Term Definition
SPA 1 like
Southern Forest Products Association
spa 0 likes
A resort with mineral springs used for therapy and relaxation
A unit primarily for therapeutic use that may include hot or cold water, mineral baths, air induced bubbles, hydro-jet circulation; also called Therapeutic Pool, Hot Spa, Hydrotherapy Pool, or Whirlpool
Spa Pool 0 likes
Pool with water jets and/or an aeration system for hydro-massage
Space 0 likes
A distance
A volume
The area beyond the earth’s atmosphere and beyond
An area set aside for a specific purpose such as kitchen space or dining space
A definable area, such as a room, lobby, courtyard, hall, bathroom, or storage room
Spacer Strip 0 likes
A metal strip or bar placed in the root of a joint ready for a groove weld; serves as a backing and keeps the root open during the welding procedure
Spacers 0 likes
T- and Y-shaped in thicknesses ranging from 1/16 inch to ½ inch, they separate tiles on floors and walls
Spacing 0 likes
Distance between each beam or shingle in construction
Spacing Mix 0 likes
A dry or moist mixture of one part portland cement and one part extra-fine sand; fills the joints of ceramic mosaic tiles and maintains uniformly spacing during tile installation
Spackle 0 likes
White powder that mixes with water to produce a paste; used to fill and repair cracks in plaster or gypsumboard; trademark
Spackling Compound 0 likes
Type of plaster employed to fill uneven areas and cracks in plaster surfaces; when mixed with paste paint produces Swedish Putty
Spading Tool 0 likes
Shovel with a thin blade that places and packs concrete
Spall 0 likes
A small fragment or chip detached from a larger material such as stone or ore
Spall, Pile 1 like
See Pile Spall
Spalling 0 likes
Cracking, splintering, or breaking of materials into chips, often as a result of heat
Spandrel 0 likes
Wall area between the window head on one story of a building and the window sill on the floor above it
The triangular area of a wall between adjacent arches
Spar Varnish 0 likes
A tough varnish employed for acute issues on outside surfaces; resists rain and heat; also used for the spars on ships
Spark Arrestor 0 likes
Mesh grill on the uppermost part of a chimney flue to thwart dangerous sparks
Spark-Proof Tools 0 likes
Implements composed of bronze beryllium
Spatter 0 likes
The metal particles discharged during welding that are not part of the weld
Spatter Finish 0 likes
Finish which has a spattered or spackled appearance
Spec Home 0 likes
A dwelling built prior to being sold; the builder speculates that he will sell the home and make a profit
Special Conditions 0 likes
Section of a contract, other than the General Conditions and Supplementary Conditions, with specific clauses providing conditions or requirements for a particular project; includes work or materials in the proposal and estimate insufficiently covered by the General Conditions; See General Conditions
Special-Purpose Tile 0 likes
A glazed or unglazed tile manufactured with distinctive specifications including size, shape, color, or ornamentation; may require a particular resistance to stains, frost, hail, alkalis and acids, heat, physical blow, a high friction coefficient or electrical conductivity characteristics
Specialties 0 likes
Incidental unique items required to complete the construction of a building, including roof or concrete specialties
Specialty Contractor 0 likes
A trade contractor or subcontractor who focuses on an established trade and usually installs specific items such as floors, windows, or granite
Specific Gravity 0 likes
The ratio of the density of a substance to the density (mass of the same unit volume) of a reference substance; the reference substance is usually water for liquids, or air for gases
Specific Heat 0 likes
The quantity of heat, in BTUs, to elevate the temperature of one pound of material one degree Fahrenheit
Specific Humidity 0 likes
See Humidity Ratio
Specific Latent Heat 0 likes
Latent heat per unit mass
Specific Latent Heat of Fusion 0 likes
Amount of heat, in joules, required to change unit mass of a substance from solid to liquid at the melting point
Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization 0 likes
Amount of heat, in joules, required to change unit mass of a substance from liquid to vapor at the boiling point
Specific Performance 0 likes
