Term Definition
RPM 0 likes
Revolutions Per Minute
RTU 0 likes
Roof Top Unit
Rub Joint 0 likes
A glue joint constructed by carefully joining the edges, dispersing glue between them, and rubbing the components until they are polished
Rubber 0 likes
A durable elastic product from the latex of rubber trees, a natural hydrocarbon polymer
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) 0 likes
1400 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 682-4800, URL: www.rma.org/
Rubber Nosing 0 likes
The overlay of a step on a stair well providing effective cushioning
Rubber Set 0 likes
See False Set
Rubber Spacers 0 likes
Objects with cross and tee shape configurations employed to separate tiles on floors or walls; produced with specific diameters between 1/16 inch and ½ inch
Rubber Trowel 0 likes
A non-absorbent fabricated float with rubber on the front and fixed on an aluminum back with a wooden handle; employed in grouting tile to drive mixture deep into tile joints and to remove the extra grout
Rubber, Laminated 0 likes
See Laminated Rubber
Rubbing Compound 0 likes
A coarse material that creates a polished surface on wood after it is rubbed
Rubbing Oil 0 likes
Organic mineral oil of average weight that lubricates pumice stone
Rubbing Stone1 like
rubbing stone
A stone made of silicon carbide that polishes the coarse corners of tile
Rubbing Varnish 0 likes
A tough-drying lacquer which may be rubbed with a coarse substance and water or oil on to a homogeneous flat surface
Rubbish Handling 0 likes
The practice of transporting or hauling away waste products
Rubbish Removal 0 likes
The practice of getting rid of waste or refuse from an area
Rubble 0 likes
Quarry rocks that are coarsely fragmented
Coarse, broken stones or bricks that fill conduits in walls or used for other filling
Rubble Masonry 0 likes
Original, uncut stone, used for rough work, foundations, refilling trenches, and similar functions
Rug1 like
Coverings placed on the floor but not permanently secured to it; generally a rug does not stretch across the whole floor
Rule-of-Thumb 0 likes
General guidelines framed by experience as opposed to formal or academic theories
Ruler 0 likes
A straight, piece of wood, plastic, or metal that draws straight lines, and is gradated for measuring
Run 0 likes
A considerable amount of straight or almost straight piping
Dimension of a step, determined from the front of one riser to the front of the next in a stairwell; the overhanging part is not included
The horizontal distance covered by a stairwell
Length of the horizontal protrusion of a slanted component; such as when a rafter is in its place
A temporary scaffold with a series of planks that is built to walk on and move materials
Run, Roof 0 likes
Horizontal distance from the eaves to a point immediately under the ridge; fifty percent of the span
Run, Stair 0 likes
The horizontal distance of a stair step from the overlap on a step to the vertical part behind the step
Rung 0 likes
Ladder step
Runner 0 likes
Wooden or metal conduit or strips positioned at floor and ceiling to provide a structure for major segments; such as wood or metal studs
Runner Channel 0 likes
A steel channel component from which insulating channels and beams are upheld in a hanging plaster ceiling
Runners 0 likes
See Main Runners
Running Bond 0 likes
Brickwork composed completely of stretchers with their long, narrow side exposed, placed such that rows of bricks are uniformly structured units oriented in a specific arrangement
Running Mold 0 likes
Built by plasterers on site by using a metal pattern to create a mold of raw, original plaster
Running Time 0 likes
Period of time a device is run per hour or per day
Running Track 0 likes
An oval track that athletes use for a variety of running activities and endeavors
Running Trap 0 likes
A plumbing device in which the inlet and outlet are in a flat horizontal line; the water channel lies underneath the waterline of either the inlet or outlet
Running Watts Generator Head 0 likes
10000 Peak/7200 Running Watts Generator Head
A circuit breaker protected generator head will provide power during an outage.
Running Winding 0 likes
Motorized rotation of motor which has current passing through it during regular functioning
Runoff 0 likes
Residual rainwater or melted snow that is not sucked into the earth and drainage to streams, or instruments that collect storm water
Runs 1 like
Flaws caused by unbalanced or rough distribution of material in items such as paintings and curtains
Rural Letter Box 0 likes
A roadside container generally found in rural areas for receipt of mail
Rust 0 likes
A coating that is reddish or yellowish-brown in color produced on iron or steel by oxidation, generally as a consequence of the presence of water; ferrous oxide
Rust-Inhibitive Washes 0 likes
Solution which scrapes the surface and produces a muted gray even textured coat on metal, forming a rust-preventative surface ready to receive a primer
Rusticated Concrete 0 likes
Beveled edges of concrete that accentuate the joints
Rustification 0 likes
Employing squared or cut stone blocks with coarse surfaces and edges deeply beveled or corrugated to accentuate the joints
Rutile 0 likes
A mineral composed of titanium oxide used in ceramics and various products
RW 0 likes
Rwd 0 likes
Product of the day

Why Rental Property Managers Love the Cloud

for rentRental property managers are an integral part of the real estate infrastructure.  Without them, who would ensure that residential, commercial and industrial properties are secure and well maintained?  During my many years working with real estate, I have seen more than a few frustrated property managers who deal with multi-unit apartment complexes and the colorful inhabitants that live within. I feel for them, and believe their lives could be easier. That is why I have written this article. Here is why property managers need to love the cloud:

Reason 1: Cloud software makes property managers lives easier

Cloud software solutions for property managers alleviate many of the problems associated with the profession. First and foremost, this option takes away the fear of lost or poorly filed paperwork, which has brought more than a few wrinkles onto the faces of people in the business. Numerous other problems -- such as accounting errors and payment processing -- that are related to job stress can be solved as well. Also, many property managers need to access many sets of data when they are on the job. Well, as long as they have access to the internet, you can multitask and deal with issues online much more efficiently. It pays large dividends in the long run for your health and well-being when you can remove job stress from life.

Reason 2: Non-paying tenants are more easily tracked

One of the major problems for rental property managers is how they deal with non-paying tenants. Laws vary from state to state, but generally, a specific time is required prior to tenant eviction. Dealing with paper checks and bank drafts can be problematic when trying to establish which tenants have skipped payments. This is a mostly a challenge for large property managers who may have to select a few tenants out of thousands for prosecution. With cloud programs, it is possible to automatically determine who has and has not paid, and quickly begin eviction proceedings if necessary.

Reason 3: Anywhere access and remote problem solving

Have you ever wanted to take a trip from work but were afraid of what might happen if you were away too long? Well, with online rental property management programs, the worry of what might happen is eliminated. If your tenants have not paid according to your terms, it is easy to contact the appropriate authorities from another location and serve an eviction notice. Aside from a court appearance, most issues can be solved through cloud services which include accounting software. Did a tenant leave permanent stains on the carpet, put cracks in the drywall, break the granite countertops in your apartment complex, and cause a mess? You can invoice them and send a bonded maid service to clean up with property management software cloud solutions at your fingertips. Through the power of cloud computing, the past problems of property management are now easily rectified. In the 21st century, life is changing quickly. How do you want to fit in? I hope this article has helped you relax. Have fun traveling the world on rental income from the cloud!

rental property managers


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