Term Definition
Straight Arch 0 likes
See Jack Arch
Straight-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood piece where the fibers are parallel to the axis
Straightedge 1 like
A straight, flat timber or metal piece that is employed for its flush surface
Strain 1 like
Shape modification of a material due to stress
To exert more beyond one’s comfort zone
To filter a substance
Strain Release 1 like
Slow or abrupt motion along a fault plane
Strainer 0 likes
Meshed screen or filter that retain solid particles and enables the passage of liquid
Strainer Basket2 likes
strainer basket
Device in the skimmer and pump that collects the large debris in pool water; a  mesh basket that collects larger particles and allows liquids to pass through
Strandboard 1 like
See Oriented Strand Board
Stranded Conductor2 likes
stranded conductor
Fine wires rotated around a central wire or core, employed as one electric conductor
Stranded Wire 2 likes
Fine wires entwined and assembled in a group to form a larger, tougher cable
Strap Channel 1 like
A U- or L-shaped iron plate that connects two or more pieces of timber
Stratification of Air 1 like
When at least two airstreams are separate due to their different velocities
Strawberry 0 likes
Small bubble in the flood coat of the gravel surface of a roof skin
Street 0 likes
A public way to facilitate the passage of automobiles
Street Ell 1 like
A 45 or 90 degree pipe elbow with male threads on one end and female threads on the opposite end; also called a Service Ell
Street Tree 0 likes
A tree positioned in a specific area on the sidewalk next to a street
Strength 1 like
Ability to resist force
Strength Ratio 1 like
The ratio of the strength of an existing structural component to its hypothetical strength without defects
Strength Reduction Factor 0 likes
A factor which increases actual loading and safety employed in strength design for reinforced concrete
Strength, Required 1 like
See Required Strength
Stress 1 like
An external force or forces exerted on a body producing strain or deformation
The amount of force per unit area
Stress Diagram 2 likes
A graphic illustration of the value of the stresses in a structural component
Stress Relief 0 likes
See Perimeter Relief
Stress-Grade Lumber 0 likes
Structural lumber, graded and stamped with a description of the specific weight it will sustain
Stress-Relief Heat Treatment 0 likes
Uniform heating of part or all of a structure to a temperature less than the critical range to relieve the main part of the remaining stresses, with subsequent gradual uniform cooling
Stressed-Skin Panel 1 like
A panel with two face sheets of wood or metal bonded to spacer strips at right angles
Stretch 0 likes
The width of the area a painter will normally paint measured across a ceiling or down a side wall
Stretcher 0 likes
A brick that is placed on its flat side with its face on the wall surface
Stretcher, Hospital 2 likes
See Hospital Stretcher
Stria 0 likes
A striped surface with two loosely entwined strands of one shade of yarn with one strand of another shade of the yarn
Strict Liability 0 likes
When a person is legally responsible for the damage and loss caused by his or her acts and omissions regardless of culpability
Strike 0 likes
The door frame plate that connects with a latch or dead bolt
Strike Plate2 likes
strike plate
See Strike
Strike Slip Fault 0 likes
A geological fault that is parallel to the strike of related strata
Striking In 0 likes
Materials employed in finishing strike when they soften and descend into undercoats
Striking Joints 1 like
Removing excessive grout from the joints with a sponge or cloth, or by scraping, rubbing, or compacting
String Course 1 like
A horizontal brick or stone course on a building face; when flush with a row of window sills or lintels known as a Sill Course, Lintel Course or a Belt Course
String or Stringer 0 likes
The oblique wood or steel part reinforcing the treads of a stair
Long horizontal timber that sustains a floor
Stringline 2 likes
A string employed to determine a line or to mark a line at a construction site
Strip 2 likes
Elimination of an old finish
A long, thin piece of a material
Strip Flooring 2 likes
Wood flooring composed of thin, matched strips
Strip Footing 1 like
See Continuous Footing
Strip Mopping 3 likes
The mopping pattern of roofing bitumen in parallel bands, typically about 8 inches wide with 4 inch un-mopped areas
Strip, Cant 0 likes
See Cant Strip
Strip, Chamfer 0 likes
See Chamfer Strip
Striping 1 like
