Term Definition
S-Trap 0 likes
A plumbing fixture employed to catch gases from a refuse system
S-Wave 0 likes
Shear wave, made by the cutting or ripping movements of earthquakes perpendicular to the direction of wave transmission; See Seismic Wave
SA 1 like
Supply Air
Sabin 0 likes
Unit of audio absorption; one sabin is the absorption of one square foot of flawless sound-absorbing substance
Sack 2 likes
94 pounds of cement are contained in one sack
Sacking 1 like
Eliminating or diminishing flaws on a concrete surface by adding a sand and cement mixture to the damp surface and rubbing with a rough material such as burlap
Saddle 0 likes
A second roof constructed behind the rear of a chimney to redirect water; also the plate on the underside of external door openings; sometimes called a threshold
Saddle Board 0 likes
The finished edge of a pitched roof house; also called Comb Board
Safe, Office1 like
safe, office
See Office Safe
Safety Arch 0 likes
See Discharging Arch
Safety Belt1 like
safety belt
A vehicle safety device that secures the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop; also known as a seat belt
Safety Can1 like
safety can
Authorized container of up to 5-gallon capacity, with a spring-recoiling lid and spout; securely lowers interior pressure if subjected to fire
Safety Chain1 like
safety chain
Chain positioned horizontally in railing assembly to facilitate temporary opening
Safety Control 0 likes
Device that prevents the operation of a refrigerating unit when dangerous pressures, temperatures, or conditions occur
Safety Factor 1 like
See Factor of Safety
Safety Glass1 like
safety glass
Specific glass that withstands breaking into sharp pieces; generally tempered and laminated
Safety Glasses1 like
safety glasses
Plastic glasses that protect the worker who is performing activities such as sawing, grinding, and chipping, where particles can break off and are discharged
Safety Motor Control1 like
safety motor control
Electrical device in a motor that interrupts the circuit when the temperature, pressure, or current exceed safe conditions
Safety Net1 like
safety net
An interlaced meshed fabric employed to safeguard materials and people that is draped under a construction area at a dangerous height
Safety Report 1 like
A report prepared after a scheduled safety inspection of a project in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
Safety Switch3 likes
safety switch
Mechanism on a device that prevents that activates and deactivates the operation of the device
Safety Valve2 likes
safety valve
Pressure release valve on a device or machine set to activate when pressure surpasses safe functioning
Safing 0 likes
Fire-resistant material that inhibit the spread of fire, positioned in the gap between a spandrel beam or column and a curtain wall
Sag 1 like
An irregularity in a paint coat, varnish, or lacquer, due to excessive liquid accumulating in one area
Salamander1 like
A transportable heater employed to temporarily heat an enclosure under construction; often used near freshly placed concrete to thwart freezing; usually kerosene or oil-burning
Sale-Leaseback 1 like
Financing agreement where an owner sells real property to an investor and then leases it back; this strategy is mostly employed to free up invested capital
Sales Contract 0 likes
A contract between a buyer and seller which should describe the contents of the purchase, guarantees, closing costs, move in date, and the recourse for both parties if the buyer is unable to obtain a mortgage by a mutually agreed upon date
Sales Tax 0 likes
A tax collected by the seller on sales of products and services; determined as a percentage of the purchase price and varies according to the location of the sale
Salient Angle 0 likes
Extending out from a line, level or surface; as opposed to a reentrant angle
Saline 0 likes
A mixture of salt in water
Saline Water 0 likes
Water with a conductivity greater than a solution containing 6,000 parts per million of sodium chloride
Salmon Brick 1 like
Salmon colored, soft, poor quality brick which lacks weather resistance; used to fill spaces between interior structural lumber in a timber-framed home for reinforcement and to enhance thermal insulation
Salt2 likes
A crystalline mineral, sodium chloride; employed for food seasoning and preservation; formed when an acid reacts with a base
Salt Glaze 0 likes
A glaze generated by the reaction between the ceramic body surface and salt fumes created in a kiln at high temperature
Saltpetering 0 likes
See Efflorescence
Salvage 0 likes
The saving and deployment of used, rejected or damaged materials discarded from a construction site, or remaining after a calamity
Salvage Value 0 likes
The estimated value of an asset when sold at the end of its useful life; used in accounting to determine depreciation amounts and to determine tax deductions
Samples 0 likes
A manageable size of material goods
Sampling 0 likes
Obtaining small amounts of a material for testing purposes
Sand 1 like
Naturally occurring loose granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles; the composition depends on the local rock sources and conditions, but the most common constituent of sand in inland continental settings and non-tropical coastal areas is silica (silicon dioxide), usually in the form of quartz.
Sand Blast 1 like
A system of scraping or grinding a surface like concrete by a sand stream discharged from a nozzle at elevated speed by water or compressed air
Sand Down 3 likes
Remove polish or paint from an old surface making it even and smooth before applying a new finish
Sand Filter1 like
sand filter
Pool filter that employs sand as the filter
Sand Finish 0 likes
Plaster wall with a coarse finish
Sand Mold Brick 0 likes
See Soft Mud Brick
Sandbag1 like
A bag filled with earth or sand that serves as a temporary barrier or dam
Sander 1 like
A machine with a disk or belt that levels, levels and polishes with abrasive material; See Disk sander or Belt Sander
Sander (Spindle)1 like
Spindle Sander
Helps with sanding curved and contoured surfaces on a workpiece that would be difficult with a hand or orbital sander.
Sander (Top Disc)1 like
Sander, Top Disc
Used for smoothing wood projects or fabricating metal for finishing touches on projects.
Sanding 1 like
Using sandpaper or another abrasive to scour a surface prior to applying a finish
Sandpaper2 likes
Paper with sand or another abrasive glued to it; used for smoothing and polishing
Sandstone 0 likes
A sedimentary rock created from sand
Sandwich Glass 0 likes
Glass that has a layer of material between two layers of glass to add insulation and resistance to breaking apart
Sandwiching 1 like
Gypsum core between two plys of paper when producing gypsumboard
Sandy Finish 1 like
A surface that looks like sandpaper; may be caused by an overspray; or a sand finish
Sanitary Facility 0 likes
A single unit or a combination of urinals, lavatories, bathtubs or showers, along with the room in which they are installed
Sanitary Piping1 like
sanitary piping
Waste and drain plumbing carriage system
Sanitary Sewer 0 likes
A sewer system designed for the collection of waste water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry drains in residences; often not equipped to handle storm water
Sanitary Tee3 likes
sanitary tee
A DWV plumbing system fixture
Sanitizer1 like
Substance that simultaneously cleans and disinfects; an antimicrobial registered by EPA for public health usage; for a registered sanitizer, EPA test results must display a decrease of at least 99.9 percent of the number of microorganisms in a product
Sap 0 likes
Majority of tree fluids; specific secretions and excretions are not included, such as oleoresin
Sapwood 2 likes
Pale-colored wood near the outside of the log; sapwood is generally more prone to decay than heartwood
Sarcophagus 0 likes
A coffin made of stone, often decorated with inscriptions and sculpture
Sash 0 likes
A light frame with one or more panes of glass in a window or door; frequently the moving portion of the window
Sash Balance2 likes
sash balance
A device, typically operated by a spring or tensioned weather stripping, designed to hold a single hung window vent up and in place; counterbalances double-hung window sash.
Satin Finish 0 likes
Dry layer of paint or other finishing material which has a dull luster similar to satin
Saturated Air 0 likes
Air that is fully impregnated with all the moisture vapor; the temperatures of the dry-bulb, wet-bulb, and dew point are all equal
Saturated Felt 0 likes
A felt fully impregnated with tar or asphalt
Saturated Surface Dry (SSD) 1 like
An aggregate which stores all the water it can without water entering the pores between the aggregate particles
Saturated Vapor 1 like
Vapor condition which is subject to condensation if the vapor temperature is lowered; liquid droplets will be produced
Saturation 0 likes
Condition when a substance contains all of another substance it can hold for that specific pressure and temperature
Saturation Coefficient 0 likes
See C/B Ratio
Savanna 0 likes
A grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions, with hardly any trees
Saw Cut, Concrete 1 like
See Concrete Saw Cut
Saw Cutting, Concrete 1 like
See Concrete Saw Cutting
Saw Fence2 likes
saw fence
Device on a table saw that guides lumber during sawing
Saw-Tooth Roof 0 likes
A roof consisting of a series of ridges with dual pitches either side; the steeper surfaces are glazed and face away from the equator to shield workers and machinery from direct sunlight; admits natural light into a deep plan building
Saw, Band1 like
saw, band
See Band Saw
Sawed Control Joints 0 likes
A joint cut in harden concrete with special equipment; typically not reaching the total depth of the member
Sawed Veneer 0 likes
Veneer created by sawing
Sawhorse1 like
A frame, generally with four legs, that supports wood while sawing
SBA 0 likes
Small Business Administration
SBCCI 0 likes
Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc
SBS 0 likes
Sick Building Syndrome
SC Asphalt 1 like
See Slow-Curing Asphalt
SC Grade 0 likes
See Road Oil
Scab 0 likes
A small piece of lumber that is employed to splice two other pieces together
A person who refuses to join a labor union, or who participates in activities to oppose a union; make continue to work during a strike or perform a striker’s job
Scaffold 0 likes
A temporary framework or platform to support workmen and materials when construction or repairs are performed at high altitudes; also called Staging
Scale1 like
An apparatus on which something or somebody can be weighed
The ratio between two sets of dimensions such as in a drawing of a roof and the actual roof; for example, the scale of a drawing may be represented as 1/2 inch = one foot
A measuring implement employed by architects and engineers to create proportionate drawings
Calibrated marked spaces for measurement such as as on a thermometer or barometer
To calculate a drawing with a scale
Rust in thin layers, or a tough mineral deposit on the surface of a pool
To climb, such as with a ladder or rope
Scale Drawing 0 likes
A drawing in which the measurements are drawn to a predetermined scale, such as 1/2 inch equals one foot; all elements and dimensions in the drawing are proportional in length and width to the actual room, floor, or the entire building
Scaler1 like
A manual cleaning chisel
Scaling 2 likes
When pieces of a dried finish material peel off exposing the surface beneath it
Chipping loose pieces of rock from a structure to avert danger
Scallops 1 like
The wavy effect along the edge of carpet as a result of indentations where tacks are positioned
Scantling 0 likes
A small amount
A piece of lumbar with a small cross section, such as a rafter
Scarfing 1 like
Producing a joint by joining two notched boards together
Scarifier2 likes
A piece of thin metal with teeth or serrations in the edge employed to coarsen fresh mortar surfaces to produce a strong bond between tiles
Scarp 0 likes
A steep cliff or slope of some extent formed by erosion or a geological fault
Scarred Faces 0 likes
Blemishes on the surface of ceramic tile caused by scraping or another source of damage
Scavenger Pump1 like
scavenger pump
Mechanism employed to eliminate fluid from a container or sump
Schedule 0 likes
A plan for performing work or achieving an objective, displaying the order in which the tasks are to performed and the time allocated to the tasks
A list, catalog, or inventory of commitments and appointments
A pipe size system employed by the iron industry, using the external diameter and thickness of iron and plastic pipes
Schedule of Values 0 likes
A written statement provided by the contractor to the architect or engineer with a breakdown of each part of the contract sum assigned to specific work items; facilitates review of the contractor‘s progress payment requests
Schematic 0 likes
A preliminary diagram or sketch that displays the basic form of layout of something
Schematic Design Phase 0 likes
First stage of the architect‘s basic services where the architect consults with the owner to determine the project requirements, then prepares schematic drawings and other documents that display the scale and project elements subject to approval from the owner
Schematic Diagram 0 likes
A drawing, not necessarily created to scale, with the general layout and relationships of the components
Schematic Drawings 0 likes
Drawings created by an architect for the Schematic Design Phase
Schrader Valve 1 like
A brand of pneumatic tire valve with of a valve stem into which a valve core is threaded; the valve core is a poppet valve assisted by a spring; Schrader valves are used on virtually every motor vehicle, on virtually all automobile and motorcycle tires and most wider rimmed bicycle tires, on many refrigeration and air conditioning systems to allow servicing, including recharging with refrigerant by plumbers conducting leak-down pressure tests on pipe installations, as a bleeding and test port on the fuel rail of some fuel injected engines, on bicycle air shock absorbers to allow adjustment of air pressure according to riders weight, and in the buoyancy compensator (BC) inflators of SCUBA systems where the ability to easily disconnect an air hose (even underwater) without the loss of tank air is critical
Scissors Lift 0 likes
A low-rise lift utilizing a scissor-like motorized mechanism to raise the platform and lift people to a desired height
SCL 0 likes
Structural Composite Lumber
Sconce2 likes
A wall bracket for holding candles or electric light bulbs
Scope of Work 0 likes
Division of work to be performed under a contract or subcontract, generally broken out into specific tasks and deadlines; the formal document captures and defines the work activities, deliverables and timeline a contractor must complete to perform the specified work for an owner or owner’s representative; includes detailed requirements and pricing along with regulatory and governance terms and conditions; See Performance Specifications
Score 2 likes
The Service Core of Retired Executives
To cut a notch or incision into a surface with a sharp blade
Scoreboard, Gym 1 like
See Gym Scoreboard
Scotia 0 likes
A concave molding, particularly on the base of a column
SCPI 1 like
Structural Clay Products Institute
SCR 1 like
Silicon-Controlled Rectifier
Structural Clay Research, trademark of the Structural Clay Products Research Foundation
Scrap Out 0 likes
Removing all the drywall and debris
Scratch Coat 0 likes
Scratching the first coat of plaster to facilitate the formation of a bond with the next coat
Scratcher 0 likes
A serrated or sharp object that abrades the surface of a mortar coat in order to create a bond for the next coat
Screed 0 likes
A strip of wood, metal, or plaster positioned on a surface to establish the level to which concrete or plaster will be applied
A board or implement that levels a layer of wet mortar or concrete
A fixed or portable partition that is employed to separate areas, conceal objects, or provide a shield against unnecessary light, heat or drafts
A white or silver surface on to which films or slides are projected
A mesh utensil with a frame that separates large particles from small particles, including solids from liquids
A wood or metal frame with fine wire mesh that does not permit insects to penetrate
Screen Door1 like
screen door
A taught metal or plastic mesh screen on a light wood or metal door frame
Screen Door Latch2 likes
Locking or latching mechanism positioned on the frame of a screen door that is activated with a lever handle or a knob
Screw1 like
A spirally grooved metal fastener with a tapering threaded body driven into a surface by turning it with a screwdriver
Screw Conveyor1 like
A spiral-shaped conveyor
Screw Cover, Box1 like
screw cover, box
See Box, Screw Cover
Screw Gun2 likes
screw gun
A manual implement similar to an electrical drill that mechanically drives and positions screws
Screw Jack1 like
screw jack
A lifting mechanism with a threaded shaft for raising heavy weights such as the foundations of houses, or large vehicles
Screw Pump2 likes
screw pump
Compressor constructed of two mated revolving screws; moves fluids or solids along the screws axis.
