Term Definition
Stability 1 like
When a material or structure is unaffected, or restored to its initial state after being impacted by a force
Stack 0 likes
To properly position trusses on walls
Stack Bond 1 like
A brick bond with all headers, stretchers and vertical joints aligned; also called plumb joint bond, straight stack, checkerboard bond, jack bond, and jack on jack
Stack Effect 1 like
Air flow created by convection as heated air rises producing a positive pressure region at the uppermost point of a building and a negative pressure area at the lowest part of a building; the stack effect can override the mechanical system and interrupt ventilation and flow in a building structure
Stacking Tile 0 likes
Installing glazed tiles on a wall in direct contact with adjoining tiles with either straight or broken joints; string is not employed to position the tiles
Stadia Rod 0 likes
A special employed by land surveyors to observing and record distances and elevations
Staff 0 likes
Plaster casts produced in molds, strengthened with fiber and generally nailed or wired into position
Staff Plaster 0 likes
Employed for precast plaster moldings, this rigid plaster is composed of fibrous material
Staff Room 0 likes
A room where staff personnel congregate
Stage, Band 0 likes
See Band Stage
Stage, Theater 1 like
See Theater Stage
Staggered Splices 0 likes
Joints in steel reinforcing bars at different points
Staging 0 likes
See Scaffold
Stain 1 like
A discoloration flaw
Material used to apply color to wood, glass or other substances
Stain Wax, Penetrating 1 like
See Penetrating Stain Wax
Stain, Wood1 like
stain, wood
See Wood Stain
Stained Glass1 like
stained glass
Colored or stained glass employed in windows
Colored glass employed in a lead framework
Staining 0 likes
Discoloration produced when a foreign substance chemically alters a material
Applying paint while the grain of wood shows through
Stainless Grab Bar1 like
stainless grab bar
A stainless steel metal handrail in a bathroom, shower, or bathtub; facilitates safe use of bathroom fittings
Stainless Steel1 like
stainless steel
Alloy of steel, chromium and other metals that is almost rustproof and non-corrosive
Stair Carriage 0 likes
Supporting 2 X 12 inch plank for stair treads, notched to accept the treads; sometimes called a Rough Horse
Stair Formwork 0 likes
Reinforcement for newly poured concrete for a stairway
Stair Landing 0 likes
A platform, generally at least 3 square feet in size, between or at the end of flights of stairs; frequently employed when stairs take a different direction; the horizontal platform amid stair flights
Stairway 0 likes
Stairs and landings spanning from floor to floor
Stake 1 like
A post in the earth that serves as a support or boundary marker
An investment or share in a financial activity
Stake, Side 0 likes
A stake on the outside edge line of a planned pavement
Stall 1 like
A booth or compartment in a market or building where goods are displayed and sold
When a motor stops suddenly due to lack of fuel or mechanical failure
A compartment in a stable where a domestic animal is accommodated
A compartment where water is sprayed; a stall shower
A space marked off for parking a car
An area allocated for parking a vehicle in a parking lot
Stall Torque 0 likes
The torque created on starting in an electric motor
Stanchion1 like
An upright support or strut
Stand Oil1 like
stand oil
A thick vegetable oil, or combination, including linseed, tung and soya oils that have been heated to more than 300 degrees centigrade
Standard Air 0 likes
See Standard Conditions
Standard Conditions 0 likes
Circumstances for air conditioning measurement; temperature of 68°F (20°C), pressure of 29.92 inches of mercury, and relative humidity of 30 percent; also called Standard Air
Standard Details 0 likes
A detailed drawing that can be employed on other projects with very few or no changes
Standard Dimension 0 likes
A specific measurement for a manufactured item
Standard Grade Tile 0 likes
The best ceramic tile grade
Standard of Living 0 likes
Amount of comfort afforded to people living in an area
Standard Operating Procedure 0 likes
Detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity in performing a specific function; acronym is SOP
Standard Practices of the Trade 0 likes
The way in which construction work is usually accomplished by the average professional in the field in that vicinity; usually included as a clause in construction contracts; does not necessitate best practices
Standardize 0 likes
To conform to a standard
Standards of Professional Practice 1 like
