Term Definition
P Trap1 like
P Trap
Curved, U-section of drain pipe which has a water seal to stop sewer gasses from coming into a residence through a water drain
P-Trap 0 likes
A drain trap that has a P-shape; stops sewer gas leaks in a plumbing fixture
P-Trap, ABS 0 likes
A type of P-trap; an inflexible plastic pipe that is mainly used in sinks and lavatories; made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
P-Trap, No-Hub 0 likes
A type of P-trap that can attach to no-hub cast iron drain piping; mainly used in sinks and lavatories
P-Wave 0 likes
The main or fastest wave that travels through the earth’s crust away from an earthquake; alternates between compressions and dilations; See Seismic Wave
P.C. Concrete 0 likes
Portland Cement Concrete; concrete that is made of coarse and fine aggregates, Portland cement, water, and sometimes admixtures which give the concrete special characteristics or help position or cure it
Package Deal 1 like
An all-inclusive price for architecture work, construction, financing, and, in some cases, land
Package Dyeing 0 likes
The process of putting spun and wound yarn onto large forms with perforations and then pressing the dye onto the yarn through the holes
Package Units 0 likes
Entire refrigerating system in which the compressor, condenser and evaporator are all combined
Packaged Chiller3 likes
packaged chiller
Factory assembled equipment that uses a refrigeration cycle to make chilled water which circulates to the desired location
Packaged Heater2 likes
A piece of equipment assembled in a factory; provides heat-producing units which circulate to various areas
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)1 like
packaged terminal air conditioner
A self-contained unit that is positioned in the space it serves and uses the direct expansion method
Packing1 like
Material employed to surround and protect objects inside a container
Packing House Tile 0 likes
Comparable to quarry tile but generally thicker
Pad Eyes2 likes
pad eyes
Metal rings that are hung vertically on a plate
Pad out, Pack out 1 like
To add strips of wood or shim to a ceiling or wall so that the completed ceiling or wall appears flawless
Pad, Bearing 1 like
See Bearing Pad
Pad, Equipment 1 like
See Equipment Pad
Pad, Transformer2 likes
pad, transformer
See Transformer Pad
Padding2 likes
A material that is laid under carpet to dampen sound and enhance the walking experience; also serves to extend the life of the carpet
Pagoda 0 likes
A multi-story tower with an upward curving roof tapering toward the top that usually serves as a memorial or temple; more commonly found in India and the Far East
Paint1 like
A decorative and protective coating made from a mixture of pigments with appropriate thinners or oils; oil-based or latex water based
Paint Brush2 likes
paint brush
An instrument consisting of a handle with bristles; used to coat surfaces with paint and or other coatings
Paint Coating 0 likes
Layer of paint that is applied to a surface
Paint Gauge2 likes
paint gauge
Instrument that measures the density of a given paint coating
Paint Heater2 likes
paint heater
Device that heats paint thereby reducing its viscosity
Paint Preparation 1 like
When the surface of a structure is made ready for a painting project; usually involves scraping, sanding, filling and mixing the paint
Paint Project 1 like
A paint job
Paint Remover2 likes
paint remover
A mix of active solvents; used to take off paint and varnish from a surface
Paint Shop 2 likes
Part of a building where the painter prepares paint, stores it and washes the tools
Paint Spray Booth 2 likes
An enclosed, dust-free area where paint is applied
Paint System 0 likes
The total number and type of coats necessary for a particular paint job; includes preparing the surface, pre-treatments, dry film thickness, and how the paint is applied
Paint, Asphaltic 1 like
See Asphaltic Paint
Paint, Door1 like
paint door
See Door Paint
Painter 0 likes
An artisan whose job is to cover surfaces with paint
Painting 0 likes
The work that painters do
Painting Preparation1 like
painting preparation
Getting a building or other structure ready for painting by scraping off residue, sanding the surface, filling holes, and mixing the paint
Palladian 2 likes
Refers to Andrea Palladio and his neo-classical style
Pallet 0 likes
A moveable platform that is employed to store, move, and control goods and materials; often used in a warehouse or during shipping; forklifts and hand trucks move the pallet from one place to another
Pan2 likes
Mass-produced metal or plastic unit that is used to create concrete floor joist systems
Pan, Metal Stair 0 likes
See Metal Stair Pan
Pane1 like
A sheet of glass
Panel1 like
A thin sheet material such as wood or plywood
A well-defined part of a door, wall, cabinet, or ceiling, it is typically rectangular
A thin board whose edges are inserted into the grooves of a thicker material of a surrounding frame
A section of floor, wall, or ceiling, typically large and prefabricated, which is treated as a single unit
A board that contains instruments
An arbitration board
Panel Circuit Directory 1 like
A structured list of every circuit in a given electric panel
Panel Cladding 1 like
Metal casing on panels that impacts resistance and makes the panel more durable
Panel Edge Clip 0 likes
H-shaped clip that does not allow plywood roof or floor sheathing to have different deflection capabilities
Panel Hoist1 like
Panel Hoist
An apparatus that elevates sheetrock while it is nailed or screwed into position
Panel Rated Siding 0 likes
Panel siding that consists of proprietary APA siding
Panel Siding2 likes
panel siding
Sizeable hardboard or plywood sheets which function as both siding and sheathing
Panel, Acoustical1 like
panel, acoustical
See Acoustical Panel
Panel, Hardboard Siding 0 likes
See Hardboard Panel Siding
Panel, Limestone 2 likes
See Limestone Panel
Panel, Sandwich 1 like
See Sandwich Panel
Panelboard 0 likes
A panel that controls heat, light, or power; positioned in a cabinet on a wall or partition and accessed from the front; also called a Switchboard
Paneling 2 likes
A continuous surface of panels
Embellished wood panels
Panelized Roof1 like
panelized roof
Modular roof framing system where the rafters and sheathing are assembled as a single unit so they can be proficiently installed on the beams or purlins
Panic Device3 likes
panic device
A mechanism inside the building that opens a door when pressed; a horizontal bar erected right across a door that functions as a latching system and is operated by pressure on the bar; also called Panic Hardware
Panic Hardware 0 likes
See Panic Device
Pantry 0 likes
A small room in which food is stored
Paper and Wire 2 likes
Paper saturated in asphalt with wire mesh, or metal lath; serves as a backing when installing tile
Paper Backed Insulation 0 likes
Insulation that has paper on one side to hinder vapor
Paper Mounted Mosaics 0 likes
Ceramic mosaic tiles attached to paper on the tile face; sold in 12 by 24 inch sheets
Paper Rollers 1 like
Paper coils torn from gypsum board surface; typically happens when the board is overly exposed to humidity and when a board slides across another
Paper-Base Laminate 0 likes
See Laminate, Paper-Base
Paper, Building 0 likes
Papers, felts, and similar materials employed in buildings with no reference to their characteristics or functions; typically sold in long rolls
Paper, Curing 1 like
See Curing Paper
Paperboard 0 likes
Paperboard refers to over 0.012 inch thickness, heavy, and stiff grades of paper
Papreg 1 like
Papreg is the result of soaking pieces of especially strong paper in manufactured resin and laminating them to create a product that is dense and moisture-resistant
Para Red 0 likes
Pigment which is made from coal tar; vivid, non-transparent, with a propensity to bleed although non-fading
Parabola 2 likes
A curve that is produced when a cone intersects with a plane that is parallel to its side
Parabolic Troffer 0 likes
Channel enclosure; contains a reflector which regulates the light in a thin beam
Paraffin Oil1 like
paraffin oil
Light translucent mineral oil which can be employed to lubricate finished wood
Parallel 0 likes
Lines that never meet; they are equidistant and run side by side
Parallel Application 0 likes
The long side of a gypsum board that is secured in the same direction as the other parts of the frame; also called Vertical Application or With Framing
