Term Definition
Pipe1 like
A kind of long tube, normally hollow, through which a liquid, gas, or finely separated solid can pass
A column or strut in a structure
Pipe Bollard3 likes
pipe bollard
Short length of pipe that is positioned vertically in the ground and plugged with concrete so that vehicular access is prevented and property can be protected
Pipe Cleanout 4 likes
See Cleanout Plug
Pipe Flange 1 like
Ring, ridge or collar projected from a pipe for reinforcement, to hold attachments or to stop sliding
Pipe Handrail3 likes
pipe handrail
A type of metal pipe that is used for handrails, the pipe handrail comes in varying shapes and sizes
Pipe Insulation3 likes
pipe insulation
Insulation placed around pipes to reduce heat being lost or gained
Pipe Jacking 1 like
The process of forcing pipe through a tunnel in the ground which is made by the pipe; the pipe is typically jacked in short lengths horizontally
Pipe Joint Compound1 like
pipe joint compound
Material similar to putty that is employed to seal threaded pipe joints
Pipe Painting 4 likes
The process of painting pipes so that they do not corrode or rust; also employed as an identification system in buildings
Pipe Railing1 like
railing pipe
A type of metal railing pipe
Pipe Sleeve3 likes
pipe sleeve
Cylindrical insert in a concrete wall or floor so that pipe may be passed through or secured
Pipe Wrench1 like
pipe wrench
A wrench that has serrated jaws that clasp pipe and twist it one way
Pipe, ABS2 likes
ABS pipe
A plastic pipe of varying diameters; used for main drains and stacks in plumbing
Pipe, Aluminum 0 likes
A pipe employed to carry liquid or gas
Pipe, Clay1 like
clay pipe
A pipe employed in drainage systems as well as sanitary sewers; constructed from earthenware and glazed to eradicate permeability
Pipe, Copper 1 like
Inflexible durable pipe that is employed in both inside and outside water systems; resistant to moisture, it can be employed with both soldered and mechanical connections
Pipe, CPVC2 likes
pipe cpvc
Plastic rigid pipe that is employed for water supply lines, for both hot and cold water
Pipe, Fiberglass 0 likes
A pipe for conveying liquid or gas, made from layers of resins and glass fibers
Pipe, Galvanized2 likes
galvanized pipe
A steel pipe that has zinc coating
Pipe, Glass2 likes
pipe, glass
Glass or glass-lined pipe that is employed for process piping
Pipe, No-Hub1 like
pipe no-hub
Pipe made from cast iron that does not have hubs for coupling
Pipe, Polyethylene3 likes
Polyethylene pipe
Pipe that is made from a substance that becomes soft and pliable when heated, but retains its properties; thermoplastic
Pipe, Polypropylene 1 like
A strong plastic pipe that is resistant to chemicals and heat
Pipe, PVC 0 likes
Polyvinyl chloride pipe that is employed primarily for drain lines, it is especially resistant to chemicals
Pipe, Stainless1 like
stainless pipe
Pipe or tubing made out of stainless steel; very resistant to corrosion
Pipe, Structural 0 likes
Pipe employed in a building or structure to move loads to the ground
Piping 1 like
Refers to the pipe system in a structure
PIR Detector 1 like
Passive Infra-Red detector; forms a portion of a burglar alarm system
Piscina 0 likes
A basin that has a drain, which typically leads to a soak pit; situated near the altar in a church so that water from liturgical ablutions can be discarded
Piston1 like
Tight-fitting plug or part which travels up and down a cylinder
Piston Displacement 1 like
Volume displaced by a piston as it moves the length of its stroke; the resultant volume of the length of piston stroke multiplied by the area of a cylinder bore
Pit 1 like
A shaft, hole or cavity in the ground
Pitch 1 like
The slope of a roof; the ratio of the total rise to the total width of a building, i.e., a 5-foot rise and 20-foot width has a one-fourth pitch roof; the slope of a roof is indicated by the inches of rise for every foot of horizontal run
Pitch Board 0 likes
See Bevel Board
Pitch Pine 0 likes
Any type of pine that yields pitch including heartwood and sapwood; can be used for fuel, lumber, and pulpwood
Pitch Streak 0 likes
Where pitch has accumulated in a relatively uniform streak; appears in the wood of some conifers
Pith 0 likes
The soft core that appears near the middle of a log, tree trunk, or branch
PITI 0 likes
Principal, interest, taxes and insurance are the four principal aspects of monthly housing payments
Pitot Tube2 likes
pitot tube
Tube that measures the velocity of air
Pits 0 likes
See Pops
Pitting 1 like
The forming of small, normally shallow, cavities or indentations on the exterior of a material
Pivot 0 likes
A pin, axis, or other type of central point on which a mechanism turns or oscillates
Placement 1 like
The process of laying and consolidating concrete; also called Pour
Plain Bar2 likes
plain bar
Steel reinforcing bar that does not have any defects
Plain Concrete 1 like
Concrete that is unreinforced or has less reinforcement than what the code for reinforced concrete stipulates as the minimum
Plain Reinforcement 0 likes
See Plain Bar
Plainsawed Lumber 0 likes
Lumber that has flat grains
Lumber sawed without regard for the grain; also called Slash Sawed or Bastard Sawed
Plan 1 like
A view through a horizontal section of a building at eyelevel; a line drawing that serves as a representation of the horizontal section of a building‘s walls; the relative positions of the doors, walls, windows,, columns, and other components are included
