Term Definition
R factor or value 2 likes
An indicator of a materials opposition to the flow of heat; newly constructed walls on homes are often protected with 4 inches of batt insulation with an R value of R-13, and a ceiling lining of R-30
R Value 1 like
Measurement used for insulation, determining of a material’s resistance to the flow of heat; the higher the R value, the greater the insulation capacity; for instance, conventional, newly constructed walls are frequently insulated with 4 inches of batt insulation with an R value of R-13, and a ceiling insulation of R-30; Reciprocal of conduction (1/c)
RA 0 likes
Registered Architect
Return Air
Rabbet 2 likes
Oblong lengthwise channel carved into the side of a plan or board
Raceway 0 likes
Pathways enabling and insulating electrical conductors, such as wire ways, surface metal raceway, cable bus, cable trays, floor bus ways and roof raceways
Rack1 like
A platform or type of scaffold that upholds commodities
A bar that is jagged and integrates with a gear wheel such as a Rack and Pinion
Rack and Pinion1 like
rack and pinion
An automated instrument with a jagged metal bar known as the rack and a little mixing gear wheel known as the pinion
Rack-Type Dishwasher4 likes
rack-type dishwasher
Dishwasher that holds dishes which are placed on racks composed of plastic or metal
Racking 3 likes
Sideways pressures applied on a construction
The process of arranging the foot of a wall in incremental steps in bricklaying such that when work is recommenced, the adhesive will gel seamlessly with the existing building
Rad 0 likes
Radial 0 likes
Lines that emanate from a midpoint, such as spokes
Radial Commutator 1 like
Electrical connecting coverings on a rotor which is located at right angles to the shaft middle line
Radial Wall Form 0 likes
A non-permanent construction that reinforces a curved concrete wall while the concrete cures
Radian 1 like
A part of round-shaped angle, the same as an angle at the middle of a circle with an arc that is equivalent in length to the radius; one radian is 57.2958 degrees; one degree is 0.017454 radians
Radiant Heat 0 likes
Heat conveyed via radiation
Radiant Heat Transfer 1 like
Radiant heat transfer takes place when there is a major distinction between the temperatures of two flat sides that are within each other’s presence, but not joined or connected
Radiant Heating 0 likes
A form of heating, often comprised of a radiant heat passing through with pipes located in the floor, wall, or ceiling; also panels heated with electricity
Radiant Panels2 likes
radiant panels
Panels comprised of built-in pathways to allow the passing of liquids or warm air; in a room heat is conveyed via thermal radiation
Radiation 1 like
Energy conveyed via a source of heat to the surrounding air; radiators rely more on convection than radiation
Radiator1 like
A heating instrument that conveys heat from the heated fluid inside to the open air
Radio Frequency Curing 0 likes
Treatment of bond lines of wood adhesives via the use of radio frequency energy; also called High Frequency Curing
Radiology Equipment 0 likes
Equipment utilizing intense levels of radiation in medicine
Radius 0 likes
A line that is even and straight extending from the middle of a sphere or circle to its outermost point; a half of the diameter
Radius of Gyration 0 likes
A sample of the component utilized in the characterization of its building features
Radon 0 likes
An organic radioactive gas, with a density greater than air, prevalent in numerous places in the country; exposure to this gas is linked to lung cancer; actions that may minimize its impact include crawl space and basement ventilation and assorted forms of vapor barriers
Radon System 0 likes
A system that allows for air flow that is located underneath the floor of a basement and/or formed wooden floor and built to fan exhaust radon gas to the exterior
Raft 1 like
A solid grounding or support, generally a large broad concrete mat
Rafter 0 likes
Wood that reinforces sheeting of roofs and roof weight, mostly, 2 X 10’s and 2 X 12’s; girders of a horizontal roof are occasionally called roof joists
Rafter Anchor 2 likes
Metal joining device which connects the rafter’s wall plate
Rafter Tie1 like
rafter tie
Flat wooden or steel absorber attaching two opposite rafters to counter their movement
Rafter, Common 3 likes
See Common Rafter
Rafter, Cripple 0 likes
See Cripple Rafter
Rafter, Hip 0 likes
A girder that creates the junction of an outside roof angle
Rafter, Jack 1 like
See Jack Rafter
Rafter, Valley 1 like
A beam that creates the junction of an inside roof angle; generally the valley rafter is constructed of double 2-inch-thick parts
Raggle 0 likes
A hollow carving in masonry; any hollow implemented to accept roofing or flashing
Raggle Block 2 likes
U unit constructed from concrete containing a built in pulsating reglet
Rail1 like
Diagonal pieces of panel doors or of a truss; in addition, a wall or open railings located at the side of a stairwell, pedestrian bridge, or raised surface to stop people from plunging over the edge; comparatively slender straight element, particularly those found in fences
Rail Standard, Steel 0 likes
See Steel Rail Standard
Rail Transit Boarding Platform 1 like
A flat surface, above, beneath, or in line with a transit rail, out of which people enter and exit a secure rail vehicle
Rail, Chair 0 likes
See Chair Rail
Railing 1 like
Accessible fence or structure designed to ensure security and protection, built from rails and wood
A joining and construction process undertaken in cabinetwork
The hard wood located surrounding one or more edges on plywood
Railing Expansion Joint 0 likes
Stabilizing joint in metal railing to permit stresses and strains of railing parts due to thermal expansion and contraction
Railing Fitting 1 like
Various components and flanges constructed of metal, slip type, or threaded or evenly and squarely welded to railing components to enable movements and closing
Railing Flange 0 likes
Pieces constructed of metal, slip type, threaded, or flush welded to railing components to assist the bonding to mounting surfaces
Railing, Metal1 like
railing metal
See Metal Railing
Railing, Pipe1 like
railing pipe
See Pipe Railing
Railing, Structural Tubing 0 likes
See Structural Tubing Railing
Railroad Crossing 0 likes
The intersection where railroad tracks converge with vehicles, pedestrians, and other traffic
Railroad Tie 1 like
Black, tar and additive enriched, 6 by 8 inches and 6 to 8 feet large piece of wood designed to secure railroad track in position; generally utilized as a component to secure walls
Railroad Work 1 like
Building or maintenance undertaken on railway lines tracks
Rain Spots 0 likes
Flaws on paint film created by rainfall
Raintight 0 likes
Extremely well made that even torrential rain will not allow water to infiltrate
Raintight Enclosure 0 likes
A construction, a part of a building, or a formation that is impenetrable to external elements including rain, hail or snow
Raintight Time Clock 0 likes
A clock that records time and which has been manufactured so that it can endure external elements such as rain, hail or snow
Raised Grain 0 likes
A coarse, reconfigured state of the top of prepared wood products in which the hard latewood is lifted above the more malleable early wood while remaining connected
Rake2 likes
A rake consists of a pole with a crossbar toothed like a comb at the end, or with several tines and a crosspiece; used to gather cut grass, fallen leaves, or smoothing loose soil or gravel.