Edge painting before adding primer
Stripping 1 like
To remove an external coat, or make bare
Strips 1 like
Bands of reinforcing bars in flat slab or flat plate building
A long thin piece
Street with stores and other businesses
Stroboscope2 likes
An instrument, such as a machine part or vibrating strings, used to make a cyclically moving object appear to be slow-moving, or stationary; used for the study of rotating, reciprocating, oscillating or vibrating objects; also known as a Strobe
Stroke 0 likes
A single pass in a particular direction with a spray gun
Struck Joint 0 likes
masonry joint where the mortar between two courses of bricks is sloped inward and flush with the surface of one course and beneath the other course of bricks: used mainly for inside wall surfaces
Structural Bond 0 likes
A bond joining load-bearing components of a structure
Structural Clay 0 likes
Building units molded from surface clay, fire clay, shale or a combination of these materials used by masons
Structural Component 1 like
A part of a structural system
Structural Composite Lumber 0 likes
Small pieces of lumber glued to form structurally sound larger beams, such as glued laminated columns
Structural Defects 3 likes
Flaws in a structure due to the structural parts; may compromise safety
Cracks that detract from the aesthetics or the structural reliability of a tile, in tile masonry
Structural Design 1 like
Allocating structural beams to carry weights in a building
Structural Diaphragms 2 likes
Structural components, such as floor and roof slabs, used to transfer lateral loads to shear walls or frames mainly through in-plane shear stress
Structural Engineer 2 likes
A civil engineer who specializes in the design and analysis of structural components and structural systems to achieve design objectives and the safety and comfort of occupants or users
Structural Floor 0 likes
A framed lumber floor installed as a basement floor; accomplished on highly expansive soils
Structural Frame 1 like
The columns, girders, beams, trusses, and spandrels that connect to the columns and all other parts necessary for the stability of a structure
Structural Lightweight Concrete 1 like
See Concrete, Structural Lightweight
Structural Lumber Exposed To View 0 likes
Structural lumber that is visible in finished areas or outside of the building
Structure 1 like
Something built
A construction based on specific plans and specifications
Structure Borne Sound 1 like
When sound waves are conveyed by a solid material
Strut 0 likes
Support of a structure with columns and planks; a supporting member
Stub Out 0 likes
A capped pipe or conduit from a wall or floor that will be connected to fixtures in the future
Stub, stubbed 0 likes
A small remaining part of something larger
Stucco1 like
Refers to the outside plaster finish produced with portland cement as its base
Stucco Netting 1 like
Woven galvanized fabric employed in lathing for outside stucco on light wood framing; see Woven Wire Fabric
Stud 1 like
An upright wood framing component attached beneath the horizontal sole plate and over the top plate; normally 2 by 4’s or 2 by 6’s, 8 feet long; one of a series of wood or metal upright structural components positioned as supports in walls; also called a wall stud
Stud Framing 0 likes
A building method that disperses structural weights to a group of lightweight studs
Stud Removal 1 like
Demolishing and removing old studs from a building
Stud Shear 1 like
A hand implement for cutting metal studs
Stud Shoe 2 likes
A metal bracket that strengthens an upright stud on an outside bearing wall
Stud, Screwable Type3 likes
stud, screwable type
See Screwable Type Stud
Studding 0 likes
Framework of a wall in a building; generally referred to as 2 by 4s
Studio Apartment 1 like
A small residence consisting of one room and a bathroom
Style 2 likes
A particular manner in an artistic medium, such as the art deco style or the modern style
Stylobate 1 like
A rectangular foundation on which a row of architectural columns are positioned
Styrene-Rubber (SR) Pipe & Fittings2 likes
Styrene-Rubber (SR) Pipe & Fittings
Plastics with a minimum of 50 percent styrene compounding materials but 15 percent or less of acrylonitrile
Sub 0 likes
Abbreviation for Subcontractor
Sub-bidder 0 likes
A subcontractor who submits a bid to a prime or main contractor
Sub-subcontractor 0 likes
An individual or organization that has a written contract with a subcontractor to perform a part of the project
Sub-surface Investigation 0 likes
