1 like
An instrument for administering a test environment and correctly measuring outcomes
Testing Weld 0 likes
The method of examining the stability of a welding bond
TEV1 like
Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Texas Forest Service (TFS) 2 likes
P. O. Box 310, Lufkin, Texas 75902-0310, Tel: (409) 639-8180, URL: http://texasforestservice.tamu.edu/main/default.aspx
Texture 0 likes
Surface features that are able to be seen or touched
An external ornament
In carpet, a surface impression gained by employing various pile heights, at least two types of yarn, or by interchanging the round and cut pile wires, by brocade etching, shaving with an electric razor, or other distinctive procedures to augment the design, in order to provide additional interest
Texture Paint 0 likes
Able to be reconfigured by brush, trowel or another implement to create different arrangements
TFS 0 likes
Texas Forest Service
Theater Equipment1 like
theater equipment
Various objects, resources and accoutrements in a theater
Theater Stage 0 likes
An elevated platform where a diversity of performances and artistic styles are presented
Theodolite 3 likes
A surveyor’s apparatus that determines upright and horizontal angles; a transit
Therm 0 likes
A heating element; 100,000 BTUs
Thermae 0 likes
Communal bathing rooms used by the Romans; See Calidarium
Thermal 0 likes
Related to heat
Thermal Capacity 1 like
Amount of energy required to heat a material
Thermal Cutout1 like
thermal cutout
An overcurrent safeguarding apparatus which includes a heater element in conjunction with and triggering a sustainable fusible component to open the circuit; it is not built to interrupt short circuits
Thermal Fracture 0 likes
A compression fissure created when peripheral building parts expand
Thermal Inertia 0 likes
The inclination of a building to stay at the same temperature or to fluctuate gradually
Thermal Insulation 0 likes
A substance employed to impede the motion of heat through a closed off surface
Thermal Insulator1 like
thermal insulator
An insulation product that reduces the thermal conductivity of a component of a building system, such as a floor, ceiling, or roof
Thermal Lag Factor 0 likes
The time span between when heat enters a substance at one side and leaves at the other side
Thermal Movement 0 likes
The expansion and reduction of any substance or object created by variations in the temperature
Thermal Protector1 like
thermal protector
An electrical apparatus that spontaneously opens a circuit when overheated, safeguarding the apparatus from potential impairment
Thermal Radiation 0 likes
Electromagnetic emissions discharged by a tepid body
Thermal Relay1 like
thermal relay
Heat driven electrical regulator that opens or closes a refrigeration system electrical circuit; a resistance wire is employed to transform electrical energy into heat energy; also known as Hot WireRelay
Thermal Resistance (R) 0 likes
An index of a material’s capacity to impede or absorb heat flow; reciprocal of thermal conductivity (k) or thermal conductance (C); the method of determining thermal resistance is generally expressed in kelvin-meters per watt (K·m·W-1)
Thermal Shock 0 likes
Pressure created due to abrupt and significant changes in the temperature
The disturbance created as a consequence of dramatic temperature changes in a roof covering; such as when a rain shower after intense sunshine
Stress produced as a result of a marked and dramatic change in temperature that may lead to cracking of plaster which has not yet reached its maximum toughness
Thermal System Insulation 2 likes
Insulation placed on pipes, fixtures, boilers, tanks, ducts or other internal structural parts to stop heat loss or increase or water buildup
Thermal Transmission Value 1 like
The resistance factor to heat conductivity
Thermistor1 like
A semiconductor whose electrical resistance changes with differences in temperature
Thermocouple1 like
A pair of unlike metals that produce a thermoelectromotive force that can be measured and transformed according to variations in temperature
Thermocouple Thermometer1 like
thermocouple thermometer
Electrical apparatus using a thermocouple as a generator of electrical current, joined to a milliammeter graded by degrees of temperature
Thermodisk Defrost Control 0 likes
Electrical control mechanism with two types of metal on a disk regulated by temperature variations
Thermodynamics 1 like
The science based on the relationship between heat and other types of energy
Thermoelectric Refrigeration1 like
thermoelectric refrigeration
Refrigerator apparatus that relies on Peltier effect; direct current moving through an electrical joint between dissimilar metals produces a heating or cooling effect contingent upon which way the current flows
Thermometer2 likes
Apparatus that measures temperature
Thermomodule 1 like
Several thermocouples employed in parallel to attain low temperatures
Thermopane Window 0 likes
Tradename; a form of glass built to safeguard against sound, heat, or moisture changes; double or triple glazed glass
Thermopile 0 likes
The number of thermocouples employed in series to amplify voltage
Thermoplastic 0 likes
Softens when heated and re-hardens when cooled
Thermoplastic Glues and Resins 1 like
Adhesives and resins that can be repeatedly softened by heat and re-hardened by cooling
Thermoply™ 0 likes
Laminated covering used outside and nailed to the outward face of external walls; generally ¼ inch thick, 4 by 8 or 4 by 10 sheets with a surface of aluminum
Thermostat1 like
An instrument which controls the temperature of a room or building by turning heating or cooling equipment on or off
Thermostatic Control 3 likes
Instrument which controls system or components of system by changes in temperature
Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TEV)1 like
thermostatic expansion valve
Control valve impacted by temperature and pressure within evaporator; it regulates the flow of refrigerant; control bulb is connected to the evaporator outlet