Rake Fascia 1 like
The upright front of the slanting part of a roof cornice
Rake Molding 1 like
The eave on the sloping sides of a roof, where the components are tailored to the shaping of the plane edges
Rake Siding 0 likes
The process of placing lap siding crosswise
Raked Joint 1 like
A joint in brick work which involves the bonding being spread out to a determined depth while the binding material does not change from its original green color
Raking Bond 0 likes
Bricks placed in a zigzag arrangement
Ram Air 1 like
Air propelled through the condenser as a result of fast motion of vehicles along the highway
Ramp2 likes
A tilted passage
Ranch 1 like
A domicile that has one story
Ranch Molding 0 likes
A design form of molding that is submitted as a complete entity; a trim which is delicately arched and has no decorative features
Random Access Memory (RAM) 1 like
Inbuilt capacity in a computer system to store information for a limited period of time and permit that information to be gathered randomly and to be altered; compare Read Only Memory
Random Rubble 0 likes
Stonework wall constructed of uneven and irregular squared stones
Random Width Flooring 2 likes
Wood of various diameters used on floors, frequently known as a plank floor
Range 1 like
A means of measuring variances in compression and temperature
Change within parameters
Range for a Kitchen
Range Hood1 like
range hood
An exhaust unit mounted above a stove to dispel fumes through the use of a power-driven fan and a channel to external air
Range, Electric 0 likes
See Electric Range
Range, Firing 0 likes
See Firing Range
Range, Kitchen1 like
range, kitchen
See Kitchen Range
Rankine 0 likes
A measuring device to determine temperature whereby 0 degrees stands for absolute zero; Rankine equates to the Fahrenheit measurement, 32° F = 491.67° Rankine
Rapid Curing (RC) Asphalt 0 likes
Blended bitumen consisting of asphalt cement and a naphtha or gasoline-type diluent that is extremely reactive
Rapid Sand Filter 0 likes
A separator or type of sieve in a swimming pool that utilizes sand as the filtering agent and for discharges that do not go above 3 GPM per square foot in public pools and 5 GPM in home-owned pools
Rapid Start Lamp1 like
rapid start lamp
Fluorescent lamp controlled by a stabilizer supplying a minimalvoltage winding to preheat electrodes and set the arc in motion without an ignition switch or applying high voltage
Rare Gas 0 likes
See Noble Gas
Rasp2 likes
A rough file with large cutting teeth used for scraping and smoothing metal or wood
Ratchet2 likes
A power-driven instrument, made up of a jagged tooth bar and pawl, that only permits movement in a single direction
Rate of Flow 0 likes
The amount of volume flow within one unit of time
Rate of Growth 0 likes
Rate increase of wood on a tree; determined by measuring the distance across a trunk or by examining wood removed from the trunk; the changes are measured by comparing the rings per inch on a yearly basis
Rational Number 0 likes
Conveyed as a proportion of complete number, excluding roots or non-terminating decimals; includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a fixed set of times
Ratproofing 0 likes
A range of actions employed to deter or prevent vermin from entering buildings, especially kitchens or storage areas, comprised primarily of steel mesh protectors over and beneath grade and packing of extra-large pipe and air duct holes with cement mortar or steel wool
Ravelling 0 likes
The ongoing removal of combined fragments from the top down or from the sides inward in asphalt paving; due to insufficient compaction, building of a small lift in cold weather, polluted or crumbling aggregate, insufficient asphalt in the mixture, or too much heating of the mixture
Raw 0 likes
Natural or unprocessed linseed oil
Raw Glaze 0 likes
A ceramic glaze created mainly from organic, natural ingredients; there is an absence of pre-fused substances
Raw Linseed Oil1 like
raw linseed oil
The unrefined product created from flaxseed, generally without more processing
Raw Oil1 like
raw oil
Oil gathered via the press or removed from the solvent during distillation
Raw Sienna 0 likes
An organic substance that has iron oxides and generally, manganese
A yellow-brown colored pigment, used in paint
See Sienna
Organic brown material made up oxides of iron and manganese
A staining utilized in paint that is deeper in tone than ochre and sienna
Rayleigh Wave 0 likes
Progressive and upward oscillation of tectonic movement; a type of acoustic wave that travels on surfaces; See Seismic Wave
Rays, Wood 0 likes
See Wood Rays
RBM 1 like
Reinforced Brick Masonry
RC Asphalt 1 like
See Rapid Curing Asphalt
RCP 0 likes
Reinforced Concrete Pipe
RCSSB 0 likes
Red Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau
RDF 0 likes
Refuse Driven Fuel
Re-Entrainment 0 likes
What unfolds when the air being expelled from a building is instantly re-drawn into the system through the air intake and other building entrance points surrounding the building
Re-Entrant Corner 0 likes
An inner corner of a surface, creating pockets of tension in the roofing or water resistant shield
Reaching 1 like
When a spray stroke goes beyond an appropriate distance while operating a spray gun
Reactance 0 likes
Component of the impedance of an oscillating current circuit as a result of either the inductance or capacitance or both
Reaction 0 likes
An action in opposition to somebody or something
A response to the physical effects of something such as cold, heat, or pollution
Reaction Wood 0 likes
Wood with similar anatomical features, generally created in branches or sections of bent stems; in hardwoods this is made up of tension wood and in softwoods of compression wood
Reactive Aggregate 1 like
See Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
Read Only Memory (ROM) 0 likes
A computer memory read exclusively at fast speeds but cannot be altered; Compare with Random Access Memory
Ready Mixed Concrete1 like
ready mixed concrete
Concrete combined at a plant or in mobile trucks such that it arrives ready for use
Ready-Mixed 1 like
Any product that is blended before it arrives at the jobsite
Plaster which is produced at the mill with a combination of minerals and various components which determine completion or setting time; usually used with gypsum plasters; also known as mill-mixed, pre-mixed
Ready-Mixed Compound 1 like
Manufacturing plant that creates gypsum board joint mixture in ready-made form
Real Estate 1 like
Property that is owned, with its alterations and additions; otherwise known as Real Property
Real Estate Broker 0 likes
A dealer or intermediary whose business is in property sales and negotiations
Real Property 1 like
See Real Estate
Realtor 0 likes
A property agent who has an affiliation with the National Association of Realtors
Realty 3 likes
Actual property; real property; real estate
Reamer2 likes
Manually operated implement designed to increase or shape openings in wood, metal, or other substances
Reaming 1 like
Extracting the burr from the interior of a pipe
Rear Yard 1 like
The area separating a building and the marker signifying the end of the property
Reasonable Use 1 like
Regulation that determines and distributes rights
Rebar, Reinforcing Bar 0 likes
Corrugated steel bars placed in the structural supports of concrete walls and footers, to harden and reinforce concrete; comes in a variety of strengths and thicknesses
Rebate 1 like
An ongoing oblong piece removed from the corner of a piece of wood; a rabbet
Receiver 0 likes
A court-appointed individual who manages property in foreclosure or a business undergoing restructuring
Receiver Heating Element 0 likes
Electrical resistance permanently placed in or near the liquid receiver; ensures head pressures are sustained when ambient temperature is at a low level
Receiver-Drier1 like
Receptacle in a refrigerating system that accommodates liquid refrigerant and some desiccant
Receptacle 1 like
Electrical outlet; a standard residence has a large quantity of 120 volt receptacles for various appliances and 240 volt receptacles for larger domestic products
Receptacle, Cable1 like
cable receptacle
See Cable Receptacle
Receptacle, Combination 0 likes
See Combination Receptacle
Receptor1 like
A waterproof base, metallic or otherwise, in a shower recess
A plumbing fitting such as a floor sink, that collects the residue from waste piping not directly connected to the main source
Recess 0 likes
A hole or gap in a wall that is not deep; also known as an alcove or niche
Recess Filler Strip 0 likes
A piece of material placed inside an opening, even with the outlying area
Recessed 0 likes
Arranged or placed into a small alcove in a wall, floor, or ceiling
Recessed Edge 1 like
Acutely truncated caliper along the factory perimeter in gypsum board; superseded by a caliper with less pronounced cuts of the Tapered Edge; See Taper
Recessed Light Fixture2 likes
recessed light fixture
A light fitting built in to a low-hanging ceiling or a wall in a plaster or gypsum board roof
Reciprocal 0 likes
Contrarily connected; has a correlation; opposite
A number in of a pair of numbers that when multiplied equals one (7 and 1/7 or 5/8 and 8/5)
Reciprocating 1 like
Rebounding movement in a straight line
Reciprocating Chiller 1 like
An independently operating compressor utilizing pistons that are propelled by a connecting rod from a crankshaft
Reciprocating Compressor3 likes
reciprocating compressor
A piston-driven compressor with a barrel-shaped component that generates a pumping action
