Term Definition
SPA 1 like
Southern Forest Products Association
spa3 likes
A resort with mineral springs used for therapy and relaxation
A unit primarily for therapeutic use that may include hot or cold water, mineral baths, air induced bubbles, hydro-jet circulation; also called Therapeutic Pool, Hot Spa, Hydrotherapy Pool, or Whirlpool
Spa Pool 0 likes
Pool with water jets and/or an aeration system for hydro-massage
Space 0 likes
A distance
A volume
The area beyond the earth’s atmosphere and beyond
An area set aside for a specific purpose such as kitchen space or dining space
A definable area, such as a room, lobby, courtyard, hall, bathroom, or storage room
Spacer Strip 0 likes
A metal strip or bar placed in the root of a joint ready for a groove weld; serves as a backing and keeps the root open during the welding procedure
Spacers 0 likes
T- and Y-shaped in thicknesses ranging from 1/16 inch to ½ inch, they separate tiles on floors and walls
Spacing 0 likes
Distance between each beam or shingle in construction
Spacing Mix 0 likes
A dry or moist mixture of one part portland cement and one part extra-fine sand; fills the joints of ceramic mosaic tiles and maintains uniformly spacing during tile installation
Spackle1 like
White powder that mixes with water to produce a paste; used to fill and repair cracks in plaster or gypsumboard; trademark
Spackling Compound 2 likes
Type of plaster employed to fill uneven areas and cracks in plaster surfaces; when mixed with paste paint produces Swedish Putty
Spading Tool 0 likes
Shovel with a thin blade that places and packs concrete
Spall 0 likes
A small fragment or chip detached from a larger material such as stone or ore
Spall, Pile 1 like
See Pile Spall
Spalling 0 likes
Cracking, splintering, or breaking of materials into chips, often as a result of heat
Spandrel 0 likes
Wall area between the window head on one story of a building and the window sill on the floor above it
The triangular area of a wall between adjacent arches
Spar Varnish1 like
spar varnish
A tough varnish employed for acute issues on outside surfaces; resists rain and heat; also used for the spars on ships
Spark Arrestor1 like
spark arrestor
Mesh grill on the uppermost part of a chimney flue to thwart dangerous sparks
Spark-Proof Tools 0 likes
Implements composed of bronze beryllium
Spatter 0 likes
The metal particles discharged during welding that are not part of the weld
Spatter Finish 0 likes
Finish which has a spattered or spackled appearance
Spec Home 0 likes
A dwelling built prior to being sold; the builder speculates that he will sell the home and make a profit
Special Conditions 0 likes
Section of a contract, other than the General Conditions and Supplementary Conditions, with specific clauses providing conditions or requirements for a particular project; includes work or materials in the proposal and estimate insufficiently covered by the General Conditions; See General Conditions
Special-Purpose Tile 0 likes
A glazed or unglazed tile manufactured with distinctive specifications including size, shape, color, or ornamentation; may require a particular resistance to stains, frost, hail, alkalis and acids, heat, physical blow, a high friction coefficient or electrical conductivity characteristics
Specialties 0 likes
Incidental unique items required to complete the construction of a building, including roof or concrete specialties
Specialty Contractor 0 likes
A trade contractor or subcontractor who focuses on an established trade and usually installs specific items such as floors, windows, or granite
Specific Gravity 0 likes
The ratio of the density of a substance to the density (mass of the same unit volume) of a reference substance; the reference substance is usually water for liquids, or air for gases
Specific Heat 1 like
The quantity of heat, in BTUs, to elevate the temperature of one pound of material one degree Fahrenheit
Specific Humidity 0 likes
See Humidity Ratio
Specific Latent Heat 0 likes
Latent heat per unit mass
Specific Latent Heat of Fusion 0 likes
Amount of heat, in joules, required to change unit mass of a substance from solid to liquid at the melting point
Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization 0 likes
Amount of heat, in joules, required to change unit mass of a substance from liquid to vapor at the boiling point
Specific Performance 0 likes