Plan Checker 0 likes
Building department representative who reviews the building permit documents
Plan View 4 likes
The view of a structure from above, looking down in a drawing
Planar 0 likes
Two dimensional; of or relating to a plane surface; flat or lying in a single geometric plane
Plancher 0 likes
See Plancier
Plancier 1 like
A soffit that sits under a cornice or any other protruding element; also called Plancher
A platform or plank floor
Plane 0 likes
A flat or level surface
A tool employed on wood surfaces to make them even or smooth
Plane of Weakness 0 likes
The plane along which a building will begin to crack under stress; can occur by accident or by design or because of the nature of the building and its loading
Planing Mill Products 0 likes
Products that are worked to a pattern, such as ceilings and floorings
Plank1 like
A wide section of sawn timber, typically 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches thick and 6 or more inches wide
Plank Floor 0 likes
See Random Width Flooring
Planned Unit Development 0 likes
A type of group development that allows for more land uses than it does in a residential group
Planner1 like
A person who designs a system for doing something; an arrangement of steps that must be taken to complete some task or objective
Planning 0 likes
The process of making plans for land or building development
Plans 0 likes
A term that refers to all the drawings in a particular project, including sections and details as well as any supplemental drawings necessary for implementing a given project
Plant 1 like
The land, buildings, and machinery employed in a manufacturing operation
To place seeds, bulbs or plants in the ground
Trees or shrubs
Plant Bed Preparation 0 likes
Mixing earth with fertilizer and other products to enrich the soil and to make space for future vegetation
Plant Screens 1 like
These screens are positioned between the dryer and the hot bins In a concrete batching plant so the heated material is separated into the correct hot bin sizes
Planter1 like
A container that accommodates plants
Planting 1 like
A plantation
A method of organizing different colored spools of surface yarn in frames in the back of Jacquard Wilton looms so that more colors appear in the final design than can be acquired from using only solid colors; the additional planted colors are typically organized in groups for each shade; adds interest to the pattern
Plantroom 1 like
A room in a building dedicated to holding operational equipment
Plaque1 like
A tablet made of metal, stone or another tough material that is commemorative with an inscription or decoration
An aberrant area on a surface, localized
Plaster 1 like
A cementitious substance, usually made from gypsum or Portland cement; spread on lath or masonry as a paste which hardens and forms a finished surface; a combination of sand, lime, and hair, or of sand, lime, and cement; used to cover both inside and outside walls
Plaster Accessory 1 like
A tool or other equipment necessary for plaster work
Plaster Base 0 likes
The lath or backing on which plaster is smeared
Plaster Bead 1 like
Metal edging that makes a plaster angle stronger
Plaster Bond 1 like
The bond between coats of plaster or between the plaster and a plaster base; created by either an adhesive or the mechanical interlocking of the plaster with base or other materials
Plaster Fascia 0 likes
The upright face of a wall cornice that is exposed inside a structure
Plaster of Paris1 like
plaster of paris
A white fine gypsum plaster that is employed for molding and casting; pure calcined gypsum
Plaster Patch4 likes
plaster patch
Plaster employed to fill cracks and any sections of a plaster surface that may have been damaged
Plaster Ring2 likes
plaster ring
A guide that has a metal collar which is secured to a base; employed to apply plaster to the desired thickness or supply a fastener for a trim
Plaster Screed 1 like
A wood or metal strip that controls the plaster thickness and gives an edge trim
A strip of plaster that is employed to control the thickness of plaster
Plaster Work 1 like
A plasterer’s completed work
Plaster, Masonry 2 likes
See Masonry Plaster
Plasterboard 0 likes
A large sheet board that is mounted on walls as either a backing for plaster or as a substitute; consists of fiberboard, paper, or felt which bond to a tough gypsum plaster core; See Gypsumboard
Plastering 1 like
Any work that a plasterer creates
Plastering Machine 0 likes
A mechanical device which pushes plaster mortar through a flexible hose onto a surface; also known as a plaster pump or plastering gun; different from Gunite machines where the plaster or concrete is pushed dry through the hose, then mixed with water at the nozzle
Plastic2 likes
Flexible; pliant; able to be molded
Stress or strain beyond the elastic range in a stress analysis; plastic deformation typically suggests a permanent change in shape
A situation wherein fresh concrete, mortar, or cement paste is flexible, easily re-moldable, cohesive, has enough fines and cement, but is not too wet
Plastic Cement2 likes
plastic cement
Plastic mix of bitumen and asbestos strengthening fibers with a solvent; See Flashing Cement
Portland cement with less than 12 per cent by volume plasticizing agents
Plastic Coated Conduit 0 likes
A type of electrical wiring conduit that surrounds very corrosive fumes and damp areas