Reciprocating Single Piston Pump 0 likes
A pump with one oscillating piston
Recirculating Overflow 2 likes
See Surface Skimmer
Recirculation System 0 likes
Swimming pool piping system that carries pool water and the redistributed water from the pool until it arrives back at the pool
Recision 0 likes
Termination or cessation of a contract
Reclamation Tank 0 likes
See Separation Tank
Recoat Time 2 likes
The period of time separating an application of paint and ensuing applications
Reconstruction 0 likes
Condition of being rebuilt
Reconveyance Deed 0 likes
A legal document enacted by the trustee under a trust deed after the original note has been resolved
Record Drawings 0 likes
A collection of drawings created by the general contractor, including any alterations in the drafts and requirements during building, indicating the way in which the undertaking was completed; also known As-Built Drawings or As-Builts
Recording 0 likes
Act of providing public access to a document by lodging it in the country recorder’s office; lodging a document is tantamount to giving notice that the document is accessible and open to comment
Recording Ammeter 0 likes
Electrical apparatus which employs a pen to measure the flow of current on a paper chart
Recording Fee 0 likes
A fee for recording the transfer of rights of a property, paid to an appropriate government entity
Recording Thermometer2 likes
recording thermometer
Device that uses a pen on a chart to measure temperature levels
Recording Voltmeter 3 likes
An instrument which charts various functions of electrical circuits such as voltage and resistance levels
Recourse 0 likes
The legal authority to hold a person or persons accountable for financial restitution or settlement
A binding or clause whereby a mortgages or trust deed maintains that the borrower is accountable for outstanding costs when foreclosure sale monies do not cover the overall debt
Recreational Courts 0 likes
An area designated for playing a variety of games such as tennis, softball, or basketball
Recreational Facilities 0 likes
Buildings designed specifically for sport and entertainment, such as tennis courts and swimming pools
Recreational Use Statutes 0 likes
Laws in the vast majority of states that are designed to safeguard property owners from legal responsibility to people who are allowed to access and utilize the property for recreational pursuits
Rectangle 0 likes
A figure with four sides and angles that are the same; otherwise known as a parallelogram
Rectifier2 likes
An apparatus used to transform oscillating current to direct current
Rectilinear 1 like
Distinguished by straight lines; perpendicular
Red Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (RCSSB) 1 like
P. O. Box 1178, Sumas, WA 98295, Tel: (206) 543-1323, Fax (206) 455-1314, URL: www.cedarbureau.org/
Red Fir 2 likes
Douglas Fir
Red Label Goods 0 likes
Combustible goods with flash points less than 80° F (26.7° C)
Red Lead1 like
red lead
A mixture created by heating or baking lead; used a great deal in paints for safeguarding iron and steel from corrosive elements
Red Ochre 0 likes
An organic mixture created out of impure iron ore, employed in paint
Redan 0 likes
Element of a medieval buttress comprised of two walls jutting out at a sharp angle with an opening to the exterior
Redemption 1 like
Repurchase of a person’s possessions after they have been sold due to repayments not being made; the entitlement to reclaim is lost after an allocated time period
Redline, Red Lined Prints 0 likes
Plans that display changes with a red pencil
Reducer3 likes
A pipe attachment which links pipes of various dimensions
A tile trim component that decreases the radius of a cove to the radial dimensions of a square
Volatile elements or components used to reduce viscosity of a finishing product
A component with a range of openings at both ends enabling movement from a larger to a smaller pipe
Reducing Female Adapter 0 likes
An attachment for a pipe which is threaded on the internal part of one end, and possibly both ends, to facilitate connection with a pipe of another size
Reducing Flame 1 like
A gas flame, fueled by oxygen, where the part used has a reduction impact; as in Carbonizing Flame
Reducing Tee1 like
reducing tee
An attachment on a pipe which connects at right angles to three pipes of varying dimensions
Redundant Member 0 likes
Any part of a truss that is not needed to supply support
Redwood 1 like
An evergreen tree that has red heartwood and yellow sapwood
Redwood Inspection Service (RIS) 0 likes
818 Grayson Rd, Suite 101, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, Tel: (925) 935-1499, Fax: (925) 935-1496, URL: www.redwoodinspection.com/
Reel2 likes
A circular device used to conveniently store a hose or wire, which can then be easily unwound
Reentrant Angle 1 like
An inward pointing angle; the inverse of a salient angle
Refectory 0 likes
A space designated for eating
Refinancing 1 like
Reorganization of the loans on a property generally by sourcing alternative loans at reduced interest rates or organizing finances to provide options when paying off debts
Refined Shellac 0 likes
A brand of orange or white shellac without the wax
Reflectance 0 likes
Ratio of light deflected from a surface to the source of light arriving on the surface
Reflected Ceiling Plan 0 likes
Architectural drawing of a ceiling depicted as though it is reflected from the floor
Reflection 0 likes
Light and sound waves that oscillate back from a surface
Reflection Cracks 0 likes
Fissures in overlay of bitumen that reveal the crack formation in the pavement composition below; created by upward or horizontal movement in the pavement underneath the overlay, propelled by variable temperatures and moisture levels
Reflection Pool 1 like
A decorative, generally shallow, pool of water that reflects a significant architectural structure within close proximity
Reflective Coated Glass 0 likes
Glass onto which a thin coat of metal or metal oxide has been placed to reflect light and heat
Reflective Insulation1 like
reflective insulation
Sheet product where one or both surfaces are coated with aluminum foil
Reflective Paint1 like
reflective paint
Paint that deflects light
Reflector Lamp1 like
reflector lamp
Spotlight or flood lamp where the bulb is covered with a reflecting layer
Reflector Lighting3 likes
reflector lighting
A lighting fitting with a glossy surface to re-channel its light
Reflectorized Sign1 like
reflectorized sign
A sign constructed with extremely reflective material
Refraction 0 likes
The change in direction of a wave due to a change in its transmission medium
Refractive Index 0 likes
Ratio of the speed of light in a particular medium compared to its speed in air in the same circumstances
Refractories 0 likes
Heat-resilient ceramic substances; not metallic
Refractory 0 likes
Has the capacity to cope with excessive or high temperatures
Refractory Concrete 1 like
Concrete having heat resistant features, and appropriate for use at hot temperatures (usually about 315° C to 1315° C), in which the binder is hydraulic cement
Refrigerant1 like
A gas at low-level temperatures and pressures that can be utilized to convey heat, such as Freon, often used in air conditioners
Refrigerant Charge 1 like
Amount of refrigerant in a system
Refrigerant Control 1 like
Instrument which measures movement of refrigerant between two parts of a refrigerating system; preserves pressure distinction between high-pressure and low-pressure side of the refrigerating system while the unit is operating
Refrigerant Cylinder1 like
refrigerant cylinder
Barrel-shaped container in which refrigerant is held and distributed; the type of refrigerant is color-coded on the surface of the cylinder
Refrigerated Case0 likes
refrigerated case
A unit that utilizes refrigeration to preserve food or substances
Refrigerated Truck 1 like
Commercial vehicle used to ensure below-average temperatures are maintained in its storage area.
Refrigeration 1 like
The process of maintaining a reduced temperature to keep products or areas cool
Refrigeration Oil1 like
refrigeration oil
Special oil employed in refrigerator apparatus which circulates, to a certain degree, with refrigerant
Refrigeration Tubing2 likes
refrigeration tubing
Hollow, barrel-shaped piping which retains the refrigerant fluid in a refrigeration system
Refrigerator (Compact)1 like
compact refrigerator
A compact refrigerator is a refrigerator that is much smaller than the normal refrigerator. These refrigerators are often referred to as dorm refrigerators because they are often used in dorm-type settings. They take up very little space and are easy to transport, which also make them popular among those who do not expect to live in any single location very long.
Refrigerator (French Door)1 like
french door refrigerator
They are refrigerators with the same features of French doors. These machines also have a bottom freezer door with a separate handle.
Refrigerator (Modular)1 like
modular refrigerator
A Modular Refrigerator that you can install under your counter or in your kitchen. It will save you space and can keep your perishable items fresh for long periods.
Refrigerator (Undercounter)3 likes
refrigerator undercounter
Small food refrigerators with a configuration appropriate for use under counters (e.g., in nurse stations, patient rooms); they are designed for storage of food products at temperatures typically between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius (39 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit).
