Term Definition
RPM 0 likes
Revolutions Per Minute
RTU 0 likes
Roof Top Unit
Rub Joint 0 likes
A glue joint constructed by carefully joining the edges, dispersing glue between them, and rubbing the components until they are polished
Rubber1 like
A durable elastic product from the latex of rubber trees, a natural hydrocarbon polymer
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) 0 likes
1400 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 682-4800, URL: www.rma.org/
Rubber Nosing 0 likes
The overlay of a step on a stair well providing effective cushioning
Rubber Set 0 likes
See False Set
Rubber Spacers1 like
rubber spacers
Objects with cross and tee shape configurations employed to separate tiles on floors or walls; produced with specific diameters between 1/16 inch and ½ inch
Rubber Trowel1 like
rubber trowel
A non-absorbent fabricated float with rubber on the front and fixed on an aluminum back with a wooden handle; employed in grouting tile to drive mixture deep into tile joints and to remove the extra grout
Rubber, Laminated 0 likes
See Laminated Rubber
Rubbing Compound1 like
rubbing compound
A coarse material that creates a polished surface on wood after it is rubbed
Rubbing Oil1 like
rubbing oil
Organic mineral oil of average weight that lubricates pumice stone
Rubbing Stone1 like
rubbing stone
A stone made of silicon carbide that polishes the coarse corners of tile
Rubbing Varnish1 like
rubbing varnish
A tough-drying lacquer which may be rubbed with a coarse substance and water or oil on to a homogeneous flat surface
Rubbish Handling 0 likes
The practice of transporting or hauling away waste products
Rubbish Removal 0 likes
The practice of getting rid of waste or refuse from an area
Rubble 0 likes
Quarry rocks that are coarsely fragmented
Coarse, broken stones or bricks that fill conduits in walls or used for other filling
Rubble Masonry 0 likes
Original, uncut stone, used for rough work, foundations, refilling trenches, and similar functions
Rug1 like
Coverings placed on the floor but not permanently secured to it; generally a rug does not stretch across the whole floor
Rule-of-Thumb 0 likes
General guidelines framed by experience as opposed to formal or academic theories
Ruler1 like
A straight, piece of wood, plastic, or metal that draws straight lines, and is gradated for measuring
Run 0 likes
A considerable amount of straight or almost straight piping
Dimension of a step, determined from the front of one riser to the front of the next in a stairwell; the overhanging part is not included
The horizontal distance covered by a stairwell
Length of the horizontal protrusion of a slanted component; such as when a rafter is in its place
A temporary scaffold with a series of planks that is built to walk on and move materials
Run, Roof 0 likes
Horizontal distance from the eaves to a point immediately under the ridge; fifty percent of the span
Run, Stair 0 likes
The horizontal distance of a stair step from the overlap on a step to the vertical part behind the step
Rung1 like
Ladder step
Runner 0 likes
Wooden or metal conduit or strips positioned at floor and ceiling to provide a structure for major segments; such as wood or metal studs
Runner Channel 0 likes
A steel channel component from which insulating channels and beams are upheld in a hanging plaster ceiling
Runners 0 likes
See Main Runners
Running Bond 0 likes
Brickwork composed completely of stretchers with their long, narrow side exposed, placed such that rows of bricks are uniformly structured units oriented in a specific arrangement
Running Mold 0 likes
Built by plasterers on site by using a metal pattern to create a mold of raw, original plaster
Running Time 0 likes
Period of time a device is run per hour or per day
Running Track 0 likes
An oval track that athletes use for a variety of running activities and endeavors
Running Trap 0 likes
A plumbing device in which the inlet and outlet are in a flat horizontal line; the water channel lies underneath the waterline of either the inlet or outlet
Running Watts Generator Head 0 likes
A circuit breaker protected generator head will provide power during an outage.
Running Winding 0 likes
Motorized rotation of motor which has current passing through it during regular functioning
Runoff 0 likes
Residual rainwater or melted snow that is not sucked into the earth and drainage to streams, or instruments that collect storm water
Runs 1 like
Flaws caused by unbalanced or rough distribution of material in items such as paintings and curtains
Rural Letter Box1 like
rural letter box
A roadside container generally found in rural areas for receipt of mail
Rust 0 likes
A coating that is reddish or yellowish-brown in color produced on iron or steel by oxidation, generally as a consequence of the presence of water; ferrous oxide
Rust-Inhibitive Washes 0 likes
Solution which scrapes the surface and produces a muted gray even textured coat on metal, forming a rust-preventative surface ready to receive a primer
Rusticated Concrete 0 likes
Beveled edges of concrete that accentuate the joints
Rustification 0 likes
Employing squared or cut stone blocks with coarse surfaces and edges deeply beveled or corrugated to accentuate the joints
Rutile 0 likes
A mineral composed of titanium oxide used in ceramics and various products
RW 0 likes
Rwd 0 likes
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