Screw Ring1 like
screw ring
A metal or plastic ring that is threaded on its interior and employed as a fastener
Screw, Self-Tapping, Drywall1 like
Screw, Self-Tapping, Drywall
See Self-Tapping Drywall Screw
Screwable Type Stud1 like
screwable type stud
Metal stud composed of at least 26 gauge metal with knurled flanges to assist self-tapping screws or divergent point staples to penetrate the surface
Screwdriver1 like
A hand or powered implement with a metal rod that fits into the head of a screw, used to install screws via rotation
Screwless Rose 0 likes
A door knob rose that has a hidden attachment mechanism
Scribe 0 likes
To score or mark something with a pointed instrument along a line; serves as a guide for cutting
Scribing 0 likes
Cutting and securing woodwork to an uneven surface
Scrim1 like
A durable plain-woven fabric similar to hessian or coarse canvas, which is stretched over interior boards to provide support for wallpaper and add an extra rigidity; this coarse woven material is also used for reinforcement in both building and canvas making
A finely woven lightweight fabric widely used in theater
A device employed in the film and television industries, and by photographers, to modify properties of light
Scrim Back1 like
scrim back
See Double Back
Scroll 0 likes
A convoluted, spiral or decorative design in wood or metal
Scrollsaw1 like
A thin-bladed handsaw mounted across a U-shaped frame used for cutting curves and irregular designs in wood; also called a fretsaw
Scrollwork 0 likes
A decorative design with spiral lines in wood
Scuffed Paper 0 likes
A scrape on the surface of gypsum board; generally due to sliding a gypsum board over another, or by sanding further than the finished joint
Sculptor 0 likes
An artist who produces sculptures
Sculpture1 like
The art of creating three-dimensional forms, often representational by or casting metal, chiseling stone, or carving wood
Scum Channel 1 like
Overflow systems with continuous water-recovering abilities; located externally on the pool deck and internally on the walls inside the pool
Scupper1 like
An opening in a wall, floor, or parapet for drainage
The drain employed in a downspout or flat roof, generally secured to the downspout
Scutch1 like
A bricklayer’s cutting implement, similar to a pick, employed for customized the shape of bricks; also called a Scotch
Scuttle 0 likes
A small access opening in a wall, ceiling, or roof with a cover or lid
SDI 1 like
Steel Deck Institute
Steel Door Institute
SE 0 likes
Structural Engineer
Seal1 like
To confirm a decision, or determine an issue irrevocably and give final approval
Close securely or hermetically
Apply a non-porous coating to a surface to make it impervious; a tight closure
To position a wax form on an object for the purpose of authentication
Quantity of stagnant water in a drain trap that stops foul air from rising; See Trap Seal
Seal, Shaft2 likes
seal, shaft
See Shaft Seal
Sealable Equipment 0 likes
Electrical equipment enclosed in a case or cabinet which can be sealed or locked; live components are only accessible when the case or cabinet is open
Sealant2 likes
A substance or material employed for sealing gaps between materials
Elastomeric material that is employed to fill and seal cracks and joints; prevents entry of moisture and facilitates horizontal and sideways movement
A caulking substance employed to fill voids or seams for issues with air filtration, acoustics, or heat production
Sealed Refrigeration Compressor1 like
sealed refrigeration compressor
See Hermetic Compressor
Sealed Unit 1 like
See Hermetic System
Sealer2 likes
A finishing material, typically applied directly over a surface in order to seal the surface
Seam 1 like
A line, groove, or ridge formed when two edges of a material join or meet
A joint between adjacent carpet sections; See Back Seam, Face Seam, Cross-Seam, Length Seam, and Side Seam
A thin layer of rock, coal or ore
Seamless Gutter 0 likes
Rain gutters cut from a preformed roll of composite metal; a narrow trough that is attached to the outer edge of the roof to collect water and divert it away from the building; also called Eaves 
SEAOC 1 like
Structural Engineers Association of California
Seasoned Loan 0 likes
A loan that has produced a decent payment record over a lengthy period
Seasoning 2 likes
Treating lumber to reduce its moisture content and improve its functionality
Seat1 like
A piece of furniture designed for sitting, such as a chair, stool, bench, or pew
The part of a chair where a person can sit
The part of a valve mechanism on which the valve presses to terminate a process
Seat Cut 0 likes
The cut at the underside of a rafter to enable it to fit on the plate
Seat of a Rafter 0 likes
Horizontal cut on the underside of a rafter that lies above the plate
Seat, Grandstand1 like
grandstand seat
See Grandstand Seat
Seated Connection 0 likes
Where a steel beam lies above a steel angle secured to a girder or column
Second 0 likes
The unit to measure angles, equal to 1/60th of a minute
The unit of measurement of time, equal to 1/60th of a minute
A Second Trust Deed
A Second Mortgage
Second Law of Thermodynamics 0 likes
The entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium, the state of maximum entropy; Heat will move only in the direction from a material at a higher temperature to a material at a lower temperature
Second Mortgage 0 likes
A mortgage obtained after a first mortgage
Second Trust Deed 2 likes
A trust deed obtained after a first trust deed
Secondary Branch 0 likes
An offshoot or a division of the main portion of a structure
Secondary Clay 0 likes
See Sedimentary Clay
Secondary Color 1 like
The product of combining two primary colors; orange is produced by combining red and yellow; violet is produced by combining blue and red; green is produced by combining blue and yellow
Secondary Financing 0 likes
An extra loan or financing that is less than a mortgage or trust deed; a Second Mortgage or Second Trust Deed
Secondary Network 0 likes
Distribution system where electricity is conveyed through a complex integrated system of transformers and underground cables connected and functioning in parallel; power moves in both directions on lower voltage delivery lines; loss of a line or transformer does not produce a power interruption; designed to meet greater reliability requirements and constrained space often experienced in urban regions; also called an alternating current automatic low-voltage secondary network
Secondary Refrigerating System 1 like
System in which the condenser is cooled by the evaporator of the primary refrigerating system or another refrigerant
Section 0 likes
A distinct component that can be separated or considered as a separate part of something; also a component that could be reassembled to reconstruct an object
Section of Land 1 like
A land area that is one square is equal to 640 acres; a township has 36 sections
Security Glass3 likes
A glazing sheet with multiple laminations of glass and plastic; designed to stop bullets, and overcome deliberate methodical attacks against property
Security Grille2 likes
security grille
Steel lattice that prevents intrusion or entrance through various openings
Security Interest 1 like
A property interest created by agreement or by operation of law over assets to secure the performance of an obligation, usually the payment of a debt
Security System2 likes
security system
A device or group of devices, such as alarms and electronic monitors, employed to detect a security breach by setting off an alarm when someone tries to break in
Seebeck Effect 0 likes
When two dissimilar adjacent metals are heated, an electric current is generated between the metals; producing an electromotive force (emf) then an electric current of material with at least two dissimilar conductors when two junctions are kept at different temperatures
Seepage 0 likes
Gradual discharge or escape of a liquid
SEIA 0 likes
Solar Energy Industries Association
Seiche 0 likes
Movement on the surface of water in an enclosed or semi-enclosed body or water, such as a lake, bay or harbor; mostly as a result of an intense storm
Seismic 0 likes
Of or relating to earthquakes
Seismic Load 1 like
A weight on a structure caused by motion of the earth relative to the structure while an earthquake occurs
Seismic Wave 0 likes
One of four specific waves created by an earthquake; P-wave, S-Wave, Love wave, and Rayleigh wave
Seismicity 1 like
The amount of earthquakes in a unit of time, or relative earthquake activity
Seismograph 1 like
An instrument which produces a continuous record of earth motion
Seismology 2 likes
The science and study of earthquakes
Selective Surface 0 likes
Coating that absorbs most of the sunlight and discharges minimal thermal radiation
Selects 0 likes
Acceptable, appropriate bricks following culling
Self-Cleaning 0 likes
Paint where the chalking rate is regulated so dirt on the surface is washed away with stored chalk
Self-Leveling2 likes
Any sticky material that is spread by pouring and disperses before curing
Self-Priming 1 like
Using the same paint for primer and for the next coats; the paint can be thinned in a different way for the various coats
Self-Sealing Shingles 0 likes
Shingles that have manufactured strips or spots of self-sealing adhesive
Self-Siphonage 1 like
The removal of water from a trap, breaking the seal as a result of siphonage set up by the discharge from the fixture where the trap is secured
Self-Spacing Tile 2 likes
Tile with spacers or protrusions on the sides that space the tile for grout joints
Self-Tapping 0 likes
Produces its own screw threads on the interior of a hole
Selvage 3 likes
The edge of strip of material included when fabricating something
A slotted plate or surface which accommodates the bolt of a lock
An edge of a piece of woven fabric that does not fray
Edges of wallpaper without printing
Semi-Drying Oils 0 likes
Oils that dry to a soft, tacky film; soybean oil is employed in the paint industry
Semi-gloss 1 like
Dry finish sheen that is approximately half way between totally flat and full gloss
Semi-gloss Enamel 0 likes
Enamel coating when dry that has some sheen but is not highly glossy
Semi-gloss Paint1 like
semi-gloss paint
Paint coating when dry that has some sheen but is not highly glossy
Semi-hermetic Compressor 1 like
Service valves on a hermetic compressor
Semi-Mat Glaze 0 likes
A colorless or colored glaze with a reasonable gloss
A colored or colorless mid-gloss ceramic glaze
Semi-Vitreous 1 like
Three percent to seven percent water absorption
Semiautomatic Frost Control 1 like
Manual regulator which starts the defrost portion of a cycle, then automatically returns the system to normal functioning
Semiconductor1 like
A solid, such as silicon or germanium, that does not conduct electricity when pure or at low temperatures but is highly conductive when it has some appropriate impurities or at greater temperatures; employed for integrated circuits, diodes, and transistors
Sensitive Bulb1 like
sensitive bulb
Sealed fluid device component which reacts to temperature; employed to measure temperature or to regulate a mechanism
Sensor1 like
A device that detects and responds to physical stimuli such as light, heat or motion
Sensor, Photoelectric2 likes
sensor, photoelectric
A device that responds to light and then transmits an electrical impulse
Separate Contractor 1 like
A prime or main contractor; the contractor who has an agreement with the owner
Separation 0 likes
Dividing into components, parts, or layers; keeping things apart
Separation Tank 0 likes
A device employed to clarify filter rinse or waste water in a swimming pool; a container used with a DE filter to trap DE and dirt when backwashing; also called a Reclamation Tank
Separator2 likes
Device to separate a substance from another substance
See Interceptor
Separator, Oil1 like
separator oil
See Oil Separator
Septic System 0 likes
An on-site waste water treatment system with a septic tank supporting the biological assimilation of the waste, and a drain field which allowed the remaining liquid to soak into the earth; sized by the number of bedrooms in a home
Septic Tank 0 likes
A concrete subterranean tank; a key component of the septic system, a small-scale sewage treatment system common in areas with no connection to main sewage pipes provided by local governments or private corporations
Septum 0 likes
Filter element component made of cloth, wire screen or another porous material where the filter cake is set down
Sequence Controls 0 likes
Group of devices that perform sequentially
Serging 1 like
Finishing a lengthwise carpet cut edge so that unraveling does not occur; distinct from finishing a cut end which may need binding; the finished width of a serged edge is approximately 3/8th of an inch
Series Circuit 1 like
When electricity travels through the first device in electrical wiring to operate a second device; current flow travels serially through devices that are connected
Serrate 0 likes
To create a notched or toothed edge on something
Serrated 0 likes
Notched or toothed on the edge; like the teeth of a saw
Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) 0 likes
A resource for managerial proficiency supplied by the Small Business Administration
Service Disconnect 0 likes
A switch that disconnects an entire building from an electrical service; also called Main Switch
Service Drop 0 likes
An electrical line spanning from a utility pole to a customer’s building or another premises in an electric power distribution grid; the point where electric utilities provide power to their clientele
Service Ell 0 likes
See Street Ell
Service Entrance Conductors 0 likes
Customer’s conductors from the point of connection at the service drop or service lateral to the service equipment
Service Entrance Panel1 like
service entrance panel
Primary power cabinet in which electricity arrives in a home wiring system
Service Equipment1 like
circuit breaker
Main control paraphernalia at the service entrance, including switches, fuses, and circuit breakers
Service Head 1 like