Examining soil conditions beneath the ground, including soil borings and laboratory tests for structural design purposes
Subbase Course 0 likes
The course in an asphalt pavement immediately below the base course when the subgrade soil is of acceptable quality
Subcontract 1 like
A written agreement between a prime or main contractor and another contractor or supplier for the proper performance of services or delivery or material specified in the plans for a particular project
Subcontractor 0 likes
A subordinate contractor to the prime or main contractor
Subcontractor Bond 3 likes
A written document from a subcontractor to the prime or main contractor guaranteeing performance of the contract and payment of all bills associated with the subcontract
Subcooling 0 likes
Cooling of liquid refrigerant at a temperature below its condensing temperature
Subdiaphragm 1 like
A part of a wood diaphragm that transfers local forces to the main diaphragm struts and the main diaphragm
Subdivision 0 likes
Dividing a tract of land into building lots, streets, and open areas
Subfloor 0 likes
The framing parts of a floor including the floor joists, sill plate, and deck sheeting on which a finish floor is positioned
Subgrade 0 likes
Soil that holds a structure or a pavement system; the foundation for a pavement structure; also called Basement Soil or Foundation Soil
Subjacent Support 0 likes
The right of land to be supported by the land next to or under it
Subject Property 0 likes
Property that has been evaluated with a real estate appraisal report
Sublease 0 likes
Property lease by a tenant to a subtenant; also called Subletting
Sublet 1 like
To subcontract all or a part of a contracted amount to a subtenant
Subletting 1 like
See Sublease
Sublimation 1 like
Converting a solid to a gas by application of heat, and from a gas to a solid by cooling
Submarginal 0 likes
Falling under a satisfactory or required quality standard
Submarine 3 likes
Of or below water
Submersible Pump2 likes
submersible pump
A centrifugal pump powered by electricity or compressed air; functions when submerged
Submission Agreement 0 likes
An agreement to submit an a dispute for arbitration
Submittal Schedule 0 likes
A schedule that a contractor creates defining when each submittal will be provided to the architect or owner
Submittals 3 likes
Documents submitted by the contractor to the owner or architect, such as shop drawings, samples, list of subcontractors, and permits
Subordination Clause 2 likes
Provision in a mortgage or trust deed acknowledging subordination to another loan, or that a future loan will have a superior lien on the property
Subpoena 0 likes
A legal order mandating that a person appears in a court, deposition or arbitration to provide testimony
Subpoena Duces Tecum 1 like
A subpoena requiring production of specific documents
Subpurlin 1 like
A small roof framing component that runs between joists and purlins
Subrogation 0 likes
Legal doctrine whereby one person takes over the rights or remedies of another against a third party; rights of subrogation can arise automatically as a matter of law, or by agreement as part of a contract
Subsidiary Ledger 1 like
A supporting ledger composed of similar accounts, the total sum in agreement with the amount stated in the general ledger
Subsoil Drain 0 likes
A drain employed for collecting subsurface or seepage water and transporting the water for disposal
Substance 0 likes
Any matter or material
Substantial Completion 0 likes
See Date of Substantial Completion
Substantial Compliance 1 like
Complying with substantial or essential requirements of a statute or contract to satisfy its purpose even though the formal requirements are not accomplished; a doctrine that can excuse minor violations of licensing statutes
Substantial Performance 2 likes
When a contract is enforceable by a party who has not complied with all the requirements of a contract, but who has substantially complied with it
Substitution 0 likes
A replacement or alternate
Substrate 0 likes
An underlying level on which other materials are applied, such as paint, flooring, or roofing
Substructure 0 likes
The supporting portion of a structure; the foundation
Subsurface Right 0 likes
The right to use the subterranean portion of a parcel of land, such as for extraction of oil, minerals, and pipe lines, usually provided as an easement
Subterranean 1 like
Beneath the earth’s surface
Subterranean Termite 0 likes
See Termite
Subway 0 likes
A subterranean railway