Thermostatic Motor Control 1 like
Instrument that regulates cycling of unit via the use of control bulb which responds to changes in temperature
Thermostatic Valve2 likes
thermostatic valve
Valve governed by changes in temperature responses
Thickness 1 like
The least sizeable of three dimensions of an object
The condition of being thick
Thin Coat 0 likes
A single layer plaster structure positioned over gypsum board
Thin Set 1 like
The fusion of tile with appropriate substances, applied around 1/8 inch in thickness
Thin Wall Conduit 0 likes
See EMT Conduit
Thincoat-High Strength Plaster 0 likes
See Veneer Plaster
Thingamabob 0 likes
See Thingamajig
Thingamajig 1 like
Something that is hard to define or whose correct name is obscure; a Thingamabob
Thinner1 like
An unstable liquid included in finishing material to facilitate its movement; also called a Diluent
Third Party Beneficiary 1 like
Someone who is not directly involved in a contract but who is a planned recipient, thereof may enforce the contract
Thixotropic Paint 0 likes
Characteristic exhibited by some paint of becoming fluid when shaken; after the disturbance stops, such as stirring or placing brush into paint, rigidity reoccurs
Thixotropy 1 like
The distinctive characteristic of a variety of gels to become fluid when shaken or stirred
Threaded Coupling2 likes
threaded coupling
A fixture for connecting two pieces of threaded pipe
Threading 0 likes
Creating exterior screw threads on a rod or pipe
Threadless Coupling1 like
threadless coupling
A fixture for connecting two pipes secured with solder or cement
Threads 0 likes
Curling ridges on a component or fixture, such as a pipe, by which components can be screwed together
Three Coat Plastering 0 likes
The administering of plaster in three layers one after the other, ensuring that time is allowed between coats for setting and drying the plaster
Three Point Lock 2 likes
An apparatus that is used to lock a door to the jamb in three places
Three Quarter 0 likes
A brick with 1/4 broken off; a brick that is three-quarters of its standard size
Three-Phase 0 likes
Functioning by three alternating current circuits which vary in phase by one-third of a cycle
Three-Quarter Bath 0 likes
A room that includes a toilet, lavatory, and shower
Three-Way Switch 1 like
A circuit that facilitate control of a light fixture by two points
Three-Way Valve1 like
three-way valve
A flow control valve with three orifices to allow and inhibit fluid flow
Threshold 1 like
Wood or metal beveled floor component at door openings that frequently divides irregular types of flooring
A piece of wood or metal beveled on each edge over the finished floor under external doors; also called a Sill or a Saddle
Threshold Limit Value (TLV) 0 likes
The highest concentration of solvent fumes in parts per million parts of air in which a contractor may work eight continuous hours without the use of an air enabling mask; the smaller the TLV figure the more poisonous the solvent
Threshold, Door 0 likes
A beveled floor trim over which a door opens and closes
Throat 1 like
The space at the top of a fireplace where smoke moves into the smoke chamber and chimney; the damper is positioned in the throat
Throne 1 like
A ceremonial chair for a powerful person or prominent religious figure
Throw 0 likes
The extent to which a door latch or bolt may be extended
Thrust 0 likes
A lateral or oblique pressure as a consequence of the structural movement of an arch, hanging structure, frame, or vault
Thrust Block 0 likes
A concrete formation around water piping to stop movement as a consequence of an abrupt change in the speed of water flow
Thumb Screw1 like
thumb screw
A screw that has a flat shaped head that may be held and rotated between the thumb and forefinger
Thumb Tack1 like
thumb tack
A short flat-headed tack that can be pushed into a surface with the thumb
Thumbnail Proof 1 like
Testing the firmness of a product by applying pressure to it with a thumbnail
Thyristor 1 like
An electrical semiconductor instrument for transforming alternating current into direct current
TI’S (Tenant Improvements) 1 like
Interior enhancements following the conclusion of the Building Envelope; includes ceilings, floor covering finishes, partitions, doors, frames, windows, fire protection, hardware, HVAC, electrical, overall standards, and the general contractor’s payment; the fee for enhancements undertaken by the tenant are usually the responsibility of tenant, differ with every dwelling, based on the various needs of the tenant; See Work Letter
Ticky-Tacky 3 likes
Run down, inferior product
Low cost, repeated housing constructed of inferior components
Tie 1 like
An instrument to secure pieces or parts together; a structural tool or apparatus that operates in tension
Tie Bars 0 likes
Steel stabilizing components in a perpendicular arrangement and connected to primary reinforcement to maintain its position
Bars that span a construction joint
Tie Beam 2 likes
A strong concrete beam built as part of a masonry wall whose main function is to keep the wall together particularly against seismic shifts, or placed between a number of separate foundation structures to ensure that they do not move
See Collar Beam
Tie Rod1 like
tie rod
A steel rod that provides resistance and generally fixes and holds wall forms while concrete is being added
Tie Strap1 like
tie strap
A metal panel or sheet that secures two components such as a post or beam
Tie Wire2 likes
tie wire
Lightweight sectional wire used as impermanent connectors in building work
Soft tempered steel wire employed to join girder supports, attach beam to supports, and affix additional materials
Wire employed to fasten junctions of stabilizing bars with the intention of securing them in position until concreting is finished
Tie-In 2 likes
The point at which new materials come into connect with old materials when improvements or repairs have been undertaken
Tie, Masonry 0 likes
See Masonry Tie
Tie, Mesh 0 likes
See Mesh Tie
Tied Column 1 like