An unusual, equitable rather than legal, remedy that compels a party to execute a contract according to the precise terms agreed upon or to execute it substantially so that justice is achieved between the parties; the plaintiff receives what he actually bargained for in the contract, rather than damages
Specific Volume 0 likes
Volume per unit mass of a substance
Specification Code 0 likes
Building code where permissible and required materials and methods are specified; compare with Performance Code
Specifications 0 likes
A detailed, precise statement of materials, model numbers, colors, allowances, procedures, and other issues to supplement information in blue prints and working drawings; usually congruent with the Construction Specification Institute format (CSI); also called Specs
Speckled Glaze 0 likes
A glaze that consists of granules or ceramic stains with contrasting colors
Specks 0 likes
Dark dots less than 1/64 inch in diameter and visible at a distance in excess of 3 feet on a tile
Spectrum 0 likes
The band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, arranged in a progressive series due to their wavelength; produced when a ray of sunshine is bent or refracted by a glass prism
Specular Gloss 0 likes
Mirror-like reflection
Speculation 0 likes
Taking on risk in a potentially profitable business transaction
Speculum 0 likes
A reflector in an optical device
Spelter 0 likes
Impure zinc, cast into slabs for commercial use; an inexpensive alternative to bronze
Sphere 0 likes
A three-dimensional round solid figure with every point on its surface equidistant from the center; a ball shape
Spheroid 0 likes
Shaped like a sphere
Sphinx 0 likes
Ancient Egyptian stone figures with a lion’s body and the head of a human or animal
SPI 1 like
The Society of the Plastic Industry, Inc
Spike 0 likes
An extremely large nail
Spike Knot 0 likes
A knot in timber sawn lengthwise
Spillway 0 likes
A channel for a pond or a terrace that carries away excess water
Spinner, Roof 0 likes
See Roof Spinner
Spiral 0 likes
A continuously coiled bar or wire that strengthens a concrete column
Spire 0 likes
A narrow tapering cone-shaped structure on the top of a church roof or tower; a steeple
Spirit Level 0 likes
A tool that indicates a horizontal line or plane by centering a bubble in a slightly curved glass tube
Spirit Stain 0 likes
A stain made by dissolving a dye in an alcohol; a wood stain that is dissolved in alcohol
Spirit Varnish 0 likes
A varnish produced by dissolving a resin in a solvent; usually dries by evaporation
Spitout 0 likes
A pinhole flaw in glaze due to the production of tiny gas bubbles from the body or glaze in the decorating kiln
Splash 0 likes
A drop or spot from a splashed liquid
To scatter a liquid
A Splash Wall
Splay 0 likes
A sloped surface, such as the incline or bevel on the sides of a window or door
To make a beveled surface or to spread out or make oblique
Splay Angle 0 likes
Where two surfaces come together forming an angle of more than 90 degrees
Splice 0 likes
Attaching two components by overlapping, soldering, or by an adhesive
Connecting two similar components in a straight line
Lap in the middle of a sheet or rolls of wire fabric that has been welded
Attaching two lengths of rope by linking the strands
Linking a reinforcing bar to another bar by mechanical coupling, welding, or other methods
Splice, Compression 1 like
See Compression Splice
Spline 0 likes
A narrow wood strip that strengthens joints; also known as a Feather or Tongue
Spline Joint 0 likes
A connecting strip installed into slots in each component during cabinetry
Splinter 0 likes
Narrow sharp broken fragment of wood, metal, glass or a similar material; a Sliver
Split 0 likes
A tear in the skin, generally due to tensile stress of substrate motion; See Crack
Split System 0 likes
An air conditioning system with an indoor that has an evaporative coil, provisions for heating and air handler, as well as an outdoor unit with an air-cooled condenser and a compressor
Splitter 0 likes
A lateral fracture in the core of gypsumboard; See Core Separation
Spoil 0 likes
Earth materials that are eliminated during excavation
Spokeshave 0 likes
A hand implement with a blade fitted between two handles; employed for producing concave or convex shapes
Sponge Float 0 likes
Finishing float with a sponge surface; produces a somewhat textured finish on concrete or plaster
Spool 0 likes