A pathway under a street for pedestrians or utility lines; an underpass
Successor 0 likes
Succeeding another
A scheduled activity where the start is dependent on the completion of a predecessor
Suction 1 like
The force of absorption of a plastered surface
Sue and Labor Clause 0 likes
A clause in a property insurance policy that permits the insured to spend monies to protect the insured property
Sulfate Attack 0 likes
Destructive reaction between the sulfates in ground water or soil and particular ingredients in cement which produce expansion and disturbance of the concrete
Sulfate Resistance 1 like
When cement paste and aggregate can endure a sulfate attack
Sulphuric Acid 3 likes
A corrosive oily colorless fluid that is a strong dehydrating and oxidizing agent; also called Oil of Vitriol
Summary Judgment 0 likes
A judgment awarded from affidavits and legal briefing rather than from evidence produced at a trial
Summer 1 like
A level beam such as a lintel
A stone cap on a pier
Sump 1 like
A low-lying area such as a pit that collects drainage; also a large plastic bucket inside a home that collects ground water from a drain system on the outskirts of the property
Sump Pump1 like
sump pump
A pump in a sump pit that transports excessive ground water to the exterior of a home
Sundays 1 like
Areas missed when applying finishing substances or materials onto a surface
Sundial2 likes
A device displaying the time by the shadow of a pointer produced by the sun on a disc marked with lines to facilitate measurement
Sunshade3 likes
A device that safeguards an area from the sun’s rays
Superchlorination 0 likes
Large quantity of chlorine included in pool water to destroy nitrogen compounds when normal treatment is ineffective
Superconductivity 0 likes
The ability of particular materials to conduct electric current with almost zero resistance at very low temperatures
Superelevation 0 likes
Extra elevation of the outer side of a curved part of a road
Superheat 2 likes
Phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its boiling point without boiling; achieved by heating a homogeneous substance in a clean container, free of nucleation sites, while taking care not to disturb the liquid
Superimposed Load 1 like
Loads and stresses appended to the dead load of a structure; live load
Superintendent 0 likes
An individual who supervises the activities a construction team in the field
An administrator or manager of a building complex or board
Superstructure 1 like
The portion of a building above the foundation
Supervision 1 like
The function of supervising construction workers, materials, methods, and processes including hands on field direction of the project
Supplemental Conditions 1 like
See Supplementary Conditions
Supplementary Conditions 1 like
A written section of the contract supplementing, qualifying, or modifying the general conditions of the contract; see Conditions of the Contract
Supplementary Drawings 0 likes
Drawings which enhance the contract drawings
Supplier 0 likes
An individual or organization that supplies and/or manufactures materials or equipment for a project; See Vendor
Supply Air Duct 1 like
Cooling, heating or ventilation system duct that transfers treated air to the desired area
Supply Tank 0 likes
A tank attached directly or via a pump to the oil-burning device
Supports 0 likes
Structural foundation for necessary building components
Devices for holding and securing fixtures and equipment
Surety 1 like
See Bonding Company
Surface 1 like
External layer of a material
Surface Rights 1 like
The right to use the surface of real property, generally as an easement
Surface Skimmer2 likes
surface skimmer
A device that continuously eliminates surface film and water and returns it through the filter in a swimming pool; also called a Mechanical Skimmer, Automatic Skimmer, or Recirculating Overflow
Surface Tension 1 like
The tension of a liquid’s surface film that tends to minimize the surface area
Surfacer 0 likes
Paint employed to flatten the surface prior to the application of finish coats
Surfacing 1 like
Depositing one or more weave beads on an intact surface to build up the surface or replace metal on an aged surface
Surge 1 like
To rise or fall rapidly, as in electrical current or voltage
To increase strongly and suddenly
Surge Suppressor 0 likes
Surge Arrestor
Surge Tank2 likes
surge tank
Container attached to the low-pressure side of a refrigerating system which boosts gas volume and decreases the rate of pressure change