A square or rectangular strengthened concrete pillar consisting of longitudinal stabilizing and lateral ties
Tier 0 likes
A layer, ranking, or order of a structure, where layers are on top of each other
An upright layer in a masonry wall’s thickness
TIG Welding 0 likes
See Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding
Tile1 like
To position or place a variety of tiles such as ceramic or flooring tiles
A slender flat or curved piece of baked, possibly glazed clay or synthetic substance employed to cover floors, roofs and walls for decorative purposes
Tile Adhesive2 likes
tile adhesive
Natural adhesive, such as a rubber solvent or extract, employed for adhering tiles to a surface
Tile Assemblies 1 like
Tile arranged into sheets by appropriate material to enable handling and placement; tile may be mounted on the front, back or side
Tile Council of America Research Center (TCA) 2 likes
P. O. Box 326, Princeton, New Jersey 08542, Tel: (609) 921-7050; URL: http://www.tcnatile.com/
Tile Cutter1 like
tile cutter
Any implement that cuts tile; a flexible, manually operated tile cutting board is extremely effective in saving time and is relatively inexpensive
Tile Mounted 0 likes
Tile secured together in sheets to enable handling and placement
Tile Setting 0 likes
The professional task of arranging ceramic tile on floors, walls, stairs, or counter surfaces
Tile, Acoustical1 like
tile, acoustical
See Acoustical Tile
Tile, Back Mounted 1 like
See Back Mounted Tile
Tile, Clay2 likes
tile, clay
See Clay Tile
Tile, Conductive 0 likes
See Conductive Tile
Tile, Face Mounted 0 likes
See Face Mounted Tile
Tile, Mounted 1 like
See Mounted Tile
Tile, Quarry 0 likes
See Quarry Tile
Tile, Resilient 0 likes
See Resilient Flooring
Tile, Sewer 0 likes
See Sewer Tile
Tile, Terrazzo 0 likes
See Terrazzo Tile
Tilt Angle 0 likes
The angle between a solar collection and absorption surface and a horizontal surface
Tilt-Up Construction 0 likes
A technique of building concrete walls where panels are created and dried horizontally on the floor slab, then positioned on an incline
Tilt-Up Wall 1 like
See Tilt-Up Construction
Timber 0 likes
Wood used for commercial purposes with a diameter over 4 by 6 inches, such as girders and posts
Timber Framing 0 likes
Structural formations with timber for weight bearing purposes
Timber, Standing 0 likes
Wood remaining on the stump
Time and Materials Contract 0 likes
A construction agreement which outlines a price for a range of components of the project such as hourly cost of labor, fixed overhead and profit; a contract that may stipulate a ‘price not to exceed’ but may not include a ceiling
Time Clock1 like
time clock
A clock that marks employees starting and finishing work times on a time card
Time of Completion 0 likes
The date or number of working days stipulated in the agreement to have largely completed the particular project; See Date of Substantial Completion
Time-and-a-Half 3 likes
A situation where any persons standard hourly rate is augmented by a multiple of 1.5 after prearranged usual working hours
Time-Sharing Ownership 2 likes
Sharing of ownership, most frequently of leisure properties and facilities, where each coowner has the use of the properties at particular times
Time-Weighted Average 0 likes
The median concentration of pollutants in air during a specific sampling phase
Timekeeper 1 like
A person who maintains records of employees work times
Timely Completion 0 likes
Finishing a contract requirements prior to the pre-determined date
Timer1 like
Clock-driven apparatus that has the function of opening and closing an electrical circuit
Timer-Thermostat1 like
Measuring device that contains a clock apparatus; the system spontaneously regulates room temperature and modifies the temperature according to the time of day
Tin 0 likes
A malleable lightly blue glossy low-melting translucent metallic element that is pliable at normal temperatures and is employed as a protective covering, in tinfoil, and in amalgamations of metals and soft solders
Tin Shingle 0 likes
A small tin piece employed in waterproofing and fixing a roof with panels
Tin Snip2 likes
tin snip
An instrument used for shearing tin, operated manually
Tinge 0 likes
Minor indication of color
Tinner 0 likes
Heating contractor
Tinning 0 likes
Coating metals to be attached with a thin veneer of solder
Tinsmith 1 like
Someone who works specifically with tin
Tint 0 likes
Hue lightened by including white; a color created by including white pigment or paint to a colored pigment or paint with more white than colored pigment
Tinted Glass3 likes
tinted glass
Glass treated to lower glare
Tip Up 0 likes
Downspout extension that conveys water away from a home; usually rotate upwards while mowing the lawn
Tissue Dispenser2 likes
tissue dispenser
A container with a narrow opening that holds tissues and permits the release of one tissue at a time
Titanium1 like
A metal which is the foundation for the coloring or staining, titanium dioxide
Title 0 likes
Proof, generally a deed or certificate or deed, of an individual’s legal right to real property ownership
Title Deed 0 likes
Proof of property ownership
Title Insurance 3 likes
Assurance of ownership provided by an insurance company
Title Search 0 likes
An examination of the county documents and archives to ascertain the state of title of a real estate property
TJI or TJ 0 likes
Mass produced structural building part with a similar appearance to the letter I; employed as floor joints and beams; I-joists consist of two principle components: flanges and webs
TL 0 likes
Transmission Loss
TLV 0 likes
Threshold Limit Value
TMS 1 like
The Masonry Society
To the Weather 1 like
Any component of a building which is exposed to the elements; a roof with shingles is exposed to the elements, however the framework is not
Toe Nail 2 likes
Nailing obliquely, from the base of a stud up to the sole plate
Toe Plate1 like
toe plate
A metal bar or plate secured to the floor grating exterior edge