Parallel Bars1 like
parallel bars
A pair of bars parallel to each other; height and separation can be adjusted; gymnasts use them for various exercises
Parallel Circuit 0 likes
An electrical device arrangement in which the current splits and goes in two or more directions before returning to a shared path
Parallel Rule 1 like
An instrument that enables a drafter to draw parallel horizontal lines or parallel vertical or sloping lines with triangles; attached to a drawing board
Parapet 1 like
A wall that is positioned along the edge of a roof so that people will not fall
Parcel 1 like
A legal description for a tract or plot of land
Parge 1 like
To cover with decorative plaster or waterproofing plaster
Parget 0 likes
Pargeting 0 likes
Parging 0 likes
Decorative plaster; cover with cement plaster to waterproof a building on coarse masonry or the walls of a foundation
Parking Barrier 1 like
A temporary or permanent structure that is positioned so that vehicles will not intrude on a space
Parking Stall Painting 0 likes
The painting of lines on the ground to delineate parking spaces for vehicles
Parol Evidence Rule 1 like
Comments that either party to a contract made before the contract was signed do not alter the meaning of that contract
Parquet Floor 0 likes
A geometric floor covering that is made up of numerous small wood pieces
Partial Joint Penetration 1 like
When a joint penetrates somewhat, but not totally
Partial Pressures 0 likes
Situation wherein two or more gases in a particular space contribute to the total pressure of that space
Particleboard2 likes
A panel that is made up of resins and small wood particles which have been pressure-bonded; often used in drier environments instead of plywood
Particleboard Underlayment 0 likes
Flat piece of particleboard that is laid over subflooring; creates a smooth surface for the final floor covering
Parting Bead 3 likes
A thin strip that separates the upper and lower sashes in a double-hung window frame; also called a Parting Stop
Parting Compound 0 likes
A substance that prevents concrete from sticking; applied to the formwork
Parting Stop or Strip 0 likes
A small wood piece that separates the upper sash from the lower sash of a double hung window; employed in the side and head jambs
Partisan Arbitrator 0 likes
An arbitrator who is more sympathetic to one of the parties in a dispute; a Party-Appointed Arbitrator
Partition1 like
A wall or barrier that is erected to split a larger area of a building or room into one or more smaller spaces
Partition Closure 0 likes
Construction method in which openings are closed; durable foam is often used for this job
Partition Door2 likes
partition door
Door placed in a Wire Mesh
Partition Fabric 0 likes
The wire mesh fabric that is used in a Wire Mesh Partition
Partition Framing Member 0 likes
Metal frame part for a Wire Mesh Partition
Partition System 0 likes
Materials that are designed to function together as a wall
Partition, Clay Tile 1 like
See Clay Tile Partition
Partition, Toilet 1 like
See Toilet Partition
Partition, Wire Mesh 0 likes
See Wire Mesh Partition
Partner 1 like
A member of a partnership
Partnering 0 likes
Where all parties involved in a construction contract participate in meetings or seminars as a way of discovering what is important to the participants; designed to be an educational exercise and a way of securing each participant’s cooperation and understanding
Partnership 0 likes
Two or more people in a business relationship; their resources and skills are combined, and they share profits and losses; the partnership can be created via a written or oral agreement
Parts Per Million (PPM) 1 like
Unit to measure concentration; used for solutions
Proportion of a chemical or mineral by weight to the amount of water; employed in swimming pools
Party Wall 0 likes
A wall system specifically used to split a larger space into smaller spaces for different purposes; such a system can have fire or sound requirements
A wall that separates two properties belonging to two different tenants; also called Demising Wall
A brick or stone wall that runs between buildings on contiguous properties; the owners of the neighboring buildings share the benefits and rights of the common wall
Party-Appointed Arbitrator 0 likes
An arbitrator that one of the parties engages; See Partisan Arbitrator
Pascal’s Law 0 likes
A theory of hydrostatics that states that pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure variations remain the same
Pass 0 likes
In spray painting, a movement in one direction of the spray gun
When an excavating or grading machine makes a passage
One lengthwise welding progression along a joint or weld deposit producing a weld bead
Pass-Through 0 likes
A space between two rooms or between a room and an external wall through which one can pass objects; employed for serving food or collecting dishes
Passage Door 0 likes
Any door that is not an exit door through which people may pass
Passenger Elevator 0 likes
An elevator that is used to carry people up and down a building
Passivation 2 likes
Process of making something still or unreactive
Passive Pressure 0 likes
The sideways resistance of soil to any force applied to the soil
Passive System 0 likes
A system for solar heating or cooling that works without external mechanized power to transport the accumulated solar heat
Paste Wood Filler1 like
paste wood filler
A stiff paste compound employed to fill the open surface of hardwoods, like oak and walnut
Pastel 0 likes
A lighter, muted shade of a particular color
Pastiche 0 likes
Architectural design that copies prior architectural designs and styles; a mishmash; See Eclectic
Patch 0 likes
A piece of material used to reinforce something or to repair or conceal a hole
Patch, Concrete 1 like
Material employed to repair small to medium cracks or holes in concrete finishes
Pate Dure 1 like
A French term that translates as ‘hard paste’, pate dure refers to ceramics that are fired at fairly high temperatures
Pate Tendre 0 likes
A French term that translates as ‘soft paste’, refers to ceramics that are fired at fairly low temperatures
Patent Ambiguity 0 likes
Wording in a document that has more than one meaning
Patent Defect 0 likes
A structural flaw that is evident in any level-headed observation
Patent-Back Carpet 1 like
Carpet designed so that the edges will not snag or twist when the fabric is cut in any direction; the edges of the carpet are attached by tape and glue rather than being sewed
Path of Travel 0 likes
A passage that allows pedestrians and wheelchair users free access to and from a particular location; examples are sidewalks, ramps, elevators, and corridors
Patina 1 like
A green layer that forms over a period of time on copper or bronze
Patio 1 like
A paved area attached to a home, where residents dine outdoors or engage in other types of recreation
An enclosed courtyard that does not have a roof
Patio Block 0 likes
Thin concrete paving slabs that are positioned in light pedestrian traffic areas
Pattern 0 likes
A model or design which is used to make copies
Pattern Length 0 likes
Length of the spray pattern when spray painting
Pattern Width 0 likes
Width of spray pattern at its vertical center in spray painting
Paumelle 0 likes
A type of hinge that has a single pivoting pin, typically with a streamlined even design
Pavement 1 like
A paved area; or material that is used to pave a given area, such as a street
Pavement Cutting 1 like
Cutting pavement with a power saw that has a particular blade to ensure penetration
Pavement Marking 0 likes
Painting lines and other instructional signs on the surface of pavements for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists
Pavement Structure 0 likes
All courses of asphalt-aggregate mixes, or a combination of asphalt and untreated aggregate courses that are positioned above the subgrade
Paver Brick 2 likes
Bricks used in pedestrian areas; these are typically four inches across, with a length of eight inches, and 1-5/8 inches to 2-1/4 inches thick
Paver, Granite 1 like
See Granite Paver
Paver, Marble 1 like
See Marble Paver
Paver, Masonry 0 likes
See Masonry Paver
Paver, Paving 0 likes
Typically masonry positioned to make an even, but firm surface
Paver, Stone 0 likes
See Stone Paver
Paving 0 likes
The ground surface of an outdoor space; See Pavement
Paving Finishes 0 likes
The top layers of asphalt, concrete, or bound macadam on sidewalks, streets, and in parking areas
