Term Definition
SA 1 like
Supply Air
Sabin 0 likes
Unit of audio absorption; one sabin is the absorption of one square foot of flawless sound-absorbing substance
Sack 2 likes
94 pounds of cement are contained in one sack
Sacking 1 like
Eliminating or diminishing flaws on a concrete surface by adding a sand and cement mixture to the damp surface and rubbing with a rough material such as burlap
Saddle 0 likes
A second roof constructed behind the rear of a chimney to redirect water; also the plate on the underside of external door openings; sometimes called a threshold
Saddle Board 0 likes
The finished edge of a pitched roof house; also called Comb Board
Safe, Office1 like
safe, office
See Office Safe
Safety Arch 0 likes
See Discharging Arch
Safety Belt1 like
safety belt
A vehicle safety device that secures the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop; also known as a seat belt
Safety Can1 like
safety can
Authorized container of up to 5-gallon capacity, with a spring-recoiling lid and spout; securely lowers interior pressure if subjected to fire
Safety Chain2 likes
safety chain
Chain positioned horizontally in railing assembly to facilitate temporary opening
Safety Control 0 likes
Device that prevents the operation of a refrigerating unit when dangerous pressures, temperatures, or conditions occur
Safety Factor 1 like
See Factor of Safety
Safety Glass1 like
safety glass
Specific glass that withstands breaking into sharp pieces; generally tempered and laminated
Safety Glasses1 like
safety glasses
Plastic glasses that protect the worker who is performing activities such as sawing, grinding, and chipping, where particles can break off and are discharged
Safety Motor Control1 like
safety motor control
Electrical device in a motor that interrupts the circuit when the temperature, pressure, or current exceed safe conditions
Safety Net1 like
safety net
An interlaced meshed fabric employed to safeguard materials and people that is draped under a construction area at a dangerous height
Safety Report 1 like
A report prepared after a scheduled safety inspection of a project in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
Safety Switch3 likes
safety switch
Mechanism on a device that prevents that activates and deactivates the operation of the device
Safety Valve2 likes
safety valve
Pressure release valve on a device or machine set to activate when pressure surpasses safe functioning
Safing 0 likes
Fire-resistant material that inhibit the spread of fire, positioned in the gap between a spandrel beam or column and a curtain wall
Sag 1 like
An irregularity in a paint coat, varnish, or lacquer, due to excessive liquid accumulating in one area
Salamander1 like
A transportable heater employed to temporarily heat an enclosure under construction; often used near freshly placed concrete to thwart freezing; usually kerosene or oil-burning
Sale-Leaseback 1 like
Financing agreement where an owner sells real property to an investor and then leases it back; this strategy is mostly employed to free up invested capital
Sales Contract 0 likes
A contract between a buyer and seller which should describe the contents of the purchase, guarantees, closing costs, move in date, and the recourse for both parties if the buyer is unable to obtain a mortgage by a mutually agreed upon date
Sales Tax 0 likes
A tax collected by the seller on sales of products and services; determined as a percentage of the purchase price and varies according to the location of the sale
Salient Angle 0 likes
Extending out from a line, level or surface; as opposed to a reentrant angle
Saline 0 likes
A mixture of salt in water
Saline Water 0 likes
Water with a conductivity greater than a solution containing 6,000 parts per million of sodium chloride
Salmon Brick 2 likes
Salmon colored, soft, poor quality brick which lacks weather resistance; used to fill spaces between interior structural lumber in a timber-framed home for reinforcement and to enhance thermal insulation
Salt2 likes
A crystalline mineral, sodium chloride; employed for food seasoning and preservation; formed when an acid reacts with a base
Salt Glaze 0 likes
A glaze generated by the reaction between the ceramic body surface and salt fumes created in a kiln at high temperature
Saltpetering 0 likes
See Efflorescence
Salvage 0 likes
The saving and deployment of used, rejected or damaged materials discarded from a construction site, or remaining after a calamity
Salvage Value 0 likes
The estimated value of an asset when sold at the end of its useful life; used in accounting to determine depreciation amounts and to determine tax deductions
Samples 0 likes
A manageable size of material goods
Sampling 0 likes
Obtaining small amounts of a material for testing purposes
Sand 2 likes
Naturally occurring loose granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles; the composition depends on the local rock sources and conditions, but the most common constituent of sand in inland continental settings and non-tropical coastal areas is silica (silicon dioxide), usually in the form of quartz.