A safeguarding metal plate fixed to the lower door rail
A plate constructed of metal secured to the back of a stair step
Toe Space 2 likes
A section at the base of a cabinet below a work counter to allow room for contractors toes
Toeboard1 like
Wood or metal upright metal structure at ground level positioned at floor or landing side to stop objects from dropping or people from falling over the edge
Toggle Bolt1 like
toggle bolt
A bolt and nut unit to secure objects to hollow construction formations from one side
Toilet2 likes
A bathroom fitting that acts as a repository for human excrement; also called a Water Closet
Toilet Bowl1 like
toilet bowl
The elliptical component of a toilet that collects the excrement and fills with water during and after expelling the waste
Toilet Carrier2 likes
toilet carrier
A metal formation connected to a bathroom wall to uphold a toilet that is attached to the wall
Toilet Partition 0 likes
A wall that segregates a toilet to ensure privacy
Toilet Room 0 likes
A room with one or more toilets and generally one or more urinals
Toilet Room Accessories2 likes
toilet room accessories
Articles and property within a toilet area including grab bars and rails, toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers and hand dryers
Toilet Seat and Cover3 likes
toilet seat and cover
A hinged seat and lid for a toilet
Toilet Tank2 likes
toilet tank
The storage tank in the back of a toilet
Toluene 0 likes
Varnish diluent generally made by breaking down coal tar; also called Toluol
Toluol 0 likes
See Toluene
Tomb 2 likes
A grave where someone is buried
A house, chamber, or crypt for the deceased
Ton 1 like
Weight measurement equivalent of 2000 pounds
The metric ton is the equivalent of 1000 kilograms or 2200 pounds
Ton of Refrigeration 0 likes
Refrigerating impact or force equivalent to the melting of one ton of ice in the period of one complete day; may be represented as 288,000 Btu/24 hours or 12,000 Btu/hour or 200 Btu/minute
Tone 0 likes
A single frequency sound
Gradation of color, either a tint, hue, or a shade, as in blue tone
Tone Down 0 likes
Decreasing visual distinction of an installation by applying coatings to the surface; melding of the general color scheme with the surroundings
Tone-on-Tone 0 likes
Carpet arrangement formed by employing at least two shades of the same tone
Toner1 like
Used to adjust color
Tongue 0 likes
A jutting edge, such as on a board, that slots into a hollow of another component, as in a tongue and groove joint
See Spline
See Steel Square
Tongue and Groove (T&G) 0 likes
A form of lumber, metal, or preformed concrete with coordinated edges that create a tight fit
Too Much Drag 0 likes
Paint with too much pull or drag when used
Tool Belt1 like
tool belt
A woven or leather belt worn by carpenters, electricians, and other workers into which manually operated tools are held
Tooling 0 likes
Packing and configuring the face of a stonework joint with a tool other than a trowel; also called jointing; See Jointing
Tooth 0 likes
Profile; surface coarseness
Coarseness or porous surface which influences adhesion and placement of covering
Toothed Ring 2 likes
Strain-resistant timber joint used in the construction of large member wooden beams
Toother 1 like
A brick that protrudes from the end of a wall against another wall that will be constructed
Toothing 0 likes
The process involving construction at the end of a wall in which every alternate row protrudes one half of a brick length; this facilitates integration of another wall
Toothing In 0 likes
The attachment of a new stoneware wall on to the old coarse wall
Top Bars 0 likes
Stabilizing bars made of steel close to the top of fortified concrete
Top Chord 0 likes
The highest support component of a framework
Top Coating 1 like
The final coat
Top Colors 0 likes
Fiber colors employed for the pattern, as distinct from the ground color
Top Dip 0 likes
The most elevated water or waste point in the lowest portion of a trap
Top Mopping 0 likes
The last coat of hot asphalt on a layered roof
Top Plate 0 likes
Top horizontal component of a frame wall that sustains ceiling beams, rafters, or other structural features
Top Weir 0 likes
The highest component of the outlet of a trap
Topographic Map 0 likes
See Topographic Survey
Topographic Survey 0 likes
A land inspection that shows geographical and other physical features; also called a Topographic Map or a Contour Map
Topography 0 likes
The shape of land formations
Graphic representation of surface characteristics of the land with contour lines showing the height of the ground
Topology 0 likes
Examination and exploration of the mathematic attributes and spatial conditions of flat and solid shapes unaltered by physical manipulations, or size changes
Topping 0 likes
Fine substance used as a top layer or covering for a road
Topping Compound1 like
topping compound
A gypsumboard joint mixture made for the last joint finishing covering; not for embedding tape
Topping, Concrete 0 likes
See Concrete Topping
Topping, Granolithic 0 likes
See Granolithic Topping
Topsoil1 like
Superficial soil at and inclusive of the median plow depth; soil which is employed for planting or growing
Torch Brazing 0 likes
A welding process wherein amalgamation takes place via heating with a gas flame and by utilizing a largely iron-free filler metal with a melting point above 800° F. but under that of the core metal
Torching 0 likes
Administering direct flame to a surface with the aim of heating, melting, or fastening
Tornado 0 likes
A destructive storm consisting of spiraling winds at ferocious speed over a thin passageway often joined by a conical shaped cloud
Torque 0 likes
Revolving or spinning action
Torque Wrench2 likes
torque wrench
Wrench employed to determine pressure or torque exerted on a nut or bolt
Torque, Full Load 0 likes
See Full Load Torque
Torque, Stall 0 likes
See Stall Torque
Torque, Starting 0 likes
See Starting Torque
Tort 1 like
A careless or willful wrong act that hurts a person or their possessions; not connected to any legally binding association with the person