Paving Unit 0 likes
A prefabricated masonry unit, typically 2-1/4 inches thick, which is laid down for stepping stones on patios, veneering, and paving; also called a Cap Block
Paving, Concrete 1 like
See Concrete Paving
Payment Schedule 1 like
A predetermined payment program to a contractor which is typically based on work that is completed at various stages; a deposit payment prior to starting work, and a temporary retainer ensuring that anything which has not yet been completed can be fixed may also be included and payable at the conclusion of the contract
Payroll 0 likes
A documentation of all the wages, salaries, and other benefits that an employer pays employees
PC1 like
Portland cement
Pull chain
Prime coat
PCA 0 likes
Portland Cement Association
PCB 1 like
Polychlorinated Biphenyl
PCC 0 likes
Portland Cement Concrete
PCF 1 like
Pounds per Cubic Foot
PCI 1 like
Pounds per Cubic Inch
Prestressed Concrete Institute
PDI 0 likes
Plumbing and Drainage Institute
PE 0 likes
Professional Engineer
Pea Gravel 0 likes
The part of concrete aggregate that gets through the 3/8 sieve but cannot pass through a size 4 sieve
Peak 1 like
The highest point or apex of a spire, roof, truss, or similar structure
Pearl Lacquer 0 likes
Lacquer in which multi-faceted guanine crystals have been suspended
Peat 0 likes
See Humus
Peat Moss1 like
peat moss
Peavey 1 like
A tool used by lumber workers for handling logs; a wood handle with a pointed lever and a hinged hook
Pecan Veneer 0 likes
A thin cover of hardwood glued onto stronger, inexpensive solid wood, or plywood; employed in furniture and floors
Peck 0 likes
Patches of decomposed wood that result from advanced rotting in a living tree; typically found in cypress and incense-ceda
Peculiar Risk Doctrine 0 likes
An owner is liable to contractors who injure themselves during construction activities on the owner’s property or, because the construction process involves a particular risk of injury
Pecuniary 0 likes
Relating to or calculated with money
Pedestal1 like
A base or foundation for a statue or column
An upright compression element with a height that is not more than three times its average shortest lateral measurement
A short compression component made of reinforced concrete; positioned between a column and its footing so that the load is passed to the footing
Pedestal Floor 0 likes
A system of flooring; short piers or legs are employed as the base over which flooring is laid; particular flooring that is created to avoid sparking and electrostatic build up in a computer room; typically raised over the current floor so that wires between the outlets in the room may be easily installed
Pedestrian 0 likes
A person walking in a public space or road
Pedestrian Barricade2 likes
pedestrian barricade
Some kind of barrier or obstruction that is positioned to direct large groups of people or other people on foot
Pedestrian Grade Separation 0 likes
A structure used mainly by pedestrians, either above or beneath some obstacle such as a street, highway, or railroad
Pedestrian Ramp2 likes
pedestrian ramp
A path built on an incline, intended for pedestrian traffic; different from a curb ramp
Pedestrian Spatial Requirements 0 likes
For comfortable movement during walking, a person generally needs 13 square feet of space
Pedestrian Way 0 likes
A path on which a pedestrian may walk
Pediment 0 likes
A classical Greek style; the triangular front section of a building that transcends the columns
Peel 0 likes
The process of transforming a wood log into veneer by means of rotary cutting
Peeler 0 likes
The neat separation of surface layers from the core in gypsumboard; usually as a result of the surface calcination that occurs while drying or because of an inadequate binder
Peeling 0 likes
A paint film breaks off in substantial pieces when its surface is greasy or moist
When flakes of matrix or mortar detach from a concrete surface
Peen1 like
The end of a hammer opposite the face; its shape allows it to be used for shaping, bending, or cutting the material that is impacted by the peen; See Cross Peen, Ball Peen, or Straight Peen Hammers
Peer Review 1 like
When an architect‘ or engineers’ professional services and office practices are examined by a committee of peers
Pegboard1 like
A board consisting of many holes with pegs in them; tools or other objects are hung on the pegs
Pegged Flooring 0 likes
Hardwood flooring that has hardwood plugs which imitate screw covers or hide recessed screws
PEI 1 like
Porcelain Enamel Institute
Pein 0 likes
A peen variation
PEL 0 likes
Permissible Exposure Limits; standards established by OSHA
Peltier Effect 1 like
When a direct current moves through two adjoining metals, one junction cools while the other warms; the foundation of thermoelectric refrigeration
Penal Sum 0 likes
A surety bond’s face value; the maximum sum of liability of the surety
Penalty 0 likes
If an agreement is unmet, the person or entity responsible must pay this sum of money
Penalty and Bonus Clause 0 likes
A provision in a contract that allows a bonus for timely or early completion or a penalty for late completion
Penalty Clause 0 likes
A provision in a construction contract that stipulates that, if there is any delay in the completion of the project, the contractor will pay some amount of money, typically compounded daily
Pencil Rods 1 like
Smoot steel rods used for reinforcement that have a diameter of 3/16 inch, ¼ inch, or 3/8 inch
Pendentive 0 likes
A concave triangular segment that lie between a dome and its supporting columns
Penetrating Stain 1 like
Stain that is created by dissolving oil-soluble dyes in alcohol or oil
Penetrating Stain Wax 0 likes
Wood finish which yields the color of a deep stain with a wax luster
Penetration 1 like
The density of bituminous material; the distance that a standard needle can vertically penetrate a sample under specified conditions of temperature, time and loading
Penetration Grading 0 likes
A classification system of asphalt cements that is based on penetration in 0.1 millimeters at a temperature of 25° C (77° F); this system has five standard paving grades
Penny 1 like
Originally the price per hundred nails; now refers to a measure of nail length; the abbreviation is the letter d; typically, 16 penny nails are employed in framing
Pentaerythritol Resins 1 like
Resin that is made when pentaerythritol, a high alcohol, reacts with rosin
Pentagon 0 likes
A five-sided plane shape
Penthouse 0 likes
The top floor of a building
Penthouse Louver 0 likes
A louvered wall that runs around the mechanical penthouse area, has fixed or flexible flaps; the wall protects equipment from the weather and serves as a screen around machinery
People Competence 0 likes
The capability of workers to finish projects professionally and on time
Per Diem 0 likes
A payment or allowance given for each day
Percentage 0 likes
A proportion expressed in terms of one hundredths; calculated by multiplying a fraction by 100
Percentage Humidity 0 likes
The degree to which air is saturated with water vapor, multiplied by 100
Perched Water Table 0 likes
Underground water which sits on dry soil and is sealed by an impermeable layer
Percipient Witness 0 likes
A person who is asked to testify because of personal involvement in an event or having observed the event
Percolate 2 likes
Permeate, drip, or cause a liquid to move through an absorbent substance
Percolation Test 1 like
A soil engineer performs such tests on samples of earth to ascertain whether a leech field type sewer system should be installed on a building lot; the test calculates whether the soil on a lot can absorb a septic system‘s liquid affluent
Perforated PVC Pipe1 like
perforated PVC pipe
Plastic pipe that is four inches in diameter; it has one or more rows of holes along its length and is buried in the ground beside building foundations or structures so that groundwater and moisture can drain more easily
Perforated Strap1 like
perforated strap
Thin metal strips with pierced holes in rolls; employed to hang plumbing pipes and store them in place
Perforated Wall 0 likes
Wall that has small openings used for decoration
Performance Bond 0 likes
A written form of security to the owner from a surety company, on behalf of a reasonable prime or main contractor or subcontractor that guarantees the owner payment if the contractor cannot deliver all aspects of the contract; surety companies typically reserve the right to have the first main contractor or subcontractor fix any claims before they pay on the bond or hire other contractors; See Labor and Material Payment Bond and Surety Bond
