Term Definition
PM 1 like
Preventive Maintenance
PMI 0 likes
Private Mortgage Insurance
Pneumatic Concrete 0 likes
Concrete that is poured from equipment power-driven by compressed air
Pneumatic Hoist 1 like
Hoisting system that works with compressed air
Pneumatic System 1 like
Mechanical equipment that is power-driven by compressed air
Pneumatic Tool1 like
pneumatic tool
A tool that is power-driven by compressed air
Pneumatic Tube System1 like
Pneumatic tube system
A system of tubes in a building or building complex wherein message capsules are sent via compressed air
Pneumatically Driven Fastener 1 like
Pin or threaded stud that uses compressed air to penetrate material
Pneumatics 0 likes
The study of compressible gases and air, their characteristics, and how they react when contained
POA Valve 1 like
See Pressure-Operated Altitude Valve
Poch 0 likes
A technique used by drafters to allow for better understanding and readability of their drawings; sections are shaded such as the walls on floor plans or elevations
Pock Marks 0 likes
Craters; pits
Surface flaws in gypsum board that appear as small depressions; frequently resulting from small gravel or dirt which depressed the surface of paper
Pocket, Pitch 0 likes
See Pitch Pocket
Point 1 like
Geometric unit that does not have a dimension
One tuft of pile in a carpet
A sharp tip of a tool
Point of Inflection 0 likes
The point in a structural element at which the bending moment shifts from positive to negative
Point Weight 0 likes
See Felt Mill Ream
Pointing 0 likes
The process of troweling mortar into a joint after laying the masonry units
The process of adding mortar into the joints of brickwork or other masonry units in order to fill holes or other gaps left during the original work
Pointing Trowel1 like
pointing trowel
A mason‘s tool used for pointing bricks and stone
Points 0 likes
A fee that is levied for making a loan; each point equals one per cent of the total loan amount
Polarity 1 like
The property of having two poles that have opposing qualities
A positive or negative electrical state
Polarized Plug2 likes
polarized plug
An electric plug which has prongs arranged specifically so that it is only possible to plug something in correctly
Polarizing 1 like
A method for distinguishing electrical wires by certain colors; a way of ensuring that hot wires are only connected to hot wires and that neutral wires run back to the ground terminals in continuous circuits
Polder 0 likes
An area of low land that was reclaimed from the sea
Pole0 likes
A stake
Opposing points on the axis of a sphere
An electric cell has two poles or terminals, battery or dynamo
A guidance point
The apex of an angle co-ordinate
Pole-Gun 1 like
Spray gun that has an extension tube
Pole, Closet2 likes
See Closet Pole
Pole, Electric1 like
electric pole
See Electric Pole
Pole, Utility 0 likes
See Utility Pole
Police Equipment 0 likes
Paraphernalia used by law enforcement workers to perform their duties
Police Power 1 like
The power that of a state to control its citizens and property in the interests of the security, health, and welfare for all citizens
Police Station 0 likes
A building where police officers work
Polish1 like
To rub a material to make it smooth and shiny
To trowel a plaster finish coat to make it smooth and shiny
Polished Plate Glass 1 like
Glass that is ¼ inch or thicker; produced by grinding and polishing both sides
Pollution 0 likes
Contamination of the environment by toxic or harmful substances
Polyamide 0 likes
Product used to produce paint that does not drip; see thixotropic paint
Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) 0 likes
Toxic environmental pollutant that is employed in electrical transformers
Polychromatic 0 likes
Many colors
Polychrome Finish 0 likes
Finish that is produced by blending many colors
Polyester Floor 2 likes
Flooring material that is made from a synthetic resin which polymerizes during the curing process; has adhesive properties, chemically resistant and strong
Polyethylene 0 likes
Plastic sheeting; an ethylene polymer; a thermoplastic which can be employed in insulation and packaging
Polyethylene Pipe1 like
Polyethylene pipe
Pipe that is made from a thermoplastic, organic compound
Polyethylene Vapor Barrier1 like
polyethylene vapor barrier
A thermoplastic membrane sheet employed as protection, and to stop air or moisture from passing through
Polyethylene Wrap1 like
polyethylene wrap
A sheet form thermoplastic organic compound that protects concrete during curing and can be used as a temporary arena for various construction purposes
