Term Definition
RA 0 likes
Registered Architect
Return Air
Rabbet 2 likes
Oblong lengthwise channel carved into the side of a plan or board
Raceway 0 likes
Pathways enabling and insulating electrical conductors, such as wire ways, surface metal raceway, cable bus, cable trays, floor bus ways and roof raceways
Rack1 like
A platform or type of scaffold that upholds commodities
A bar that is jagged and integrates with a gear wheel such as a Rack and Pinion
Rack and Pinion1 like
rack and pinion
An automated instrument with a jagged metal bar known as the rack and a little mixing gear wheel known as the pinion
Rack-Type Dishwasher4 likes
rack-type dishwasher
Dishwasher that holds dishes which are placed on racks composed of plastic or metal
Racking 3 likes
Sideways pressures applied on a construction
The process of arranging the foot of a wall in incremental steps in bricklaying such that when work is recommenced, the adhesive will gel seamlessly with the existing building
Rad 0 likes
Radial 1 like
Lines that emanate from a midpoint, such as spokes
Radial Commutator 1 like
Electrical connecting coverings on a rotor which is located at right angles to the shaft middle line
Radial Wall Form 0 likes
A non-permanent construction that reinforces a curved concrete wall while the concrete cures
Radian 2 likes
A part of round-shaped angle, the same as an angle at the middle of a circle with an arc that is equivalent in length to the radius; one radian is 57.2958 degrees; one degree is 0.017454 radians
Radiant Heat 0 likes
Heat conveyed via radiation
Radiant Heat Transfer 1 like
Radiant heat transfer takes place when there is a major distinction between the temperatures of two flat sides that are within each other’s presence, but not joined or connected
Radiant Heating 0 likes
A form of heating, often comprised of a radiant heat passing through with pipes located in the floor, wall, or ceiling; also panels heated with electricity
Radiant Panels2 likes
radiant panels
Panels comprised of built-in pathways to allow the passing of liquids or warm air; in a room heat is conveyed via thermal radiation
Radiation 1 like
Energy conveyed via a source of heat to the surrounding air; radiators rely more on convection than radiation
Radiator3 likes
A heating instrument that conveys heat from the heated fluid inside to the open air
Radio Frequency Curing 0 likes
Treatment of bond lines of wood adhesives via the use of radio frequency energy; also called High Frequency Curing
Radiology Equipment 0 likes
Equipment utilizing intense levels of radiation in medicine
Radius 0 likes
A line that is even and straight extending from the middle of a sphere or circle to its outermost point; a half of the diameter
Radius of Gyration 0 likes
A sample of the component utilized in the characterization of its building features
Radon 0 likes
An organic radioactive gas, with a density greater than air, prevalent in numerous places in the country; exposure to this gas is linked to lung cancer; actions that may minimize its impact include crawl space and basement ventilation and assorted forms of vapor barriers
Radon System 0 likes
A system that allows for air flow that is located underneath the floor of a basement and/or formed wooden floor and built to fan exhaust radon gas to the exterior
Raft 1 like
A solid grounding or support, generally a large broad concrete mat
Rafter 0 likes
Wood that reinforces sheeting of roofs and roof weight, mostly, 2 X 10’s and 2 X 12’s; girders of a horizontal roof are occasionally called roof joists
Rafter Anchor 2 likes
Metal joining device which connects the rafter’s wall plate
Rafter Tie1 like
rafter tie
Flat wooden or steel absorber attaching two opposite rafters to counter their movement
Rafter, Common 3 likes
See Common Rafter
Rafter, Cripple 0 likes
See Cripple Rafter
Rafter, Hip 1 like
A girder that creates the junction of an outside roof angle
Rafter, Jack 1 like
See Jack Rafter
Rafter, Valley 1 like
A beam that creates the junction of an inside roof angle; generally the valley rafter is constructed of double 2-inch-thick parts
Raggle 0 likes
A hollow carving in masonry; any hollow implemented to accept roofing or flashing
Raggle Block 2 likes
U unit constructed from concrete containing a built in pulsating reglet
Rail1 like
Diagonal pieces of panel doors or of a truss; in addition, a wall or open railings located at the side of a stairwell, pedestrian bridge, or raised surface to stop people from plunging over the edge; comparatively slender straight element, particularly those found in fences
Rail Standard, Steel 0 likes
See Steel Rail Standard
Rail Transit Boarding Platform 1 like
A flat surface, above, beneath, or in line with a transit rail, out of which people enter and exit a secure rail vehicle
Rail, Chair 0 likes
See Chair Rail
Railing 1 like
Accessible fence or structure designed to ensure security and protection, built from rails and wood
A joining and construction process undertaken in cabinetwork
The hard wood located surrounding one or more edges on plywood
Railing Expansion Joint 0 likes
Stabilizing joint in metal railing to permit stresses and strains of railing parts due to thermal expansion and contraction
Railing Fitting 1 like
Various components and flanges constructed of metal, slip type, or threaded or evenly and squarely welded to railing components to enable movements and closing
Railing Flange 0 likes
Pieces constructed of metal, slip type, threaded, or flush welded to railing components to assist the bonding to mounting surfaces
Railing, Metal1 like
railing metal
See Metal Railing
Railing, Pipe1 like
railing pipe
See Pipe Railing
Railing, Structural Tubing 0 likes
See Structural Tubing Railing
Railroad Crossing 0 likes
The intersection where railroad tracks converge with vehicles, pedestrians, and other traffic
Railroad Tie 2 likes
Black, tar and additive enriched, 6 by 8 inches and 6 to 8 feet large piece of wood designed to secure railroad track in position; generally utilized as a component to secure walls
Railroad Work 1 like
Building or maintenance undertaken on railway lines tracks
Rain Spots 0 likes
Flaws on paint film created by rainfall
Raintight 0 likes
Extremely well made that even torrential rain will not allow water to infiltrate
Raintight Enclosure 0 likes
A construction, a part of a building, or a formation that is impenetrable to external elements including rain, hail or snow
Raintight Time Clock 0 likes
A clock that records time and which has been manufactured so that it can endure external elements such as rain, hail or snow
Raised Grain 0 likes
A coarse, reconfigured state of the top of prepared wood products in which the hard latewood is lifted above the more malleable early wood while remaining connected
Rake2 likes
A rake consists of a pole with a crossbar toothed like a comb at the end, or with several tines and a crosspiece; used to gather cut grass, fallen leaves, or smoothing loose soil or gravel.
