Term Definition
Package Deal 1 like
An all-inclusive price for architecture work, construction, financing, and, in some cases, land
Package Dyeing 0 likes
The process of putting spun and wound yarn onto large forms with perforations and then pressing the dye onto the yarn through the holes
Package Units 0 likes
Entire refrigerating system in which the compressor, condenser and evaporator are all combined
Packaged Chiller3 likes
packaged chiller
Factory assembled equipment that uses a refrigeration cycle to make chilled water which circulates to the desired location
Packaged Heater2 likes
A piece of equipment assembled in a factory; provides heat-producing units which circulate to various areas
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)1 like
packaged terminal air conditioner
A self-contained unit that is positioned in the space it serves and uses the direct expansion method
Packing3 likes
Material employed to surround and protect objects inside a container
Packing House Tile 0 likes
Comparable to quarry tile but generally thicker
Pad Eyes2 likes
pad eyes
Metal rings that are hung vertically on a plate
Pad out, Pack out 1 like
To add strips of wood or shim to a ceiling or wall so that the completed ceiling or wall appears flawless
Pad, Bearing 1 like
See Bearing Pad
Pad, Equipment 1 like
See Equipment Pad
Pad, Transformer2 likes
pad, transformer
See Transformer Pad
Padding2 likes
A material that is laid under carpet to dampen sound and enhance the walking experience; also serves to extend the life of the carpet
Pagoda 0 likes
A multi-story tower with an upward curving roof tapering toward the top that usually serves as a memorial or temple; more commonly found in India and the Far East
Paint1 like
A decorative and protective coating made from a mixture of pigments with appropriate thinners or oils; oil-based or latex water based
Paint Brush2 likes
paint brush
An instrument consisting of a handle with bristles; used to coat surfaces with paint and or other coatings
Paint Coating 0 likes
Layer of paint that is applied to a surface
Paint Gauge2 likes
paint gauge
Instrument that measures the density of a given paint coating
Paint Heater2 likes
paint heater
Device that heats paint thereby reducing its viscosity
Paint Preparation 1 like
When the surface of a structure is made ready for a painting project; usually involves scraping, sanding, filling and mixing the paint
Paint Project 1 like
A paint job
Paint Remover2 likes
paint remover
A mix of active solvents; used to take off paint and varnish from a surface
Paint Shop 2 likes
Part of a building where the painter prepares paint, stores it and washes the tools
Paint Spray Booth 2 likes
An enclosed, dust-free area where paint is applied
Paint System 0 likes
The total number and type of coats necessary for a particular paint job; includes preparing the surface, pre-treatments, dry film thickness, and how the paint is applied
Paint, Asphaltic 2 likes
See Asphaltic Paint
Paint, Door1 like
paint door
See Door Paint
Painter 0 likes
An artisan whose job is to cover surfaces with paint
Painting 0 likes
The work that painters do
Painting Preparation1 like
painting preparation
Getting a building or other structure ready for painting by scraping off residue, sanding the surface, filling holes, and mixing the paint
Palladian 2 likes
Refers to Andrea Palladio and his neo-classical style
Pallet 1 like
A moveable platform that is employed to store, move, and control goods and materials; often used in a warehouse or during shipping; forklifts and hand trucks move the pallet from one place to another
Pan2 likes
Mass-produced metal or plastic unit that is used to create concrete floor joist systems
Pan, Metal Stair 0 likes
See Metal Stair Pan
Pane1 like
A sheet of glass
Panel1 like
A thin sheet material such as wood or plywood
A well-defined part of a door, wall, cabinet, or ceiling, it is typically rectangular
A thin board whose edges are inserted into the grooves of a thicker material of a surrounding frame
A section of floor, wall, or ceiling, typically large and prefabricated, which is treated as a single unit
A board that contains instruments
An arbitration board
Panel Circuit Directory 1 like
A structured list of every circuit in a given electric panel
Panel Cladding 1 like
Metal casing on panels that impacts resistance and makes the panel more durable
Panel Edge Clip 0 likes
H-shaped clip that does not allow plywood roof or floor sheathing to have different deflection capabilities
Panel Hoist1 like
Panel Hoist
An apparatus that elevates sheetrock while it is nailed or screwed into position
Panel Rated Siding 0 likes
Panel siding that consists of proprietary APA siding
Panel Siding2 likes
panel siding
Sizeable hardboard or plywood sheets which function as both siding and sheathing
Panel, Acoustical1 like
panel, acoustical
See Acoustical Panel
Panel, Hardboard Siding 0 likes
See Hardboard Panel Siding
Panel, Limestone 2 likes
See Limestone Panel
Panel, Sandwich 1 like
See Sandwich Panel
Panelboard 0 likes
A panel that controls heat, light, or power; positioned in a cabinet on a wall or partition and accessed from the front; also called a Switchboard
Paneling 2 likes
A continuous surface of panels
Embellished wood panels
Panelized Roof1 like
panelized roof
Modular roof framing system where the rafters and sheathing are assembled as a single unit so they can be proficiently installed on the beams or purlins
Panic Device3 likes
panic device