Performance Code 0 likes
A building code that specifies the goals of the project rather than materials and methods that ought to be employed; compare with Specification Code
Performance Indicator 0 likes
On an income and expense statement, the bottom line specifies a profit or loss and signals how well a business is performing
Performance Specifications 0 likes
The minimum satisfactory standards and actions necessary to finish a project, including minimum standards of quality and aesthetics
Pergola1 like
Growing plants directed over trellis work form an arbor or covered walk
Perilla Oil 0 likes
A type of drying oil that comes from seeds of a brush known as Perilla Ocymoide
Perimeter 0 likes
The total length of the circumference of an area
Perimeter Drain1 like
perimeter drain
Perforated plastic pipe (three or four inches) that runs inside or outside the perimeter of a foundation wall before backfill collecting and redirecting ground water from the foundation
Perimeter Heating 0 likes
A way to install central heating systems to ensure that the registers are positioned under windows on the exterior walls
Perimeter Overflow System 0 likes
A channel built into the sidewall around the perimeter of a pool into which surface pool water is drawn continuously as a skimming action
Perimeter Relief 1 like
Detail of construction which permits the building to move
Gasketing materials which alleviate stress at the places where ceilings and walls meet
Perineal Bath 0 likes
A shallow tub where one sits to bathe; a Sitz bath
Period 0 likes
The time it takes the crest of a wave to travel a distance of one wavelength, or the time it takes two consecutive wave crests to pass a given point
Periodic 0 likes
Reappearing or recurring from time to time
Perjury 0 likes
Knowingly lying while under oath
Perlite 0 likes
Siliceous volcanic rock that enlarges with heat; employed as an insulating fill and as a lightweight aggregate for concrete and plaster
Perlite Institute (PI) 0 likes
4305 North Sixth Street, Suite A, Harrisburg, PA 17110, Tel: (717) 238-9723, URL: www.perlite.org/
Perlite Insulation 0 likes
An insulation that is produced from volcanic glass, which is enlarged when heat is applied
Perlite Roof Insulation 0 likes
Roof system insulation made from volcanic glass that is enlarged by application of heat
Perm 0 likes
The measure of the movement of water vapor through a material
Permafrost 0 likes
Occurring in polar areas, the subsoil is frozen all year
Permanence 0 likes
A characteristics of a plastic; refers to its resistance to significant changes due to time and the environment
Permanent Loan 0 likes
After construction is completed, this long-term loan for real estate that takes the place of the construction loan; also called Takeout Loan
Permanent Magnet 0 likes
Material with aligned molecules that creates a magnetic field
A permanently magnetized metal bar
Permeability 0 likes
A measure of the ability of water to penetrate a given material
Permeable 0 likes
Able to be penetrated; having openings or pores that allow gases or liquids to pass
Permeance 0 likes
The resistance of a given material to the transfer of water vapor; the ratio of the rate of water vapor transfer through a substance or construction between the surfaces to the vapor pressure differential between the two parallel surfaces; See Water Vapor Transmission (WVT)
Permit 0 likes
Authorization from a governmental municipal to perform a given building process; permits for zoning, demolition, grading, electrical, plumbing, septic and other building processes may be obtained
Permutation 0 likes
A grouping or ordered arrangement of elements from a set
Perpend Bond 0 likes
A header brick or large stone that passes through a wall so that one end is on either side of the wall; it functions as a binder
Perpendicular 0 likes
At right angles to a given plane or horizontal line
Perpetual 0 likes
Never ending
Personal Air Samples 1 like
An air sample that a worker takes with a sampling pump; OSHA asbestos guidelines and the EPA Worker Protection Rule insist on such samples
Personal Ownership 1 like
When only one person owns a business; also called Sole ownership or Sole proprietor
Personal Property 0 likes
Any piece of property not considered real property; also called Chattel
Personnel 1 like
People that are employed by a business or for a project
Personnel Lift 0 likes
An elevator used by workers at a job site, or in a building
Perspective 0 likes
A representation of an object as it appears to the eye drawn on a plane surface; it is not scaled because the lines are made to appear shorter than they actually are
PERT 0 likes
Program Evaluating and Review Technique; See Activity; Critical Path Method
PERT Schedule 1 like
A timetable detailing a work in progress and the dates estimated for the start and end of the project
Pest Control 0 likes
The process of controlling the proliferation of insects and pests by placing traps or spraying chemicals or powders
Petcock1 like
A small valve that drains air and permits it to exit an area
Petty Cash Fund 0 likes
A cash fund that is employed to make small payments for a project
Pew1 like
A wooden bench in a church
PH 0 likes
Measurement in an aqueous solution of the free hydrogen ion concentration therein
pH Value 0 likes
A measure of acidity or alkalinity; pH 7 is neutral; acids have a pH value less than 7 and alkalis have a pH value more than 7
Pharmacy 0 likes
A place where drugs, medical supplies, and goods are dispensed and sold
Phase 0 likes
Some distinct portion of operation during a cycle
Phased Application 0 likes
The two or more step system of placing the felt plies of built-up roofing layers; the steps are typically enacted on at a minimum of consecutive days
Phenol 0 likes
A corrosive, poisonous benzene derivative that occurs in coal tar and wood tar; employed as an antiseptic and disinfectant when diluted
Phenol-Aldehyde Resins 0 likes
Resins that are made from phenols and formaldehyde
Phenol-Red 0 likes
A yellow dye at a pH of 6.8 but becomes a darker red color as the pH moves to 8.4; the most frequently-used pH test reagent in swimming pools
Phenolic Resins 1 like
A type of resin that is based on the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde
Phenolic-Resin Primer Sealer 1 like
A finish penetrating wood pores that dries and equalizes the density of both hard and soft grains; for fir and other softwoods
Phial 0 likes
A thermostatic expansion valve‘s sensing element
Phillips Screwdriver1 like
phillips screwdriver
A cross-tipped screwdriver
Phloem 0 likes
The tissues of the innermost layer of a tree’s bark; sieve-like employed to transport sumptous foodstuffs
Phon 0 likes
A unit of loudness experienced by an average listener; the sound level is zero at its minimum, and 1000 at its maximum
Phosphatize 0 likes
To form a narrow inert coat of phosphate on a surface generally with phosphoric acid
Phosphorescent Paint 1 like
A luminous paint that radiates in the dark, after white light has been switched off; does not contain any phosphorus
Photo Equipment1 like
photo equipment
Gadgets and other supplies that are employed to take and process photographs
Photo Processor 2 likes
A machine with which photographs are developed from their negatives
Photo-Oxidation 0 likes
Oxidation which is the result of solar rays
Photoelectric Sensor2 likes
photoelectric sensor
A device that transmits an impulse as a response to light
Photoelectricity 0 likes
Physical action of light waves creating an electrical flow
Photogrammetry 2 likes
The science of making measurements from aerial photographs in order to create topographic maps
Photographs 1 like
Pictures are usually taken to accurately represent the site before construction
Photometrics 1 like
The science of measuring light‘s intensity
Photovoltaic 0 likes
The production of electricity by transforming sunlight
Photovoltaic Cells1 like
photovoltaic cells
Semiconductor devices that produce electrical power from solar energy
Phthalic Anhydride 0 likes
A white crystalline material that synthetic resins are made from
Phthalic Resins 0 likes
Special type of film formers; alkyd resins
Phthalocyanine Blue 0 likes
Synthetically-developed organic blue pigment; very resistant to fading