Torus1 like
A structural, mathematical solid shaped like a circle with a hole in it
Total Absorption 0 likes
The quantity of water a stonework unit will absorb when placed in water
Total Alkalinity 0 likes
Quantity of soluble alkali salts in swimming pool water
Total Cost 0 likes
A means of determining damages sustained by a contractor due to infringements of contract due to the contractor functioning in a wasteful and disorganized way
Total Design Displacement 0 likes
The designfoundation of seismic sideways movement that includes extra displacement due to real and unintended shifts
Total Maximum Displacement 1 like
The optimum capacity of earthquake movement, including supplementary displacement as a result of real and unintended shifts, needed for authentication that there are no external forces
Touch Up Painting 0 likes
Spot repair painting undertaken after the initial paint coat
Toughness 0 likes
A characteristic of a substance which enables it to take in a large quantity of energy, to endure repeated shocks, and to experience significant deformation before succumbing or snapping
Towel Bar1 like
towel bar
Horizontal rod, generally fixed to a wall, on which a towel can be placed
Towel Dispenser1 like
towel dispenser
A receptacle for paper towels with an opening that permits one towel to be withdrawn at a time
Tower1 like
A tall structure, higher than the surrounding area, built of supports and accessories
Tower, Cooling1 like
tower, cooling
See Cooling Tower
Townhouse 0 likes
A single-family residence of two or three levels, often attached to comparable houses
Township 0 likes
In legal terms of property ownership, a township is a square 6 miles on a side, with a total of 36 square miles; each square mile is known as a section
Toxic 0 likes
Hazardous; poisonous
Toxicity 0 likes
Extent of harmfulness and noxiousness
Toxins 0 likes
A poison created by a living being or entity
TPI 1 like
Truss Plate Institute
Trace 1 like
A miniscule, barely noticeable, amount or residue of a substance
To define the periphery of an object
To reproduce a drawing by overlaying semi-transparent paper
Tracery1 like
Decorative stone trim work in the upper portion of a medieval window
A delicate decorative arrangement
Tracing 0 likes
A drawing produced on paper that is semi-transparent called tracing paper
Tracing Paper1 like
tracing paper
Transparent medium from which photosensitive copies can be made of an initial drawing
Track3 likes
A metal path acting as a template for a portable lighting fitting
Metal channel; see Runner
A deliberately laid out course or route, such as for racing
Track Lighting2 likes
track lighting
A construction with a U-shaped electrified component connected to a ceiling or wall, forming a pathway or conduit for sliding light fittings
Tract 0 likes
A delineated section of land
Traction 0 likes
Friction that allows the wheels of vehicles to stick to the road
Trade Discount 0 likes
A price reduction from a catalog that is passed on to the trade or bulk purchaser
Trade Union 1 like
A coordinated group of workers in a trade, group of trades, created to safeguard and advance their interests and rights
Traffic 0 likes
The passage of people or vehicles through a given area
Traffic Deck 1 like
A flat surface area on top of a roof covering to allow for pedestrians
Traffic Paint1 like
traffic paint
A paint, usually white, red or yellow in color, that is employed to indicate traffic lanes, designated safety areas, and intersections
Traffic Sign1 like
traffic sign
A visible instruction, warning, or directive for vehicle drivers or pedestrians
Trailer1 like
A vehicle made to be transported, or to act as a home or business platform
Trammel1 like
A beam compass
Trammel Bar 0 likes
A tile drafting tool used to construct straight lines and to bisect angles
Transducer2 likes
Instrument activated by change of power from one source with the aim of generating power in another form to another system
Transept 0 likes
A designated area in a cathedral or church that lies at right angles to the nave
Transfer Switch1 like
transfer switch
A switch in an electrical system that conveys the load to another circuit when the voltage falls below a predefined level
Transformer1 like
An instrument that conveys electrical energy for an alternating circuit to another with a change in current, voltage, phase or resistance
Transformer Pad1 like
transformer pad
A preformed concrete slab positioned beneath a transformer to disperse and sustain its weight
Transformer-Rectifier 0 likes
Blending of transformer and rectifier in which input a-c current may be altered and then restored into d-c current
Transistor1 like
An electronic device that converts or augments a current; a semiconductor instrument that consists of three attachments
Transit 0 likes
See Theodolite
Transit Mixed Concrete 0 likes
Concrete created from a localized batching factory, where the products are accurately mixed and placed truck mixers for combining while in transit or after arriving
Transition 0 likes
A movement or transformation from one place, form, or condition to another
The physical component required to stimulate a transformation
Transition Lot 0 likes
1.An area in a subdivision that is made up removed earth and repositioned earth
2.The juncture where the shape of the floor transitions from a shallow area to a deep area in a swimming pool
Transition Primer 0 likes
Covering that goes well with primer and a finish layer, although the finish coating is incompatible with the primer; also called Barrier Coating or Block Coating
Translate 2 likes
Movement of a body along a flat course without turning or rotating
Translucent 0 likes
Allowing the movement of light
Translucent Panel2 likes
translucent panel
A building strip or slat that allows the movement of light but not visibility
Transmission Factor 2 likes
See Transmittance
Transmission Jack1 like
3000 lb. 2-Stage Transmission Jack
A jack that is employed under vehicles on jack stands.