A mechanism inside the building that opens a door when pressed; a horizontal bar erected right across a door that functions as a latching system and is operated by pressure on the bar; also called Panic Hardware
Panic Hardware 0 likes
See Panic Device
Pantry 0 likes
A small room in which food is stored
Paper and Wire 2 likes
Paper saturated in asphalt with wire mesh, or metal lath; serves as a backing when installing tile
Paper Backed Insulation 0 likes
Insulation that has paper on one side to hinder vapor
Paper Mounted Mosaics 1 like
Ceramic mosaic tiles attached to paper on the tile face; sold in 12 by 24 inch sheets
Paper Rollers 1 like
Paper coils torn from gypsum board surface; typically happens when the board is overly exposed to humidity and when a board slides across another
Paper-Base Laminate 0 likes
See Laminate, Paper-Base
Paper, Building 0 likes
Papers, felts, and similar materials employed in buildings with no reference to their characteristics or functions; typically sold in long rolls
Paper, Curing 1 like
See Curing Paper
Paperboard 0 likes
Paperboard refers to over 0.012 inch thickness, heavy, and stiff grades of paper
Papreg 1 like
Papreg is the result of soaking pieces of especially strong paper in manufactured resin and laminating them to create a product that is dense and moisture-resistant
Para Red 0 likes
Pigment which is made from coal tar; vivid, non-transparent, with a propensity to bleed although non-fading
Parabola 2 likes
A curve that is produced when a cone intersects with a plane that is parallel to its side
Parabolic Troffer 1 like
Channel enclosure; contains a reflector which regulates the light in a thin beam
Paraffin Oil1 like
paraffin oil
Light translucent mineral oil which can be employed to lubricate finished wood
Parallel 0 likes
Lines that never meet; they are equidistant and run side by side
Parallel Application 0 likes
The long side of a gypsum board that is secured in the same direction as the other parts of the frame; also called Vertical Application or With Framing
Parallel Bars1 like
parallel bars
A pair of bars parallel to each other; height and separation can be adjusted; gymnasts use them for various exercises
Parallel Circuit 0 likes
An electrical device arrangement in which the current splits and goes in two or more directions before returning to a shared path
Parallel Rule 1 like
An instrument that enables a drafter to draw parallel horizontal lines or parallel vertical or sloping lines with triangles; attached to a drawing board
Parapet 1 like
A wall that is positioned along the edge of a roof so that people will not fall
Parcel 1 like
A legal description for a tract or plot of land
Parge 1 like
To cover with decorative plaster or waterproofing plaster
Parget 0 likes
Pargeting 0 likes
Parging 0 likes
Decorative plaster; cover with cement plaster to waterproof a building on coarse masonry or the walls of a foundation
Parking Barrier 1 like
A temporary or permanent structure that is positioned so that vehicles will not intrude on a space
Parking Stall Painting 0 likes
The painting of lines on the ground to delineate parking spaces for vehicles
Parol Evidence Rule 1 like
Comments that either party to a contract made before the contract was signed do not alter the meaning of that contract
Parquet Floor 0 likes
A geometric floor covering that is made up of numerous small wood pieces
Partial Joint Penetration 1 like
When a joint penetrates somewhat, but not totally
Partial Pressures 2 likes
Situation wherein two or more gases in a particular space contribute to the total pressure of that space
Particleboard2 likes
A panel that is made up of resins and small wood particles which have been pressure-bonded; often used in drier environments instead of plywood
Particleboard Underlayment 0 likes
Flat piece of particleboard that is laid over subflooring; creates a smooth surface for the final floor covering
Parting Bead 3 likes
A thin strip that separates the upper and lower sashes in a double-hung window frame; also called a Parting Stop
Parting Compound 0 likes
A substance that prevents concrete from sticking; applied to the formwork
Parting Stop or Strip 0 likes
A small wood piece that separates the upper sash from the lower sash of a double hung window; employed in the side and head jambs
Partisan Arbitrator 0 likes
An arbitrator who is more sympathetic to one of the parties in a dispute; a Party-Appointed Arbitrator
Partition1 like
A wall or barrier that is erected to split a larger area of a building or room into one or more smaller spaces
Partition Closure 0 likes
Construction method in which openings are closed; durable foam is often used for this job
Partition Door2 likes
partition door
Door placed in a Wire Mesh
Partition Fabric 1 like
The wire mesh fabric that is used in a Wire Mesh Partition
Partition Framing Member 0 likes
Metal frame part for a Wire Mesh Partition
Partition System 0 likes
Materials that are designed to function together as a wall
Partition, Clay Tile 1 like
See Clay Tile Partition
Partition, Toilet 1 like
See Toilet Partition
Partition, Wire Mesh 0 likes
See Wire Mesh Partition
Partner 1 like
A member of a partnership
Partnering 0 likes
Where all parties involved in a construction contract participate in meetings or seminars as a way of discovering what is important to the participants; designed to be an educational exercise and a way of securing each participant’s cooperation and understanding
Partnership 0 likes
Two or more people in a business relationship; their resources and skills are combined, and they share profits and losses; the partnership can be created via a written or oral agreement