Phthalocyanine Green 1 like
Copper compound pigment that has a bluish-green color
Physical Inventory 0 likes
A list of all merchandise readily available, determined by counting, weighing, or measuring; the price or value of merchandise is also included in the inventory
Physical Resources 0 likes
Refers to the building activity, labor and expertise involved in the operating of a business; also scrap materials and machinery for resale and other assets that are not shown on a balance sheet
Physical Therapy 0 likes
Treating an injury or illness physically and mechanically such as with exercise, massage, or heat
Pi 2 likes
The symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter; P = C/D; Pi’s value is approximately 3.14159265; classified by the Greek letter P
Perlite Institute
Piano Hinge1 like
Piano hinge
A Continuous Hinge
Pick 1 like
A heavy hand tool that has one pointed end and either pointed or a chisel on the other end; employed to break up and loosen earth
Pick and Dip 0 likes
When a bricklayer picks up a brick with one hand and, simultaneously with the other hand, puts mortar on a trowel; also known as the Eastern or New England method
Pick Tong 0 likes
A tool employed by a blacksmith for working with hot metal
Pick Up Sags 1 like
When a coat of paint that is too heavy begins sagging or trickling down the surface, the painter must level it off by brushing up through the sagging paint
Pickling 0 likes
A dipping process that is employed to clean steel and other metals; the pickling agent is typically an acid
Pickup Truck 0 likes
A small truck with an open body, low sides, and tailboard
Picture Framing1 like
picture framing
A decorative edging for a picture; for display or protection purposes
Picture Mold 0 likes
See Picture Molding
Picture Molding 1 like
A type of molding that functions as a support for picture hooks; typically positioned on the wall at some distance from the ceiling
Picture Window 1 like
A large window, usually made from insulating glass or plate, intended to frame some outside view
Piece Dyeing 0 likes
Single- or multi-color pattern effects in carpet that are created by placing a carpet into a dye bath; See also Resist Printing
Pier 1 like
A masonry column, usually rectangular in a horizontal cross section that supports other parts of the structure; See also Caisson
Piezometer1 like
An instrument that measures pressure or reduction in size
Pigment 0 likes
A powder that gives paint or enamel its color; the color in paint or other substances; fine powders that are insoluble in oils, varnishes, thinners, lacquers and such things; used to provide color, opacity or particular consistency properties
Pigment Grind 0 likes
Distributing pigment in a liquid vehicle
Pigment Oil Stain 0 likes
Well ground insoluble color pigments like those employed in paints, in a mixture with liquids such as linseed oil, mineral spirits, varnish according to specifications; also known as Wiping Stain
Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC) 0 likes
Percent of pigment by volume in dried film
Pigtails, Electrical 1 like
The electric cord installed on an appliance such as a dishwasher, garbage disposal, or range hood
Pilaster1 like
A rectangular or square column that forms part of a wall and protrudes from it
Pilaster Block1 like
pilaster block
A concrete masonry block that permits a pilaster to be built in a concrete block wall
Pile 0 likes
The raised yarn surface of various carpets; supplies the color for the carpet as well as the wearing surface, design or texture; pile refers to the non-woven fibers that stand up in flocked carpets
Long steel, wood, or concrete beam that sinks deep into the soil so that gradebeam foundation walls or columns can be supported
Pile Butt 0 likes
The larger end of a pile; the smaller end is referred to as the tip
Pile Cap1 like
pile cap
A thick reinforced concrete slab that is poured over the top of a pile group so that the group supports a column as a single unit
Pile Cap Formwork 0 likes
Concrete pile cap formwork
Pile Cap Reinforcing 0 likes
Steel reinforcing bars found in a concrete pile cap
Pile Cap, Concrete 1 like
A concrete footing that rests on a collection of piles
Pile Crushing 0 likes
The flattening of a carpet‘s pile after heavy use from foot traffic or pressure from furniture
Pile Group 1 like
Several piles in a group that are joined at the top by one poured concrete pile cap
Pile Height 0 likes
The height of pile on a carpet, which is measured from the top of the backing to the top of the pile; also referred to as Pile Wire Height
Pile Setting 0 likes
The process of brushing carpet after shampooing so that the damp pile returns to its original height
Pile Spall 1 like
A chip or fragment that breaks off a pile as a result of a blow from a hammer or as a result of certain weather conditions
Pile Testing 0 likes
The process of calculating how resistant a test pile is against a pre-determined design load
Pile Tip 2 likes
The smaller end of a pile; the larger end is referred to as the butt
Pile Warp 1 like
Pile yarns along the length in Wilton carpets that make up a section of the backing
Pile Wire Height 0 likes
See Pile Height
Pile Yarn 3 likes
The yarn that is employed to make the loops or tufts of a pile in a carpet
Pile Yarn Density 0 likes
The weight of pile yarn in a carpet, measured by unit of volume and typically expressed in ounces per cubic yard
Pillar1 like
An upright post that supports a roof; can also be decorative
Pilling 0 likes
Defect in a carpet‘s appearance; balls of tangled fibers appear on the carpet surface and are not easily removed by vacuuming or pedestrian traffic; occasional clipping can remove pills
Pilot Circuit 1 like
Secondary circuit that controls either the main circuit or a mechanism in the main circuit
Pilot Hole 0 likes
A pre-drilled hole with a small-diameter used to guide a nail or screw
Pilot Light 0 likes
A continuous flame in a boiler, hot water heater, or furnace that is employed to light gas or oil burners as necessary
Pin Joint1 like
pin joint
A hinge within a structure; a joint in a structure that does not transfer movement
Pin Knot 0 likes
A knot with a diameter that is not in excess of a half of an inch
Pin, Clevis3 likes
clevis pin
See Clevis Pin
Pinhole 1 like
A tiny hole
Pinion Gear1 like
pinion gear
A small gear in a group of gear wheels
Pinnacle 0 likes
A small decorative turret that typically ends with a cone or pyramid, on top of a buttress or roof
Pinstripes 0 likes
A pattern of very fine stripes
Pipe1 like
A kind of long tube, normally hollow, through which a liquid, gas, or finely separated solid can pass
A column or strut in a structure
Pipe Bollard3 likes
pipe bollard
Short length of pipe that is positioned vertically in the ground and plugged with concrete so that vehicular access is prevented and property can be protected
Pipe Cleanout 4 likes
See Cleanout Plug
Pipe Flange 1 like
Ring, ridge or collar projected from a pipe for reinforcement, to hold attachments or to stop sliding
Pipe Handrail3 likes
pipe handrail
A type of metal pipe that is used for handrails, the pipe handrail comes in varying shapes and sizes
Pipe Insulation3 likes
pipe insulation
Insulation placed around pipes to reduce heat being lost or gained
Pipe Jacking 1 like
The process of forcing pipe through a tunnel in the ground which is made by the pipe; the pipe is typically jacked in short lengths horizontally
Pipe Joint Compound1 like
pipe joint compound
Material similar to putty that is employed to seal threaded pipe joints
Pipe Painting 3 likes
The process of painting pipes so that they do not corrode or rust; also employed as an identification system in buildings
Pipe Railing1 like
railing pipe
A type of metal railing pipe
Pipe Sleeve3 likes
pipe sleeve
Cylindrical insert in a concrete wall or floor so that pipe may be passed through or secured
Pipe Wrench1 like
pipe wrench
A wrench that has serrated jaws that clasp pipe and twist it one way
Pipe, ABS2 likes
ABS pipe
A plastic pipe of varying diameters; used for main drains and stacks in plumbing
Pipe, Aluminum 0 likes
A pipe employed to carry liquid or gas
Pipe, Clay1 like
clay pipe
A pipe employed in drainage systems as well as sanitary sewers; constructed from earthenware and glazed to eradicate permeability
Pipe, Copper 1 like
Inflexible durable pipe that is employed in both inside and outside water systems; resistant to moisture, it can be employed with both soldered and mechanical connections