A reel that facilitates winding of cord, cable, wire or rope
Spool, Insulator 0 likes
See Insulator Spool
Spot Grounds 0 likes
Wood pieces connected to the plaster base at different intervals to measure the thickness of plaster
Spot Mopping 1 like
Applying bitumen in small spots during roof work
A mopping pattern when hot bitumen is applied in spherical areas approximated 18 inches in diameter with a grid of perpendicular bands that are un-mopped
Spot Repair 0 likes
Retouching and repainting small areas; preemptive maintenance
Spotlight 0 likes
A light fixture that focuses a thin intense beam of light
Spots 0 likes
Dots on the face of a surface greater than 1/64 inch in diameter, such as on a tile
Spout 0 likes
A pipe or conduit where a liquid is emitted, transferred or discharged
A pipe that conveys rainwater from a roof
SPR 1 like
Simplified Practice Recommendation
Spray Application 0 likes
Mechanical equipment that applies ceiling or wall materials
Spray Booth 0 likes
Area in a structure that is employed for spray painting and is separated by walls to prevent the spread of dust and dirt
Spray Cap 0 likes
Front cover of a spray gun that has atomizing air holes
Spray Coating 0 likes
A coat of paint or another material sprayed on a surface with a spray gun
Spray Cooling 0 likes
Means of refrigeration by spraying dispensable refrigerant, or by spraying water that has been refrigerated
Spray Gun1 like
Spray Gun
A gun-like implement that is employed to spray substances such as paint on a surface
Spray Head 0 likes
Needle, air cap, and tip
Spray Loss 0 likes
See Drift
Sprayed Fireproofing 0 likes
Fire-resistant substances that are sprayed on construction components
Sprayed Insulation 0 likes
Polyurethane plastic foam sprayed on a surface for insulation purposes
Spread 1 like
Amount of adhesive per unit area applied to a surface, generally expressed in pounds of adhesive per thousand square feet of area or square feet per gallon of paint; Single Spread refers to adhesive application to one component; Double Spread refers to adhesive application to both components
Spreader 0 likes
Circulation of pool water inside a filter
Spreading Rate 0 likes
Surface area where a unit volume of paint will spread, typically expressed in square feet per gallon
Spreadsheet 0 likes
An extra-large tabular sheet employed to separate figures and manipulate in various categories
SPRI 1 like
Single-Ply Roofing Institute
Spring Isolator 0 likes
A separating device for fixing mechanical equipment employing coil springs to thwart vibrations entering into the building structure
Spring-Board 0 likes
Supple board employed for diving
Spring-Loaded 0 likes
A device with a compressed or stretched spring pushing one component against another component
Springer 0 likes
The brick or stone where an arch comes from
Springer Points 0 likes
The beginning points from which the underside curves of an arch are initiated
Sprinkle Mopping 0 likes
Tossing of heated bead-sized bitumen granules randomly onto a roof surface with a broom or mop
Insulation by immersing a mop into hot bitumen and sprinkling the bitumen granules on the deck
Sprinkler Head 0 likes
Small opening from which water is sprayed from an irrigation or fire sprinkler system
Sprouting 0 likes
Temporary condition in new carpets where yarn strand become loose and sit above the pile; restored by fastidious clipping or spot cutting
Spud 0 likes
Scraping and chipping large quantities of bitumen in order to remove roof gravel
Spur Gears 0 likes
A gearwheel that has teeth projecting alongside the axis of a wheel
Square 1 like
A geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles
The product of multiplying a number by itself
An I- or L-shaped instrument employed for drawing or gauging right angles
Square Footage 0 likes
The area of a building or land, defined in square feet
Squash Court 0 likes
A four-walled inside court where people play squash, a game undertaken with balls and special racquets
Squeegie1 like
Pea gravel employed to grade a floor usually prior to laying concrete
Squirrel Cage 0 likes
Fan with blades parallel to the fan axis; circulates air perpendicular to the fan axis
SR 0 likes
Styrene Rubber
SS Glass 0 likes
Single strength window glass
SSD 1 like
Saturated Surface Dry
SSPC 1 like
Steel Structures Painting Council
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