Polygon 1 like
A figure that has at least three sides
Polymer 0 likes
A compound that is made up of one or more large molecules which are formed from recurring units of smaller molecules
Polymeric 0 likes
Made from recurring chemical units, such as plastics and polymers
Polymerization 0 likes
A chemical process in which two or more smaller molecules join to form larger molecules made up of repeating elements of the original molecules
Polyphase Motor 1 like
Electrical motor employed with a three- or four-phase circuit
Polypropylene 0 likes
See Olefin
Polypropylene Pipe 1 like
A strong plastic pipe that is resistant to heat and chemicals
Polypropylene Plastics 0 likes
Plastics that are based on polymers where basically the sole monomer is propylene
Polystyrene1 like
A plastic that is based on a resin which is made by polymerization with styrene as the sole monomer; a plastic foam board that is employed for insulation
Polyurethane1 like
Polymers that contain urethane, employed in plastics, foams, paints, rubbers and adhesives
Different types of polymers employed in flexible and rigid foams, resins and elastomers
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) 0 likes
A synthetic resin that is widely used in water paints
White woodworking glue
Polyvinyl Acetate Latex (PVA Latex) 0 likes
Latex that is largely made up of vinyl acetate
Polyvinyl Butyral 1 like
Plastic film that serves as a layer between two layers of laminated glass
Polyvinyl Chloride1 like
polyvinyl choloride
A strong transparent and solid polymer used for pipes, flooring, fittings as well as many plastic products
A synthetic resin that is used in fluid bed coatings and solvent type coatings; PVC can also be used in water paints
Pond 0 likes
A very small lake
The surface of a roof which is not totally drained
Ponded Roof 1 like
Flat roof that is designed to hold water which then functions to cool the building below
Ponding 0 likes
Static water puddles on a roof typically because of poor drain systems or deck deflection; also called Birdbaths
Water puddles that collect on concrete paving or asphalt, typically a result of uneven finishing or inadequate sloping
Pool1 like
A body of water; or bath, hot tub, hydro, pond, lido, spa, splasher, and thermae, bath house, and pool house
Pool Cover2 likes
pool cover
Made of materials such as UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. They are transparent or opaque, and come in different colors.
Pool Depths 1 like
The distance from the floor of a pool to the highest water level
Pool Enclosure Kit1 like
Pool Enclosure Kit
Resource to cover a pool.
Pool Equipment1 like
pool equipment
Supplies and apparatus that are used to maintain and operate a pool
Pool Filter (without valve)1 like
pool filter without valve
Swimming Pool filter is defined by the medium inside the filter tank that provides filtration and there are three types – sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth.
Pool Heater1 like
Pool Heater
A pool heater is used to increase the temperature of swimming pools leverage their value and extend the swimming season.
Pool Heater (Electronic Propane)2 likes
Electronic Propane Outdoor Pool Heater
The electronic ignition is  a modern option for a pool heater. These pool heaters require an electrical hook up. The ignition turns on and off the pilot light  when needed and does not attract pests.
Pool Heater (Solar)1 like
Pool Heater (Solar)
Heat radiation from the sun collected by heat-absorbing panels through which water is circulated used for heating swimming pools.
Pool Ladder1 like
pool ladder
A ladder that is employed to get in and out of a swimming pool
Pool Light1 like
pool light
A light installed on the wall of a pool to increase visibility at night
Pool Liner1 like
Pool Liner
Waterproof layer that lines the inside of a pool; generally made of flexible vinyl
Pool Plumbing 0 likes
Plumbing pipes, valves, and fixtures that carry or use water and chemicals in a pool
Pool Pump1 like
Pool Pump
A mechanical device which makes water flow under pressure for filtration or circulation.
Pool Shell 1 like
The structure of a pool floor and its walls; also called Pool Tank
Pool Steps1 like
pool steps
A series of flat steps in a pool, on which to place one’s foot when moving from one level to another.
Pool Tank 0 likes
See Pool Shell
Pool Valve2 likes
A device for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe or duct in a pool, particularly an automatic device permitting movement in one direction.