Pipe, CPVC2 likes
pipe cpvc
Plastic rigid pipe that is employed for water supply lines, for both hot and cold water
Pipe, Fiberglass 0 likes
A pipe for conveying liquid or gas, made from layers of resins and glass fibers
Pipe, Galvanized2 likes
galvanized pipe
A steel pipe that has zinc coating
Pipe, Glass2 likes
pipe, glass
Glass or glass-lined pipe that is employed for process piping
Pipe, No-Hub1 like
pipe no-hub
Pipe made from cast iron that does not have hubs for coupling
Pipe, Polyethylene3 likes
Polyethylene pipe
Pipe that is made from a substance that becomes soft and pliable when heated, but retains its properties; thermoplastic
Pipe, Polypropylene 1 like
A strong plastic pipe that is resistant to chemicals and heat
Pipe, PVC 0 likes
Polyvinyl chloride pipe that is employed primarily for drain lines, it is especially resistant to chemicals
Pipe, Stainless1 like
stainless pipe
Pipe or tubing made out of stainless steel; very resistant to corrosion
Pipe, Structural 0 likes
Pipe employed in a building or structure to move loads to the ground
Piping 1 like
Refers to the pipe system in a structure
PIR Detector 1 like
Passive Infra-Red detector; forms a portion of a burglar alarm system
Piscina 0 likes
A basin that has a drain, which typically leads to a soak pit; situated near the altar in a church so that water from liturgical ablutions can be discarded
Piston1 like
Tight-fitting plug or part which travels up and down a cylinder
Piston Displacement 1 like
Volume displaced by a piston as it moves the length of its stroke; the resultant volume of the length of piston stroke multiplied by the area of a cylinder bore
Pit 1 like
A shaft, hole or cavity in the ground
Pitch 1 like
The slope of a roof; the ratio of the total rise to the total width of a building, i.e., a 5-foot rise and 20-foot width has a one-fourth pitch roof; the slope of a roof is indicated by the inches of rise for every foot of horizontal run
Pitch Board 0 likes
See Bevel Board
Pitch Pine 0 likes
Any type of pine that yields pitch including heartwood and sapwood; can be used for fuel, lumber, and pulpwood
Pitch Streak 0 likes
Where pitch has accumulated in a relatively uniform streak; appears in the wood of some conifers
Pith 0 likes
The soft core that appears near the middle of a log, tree trunk, or branch
PITI 0 likes
Principal, interest, taxes and insurance are the four principal aspects of monthly housing payments
Pitot Tube1 like
pitot tube
Tube that measures the velocity of air
Pits 0 likes
See Pops
Pitting 1 like
The forming of small, normally shallow, cavities or indentations on the exterior of a material
Pivot 0 likes
A pin, axis, or other type of central point on which a mechanism turns or oscillates
Placement 1 like
The process of laying and consolidating concrete; also called Pour
Plain Bar2 likes
plain bar
Steel reinforcing bar that does not have any defects
Plain Concrete 1 like
Concrete that is unreinforced or has less reinforcement than what the code for reinforced concrete stipulates as the minimum
Plain Reinforcement 0 likes
See Plain Bar
Plainsawed Lumber 0 likes
Lumber that has flat grains
Lumber sawed without regard for the grain; also called Slash Sawed or Bastard Sawed
Plan 1 like
A view through a horizontal section of a building at eyelevel; a line drawing that serves as a representation of the horizontal section of a building‘s walls; the relative positions of the doors, walls, windows,, columns, and other components are included
Plan Checker 0 likes
Building department representative who reviews the building permit documents
Plan View 4 likes
The view of a structure from above, looking down in a drawing
Planar 0 likes
Two dimensional; of or relating to a plane surface; flat or lying in a single geometric plane
Plancher 0 likes
See Plancier
Plancier 0 likes
A soffit that sits under a cornice or any other protruding element; also called Plancher
A platform or plank floor
Plane 0 likes
A flat or level surface
A tool employed on wood surfaces to make them even or smooth
Plane of Weakness 0 likes
The plane along which a building will begin to crack under stress; can occur by accident or by design or because of the nature of the building and its loading
Planing Mill Products 0 likes
Products that are worked to a pattern, such as ceilings and floorings
Plank1 like
A wide section of sawn timber, typically 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches thick and 6 or more inches wide
Plank Floor 0 likes
See Random Width Flooring
Planned Unit Development 0 likes
A type of group development that allows for more land uses than it does in a residential group
Planner1 like
A person who designs a system for doing something; an arrangement of steps that must be taken to complete some task or objective
Planning 0 likes
The process of making plans for land or building development
Plans 0 likes
A term that refers to all the drawings in a particular project, including sections and details as well as any supplemental drawings necessary for implementing a given project
Plant 1 like
The land, buildings, and machinery employed in a manufacturing operation
To place seeds, bulbs or plants in the ground
Trees or shrubs
Plant Bed Preparation 0 likes
Mixing earth with fertilizer and other products to enrich the soil and to make space for future vegetation
Plant Screens 1 like
These screens are positioned between the dryer and the hot bins In a concrete batching plant so the heated material is separated into the correct hot bin sizes
Planter1 like
A container that accommodates plants
Planting 1 like
A plantation
A method of organizing different colored spools of surface yarn in frames in the back of Jacquard Wilton looms so that more colors appear in the final design than can be acquired from using only solid colors; the additional planted colors are typically organized in groups for each shade; adds interest to the pattern
Plantroom 1 like
A room in a building dedicated to holding operational equipment
Plaque1 like
A tablet made of metal, stone or another tough material that is commemorative with an inscription or decoration
An aberrant area on a surface, localized
Plaster 1 like
A cementitious substance, usually made from gypsum or Portland cement; spread on lath or masonry as a paste which hardens and forms a finished surface; a combination of sand, lime, and hair, or of sand, lime, and cement; used to cover both inside and outside walls
Plaster Accessory 1 like
A tool or other equipment necessary for plaster work
Plaster Base 0 likes
The lath or backing on which plaster is smeared
Plaster Bead 1 like
Metal edging that makes a plaster angle stronger
Plaster Bond 1 like
The bond between coats of plaster or between the plaster and a plaster base; created by either an adhesive or the mechanical interlocking of the plaster with base or other materials
Plaster Fascia 0 likes
The upright face of a wall cornice that is exposed inside a structure
Plaster of Paris1 like
plaster of paris
A white fine gypsum plaster that is employed for molding and casting; pure calcined gypsum
Plaster Patch4 likes
plaster patch
Plaster employed to fill cracks and any sections of a plaster surface that may have been damaged
Plaster Ring2 likes
plaster ring
A guide that has a metal collar which is secured to a base; employed to apply plaster to the desired thickness or supply a fastener for a trim
Plaster Screed 1 like
A wood or metal strip that controls the plaster thickness and gives an edge trim
A strip of plaster that is employed to control the thickness of plaster
Plaster Work 0 likes
A plasterer’s completed work
Plaster, Masonry 2 likes
See Masonry Plaster
Plasterboard 0 likes
A large sheet board that is mounted on walls as either a backing for plaster or as a substitute; consists of fiberboard, paper, or felt which bond to a tough gypsum plaster core; See Gypsumboard
Plastering 1 like
Any work that a plasterer creates
Plastering Machine 0 likes
A mechanical device which pushes plaster mortar through a flexible hose onto a surface; also known as a plaster pump or plastering gun; different from Gunite machines where the plaster or concrete is pushed dry through the hose, then mixed with water at the nozzle
Plastic2 likes
Flexible; pliant; able to be molded
Stress or strain beyond the elastic range in a stress analysis; plastic deformation typically suggests a permanent change in shape
