Term Definition
PH 0 likes
Measurement in an aqueous solution of the free hydrogen ion concentration therein
pH Value 0 likes
A measure of acidity or alkalinity; pH 7 is neutral; acids have a pH value less than 7 and alkalis have a pH value more than 7
Pharmacy 0 likes
A place where drugs, medical supplies, and goods are dispensed and sold
Phase 0 likes
Some distinct portion of operation during a cycle
Phased Application 0 likes
The two or more step system of placing the felt plies of built-up roofing layers; the steps are typically enacted on at a minimum of consecutive days
Phenol 0 likes
A corrosive, poisonous benzene derivative that occurs in coal tar and wood tar; employed as an antiseptic and disinfectant when diluted
Phenol-Aldehyde Resins 0 likes
Resins that are made from phenols and formaldehyde
Phenol-Red 1 like
A yellow dye at a pH of 6.8 but becomes a darker red color as the pH moves to 8.4; the most frequently-used pH test reagent in swimming pools
Phenolic Resins 1 like
A type of resin that is based on the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde
Phenolic-Resin Primer Sealer 1 like
A finish penetrating wood pores that dries and equalizes the density of both hard and soft grains; for fir and other softwoods
Phial 0 likes
A thermostatic expansion valve‘s sensing element
Phillips Screwdriver1 like
phillips screwdriver
A cross-tipped screwdriver
Phloem 0 likes
The tissues of the innermost layer of a tree’s bark; sieve-like employed to transport sumptous foodstuffs
Phon 0 likes
A unit of loudness experienced by an average listener; the sound level is zero at its minimum, and 1000 at its maximum
Phosphatize 0 likes
To form a narrow inert coat of phosphate on a surface generally with phosphoric acid
Phosphorescent Paint 1 like
A luminous paint that radiates in the dark, after white light has been switched off; does not contain any phosphorus
Photo Equipment2 likes
photo equipment
Gadgets and other supplies that are employed to take and process photographs
Photo Processor 2 likes
A machine with which photographs are developed from their negatives
Photo-Oxidation 0 likes
Oxidation which is the result of solar rays
Photoelectric Sensor2 likes
photoelectric sensor
A device that transmits an impulse as a response to light
Photoelectricity 1 like
Physical action of light waves creating an electrical flow
Photogrammetry 3 likes
The science of making measurements from aerial photographs in order to create topographic maps
Photographs 1 like
Pictures are usually taken to accurately represent the site before construction
Photometrics 1 like
The science of measuring light‘s intensity
Photovoltaic 1 like
The production of electricity by transforming sunlight
Photovoltaic Cells1 like
photovoltaic cells
Semiconductor devices that produce electrical power from solar energy
Phthalic Anhydride 0 likes
A white crystalline material that synthetic resins are made from
Phthalic Resins 0 likes
Special type of film formers; alkyd resins
Phthalocyanine Blue 0 likes
Synthetically-developed organic blue pigment; very resistant to fading
Phthalocyanine Green 1 like
Copper compound pigment that has a bluish-green color
Physical Inventory 0 likes
A list of all merchandise readily available, determined by counting, weighing, or measuring; the price or value of merchandise is also included in the inventory
Physical Resources 0 likes
Refers to the building activity, labor and expertise involved in the operating of a business; also scrap materials and machinery for resale and other assets that are not shown on a balance sheet
Physical Therapy 0 likes
Treating an injury or illness physically and mechanically such as with exercise, massage, or heat
Piano Hinge1 like
Piano hinge
A Continuous Hinge
Pick 1 like
A heavy hand tool that has one pointed end and either pointed or a chisel on the other end; employed to break up and loosen earth
Pick and Dip 0 likes
When a bricklayer picks up a brick with one hand and, simultaneously with the other hand, puts mortar on a trowel; also known as the Eastern or New England method
Pick Tong 0 likes
A tool employed by a blacksmith for working with hot metal
Pick Up Sags 2 likes
When a coat of paint that is too heavy begins sagging or trickling down the surface, the painter must level it off by brushing up through the sagging paint
Pickling 0 likes
A dipping process that is employed to clean steel and other metals; the pickling agent is typically an acid
Pickup Truck 0 likes
A small truck with an open body, low sides, and tailboard
Picture Framing1 like
picture framing
A decorative edging for a picture; for display or protection purposes
Picture Mold 0 likes
See Picture Molding
Picture Molding 1 like