Pop Rivet1 like
pop rivet
Metal fastener used to join pieces of sheet metal, inserted manually by a pneumatic or spring-loaded gun; may occur from one side
Pop-Off Valve1 like
pop-off valve
A safety valve which opens spontaneously when pressure is greater than a preset point
Pop-Up Drain1 like
pop-up drain
The section of a sink drain system that functions via a link to open or close the drain
Pop-Up Head 0 likes
A watering head that retreats to become level with the ground when it is inactive; part of a system for watering lawns
Pops 0 likes
Breaches in a completed cement or plaster surface; also called Pits
Porcelain1 like
Ceramic coating, like china, that is added to surfaces composed of cast iron or steel; when it serves as a finish for metal fixtures it is referred to as vitreous enamel
Porcelain Cleat 1 like
An electrical insulator, ceramic in nature
Porcelain Enamel 1 like
Vitreous Enamel
Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) 1 like
P. O. Box 920330, Norcross, GA 30010, Tel: (770) 676-9366, URL: www.porcelainenamel.com/
Porcelain Mullite 0 likes
Vitreous ceramic which has technical applications
Porcelain Receptacle 1 like
A basic electric lighting fixture with a bulb holder; may or may not have a switch operated by a pull chain
Porcelain Sink1 like
porcelain sink
A wash basin that is constructed from steel or cast iron, coated with tough, impermeable, white, glazed ceramic
Porch 0 likes
A covered shelter in front of a house
A landing or area before a door
Pores 1 like
Tiny openings
Porosity 1 like
The state of being penetrable to liquids
Voids or gas pockets in metal
Ratio of the total volume of voids in a given substance to the total volume, (including voids) generally indicated by a percentage
Degree of continuity or integrity in some material
Porous Fill 0 likes
Soil that permits the passage of water to flow with minimal obstruction
Porous Woods 1 like
Hardwoods that have vessels or pores that are sufficiently large to be visible with the naked eye
Porphyry 0 likes
A tough igneous rock
Portable Bleacher1 like
portable bleacher
An open stand of tiered seats; can be transported from place to place between events
Portable Stage 0 likes
A transportable elevated platform employed at various speaking and entertainment events
Portable Torch Kit1 like
Portable Torch Kit
Used to weld iron and steel pipes or  fabricate metal artwork and brazing, cutting, bending and forming.
Portal 0 likes
An extravagant or impressive door or other type of entrance
Portal Frame 0 likes
An inflexible frame; two columns with a beam secured with moment assemblies
Portcullis 1 like
A heavy, latticed iron or iron-bound wood grille that moves up and down vertical grooves to obstruct an entrance or gateway to a castle
Porte Cochere 0 likes
A roof structure next to a building entrance and part of a driveway that shelters vehicle passengers
Portico 0 likes
A roofed entry to a large building
Portland Cement1 like
portland cement
Hydraulic cement produced by heating crushed limestone and clay until they form a brick and then crushing it to a pulverized powder; cement used most often in construction; Portland refers to a type of cement, not a brand name
Portland Cement Grout 1 like
Portland cement mixed with water and fine aggregates and employed in cracks, joints and areas as a fill or sealer
Portland Cement Mortar 1 like
A type of mortar that has Portland cement as its cementing agent
Portland Cement Plaster 1 like
Portland cement and plaster binder; used in moist areas or on outside surfaces
Portland Cement-Lime Plaster 0 likes
Portland cement mixed with lime in appropriate amounts
Portland Pozzolan Cement 1 like
The resulting product when pulverizing together Portland cement clinker and pozzolan; a uniform mixture of fine pozzolan with Portland cement
Positioned Weld 1 like
A weld that is made in a joint that is especially positioned to facilitate the weld
Positioner 0 likes
Wire device that maintains reinforcing steel in position in a masonry wall
Positive Drainage 0 likes
When all possible loading deflections of a roof have been taken into account and increased roof slope has been applied to make sure that within 24 hours after rainfall, a roof is totally drained of water
Positive Moment 1 like
Consequence of a beam‘s bending moment when the higher part of the beam is compressed and the lower part is tensed; compare with Negative Moment
Positive Pressure 0 likes
Condition where more air enters than exits a given area, there is more air pressure in that area than in areas that surround the space