Rake Fascia 1 like
The upright front of the slanting part of a roof cornice
Rake Molding 1 like
The eave on the sloping sides of a roof, where the components are tailored to the shaping of the plane edges
Rake Siding 0 likes
The process of placing lap siding crosswise
Raked Joint 1 like
A joint in brick work which involves the bonding being spread out to a determined depth while the binding material does not change from its original green color
Raking Bond 0 likes
Bricks placed in a zigzag arrangement
Ram Air 1 like
Air propelled through the condenser as a result of fast motion of vehicles along the highway
Ramp2 likes
A tilted passage
Ranch 1 like
A domicile that has one story
Ranch Molding 0 likes
A design form of molding that is submitted as a complete entity; a trim which is delicately arched and has no decorative features
Random Access Memory (RAM) 1 like
Inbuilt capacity in a computer system to store information for a limited period of time and permit that information to be gathered randomly and to be altered; compare Read Only Memory
Random Rubble 0 likes
Stonework wall constructed of uneven and irregular squared stones
Random Width Flooring 2 likes
Wood of various diameters used on floors, frequently known as a plank floor
Range 1 like
A means of measuring variances in compression and temperature
Change within parameters
Range for a Kitchen
Range Hood1 like
range hood
An exhaust unit mounted above a stove to dispel fumes through the use of a power-driven fan and a channel to external air
Range, Electric 0 likes
See Electric Range
Range, Firing 0 likes
See Firing Range
Range, Kitchen1 like
range, kitchen
See Kitchen Range
Rankine 0 likes
A measuring device to determine temperature whereby 0 degrees stands for absolute zero; Rankine equates to the Fahrenheit measurement, 32° F = 491.67° Rankine
Rapid Curing (RC) Asphalt 0 likes
Blended bitumen consisting of asphalt cement and a naphtha or gasoline-type diluent that is extremely reactive
Rapid Sand Filter 0 likes
A separator or type of sieve in a swimming pool that utilizes sand as the filtering agent and for discharges that do not go above 3 GPM per square foot in public pools and 5 GPM in home-owned pools
Rapid Start Lamp1 like
rapid start lamp
Fluorescent lamp controlled by a stabilizer supplying a minimalvoltage winding to preheat electrodes and set the arc in motion without an ignition switch or applying high voltage
Rare Gas 0 likes
See Noble Gas
Rasp3 likes
A rough file with large cutting teeth used for scraping and smoothing metal or wood
Ratchet2 likes
A power-driven instrument, made up of a jagged tooth bar and pawl, that only permits movement in a single direction
Rate of Flow 0 likes
The amount of volume flow within one unit of time
Rate of Growth 0 likes
Rate increase of wood on a tree; determined by measuring the distance across a trunk or by examining wood removed from the trunk; the changes are measured by comparing the rings per inch on a yearly basis
Rational Number 0 likes
Conveyed as a proportion of complete number, excluding roots or non-terminating decimals; includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a fixed set of times
Ratproofing 0 likes
A range of actions employed to deter or prevent vermin from entering buildings, especially kitchens or storage areas, comprised primarily of steel mesh protectors over and beneath grade and packing of extra-large pipe and air duct holes with cement mortar or steel wool
Ravelling 0 likes
The ongoing removal of combined fragments from the top down or from the sides inward in asphalt paving; due to insufficient compaction, building of a small lift in cold weather, polluted or crumbling aggregate, insufficient asphalt in the mixture, or too much heating of the mixture
Raw 0 likes
Natural or unprocessed linseed oil
Raw Glaze 0 likes
A ceramic glaze created mainly from organic, natural ingredients; there is an absence of pre-fused substances
Raw Linseed Oil1 like
raw linseed oil
The unrefined product created from flaxseed, generally without more processing
Raw Oil1 like
raw oil
Oil gathered via the press or removed from the solvent during distillation
Raw Sienna 0 likes
An organic substance that has iron oxides and generally, manganese
A yellow-brown colored pigment, used in paint
See Sienna
Organic brown material made up oxides of iron and manganese
A staining utilized in paint that is deeper in tone than ochre and sienna
Rayleigh Wave 0 likes
Progressive and upward oscillation of tectonic movement; a type of acoustic wave that travels on surfaces; See Seismic Wave
Rays, Wood 0 likes
See Wood Rays
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