Parts Per Million (PPM) 1 like
Unit to measure concentration; used for solutions
Proportion of a chemical or mineral by weight to the amount of water; employed in swimming pools
Party Wall 1 like
A wall system specifically used to split a larger space into smaller spaces for different purposes; such a system can have fire or sound requirements
A wall that separates two properties belonging to two different tenants; also called Demising Wall
A brick or stone wall that runs between buildings on contiguous properties; the owners of the neighboring buildings share the benefits and rights of the common wall
Party-Appointed Arbitrator 0 likes
An arbitrator that one of the parties engages; See Partisan Arbitrator
Pascal’s Law 0 likes
A theory of hydrostatics that states that pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure variations remain the same
Pass 0 likes
In spray painting, a movement in one direction of the spray gun
When an excavating or grading machine makes a passage
One lengthwise welding progression along a joint or weld deposit producing a weld bead
Pass-Through 0 likes
A space between two rooms or between a room and an external wall through which one can pass objects; employed for serving food or collecting dishes
Passage Door 0 likes
Any door that is not an exit door through which people may pass
Passenger Elevator 0 likes
An elevator that is used to carry people up and down a building
Passivation 2 likes
Process of making something still or unreactive
Passive Pressure 0 likes
The sideways resistance of soil to any force applied to the soil
Passive System 0 likes
A system for solar heating or cooling that works without external mechanized power to transport the accumulated solar heat
Paste Wood Filler1 like
paste wood filler
A stiff paste compound employed to fill the open surface of hardwoods, like oak and walnut
Pastel 0 likes
A lighter, muted shade of a particular color
Pastiche 1 like
Architectural design that copies prior architectural designs and styles; a mishmash; See Eclectic
Patch 0 likes
A piece of material used to reinforce something or to repair or conceal a hole
Patch, Concrete 1 like
Material employed to repair small to medium cracks or holes in concrete finishes
Pate Dure 1 like
A French term that translates as ‘hard paste’, pate dure refers to ceramics that are fired at fairly high temperatures
Pate Tendre 0 likes
A French term that translates as ‘soft paste’, refers to ceramics that are fired at fairly low temperatures
Patent Ambiguity 0 likes
Wording in a document that has more than one meaning
Patent Defect 0 likes
A structural flaw that is evident in any level-headed observation
Patent-Back Carpet 1 like
Carpet designed so that the edges will not snag or twist when the fabric is cut in any direction; the edges of the carpet are attached by tape and glue rather than being sewed
Path of Travel 0 likes
A passage that allows pedestrians and wheelchair users free access to and from a particular location; examples are sidewalks, ramps, elevators, and corridors
Patina 1 like
A green layer that forms over a period of time on copper or bronze
Patio 1 like
A paved area attached to a home, where residents dine outdoors or engage in other types of recreation
An enclosed courtyard that does not have a roof
Patio Block 0 likes
Thin concrete paving slabs that are positioned in light pedestrian traffic areas
Pattern 0 likes
A model or design which is used to make copies
Pattern Length 0 likes
Length of the spray pattern when spray painting
Pattern Width 0 likes
Width of spray pattern at its vertical center in spray painting
Paumelle 1 like
A type of hinge that has a single pivoting pin, typically with a streamlined even design
Pavement 1 like
A paved area; or material that is used to pave a given area, such as a street
Pavement Cutting 1 like
Cutting pavement with a power saw that has a particular blade to ensure penetration
Pavement Marking 0 likes
Painting lines and other instructional signs on the surface of pavements for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists
Pavement Structure 0 likes
All courses of asphalt-aggregate mixes, or a combination of asphalt and untreated aggregate courses that are positioned above the subgrade
Paver Brick 2 likes
Bricks used in pedestrian areas; these are typically four inches across, with a length of eight inches, and 1-5/8 inches to 2-1/4 inches thick
Paver, Granite 1 like
See Granite Paver
Paver, Marble 1 like
See Marble Paver
Paver, Masonry 0 likes
See Masonry Paver
Paver, Paving 0 likes
Typically masonry positioned to make an even, but firm surface
Paver, Stone 0 likes
See Stone Paver
Paving 0 likes
The ground surface of an outdoor space; See Pavement
Paving Finishes 0 likes
The top layers of asphalt, concrete, or bound macadam on sidewalks, streets, and in parking areas
Paving Unit 0 likes
A prefabricated masonry unit, typically 2-1/4 inches thick, which is laid down for stepping stones on patios, veneering, and paving; also called a Cap Block
Paving, Concrete 1 like
See Concrete Paving
Payment Schedule 1 like
A predetermined payment program to a contractor which is typically based on work that is completed at various stages; a deposit payment prior to starting work, and a temporary retainer ensuring that anything which has not yet been completed can be fixed may also be included and payable at the conclusion of the contract
Payroll 0 likes
A documentation of all the wages, salaries, and other benefits that an employer pays employees
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