An unusual, equitable rather than legal, remedy that compels a party to execute a contract according to the precise terms agreed upon or to execute it substantially so that justice is achieved between the parties; the plaintiff receives what he actually bargained for in the contract, rather than damages
Specific Volume 0 likes
Volume per unit mass of a substance
Specification Code 0 likes
Building code where permissible and required materials and methods are specified; compare with Performance Code
Specifications 0 likes
A detailed, precise statement of materials, model numbers, colors, allowances, procedures, and other issues to supplement information in blue prints and working drawings; usually congruent with the Construction Specification Institute format (CSI); also called Specs
Speckled Glaze 0 likes
A glaze that consists of granules or ceramic stains with contrasting colors
Specks 0 likes
Dark dots less than 1/64 inch in diameter and visible at a distance in excess of 3 feet on a tile
Spectrum 0 likes
The band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, arranged in a progressive series due to their wavelength; produced when a ray of sunshine is bent or refracted by a glass prism
Specular Gloss 0 likes
Mirror-like reflection
Speculation 0 likes
Taking on risk in a potentially profitable business transaction
Speculum 1 like
A reflector in an optical device
Spelter 0 likes
Impure zinc, cast into slabs for commercial use; an inexpensive alternative to bronze
Sphere1 like
A three-dimensional round solid figure with every point on its surface equidistant from the center; a ball shape
Spheroid 0 likes
Shaped like a sphere
Sphinx 0 likes
Ancient Egyptian stone figures with a lion’s body and the head of a human or animal
SPI 1 like
The Society of the Plastic Industry, Inc
Spike 1 like
An extremely large nail
Spike Knot 0 likes
A knot in timber sawn lengthwise
Spillway 0 likes
A channel for a pond or a terrace that carries away excess water
Spinner, Roof 0 likes
See Roof Spinner
Spiral 1 like
A continuously coiled bar or wire that strengthens a concrete column
Spire 1 like
A narrow tapering cone-shaped structure on the top of a church roof or tower; a steeple
Spirit Level1 like
spirit level
A tool that indicates a horizontal line or plane by centering a bubble in a slightly curved glass tube
Spirit Stain 0 likes
A stain made by dissolving a dye in an alcohol; a wood stain that is dissolved in alcohol
Spirit Varnish 1 like
A varnish produced by dissolving a resin in a solvent; usually dries by evaporation
Spitout 0 likes
A pinhole flaw in glaze due to the production of tiny gas bubbles from the body or glaze in the decorating kiln
Splash 0 likes
A drop or spot from a splashed liquid
To scatter a liquid
A Splash Wall
Splay 0 likes
A sloped surface, such as the incline or bevel on the sides of a window or door
To make a beveled surface or to spread out or make oblique
Splay Angle 0 likes
Where two surfaces come together forming an angle of more than 90 degrees
Splice 1 like
Attaching two components by overlapping, soldering, or by an adhesive
Connecting two similar components in a straight line
Lap in the middle of a sheet or rolls of wire fabric that has been welded
Attaching two lengths of rope by linking the strands
Linking a reinforcing bar to another bar by mechanical coupling, welding, or other methods
Splice, Compression2 likes
splice, compression
See Compression Splice
Spline 0 likes
A narrow wood strip that strengthens joints; also known as a Feather or Tongue
Spline Joint 0 likes
A connecting strip installed into slots in each component during cabinetry
Splinter 0 likes
Narrow sharp broken fragment of wood, metal, glass or a similar material; a Sliver
Split 0 likes
A tear in the skin, generally due to tensile stress of substrate motion; See Crack
Split System 0 likes
An air conditioning system with an indoor that has an evaporative coil, provisions for heating and air handler, as well as an outdoor unit with an air-cooled condenser and a compressor
Splitter 0 likes
A lateral fracture in the core of gypsumboard; See Core Separation
Spoil 1 like
Earth materials that are eliminated during excavation
Spokeshave 0 likes
A hand implement with a blade fitted between two handles; employed for producing concave or convex shapes
Sponge Float 0 likes
Finishing float with a sponge surface; produces a somewhat textured finish on concrete or plaster
Spool1 like