The exterior fixture employed where the electrical service to a building and the mast from the breaker panel meet
Service Lateral 0 likes
Subterranean power supply line
Service Load 1 like
Alive and dead structural weights, not including load factors
Service Manifold 0 likes
Compartment outfitted with instruments and manual valves, employed by service mechanics to service refrigerating systems
Service Panel 1 like
The primary electric panel that accommodates the main switches and transfers electricity to the branch panels and various circuits
Service Pipe 0 likes
Water pipe that enters the building from the street main
Service Raceway 2 likes
Electrical metal tubing, inflexible duct or other racetrack that surrounds the service entrance electrical conductors
Service Sink1 like
service sink
A sink with a deep basin and scrub bucket; employed to clean mops, and dispose dirty water; also called a Slop Sink
Service Valve 0 likes
A valve employed to separate a building from the water or gas main; installed close to the street curb on the service line between the main and the building; also called a Curbstop
Service Window 0 likes
An aperture in a wall or partition through which business dealings are enacted
Service Wye 0 likes
A pipe fastener in a plumbing system which combines three pipes at 45 degrees; a drainage fitting
Serviceable Hermetic 1 like
Hermetic unit housing with a motor and compressor built with cap screws or bolts
Servo 0 likes
A servomechanism
A servomotor
Servomechanism2 likes
An automatic device that uses error-sensing negative feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism
Servomotor 0 likes
The motive element in a servo mechanism; a rotary actuator that allows for precise control of angular position, velocity and acceleration; used in robots and automated manufacturing
Set 0 likes
To place something somewhere
The change from a plastic, workable state to a solid, inflexible state; occurs in setting of mortar and cement, generally calculated by the resistance to penetration or deformation; the initial set defines the first stiffening and the final set defines substantial inflexibility
A chisel that cuts brick
Set Back 0 likes
The distance a structure is positioned from the front property line
See Offset
Set In 1 like
Distance a brick is set back from the brick immediately below
Set Screw1 like
set screw
A headless screw typically employed to secure an object within or against another object; often used to secure a pulley or gear to a shaft
Setback Thermostat1 like
Setback Thermostat
A thermostat designed to adjust the temperature according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day; also called programmable thermostat or clock thermostat
Setoff 0 likes
A statutory defense to the whole or part of a plaintiff’s claim; See Offset
Sett 0 likes
Rectangular paving stone or wood block
Setting Bed 0 likes
Mortar layer on which tile is set
Finishing coat of mortar on a ceiling or wall
Setting of a Circuit Breaker 0 likes
Defining the amount of current prior to the circuit breaker being activated
Setting Time 1 like
The time needed for newly mixed cement paste, concrete, plaster, or mortar to attain initial or final set
Setting Type Joint Compound1 like
setting type joint compound
A gypsumboard joint compound that becomes hard before it is dry; employed to hasten patching and joint finishing
Setting Up 0 likes
Initial drying of coat so that it cannot flow
Settlement 0 likes
Movements in a structure, generally due to subterranean freeze-thaw cycles
Settlings 0 likes
Dregs; sediment; debris
Severability 0 likes
To separate or break off a relationship into its components
Sewage 0 likes
Water-carried waste containing animal, vegetable, or chemical matter in suspension or solution that is intended to be removed from a community; also known as Wastewater
Sewage Ejector1 like
sewage ejector
A pump employed to raise waste water to a gravity sanitary sewer line; usually found in basements and locations located beneath the side sewer plane
Sewer 0 likes
A subterranean channel for transporting storm water and sewage
Sewer Brick 1 like
A greenish-blue brick made from shale or clay employed in drainage structures to transport sewage, industrial wastes and storm water
Sewer Connection 0 likes
The connection between the building drain and the public sewer
Sewer Lateral 0 likes
The part of the sanitary sewer that connects the internal waste water lines to the main sewer lines; extends from the house to the sewer line under some feet of soil; maintained by the owner and serviced by utility-authorized contractors; also called Side sewer
Sewer Stub 0 likes
Municipal sewer system junction that connected the sewer line from a home
Sewer Tap 0 likes
The physical connection where the sewer line from a home joins the main municipal sewer line
Sex Bolts 1 like
Pairs of male and female threaded bolts; employed for bolting through doors
Sgraffito 0 likes
A type of decoration produced by scratching through a surface to uncover a lower layer of a contrasting color, usually employed on walls in plaster or stucco, or in slip on ceramics prior to firing; means scratched in Italian
Shade1 like
A small variation
A blind attached to a window
A screen for heat, sun, or light
Color gradation
Color created by a pigment or mixture with some black
Shaded-Pole Motor1 like
shaded-pole motor
A small a-c single-phase induction motor in which the auxiliary winding has a copper ring that surrounds a part of each pole
Shading 0 likes
Bending or crushing carpet pile so that the fibers reflect light in an irregular manner; an intrinsic property of various pile fabrics
Shading Coefficient 0 likes
The ratio of total solar heat conveyed through a glass sheet to that conveyed via a clear double-strength glass sheet
Shading Lacquer 0 likes
Colored transparent lacquer applied with a spray gun in shading
Shadowing 0 likes
See Joint Photographing
The finish when earlier coats of paint show through the final coat
Shaft 0 likes
An intact upright passage in a multi-story building for wiring, elevators, ductwork, or plumbing
Shaft Gas Engine (Horizontal) 0 likes
Engine that has gas-saving overhead valves for cooler, cleaner performance and longer life used  for lawn mowers, log-splitters and numerous other machines
Shaft Wall 0 likes
A wall around a shaft
Fire-rated drywall system that surrounds a shaft
Shag Carpet1 like
shag carpet
Long, rough or matted fiber carpet where the surface has long twisted loops
Shake 0 likes
Cedar or redwood roofing material, can be machine sawn on one side along the grain line; See shingle
Shake Roof 0 likes
A home roof cover that consists of cedar thick wooden shingles hand cut from split logs
Shale 1 like
A soft rock created from consolidated mud or clay
Shall 1 like
A mandatory term employed in most property contracts, laws, and specifications
Sharp Luster 0 likes
An extremely high gloss
Sharp Sand 0 likes
Rough sand with angular particles
Shear 0 likes
A force impact that is lateral, and at right angles to the structure’s axis
Shear Diagram 0 likes
A graphic illustration of the significance of shear stresses on a member
Shear Stud 0 likes
When a beam and the concrete function as one structural member as a result of a piece of steel being welded to the uppermost part of steel beam, and is then embedded in the concrete fill over the beam; a stud that conveys shear stress between metal and concrete in composite structural members in which the stud is welded to the metal part
Shear Wall 0 likes
A wall that opposes lateral forces parallel to the wall
A wall component of a structural frame that opposes lateral forces such as an earthquake or wind, acting in or parallel to the wall; composed of braced panels to counter the effects of lateral load acting on a structure; See Shear Panel
Shearing 0 likes
Finishing of carpet where stray fibers and fuzz are detached, resulting in a smooth even surface on cut pile
Sheathing 1 like
The coarse cover spread over the external surface of a roof, floor framing, or wall
See Gypsum Sheathing
Sheathing Paper 0 likes
Water resilient paper placed over sheathing and below siding or shingles for insulation; building paper
Sheathing, Roof 0 likes
See Roof Sheathing
Sheathing, Wall 0 likes
See Wall Sheathing
Shed1 like
A small building, either free standing or attached to another building, generally used for storage
Shed Roof1 like
shed roof
A roof with one sloping plane
Shedding 0 likes
See Fluffing
Sheen 0 likes
Special kind of gloss, bright, soft, and shiny
Sheet Asphalt 0 likes
Asphalt which yields a smooth surface and is employed for continuous road surfacing
Sheet Glass 0 likes
Window glass
Sheet Lead 1 like
Coldrolled lead sheet where the thickness is expressed in terms of the weight of one square foot
Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association 1 like
Sheet Metal Fabrication Kit 0 likes
Used to make wheel tubs, battery trays, dashboards, fire walls, floor pans, sheet metal parts, and accessories.
Sheet Metal Work 1 like
All parts of a structure employing sheet metal, such as flashing and gutters
Sheet Piling 0 likes
Concrete, lumbar, or steel planking or sheeting fastened together to produce a strong wall that opposes lateral pressures of water, soil and other substances
Sheet Plastic0 likes
sheet plastic
Plastic that is thin relative to its length and width
Sheet Rock- Drywall-Wall Board or Gypsum 1 like
A fabricated gypsum plaster panel wrapped in a slim cardboard; Green board drywall is more resistant to moisture than regular white plasterboard and is employed in bathrooms and other moist areas
Sheeting 2 likes
7/8 inch tongue and groove board
Sheetrock 0 likes
See Gypsum Board
Sheetrock Beam 1 like
A horizontal component made of plasterboard
Sheetrock Finishing 0 likes
Last sanding and coating of gypsum board seams in preparation for paint
Shelf1 like
A horizontal installed surface where objects are placed
Shelf Angle 0 likes
A steel angle secured to the spandrel of a structure to reinforce a masonry facing
Shelf Life 0 likes
The time a substance can be maintained at a particular temperature and remain useful; also called Storage Life
Shelf Pin1 like
shelf pin
A pin placed in a hole in a vertical part of a cupboard or bookcase to reinforce a shelf; also called a Shelf Support or Shelf Rest
Shelf Rest 0 likes
See Shelf Pin
Shelf Support 0 likes
See Shelf Pin
Shelf, Checkroom 2 likes
See Checkroom Shelf
Shelter, Golf 0 likes
See Golf Shelter
Shelter, Truck1 like
shelter, truck
See Truck Shelter
Shelving1 like
Installed horizontal surface on which objects are placed
Shepherd Violet Toner 0 likes
A pigment which is highly resistant to acids and light
Sherardizing 0 likes
A protecting coating on metal like galvanizing; ideal for small parts and parts that need coating of inner surfaces, such as batches of small items
SHGF 0 likes
Solar heat gain through fenestration
Shield, Expansion 1 like
See Expansion Shield
Shielded Metal-Arc Weld 1 like
A manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld; an electric current from a welding power supply is used to form an electric arc between the electrode and the metals to be joined; as the weld is laid, the flux coating of the electrode disintegrates, giving off vapors that serve as a shielding gas and providing a layer of slag, both of which protect the weld area from atmospheric contamination
Shielding 0 likes
A way of safeguarding adjoining work by placing provisional protecting sheets of inflexible material during welding; especially employed for machine functions
Shim1 like
A usually wedge shaped, thin piece of wood, plastic or metal that is employed to properly position an object, typically by tweaking a level or filling a space
Shingle 0 likes
A small thin fabricated piece of flat tile, usually composed of wood or asphalt, cut to specific size, positioned in overlapping rows to cover a roof or the walls of a structure
To cover a surface with shingles, or to position sheet material in overlapping rows to provide a shingle-like appearance
Shingle Butt 0 likes
The shingle’s lower unprotected edge
Shingle Principle 1 like
The overlapping of materials to facilitate rainwater running safely down the surface without damage
Shingle Roof 0 likes
Thin pieces of wedge-shaped wood, asphalt, slate, asbestos or tile employed in overlapping courses to protect and cover a roof
Shingle, Cedar 0 likes
See Cedar Shingle
Shingle, Metal 0 likes
See Metal Shingle
Ship and Galley Tile 0 likes
A distinctive quarry tile with a pattern notched into its face to inhibit slippage
Ship Bottom Paint1 like
ship bottom paint
Anti-corrosive paint employed on the underside of a ship
Shiplap 0 likes
A board with grooved edges overlapping evenly from board to board
Lamination that counterbalances two gypsumboard layers
Shiplapped Lumber 0 likes
Edge-dressed lumber that produces a lap joint; See Ship Lap
Shipping-Dry Lumber 0 likes
Lumber that is partly dried to thwart stain and mold during transportation
Ships Ladder 0 likes
Fabricated wood or metal ladder sloping between 50 and 77 degrees with steps and rails
Shoe 0 likes
A shaped metal area employed in fastening metal studs to the tracks on floors and ceilings
A channel’s end section, typically rotated at 90 degrees that enables connection to other channels
A mechanism that retards or stops the motion of an object
Shoe Mold 1 like
See Base Shoe
Shooting 0 likes
See Sprouting
Shop Coated 0 likes
Shop Primed
Shop Drawing 0 likes
Comprehensive construction drawing, furnished by subcontractors, containing a breakdown of the details of a project
Shop Drawing Stamp 0 likes
A rubber stamp employed by architects, contractors, and engineers to specify their decision on shop drawings
Shop Lathe 0 likes
A machine that facilitates an object revolving around a horizontal axis so that a cutter can reshape it
Shop Painted 0 likes
Paint coat, typically an anti-corrosive primer, applied in the shop, which may be covered by extra coats onsite at a later date
Shop Press1 like
12 ton Shop Press
Employed for the repair of electric motors and armatures, installation and removal of pressure-fitted parts and bending or straightening metal.