A type of molding that functions as a support for picture hooks; typically positioned on the wall at some distance from the ceiling
Picture Window 1 like
A large window, usually made from insulating glass or plate, intended to frame some outside view
Piece Dyeing 0 likes
Single- or multi-color pattern effects in carpet that are created by placing a carpet into a dye bath; See also Resist Printing
Pier 1 like
A masonry column, usually rectangular in a horizontal cross section that supports other parts of the structure; See also Caisson
Piezometer1 like
An instrument that measures pressure or reduction in size
Pigment 0 likes
A powder that gives paint or enamel its color; the color in paint or other substances; fine powders that are insoluble in oils, varnishes, thinners, lacquers and such things; used to provide color, opacity or particular consistency properties
Pigment Grind 0 likes
Distributing pigment in a liquid vehicle
Pigment Oil Stain 0 likes
Well ground insoluble color pigments like those employed in paints, in a mixture with liquids such as linseed oil, mineral spirits, varnish according to specifications; also known as Wiping Stain
Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC) 0 likes
Percent of pigment by volume in dried film
Pigtails, Electrical 1 like
The electric cord installed on an appliance such as a dishwasher, garbage disposal, or range hood
Pilaster1 like
A rectangular or square column that forms part of a wall and protrudes from it
Pilaster Block1 like
pilaster block
A concrete masonry block that permits a pilaster to be built in a concrete block wall
Pile 0 likes
The raised yarn surface of various carpets; supplies the color for the carpet as well as the wearing surface, design or texture; pile refers to the non-woven fibers that stand up in flocked carpets
Long steel, wood, or concrete beam that sinks deep into the soil so that gradebeam foundation walls or columns can be supported
Pile Butt 0 likes
The larger end of a pile; the smaller end is referred to as the tip
Pile Cap1 like
pile cap
A thick reinforced concrete slab that is poured over the top of a pile group so that the group supports a column as a single unit
Pile Cap Formwork 0 likes
Concrete pile cap formwork
Pile Cap Reinforcing 0 likes
Steel reinforcing bars found in a concrete pile cap
Pile Cap, Concrete 1 like
A concrete footing that rests on a collection of piles
Pile Crushing 0 likes
The flattening of a carpet‘s pile after heavy use from foot traffic or pressure from furniture
Pile Group 1 like
Several piles in a group that are joined at the top by one poured concrete pile cap
Pile Height 0 likes
The height of pile on a carpet, which is measured from the top of the backing to the top of the pile; also referred to as Pile Wire Height
Pile Setting 0 likes
The process of brushing carpet after shampooing so that the damp pile returns to its original height
Pile Spall 1 like
A chip or fragment that breaks off a pile as a result of a blow from a hammer or as a result of certain weather conditions
Pile Testing 0 likes
The process of calculating how resistant a test pile is against a pre-determined design load
Pile Tip 2 likes
The smaller end of a pile; the larger end is referred to as the butt
Pile Warp 1 like
Pile yarns along the length in Wilton carpets that make up a section of the backing
Pile Wire Height 0 likes
See Pile Height
Pile Yarn 3 likes
The yarn that is employed to make the loops or tufts of a pile in a carpet
Pile Yarn Density 0 likes
The weight of pile yarn in a carpet, measured by unit of volume and typically expressed in ounces per cubic yard
Pillar2 likes
An upright post that supports a roof; can also be decorative
Pilling 1 like
Defect in a carpet‘s appearance; balls of tangled fibers appear on the carpet surface and are not easily removed by vacuuming or pedestrian traffic; occasional clipping can remove pills
Pilot Circuit 1 like
Secondary circuit that controls either the main circuit or a mechanism in the main circuit
Pilot Hole 0 likes
A pre-drilled hole with a small-diameter used to guide a nail or screw
Pilot Light 0 likes
A continuous flame in a boiler, hot water heater, or furnace that is employed to light gas or oil burners as necessary
Pin Joint1 like
pin joint
A hinge within a structure; a joint in a structure that does not transfer movement
Pin Knot 0 likes
A knot with a diameter that is not in excess of a half of an inch
Pin, Clevis3 likes
clevis pin
See Clevis Pin
Pinhole 1 like
A tiny hole
Pinion Gear1 like
pinion gear
A small gear in a group of gear wheels
Pinnacle 0 likes
A small decorative turret that typically ends with a cone or pyramid, on top of a buttress or roof
Pinstripes 0 likes
A pattern of very fine stripes
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