Code of professional responsibility; description of minimum acceptable ethical principles and practices selected by professional organizations to direct the conduct of their members; these guidelines enable recipients to have confidence that they are receiving proper care and can be critical if there is a legal dispute over the quality of care provided
Standing Finish 0 likes
The finish woodwork of apertures, foundation, and all inside finishing
Standing Seam Roof 0 likes
A durable exposed metal roof system in which preformed overlapping panels are attached with concealed fasteners; structural standing seam roofing is stronger, more water-tight and more flexible than architectural panel systems
Standpipe1 like
A pipe spanning the height of a building with connections to a hose to provide water in case of fire; See Dry Standpipe and Wet Standpipe
Stanley Knife1 like
stanley knife
A hand implement with detachable blades; trademark; See Board Knife
Stannous 0 likes
Composed of or associated with tin
Staple1 like
Double pointed, U-shaped metal fastener that is driven into a surface to secure a hasp, hook, rope, wire or other materials
Staple Fibers 1 like
Fibers ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 7 inches long that are spun into yarn
Staple Gun1 like
staple gun
A spring-loaded or pneumatic tool for driving staples into a surface
Star Drill1 like
star drill
A drill bit for producing holes in concrete
A cold chisel with a cross-shaped head for boring holes in concrete that a person hits with a hammer and rotates each time
Start Date 0 likes
The date that marks the beginning of a project
Starter Strip 0 likes
Asphalt roofing at the eaves that fills in the areas below the cutouts and joints of the first course of shingles; provides protection
Statement 0 likes
A summary of an account over a given time period: See Invoice
Statement of Sources and Application of Funds 0 likes
See Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Stateroom 0 likes
A private passenger compartment with sleeping facilities on a ship or train
Static Bending 0 likes
Bending under a constant or gradually applied weight; flexure
Static Force 0 likes
Static Load
Static Friction 0 likes
Friction between two or more solid objects that are not moving relative to each other
Statical Moment 0 likes
The product of a particular area and the distance from its center of mass to a point of rotation 
Statically Determinant Structure 0 likes
A structural frame where the bending moments and reactions can be ascertained by the laws of statics
Statically Indeterminant Structure 0 likes
A structural frame where the bending moments and reactions cannot be ascertained from the laws and equations of statics
Statics 0 likes
The science of bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium; a branch of mechanics
Station Yards of Haul 0 likes
The quantity of material in cubic years multiplied by the number of 100 foot stations that excavated earth or fill is moved
Stationary 0 likes
Staying in one place; static; fixed in position; not mobile
Stationary Blade Compressor 0 likes
Rotary pump that employs a non-revolving blade inside pump to isolate the intake chamber from the exhaust chamber
Stator 0 likes
A static component in a machine where a rotor revolves
Stator, Motor1 like
stator, motor
See Motor Stator
Statute of Fraud 0 likes
Invoked by a defendant in a breach of contract action, a statute that requires particular contracts be articulated in writing
Statute of Limitations 0 likes
The period of time in which legal action is viable for an alleged injury or damage; the time period starts at the discovery of the alleged injury or damage; in construction situations, the time period may begin when the work is completed
Statute of Repose 0 likes
Measured from the end of a work of improvement, a statute of limitations that protects architects, engineers, and contractors from liability for flaws for an indefinite time while accomplishing the improvement
Stay-Tackling 0 likes
Short-lived nailing of carpet in stages during a long stretch to maintain the stretch until the end of the carpet is kicked over the pins
STC 1 like
Sound Transmission Class; the measure of sound stopping of ordinary noise
Std 0 likes
Steam 0 likes
Gaseous form of water, created by boiling
Steel1 like
Iron combined with other metals for increased strength, durability or corrosive resistance
Steel Deck Institute (SDI) 1 like
P. O. Box 3812, St. Louis, Missouri 63122, Tel: (314) 965-1741, URL: www.sdi.org
Steel Door Institute (SDI) 0 likes
30200 Detroit Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44145, Tel: (440) 899-0010, URL: www.steeldoor.org/
Steel Joist Institute (SJI) 0 likes
234 W. Cheves Street, Florence, SC 29501, Tel: (843) 407-4091, URL: www.steeljoist.org
Steel Pipe Wrench1 like
Steel Pipe Wrench
Implement that delivers leverage.
Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) 0 likes
4516 Henry Street, #301, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, Tel: (412) 281-2331, URL: http://www.sspc.org
Steel Stud1 like
steel stud
Steel pin or rod with a head, employed for attaching components together
A vertical framing part similar to a 2 by 4 stud employed in light gauge construction
Steel Tank Institute (STI) 1 like
570 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047-1559, Tel: (708) 438-8765
Steel Window Institute (SWI) 0 likes
1300 Summer Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, Tel: (216) 241-7333, URL: www.steelwindows.com
Steel Wool1 like
steel wool
An abrasive solid material composed of steel shavings used for rubbing, cleaning, and polishing
Steel, Structural 1 like
Steel in various shapes, fabricated for use as structural weight-bearing components
Steep Asphalt 0 likes
Roofing asphalt with a softening point of around 190°F (88°C) that conforms to the ASTM Standard D 312, Type III
Steep Slope Roof 0 likes
Roofing that has more than 1-1/2 inches per foot slope or pitch
Steeple 0 likes
A tower or spire, as on a church
Steeplejack 0 likes
A person who builds or repairs tall structures, usually has safety rigging
Stem 0 likes
The upright portion of a concrete or masonry retaining wall
Stenciling 0 likes
A design created by applying a finish through a template made out of metal or thin, flat paper
Step Flashing 0 likes
When an upright surface meets an inclined roof plane, 6 inch by 6 inch galvanized metal is bent at a 90 degree angle and installed under siding and over the top of shingles; each piece overlaps the one below it throughout the sloping roof
Step Ladder1 like
step ladder
A small ladder with horizontal steps
Step Return 0 likes
A circular exterior corner or edge
Stepped Foundation 0 likes
A foundation constructed in a series of steps approximating the incline of the bearing stratum to avoid h horizontal force vectors that could cause sliding
Stepping Stone 0 likes
An elevated stone employed when crossing a stream
Uniformly spaced flat stones employed as a walkway in a garden
Steri Lamp 0 likes
A high-intensity ultraviolet ray lamp that exterminates bacteria; employed in food storage cabinets and air ducts
Sterilizer 0 likes
An antimicrobials registered by EPA for public health uses, eliminating all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and their spores; also known as a Sporicide
Sterilizer, Medical1 like
sterilizer medical
See Medical Sterilizer
STI 1 like
Steel Tank Institute
Stick 0 likes
A wood twig or tree branch
A thin piece of wood
Adhesive in nature
Stick Built 0 likes
A house constructed without prefabricated components; also called Conventional building
Stick Shellac 0 likes
Shellac in sold stick form; employed solely for patching furniture
Stick, Hook1 like
stick, hook
See Hook Stick
Sticker 0 likes
A metal channel installed in concrete or masonry walls to fasten or support wall furring channels
Sticker Stain 0 likes
A brown or blue stain in maturing lumber after contact with stickers
Stickers 0 likes
Boards or strips employed to isolate the lumber layers in a pile in order to enhance air circulation
Stickyback 0 likes
A transparent decal with technical information
Stiff 0 likes
Resistant to deformation; not supple; rigid
Stiff Mud Brick 0 likes
Brick created by squeezing somewhat stiff but still plastic clay through a die
Stiffback 0 likes
A structural component positioned on top of ceiling joists at the center, flush with the joists before plastering or drywall installation
Stiffener1 like
A flat metal shape fastened to upright studs or channels of partitions or walls to secure them
Stiffener Plate1 like
stiffener plate
A steel plate connected to a structural part for reinforcement against heavy local weight loads or stresses
Stile 0 likes
A vertical framing component in a door panel
Still Water 0 likes
Static water
Stillson Wrench1 like
stillson wrench
Pipe wrench
Stilts1 like
Tall columns that support a structure above land or water; installed as protection from flooding
Extensions worn on the shoes of workers to facilitate their reach to higher areas
Stipple Finishing 0 likes
Finish achieved by patting a surface with a stipple brush before paint dries
