Term Definition
RMA 0 likes
Rubber Manufacturers Association
Ro 0 likes
Road Base 0 likes
Combination of sand and stone
Road Oil 0 likes
A petroleum oil, heavy and generally Slow-Curing (SC)
Roadway Excavation 0 likes
The task of getting rid of blockages such as boulders in order to create a surface for vehicles to travel on
Robot 0 likes
A mechanical instrument that is run via automated or machine-driven mechanisms and is utilized in a construction capacity to fulfill work that was formerly undertaken by humans
Robotics 0 likes
Specific form of science focusing on the development, production and use of robots
Rock 0 likes
Solid, firm pieces of the earth’s crust; materials which need blasting before they can be excavated by equipment on site
Rock 1, 2, 3 0 likes
To mount drywall to the walls and ceilings using nails and screws, prior to taping
Rock Anchor 0 likes
A rod or cable that is built into a hard surface with the aim of stabilizing and joining a structure to it
Rock Asphalt 0 likes
See Asphalt Rock
Rock Drilling 0 likes
Boring holes into rock
Rock Flour 0 likes
Rock crushed into fine particles to form a powder
Rock Gun 0 likes
An instrument for discharging aggregate onto a cushioned surface in applying marblecrete
Rock Pocket 0 likes
A concrete flaw where a collection of aggregate is not sufficiently enclosed by cement adhesive
Rockwool Insulation 0 likes
Insulation constructed by producing fibers from molten rock and residue; used as protective insulation in ceilings and walls
Rococo 0 likes
An 18th century form of cultural and artistic expression that features elaborate, excessive and deliberate ornamentation; baroque
Rod 0 likes
A thin implement that can be carried and wielded such as a stick or pole
A unit to measure length, utilized in land measuring, of 16.5 feet
A square-shaped rod, 273.9 square feet
Rod Saw 0 likes
A cutting implement composed of a steel bar approximately 1/8 inch in diameter used to cut circles or uneven arches and contours in tile; surface has tungsten carbide particles
Rod, Ground 0 likes
See Ground Rod
Rod, Guy 0 likes
See Guy Rod
Rod, Hanger 0 likes
See Hanger Rod
Rod, Tamping 0 likes
See Tamping Rod
Rod, Traverse 0 likes
See Traverse Rod
Rodding Off 0 likes
See Floating
Roll 0 likes
To place the floor beams or trusses in their appropriate spots
Roll Out 0 likes
The process of completing similar jobs quickly over a designated time
Roll Roof 0 likes
A roof that has been coated with a form of bitumen material that is delivered in rolls
Roll Roofing 0 likes
Asphaltic roof covering, coated felts, polished or mineral surfaced, delivered in rolls
Roll-Up Door 0 likes
A door which lifts and rolls into a coiled arrangement and descends on tracks on either doorpost
Rolled 0 likes
A brick that is placed with the front jutting out
Rolled Steel Section 0 likes
Rolled steel formed by the application of intense heat and provides support and reinforcement for products including I-beam, wide flange beam, channel, tee, angle, or comparable materials
Roller Blind 0 likes
A type of blind for windows that is able to be propelled to the top of the window via a recoiling roller
Roller Coating 0 likes
Paint or other substance added to surfaces or exteriors by a paint roller
Act of completing an object via the use of solid rubber or steel rollers
Roller Latch1 like
roller latch
A door latch is a mechanical fastener that utilizes a roller activated via springs to create movement
Roller Marks 0 likes
Exterior flaws created during the fabrication process as the gypsum board passes through the various manufacturing processes
Roller Shade 1 like
roller shade
A window covering and sun protector on spring-loaded roller that enables the shade to move vertically
Roller Strike 0 likes
The latch on a door plate with a rotating mechanism at the spot where the latch bolt makes contact thereby reducing resistance
Rolok Wall 0 likes
A relatively inexpensive wall and an alternative to a solid brick wall, combines of a number of exteriors of brickwork placed horizontally or sideways to create a cell-like type of open formation
ROM 0 likes
Read Only Memory
Roman Arch 0 likes
An round topped structure
Roman Brick 0 likes
A brick that has measurements of 3-1/2 by 2 by 12 inches
Roman Cities 0 likes
Guided by the plan employed for military camps, grid iron city blocks; formalized structure and coordination of public access points in the central hub of the city
Roman Numeral 0 likes
The Roman letters comprised of the numbers, I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, D = 500, M = 1000
A number in the arrangement of symbols that is based on the ancient Roman system
Romanesque 0 likes
A form of building design common in Europe in the 9th to 12th century, with huge archways, round arches, ornamental arcades, and excessive design and displays
Romex 0 likes
A well-known type of nonmetallic insulated electrical cable that is used for internal wiring
Rood Screen 0 likes
An ornamental screen dividing the main part of a church from the presbytery
Roof 0 likes
The uppermost protective surface of a building or structure
The highest paying limit, a ceiling price
Roof Adhesive 0 likes
A bonding substance used to cement roof products
Roof Assembly 0 likes
A construction made of interconnecting parts, including the roof deck, used to safeguard against water penetration and, generally, to safeguard a building’s exterior
Roof Ballast 0 likes
Broken up rock or gravel which is placed on a roof to create its ultimate surface
Roof Bond 0 likes
A legal assurance that a constructed roof adheres to specifications and will be restored or replaced if it fails to meet these specifications within a particular time frame in normal environmental conditions
Roof Contractor 0 likes
A roof contractor, otherwise known as a roofing contractor, installs, fixes and replaces roofs on homes and commercial properties. In most areas, a roof contractor must obtain a business license.
