Term Definition
Quadrant 1 like
When a circle is divided into four parts, each part is a quadrant
A solid instrument used to tighten and join the a Dutch door’s higher and lower leaves
A device that is used to determine altitudes
Quadrel 1 like
A tile that is square in shape; a dispute
Quadrilateral 0 likes
A figure that has four sides
Quadripartite 6 likes
Composed of four pieces or components; quadripartite vaulting is the most popular form of groined as well as ribbed vaulting
Quadriphonic 3 likes
Noise that is copied and conveyed via four transmission channels
Quadrisect 2 likes
To split into four, generally equal, components
Quadruplex Cable 3 likes
Cable with or made up with four wires
Quag 1 like
Wetland or bog
Quagmire 6 likes
A mushy sodden or soggy place that falls away when walked upon
Quake 5 likes
A seismic shift or disturbance
Qualified 1 like
Person or group with a certified degree, qualification, or professional reputation; or who by vast knowledge, training and experience, has successfully displayed the ability to recognize and correct problems related to a particular project undertaking or subject matter
Qualified Historical Building (Or Structure) 4 likes
Any structure or structures considered significant to the history, architecture or culture of a place by a relevant local or state governmental authority; embraces structures of national, state or local historical records or formal inventories, such as the National Register of Historic Places, State Points of Historical Interest, and historical or architecturally important sites and places or landmarks in city or county registers or records
Quality 2 likes
The extent to which a level of skill or achievement is attained
Quality Control 3 likes
Measures that are deployed to guarantee that standards are maintained in the manufacture of products and in the work undertaken on site
Quantity 1 like
The capacity of an object or tangible commodity such as its weight or volume
Quantity Survey 4 likes
Comprehensive record or register of all materials, equipment, and services required to finalize an undertaking
Quantity Surveyor 4 likes
An individual charged with the responsibility of determining measures and expenses for building purposes; See Quantity Survey
Quantum 1 like
A wished for or agreed figure
Quarrel 1 like
An equal sided object, especially a piece of glass, placed at right angles, such as a diagonally-shaped frame; otherwise known as a quarrel pane
The area within a frame organized for coating
Quarry 3 likes
Accessible site to enable the collection and dispatching of material and objects such as stones; a deep trench holding rocks
Quarry Bed 2 likes
Perimeter or periphery of part of construction stone alongside the organic seams
Quarry Tile 2 likes
Manually produced or manufactured clay tile that enhances surfaces of a property; generally 6 by 6 by ¼ inches thick; a sizeable, completed, clay floor tile, generally not glazed
Quarry-Faced 0 likes
Stone with a coarse front such as a piece cut out of the pit
Quarter Bend 1 like
An attachment to a pipe used for clearing refuse that forms an upright or perpendicular angle
Quarter Drop Match 3 likes
See Set Match
Quarter Hollow 2 likes
A cavetto or cupped sculpting where the fashioning of the diagonal piece sits at approximately 90 degrees, counter to the quarter circle, or ovolo
Quarter Round 3 likes
A compact formation containing a portion of a quadrant
Quarter Width 2 likes
Part of a yard measurement pertaining to carpet or loom breadths; age-old European carpet was woven in widths of 27 inches or 3/4 yards
Quartersawed Lumber 1 like
Commercial wood with grains along the side
Quartz 1 like
Crystalline silica; a solid delicate substance that cracks and splinters and is generally clear, and colorless, or possibly white, pink, and amethystine tone or appearance
Quartzite 1 like
Hard sandstone composed of approximately 98 percent silica augmented by quartz
Quasi Contract 1 like
Implementation of legally binding stipulations upon individuals or groups that have no contractual tie
Quatrefoil 0 likes
Round component in Gothic decorative design with four edges
Quay 3 likes
A construction alongside the shore of a passage of water that is used as a docking point
Queen 0 likes
A bisected brick formed by dividing a complete brick longitudinally as for a corner in a soldier course
Half a brick that stops upright joints collapsing
Queen Anne 0 likes
The design and furniture mode of England, under Dutch dominance, throughout the brief rule of Anne, 1702-1714
Queen Closer 2 likes
Slab of brick split or divided from top to bottom
Queen Truss 0 likes
A beam or support bordered by queen structures
Quenching 1 like
Process of increasing the resilience of steel by placing it in cold water
Fast cooling of metal with the application of heat
Quick Assets 1 like
Personal belongings able to be sold for money
Presently held possessions with no inventory
Quick Burst 0 likes
The internal forces needed to crack open a pipe or connection as a result of inward pressure escalation, generally within one to one and a half minutes
Quick Drying 2 likes
A product that dries at a fast rate
Quick Fix 2 likes
A fast but frequently poor and ineffectual response to a dilemma; a Band-Aid response
Quick Set 2 likes
See Flash Set
A mixture that moistens before dehydrating in gypsum wallboard connectors; also called Fast Set
Quick-Connect Coupling 3 likes
quick-connect coupling
Apparatus which allows simple and quick joining of two fluid lines
Quicklime 1 like
The initial hard material Calcium Oxide that results by heating or melting limestone and that cultivates immense heat and is easily broken apart when tempered with water; lime; prior to its application in building, it is vital that quicklime is quenched in water and matured for a minimum of fourteen days
Quicksand 1 like
Loose material that is stopped from settling and combining together as a result of surface water rising
Saturated unnatural soil so lacking in substance that it will not uphold any weight
Quicksilver 1 like
Quiet Title Action 2 likes
Legal action implemented to dismiss an assertion of ownership or entitlement to a property
Quincunx 2 likes
The placement of five pieces whereby four are in the corners and one is located the intersecting point in the middle, akin to a dice or a five playing card, utilized to plant trees in the ground
Quintefoil 3 likes
Round component in Gothic decorative design with five edges
Quirk 6 likes
A trench or canal dividing two components of a sculpture or formation
Quitclaim Deed 1 like
A form of contractual dispensation that includes words pertaining to acquisition and discharge; it does not offer an assurance of ownership
Quoin 4 likes
Pillars or mainstays built on the outside angle of a construction; block masonry or brick that protrude from the walls at the edges of a building for decorative purposes
Quonset 4 likes
Ready-made metal construction with a half-circle ridged roof
Product of the day