Transmission Loss (TL) 0 likes
Decrease of airborne sound produced by positioning a barricade, wall or material, between the resonating sound sphere of a point of origin and its receiver; a characteristic of the barricade
Transmittal 0 likes
A document, generally a cover sheet, employed to identify data being conveyed to a recipient
Transmittance 0 likes
The proportion of light conveyed through a material to the incident light falling on it; also called Transmission Factor or T
Transmitter1 like
The small, manually operated contraption that facilitates opening and closure of a garage door
Transom1 like
A crosswise component in a structure, lintel
A horizontal crosspiece of wood or stone in a window, above a door, or between a door and a window
A small rectangular window over a door
Transparent Mirror1 like
transparent mirror
A mirror with a transparent coating that permits vision from the area on the darker side to the area on the more illuminated side; from the brighter, more illuminated side, it reflects like a mirror; used in focus groups; also called One-Way Glass
Transudate 0 likes
A substance that has passed through a porous substance
Transude 0 likes
To move through a coating or porous substance; to leak or seep through
Transverse 0 likes
Perpendicular to the longest direction of a structural component; crosswise; otherwise known as lateral
Transverse Strength 1 like
A commonly used way of measuring the proportionate flexibility and firmness of gypsum board materials undertaken in line with ASTM C 473; defined or expressed as pounds force or Newtons
Trap1 like
A plumbing fixture that contains water to stop air, gas, and vermin in the sewer system from entering a room
Trap Seal 0 likes
A seal that stops gas from sewers passing into spaces and areas as well as collecting other debris
Trap Vents 0 likes
A vent for a plumbing fitting that protects against water leaking out of the trap and ensures sewage is conveyed on the sewer side of the trap
Trap, Float 1 like
See Float Trap
Trap, Grease1 like
grease trap
See Grease Trap
Trapdoor 1 like
An opening in a floor, ceiling, or roof
Trash Chute0 likes
trash chute
A device located on the inside of a building or positioned outside to facilitate easy removal of garbage from areas above the ground floor
Trash Compactor1 like
trash compactor
An apparatus that compacts refuse
Trash Handling 1 like
To convey or dispose of garbage
Travel Time 0 likes
Wages paid to workmen under specific union arrangements as well as remuneration to cover travel expenses to and from the workplace
Traveling Crane 1 like
A tower crane positioned on tires, crawlers, or rails
Traverse Rod1 like
traverse rod
An apparatus that curtains are hooked on enabling them to be opened or shut
Travertine 0 likes
A rich patterned, marble-like type of limestone
Travertine Floor1 like
travertine floor
A floor built of richly arranged, marble-like limestone
Tray, Cable1 like
cable tray
See Cable Tray
Tread 0 likes
The board or platform where pedestrians walk on a stairwell
Tread, Grating 1 like
See Grating Tread
Treated Lumber 0 likes
A timber product that has been permeated with pesticides to minimize destruction from wood rot or insects; frequently employed for the parts which interact with soil and water; lumber may also be coated with a substance to inhibit the impact of fire
Tree Ball 0 likes
See Root Ball
Tree Cutting 1 like
The cutting back of leaves, branches or larger parts of a tree, or the cutting down of a tree
Tree Maintenance 0 likes
Tidying up or cutting of particular parts of a tree in order to improve its appearance or for practical reasons such as making room for pathways
Tree Moving 0 likes
The removal of a tree so that its root system remains, in order to place it in another setting
Tree Removal 1 like
The cutting down, removal or discarding of a tree or parts of the tree
Tree Trimming 0 likes
The slight cutting of branches, leaves or other parts of a tree for practical purposes or aesthetics
Tree Well 0 likes
A place to plant one or more trees
Treenail 0 likes
A pin, peg, or spike made of wood used primarily for affixing planking and ceiling to a frame
Trefoil 0 likes
A three pointed feature in Gothic design
Trellis2 likes
A lightweight lattice or mesh on which trees or shrubs are assisted to grow
Trench 0 likes
A long thin pit or trench; a ditch
Trench Frame and Cover, Cast Iron 1 like
Framework and coating of cast iron parts to cover the indented lineal element used to gather water from the surface and convey to pipe or pit for removal
Trencher1 like
A mechanical instrument that digs thin pits or ditches in the ground
Trenching 0 likes
Excavating narrow pathways or conduits in the earth
Trespass 0 likes
To enter someone’s property in defiance of his or her order or instruction not to do so
Trestle1 like
A reinforced framework bridges that supports a railroad track
A table frame that has a flat segment upheld by a pair of divergent legs
Trial 0 likes
A session orchestrated by a judge where various parties are allowed to bring in evidence and assertions supporting, and in defense of claims