Roof Cricket 0 likes
Small raised area of timber roof built to redirect water around chimney, curb, or other protrusions
Roof Decking 0 likes
Two inch or broader lumber set up on a roof structure
The membrane or exterior of a roof
Roof Drain 0 likes
An outlet or on a roof where substances can be released or discharged
A drainage channel or pipe that gathers water dispelled from a roof and channels it away from the building
Roof Expansion Joint 0 likes
A gap between roofing parts to facilitate thermal expansion and contraction
Roof Flashing 0 likes
A weather protectant frequently used where a roof is penetrated by pipes or columns; prevents the negative impact of nature
Roof Framing 0 likes
The framework or edifice of a roof structure
Roof Hatch 0 likes
Mass produced, mostly of metal, horizontal access door installed on a curb to allow entry to horizontal or low slanting roofs from the inside of the building
Roof Insulation 0 likes
Products used amongst rafters or roof struts for protection from excessive temperatures
Hard, durable sheets of protective material mounted on a horizontal roof
Roof Jack 0 likes
Sleeves that are used in the construction of roofs and placed around the black plumbing waste vent pipes, and are secured by nails to the roof sheeting
Roof Joist 0 likes
The beams of a horizontal roof; wood used to secure the roof sheeting and weight of the roof; typically, those with dimension of 2 X 10 feet and 2 X 12 feet are used
Roof Panel 0 likes
Roof construction consisting of boards, plywood, or metal sheets that can be mounted as a pre-made unit
Roof Ridge 0 likes
The highest part of a roof where the roof planes join
Roof Scupper 0 likes
See Scupper
Roof Sheathing or Sheeting 0 likes
Wood panels or sheet material secured to the roof trusses on which the shingle or another roof cover is placed
Roof Shingle 0 likes
Sections of triangular shaped wood or other elements used in covering courses of a roof, mostly constructed of wood, asphalt, clay tile, or metal
Roof Slab 0 likes
Flat component of a stabilized concrete roof, reinforced by beams, columns and other types of framework
Roof Specialties 0 likes
An attachment of edging or bordering employed in the construction of a roof, such as gravel stop, flashing, or vent strip
Roof Spinner 0 likes
An instrument designed for even distribution of air that is fixed on a roof and which uses the wind to produce a rising draft and creating effective ventilation
Roof System 0 likes
A generic term for the entire construction of waterproof covering, insulation, vapor barrier, ballast, and substrate
Roof Valley 0 likes
The V created as a result of two sloping roofs intersecting
Roof Vent 0 likes
A frequently monitored opening on the sloping end or roof structure to permit an uninterrupted movement of air into the space below the roof
The unit installed on a roof that is the end point of a pipe used to distribute air
Roof Walkway 0 likes
A set corridor designed for safe movement across a roof, also acts as a safeguard for the roofing material when repairs are being undertaken
Roof, Asphalt 0 likes
See Asphalt Roof
Roof, Built-Up 0 likes
See Built-Up Roof
Roof, Curb 0 likes
See Gambrel Roof
Roof, Fluid-Applied 0 likes
See Fluid-Applied Roof
Roof, Hip 0 likes
See Hip Roof
Roofer 0 likes
A person who builds or fixes roofs
Roofing 0 likes
Products used to construct a roof
The professional skill and capacity to apply roofing materials; a Roofer
Roofing Cement1 like
roofing cement
A generic term for a collection of resins able to be spread including asphalt or tar that are employed in building roofs and during repairs
Roofing Consultant 0 likes
A specialist in the planning, specification, building, and repair of roofs
Roofing Felt 0 likes
A felt sheet saturated with a waterproofing, asphalt-based product
Roofing Nail1 like
roofing nail
A short nail with a wide head
Roofing Removal 0 likes
To discard an old roof system
Roofing Square 0 likes
A range or coverage of roofing that is 10 feet by 10 feet
Roofing surface that is 100 square feet
Roofing System 0 likes
A collection of interdependent roof parts with the purpose of weatherproofing and insulating a roof
Rooftop AC1 like
rooftop AC
Air-conditioning product or apparatus built on a roof
Rooftop Heater 0 likes
A heating system built or positioned on a roof
Rooftop Unit 0 likes
A process of regulating air in an autonomous or independent system, built immediately above the conditioned area, in a protected space
Room Resonance 0 likes