Shop Primed 0 likes
Shop painted
Shopping Center 0 likes
Several businesses or stores with accompanying parking provisions
Shopping Mall 0 likes
Large building or buildings containing a variety of shops, walkways, and parking facilities
Shore 1 like
Temporary support to prevent a wall from falling by propping something against it
Shoring 0 likes
Temporary bracing to prop up walls and stop it from falling
Timber employed to support a wall or beam for shortterm support
Short 1 like
Paint that lacks a consistent look because there are no easy brushing liquids
Short Circuit 0 likes
When hot and neutral wires connect; circuit breakers and fuses serve as safeguards against fires that occur from short circuits
Short Cycling 0 likes
When a refrigerating system begins and ends more often than normal
Short Term Debt 1 like
Mortgages and loans due in less than 12 months
Shot Blasting 0 likes
Blast cleaning that employs steel shot to serve as an abrasive
Shotcrete 0 likes
Concrete, or occasionally mortar, conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high speed onto a surface, as a construction technique; an all-inclusive term that can be used for both wet-mix and dry-mix versions. In the pool construction trade however, the term shotcrete refers to wet-mix and gunite refers to dry-mix; in this context, these two terms are not interchangeable
Should 0 likes
Term that means recommended but not mandatory as when shall is employed in most construction specifications, laws, and contracts
Shoulder 0 likes
Space flanked by the diminished edge and the face of a gypsum board
Shoulder Eye Bolt1 like
shoulder eye bolt
A bolt device with an eye connection for the head
Shove Joints 0 likes
Upright joints that are filled by pushing a brick against mortar on the adjacent brick in a mortar bed
Shovel1 like
A manual tool with a handle and a scoop employed to dig, raise, and place materials
Show Window 0 likes
A window employed for the display of goods or advertising; may be totally or partially sealed off
Shower 0 likes
A way of washing where a person stands under a spray of water from a nozzle
Shower Compartment 0 likes
An enclosed stall where a person stands while water is showered from a nozzle
Shower Diverter Valve1 like
shower diverter valve
Bath tub faucet valve that diverts water to the shower nozzle over the tub
Shower Door2 likes
shower door
An unbreakable plastic or shatterproof glass door, employed in a shower compartment or in a shower-bathtub combination
Shower Faucet1 like
Water faucet fabricated specifically for a shower
Shower Floor, Waterproof Membrane 1 like
A roofing membrane that serves as a waterproof floor over the substrate; tiles are then installed on a wire reinforced bed of mortar
Shower Pan 1 like
Sheet metal, masonry, or plastic prefabrication that serves as a shower floor
A waterproof membrane
Shower Receptor1 like
Shower Receptor
The floor and walls up to and inclusive of the shower curb
Shower Receptor Liner 0 likes
Waterproof membrane beneath the floor of a shower; also called Shower Receptor Lining
Shower Receptor Lining 0 likes
See Shower Receptor Liner
Shower Rod1 like
shower rod
A horizontal bar on which a curtain is attached to stop water from leaving a shower
Shrinkage 1 like
Minor concave hollow in the joint treatment; typically as a result of an excessively thin mix of joint compound In a gypsumboard joint; also called a Starved Joint
Contraction in volume as a result of drying
Contraction of a material as a result of the loss of a volatile substance, or by chemical or physical change in the material
Shroud1 like
Protective covering
Shrub Moving 0 likes
Excavating a shrub with its complete root system and repositioning it to another area
Shunt1 like
A conductor connecting two points of a circuit enabling a current to be redirected
Shut-off Valve2 likes
shut-off valve
A supply line valve that shuts down and opens the flow of liquid, rarely employed to thwart flow
Shutter1 like
Louvered, ornamental, light, framed doors positioned on each side to form a barrier; some shutters close over the window to serve as protection
SI 0 likes
French, System International d Unites; International System of Units
Side and End Matched 0 likes
Wooden strip floor with grooves and tongues on the sides and ends
Side Hill 0 likes
Incline that intersects the line of work
Side Jamb 0 likes
Upright pieces to a window or door opening on which the window or door lie
Side Lumber 0 likes
A board from the external part of a log
Side Seams 0 likes
Seam spanning a carpet’s length; also called a Length Seam
Side Sewer 0 likes
The part of the sanitary sewer that connects the internal waste water lines to the main sewer lines; extends from the house to the sewer line under some feet of soil; maintained by the owner and serviced by utility-authorized contractors; also called Sewer lateral
Side Vent 0 likes
A vent connecting with the drain pipe via no more than a 45 degree Y
Side Yard 0 likes
The area between a structure and the property line on the side
Side-Grained Wood 0 likes
Flat-grained lumber
Sidelap 1 like
The least distance in which horizontal neighboring elements of roofing overlap, measured in inches
Sidelight1 like
High, slender window beside a door
Sidewalk 0 likes
A walkway for pedestrians on the side of a street or road
Sidewalk Doors 0 likes
Aluminum or steel doors on a sidewalk that lead to a basement
Siding 1 like
The finished outside cover of the exterior walls of a frame building
Siding, Lap 0 likes
Somewhat wedge-shaped boards employed as horizontal, lapped siding above the exterior sheathing; butt thickness ranges from ½ to ¾ inch and in width no more than 12 inches
Siding, Steel 0 likes
See Steel Siding
Sienna 1 like
A brown-red pigment when raw and orange- red or red-brown when burnt
Sieve1 like
A utensil made of a wire or plastic mesh held in a frame, employed for straining solids from liquids, for separating rougher from finer particles, or for reducing soft solids to a pulp; also called a Screen
Sieve Analysis 0 likes
Ascertaining the ratio of particles of granular material within particular size ranges on sieves with various sized apertures; see Gradation
Sight Gauge 0 likes
See Sight Glass
Sight Glass 1 like
A transparent tube or window through which the level of liquid in a supply line or reservoir can be monitored visually; also called a Sight Gauge
Sign1 like
A posted command, warning, notice, or direction
Sign, Electric1 like
electric sign
See Electric Sign
Signage 1 like
Any one of a group of posted commands, warnings, notices, or directions
Signal Circuit 0 likes
An electrical circuit providing energy to an appliance with a detectible signal, such as for buzzers, signal lights, and door bells
Signboard 0 likes
A sign
Silex 1 like
A type of chemically inactive silica employed expansively in producing paste wood fillers that moisture resistant and does not shrink
Silica 0 likes
An oxide of silicon, occurring in nature as quartz, or combined with other elements
Silica Gel1 like
silica gel
A granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide produced synthetically from sodium silicate; tough and hard, it is more solid than common household gels; naturally occurring mineral that is purified and processed into granular or beaded form; employed as a desiccant
Silica Sand 0 likes
Fine white fine sand made of silica
An inactive pigment produced from quartz rock, extremely resistant to acids, alkalis, light and heat
A mineral generally in the clay employed in producing bricks
Silicate of Soda 1 like
See Water Glass
Silicate Paint1 like
silicate paint
Paint that uses silicates as binders; employed primarily in inorganic zinc-rich coats
Siliceous 0 likes
Contains silicon or silicate
Silicon 0 likes
A non-metallic element in silica and silicates, employed in the production of glass, alloys, and electric mechanisms
Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) 0 likes
Electronic semi-conductor which consists of silicon
Silk Screen Finishing 0 likes
Finishing process where paint is pushed through open meshes of a fabric screen; parts of the screen are blocked and do not print in order to furnish the design
Silking 0 likes
A surface flaw marked by parallel hair-like striped patterns in coated films
Sill 0 likes
Wood plate framing component that lies flat and bolted to the foundation wall on which the floor joists are mounted
The beam forming the underside of an aperture, such as a window sill or door sill
Debris dumped by water in a water course
Soil consisting of very small particles
Fine particles hardly visible to the naked eye; usually located in a glass tube and scrutinized with good light
Silver 0 likes
Precious, grey-white, lustrous metal employed primarily in alloys; malleable and ductile, it also has the greatest thermal and electrical conductor properties of any material
Silver Brazing 0 likes
Brazing employing a silver alloy based filler; the silver alloys consist of different percentages of silver and other metals, such as copper, zinc and cadmium; brazing is commonly used in the tool industry to fasten carbide, ceramics, cermet, and similar hard metal tips to tools such as saw blades; sometimes known as silver soldering or hard soldering
Silver Leaf 1 like
Thin leaf composed of silver, employed mostly for producing letters on glass
Simple Beam 0 likes
A beam mounted on two supports; bending is not transmitted from the beam to the support
Simplified Practice Recommendation (SPR) 0 likes
U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230, URL: www.commerce.gov
Single Accommodation Sanitary Facility 0 likes
A room to accommodate one person, with a door that can be locked on the inside by the occupant and one or fewer of each sanitary fixture
Single Family Dwelling 0 likes
Accommodation for one family
Single Fire 0 likes
One firing to develop an unfired ceramic body and its glaze
Single Hung Window 0 likes
Window that has an upright sliding sash or window outlet
Single Lever Faucet1 like
single lever faucet
Faucets with one control and springs, cartridges, or balls that regulate water flow and temperature
Single Phase Motor1 like
single phase motor
Electric motor functioning on one-phase alternating current
Single Ply 0 likes
A roof that has one layer
Single Pole Switch 0 likes
An electrical switch with a positive contact and on-off positions
Single Roll 0 likes
American-made wallpaper comes in a roll of 36 square feet of paper; usually packaged as two or three single rolls
Single Spread 0 likes
See Spread
Single Stage Compressor 0 likes
See Compressor, Single Stage
Single Tee 0 likes
A prefabricated concrete plank with a central stiffening rib
Single Zone Air Handling System 0 likes
A system furnishing conditioned air to a portion or entire building that can be regulated as one area; a consistent amount of air is provided to the area
Single-Bevel Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Single-J Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Single-Ply Roofing Institute (SPRI) 1 like
411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Suite 331B, Waltham, MA 02452, Tel: (781) 647-7026, URL: www.spri.org/
Single-Pole, Double Throw Switch, (SPDT) 1 like
An electric switch that has a blade with two contact points
Single-Pole, Single Throw Switch, (SPST) 1 like
An electric switch that has a blade and a single contact point
Single-U Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Single-Vee Groove Weld 1 like
See Groove Weld
Sinistral 0 likes
Left handed
Sink1 like
A basin with drainage and a piped water supply, employed for cleaning and removing fluids
Poorly drained, low-lying land
Sink, Darkroom 0 likes
See Darkroom Sink
Sinking Fund 0 likes
A money fund accumulated and enlarged with interest over time to end a debt, or make available reserves to replace deteriorating assets
Sintering 0 likes
Melting a powder to increase its strength while maintaining its porosity; employed in the production of light aggregates
Siphon1 like
A tube that transports liquids to a lower level using atmospheric pressure to facilitate the flow
Siren1 like
A warning device, often electrically operated, that creates a loud wailing sound
Sisal 0 likes
A strong durable white fiber obtained from fleshy leaves of the agave plant; employed in the production of rope and twine
Sister Joist 0 likes
Strengthening of a joist by nails or fastening along the current joist, another joist or reinforcing beam; used to reinforce joists that are sagging or damaged
Site 0 likes
Area where a structure or group of structures are located; a construction site
Site Demolition 0 likes
Tearing down a building or structure to prepare for new construction
Site Development 0 likes
Installing necessary improvements such as utilities and grading, to a site before a building or project is constructed on the site
Site Plan 0 likes
An architectural plan with a comprehensive engineering drawing of projected improvements to a site; generally illustrates a building footprint, parking, roads and walkways, drainage, sewer and water lines, landscaping, and lighting
Sitecast Concrete 0 likes
Concrete cast-in-place
Sitz Bath1 like
sitz bath
See Prerineal Bath
Sizing 0 likes
Molding substance to the right size
Coat of shellac, glue, or another substance on a surface that prepares it for paint or another finish
SJI 1 like
Steel Joist Institute
Skarf Joint 0 likes
A joint fastening two pieces of timber or metal; the ends are beveled or notched so they fit over or into each other
Skein2 likes
A bundle of yarn loosely wound together
Skein Dyeing 0 likes
Submerging skeins of yarn in vats that contain hot dye
Sketch 0 likes
A rough drawing with the main features of an object, site, building, or structure
Skid Resistance 0 likes
Measure of the frictional properties of a particular surface
Ability of an asphalt paving surface to offer resistance to slipping or skidding especially when wet; correct asphalt content and aggregate with a coarse surface texture are critical
 The cumulative effects of ice, snow, water, loose material and the road surface on the traction produced by the wheels of a vehicle; measured by the friction between a freely-spinning wheel and the ground, or the braking distance of a braking vehicle
Skim Coat 0 likes
A narrow plaster coat over a base, such as the finish coat on a plaster base