6 Ways to Control Mold in Your Home

Regular house cleaning helps control mold levels. Most often mold spores found inside your home come from external sources. Mold spores in a home are usually found on surfaces such as walls, furniture and clothing. Cleaning small areas of visible mold such as the mold around your bath and removing excess moisture with a bathroom exhaust fan, is critical to maintain a sanitary environment. You have every right to be worried  when you have lots of active mold growing in your home. This situation is most likely to occur when there’s been a persistent water leak, flood, or excessive  humidity in your home. Mold growth indoors may lead to a loads of airborne mold spores, which can then trigger the spread of mold from the original source to additional areas of the home having high moisture levels. Extensive mold growth will damage your home and furnishings, including rugs, sofas and cabinets. Over time, unchecked mold growth can even cause damage to structural elements of your home. While there is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment, keeping your home clean and dry can avert extensive mold growth and the resulting damage. Damage to your home and possessions is not the only reason to make sure you control mold growth. Even though most people are exposed to small amounts of mold or their spores every day without apparent harm, mold is an unhealthy condition that may present potential health risks to people. Possible adverse health effects produced by molds can include allergic, irritating, or toxic effects, and even infections, allergic reactions being the most common. Symptoms reported by affected people include: respiratory conditions, such as wheezing, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath, sneezing and/or nasal congestion, eye and/or throat irritation, headaches and fatigue.

Six Tips To Control Mold Growth Now

Below are six tips to keep moisture from becoming a breeding ground for mold in your home: 1. Ensure that bathrooms, clothes dryers and moisture-creating devices have vents to the exterior. 2. Make sure none of the air conditioning vents are blocked. 3. Install dehumidifiers in crawl spaces and basements. 4. Turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen while you are cooking. 5. Install insulation on cold surfaces like piping, air ducts or basement walls to reduce condensation. 6. Ensure you are alerted when there is  a leak by installing moisture sensor alarms in potential water backup and overflow spaces.

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