The reverberations of sound in a confined area, which is contingent upon the interactions that take place between the sound wavelength, the size of the space, and the reflective surfaces
Rooming House 0 likes
A hotel
Root Ball 0 likes
The organic substances that stick to roots of an excavated tree that will be replanted in a different place
Root Buttress 0 likes
An above ground root that connects to the tree trunk
Root Face 0 likes
The part of the grooved front next to the root of the juncture in welding
Root Hook 0 likes
An extremely heavy hook that is used to collect and remove large roots when it is pulled across the ground
Root of Joint 0 likes
That part of a juncture to be welded or fused where the components are nearest each other
Root of Weld 0 likes
The juncture at which the base of the weld meets with the basemetal surfaces
Root Opening 0 likes
The gap between the components to be joined at the source of the joint in welding
Rope 0 likes
A strong cord formed by interlacing strands of hemp, flax, nylon, wire, cotton, or similar material
Rose 0 likes
A thin plate connected to the door hardware behind the door handle
Rose-Window 0 likes
A round window with intricate design features and, generally, stained glass; often seen in Gothic churches
Rosette 0 likes
A round design piece or ornament constructed of wood, metal, or plaster
Metal adornment installed into a wall or roof to allow for light and air
Rosewood Veneer1 like
A narrow coat of cabinet wood with a dark red or purplish hue interspersed with black, added to create a luxurious, aesthetically pleasing surface
Rosin 0 likes
A tough resin produced from pine trees consisting mainly of isomers of abietic acid; wood rosin is gathered from decaying or lifeless wood utilizing steam separation; gum rosin is produced from the living treerosin and is used in creating varnish and soap
Rot 0 likes
Decomposition; something in the process of decaying
Rotary Blade Compressor 0 likes
Apparatus used to circulate fluid by rotating blades within a cylinder
Rotary Compressor1 like
rotary compressor
See Compressor, Rotary
Rotary-Cut Veneer 0 likes
Thin slices of wood cut in a lathe where the wood is turned against a sharp instrument
Rotate 0 likes
To move in a circular motion around an axis or central point
Rotation 0 likes
Twisting movement of an apparatus about a vertical pivot
Rotor1 like
A rotating component in a machine
Rottenstone 0 likes
A brittle sedimentary rock which when crushed is employed in wood finishing; it has minimal cutting action but is suitable for polishing; otherwise called Tripoli
Rough Horse 0 likes
See Carriage
Rough Lumber 0 likes
Wood products that have yet to be dressed or surfaced but which have been cut, edged, and trimmed
Rough Opening 0 likes
The horizontal and vertical dimensions of a window or door opening prior to the installation of siding or drywall
Rough Sill 0 likes
Framing beam placed across the bottom of an incomplete window opening to act as a support during the construction of a window frame; it is connected to the cripple studs beneath the rough opening
Roughing-In 0 likes
The first phase of a plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry, and/or another project, when all the parts that won’t be visible after the second finishing stage are put together; See Heat Rough, Plumbing Rough, and Electrical Rough
Round 0 likes
A dowel made of wood
Round Edge 0 likes
A premade factory edge design with a circular shape
Round Head Wood Screw (RHWS)1 like
round head wood screw
A screw made of wood that has a circular head projecting above the surface; propelled with a screw driver; generally positioned with a washer below the head
Round Pattern 0 likes
Circular shape or formation
Round Wire 0 likes
See Loop Pile
Round, Quarter 0 likes
See Quarter Round
Rout 0 likes
To remove part of a substance such as wood in order to make a channel
Router 0 likes
Implement used in woodworking that has a fast speed drill piece for purposes such as cutting rebates, dadoes, and creating ornamental or smooth arched edges
Row House 0 likes
One of a number of houses connected by shared sidewalls forming a continuous cluster
Rowlock Course 0 likes
A series of beams placed on their sides rather than on their flat side; a line or sequence of brick laid on their sides mainly used for the ring of curve
Rows 0 likes
The number of longitudinally placed fiber clumps in one inch of Axminster or Chenille carpet; contrast with Wires
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