Sand Blast 1 like
A system of scraping or grinding a surface like concrete by a sand stream discharged from a nozzle at elevated speed by water or compressed air
Sand Down 3 likes
Remove polish or paint from an old surface making it even and smooth before applying a new finish
Sand Filter1 like
sand filter
Pool filter that employs sand as the filter
Sand Finish 0 likes
Plaster wall with a coarse finish
Sand Mold Brick 0 likes
See Soft Mud Brick
Sandbag1 like
A bag filled with earth or sand that serves as a temporary barrier or dam
Sander 2 likes
A machine with a disk or belt that levels, levels and polishes with abrasive material; See Disk sander or Belt Sander
Sander (Spindle)1 like
Spindle Sander
Helps with sanding curved and contoured surfaces on a workpiece that would be difficult with a hand or orbital sander.
Sander (Top Disc)1 like
Sander, Top Disc
Used for smoothing wood projects or fabricating metal for finishing touches on projects.
Sanding 2 likes
Using sandpaper or another abrasive to scour a surface prior to applying a finish
Sandpaper2 likes
Paper with sand or another abrasive glued to it; used for smoothing and polishing
Sandstone 0 likes
A sedimentary rock created from sand
Sandwich Glass 0 likes
Glass that has a layer of material between two layers of glass to add insulation and resistance to breaking apart
Sandwiching 1 like
Gypsum core between two plys of paper when producing gypsumboard
Sandy Finish 1 like
A surface that looks like sandpaper; may be caused by an overspray; or a sand finish
Sanitary Facility 0 likes
A single unit or a combination of urinals, lavatories, bathtubs or showers, along with the room in which they are installed
Sanitary Piping1 like
sanitary piping
Waste and drain plumbing carriage system
Sanitary Sewer 0 likes
A sewer system designed for the collection of waste water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry drains in residences; often not equipped to handle storm water
Sanitary Tee3 likes
sanitary tee
A DWV plumbing system fixture
Sanitizer1 like
Substance that simultaneously cleans and disinfects; an antimicrobial registered by EPA for public health usage; for a registered sanitizer, EPA test results must display a decrease of at least 99.9 percent of the number of microorganisms in a product
Sap 0 likes
Majority of tree fluids; specific secretions and excretions are not included, such as oleoresin
Sapwood 2 likes
Pale-colored wood near the outside of the log; sapwood is generally more prone to decay than heartwood
Sarcophagus 0 likes
A coffin made of stone, often decorated with inscriptions and sculpture
Sash 0 likes
A light frame with one or more panes of glass in a window or door; frequently the moving portion of the window
Sash Balance2 likes
sash balance
A device, typically operated by a spring or tensioned weather stripping, designed to hold a single hung window vent up and in place; counterbalances double-hung window sash.
Satin Finish 0 likes
Dry layer of paint or other finishing material which has a dull luster similar to satin
Saturated Air 0 likes
Air that is fully impregnated with all the moisture vapor; the temperatures of the dry-bulb, wet-bulb, and dew point are all equal
Saturated Felt 1 like
A felt fully impregnated with tar or asphalt
Saturated Surface Dry (SSD) 1 like
An aggregate which stores all the water it can without water entering the pores between the aggregate particles
Saturated Vapor 1 like
Vapor condition which is subject to condensation if the vapor temperature is lowered; liquid droplets will be produced
Saturation 0 likes
Condition when a substance contains all of another substance it can hold for that specific pressure and temperature
Saturation Coefficient 0 likes
See C/B Ratio
Savanna 0 likes
A grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions, with hardly any trees
Saw Cut, Concrete 1 like
See Concrete Saw Cut
Saw Cutting, Concrete 1 like
See Concrete Saw Cutting
Saw Fence2 likes
saw fence
Device on a table saw that guides lumber during sawing
Saw-Tooth Roof 0 likes
A roof consisting of a series of ridges with dual pitches either side; the steeper surfaces are glazed and face away from the equator to shield workers and machinery from direct sunlight; admits natural light into a deep plan building
Saw, Band1 like
saw, band
See Band Saw
Sawed Control Joints 0 likes
A joint cut in harden concrete with special equipment; typically not reaching the total depth of the member
Sawed Veneer 0 likes
Veneer created by sawing
Sawhorse1 like
A frame, generally with four legs, that supports wood while sawing
SBA 0 likes
Small Business Administration
SBCCI 0 likes
Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc
SBS 0 likes
Sick Building Syndrome
SC Asphalt 1 like
See Slow-Curing Asphalt
SC Grade 0 likes
See Road Oil
Scab 0 likes