Refrigerator, Blood 1 like
See Blood Refrigerator
Refuse Driven Fuel (RDF) 0 likes
A means of reclaiming heat, in a furnace, from solid refuse
Refuse Hopper 0 likes
Container that has a device for expelling refuse via a pipe
Regional Shopping Center 1 like
A major retail outlet that services a large amount of people
Register 1 like
A screening device installed over a heating duct or cold air return
Register, Wall1 like
register, wall
A secured grille on the wall facilitating the movement of regulated air
Registered Architect 1 like
Architect who is certified with the State Board of Architectural testers in a specific state; an architect who is licensed to practice
Reglaze 0 likes
To restore a broken window by installing new components
Reglet 0 likes
A horizontal or slanted slit in masonry building, or a sheet metal slit in plastered wood construction, to take on the uppermost edge of counter flashing
Regular Core Gypsumboard 0 likes
Gypsumboard used for everyday building purposes that lacks enhancements
Regulations 0 likes
Laws that are executed by a public administration organization, as opposed to a nominated legislative group
Regulator3 likes
An instrument used to manage the transfer of gas at a regulated pressure irrespective of the changes in the greater pressure at the origin
Rehabilitation 0 likes
The reconfiguration of a structure to make it useful
Rehydrate 1 like
To administer water to a substance that is parched
Reimbursable Expenses 0 likes
Money spent for a project, which in line with the conditions of the contract, are to be repaid by the owner
Reinforced Brick Masonry (RBM) 0 likes
Brickwork with steel bars fixed in the plaster to convey flexible strength to the building
Reinforced Concrete 1 like
Concrete sufficient strong and constructed based on the premise that concrete and steel combine in resisting forces; concrete constructions where steel bars have been installed to convey malleable capacity to the structure
Reinforced Concrete Pipe 0 likes
Piping that is produced in a factory
Reinforced Grouted Masonry 1 like
Wall building composed of brick or block that is coated fully intact throughout its full duration and has upright and lengthwise stabilizing
Reinforced Hollow Unit Masonry 2 likes
Wall made of hollow masonry units where every components of the entire collection is grouted and reinforced horizontally and vertically
Reinforced Membrane 0 likes
A covering or waterproof product that is strengthened with various types of fabric and materials
Reinforced Plastic2 likes
reinforced plastic
Glass or carbon fibers that are used to strengthen and stabilize plastic goods
Reinforcement 0 likes
The process of building strength through the addition of various materials
Steel bars or wires installed in concrete and placed in such a way that the metal and the concrete unify to withstand loads
Reinforcement, Mesh1 like
reinforcement, mesh
See Welded Wire Fabric
Reinforcing 2 likes
Strengthen; metal fabric and steel rods in concrete blocks, foundational supports, or balustrades strengthen them
Reinforcing Accessory 0 likes
Components used to augment concrete, including chairs and tie wire
Reinforcing Bar1 like
reinforcing bar
A constructed, generally irregular, bar made of steel, utilized in concrete and stonework building to counter tensile stresses
Reinforcing, Masonry 0 likes
See Masonry Reinforcing
REL 1 like
Recommended Exposure Limits; recommendations made by NIOSH
Relative Humidity 0 likes
The ratio of the quantity of water vapor present in the air to the quantity present when the air is imbued with water vapor at the identical temperature, conveyed as a percentage
Relay 1 like
An electromagnetic apparatus, driven by a slight electric current in a control circuit, which propels a valve or switch in a functioning circuit
Relay, AC 0 likes
See AC Relay
Release Agent 1 like
Product used to stop concrete from adhering to a solid surface
Release Clause 1 like
A clause in a mortgage or trust deed which permits a part of the property to be discharged from the mortgage once the payment of an allocated amount of money has been paid to the lender
Release of Lien 0 likes
A written directive enacted by a person or company providing labor, products or services on a project which dispenses his mechanic’s lien against the property
Reliction 1 like
An expansion in land dimensions created by the slow withdrawal of sea or river water; land is left permanently dry
Relief 1 like
Compensation or court orders conferred during legal proceedings
Adornments that are prominently placed on objects above a flat surface
Relief Joint 0 likes
See Control Joint and Expansion Joint
Relief Valve3 likes
relief valve
An instrument created to open when it identifies excessive pressure or temperature
Relief Vent2 likes
relief vent
A vent emanating from a vent stack and attached to a flat branch at a junction between the first fixture attachment on that branch and the soil stack or refuse stack in a DWV system; it permits the flow of air between the vent stack and the earth or refuse stack
Relief Ventilator 0 likes
A supplementary outlet that provides additional air circulation
Relieving Arch 0 likes
See Discharging Arch
Reline Pipe 1 like
To place new linings in pipes; generally involves cleaning of scale or debris from the pipe and relining it with a suitable product
Remainder 0 likes
Estate in real property that is left after a life estate ends when the owner dies
Remainderman 0 likes
The individual holding the right to the estate that is left following the cessation of a life estate
Remaining Economic Life 0 likes
Duration of time where an actual property enhancement becomes inconsequential
Remote 1 like
Meters that record measurements of electrical, gas use that are located close to the front of the home so that utility companies have easy access to them
Remote Control Circuit 2 likes
Electrical circuit which regulates other circuits via a relay or transmitting instrument
Remote Power Element Control1 like
remote power element control
Instrument with detecting element placed separately from the functional apparatus it manages
Remote System 0 likes
Refrigerating set up in which compression unit is separate from the area that is to be cooled
Removable Railing Section 0 likes
Part of a railing made and built to be easily detached to enable movement through the railing
Removable Window Well Cover 2 likes
Detachable bar made of steel or enlarged metal screen for a window well
Remove 1 like
Actions involving the of destruction, breaking up, and transporting of an old fitting or part
Removers 1 like
Mixtures made to reduce the hardness of aged varnish or paint coats so that they may be easily dislodged by rubbing or cleaning
Renaissance 0 likes
Renewal; revival
The art form and architectural style that evolved over the course of the 14th to 17th century; the period between medieval and contemporary times, signified by the resurgence of classical styles and the creation of contemporary science
Renaissance Cities 0 likes
Traditional structured plans of a balanced nature; ordered expression of spaces between more known and less recognizable areas of the cities, including monuments, palaces, and other points of interest
Rendering 0 likes
Architectural drawing, frequently in color and in proportion
Placement of plaster on a masonry wall
Rental Value 0 likes
An indicator of damages arising from the disadvantage of not being able to make use of the property
Repair 0 likes
The rebuilding of any component or area of a building in order to maintain it
Repeat 0 likes
For fabric, carpet, and wallpaper, the gap between a point in a pattern figure to the same point where it reoccurs, measuring the material lengthwise
Replacement Cost Estimate 1 like
Fee for building that would have comparative serviceability, but built with contemporary products, current building guidelines, design and plans minus depreciation; land value and the cost of on-site enhancements may be included
Replacement Reserves 1 like
Part of the yearly income designated for replacement of assets that wear out, including roofing, and electrical apparatus, and other temporary building features
Replevin 0 likes
Legal process where personal possessions that have been unlawfully removed from an owner may be returned to the owner
Replication 0 likes
Repeating; copying
Reprographics 0 likes
Processes for duplicating graphic materials such as diagrams and drawings produced by engineers and architects
Reproofing 0 likes
The process of adding new roofing materials over the current roofing materials
Repulsion-Start Induction Motor 0 likes
An electric motor which has a power-driven turning device on the rotor designed to start the motor
Required Strength 1 like
The durability and weightbearing capacity of a pylon or cross section needed to counter factored loads or associated internal moments and pressures
Reredos 1 like
A decorative wall behind a church altar
