Term Definition
RF Curing 0 likes
Radio Frequency curing
RFCI 0 likes
Resilient Floor Covering Institute
RFP 0 likes
An abbreviation for Request for Proposal
A written application or appeal from the requestor, generally the owner or a representative, to a contractor, subcontractor, or design professional for a quote or fee projection; the RFP usually includes a defined scope of work
RH 0 likes
Right hand
Right Hand, a door handing label
Rheology 0 likes
A specific form of science focusing on the break down and movement of substances
Rheostat1 like
Electrical device that regulates a current by changing the resistance
RHMS1 like
Round Head Machine Screw
Rhombus 0 likes
A figure with four sides of the same length that do not merge at 90 degrees
RHR 0 likes
Right Hand Reverse, a door handing designation
RHWS1 like
round head wood screw
Round Head Wood Screw
Rib 0 likes
A regular or sculpted curved support which serves as reinforcement
A molding or ridge on the underside of an arched ceiling or vault
Ribband 0 likes
The brace for the beams on the secondfloor of a house with vertical studs
The horizontal part of a wood frame wall which reinforces floor beams or rafters for roofs; also known as a Ribbon
Ribbed Shells 0 likes
Structures containing open areas where the construction pieces are mainly positioned along selected rib lines; the gaps between these structures are loaded with thin blocks or remain unfilled
Ribbon 0 likes
See Ribband
Ribbon (Girt) 0 likes
Generally a 1 by 4 board installed horizontally into the studs to reinforce the roof or secondfloor beams
Richter Scale 0 likes
A mathematical ratio that determines the extent or strength of earthquakes
Riddle 0 likes
A separator for rough, unrefined materials such as sand or gravel
Ride the Brush 0 likes
To place pressure on the brush so that the paint is added with the sides of the bristles rather than the flat ends; this reduces the lifespan of the brush
Ridge 0 likes
The horizontal line at the intersecting point of the upper edges of two slanting roof surfaces
Ridge Board 0 likes
The board positioned on the ridge of a roof where the upper ends of additional rafters are secured
Ridge Cut 0 likes
Any incision made in an upright surface
Ridge Rib 0 likes
A rib that creates the ridge in a vault roof
Ridge Shingles1 like
ridge shingles
Small panels that are placed over the ridge board
Ridge Vent1 like
ridge vent
An outlet designed to ventilate an attic that is placed along the ridge of a roof
Ridging 0 likes
An upright tilting, rearrangement or shifting of a roofing cover, often taking place over protective joints, deck joints, and base sheet edges
See Beading
Riffler1 like
A manual implement used for filing, scribing, or scraping
Rifle Range 0 likes
A venue where people practice shooting guns
Rift Valley 0 likes
A graben
Right Angle 0 likes
A 90 degree angle
Right Triangle 0 likes
A three sided figure with one side having a 90 degree angle
Right-of-Way 1 like
The legal allowance, generally via an access point, to travel over property that belongs to someone else
Rigid Copper Tubing1 like
rigid copper tubing
Sturdy pipe made of copper, utilized for water lines, especially where they are visible
Rigid Insulation 0 likes
Thermal protective substance composed of polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, cellular glass, or glass fiber, occasionally presented with a membrane covering, a flat board
Rigidity 0 likes
Level of inflexibility of an element or structure
Rim 0 likes
Hardware to be included on the surface of doors and windows, including rim locks
Rim Joist 1 like
A brace that stretches along the edges of the floor beams and home
Ring Nail1 like
ring nail
See Annular Ring Nail
Ring, Split1 like
ring, split
See Split Ring
Ring, Toothed 0 likes
See Toothed Ring
Ringelmann Sale 0 likes
Apparatus that records the density of smoke
Rip 0 likes
To cut wood longitudinally, along the grain
Rip Fence 1 like
An instruction on a table saw that helps in the process of sawing wood along the grain
Riparian Rights 0 likes
The justifiable freedoms that are afforded an owner whose property is attached to water, such as a stream, river, or lake
Ripper 0 likes
Thin strips of gypsum board employed for eaves, soffits, window returns and finished apertures
Ripping 0 likes
Sawing wood along its grain
Ripple Effect 0 likes
The consequences of work being too quickly or too slowly completed on ensuing work; impact or effect
Riprap 0 likes
A base or stabilizing wall made of stones positioned together without an organized arrangement, such as on an embankment, to stop landfalls
Ripsaw1 like
A saw that cuts lengths of wood
RIS 0 likes
Redwood Inspection Service
Rise 0 likes
The vertical measurement from the soffit line to the ridge; additionally, the vertical measurement from stair tread to stair tread; not more than 7 ½ inches
Riser1 like
A singular upright increment of a stair; the upright front between two treads in a stair
An upright run of plumbing, wiring or ductwork
A gap between shipping units that permits access for the blades on fork lifts
The movement conduit or pipe that spreads the heat conveying liquid across the surface of an absorber
Riser and Panel 0 likes
The outside upright pipe (riser) and metal electric box (panel) the electrician supplies and sets up at the Rough Electric phase
Riser Band 0 likes
A horizontal, flat component generally decorative, slightly protruded, and fixed on a riser separating two stair treads
Riser Hanger 0 likes
The horizontal component of a stair formation which reinforces the riser
Riser Valve1 like
riser valve
Hand held instrument to regulate the flow of refrigerant in vertical piping
Risk 0 likes
Capacity for danger or the potential for injurious or damaging consequences
Risk Management 0 likes
Setting in place plans to circumvent property and casualty losses which can be catastrophic for business; insurance is an effective way to minimize the company’s vulnerability to danger
Rivet1 like
Fastener with a head connected to a metal shaft that is passed through a hole in a material and flattened on the other side
Rivet Pattern 0 likes
The placing and organization of rivets used to join two or more pieces
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