A small piece of lumber that is employed to splice two other pieces together
A person who refuses to join a labor union, or who participates in activities to oppose a union; make continue to work during a strike or perform a striker’s job
Scaffold 0 likes
A temporary framework or platform to support workmen and materials when construction or repairs are performed at high altitudes; also called Staging
Scale1 like
An apparatus on which something or somebody can be weighed
The ratio between two sets of dimensions such as in a drawing of a roof and the actual roof; for example, the scale of a drawing may be represented as 1/2 inch = one foot
A measuring implement employed by architects and engineers to create proportionate drawings
Calibrated marked spaces for measurement such as as on a thermometer or barometer
To calculate a drawing with a scale
Rust in thin layers, or a tough mineral deposit on the surface of a pool
To climb, such as with a ladder or rope
Scale Drawing 0 likes
A drawing in which the measurements are drawn to a predetermined scale, such as 1/2 inch equals one foot; all elements and dimensions in the drawing are proportional in length and width to the actual room, floor, or the entire building
Scaler1 like
A manual cleaning chisel
Scaling 2 likes
When pieces of a dried finish material peel off exposing the surface beneath it
Chipping loose pieces of rock from a structure to avert danger
Scallops 1 like
The wavy effect along the edge of carpet as a result of indentations where tacks are positioned
Scantling 0 likes
A small amount
A piece of lumbar with a small cross section, such as a rafter
Scarfing 1 like
Producing a joint by joining two notched boards together
Scarifier2 likes
A piece of thin metal with teeth or serrations in the edge employed to coarsen fresh mortar surfaces to produce a strong bond between tiles
Scarp 0 likes
A steep cliff or slope of some extent formed by erosion or a geological fault
Scarred Faces 1 like
Blemishes on the surface of ceramic tile caused by scraping or another source of damage
Scavenger Pump1 like
scavenger pump
Mechanism employed to eliminate fluid from a container or sump
Schedule 0 likes
A plan for performing work or achieving an objective, displaying the order in which the tasks are to performed and the time allocated to the tasks
A list, catalog, or inventory of commitments and appointments
A pipe size system employed by the iron industry, using the external diameter and thickness of iron and plastic pipes
Schedule of Values 0 likes
A written statement provided by the contractor to the architect or engineer with a breakdown of each part of the contract sum assigned to specific work items; facilitates review of the contractor‘s progress payment requests
Schematic 1 like
A preliminary diagram or sketch that displays the basic form of layout of something
Schematic Design Phase 0 likes
First stage of the architect‘s basic services where the architect consults with the owner to determine the project requirements, then prepares schematic drawings and other documents that display the scale and project elements subject to approval from the owner
Schematic Diagram 0 likes
A drawing, not necessarily created to scale, with the general layout and relationships of the components
Schematic Drawings 0 likes
Drawings created by an architect for the Schematic Design Phase
Schrader Valve 1 like
A brand of pneumatic tire valve with of a valve stem into which a valve core is threaded; the valve core is a poppet valve assisted by a spring; Schrader valves are used on virtually every motor vehicle, on virtually all automobile and motorcycle tires and most wider rimmed bicycle tires, on many refrigeration and air conditioning systems to allow servicing, including recharging with refrigerant by plumbers conducting leak-down pressure tests on pipe installations, as a bleeding and test port on the fuel rail of some fuel injected engines, on bicycle air shock absorbers to allow adjustment of air pressure according to riders weight, and in the buoyancy compensator (BC) inflators of SCUBA systems where the ability to easily disconnect an air hose (even underwater) without the loss of tank air is critical
Scissors Lift 0 likes
A low-rise lift utilizing a scissor-like motorized mechanism to raise the platform and lift people to a desired height
SCL 0 likes
Structural Composite Lumber
Sconce2 likes
A wall bracket for holding candles or electric light bulbs
Scope of Work 0 likes
Division of work to be performed under a contract or subcontract, generally broken out into specific tasks and deadlines; the formal document captures and defines the work activities, deliverables and timeline a contractor must complete to perform the specified work for an owner or owner’s representative; includes detailed requirements and pricing along with regulatory and governance terms and conditions; See Performance Specifications