The rear part of a fireplace
Res Judicata 0 likes
The stipulation that courts will not litigate again over the same issues between the same parties
Resawing 0 likes
Lumber that may be re-sawed after the initial sawing; cutting into boards or specific lengths of wood
Rescission 0 likes
A legal solution for a breach of contract whereby the law purports that a contract never occurred and tries to place the parties in the roles they held prior to the contract being enacted; a cancellation or dissolution
Reserves 0 likes
A part of present income saved and gathered at interest to pay for maintenance, new equipment, and repairs in the future
Residence 0 likes
A building for occupancy by people; a home
Resident Architect 0 likes
A construction designer who oversees the entire building project in order to safeguard the owner‘s interests
Resident Engineer (inspector) 1 like
An engineer who is appointed to work at the job site and advocates for the owner‘s interests throughout the construction process; See Owner‘s Inspector
Residential Carpet3 likes
residential carpet
A suitable carpet for low pedestriantraffic situations
Residential Equipment 1 like
Equipment located in the home that is utilized by the people in the home
Residential Occupancy 1 like
A construction or any part of a building including one or more units that are occupied
Residual 0 likes
The part that remains following a chemical reaction
Active disinfectant left in pool water after applying treatments for pollution
Residual Stress 0 likes
Stress in a structure or component due to thermal or mechanical treatment or both
Residual, Building 1 like
See Building Residual
Residual, Land 0 likes
See Land Residual
Resilience 0 likes
Capacity of a material to return its initial size and shape after alteration, such as compression or stretching
The capacity of a carpet or cushion to return to its initial shape after being walked over or crushed
Calculation of the retention of dynamic energy by a structure without long-lasting alteration
When a strained body relinquishes its stored energy when deforming pressure is removed
Resilient Channel 1 like
A component in metal furring which absorbs sound or noise impact that strikes the surface
Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) 0 likes
115 Broad Street, Suite 201, LaGrange, GA 30240, Tel: (202) 833-2635: URL: www.rfci.com/
Resilient Flooring 0 likes
Surface products such as asphalt, vinyl and linoleum, and similar strong products; obtainable in tiles or sheets
Resin 2 likes
Viscous material collected from the sap of particular trees and plants (natural resin) or constructed artificially out of coal-tar products and other natural materials (synthetic resin); used to produce varnishes and paints
Resin Hardness 1 like
Means of defining the hardness of resins; usually from No. 1 (hardest) to No. 6 (softest)
Resist Printing 1 like
Putting a dye-resist product on carpet before piece dyeing to ensure that the pile will absorb color in accordance with a design plan
Resistance 0 likes
An oppositional or restricting force
A hurdle inhibiting or preventing movement including friction
The capacity to impede the passage of electricity or heat
Resistance or R-Value 0 likes
The capacity of a material to impede heat flow
Resistivity (r) 1 like
The feature or facility that inhibits the transmission of heat or electricity; reciprocal of conductivity
Resistor1 like
Electrical instrument that is resistant to the flow of an electrical current
Resolving Forces 0 likes
Changing a force or forces with two or more alternative forces that produce a comparable effect on a material as the initial forces
Resonance 0 likes
Greater amplitude of oscillation of a mechanical system when it is exposed to vibration from another source at or near its own natural frequency
Intense and prolonged sound created by sympathetic vibration; amplified sound
Resorcinol Glue 1 like
This glue is used for lumber or building joints that must cope with extreme environments
Respirator1 like
An instrument that is used to maintain artificial respiration
Respirator Mask 0 likes
An apparatus placed over the mouth to facilitate breathing
Respondiat Superior 0 likes
The axiom that a principal is responsible for the undertakings of an agent, and an employer for the activities and professional conduct of an employee
Response 2 likes
Consequences a structure experiences as a result of earthquake activity
Restaurant 0 likes
A place or designated areas for creating and serving of meals to the public
Restoration 0 likes
The process of bringing something back to its pre-existing state
Restretch 1 like
The steps required to correct carpet that has been laid incorrectly
Restrictor2 likes
An instrument used to produce a drop of pressure in a line by decreasing the flow area
Restroom 0 likes
A public room, generally marked according to gender that is equipped with toilets, urinals, and lavatories
Resultant 0 likes
A force that will yield the same result as two or more combined forces
Retainage 0 likes
Construction monies retained by the owner from the contractor to be paid once building is properly finished; otherwise known as Retention
Retained Earnings 0 likes
Accumulated earnings that are held in a corporation since its formation minus the full amount of dividends designated for the shareholders
Retaining Wall 0 likes
A building that stands against a slope and stops erosion
Retardant, Fire1 like
retardant, fire
See Fire Retardant
Retardation 1 like
Stalling the solidification of newly made concrete, mortar or grout
Retarder 0 likes
A concrete amalgamation utilized to inhibit the organic curing process
An amalgamation that delays the drying and setting action of plaster; usually used exclusively with gypsum plasters or finish coat plaster
Gradually drying solvents combined with lacquer to stall drying of the lacquer
Retemper 2 likes
Combination of water to Portland cement plaster, mortar, or concrete following mixing but preceding the setting stage
Retention 0 likes
Maintaining ownership
Retentions 0 likes
Money held back from progress billings until the project is satisfactorily finished
Retrofitting 1 like
To install new objects or equipment in a building
Return 0 likes
The last component of a lining that is perpendicular to the primary wall
The extension of a paneling of all types in a distinct course
Return Air Duct1 like
return air duct
The duct through which air is returned from a room or area to the temperature regulator to be renewed and used again
Return Lines 1 like
Pipework that brings back water to be reheated and re-cooled
Pipework that brings back filtered water to a pool
Return Off-Set 0 likes
See Jumpover
Return on Investment 1 like
The ratio or proportion of earnings to the complete value of a business
Return Period of Earthquakes 2 likes
The time frame in which it is likely for an earthquake of a particular magnitude to reoccur
Return Piping1 like
return piping
Piping between the filter and the pool, spa or hot tub through which the filtered water passes
Rev 0 likes
Revenues 0 likes
Gross income pertaining to a business
Reverberation 0 likes
The echoing of formerly created noise created by reflection of acoustic waves from the surfaces of confined areas
Reverberation Time 0 likes
The time elapsed before sound cannot be heard; a purpose of a space, people, furnishings, and the absorption properties of the surfaces
Reverse Coloring 1 like
The alteration of fiber frames in Jacquard blends to create alternating ground and top colors
Reverse Cycle Defrost 1 like
Process or means of heating evaporator in order to thaw something out
Devices or control mechanisms that transport hot gas from a compressor into evaporator
Reverse Engineering 0 likes
The investigation of a product to further the knowledge and understanding of its makeup and function such that higher quality versions may be developed
Reverse Thrust Fault 0 likes
A topographical flaw under pressure whereby the overlapping block travels up the slope of the fault surface
Reversible Lock1 like
reversible lock
A securing device that may may be applied to a door opening in either direction or hinged to either jamb
Reversing Valve1 like
reversing valve
Instrument that changes the flow of the refrigerant contingent on the preference for cooling or heating
Reversionary Clause 0 likes
A clause in a deed that allows for property to return to the grantor if requirements are infringed
Revibration 0 likes
The slowed movement of concrete that has been positioned and formed; most successful when implemented late in the process thereby causing the concrete to submerge via the pressure of its own weight; serves to make concrete plastic
Revolving Door1 like
revolving door
Generally a four paneled door connected at right angles and moving from a central axis; a few are 3 panel connected at 120 degrees
Reynolds Numbers 0 likes