Trial Batch 0 likes
Concrete created to test ratios of the various ingredients
Triangle1 like
A three sided shape; a polygon with three sides
A plastic drafting tool, transparent and triangular, generally 45 degrees, 30-60 degrees, or flexible
Tribology 1 like
The science relating friction, abrasiveness, and moisturizing surfaces that interact with each other
Trigonometry 0 likes
The branch of mathematics that explores the sides and angles of triangles
Trilinear 1 like
Associated or having to do with three lines
Trim 0 likes
The jobs that the mechanical builders undertake to complete the various requirements of their work, when the home is approaching completion and occupancy
Trimmer 0 likes
The vertical stud that fortifies a header at a door, window, or another aperture
Trimmer Arch 0 likes
An arch, generally made of bricks low in height in order to support the fireplace hearth
Trimming 0 likes
Placing the internal and external finish and hardware on a construction
Triple Glazing 0 likes
Three sheets of glass separated by pockets of air; triple glass
Triple Oven 1 like
A mechanical cooking apparatus that consists of three distinct areas with doors
Triple Point 0 likes
The temperature and pressure where the gaseous, liquid, and solid states of a substance can coexist in balance
Triplex 0 likes
A house containing three families
A Triplex Apartment
Triplex Apartment 1 like
A residence that contains living spaces on three levels
Tripod1 like
An apparatus consisting of three legs that supports objects such as a camera
Tripoli 0 likes
See Rottenstone
Triptych1 like
A picture or engraving arranged in three panels
Trisect 0 likes
To split into three components
To arrange into three identical parts
Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) 1 like
A translucent mixture that serves as the base for cleaning compounds; particularly effective for washing walls before repainting
Troffer 0 likes
A channel space for sources of light
Trombe Wall 0 likes
A stonework wall, generally glazed on the exterior, used to capture the sun’s heat as a component of a solar heating system
Troposphere 0 likes
Section of the atmosphere directly above the earth’s surface that is the source of many weather upheavals
Troughing 0 likes
Recurring dozer pushes in one track, such that elevated sections of spilled substance retain dirt in front of the blade
Trowel1 like
A manual implement used by masons and plasterers to administer, disseminate, form and even out plastic substances including plaster and mortar
Trowel Finish 0 likes
The polished finished surface of concrete, plaster, or stucco created by troweling
Trowelling 0 likes
Administering, disseminating, or evening out plastic products such as mortar, plaster, or concrete using a manually operated trowel
Truck 0 likes
A vehicle with wheels that is used to transport or convey heavy materials
A tough, sturdy automotive vehicle used to transport materials
Truck Crane1 like
truck crane
A mechanical device installed on a truck to lift and manoeuver materials
Truck Mixer 0 likes
A concrete mixer with the ability to mix concrete en route when positioned on the frame or undercarriage of a truck
Truck Shelter1 like
truck shelter
A designated area or building that allows motorized trucks to be parked
Truck, Refrigerated 1 like
See Refrigerated Truck
True Complement Color Harmony 0 likes
Two colors opposite each other on the color wheel; such as red and green, and blue and orange
Truncate 0 likes
To make shorter by removing the top of an object
Truss 0 likes
A fabricated roof structure with zigzag framing beams; performs the same function as a rafter but is sturdier than a rafter
Truss Panel 0 likes
A portion of chord between two consecutive joints of a truss
Truss Plate Institute (TPI) 0 likes
218 North Lee Street, Suite 312, Alexandria, VA 22314 Tel: (703) 683-1010, URL: www.tpinst.org
Truss Reinforcing 0 likes
Cross beams or other bracing structures that are added to reinforce a framework of trusses
Truss Steel1 like
truss steel

Steel framework made of triangular shaped components used to uphold loads over great distances

Truss, Wood 0 likes
See Wood Truss
Trussed Bars 0 likes
Steel bars bent into a position such to fortify the top and base
Trust Deed 1 like
A document that records a security interest in real property; employed in some states instead of a mortgage
Trustee 0 likes
Someone responsible for monitoring the management of property owned by a trust; the lender in a trust deed
Trustor 0 likes
Someone who sets up a trust or grants money as surety for such things as loans; the entity that has provided property to guarantee repayment of the loan in a trust deed
TSG 1 like
Tapered Steel Girder
TSI 0 likes
Thermal System Insulation
TSP 1 like
Trisodium Phosphate
Tsunami 1 like
A sea wave created by a massive upheaval of the ocean bottom, as a consequence of seismic shifts
Tub Enclosure 0 likes
A designated area of glass or plastic fixed on a bathtub rim with sliding, folding, or opening door panels to prevent water from escaping
Tub Trap 0 likes