A reel that facilitates winding of cord, cable, wire or rope
Spool, Insulator 0 likes
See Insulator Spool
Spot Grounds 0 likes
Wood pieces connected to the plaster base at different intervals to measure the thickness of plaster
Spot Mopping 1 like
Applying bitumen in small spots during roof work
A mopping pattern when hot bitumen is applied in spherical areas approximated 18 inches in diameter with a grid of perpendicular bands that are un-mopped
Spot Repair 1 like
Retouching and repainting small areas; preemptive maintenance
Spotlight 0 likes
A light fixture that focuses a thin intense beam of light
Spots 0 likes
Dots on the face of a surface greater than 1/64 inch in diameter, such as on a tile
Spout2 likes
A pipe or conduit where a liquid is emitted, transferred or discharged
A pipe that conveys rainwater from a roof
SPR 1 like
Simplified Practice Recommendation
Spray Application2 likes
spray application
Mechanical equipment that applies ceiling or wall materials
Spray Booth 0 likes
Area in a structure that is employed for spray painting and is separated by walls to prevent the spread of dust and dirt
Spray Cap 0 likes
Front cover of a spray gun that has atomizing air holes
Spray Coating 0 likes
A coat of paint or another material sprayed on a surface with a spray gun
Spray Cooling 0 likes
Means of refrigeration by spraying dispensable refrigerant, or by spraying water that has been refrigerated
Spray Gun1 like
Spray Gun
A gun-like implement that is employed to spray substances such as paint on a surface
Spray Head 0 likes
Needle, air cap, and tip
Spray Loss 0 likes
See Drift
Sprayed Fireproofing 0 likes
Fire-resistant substances that are sprayed on construction components
Sprayed Insulation 0 likes
Polyurethane plastic foam sprayed on a surface for insulation purposes
Spread 1 like
Amount of adhesive per unit area applied to a surface, generally expressed in pounds of adhesive per thousand square feet of area or square feet per gallon of paint; Single Spread refers to adhesive application to one component; Double Spread refers to adhesive application to both components
Spreader 0 likes
Circulation of pool water inside a filter
Spreading Rate 0 likes
Surface area where a unit volume of paint will spread, typically expressed in square feet per gallon
Spreadsheet 1 like
An extra-large tabular sheet employed to separate figures and manipulate in various categories
SPRI 1 like
Single-Ply Roofing Institute
Spring Isolator1 like
spring isolator
A separating device for fixing mechanical equipment employing coil springs to thwart vibrations entering into the building structure
Spring-Board1 like
Supple board employed for diving
Spring-Loaded 0 likes
A device with a compressed or stretched spring pushing one component against another component
Springer 2 likes
The brick or stone where an arch comes from
Springer Points 0 likes
The beginning points from which the underside curves of an arch are initiated
Sprinkle Mopping 0 likes
Tossing of heated bead-sized bitumen granules randomly onto a roof surface with a broom or mop
Insulation by immersing a mop into hot bitumen and sprinkling the bitumen granules on the deck
Sprinkler Head2 likes
sprinkler head
Small opening from which water is sprayed from an irrigation or fire sprinkler system
Sprouting 0 likes
Temporary condition in new carpets where yarn strand become loose and sit above the pile; restored by fastidious clipping or spot cutting
Spud 1 like
Scraping and chipping large quantities of bitumen in order to remove roof gravel
Spur Gears1 like
spur gears
A gearwheel that has teeth projecting alongside the axis of a wheel
Square1 like
A geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles
The product of multiplying a number by itself
An I- or L-shaped instrument employed for drawing or gauging right angles
Square Footage 0 likes
The area of a building or land, defined in square feet
Squash Court 0 likes
A four-walled inside court where people play squash, a game undertaken with balls and special racquets
Squeegie1 like
Pea gravel employed to grade a floor usually prior to laying concrete
Squirrel Cage 0 likes
Fan with blades parallel to the fan axis; circulates air perpendicular to the fan axis
SR 0 likes
Styrene Rubber
SS Glass 0 likes
Single strength window glass
SSD 2 likes
Saturated Surface Dry
SSPC 1 like
Steel Structures Painting Council
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