A mathematical proportion of the energetic power of mass flow to the shear tension as a consequence of the degree of adhesiveness
RF Curing 0 likes
Radio Frequency curing
RFCI 0 likes
Resilient Floor Covering Institute
RFP 0 likes
An abbreviation for Request for Proposal
A written application or appeal from the requestor, generally the owner or a representative, to a contractor, subcontractor, or design professional for a quote or fee projection; the RFP usually includes a defined scope of work
RH 0 likes
Right hand
Right Hand, a door handing label
Rheology 0 likes
A specific form of science focusing on the break down and movement of substances
Rheostat1 like
Electrical device that regulates a current by changing the resistance
RHMS1 like
Round Head Machine Screw
Rhombus 0 likes
A figure with four sides of the same length that do not merge at 90 degrees
RHR 0 likes
Right Hand Reverse, a door handing designation
RHWS1 like
round head wood screw
Round Head Wood Screw
Rib 0 likes
A regular or sculpted curved support which serves as reinforcement
A molding or ridge on the underside of an arched ceiling or vault
Ribband 0 likes
The brace for the beams on the secondfloor of a house with vertical studs
The horizontal part of a wood frame wall which reinforces floor beams or rafters for roofs; also known as a Ribbon
Ribbed Shells 0 likes
Structures containing open areas where the construction pieces are mainly positioned along selected rib lines; the gaps between these structures are loaded with thin blocks or remain unfilled
Ribbon 0 likes
See Ribband
Ribbon (Girt) 0 likes
Generally a 1 by 4 board installed horizontally into the studs to reinforce the roof or secondfloor beams
Richter Scale 0 likes
A mathematical ratio that determines the extent or strength of earthquakes
Riddle 0 likes
A separator for rough, unrefined materials such as sand or gravel
Ride the Brush 0 likes
To place pressure on the brush so that the paint is added with the sides of the bristles rather than the flat ends; this reduces the lifespan of the brush
Ridge 0 likes
The horizontal line at the intersecting point of the upper edges of two slanting roof surfaces
Ridge Board 0 likes
The board positioned on the ridge of a roof where the upper ends of additional rafters are secured
Ridge Cut 0 likes
Any incision made in an upright surface
Ridge Rib 0 likes
A rib that creates the ridge in a vault roof
Ridge Shingles1 like
ridge shingles
Small panels that are placed over the ridge board
Ridge Vent1 like
ridge vent
An outlet designed to ventilate an attic that is placed along the ridge of a roof
Ridging 0 likes
An upright tilting, rearrangement or shifting of a roofing cover, often taking place over protective joints, deck joints, and base sheet edges
See Beading
Riffler1 like
A manual implement used for filing, scribing, or scraping
Rifle Range 0 likes
A venue where people practice shooting guns
Rift Valley 0 likes
A graben
Right Angle 0 likes
A 90 degree angle
Right Triangle 0 likes
A three sided figure with one side having a 90 degree angle
Right-of-Way 1 like
The legal allowance, generally via an access point, to travel over property that belongs to someone else
Rigid Copper Tubing1 like
rigid copper tubing
Sturdy pipe made of copper, utilized for water lines, especially where they are visible
Rigid Insulation 0 likes
Thermal protective substance composed of polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, cellular glass, or glass fiber, occasionally presented with a membrane covering, a flat board
Rigidity 0 likes
Level of inflexibility of an element or structure
Rim 0 likes
Hardware to be included on the surface of doors and windows, including rim locks
Rim Joist 1 like
A brace that stretches along the edges of the floor beams and home
Ring Nail1 like
ring nail
See Annular Ring Nail
Ring, Split1 like
ring, split
See Split Ring
Ring, Toothed 0 likes
See Toothed Ring
Ringelmann Sale 0 likes
Apparatus that records the density of smoke
Rip 0 likes
To cut wood longitudinally, along the grain
Rip Fence 1 like
An instruction on a table saw that helps in the process of sawing wood along the grain
Riparian Rights 0 likes
The justifiable freedoms that are afforded an owner whose property is attached to water, such as a stream, river, or lake
Ripper 0 likes
Thin strips of gypsum board employed for eaves, soffits, window returns and finished apertures
Ripping 0 likes
Sawing wood along its grain
Ripple Effect 0 likes
The consequences of work being too quickly or too slowly completed on ensuing work; impact or effect
Riprap 0 likes
A base or stabilizing wall made of stones positioned together without an organized arrangement, such as on an embankment, to stop landfalls
Ripsaw1 like
A saw that cuts lengths of wood
RIS 0 likes
Redwood Inspection Service
Rise 0 likes
The vertical measurement from the soffit line to the ridge; additionally, the vertical measurement from stair tread to stair tread; not more than 7 ½ inches
Riser1 like
A singular upright increment of a stair; the upright front between two treads in a stair
An upright run of plumbing, wiring or ductwork
A gap between shipping units that permits access for the blades on fork lifts
The movement conduit or pipe that spreads the heat conveying liquid across the surface of an absorber
Riser and Panel 0 likes
The outside upright pipe (riser) and metal electric box (panel) the electrician supplies and sets up at the Rough Electric phase
Riser Band 0 likes
A horizontal, flat component generally decorative, slightly protruded, and fixed on a riser separating two stair treads
Riser Hanger 0 likes
The horizontal component of a stair formation which reinforces the riser
Riser Valve1 like
riser valve
Hand held instrument to regulate the flow of refrigerant in vertical piping
Risk 0 likes
Capacity for danger or the potential for injurious or damaging consequences
Risk Management 0 likes
Setting in place plans to circumvent property and casualty losses which can be catastrophic for business; insurance is an effective way to minimize the company’s vulnerability to danger
Rivet1 like
Fastener with a head connected to a metal shaft that is passed through a hole in a material and flattened on the other side
Rivet Pattern 0 likes
The placing and organization of rivets used to join two or more pieces
RMA 0 likes
Rubber Manufacturers Association
Ro 0 likes
Road Base 0 likes
Combination of sand and stone
Road Oil 0 likes
A petroleum oil, heavy and generally Slow-Curing (SC)
Roadway Excavation 0 likes
The task of getting rid of blockages such as boulders in order to create a surface for vehicles to travel on
Robot1 like
A mechanical instrument that is run via automated or machine-driven mechanisms and is utilized in a construction capacity to fulfill work that was formerly undertaken by humans
Robotics 0 likes
Specific form of science focusing on the development, production and use of robots
Rock 0 likes
Solid, firm pieces of the earth’s crust; materials which need blasting before they can be excavated by equipment on site
Rock 1, 2, 3 2 likes
To mount drywall to the walls and ceilings using nails and screws, prior to taping
Rock Anchor 0 likes
A rod or cable that is built into a hard surface with the aim of stabilizing and joining a structure to it
Rock Asphalt 0 likes
See Asphalt Rock
Rock Drilling 0 likes
Boring holes into rock
Rock Flour 1 like
Rock crushed into fine particles to form a powder
Rock Gun 0 likes
An instrument for discharging aggregate onto a cushioned surface in applying marblecrete
Rock Pocket 0 likes
A concrete flaw where a collection of aggregate is not sufficiently enclosed by cement adhesive
Rockwool Insulation 0 likes
Insulation constructed by producing fibers from molten rock and residue; used as protective insulation in ceilings and walls
Rococo 0 likes
An 18th century form of cultural and artistic expression that features elaborate, excessive and deliberate ornamentation; baroque
Rod1 like
A thin implement that can be carried and wielded such as a stick or pole
A unit to measure length, utilized in land measuring, of 16.5 feet
A square-shaped rod, 273.9 square feet
Rod Saw1 like
rod saw
A cutting implement composed of a steel bar approximately 1/8 inch in diameter used to cut circles or uneven arches and contours in tile; surface has tungsten carbide particles
Rod, Ground 3 likes
See Ground Rod
Rod, Guy 1 like
See Guy Rod
Rod, Hanger2 likes
rod hanger
See Hanger Rod
Rod, Tamping1 like
rod, tamping
See Tamping Rod
Rod, Traverse2 likes
rod, traverse
See Traverse Rod
Rodding Off 0 likes
See Floating
Roll 1 like
To place the floor beams or trusses in their appropriate spots
Roll Out 0 likes
The process of completing similar jobs quickly over a designated time
Roll Roof 0 likes
A roof that has been coated with a form of bitumen material that is delivered in rolls
Roll Roofing 0 likes
Asphaltic roof covering, coated felts, polished or mineral surfaced, delivered in rolls
Roll-Up Door1 like
roll-up door