Stippling 0 likes
Shading by the creating distinct marks or points
Stipulated Sum Agreement 0 likes
A written agreement in which the total payment for completing the contract is specified; see Lump Sum Contract
Stipulated Sum Agreement 0 likes
A written agreement where a specific amount of money is appropriated as the total payment for completion of the contract; see Lump Sum Contract
Stock Dyeing 1 like
Dyeing raw fibers prior to combing or spinning
Stockholder’s Equity 1 like
Part of a balance sheet indicating net worth or equity; holders of common stock of a business’s assets
Stone 0 likes
A hard nonmetallic solid substance
Employing a carborundum stone to remove spikey and chipped edges of tile or masonry as a result of cutting
Stone Facing Guard 0 likes
Steel parts applied to the face of upright stone construction to safeguard it from harm
Stonemason 0 likes
A mason who employs stone in building
Stonemasonry 0 likes
Stonework; a stonemason’s work
Stoneware1 like
Dense, tough, opaque, impermeable, vitreous or semi-vitreous glazed pottery, such as jasper ware, that is fired at a high temperature; typically gray or brown due to impurities in the clay from which is it manufactured
Stonework 0 likes
Masonry involving stones and mortar
Stool 0 likes
Horizontal moulding installed above a window sill between jambs, connecting with the lowest rail of the lower sash
Stoop 0 likes
A small porch without a roof
Stop 1 like
Molding that conceals a crack between a door, or window and frame
Stop Box 0 likes
Cast iron pipe with a removable cover positioned vertically underground that houses a valve to control the water supply to a building installed by a city or municipality; also installed privately when there are numerous buildings on a common well or water service; the valve is turned on and off with a wrench which is inserted down the pipe
Stop Notice 0 likes
A written substantiated statement served by a claimant who is owed money on a work of improvement; a lien on undispersed funds provided to a property owner or construction lender for the value of services or materials in a construction project
Stop Order 1 like
A formal, written notification to a contractor to discontinue some or all work on a project for reasons such as safety issues and violations, defective materials or workmanship, or cancellation of the contract
Stop Valve1 like
stop valve
A device in a water supply line that facilitates closure of the water supply to one fixture while continuing service to the rest of the system; typically located near a fixture
Stop, Door1 like
door stop
See Door Stop
Stop, Gravel1 like
stop, gravel
See Gravel Stop
Stops 0 likes
Moldings spanning the inside edges of a door or window frame
Valves employed to control the water supply to a fixture
Storage Life 0 likes
See Shelf Life
Storage Tank1 like
storage tank
A large container that stores and transports various liquids or gases
Store 0 likes
A room or building where merchandise is provided for retail sales; a shop
A reserve something for future use
Store Room 0 likes
A room expressly used to store items
Storefront 0 likes
The facade on the street side of a building with windows that display goods for sale and the main entrance
A steel or aluminum tube frame and glass wall; entrance side of a business that transacts retail sales
Storm Drain 1 like
A drain employed for transporting rain water, subsurface water, and cooling water; not employed for waste or sewage
Storm Sash 0 likes
An additional window generally located outside of an existing window that provides insulation against cold weather
Storm Sewer 0 likes
A sewer system that is independent from the waste water system and gathers storm water
Storm Window 0 likes
See Storm Sash
Story 0 likes
The part of a building between floors, or between the roof and a floor
Story High 0 likes
The height measured between floors or floor joists
Story Pole 0 likes
A rod or pole calibrated with the height of a story from joist to joist; also for brick courses, and apertures
Long wood strip marked at suitable joint spaces for tiles; checks the dimensions of tiles in ceramic tile installation; also called an Idiot Stick
Wood rod that measures heights and locates siding rows
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