Plastic Consistency 0 likes
Situation in which concrete, mortar, or cement paste remains deformed without rupture
Plastic Design 0 likes
Procedure that analyses steel frames and beams by determining the load which would lead to the system‘s collapse
Plastic Hinge 0 likes
The point at which a beam or a frame section bends so that a potion is stressed in excess of the elastic range
Plastic Laminate 2 likes
Sheet material that is made from numerous paper layers with the uppermost plastic layer generally 1/16 inch thick providing an ornamental finish; often referred to by the brand name of Formica
Plastic Laminate Backing Sheet 0 likes
Sheet material that is positioned on the concealed side of the panel material to create balance, minimize moisture absorption and provide stability
Plastic Laminate Casework 0 likes
Constructed cabinets made from plastic laminate
Plastic Laminate Countertop 0 likes
Plywood or particleboard countertop that has a plastic laminate finish to cover some substrate
Plastic Pipe2 likes
plastic pipe
Pipe that is made from hard plastic in order to withstand corrosion
Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association (PPFA) 1 like
800 Roosevelt Road, Building C, Suite 312, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137-5833, Tel: (630) 858-6540, Fax: (630) 790-3095, URL: www.ppfahome.org/
Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) 2 likes
105 Decker Court, Suite 825, Irving TX, 75062, Tel: (469) 499-1044, Fax (469) 499-1063, URL: www.plasticpipe.org/
Plastic Sheet1 like
plastic sheet
Plastic with a very slight thickness compared to its width or length
Plastic Skylight1 like
plastic skylight
A plastic molded window, either translucent or transparent, secured in a frame and installed in the ceiling of a room
Plastic Soil 1 like
A type of soil that is rolled into strands of 1/8 inch diameter without falling apart; a supple, rubbery soil
Plasticity 1 like
A plastic material, unlike a fluid material, needs a measurable force to begin flow; this property exists in differing degrees in other materials
When a material can be bent out of shape under a load and maintain the deformity after removal of the load
The ability of some material to be worked and molded
Plasticizer1 like
Substance added to plastics, resins, and rubbers to make them more such as workable and flexible
A product that increases plaster‘s workability and/or flow
A material that improves the consistency or flexibility of a concrete mixture, mortar or cement paste
Plasticizing Agent 0 likes
Plasticizing Wood 0 likes
The process of softening wood with steam, hot water, or a chemical in order to make it more pliable
Plastisol1 like
Liquid substance that contains resin and a plasticizer without solvents
Plate 0 likes
Typically 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 inches that is positioned horizontally inside a framed structure, such as sill, top and sole plates
Plate Cut 0 likes
The cut in a rafter that rests on the plate; also called the Seat Cut
Plate Girder 0 likes
A large beam consisting of steel plates, occasionally combining with steel angles, which are welded or bolted together
Plate Glass 0 likes
Very high quality glass that is made by grinding and shining both sides of a glass sheet
Plate Mirror0 likes
plate mirror
Very high-quality, thick mirror glass
Plate Tectonics 0 likes
Theory which uses plate movement to understand seismicity
Plate, Armor1 like
armor plate
See Armor Plate
Plate, Duplex3 likes
plate duplex
See Duplex Plate
Plate, Switch1 like
plate, switch
See Switch Plate
Plate, Toe0 likes
plate, toe
See Toe Plate
Plate, Ultrasonic Examined 0 likes
Steel plate which is inspected ultrasonically for structural flaws
Platform1 like
Horizontal landing in a staircase; can be at floor level or between floors
Platform Frame2 likes
platform frame
Wood building frame consisting of closely-positioned 2 inch thick beams in which the wall beams do not span further than the floor framing beams; common wood stud wall framing where the studs are the same height and the floor frame rests on top of the top plates of the wall underneath; the most prevalent style of framing used to construct homes; also known as Western Frame; compare to Balloon Frame
Plating 0 likes
A thin layer of metal left on a surface, generally by electrolysis
Player Bench1 like
player bench
A long seat that may not have a back; athletes sit on it when they are not actively participating
Playground Equipment2 likes
playground equipment
Apparatus such as swings, roundabouts, and slides that children use for entertainment in a playground
Pleadings 1 like
Formal documents that are filed with a court accusing another party of wrongdoing or defending a party against charges of wrongdoing
Plenum 1 like
An enclosed chamber, e.g., the space between a hanging ceiling and the floor above it
The primary hot air supply duct leaving a furnace
Plenum Chamber 1 like
Chamber or container that moves air or other gases under light positive pressure
Plenum, Ceiling 2 likes
See Ceiling Plenum
Plexiglass1 like
A tough plastic material similar to glass, typically produced in sheets
Pliers1 like
A type of pincer; a hand tool for gripping objects
Plinth 0 likes
The square base at the bottom of a column
A block of wood that sits at the corner of a doorway at the place where the architrave and the baseboard meet
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