A door which lifts and rolls into a coiled arrangement and descends on tracks on either doorpost
Rolled 0 likes
A brick that is placed with the front jutting out
Rolled Steel Section 0 likes
Rolled steel formed by the application of intense heat and provides support and reinforcement for products including I-beam, wide flange beam, channel, tee, angle, or comparable materials
Roller Blind2 likes
roller blind
A type of blind for windows that is able to be propelled to the top of the window via a recoiling roller
Roller Coating 1 like
Paint or other substance added to surfaces or exteriors by a paint roller
Act of completing an object via the use of solid rubber or steel rollers
Roller Latch1 like
roller latch
A door latch is a mechanical fastener that utilizes a roller activated via springs to create movement
Roller Marks 0 likes
Exterior flaws created during the fabrication process as the gypsum board passes through the various manufacturing processes
Roller Shade2 likes
roller shade
A window covering and sun protector on spring-loaded roller that enables the shade to move vertically
Roller Strike 0 likes
The latch on a door plate with a rotating mechanism at the spot where the latch bolt makes contact thereby reducing resistance
Rolok Wall 0 likes
A relatively inexpensive wall and an alternative to a solid brick wall, combines of a number of exteriors of brickwork placed horizontally or sideways to create a cell-like type of open formation
ROM 0 likes
Read Only Memory
Roman Arch1 like
roman arch
round topped structure
Roman Brick 1 like
A brick that has measurements of 3-1/2 by 2 by 12 inches
Roman Cities 1 like
Guided by the plan employed for military camps, grid iron city blocks; formalized structure and coordination of public access points in the central hub of the city
Roman Numeral 0 likes
The Roman letters comprised of the numbers, I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, D = 500, M = 1000
A number in the arrangement of symbols that is based on the ancient Roman system
Romanesque 0 likes
A form of building design common in Europe in the 9th to 12th century, with huge archways, round arches, ornamental arcades, and excessive design and displays
Romex1 like
A well-known type of nonmetallic insulated electrical cable that is used for internal wiring
Rood Screen 0 likes
An ornamental screen dividing the main part of a church from the presbytery
Roof 1 like
The uppermost protective surface of a building or structure
The highest paying limit, a ceiling price
Roof Adhesive 0 likes
A bonding substance used to cement roof products
Roof Assembly 0 likes
A construction made of interconnecting parts, including the roof deck, used to safeguard against water penetration and, generally, to safeguard a building’s exterior
Roof Ballast 1 like
Broken up rock or gravel which is placed on a roof to create its ultimate surface
Roof Bond 0 likes
A legal assurance that a constructed roof adheres to specifications and will be restored or replaced if it fails to meet these specifications within a particular time frame in normal environmental conditions
Roof Contractor 0 likes
A roof contractor, otherwise known as a roofing contractor, installs, fixes and replaces roofs on homes and commercial properties. In most areas, a roof contractor must obtain a business license.
Roof Cricket 0 likes
Small raised area of timber roof built to redirect water around chimney, curb, or other protrusions
Roof Decking 0 likes
Two inch or broader lumber set up on a roof structure
The membrane or exterior of a roof
Roof Drain1 like
roof drain
An outlet or on a roof where substances can be released or discharged
A drainage channel or pipe that gathers water dispelled from a roof and channels it away from the building
Roof Expansion Joint 1 like
A gap between roofing parts to facilitate thermal expansion and contraction
Roof Flashing1 like
roof flashing
A weather protectant frequently used where a roof is penetrated by pipes or columns; prevents the negative impact of nature
Roof Framing 0 likes
The framework or edifice of a roof structure
Roof Hatch1 like
roof hatch
Mass produced, mostly of metal, horizontal access door installed on a curb to allow entry to horizontal or low slanting roofs from the inside of the building
Roof Insulation2 likes
roof insulation
Products used amongst rafters or roof struts for protection from excessive temperatures
Hard, durable sheets of protective material mounted on a horizontal roof
Roof Jack 0 likes
Sleeves that are used in the construction of roofs and placed around the black plumbing waste vent pipes, and are secured by nails to the roof sheeting
Roof Joist 0 likes
The beams of a horizontal roof; wood used to secure the roof sheeting and weight of the roof; typically, those with dimension of 2 X 10 feet and 2 X 12 feet are used
Roof Panel1 like
roof panel
Roof construction consisting of boards, plywood, or metal sheets that can be mounted as a pre-made unit
Roof Ridge 1 like
The highest part of a roof where the roof planes join
Roof Scupper1 like
roof scupper
See Scupper
Roof Sheathing or Sheeting 0 likes
Wood panels or sheet material secured to the roof trusses on which the shingle or another roof cover is placed
Roof Shingle 0 likes
Sections of triangular shaped wood or other elements used in covering courses of a roof, mostly constructed of wood, asphalt, clay tile, or metal
Roof Slab 0 likes
Flat component of a stabilized concrete roof, reinforced by beams, columns and other types of framework
Roof Specialties 1 like
An attachment of edging or bordering employed in the construction of a roof, such as gravel stop, flashing, or vent strip
Roof Spinner 0 likes
An instrument designed for even distribution of air that is fixed on a roof and which uses the wind to produce a rising draft and creating effective ventilation
Roof System 0 likes
A generic term for the entire construction of waterproof covering, insulation, vapor barrier, ballast, and substrate
Roof Valley 0 likes
The V created as a result of two sloping roofs intersecting
Roof Vent1 like
roof vent
A frequently monitored opening on the sloping end or roof structure to permit an uninterrupted movement of air into the space below the roof
The unit installed on a roof that is the end point of a pipe used to distribute air
Roof Walkway 0 likes
A set corridor designed for safe movement across a roof, also acts as a safeguard for the roofing material when repairs are being undertaken
Roof, Asphalt 0 likes
See Asphalt Roof
Roof, Built-Up 0 likes
See Built-Up Roof
Roof, Curb 1 like
See Gambrel Roof
Roof, Fluid-Applied 0 likes
See Fluid-Applied Roof
Roof, Hip 0 likes
See Hip Roof
Roofer 0 likes
A person who builds or fixes roofs
Roofing 0 likes
Products used to construct a roof
The professional skill and capacity to apply roofing materials; a Roofer
Roofing Cement1 like
roofing cement
A generic term for a collection of resins able to be spread including asphalt or tar that are employed in building roofs and during repairs
Roofing Consultant 1 like
A specialist in the planning, specification, building, and repair of roofs
Roofing Felt1 like
roofing felt
A felt sheet saturated with a waterproofing, asphalt-based product
Roofing Nail1 like
roofing nail
A short nail with a wide head
Roofing Removal 0 likes
To discard an old roof system
Roofing Square 1 like
A range or coverage of roofing that is 10 feet by 10 feet
Roofing surface that is 100 square feet
Roofing System 0 likes
A collection of interdependent roof parts with the purpose of weatherproofing and insulating a roof
Rooftop AC1 like
rooftop AC
Air-conditioning product or apparatus built on a roof
Rooftop Heater 0 likes
A heating system built or positioned on a roof
Rooftop Unit 1 like
A process of regulating air in an autonomous or independent system, built immediately above the conditioned area, in a protected space
Room Resonance 0 likes
The reverberations of sound in a confined area, which is contingent upon the interactions that take place between the sound wavelength, the size of the space, and the reflective surfaces
Rooming House 0 likes
A hotel
Root Ball 0 likes
The organic substances that stick to roots of an excavated tree that will be replanted in a different place
Root Buttress 0 likes
An above ground root that connects to the tree trunk
Root Face 1 like
The part of the grooved front next to the root of the juncture in welding
Root Hook 0 likes
An extremely heavy hook that is used to collect and remove large roots when it is pulled across the ground
Root of Joint 0 likes
That part of a juncture to be welded or fused where the components are nearest each other
Root of Weld 0 likes
The juncture at which the base of the weld meets with the basemetal surfaces
Root Opening 0 likes
The gap between the components to be joined at the source of the joint in welding
Rope1 like
A strong cord formed by interlacing strands of hemp, flax, nylon, wire, cotton, or similar material
