Term Definition
PS 0 likes
Products Standards Section, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
PSF 0 likes
Pounds per square foot
PSI 0 likes
Pounds per square inch
PSIA 0 likes
Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
PSIG 1 like
Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
Psychological Factors 0 likes
Organizational and personal stresses and difficulties that can produce certain symptoms in an individual
Psychrometer1 like
See Hygrometer
Psychrometric Chart 0 likes
Chart that illustrates the relationship between the pressure, temperature, and moisture content of air
Psychrometric Measurement 0 likes
Temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement with a psychrometric chart
Psychrometrics 0 likes
A branch of physics that studies atmospheric conditions, in particular the relationship between moisture and air
Public Sewer 0 likes
A publicly-owned sewer
Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act 0 likes
A law that requires public utility companies to buy electricity that private power companies generate on-site
Public Work 0 likes
Construction and projects that are performed for governmental agencies
Publication 0 likes
The process of making texts and pictures available to the public for distribution
Puckering 0 likes
A defect in the seam of a carpet; due to unequal stretching or poor layout, the carpet is longer or shorter on one side of the seam than on the other, causing the longer side to wrinkle or appear pleated
PUD 0 likes
Planned Unit Development
Puddle 0 likes
To compress loose soil by soaking it in water, then letting it dry
Puddle Welded 2 likes
Spot weld, produced by arc welding, in which coalescence originates on the surface of one element and goes into another; the weld is accomplished without making a hole in either element
Puffing Agent 0 likes
An organic synthetic product that enhances the stickiness of varnish and paint
Pull Box1 like
pull box
An electrical rough-in box that is positioned in a length of conduit so cables can be pulled through it
Pull Chain1 like
pull chain
A switch on an electrical fixture that functions with a pull cord
Pull Saw1 like
pull saw
A type of handsaw that does not cut on the push stroke but rather on the pull stroke
Pull Wire1 like
pull wire
A wire that is installed by an electrician in a conduit and extra wires are pulled through it
Pulley1 like
A mounted rotating with a grooved rim over which a cord, chain, or belt moves; used to change the direction of a force or for some mechanical advantage
Pulley Stile 0 likes
Elements of a window frame that hold the counterweights and pulleys, and the edges of the sash slide between them
Pulling 0 likes
See Floating
Pulp 0 likes
Wood fiber that is added to neat calcined gypsum as an aggregate
Pulvinar 0 likes
A type of cushioned seat
Pumice 0 likes
A light porous stone that is frequently used as an abrasive
Pumice Stone3 likes
pumice stone
A volcanic stone, which is ground down to create a soft abrasive which is used to rub and polish final coats of fine wood finishes
Pump1 like
A machine that is used to raise or move liquids, compress gases, spray paint, and inflate tires; operated by a piston or similar mechanism
See Plastering Machine
Pump Down 0 likes
The process of lowering the pressure in a container or system with a compressor or pump
Pump Mix 0 likes
Concrete especially mixed for a concrete pump; typically has a smaller rock blend than a regular mix
Pump, Centrifugal0 likes
centrifugal pump
See Centrifugal Pump
Pump, Fixed Displacement 0 likes
See Fixed Displacement Pump
Pump, Gas2 likes
gas pump
See Gas Pump
Pump, Reciprocating Single Piston 0 likes
See Reciprocating Single Piston Pump
Pump, Screw 0 likes
See Screw Pump
Pump, Sump1 like
pump, sump
See Sump Pump
Pumped Concrete 0 likes
When concrete is pumped through a pipe or hose
Pumping Agent 0 likes
A product that increases plaster flow through hoses by a machine
Pumping of a Slab 1 like
The expulsion of mud and water up through holes or cracks due to the passage of a vehicle over an on-grade concrete slab
Punch2 likes
A small hand implement that performs perforating, cutting, or embossing
Punch List 0 likes
A list of inconsistencies that the contractor needs to resolve
Punch Out 0 likes
To inspect something and make a list of discrepancies
Punitive Damages 0 likes
Damages that a private person is awarded by way of punishment for a wrongdoing
Punkiness 0 likes
Spongy or soft gypsumboard core
Purchase Money Mortgage 1 like
A mortgage or trust deed that a seller receives as part of the purchase
Purchase Order 0 likes
A written document that a buyer gives a seller to buy materials which states the purchase terms
Purchases Account 0 likes
Merchandise that is purchased for resale is recorded in this type of account
Purger, Air 0 likes
See Air Purger
Purging 0 likes
Discharging compressed gas into the atmosphere in order to remove contaminants
Purlin 2 likes
A beam that supports many rafters at one or more points
Struts or beams that extend along a roof and reinforce the roof framing system
Push Plate1 like
push plate
A metal plate that is mounted on a door at hand level where the door is pushed open; used to protect the door from wear and tear and to facilitate cleaning
Putty1 like
A type of malleable dough that is used to seal glass in the sash, to fill small holes and crevices in wood, and other uses
Putty Coat 0 likes
Last coat of plaster
Putty Knife1 like
putty knife
A broad-blade hand implement used to distribute and spread putty on surfaces
PV 0 likes
PV Cells 0 likes
Photovoltaic cells
PVA 0 likes
Polyvinyl Acetate
PVB 0 likes
Polyvinyl Butyral
PVC0 likes
Polyvinyl Chloride
Pigment Volume Concentration
PVC Caulking 1 like
Caulking that is made from polyvinyl chloride
PVC Cement1 like
PVC cement
Solvent cement used especially for joining PVC pipe with fittings
PVC Chamfer Strip 0 likes
A triangular or curved PVC insert; placed in an inside corner so that a rounded or flat, beveled edge is created
PVC Conduit 1 like
Lengths of inflexible plastic pipe that are made of polyvinyl chloride
PVC Control Joint 0 likes
Control joint that consists of polyvinyl chloride
PVC Fitting1 like
PVC fitting
A fitting made from polyvinyl chloride which is used to join PVC piping
PVC or CPVC 1 like
Poly Vinyl Chloride; A plastic pipe used in waste pipe and water supply lines
PVC Pipe1 like
PVC pipe
Polyvinyl chloride pipe that is mainly employed for drain lines; especially resistant to chemicals
PVC Sewer Pipe1 like
PVC sewer pipe
Inflexible plastic pipe with a large diameter that is used to spread waste material, made from polyvinyl chloride
PVC Waterstop 1 like
A waterstop composed of polyvinyl chloride
Pyramid 1 like
A solid structure that has triangular sides that slope to meet in a point and a base that is frequently, but not necessarily, a square
Pyroligneous 0 likes
Obtained by destructively distilling wood
Pyrolysis 0 likes
Chemical change that occurs as a result of the application of heat
Pyrometer1 like
A type of thermometer that can measure very high temperatures
Pyroxylin 0 likes
See Cellulose Nitrate
Pythagorean Theorem 1 like
A mathematical theory that states that the square of the length of the hypotenuse (the longest side) of a right-angled triangle equals to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two shorter sides
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