A thin coat of joint treatment on the surface to diminish the surface texture and suction differences in gypsumboard finishing
Treating plastered areas to prepare for gloss paint; frequently occurs in kitchen and bath areas
Skim Filter2 likes
Swimming pool surface skimmer that has a vacuum filter
Skimmer1 like
A device that constantly moves swimming pool water and surface debris into the filtration system
Skin Condenser 0 likes
Condenser that employs the exterior cabinet surface as the heat radiating vehicle
Skinning 0 likes
A strong layer or skin produced on the surface of paint or varnish within the container, due to prolonged contact with air
Skip Trowel 0 likes
Plaster texturing that produces a coarse Spanish stucco appearance
Skirting 0 likes
Baseboard at a staircase
Skive Edge 0 likes
The outer paper joint tape edges sanded to enhance adhesive bonds and diminish waviness in gypsumboard finishing
Skiving 0 likes
To scrape or slice off in thin layers
Skylight 0 likes
A glass window in a roof of building to let in daylight
Skyscraper 0 likes
An especially tall building
Slab 0 likes
A cast concrete base or foundation
Thick flat section of floor or roof; located on the ground or supported by beams or walls
Slack 1 like
Not busy; having superfluous time in a CPM schedule; also known as a Float
Not tight or stretched tightly; hanging loosely without tension
Insufficiently diligent; negligent, not displaying enough care
Slack Time 0 likes
Ability to reschedule the start dates of useful non-critical tasks in a project without impacting the completion date; many project managers deliberately add slack time into the project timeline to ensure the project stays on schedule
Slag 0 likes
A partially vitreous by-product of smelting ore, that separates the desirable metal fraction from the undesirable fraction; generally a mixture of metal oxides and silicon dioxide; removes waste in metal smelting, facilitates temperature control of the smelting, minimizes any re-oxidation of the final liquid metal product before the molten metal is removed from the furnace, and used to make solid metal
Slag Inclusion 0 likes
Solid, non-metal substance trapped in weld metal or among base metal and weld metal
Slake 1 like
Heating and crumbling as a result of treatment with water
Lime putty is created from quicklime by adding quicklime to water, then enabling the resulting slurry to mature for a minimum of two weeks
Slaked Lime 0 likes
Hydrated lime
Slander of Title 0 likes
Deliberate and wrongful smear on a title to real estate
Slash-Grained Wood 1 like
Flat-grained timber
Slate 1 like
A fine-grained hardened clay; a metamorphic rock easily split into thin layers; used in roofing material
Slate Flour 1 like
Filler employed widely in roofing mastic and asphalt mixtures
Sledge 1 like
See Sledgehammer
Sledge Hammer1 like
sledge hammer
A large heavy hammer that is employed using both hands; also called a Sledge
Sleeper 0 likes
A wood part set in concrete in a floor that supports and secures the subfloor or flooring material
Sleeping Accommodations 0 likes
Places where people sleep
Sleeve 1 like
Pipe fitted below a concrete driveway or sidewalk that will be employed to cast sprinkler pipe or wires at a later date
Slenderness Ratio 1 like
The ratio of the effective length of a column to the least radius of gyration of its cross section (sometimes expressed with the Greek letter lambda, ?); this ratio provides a means of classifying columns
Sliced Veneer 0 likes
Wood veneer that is sliced off a log or bolt with a knife
Slicker 1 like
A long water-repellant coat generally made of oilskin
An implement made of a thin board beveled on both sides, employed by the plasterer
Slide 0 likes
A minor landslide
To move without interruption on a smooth surface
A fresh tile wall warped or drooped as a result of excess mortar, deficient lime in the mortar, or superfluous moisture in the scratch coat; if the surface is smooth or the mortar is too supple, a slide may also occur
Slide, Water 0 likes
See Water Slide
Sliding Glass Door1 like
sliding glass door
An outside glass door installed on tracks at the top and bottom to facilitate a gliding motion
Sliding Window1 like
sliding window
A window that glides sideways within tracks
Sling Psychrometer1 like
sling psychrometer
Device that measures humidity with wet and dry bulb thermometers; See Hygrometer
Slip 0 likes
An unintentional or minor mistake
A slender long wood strip
Ceramic material suspended in liquid
Minor geological fault
Slip Brick 0 likes
See Soft Mud Brick
Slippage 1 like
Lateral motion among adjoining plies of roof felt along the bitumen lines producing a haphazard wrinkled form, and occasionally subjecting the lower plies or the base sheet to the elements
Slippage Cracks 0 likes
In flexible pavements, crescent or half-moon shaped cracks typically with two ends pointed in the direction of traffic; due to breaking or turning wheels impacting a weak bond between the surface layer and the course below in asphalt paving
Sliver 1 like
A Splinter
Slop Sink2 likes
slot sink
A deeper fitting than a standard sink; See Service Sink
Slope 0 likes
The incline of a roof, expressed as a ratio of the rise, in inches, to the run, in feet; See also pitch
Slot 0 likes
A thin vertical or horizontal opening where objects can be inserted
Slot Anchor 0 likes
A groove in an object into which a clasp or fastener is inserted
Slot Cut 0 likes
H or L shaped tile, cut to surround pipes or switch boxes
Slot Weld 1 like
A weld produced in an extended hole in a piece of a lap or tee joint to the piece of the other part exposed through the hole; the hole may be open at one end and partly or entirely filled with weld metal
Slotted Screwdriver1 like
slotted screwdriver
Widely used screwdriver with a flat square blade; also called a Flat Head Screwdriver
Slough 0 likes
A stagnant area of water connected to a large body of water such as a marsh, swamp, or backwater
A muddy deep hole
Slow Drying 1 like
Needing at least a day before recoating
Slow-Curing (SC) Asphalt 1 like
Cutback asphalt made of asphalt cement and stable oils
Sludge 0 likes
Mud sediment at the bottom of a liquid
Solid debris precipitated during sewage treatment
Slug 0 likes
A food-poundsecond unit of mass equal to 32.17 pounds that when acted on by a one pound force achieves an acceleration of 1 foot per second per second (in the English system)
Strike somebody or something very hard usually with the fist
Sluice 0 likes
A sliding gate or valve that regulates the water flow in a channel
An artificial water channel regulated by a gate or valve
A steep, narrow channel for transporting excess water
Slump 0 likes
The moisture content of concrete; a three inch slump is more dehydrated and stiffer than a five inch slump
Slump Cone 0 likes
A metal mold in the form of a truncated cone with a top diameter of 4, a bottom diameter eight inches, and a height of 12 inches, used to fabricate a specimen of newly mixed concrete for a slump test; a cone six inches in height is employed for freshly mixed mortar and stucco tests
Slump Test 0 likes
The process of measuring the slump of concrete, plaster, or mortar or with a slump cone
Slurry 0 likes
A mixture of water and an insoluble material such as cement, slag, or clay in a watery suspension
Slurry Coat 0 likes
Brushed coating of slurry on the back of bonded veneer units and on the backing
Slush Coat 0 likes
A pure soft coating; also called a Slurry coat
SMACNA 0 likes
Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association
Small Business Administration 0 likes
Agency funding minority and small business investment companies that provide financing to contractors; generally limited to contractors with a proven track record
Smalt 0 likes
A deep blue paint and ceramic pigment created by pulverizing a glass consisting of potash, silica, and cobalt oxide; occasionally added to newly coated surfaces for extraordinary ornamentation
Smart Building 0 likes
Modern office building pre-wired to accommodate the latest telecommunications and computer connections
Smelt 0 likes
To melt or fuse ore and obtain metal from it
Smelter 0 likes
A furnace where raw materials are melted
Smoke Alarm1 like
smoke alarm
A device that emits a loud warning sound when it is exposed to smoke
Smoke Chamber 0 likes
The space above the fireplace and beneath the flue that enables smoke to mix and rise into the flue; area where smoke tends to linger and large deposits of creosote frequently accumulate
Smoke Detector1 like
smoke detector
See Smoke Alarm
Smoke Developed Rating 0 likes
Index of the toxic fumes produced by a substance during combustion
Snake1 like
plumbers snake
Flexible metal tape employed by plumbers to clear blockages in drain and sewer pipes; also called Plumbers Snake
Snap Header 0 likes
An erroneous header consisting of half bricks with the intact end displayed on the surface
Snap Line 1 like
See Chalk Line
Snow Load 0 likes
Load of snow on a roof
Soap Brick 0 likes
A little brick that fills a course
Soap Dish1 like
soap dish
Small concave container that holds a bar of soap; occasionally embedded in a sink
Soaping Tile 1 like
Smearing a soapy film over freshly tiled walls to safeguard them from paint and plaster damage
Soapstone 0 likes
See Talc
Social Security 0 likes
A U.S. government agency founded in 1935 which provides economic security and social welfare for individuals and their families; a part of each person’s income is set aside toward old age, unemployment insurance and assistance
Society of the Plastic Industry, Inc. (SPI) 0 likes
1667 K Street, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20006, Tel: (202) 974-5200: URL: www.plasticsindustry.org/
Socket1 like
An aperture to receive a mechanical device
An electric device that receives a light bulb
Socket Wrench2 likes
socket wrench
A wrench with various sockets for nuts and bolts of different sizes
Sod 0 likes
Grass surface on the ground; turf
Soda Ash1 like
soda ash
A sodium salt of carbonic acid, synthetically produced in large quantities from salt and limestone by a method known as the Solvay process; well known for its everyday use as a water softener, employed in swimming pools to elevate the pH and increase alkalinity; used with alum in sand filters to create floc; and to neutralize hydrochloric acid, when chlorine gas is employed as a disinfectant
Sodium Bicarbonate1 like
sodium bicarbonate
Baking soda employed to elevate total alkalinity of pool water with a minor change in pH
Sodium Bisulfate 0 likes
Dry acid when mixed with water diminishes the pH and alkalinity of pool water
Sodium Fixture1 like
sodium fixture
An electric lamp with sodium vapor and electrodes where a bright discharge occurs; widely employed outside
Sodium Hypchlorite 0 likes
Liquid consisting of 12 to 15 percent available chlorine; employed as a pool water disinfectant
Sodium Thiosulfate 0 likes
Chemical that eliminates chlorine from a test sample to avert erroneous pH test scores or erroneous bacteria test results
Soffit 0 likes
Area below the eaves and overhangs; the area below where the roof hangs over the walls; typically the underside of a structural component of a building
Soffit Board 0 likes
A distinct gypsum board employed in outside overhangs, carport ceilings and other areas safeguarded from the weather
Soffit Vent1 like
soffit vent
An aperture below a roof’s eaves that enables air to flow into the attic or the area below the roof sheath
Soft Costs 0 likes
Costs supplemental to the direct construction cost, such as architectural and engineering fees, legal permits and fees, financing fees, construction interest and operating expenses, advertising and promotion, real estate commissions, and supervisory fees; See Construction Cost
Soft Dollars 1 like
Part of equity investment in real estate, such as prepaid interest, that is tax deductible in the first year
Payments made by money managers to their service providers by passing on business to them instead of paying them with cash
Soft Mud Brick 0 likes
Brick created by casting wet clay, often manually; when the interior of molds is sanded to thwart the adhering of clay, the result is Sand Mold Brick; when molds are moistened to thwart sticking, the result is Water-Struck Brick or Slip Brick
Soft Rot 0 likes
Distinct decay that develops in very wet environments in the exterior wood layers, such as in boat timbers
Soft Water 0 likes
Water that has a very low mineral content
Soft-Burned 0 likes
Clay materials fired at low temperatures, yielding high absorption and low compression strengths
Softener, Water2 likes
softener, water
See Water Softener
Softening Point 0 likes
The temperature at which a hard material becomes soft or sticky
Softening Point Drift 0 likes
Reducing the softening point of bitumen, due to extended overheating or combining asphalt and coal-tar pitch; also called Dropback
Software, Scheduling 1 like
See Scheduling Software
Softwood Plywood Panel 0 likes
Plywood fabricated from softwood species
Softwoods 0 likes
Trees that usually have needle or scaly leaves; the conifers, or the wood produced from these trees; bears no relation to the hardness of the wood
Soil 0 likes
Loose top layer on land; unconsolidated natural surface material on top of bedrock
Soil and Waste Pipe 1 like
pipe that carries sewage or waste water from a toilet, shower and the like to a soil drain or sewer
Soil Bend 0 likes
A short curved pipe in the shape of an elbow that joins two straight pipes in a sewage system
Soil Test 0 likes
See Geotechnical Investigation
Sol-Air Temperature 0 likes
Arrangement of solar and convective heat sources at the exterior surface of a roof or wall
Solar Array 0 likes
A group of panels that gather heat from the sun for a solar heating system
Solar Collector1 like
solar collector
See Collector
Solar Heat 0 likes
Heat produced by energy from the sun
Solar Heat Gain through Fenestration 0 likes
Quantity of heat gain through a distinctive covering system or window
Solar Heating1 like
Solar Heating
A heating system employing heat from the sun
Solar Panel 0 likes
Battery of solar cells
Solar Reel0 likes
solar reel
A device, such as a cylinder, spool, or frame, that turns on an axis and is used for winding and storing rope, tape, film, or other flexible materials powered by the radiation from the sun.