A situation wherein fresh concrete, mortar, or cement paste is flexible, easily re-moldable, cohesive, has enough fines and cement, but is not too wet
Plastic Cement2 likes
plastic cement
Plastic mix of bitumen and asbestos strengthening fibers with a solvent; See Flashing Cement
Portland cement with less than 12 per cent by volume plasticizing agents
Plastic Coated Conduit 0 likes
A type of electrical wiring conduit that surrounds very corrosive fumes and damp areas
Plastic Consistency 0 likes
Situation in which concrete, mortar, or cement paste remains deformed without rupture
Plastic Design 0 likes
Procedure that analyses steel frames and beams by determining the load which would lead to the system‘s collapse
Plastic Hinge 0 likes
The point at which a beam or a frame section bends so that a potion is stressed in excess of the elastic range
Plastic Laminate 2 likes
Sheet material that is made from numerous paper layers with the uppermost plastic layer generally 1/16 inch thick providing an ornamental finish; often referred to by the brand name of Formica
Plastic Laminate Backing Sheet 0 likes
Sheet material that is positioned on the concealed side of the panel material to create balance, minimize moisture absorption and provide stability
Plastic Laminate Casework 0 likes
Constructed cabinets made from plastic laminate
Plastic Laminate Countertop 0 likes
Plywood or particleboard countertop that has a plastic laminate finish to cover some substrate
Plastic Pipe2 likes
plastic pipe
Pipe that is made from hard plastic in order to withstand corrosion
Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association (PPFA) 1 like
800 Roosevelt Road, Building C, Suite 312, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137-5833, Tel: (630) 858-6540, Fax: (630) 790-3095, URL: www.ppfahome.org/
Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) 2 likes
105 Decker Court, Suite 825, Irving TX, 75062, Tel: (469) 499-1044, Fax (469) 499-1063, URL: www.plasticpipe.org/
Plastic Sheet1 like
plastic sheet
Plastic with a very slight thickness compared to its width or length
Plastic Skylight1 like
plastic skylight
A plastic molded window, either translucent or transparent, secured in a frame and installed in the ceiling of a room
Plastic Soil 1 like
A type of soil that is rolled into strands of 1/8 inch diameter without falling apart; a supple, rubbery soil
Plasticity 1 like
A plastic material, unlike a fluid material, needs a measurable force to begin flow; this property exists in differing degrees in other materials
When a material can be bent out of shape under a load and maintain the deformity after removal of the load
The ability of some material to be worked and molded
Plasticizer1 like
Substance added to plastics, resins, and rubbers to make them more such as workable and flexible
A product that increases plaster‘s workability and/or flow
A material that improves the consistency or flexibility of a concrete mixture, mortar or cement paste
Plasticizing Agent 0 likes
Plasticizing Wood 0 likes
The process of softening wood with steam, hot water, or a chemical in order to make it more pliable
Plastisol1 like
Liquid substance that contains resin and a plasticizer without solvents
Plate 0 likes
Typically 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 inches that is positioned horizontally inside a framed structure, such as sill, top and sole plates
Plate Cut 0 likes
The cut in a rafter that rests on the plate; also called the Seat Cut
Plate Girder 0 likes
A large beam consisting of steel plates, occasionally combining with steel angles, which are welded or bolted together
Plate Glass 0 likes
Very high quality glass that is made by grinding and shining both sides of a glass sheet
Plate Mirror0 likes
plate mirror
Very high-quality, thick mirror glass
Plate Tectonics 0 likes
Theory which uses plate movement to understand seismicity
Plate, Armor1 like
armor plate
See Armor Plate
Plate, Duplex3 likes
plate duplex
See Duplex Plate
Plate, Switch1 like
plate, switch
See Switch Plate
Plate, Toe0 likes
plate, toe
See Toe Plate
Plate, Ultrasonic Examined 0 likes
Steel plate which is inspected ultrasonically for structural flaws
Platform1 like
Horizontal landing in a staircase; can be at floor level or between floors
Platform Frame2 likes
platform frame
Wood building frame consisting of closely-positioned 2 inch thick beams in which the wall beams do not span further than the floor framing beams; common wood stud wall framing where the studs are the same height and the floor frame rests on top of the top plates of the wall underneath; the most prevalent style of framing used to construct homes; also known as Western Frame; compare to Balloon Frame
Plating 0 likes
A thin layer of metal left on a surface, generally by electrolysis
Player Bench1 like
player bench
A long seat that may not have a back; athletes sit on it when they are not actively participating
Playground Equipment1 like
playground equipment
Apparatus such as swings, roundabouts, and slides that children use for entertainment in a playground
Pleadings 1 like
Formal documents that are filed with a court accusing another party of wrongdoing or defending a party against charges of wrongdoing
Plenum 1 like
An enclosed chamber, e.g., the space between a hanging ceiling and the floor above it
The primary hot air supply duct leaving a furnace
Plenum Chamber 1 like
Chamber or container that moves air or other gases under light positive pressure
Plenum, Ceiling 2 likes
See Ceiling Plenum
Plexiglass1 like
A tough plastic material similar to glass, typically produced in sheets
Pliers1 like
A type of pincer; a hand tool for gripping objects
Plinth 0 likes
The square base at the bottom of a column
A block of wood that sits at the corner of a doorway at the place where the architrave and the baseboard meet
Plot Plan 1 like
A plan from an overhead view supplied by the surveyor that reveals where a home sits on the lot; all property lines, easements, other issues including legal requirements of the home are included
Plough, Plow 0 likes
To cut a groove lengthwise in a plank or board; an outdoor handrail typically has a ploughed groove so that it can be held onto more easily
Plug1 like
A pipe fitting that has external threads and a squared head; used to stop up the opening of some type of fitting
Plug Valve 1 like
See Core Cock
Plug Weld2 likes
plug weld
A circular weld created by arc or gas welding through one part of a lap or tee joint fixing that part to another; if a hole is employed, the walls might not be parallel and weld metal might partly or wholly fill the hole
Plug, Conduit1 like
conduit, plug
See Conduit Plug
Plug, Grounding1 like
plug grounding
See Grounding Plug
Plug, Lock 0 likes
See Lock Plug
Plumb 0 likes
Precisely vertical and perpendicular
Plumb Bob1 like
plumb bob
A tool that is employed to determine plumb; consists of a lead weight that is connected to a string
Plumb Cut 0 likes
A vertical cut
Plumb Rule1 like
plumb rule
Thin board with plumb line and bob on one end, more frequently a bubble in a tube; used to draw straight lines, either vertical or horizontal
Plumber 0 likes
A person who installs, fixes, and maintains water and waste systems
Plumbers Friend1 like
plumbers friend
A tool with a long handle and a large rubber-like cup on the end; forces a blockage through the sewer lines
Plumbers Furnace 0 likes
A heating source where lead and solder are melted and soldering irons are heated
Plumbers Snake1 like
plumbers snake
See Snake
Plumbers Soil 0 likes
A combination of lampblack and glue that keeps certain metal parts of lead pipe and fittings free from lead
Plumbing 0 likes
The process of installing the pipes, fixtures, or other mechanisms that provide potable water and remove liquid and water-borne wastes in a building or other structure
Piping for heating or air conditioning
The fixtures and piping in a building or structure
The system of gas piping
The system for storm sewer
Plumbing Access Door 0 likes
A door in a wall, floor, or ceiling that provides access to plumbing fittings, valves or drains
Plumbing and Drainage Institute (PDI) 0 likes
800 Turnpike Street, Suite 300, North Andover, MA 01845, Tel: (978) 557-0720, URL: www.pdionline.org/
Plumbing Boots1 like
plumbing boots
Metal saddles that reinforce a bearing wall and vertical studs where a drain line has been installed for plumbing   purposes; rubber boots that serve as protection against water and other materials during plumbing activities