Condition where sanitary drainage or vent piping system pressure is larger than atmospheric pressure; also called Plus Pressure
Post 0 likes
A timber that is positioned on its end so that it can support a wall, girder, or other component of the building
Post Cap1 like
post cap
A connection between a wooden post and a girder; made of metal
Fitting which sits on top of a wood post to shield it from the weather
Post Hole 0 likes
A hole dug out in the ground into which a fence or gate post can be inserted
Post Light1 like
post light
A lighting fixture that has been installed on a post
Post Line 2 likes
A line indicating the external face of a foundation; also a line to indicate fence posts or the line of piers for a deck
Post-and-Beam 0 likes
When only a few large posts and beams are employed to support an entire structure; contrast with stud framing
Post, Corner1 like
post, corner
See Corner Post
Post, Treated 0 likes
See Treated Post
Postformed Plywood 0 likes
When flat plywood is reshaped via steaming or plasticizing agents into a curve
Pot Hole 1 like
A disruption in the surface of a road where a part of the road material has broken away, leaving a hole
Pot Life 0 likes
See Working Life
Potable Water1 like
potable water
Water that is drinkable
Potassium Alum 0 likes
Used in sand filter operations, as a flocculent to clump small particles together
Potential Energy 1 like
The ability of a body to perform work due to its position in relation to others
Potential Relay1 like
potential relay
Electric switch that opens with high voltage, closes with low voltage
Potential, Electrical 1 like
See Electrical Potential
Potentiometer2 likes
Instrument for measurement and regulation; works by discerning small variations in electrical resistance
Pouch1 like
A pouch is a small bag or other flexible container, generally carried in a pocket or connected to a belt. See Nail Apron
Pound 0 likes
A unit of weight that is equivalent to 16 ounces; 0.4536 kilograms
Beat or strike repeatedly
Poundal 0 likes
A unit of force that is equivalent to the force that would accelerate a one pound mass one foot per second
Pounds per Square Inch Absolute (PSIA) 0 likes
Absolute Pressure
Pounds per Square Inch Gauge (PSIG) 0 likes
Gauge Pressure
Pour 0 likes
To position concrete; concrete casting that is made without interruption
Pour Coat 0 likes
On a roof, the top layer of bitumen
Pour Point 0 likes
The minimum temperature where a liquid will flow
Poured in Place 0 likes
Concrete that is cured and poured in its final position
Powder 0 likes
Fine dry particles; also gunpowder
Powder Room 1 like
A bathroom, which typically contains just a toilet and hand basin; normally near the front entrance so that it’s convenient for guests
Powder Stains 0 likes
Powder that combines with a solvent to yield wood stains
Power 1 like
Source of energy such as electricity
Rate at which some work is performed or energy discharged
Power Driven Fastener1 like
power driven fastener
A fastener that connects to concrete, steel, or masonry by means of a power charge cartridge
Power Element 0 likes
Of a temperature-operated regulator, the sensitive element
Power Factor 1 like
The ratio of real power to apparent power
Correction coefficient for the voltage values and changing current of A-C power
Power Inverter1 like
power inverter
An electrical power converter that transforms direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
Power of Attorney 0 likes
A legal term which describes the authority of one person to act on behalf of another; the agent is referred to as an attorney-in-fact, but is not necessarily a licensed attorney
Power Stretcher1 like
power stretcher
A carpet layer’s tool; similar to the knee kicker, but with larger teeth in a patent head that are adapted to accommodate the depth of bite; stretches larger pieces of carpet than those extended with the knee kicker
Power Tool1 like
power tool
A device powered by electric current
Power Trowel1 like
power trowel
See Mechanical Trowel
Power Vent2 likes
power vent
Frequently mounted on roofs, has a fan that accelerates air flow
Power-Assisted Door 1 like
A door with a mechanism which, upon activation of a switch or a continuous force applied to the door, facilitates opening of the door
Pozzolan 0 likes
A siliceous or siliceous and aluminous material which, in itself, possesses little or no cementitious value but which will, in finely divided form and in the presence of water, react chemically with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds possessing cementitious characteristics; also spelled puzzolan
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