Term Definition
Plot Plan 1 like
A plan from an overhead view supplied by the surveyor that reveals where a home sits on the lot; all property lines, easements, other issues including legal requirements of the home are included
Plough, Plow 0 likes
To cut a groove lengthwise in a plank or board; an outdoor handrail typically has a ploughed groove so that it can be held onto more easily
Plug1 like
A pipe fitting that has external threads and a squared head; used to stop up the opening of some type of fitting
Plug Valve 1 like
See Core Cock
Plug Weld2 likes
plug weld
A circular weld created by arc or gas welding through one part of a lap or tee joint fixing that part to another; if a hole is employed, the walls might not be parallel and weld metal might partly or wholly fill the hole
Plug, Conduit1 like
conduit, plug
See Conduit Plug
Plug, Grounding1 like
plug grounding
See Grounding Plug
Plug, Lock 0 likes
See Lock Plug
Plumb 0 likes
Precisely vertical and perpendicular
Plumb Bob1 like
plumb bob
A tool that is employed to determine plumb; consists of a lead weight that is connected to a string
Plumb Cut 0 likes
A vertical cut
Plumb Rule1 like
plumb rule
Thin board with plumb line and bob on one end, more frequently a bubble in a tube; used to draw straight lines, either vertical or horizontal
Plumber 0 likes
A person who installs, fixes, and maintains water and waste systems
Plumbers Friend1 like
plumbers friend
A tool with a long handle and a large rubber-like cup on the end; forces a blockage through the sewer lines
Plumbers Furnace 0 likes
A heating source where lead and solder are melted and soldering irons are heated
Plumbers Snake1 like
plumbers snake
See Snake
Plumbers Soil 0 likes
A combination of lampblack and glue that keeps certain metal parts of lead pipe and fittings free from lead
Plumbing 0 likes
The process of installing the pipes, fixtures, or other mechanisms that provide potable water and remove liquid and water-borne wastes in a building or other structure
Piping for heating or air conditioning
The fixtures and piping in a building or structure
The system of gas piping
The system for storm sewer
Plumbing Access Door 0 likes
A door in a wall, floor, or ceiling that provides access to plumbing fittings, valves or drains
Plumbing and Drainage Institute (PDI) 0 likes
800 Turnpike Street, Suite 300, North Andover, MA 01845, Tel: (978) 557-0720, URL: www.pdionline.org/
Plumbing Boots2 likes
plumbing boots
Metal saddles that reinforce a bearing wall and vertical studs where a drain line has been installed for plumbing   purposes; rubber boots that serve as protection against water and other materials during plumbing activities
Plumbing Fixture1 like
plumbing fixture
Plumbing equipment which is usually installed at the final stage including toilets, sinks, showers and baths; installations which take in water and eject it into the DWV system with any water-borne waste
Plumbing Ground 0 likes
The drain and waste lines that a plumber installs under a basement floor
Plumbing Jacks 0 likes
Sleeves that lie around the drain and waste vent pipes at the roof sheeting where they are nailed
Plumbing Rough 0 likes
Work that the plumbing contractor performs after the Rough Heat is fitted; includes installing all plastic ABS drain and waste lines, shower pans, bath tubs, copper water lines, as well as gas piping to any furnaces
Plumbing Stack0 likes
plumbing stack
A plumbing vent pipe that passes through the roof
Plumbing Trim1 like
plumbing trim
All the plumbing work accomplished to prepare the home for a final inspection; includes installing all toilets, hot water heaters, sinks, disposal units, dishwashers, and other plumbing items as well as connecting any gas pipes to appliances
Plumbing Waste Line 0 likes
Plastic pipe that collects and drains sewage waste
Plunge 0 likes
Term for a swimming pool
Plunge Router 0 likes
A router whose cutting bit penetrates the material from the board‘s surface
Plunger0 likes
See Plumbers Friend
Plus Pressure 0 likes
See Positive Pressure
Plush 0 likes
A smooth-face cut pile carpet surface; the texture of the yarn cannot be detected
Ply 0 likes
A term referring to the number of layers of any finished piece of material such as roofing felt
Plywood1 like
A wood panel, typically 4 by 8 feet, that is made by adhering layers of veneer or a combination of veneer layers with a lumber core; the layers are joined with glue; adjacent plies are normally laid with their grains at right angles to each other to provide additional reinforcement
Plywood Countertop2 likes
plywood countertop
Plywood panel that forms the substrate for the uncovered countertop surface
Plywood Diaphragm 0 likes
Plywood sheathing on walls, floors, or roofs which provides the strength to withstand wind and earthquake loads
Plywood Roof Sheathing 0 likes
Plywood sheets serve as a base for roofing and are attached to the outside of roof rafters or trusses; makes a strong building superstructure
Plywood Shear Wall 0 likes
Wall of studs and plywood sheathing; it resists forces from wind, earthquakes, and other transverse loads, and reinforces a frame’s stability
Plywood Sheathing1 like
plywood sheathing
Wall, roof, or floor casings or coverings made of plywood
Plywood Shelving1 like
plywood shelving
Horizontal plywood surfaces that are mounted and used to display or store objects
Plywood Siding 0 likes
Plywood sheeting that forms the outside surface of the external walls of a frame building
Plywood Soffit 0 likes
Plywood finish that is horizontally installed and covers the bottom side of a particular construction
Plywood Subfloor 1 like
Plywood sheets that are fastened above floor joists
Plywood Subfloor-Underlayment 0 likes
Plywood sheets are mounted to the top surface of floor joists to reinforce a building superstructure; also creates a smooth, uniform surface for the final floor covering
Plywood Underlayment1 like
plywood underlayment
Flat sheet of plywood that is positioned over subflooring to create a smooth uniform surface for the final floor covering
Plywood Wall Sheathing 0 likes
Plywood that is attached to the outer side of outside wall studs; used to strengthen the building superstructure and function as a foundation for the siding
Plywood, Finish 0 likes
See Finish Plywood
Plywood, Structural 0 likes
Plywood that has been tested and had its structural characteristics graded
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