U-shaped component of a bath tub drain pipe that contains a water seal to stop sewer gasses from coming into the home
Tub, Bath1 like
tub, bath
A basin with water supply and drainage that is mainly used for bathing
Tube 0 likes
A conduit that facilitates the movement of liquids
A weight-bearing structure in the shape of a square or round pipe
A tunnel
Television Tube
Electron tube
Vacuum tube
Tube, Structural 1 like
See Structural Tube
Tubing1 like
Narrow-walled pipe that is easily bent
Tubular 0 likes
Pipe or tube that is polygonal or circular
Tubular Lock1 like
tubular lock
See Cylindrical Lock
Tuck Pointing 1 like
The removal of degraded mortar from the surface of a brick wall, and replacing it with fresh mortar
Tufted Carpet1 like
tufted carpet
Carpet formed by placing the pile yarns inside a pre-woven material backing on a machine with numerous needles, like a massive sewing machine
Tufts 0 likes
The cut pieces of a carpet fabric; applicable for woven and tufted carpets
Tumbler 0 likes
A locking device that retains a bolt until a key disengages it
Tumbler Switch1 like
tumbler switch
A levered switch driven by an electric current
Tumblestone Aggregate 2 likes
A random assembly of aggregate
Tumbling 1 like
A means of finishing with a tumbling barrel; products are placed into barrel which is turned
Tung Oil1 like
tung oil
A yellow drying oil often used in water-resistant varnishes, lacquers, and high-gloss paints
Tungsten 0 likes
A dense, high-melting point metal, grey-white in color, flexible; employed in electric light filaments
Tungsten Steel
Tunnel 0 likes
A passageway through or beneath an obstruction; otherwise known as Wolfram
Turbidity 0 likes
The extent to which pool water is muddied by particles
Turf 0 likes
The superficial or outer layer of grassland consisting of grass, roots and soil
Turn Piece 0 likes
A small knob or lever with a connecting pivot used to operate the deadbolt of a lock
Turnbuckle1 like
A mechanized instrument used to tighten tie rods by rotating a link that is threaded
Turner 0 likes
The operator of a lathe
Turning Vanes 1 like
Narrow curved blades positioned at bends in air ducts to coordinate the flow of air with a small amount of eddying and pressure loss
Turnkey 0 likes
A condition where the subcontractor contributes all of the resources including physical labor for a job
Turnout 0 likes
A broadened area in a highway where vehicles can overtake each other or stop
A point at which a train can travel via a range of routes
Turnstile 0 likes
A gate with rotating arms through which people pass in single file
Turntable 0 likes
A rotating structure that allows modes of transportation such as trains, trucks, bus, or automobile to turn
A rotating tray built into a side cabinet
Turpentine1 like
Colorless petroleum based flammable oil, employed as a paint thinner or a varnish solvent
Turps 0 likes
Turret 0 likes
A small tower, frequently protruding from the wall of a building as a decoration
Turtleback 1 like
See Blistering
Tuscan Red 0 likes
A red pigment
TV1 like
TVOC 0 likes
Total Volatile Organic Compound
TWA 1 like
Time-Weighted Average
Twist 0 likes
A deformation created when the sides of a board are turned so that the four corners of any side are no longer in the original arrangement
Two Coat Work 0 likes
See Double-Up
Two-Coat System 0 likes
A dual coat of paint undertaken as the initial stage of painting
Two-Component Gun 0 likes
Composed of two distinct fluid suppliers to a spray head; designed to spray a coating and a catalyst at the same time
Two-Family Dwelling 0 likes
A building that has two dwellings
Two-Temperature Valve 1 like
A valve that opens under pressure, employed in suction line on numerous refrigerator installations to sustain evaporation at diverse temperatures
Two-Way 0 likes
Structure with steel fortification spanning in two perpendicular positions
Two-Way Action 0 likes
Arching of a slab or deck where the bending stresses induced are equivalent in the two primary directions of the structure
Two-Way Concrete Joist System 1 like
A strengthened concrete framing unit in which pylons directly reinforce a grid of interconnecting beams
Two-Way Flat Plate 0 likes
A fortified concrete framing unit in which pylons directly uphold a two-way block that is even on both sides
Two-Way Flat Slab 0 likes
A stabilized concrete framing apparatus in which pylons with flaring heads and/or drop panels directly uphold a two-way block that is even on both sides
Two-Way Valve1 like
two-way valve
Valve with an incoming and an outgoing port
Tympanum 0 likes
Recessed triangular space located between the top of a door and the arch above it
Typ 0 likes
Type X Gypsum Board 0 likes
A gypsumboard employed where a higher level of protection against fire is needed
Type X Lath 0 likes
See Gypsum Lath
Typical 0 likes
Displaying the critical features of a collection; a sample
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Plumb Bob

A tool that is employed to determine plumb; consists of a lead weight that is connected to a string

Plumb Bob


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