Solar Screen Title 0 likes
Tile fabricated for masonry screen building
Solar Systems 0 likes
Heating and cooling systems that employ solar energy
Solarium 0 likes
Glass enclosed room that is exposed to the sun
Solder 0 likes
A fusible alloy, usually a mixture of lead and tin, employed to join metal objects
Soldering Iron1 like
soldering iron
A pointed or wedge-shaped implement employed in soldering
Solderless Pressure Connector 0 likes
A device which creates the connection between conductors or between conductors and a terminal employing mechanical pressure without soldering
Soldier 0 likes
A brick positioned on its end with its narrow face toward the wall’s exterior
Soldier Course 0 likes
Oblong tile or brick positioned with the long side upright and all joints flush
Sole Ownership 0 likes
A business owned by only one person
Sole Plate 0 likes
The horizontal beam to which the underside of the studs are secured in a wall of a structure
Sole Proprietor 0 likes
The only owner of a business
Sole Proprietorship 0 likes
Same as sole ownership
Solenoid1 like
A cylindrical wire coil that functions as an electromagnet when a current is flowing
Solenoid Valve1 like
solenoid valve
A valve that is activated by an electric solenoid
Solid 1 like
One of three states of mattersolid, liquid, and gas
Firm and stable in shape and volume; unyielding
Reliable, of strong character
Solids 0 likes
The dry ingredients left after the volatile solvent or water evaporates from paint; not fluid and unable to flow
Solids Volume 0 likes
Proportion of total volume inhabited by non-volatiles in paint
Solubility 0 likes
Ability of a substance to dissolve in another
Soluble 0 likes
Ability of a substance to dissolve in another and produce a solution; for example, salt is soluble in water
Soluble Salts 0 likes
A mineral that is usually present in the clay used for the making of bricks
Solution 0 likes
The process by which a solid, liquid, or gas (solute) is homogeneously mixed with a liquid (solvent) and unlike a suspension, the resulting mixture is incapable of mechanical separation into its parts; there is always more solvent than solute; brines are solutions of a salt in water, alloys and amalgams are metal in metal solutions
Solution Dyeing 0 likes
While in liquid solution, Including dye or colored pigments to synthetic material prior to extruding into fiber
Solvent2 likes
A substance, usually a liquid, in which other substance dissolves
Possessing the money to cover all legal debts and expenses
Sone 0 likes
Measurement of sound loudness
Sonotube 0 likes
Large circular cardboard tube that secures wet concrete in place until it solidifies
Sound 1 like
Vibrations that are traveling in the air or other elastic materials, particularly those audible to the human ear
Sound Absorbing Material1 like
sound absorbing material
Acoustic insulation, generally composed of glass fiber, positioned in deck flutes to enhance sound absorption through holes in the deck
Sound Absorption 0 likes
Dispelling or discharging sound energy
When materials and structures absorb sound
Sound Attenuation 0 likes
To soundproof a subfloor or wall; typically accomplished with fiberglass insulation
Sound Knot 0 likes
A solid knot, as tough or tougher than the surrounding wood, and completely intact
Sound Transmission Class (STC) 0 likes
Single number rating of the sound insulation of a partition or wall; measured by a curve of its insulation value in relation to frequency; larger numbers indicate better sound insulation
Sound Transmission Coefficient 0 likes
Measurement of the decrease in sound transmission through particular groups of materials employed in walls, ceilings, and floors
Sound Transmission Loss (STL) 1 like
The reduction in sound energy of airborne sound as it moves through a construction material, in decibels; transmission loss usually increases with frequency, the greater frequencies have greater sound transmission loss
South Pole 0 likes
Southernmost point of the axis of rotation of the earth
The pole of a magnet pointing south
Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc 1 like
900 Montclair Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35213, Tel: (205) 591-1853; URL: www.sbcci.org/
Southern Forest Products Association (SPA) 0 likes
2900 Indian, Kenner, LA 70065, Tel: (504) 443-4464; URL: www.sfpa.org
SPA 1 like
Southern Forest Products Association
spa3 likes
A resort with mineral springs used for therapy and relaxation
A unit primarily for therapeutic use that may include hot or cold water, mineral baths, air induced bubbles, hydro-jet circulation; also called Therapeutic Pool, Hot Spa, Hydrotherapy Pool, or Whirlpool
Spa Pool 0 likes
Pool with water jets and/or an aeration system for hydro-massage
Space 0 likes
A distance
A volume
The area beyond the earth’s atmosphere and beyond
An area set aside for a specific purpose such as kitchen space or dining space
A definable area, such as a room, lobby, courtyard, hall, bathroom, or storage room
Spacer Strip 0 likes
A metal strip or bar placed in the root of a joint ready for a groove weld; serves as a backing and keeps the root open during the welding procedure
Spacers 0 likes
T- and Y-shaped in thicknesses ranging from 1/16 inch to ½ inch, they separate tiles on floors and walls
Spacing 0 likes
Distance between each beam or shingle in construction
Spacing Mix 0 likes
A dry or moist mixture of one part portland cement and one part extra-fine sand; fills the joints of ceramic mosaic tiles and maintains uniformly spacing during tile installation
Spackle1 like
White powder that mixes with water to produce a paste; used to fill and repair cracks in plaster or gypsumboard; trademark
Spackling Compound 2 likes
Type of plaster employed to fill uneven areas and cracks in plaster surfaces; when mixed with paste paint produces Swedish Putty
Spading Tool 0 likes
Shovel with a thin blade that places and packs concrete
Spall 0 likes
A small fragment or chip detached from a larger material such as stone or ore
Spall, Pile 1 like
See Pile Spall
Spalling 0 likes
Cracking, splintering, or breaking of materials into chips, often as a result of heat
Spandrel 0 likes
Wall area between the window head on one story of a building and the window sill on the floor above it
The triangular area of a wall between adjacent arches
Spar Varnish1 like
spar varnish
A tough varnish employed for acute issues on outside surfaces; resists rain and heat; also used for the spars on ships
Spark Arrestor1 like
spark arrestor
Mesh grill on the uppermost part of a chimney flue to thwart dangerous sparks
Spark-Proof Tools 0 likes
Implements composed of bronze beryllium
Spatter 0 likes
The metal particles discharged during welding that are not part of the weld
Spatter Finish 0 likes
Finish which has a spattered or spackled appearance
Spec Home 0 likes
A dwelling built prior to being sold; the builder speculates that he will sell the home and make a profit
Special Conditions 0 likes
Section of a contract, other than the General Conditions and Supplementary Conditions, with specific clauses providing conditions or requirements for a particular project; includes work or materials in the proposal and estimate insufficiently covered by the General Conditions; See General Conditions
Special-Purpose Tile 0 likes
A glazed or unglazed tile manufactured with distinctive specifications including size, shape, color, or ornamentation; may require a particular resistance to stains, frost, hail, alkalis and acids, heat, physical blow, a high friction coefficient or electrical conductivity characteristics
Specialties 0 likes
Incidental unique items required to complete the construction of a building, including roof or concrete specialties
Specialty Contractor 0 likes
A trade contractor or subcontractor who focuses on an established trade and usually installs specific items such as floors, windows, or granite
Specific Gravity 0 likes
The ratio of the density of a substance to the density (mass of the same unit volume) of a reference substance; the reference substance is usually water for liquids, or air for gases
Specific Heat 1 like
The quantity of heat, in BTUs, to elevate the temperature of one pound of material one degree Fahrenheit
Specific Humidity 0 likes
See Humidity Ratio
Specific Latent Heat 0 likes
Latent heat per unit mass
Specific Latent Heat of Fusion 0 likes
Amount of heat, in joules, required to change unit mass of a substance from solid to liquid at the melting point
Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization 0 likes
Amount of heat, in joules, required to change unit mass of a substance from liquid to vapor at the boiling point
Specific Performance 0 likes
An unusual, equitable rather than legal, remedy that compels a party to execute a contract according to the precise terms agreed upon or to execute it substantially so that justice is achieved between the parties; the plaintiff receives what he actually bargained for in the contract, rather than damages
Specific Volume 0 likes
Volume per unit mass of a substance
Specification Code 0 likes
Building code where permissible and required materials and methods are specified; compare with Performance Code
Specifications 0 likes
A detailed, precise statement of materials, model numbers, colors, allowances, procedures, and other issues to supplement information in blue prints and working drawings; usually congruent with the Construction Specification Institute format (CSI); also called Specs
Speckled Glaze 0 likes
A glaze that consists of granules or ceramic stains with contrasting colors
Specks 0 likes
Dark dots less than 1/64 inch in diameter and visible at a distance in excess of 3 feet on a tile
Spectrum 0 likes
The band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, arranged in a progressive series due to their wavelength; produced when a ray of sunshine is bent or refracted by a glass prism
Specular Gloss 0 likes
Mirror-like reflection
Speculation 0 likes
Taking on risk in a potentially profitable business transaction
Speculum 0 likes
A reflector in an optical device
Spelter 0 likes
Impure zinc, cast into slabs for commercial use; an inexpensive alternative to bronze
Sphere1 like
A three-dimensional round solid figure with every point on its surface equidistant from the center; a ball shape
Spheroid 0 likes
Shaped like a sphere
Sphinx 0 likes
Ancient Egyptian stone figures with a lion’s body and the head of a human or animal
SPI 1 like
The Society of the Plastic Industry, Inc
Spike 1 like
An extremely large nail
Spike Knot 0 likes
A knot in timber sawn lengthwise
Spillway 0 likes
A channel for a pond or a terrace that carries away excess water
Spinner, Roof 0 likes
See Roof Spinner
Spiral 1 like
A continuously coiled bar or wire that strengthens a concrete column
Spire 0 likes
A narrow tapering cone-shaped structure on the top of a church roof or tower; a steeple
Spirit Level1 like
spirit level
A tool that indicates a horizontal line or plane by centering a bubble in a slightly curved glass tube
Spirit Stain 0 likes
A stain made by dissolving a dye in an alcohol; a wood stain that is dissolved in alcohol
Spirit Varnish 1 like
A varnish produced by dissolving a resin in a solvent; usually dries by evaporation
Spitout 0 likes
A pinhole flaw in glaze due to the production of tiny gas bubbles from the body or glaze in the decorating kiln
Splash 0 likes
A drop or spot from a splashed liquid
To scatter a liquid
A Splash Wall
Splay 0 likes
A sloped surface, such as the incline or bevel on the sides of a window or door
To make a beveled surface or to spread out or make oblique
Splay Angle 0 likes
Where two surfaces come together forming an angle of more than 90 degrees
Splice 1 like
Attaching two components by overlapping, soldering, or by an adhesive
Connecting two similar components in a straight line
Lap in the middle of a sheet or rolls of wire fabric that has been welded
Attaching two lengths of rope by linking the strands
Linking a reinforcing bar to another bar by mechanical coupling, welding, or other methods
Splice, Compression2 likes
splice, compression
See Compression Splice
Spline 0 likes
A narrow wood strip that strengthens joints; also known as a Feather or Tongue
Spline Joint 0 likes
A connecting strip installed into slots in each component during cabinetry
Splinter 0 likes
Narrow sharp broken fragment of wood, metal, glass or a similar material; a Sliver
Split 0 likes
A tear in the skin, generally due to tensile stress of substrate motion; See Crack
Split System 0 likes
An air conditioning system with an indoor that has an evaporative coil, provisions for heating and air handler, as well as an outdoor unit with an air-cooled condenser and a compressor
Splitter 0 likes
A lateral fracture in the core of gypsumboard; See Core Separation
Spoil 1 like
Earth materials that are eliminated during excavation
Spokeshave 0 likes
A hand implement with a blade fitted between two handles; employed for producing concave or convex shapes
Sponge Float 0 likes
Finishing float with a sponge surface; produces a somewhat textured finish on concrete or plaster
Spool1 like
A reel that facilitates winding of cord, cable, wire or rope
Spool, Insulator 0 likes
See Insulator Spool
Spot Grounds 0 likes
Wood pieces connected to the plaster base at different intervals to measure the thickness of plaster
Spot Mopping 1 like
Applying bitumen in small spots during roof work