Score 2 likes
The Service Core of Retired Executives
To cut a notch or incision into a surface with a sharp blade
Scoreboard, Gym 1 like
See Gym Scoreboard
Scotia 0 likes
A concave molding, particularly on the base of a column
SCPI 1 like
Structural Clay Products Institute
SCR 1 like
Silicon-Controlled Rectifier
Structural Clay Research, trademark of the Structural Clay Products Research Foundation
Scrap Out 0 likes
Removing all the drywall and debris
Scratch Coat 0 likes
Scratching the first coat of plaster to facilitate the formation of a bond with the next coat
Scratcher 0 likes
A serrated or sharp object that abrades the surface of a mortar coat in order to create a bond for the next coat
Screed 0 likes
A strip of wood, metal, or plaster positioned on a surface to establish the level to which concrete or plaster will be applied
A board or implement that levels a layer of wet mortar or concrete
A fixed or portable partition that is employed to separate areas, conceal objects, or provide a shield against unnecessary light, heat or drafts
A white or silver surface on to which films or slides are projected
A mesh utensil with a frame that separates large particles from small particles, including solids from liquids
A wood or metal frame with fine wire mesh that does not permit insects to penetrate
Screen Door1 like
screen door
A taught metal or plastic mesh screen on a light wood or metal door frame
Screen Door Latch2 likes
Locking or latching mechanism positioned on the frame of a screen door that is activated with a lever handle or a knob
Screw1 like
A spirally grooved metal fastener with a tapering threaded body driven into a surface by turning it with a screwdriver
Screw Conveyor1 like
A spiral-shaped conveyor
Screw Cover, Box1 like
screw cover, box
See Box, Screw Cover
Screw Gun2 likes
screw gun
A manual implement similar to an electrical drill that mechanically drives and positions screws
Screw Jack1 like
screw jack
A lifting mechanism with a threaded shaft for raising heavy weights such as the foundations of houses, or large vehicles
Screw Pump2 likes
screw pump
Compressor constructed of two mated revolving screws; moves fluids or solids along the screws axis.
Screw Ring1 like
screw ring
A metal or plastic ring that is threaded on its interior and employed as a fastener
Screw, Self-Tapping, Drywall1 like
Screw, Self-Tapping, Drywall
See Self-Tapping Drywall Screw
Screwable Type Stud1 like
screwable type stud
Metal stud composed of at least 26 gauge metal with knurled flanges to assist self-tapping screws or divergent point staples to penetrate the surface
Screwdriver1 like
A hand or powered implement with a metal rod that fits into the head of a screw, used to install screws via rotation
Screwless Rose 0 likes
A door knob rose that has a hidden attachment mechanism
Scribe 0 likes
To score or mark something with a pointed instrument along a line; serves as a guide for cutting
Scribing 0 likes
Cutting and securing woodwork to an uneven surface
Scrim1 like
A durable plain-woven fabric similar to hessian or coarse canvas, which is stretched over interior boards to provide support for wallpaper and add an extra rigidity; this coarse woven material is also used for reinforcement in both building and canvas making
A finely woven lightweight fabric widely used in theater
A device employed in the film and television industries, and by photographers, to modify properties of light
Scrim Back1 like
scrim back
See Double Back
Scroll 0 likes
A convoluted, spiral or decorative design in wood or metal
Scrollsaw1 like
A thin-bladed handsaw mounted across a U-shaped frame used for cutting curves and irregular designs in wood; also called a fretsaw
Scrollwork 0 likes
A decorative design with spiral lines in wood
Scuffed Paper 0 likes
A scrape on the surface of gypsum board; generally due to sliding a gypsum board over another, or by sanding further than the finished joint
Sculptor 0 likes
An artist who produces sculptures
Sculpture1 like
The art of creating three-dimensional forms, often representational by or casting metal, chiseling stone, or carving wood
Scum Channel 1 like
Overflow systems with continuous water-recovering abilities; located externally on the pool deck and internally on the walls inside the pool
Scupper1 like
An opening in a wall, floor, or parapet for drainage
The drain employed in a downspout or flat roof, generally secured to the downspout
Scutch1 like
A bricklayer’s cutting implement, similar to a pick, employed for customized the shape of bricks; also called a Scotch
Scuttle 0 likes
A small access opening in a wall, ceiling, or roof with a cover or lid
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