Surgical Chronometer 0 likes
An instrument that measures time accurately; has medical applications
Surgical Light2 likes
surgical light
A light source employed by surgeons
Surgical Scrub1 like
surgical scrub
Sterilized clothing attire worn by physicians during surgery
Surgical Station 1 like
Room in a hospital where surgeons operate and where surgical implements are available for use
Surgical Table 0 likes
A flat surface where surgery is performed
Surplus 0 likes
Earnings of a business that have accumulated
Surveillance System 0 likes
Interacting devices that detect presence and activity in a given area, such as cameras
Survey 0 likes
To examine a topic or material to ascertain its condition or value
The specific measurement of a parcel of land to ascertain the dimensions
Surveying 0 likes
Employing applied mathematics to delineate the form, size and location of land
Suspended Ceiling 0 likes
A ceiling system that is hung from the structural framing overhead
Suspension of Work 0 likes
Temporary stop of work, reserved right by owners in various construction contracts
Sustainability 1 like
Ability to support the weight for a sizable period
Ability to prolong or keep going for a long period
Sustainable Architecture 0 likes
Architecture created on the principles of sustainable construction
Sustainable Building 0 likes
Construction aligned with energy conservation and reduction of non-renewable resources
Sustainable Development 0 likes
Construction that utilizes replaceable materials and minimizes utilization of non-renewable materials
SW 1 like
Severe Weather; See Grade SW Brick
Swage 0 likes
A tool employed to hammer or press cold metal into a shape
To shape cold metal with a swage
Swaging 0 likes
Increasing the size of one end of a tube so another tube of same size will fit in it
Swamp Cooler 2 likes
Evaporative cooler in which air is pulled through porous mats impregnated with water
Swash Plate-Wobble Plate 0 likes
Device employed to modify rotation to reciprocating movement in some refrigeration compressors
Sweat Out 0 likes
A flaw sometimes seen in gypsum plaster where there is a soft, moist area after the area around it has hardened; often due to inadequate ventilation
Sweat Soldering 2 likes
Soldering where the components that will be joined are first coated with a thin layer of solder then joined by application of heat
Sweating 1 like
Moisture condensing from air on a cold surface
Coating parts to be joined with a thin layer of solder; See Tinning
Swedish Putty 1 like
See Spackling Compound
SWI 2 likes
Steel Window Institute
Swimming Load 1 like
The amount of people using a pool at the same time
Swimming Pool1 like
swimming pool
A tank of concrete, steel, or plastic filled with water and used for swimming
Swing Joint 1 like
A supple sprinkler connection made by attaching three threaded elbows fittings
Swirl Texturing 0 likes
Applying a gypsum board texturing substance in an ornamental round pattern
Switch2 likes
A device employed to enable, interrupt, or redirect an electrical current
Switch Plate1 like
switch plate
A cover plate over an electric switch
Switchboard 0 likes
A control panel that contains electrical devices and instruments such as switches, fuses, circuit breakers and meters
Switchgear 0 likes
A freestanding group that includes primary switches, secondary feeder switches, and overcurrent protection devices such as fuses
Swivel1 like
A device joining two parts so that the moving part can pivot without obstruction
Sylphon Seal 1 like
Ribbed metal tubing employed to grip a seal ring and provide a leak proof link between the seal ring and compressor body or shaft
Symmetrical 0 likes
Having parts duplicated on either side of a center line
Syndicate 0 likes
Individuals or commercial organizations joining together to support a common interest
Synergy 0 likes
A combined effect or action being greater than the parts
Synthesis 1 like
Combining a set of component units or elements into a whole
Synthetic Fiber 0 likes
A fiber produced by a chemical process such as nylon, polyester, rayon, and acrylic
Synthetic Resin 0 likes
A solid or liquid organic compound made by polymerization; the material from which a plastic is produced, including epoxy resin and acrylic resin; chemical compounds combine to form synthetic resins
Synthetic Rubber1 like
synthetic rubber
Produced by polymerizing hydrocarbons; See Neoprene
System 2 likes
An ordered assembly
Systematic Errors 0 likes
Collective errors
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