A mopping pattern when hot bitumen is applied in spherical areas approximated 18 inches in diameter with a grid of perpendicular bands that are un-mopped
Spot Repair 1 like
Retouching and repainting small areas; preemptive maintenance
Spotlight 0 likes
A light fixture that focuses a thin intense beam of light
Spots 0 likes
Dots on the face of a surface greater than 1/64 inch in diameter, such as on a tile
Spout1 like
A pipe or conduit where a liquid is emitted, transferred or discharged
A pipe that conveys rainwater from a roof
SPR 1 like
Simplified Practice Recommendation
Spray Application2 likes
spray application
Mechanical equipment that applies ceiling or wall materials
Spray Booth 0 likes
Area in a structure that is employed for spray painting and is separated by walls to prevent the spread of dust and dirt
Spray Cap 0 likes
Front cover of a spray gun that has atomizing air holes
Spray Coating 0 likes
A coat of paint or another material sprayed on a surface with a spray gun
Spray Cooling 0 likes
Means of refrigeration by spraying dispensable refrigerant, or by spraying water that has been refrigerated
Spray Gun1 like
Spray Gun
A gun-like implement that is employed to spray substances such as paint on a surface
Spray Head 0 likes
Needle, air cap, and tip
Spray Loss 0 likes
See Drift
Sprayed Fireproofing 0 likes
Fire-resistant substances that are sprayed on construction components
Sprayed Insulation 0 likes
Polyurethane plastic foam sprayed on a surface for insulation purposes
Spread 1 like
Amount of adhesive per unit area applied to a surface, generally expressed in pounds of adhesive per thousand square feet of area or square feet per gallon of paint; Single Spread refers to adhesive application to one component; Double Spread refers to adhesive application to both components
Spreader 0 likes
Circulation of pool water inside a filter
Spreading Rate 0 likes
Surface area where a unit volume of paint will spread, typically expressed in square feet per gallon
Spreadsheet 1 like
An extra-large tabular sheet employed to separate figures and manipulate in various categories
SPRI 1 like
Single-Ply Roofing Institute
Spring Isolator1 like
spring isolator
A separating device for fixing mechanical equipment employing coil springs to thwart vibrations entering into the building structure
Spring-Board1 like
Supple board employed for diving
Spring-Loaded 0 likes
A device with a compressed or stretched spring pushing one component against another component
Springer 2 likes
The brick or stone where an arch comes from
Springer Points 0 likes
The beginning points from which the underside curves of an arch are initiated
Sprinkle Mopping 0 likes
Tossing of heated bead-sized bitumen granules randomly onto a roof surface with a broom or mop
Insulation by immersing a mop into hot bitumen and sprinkling the bitumen granules on the deck
Sprinkler Head2 likes
sprinkler head
Small opening from which water is sprayed from an irrigation or fire sprinkler system
Sprouting 0 likes
Temporary condition in new carpets where yarn strand become loose and sit above the pile; restored by fastidious clipping or spot cutting
Spud 1 like
Scraping and chipping large quantities of bitumen in order to remove roof gravel
Spur Gears1 like
spur gears
A gearwheel that has teeth projecting alongside the axis of a wheel
Square1 like
A geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles
The product of multiplying a number by itself
An I- or L-shaped instrument employed for drawing or gauging right angles
Square Footage 0 likes
The area of a building or land, defined in square feet
Squash Court 0 likes
A four-walled inside court where people play squash, a game undertaken with balls and special racquets
Squeegie1 like
Pea gravel employed to grade a floor usually prior to laying concrete
Squirrel Cage 0 likes
Fan with blades parallel to the fan axis; circulates air perpendicular to the fan axis
SR 0 likes
Styrene Rubber
SS Glass 0 likes
Single strength window glass
SSD 2 likes
Saturated Surface Dry
SSPC 1 like
Steel Structures Painting Council
Stability 1 like
When a material or structure is unaffected, or restored to its initial state after being impacted by a force
Stack 0 likes
To properly position trusses on walls
Stack Bond 1 like
A brick bond with all headers, stretchers and vertical joints aligned; also called plumb joint bond, straight stack, checkerboard bond, jack bond, and jack on jack
Stack Effect 2 likes
Air flow created by convection as heated air rises producing a positive pressure region at the uppermost point of a building and a negative pressure area at the lowest part of a building; the stack effect can override the mechanical system and interrupt ventilation and flow in a building structure
Stacking Tile 1 like
Installing glazed tiles on a wall in direct contact with adjoining tiles with either straight or broken joints; string is not employed to position the tiles
Stadia Rod 0 likes
A special employed by land surveyors to observing and record distances and elevations
Staff 0 likes
Plaster casts produced in molds, strengthened with fiber and generally nailed or wired into position
Staff Plaster 2 likes
Employed for precast plaster moldings, this rigid plaster is composed of fibrous material
Staff Room 0 likes
A room where staff personnel congregate
Stage, Band 1 like
See Band Stage
Stage, Theater 1 like
See Theater Stage
Staggered Splices 1 like
Joints in steel reinforcing bars at different points
Staging 0 likes
See Scaffold
Stain 1 like
A discoloration flaw
Material used to apply color to wood, glass or other substances
Stain Wax, Penetrating 3 likes
See Penetrating Stain Wax
Stain, Wood2 likes
stain, wood
See Wood Stain
Stained Glass2 likes
stained glass
Colored or stained glass employed in windows
Colored glass employed in a lead framework
Staining 0 likes
Discoloration produced when a foreign substance chemically alters a material
Applying paint while the grain of wood shows through
Stainless Grab Bar3 likes
stainless grab bar
A stainless steel metal handrail in a bathroom, shower, or bathtub; facilitates safe use of bathroom fittings
Stainless Steel1 like
stainless steel
Alloy of steel, chromium and other metals that is almost rustproof and non-corrosive
Stair Carriage 0 likes
Supporting 2 X 12 inch plank for stair treads, notched to accept the treads; sometimes called a Rough Horse
Stair Formwork 0 likes
Reinforcement for newly poured concrete for a stairway
Stair Landing 0 likes
A platform, generally at least 3 square feet in size, between or at the end of flights of stairs; frequently employed when stairs take a different direction; the horizontal platform amid stair flights
Stairway 1 like
Stairs and landings spanning from floor to floor
Stake 1 like
A post in the earth that serves as a support or boundary marker
An investment or share in a financial activity
Stake, Side 0 likes
A stake on the outside edge line of a planned pavement
Stall 1 like
A booth or compartment in a market or building where goods are displayed and sold
When a motor stops suddenly due to lack of fuel or mechanical failure
A compartment in a stable where a domestic animal is accommodated
A compartment where water is sprayed; a stall shower
A space marked off for parking a car
An area allocated for parking a vehicle in a parking lot
Stall Torque 0 likes
The torque created on starting in an electric motor
Stanchion1 like
An upright support or strut
Stand Oil1 like
stand oil
A thick vegetable oil, or combination, including linseed, tung and soya oils that have been heated to more than 300 degrees centigrade
Standard Air 1 like
See Standard Conditions
Standard Conditions 0 likes
Circumstances for air conditioning measurement; temperature of 68°F (20°C), pressure of 29.92 inches of mercury, and relative humidity of 30 percent; also called Standard Air
Standard Details 0 likes
A detailed drawing that can be employed on other projects with very few or no changes
Standard Dimension 0 likes
A specific measurement for a manufactured item
Standard Grade Tile 0 likes
The best ceramic tile grade
Standard of Living 0 likes
Amount of comfort afforded to people living in an area
Standard Operating Procedure 0 likes
Detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity in performing a specific function; acronym is SOP
Standard Practices of the Trade 0 likes
The way in which construction work is usually accomplished by the average professional in the field in that vicinity; usually included as a clause in construction contracts; does not necessitate best practices
Standardize 0 likes
To conform to a standard
Standards of Professional Practice 1 like
Code of professional responsibility; description of minimum acceptable ethical principles and practices selected by professional organizations to direct the conduct of their members; these guidelines enable recipients to have confidence that they are receiving proper care and can be critical if there is a legal dispute over the quality of care provided
Standing Finish 1 like
The finish woodwork of apertures, foundation, and all inside finishing
Standing Seam Roof 0 likes
A durable exposed metal roof system in which preformed overlapping panels are attached with concealed fasteners; structural standing seam roofing is stronger, more water-tight and more flexible than architectural panel systems
Standpipe1 like
A pipe spanning the height of a building with connections to a hose to provide water in case of fire; See Dry Standpipe and Wet Standpipe
Stanley Knife2 likes
stanley knife
A hand implement with detachable blades; trademark; See Board Knife
Stannous 1 like
Composed of or associated with tin
Staple1 like
Double pointed, U-shaped metal fastener that is driven into a surface to secure a hasp, hook, rope, wire or other materials
Staple Fibers 1 like
Fibers ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 7 inches long that are spun into yarn
Staple Gun1 like
staple gun
A spring-loaded or pneumatic tool for driving staples into a surface
Star Drill1 like
star drill
A drill bit for producing holes in concrete
A cold chisel with a cross-shaped head for boring holes in concrete that a person hits with a hammer and rotates each time
Start Date 0 likes
The date that marks the beginning of a project
Starter Strip 0 likes
Asphalt roofing at the eaves that fills in the areas below the cutouts and joints of the first course of shingles; provides protection
Statement 0 likes
A summary of an account over a given time period: See Invoice
Statement of Sources and Application of Funds 0 likes
See Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Stateroom 0 likes
A private passenger compartment with sleeping facilities on a ship or train
Static Bending 1 like
Bending under a constant or gradually applied weight; flexure
Static Force 1 like
Static Load
Static Friction 0 likes
Friction between two or more solid objects that are not moving relative to each other
Statical Moment 0 likes
The product of a particular area and the distance from its center of mass to a point of rotation 
Statically Determinant Structure 0 likes
A structural frame where the bending moments and reactions can be ascertained by the laws of statics
Statically Indeterminant Structure 0 likes
A structural frame where the bending moments and reactions cannot be ascertained from the laws and equations of statics
Statics 0 likes
The science of bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium; a branch of mechanics
Station Yards of Haul 0 likes
The quantity of material in cubic years multiplied by the number of 100 foot stations that excavated earth or fill is moved
Stationary 0 likes
Staying in one place; static; fixed in position; not mobile
Stationary Blade Compressor 0 likes
Rotary pump that employs a non-revolving blade inside pump to isolate the intake chamber from the exhaust chamber
Stator 1 like
A static component in a machine where a rotor revolves
Stator, Motor1 like
stator, motor
See Motor Stator
Statute of Fraud 0 likes
Invoked by a defendant in a breach of contract action, a statute that requires particular contracts be articulated in writing
Statute of Limitations 1 like
The period of time in which legal action is viable for an alleged injury or damage; the time period starts at the discovery of the alleged injury or damage; in construction situations, the time period may begin when the work is completed
Statute of Repose 0 likes
Measured from the end of a work of improvement, a statute of limitations that protects architects, engineers, and contractors from liability for flaws for an indefinite time while accomplishing the improvement
Stay-Tackling 0 likes
Short-lived nailing of carpet in stages during a long stretch to maintain the stretch until the end of the carpet is kicked over the pins
STC 1 like
Sound Transmission Class; the measure of sound stopping of ordinary noise
Std 0 likes
Steam 1 like
Gaseous form of water, created by boiling
Steel1 like
Iron combined with other metals for increased strength, durability or corrosive resistance
Steel Deck Institute (SDI) 1 like
P. O. Box 3812, St. Louis, Missouri 63122, Tel: (314) 965-1741, URL: www.sdi.org
Steel Door Institute (SDI) 0 likes
30200 Detroit Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44145, Tel: (440) 899-0010, URL: www.steeldoor.org/
Steel Joist Institute (SJI) 0 likes
234 W. Cheves Street, Florence, SC 29501, Tel: (843) 407-4091, URL: www.steeljoist.org
Steel Pipe Wrench1 like
Steel Pipe Wrench
Implement that delivers leverage.
Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) 0 likes
4516 Henry Street, #301, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, Tel: (412) 281-2331, URL: http://www.sspc.org
Steel Stud1 like
steel stud
Steel pin or rod with a head, employed for attaching components together
A vertical framing part similar to a 2 by 4 stud employed in light gauge construction
Steel Tank Institute (STI) 1 like
570 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047-1559, Tel: (708) 438-8765
Steel Window Institute (SWI) 0 likes
1300 Summer Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, Tel: (216) 241-7333, URL: www.steelwindows.com
Steel Wool1 like
steel wool
An abrasive solid material composed of steel shavings used for rubbing, cleaning, and polishing
Steel, Structural 1 like
Steel in various shapes, fabricated for use as structural weight-bearing components
Steep Asphalt 0 likes
Roofing asphalt with a softening point of around 190°F (88°C) that conforms to the ASTM Standard D 312, Type III
Steep Slope Roof 0 likes
Roofing that has more than 1-1/2 inches per foot slope or pitch
Steeple 0 likes
A tower or spire, as on a church
Steeplejack 0 likes
A person who builds or repairs tall structures, usually has safety rigging
Stem 0 likes
The upright portion of a concrete or masonry retaining wall
Stenciling 0 likes
A design created by applying a finish through a template made out of metal or thin, flat paper
Step Flashing 1 like
When an upright surface meets an inclined roof plane, 6 inch by 6 inch galvanized metal is bent at a 90 degree angle and installed under siding and over the top of shingles; each piece overlaps the one below it throughout the sloping roof
Step Ladder1 like
step ladder
A small ladder with horizontal steps
Step Return 0 likes
A circular exterior corner or edge
Stepped Foundation 0 likes
A foundation constructed in a series of steps approximating the incline of the bearing stratum to avoid h horizontal force vectors that could cause sliding
Stepping Stone 0 likes
An elevated stone employed when crossing a stream
Uniformly spaced flat stones employed as a walkway in a garden
Steri Lamp 0 likes
A high-intensity ultraviolet ray lamp that exterminates bacteria; employed in food storage cabinets and air ducts
Sterilizer 0 likes
An antimicrobials registered by EPA for public health uses, eliminating all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and their spores; also known as a Sporicide
Sterilizer, Medical1 like
sterilizer medical
See Medical Sterilizer
STI 1 like
Steel Tank Institute
Stick 0 likes
A wood twig or tree branch
A thin piece of wood
Adhesive in nature
Stick Built 2 likes
A house constructed without prefabricated components; also called Conventional building
Stick Shellac 0 likes
Shellac in sold stick form; employed solely for patching furniture
Stick, Hook1 like
stick, hook
See Hook Stick
Sticker 0 likes
A metal channel installed in concrete or masonry walls to fasten or support wall furring channels
Sticker Stain 0 likes
A brown or blue stain in maturing lumber after contact with stickers
Stickers 0 likes
Boards or strips employed to isolate the lumber layers in a pile in order to enhance air circulation
Stickyback 0 likes
A transparent decal with technical information
Stiff 0 likes
Resistant to deformation; not supple; rigid
Stiff Mud Brick 0 likes
Brick created by squeezing somewhat stiff but still plastic clay through a die
Stiffback 0 likes
A structural component positioned on top of ceiling joists at the center, flush with the joists before plastering or drywall installation
Stiffener1 like
A flat metal shape fastened to upright studs or channels of partitions or walls to secure them
Stiffener Plate1 like
stiffener plate
A steel plate connected to a structural part for reinforcement against heavy local weight loads or stresses
Stile 0 likes
A vertical framing component in a door panel
Still Water 0 likes
Static water
Stillson Wrench1 like
stillson wrench
Pipe wrench
Stilts1 like
Tall columns that support a structure above land or water; installed as protection from flooding
Extensions worn on the shoes of workers to facilitate their reach to higher areas
Stipple Finishing 1 like
Finish achieved by patting a surface with a stipple brush before paint dries
Stippling 0 likes
Shading by the creating distinct marks or points
Stipulated Sum Agreement 0 likes
A written agreement in which the total payment for completing the contract is specified; see Lump Sum Contract
Stipulated Sum Agreement 1 like
A written agreement where a specific amount of money is appropriated as the total payment for completion of the contract; see Lump Sum Contract
Stock Dyeing 1 like
Dyeing raw fibers prior to combing or spinning
Stockholder’s Equity 1 like
Part of a balance sheet indicating net worth or equity; holders of common stock of a business’s assets
Stone 0 likes
A hard nonmetallic solid substance
Employing a carborundum stone to remove spikey and chipped edges of tile or masonry as a result of cutting
Stone Facing Guard 0 likes
Steel parts applied to the face of upright stone construction to safeguard it from harm
Stonemason 0 likes
A mason who employs stone in building
Stonemasonry 0 likes
Stonework; a stonemason’s work
Stoneware1 like
Dense, tough, opaque, impermeable, vitreous or semi-vitreous glazed pottery, such as jasper ware, that is fired at a high temperature; typically gray or brown due to impurities in the clay from which is it manufactured
Stonework 0 likes
Masonry involving stones and mortar
Stool 0 likes
Horizontal moulding installed above a window sill between jambs, connecting with the lowest rail of the lower sash
Stoop 0 likes
A small porch without a roof
Stop 1 like
Molding that conceals a crack between a door, or window and frame
Stop Box 1 like
Cast iron pipe with a removable cover positioned vertically underground that houses a valve to control the water supply to a building installed by a city or municipality; also installed privately when there are numerous buildings on a common well or water service; the valve is turned on and off with a wrench which is inserted down the pipe
Stop Notice 0 likes
A written substantiated statement served by a claimant who is owed money on a work of improvement; a lien on undispersed funds provided to a property owner or construction lender for the value of services or materials in a construction project
Stop Order 1 like
A formal, written notification to a contractor to discontinue some or all work on a project for reasons such as safety issues and violations, defective materials or workmanship, or cancellation of the contract
Stop Valve1 like
stop valve
A device in a water supply line that facilitates closure of the water supply to one fixture while continuing service to the rest of the system; typically located near a fixture
Stop, Door1 like
door stop
See Door Stop
Stop, Gravel1 like
stop, gravel
See Gravel Stop
Stops 0 likes
Moldings spanning the inside edges of a door or window frame
Valves employed to control the water supply to a fixture
Storage Life 1 like
See Shelf Life
Storage Tank1 like
storage tank
A large container that stores and transports various liquids or gases
Store 0 likes
A room or building where merchandise is provided for retail sales; a shop
A reserve something for future use
Store Room 0 likes
A room expressly used to store items
Storefront 0 likes
The facade on the street side of a building with windows that display goods for sale and the main entrance
A steel or aluminum tube frame and glass wall; entrance side of a business that transacts retail sales
Storm Drain 1 like
A drain employed for transporting rain water, subsurface water, and cooling water; not employed for waste or sewage
Storm Sash 0 likes
An additional window generally located outside of an existing window that provides insulation against cold weather
Storm Sewer 1 like
A sewer system that is independent from the waste water system and gathers storm water
Storm Window 0 likes
See Storm Sash
Story 0 likes
The part of a building between floors, or between the roof and a floor
Story High 0 likes
The height measured between floors or floor joists
Story Pole 0 likes
A rod or pole calibrated with the height of a story from joist to joist; also for brick courses, and apertures
Long wood strip marked at suitable joint spaces for tiles; checks the dimensions of tiles in ceramic tile installation; also called an Idiot Stick
Wood rod that measures heights and locates siding rows
Straight Arch 0 likes
See Jack Arch
Straight-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood piece where the fibers are parallel to the axis
Straightedge 1 like
A straight, flat timber or metal piece that is employed for its flush surface
Strain 1 like
Shape modification of a material due to stress
To exert more beyond one’s comfort zone
To filter a substance
Strain Release 1 like
Slow or abrupt motion along a fault plane
Strainer 0 likes
Meshed screen or filter that retain solid particles and enables the passage of liquid
Strainer Basket2 likes
strainer basket
Device in the skimmer and pump that collects the large debris in pool water; a  mesh basket that collects larger particles and allows liquids to pass through
Strandboard 0 likes
See Oriented Strand Board
Stranded Conductor2 likes
stranded conductor
Fine wires rotated around a central wire or core, employed as one electric conductor
Stranded Wire 2 likes
Fine wires entwined and assembled in a group to form a larger, tougher cable
Strap Channel 1 like
A U- or L-shaped iron plate that connects two or more pieces of timber
Stratification of Air 1 like
When at least two airstreams are separate due to their different velocities
Strawberry 0 likes
Small bubble in the flood coat of the gravel surface of a roof skin
Street 0 likes
A public way to facilitate the passage of automobiles
Street Ell 1 like
A 45 or 90 degree pipe elbow with male threads on one end and female threads on the opposite end; also called a Service Ell
Street Tree 0 likes
A tree positioned in a specific area on the sidewalk next to a street
Strength 1 like
Ability to resist force
Strength Ratio 1 like
The ratio of the strength of an existing structural component to its hypothetical strength without defects
Strength Reduction Factor 0 likes
A factor which increases actual loading and safety employed in strength design for reinforced concrete
Strength, Required 1 like
See Required Strength
Stress 1 like
An external force or forces exerted on a body producing strain or deformation
The amount of force per unit area
Stress Diagram 2 likes
A graphic illustration of the value of the stresses in a structural component
Stress Relief 0 likes
See Perimeter Relief
Stress-Grade Lumber 0 likes
Structural lumber, graded and stamped with a description of the specific weight it will sustain
Stress-Relief Heat Treatment 0 likes
Uniform heating of part or all of a structure to a temperature less than the critical range to relieve the main part of the remaining stresses, with subsequent gradual uniform cooling
Stressed-Skin Panel 1 like
A panel with two face sheets of wood or metal bonded to spacer strips at right angles
Stretch 0 likes
The width of the area a painter will normally paint measured across a ceiling or down a side wall
Stretcher 0 likes
A brick that is placed on its flat side with its face on the wall surface
Stretcher, Hospital 2 likes
See Hospital Stretcher
Stria 0 likes
A striped surface with two loosely entwined strands of one shade of yarn with one strand of another shade of the yarn
Strict Liability 0 likes
When a person is legally responsible for the damage and loss caused by his or her acts and omissions regardless of culpability
Strike 0 likes
The door frame plate that connects with a latch or dead bolt
Strike Plate2 likes
strike plate
See Strike
Strike Slip Fault 0 likes
A geological fault that is parallel to the strike of related strata
Striking In 0 likes
Materials employed in finishing strike when they soften and descend into undercoats
Striking Joints 1 like
Removing excessive grout from the joints with a sponge or cloth, or by scraping, rubbing, or compacting
String Course 1 like
A horizontal brick or stone course on a building face; when flush with a row of window sills or lintels known as a Sill Course, Lintel Course or a Belt Course
String or Stringer 0 likes
The oblique wood or steel part reinforcing the treads of a stair
Long horizontal timber that sustains a floor
Stringline 2 likes
A string employed to determine a line or to mark a line at a construction site
Strip 2 likes
Elimination of an old finish
A long, thin piece of a material
Strip Flooring 2 likes
Wood flooring composed of thin, matched strips
Strip Footing 1 like
See Continuous Footing
Strip Mopping 3 likes
The mopping pattern of roofing bitumen in parallel bands, typically about 8 inches wide with 4 inch un-mopped areas
Strip, Cant 0 likes
See Cant Strip
Strip, Chamfer 0 likes
See Chamfer Strip
Striping 0 likes
Edge painting before adding primer
Stripping 1 like
To remove an external coat, or make bare
Strips 1 like
Bands of reinforcing bars in flat slab or flat plate building
A long thin piece
Street with stores and other businesses
Stroboscope2 likes
An instrument, such as a machine part or vibrating strings, used to make a cyclically moving object appear to be slow-moving, or stationary; used for the study of rotating, reciproca