Rose 0 likes
A thin plate connected to the door hardware behind the door handle
Rose-Window 1 like
A round window with intricate design features and, generally, stained glass; often seen in Gothic churches
Rosette 0 likes
A round design piece or ornament constructed of wood, metal, or plaster
Metal adornment installed into a wall or roof to allow for light and air
Rosewood Veneer1 like
rosewood veneer
A narrow coat of cabinet wood with a dark red or purplish hue interspersed with black, added to create a luxurious, aesthetically pleasing surface
Rosin 0 likes
A tough resin produced from pine trees consisting mainly of isomers of abietic acid; wood rosin is gathered from decaying or lifeless wood utilizing steam separation; gum rosin is produced from the living treerosin and is used in creating varnish and soap
Rot 0 likes
Decomposition; something in the process of decaying
Rotary Blade Compressor 1 like
Apparatus used to circulate fluid by rotating blades within a cylinder
Rotary Compressor1 like
rotary compressor
See Compressor, Rotary
Rotary-Cut Veneer 0 likes
Thin slices of wood cut in a lathe where the wood is turned against a sharp instrument
Rotate 0 likes
To move in a circular motion around an axis or central point
Rotation 0 likes
Twisting movement of an apparatus about a vertical pivot
Rotor1 like
A rotating component in a machine
Rottenstone 0 likes
A brittle sedimentary rock which when crushed is employed in wood finishing; it has minimal cutting action but is suitable for polishing; otherwise called Tripoli
Rough Horse 0 likes
See Carriage
Rough Lumber 1 like
Wood products that have yet to be dressed or surfaced but which have been cut, edged, and trimmed
Rough Opening 0 likes
The horizontal and vertical dimensions of a window or door opening prior to the installation of siding or drywall
Rough Sill 1 like
Framing beam placed across the bottom of an incomplete window opening to act as a support during the construction of a window frame; it is connected to the cripple studs beneath the rough opening
Roughing-In 1 like
The first phase of a plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry, and/or another project, when all the parts that won’t be visible after the second finishing stage are put together; See Heat Rough, Plumbing Rough, and Electrical Rough
Round 0 likes
A dowel made of wood
Round Edge 0 likes
A premade factory edge design with a circular shape
Round Head Wood Screw (RHWS)1 like
round head wood screw
A screw made of wood that has a circular head projecting above the surface; propelled with a screw driver; generally positioned with a washer below the head
Round Pattern 0 likes
Circular shape or formation
Round Wire1 like
round wire
See Loop Pile
Round, Quarter 0 likes
See Quarter Round
Rout 0 likes
To remove part of a substance such as wood in order to make a channel
Router 1 like
Implement used in woodworking that has a fast speed drill piece for purposes such as cutting rebates, dadoes, and creating ornamental or smooth arched edges
Row House 0 likes
One of a number of houses connected by shared sidewalls forming a continuous cluster
Rowlock Course 0 likes
A series of beams placed on their sides rather than on their flat side; a line or sequence of brick laid on their sides mainly used for the ring of curve
Rows 0 likes
The number of longitudinally placed fiber clumps in one inch of Axminster or Chenille carpet; contrast with Wires
RPM 0 likes
Revolutions Per Minute
RTU 0 likes
Roof Top Unit
Rub Joint 0 likes
A glue joint constructed by carefully joining the edges, dispersing glue between them, and rubbing the components until they are polished
Rubber1 like
A durable elastic product from the latex of rubber trees, a natural hydrocarbon polymer
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) 0 likes
1400 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 682-4800, URL: www.rma.org/
Rubber Nosing 1 like
The overlay of a step on a stair well providing effective cushioning
Rubber Set 0 likes
See False Set
Rubber Spacers1 like
rubber spacers
Objects with cross and tee shape configurations employed to separate tiles on floors or walls; produced with specific diameters between 1/16 inch and ½ inch
Rubber Trowel2 likes
rubber trowel
A non-absorbent fabricated float with rubber on the front and fixed on an aluminum back with a wooden handle; employed in grouting tile to drive mixture deep into tile joints and to remove the extra grout
Rubber, Laminated 0 likes
See Laminated Rubber
Rubbing Compound1 like
rubbing compound
A coarse material that creates a polished surface on wood after it is rubbed
Rubbing Oil1 like
rubbing oil
Organic mineral oil of average weight that lubricates pumice stone
Rubbing Stone1 like
rubbing stone
A stone made of silicon carbide that polishes the coarse corners of tile
Rubbing Varnish1 like
rubbing varnish
A tough-drying lacquer which may be rubbed with a coarse substance and water or oil on to a homogeneous flat surface
Rubbish Handling 0 likes
The practice of transporting or hauling away waste products
Rubbish Removal 0 likes
The practice of getting rid of waste or refuse from an area
Rubble 0 likes
Quarry rocks that are coarsely fragmented
Coarse, broken stones or bricks that fill conduits in walls or used for other filling
Rubble Masonry 0 likes
Original, uncut stone, used for rough work, foundations, refilling trenches, and similar functions
Rug1 like
Coverings placed on the floor but not permanently secured to it; generally a rug does not stretch across the whole floor
Rule-of-Thumb 0 likes
General guidelines framed by experience as opposed to formal or academic theories
Ruler1 like
A straight, piece of wood, plastic, or metal that draws straight lines, and is gradated for measuring
Run 0 likes
A considerable amount of straight or almost straight piping
Dimension of a step, determined from the front of one riser to the front of the next in a stairwell; the overhanging part is not included
The horizontal distance covered by a stairwell
Length of the horizontal protrusion of a slanted component; such as when a rafter is in its place
A temporary scaffold with a series of planks that is built to walk on and move materials
Run, Roof 2 likes
Horizontal distance from the eaves to a point immediately under the ridge; fifty percent of the span
Run, Stair 0 likes
The horizontal distance of a stair step from the overlap on a step to the vertical part behind the step
Rung2 likes
Ladder step
Runner 0 likes
Wooden or metal conduit or strips positioned at floor and ceiling to provide a structure for major segments; such as wood or metal studs
Runner Channel 0 likes
A steel channel component from which insulating channels and beams are upheld in a hanging plaster ceiling
Runners 0 likes
See Main Runners
Running Bond 0 likes
Brickwork composed completely of stretchers with their long, narrow side exposed, placed such that rows of bricks are uniformly structured units oriented in a specific arrangement
Running Mold 0 likes
Built by plasterers on site by using a metal pattern to create a mold of raw, original plaster
Running Time 0 likes
Period of time a device is run per hour or per day
Running Track 0 likes
An oval track that athletes use for a variety of running activities and endeavors
Running Trap 0 likes
A plumbing device in which the inlet and outlet are in a flat horizontal line; the water channel lies underneath the waterline of either the inlet or outlet
Running Watts Generator Head 0 likes
A circuit breaker protected generator head will provide power during an outage.
Running Winding 0 likes
Motorized rotation of motor which has current passing through it during regular functioning
Runoff 0 likes
Residual rainwater or melted snow that is not sucked into the earth and drainage to streams, or instruments that collect storm water
Runs 2 likes
Flaws caused by unbalanced or rough distribution of material in items such as paintings and curtains
Rural Letter Box1 like
rural letter box
A roadside container generally found in rural areas for receipt of mail
Rust 0 likes
A coating that is reddish or yellowish-brown in color produced on iron or steel by oxidation, generally as a consequence of the presence of water; ferrous oxide
Rust-Inhibitive Washes 0 likes
Solution which scrapes the surface and produces a muted gray even textured coat on metal, forming a rust-preventative surface ready to receive a primer
Rusticated Concrete 0 likes
Beveled edges of concrete that accentuate the joints
Rustification 0 likes
Employing squared or cut stone blocks with coarse surfaces and edges deeply beveled or corrugated to accentuate the joints
Rutile 0 likes
A mineral composed of titanium oxide used in ceramics and various products
RW 0 likes
Rwd 0 likes
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A structural, mathematical solid shaped like a circle with a hole in it



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