Plumbing Fixture1 like
plumbing fixture
Plumbing equipment which is usually installed at the final stage including toilets, sinks, showers and baths; installations which take in water and eject it into the DWV system with any water-borne waste
Plumbing Ground 0 likes
The drain and waste lines that a plumber installs under a basement floor
Plumbing Jacks 0 likes
Sleeves that lie around the drain and waste vent pipes at the roof sheeting where they are nailed
Plumbing Rough 0 likes
Work that the plumbing contractor performs after the Rough Heat is fitted; includes installing all plastic ABS drain and waste lines, shower pans, bath tubs, copper water lines, as well as gas piping to any furnaces
Plumbing Stack0 likes
plumbing stack
A plumbing vent pipe that passes through the roof
Plumbing Trim1 like
plumbing trim
All the plumbing work accomplished to prepare the home for a final inspection; includes installing all toilets, hot water heaters, sinks, disposal units, dishwashers, and other plumbing items as well as connecting any gas pipes to appliances
Plumbing Waste Line 0 likes
Plastic pipe that collects and drains sewage waste
Plunge 0 likes
Term for a swimming pool
Plunge Router 0 likes
A router whose cutting bit penetrates the material from the board‘s surface
Plunger0 likes
See Plumbers Friend
Plus Pressure 0 likes
See Positive Pressure
Plush 0 likes
A smooth-face cut pile carpet surface; the texture of the yarn cannot be detected
Ply 0 likes
A term referring to the number of layers of any finished piece of material such as roofing felt
Plywood1 like
A wood panel, typically 4 by 8 feet, that is made by adhering layers of veneer or a combination of veneer layers with a lumber core; the layers are joined with glue; adjacent plies are normally laid with their grains at right angles to each other to provide additional reinforcement
Plywood Countertop2 likes
plywood countertop
Plywood panel that forms the substrate for the uncovered countertop surface
Plywood Diaphragm 0 likes
Plywood sheathing on walls, floors, or roofs which provides the strength to withstand wind and earthquake loads
Plywood Roof Sheathing 0 likes
Plywood sheets serve as a base for roofing and are attached to the outside of roof rafters or trusses; makes a strong building superstructure
Plywood Shear Wall 0 likes
Wall of studs and plywood sheathing; it resists forces from wind, earthquakes, and other transverse loads, and reinforces a frame’s stability
Plywood Sheathing1 like
plywood sheathing
Wall, roof, or floor casings or coverings made of plywood
Plywood Shelving1 like
plywood shelving
Horizontal plywood surfaces that are mounted and used to display or store objects
Plywood Siding 0 likes
Plywood sheeting that forms the outside surface of the external walls of a frame building
Plywood Soffit 0 likes
Plywood finish that is horizontally installed and covers the bottom side of a particular construction
Plywood Subfloor 1 like
Plywood sheets that are fastened above floor joists
Plywood Subfloor-Underlayment 0 likes
Plywood sheets are mounted to the top surface of floor joists to reinforce a building superstructure; also creates a smooth, uniform surface for the final floor covering
Plywood Underlayment1 like
plywood underlayment
Flat sheet of plywood that is positioned over subflooring to create a smooth uniform surface for the final floor covering
Plywood Wall Sheathing 0 likes
Plywood that is attached to the outer side of outside wall studs; used to strengthen the building superstructure and function as a foundation for the siding
Plywood, Finish 0 likes
See Finish Plywood
Plywood, Structural 0 likes
Plywood that has been tested and had its structural characteristics graded
PM 1 like
Preventive Maintenance
PMI 0 likes
Private Mortgage Insurance
Pneumatic Concrete 0 likes
Concrete that is poured from equipment power-driven by compressed air
Pneumatic Hoist 1 like
Hoisting system that works with compressed air
Pneumatic System 1 like
Mechanical equipment that is power-driven by compressed air
Pneumatic Tool1 like
pneumatic tool
A tool that is power-driven by compressed air
Pneumatic Tube System1 like
Pneumatic tube system
A system of tubes in a building or building complex wherein message capsules are sent via compressed air
Pneumatically Driven Fastener 1 like
Pin or threaded stud that uses compressed air to penetrate material
Pneumatics 0 likes
The study of compressible gases and air, their characteristics, and how they react when contained
POA Valve 0 likes
See Pressure-Operated Altitude Valve
Poch 0 likes
A technique used by drafters to allow for better understanding and readability of their drawings; sections are shaded such as the walls on floor plans or elevations
Pock Marks 0 likes
Craters; pits
Surface flaws in gypsum board that appear as small depressions; frequently resulting from small gravel or dirt which depressed the surface of paper
Pocket, Pitch 0 likes
See Pitch Pocket
Point 1 like
Geometric unit that does not have a dimension
One tuft of pile in a carpet
A sharp tip of a tool
Point of Inflection 0 likes
The point in a structural element at which the bending moment shifts from positive to negative
Point Weight 0 likes
See Felt Mill Ream
Pointing 0 likes
The process of troweling mortar into a joint after laying the masonry units
The process of adding mortar into the joints of brickwork or other masonry units in order to fill holes or other gaps left during the original work
Pointing Trowel1 like
pointing trowel
A mason‘s tool used for pointing bricks and stone
Points 0 likes
A fee that is levied for making a loan; each point equals one per cent of the total loan amount
Polarity 1 like
The property of having two poles that have opposing qualities
A positive or negative electrical state
Polarized Plug2 likes
polarized plug
An electric plug which has prongs arranged specifically so that it is only possible to plug something in correctly
Polarizing 1 like
A method for distinguishing electrical wires by certain colors; a way of ensuring that hot wires are only connected to hot wires and that neutral wires run back to the ground terminals in continuous circuits
Polder 0 likes
An area of low land that was reclaimed from the sea
Pole0 likes
A stake
Opposing points on the axis of a sphere
An electric cell has two poles or terminals, battery or dynamo
A guidance point
The apex of an angle co-ordinate
Pole-Gun 1 like
Spray gun that has an extension tube
Pole, Closet2 likes
See Closet Pole
Pole, Electric1 like
electric pole
See Electric Pole
Pole, Utility 0 likes
See Utility Pole
Police Equipment 0 likes
Paraphernalia used by law enforcement workers to perform their duties
Police Power 1 like
The power that of a state to control its citizens and property in the interests of the security, health, and welfare for all citizens
Police Station 0 likes
A building where police officers work
Polish1 like
To rub a material to make it smooth and shiny
To trowel a plaster finish coat to make it smooth and shiny
Polished Plate Glass 1 like
Glass that is ¼ inch or thicker; produced by grinding and polishing both sides
Pollution 0 likes
Contamination of the environment by toxic or harmful substances
Polyamide 0 likes
Product used to produce paint that does not drip; see thixotropic paint
Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) 0 likes
Toxic environmental pollutant that is employed in electrical transformers
Polychromatic 0 likes
Many colors
Polychrome Finish 0 likes
Finish that is produced by blending many colors
Polyester Floor 2 likes
Flooring material that is made from a synthetic resin which polymerizes during the curing process; has adhesive properties, chemically resistant and strong
Polyethylene 0 likes
Plastic sheeting; an ethylene polymer; a thermoplastic which can be employed in insulation and packaging
Polyethylene Pipe1 like
Polyethylene pipe
Pipe that is made from a thermoplastic, organic compound
Polyethylene Vapor Barrier1 like
polyethylene vapor barrier
A thermoplastic membrane sheet employed as protection, and to stop air or moisture from passing through
Polyethylene Wrap1 like
polyethylene wrap
A sheet form thermoplastic organic compound that protects concrete during curing and can be used as a temporary arena for various construction purposes
Polygon 1 like
A figure that has at least three sides
Polymer 0 likes
A compound that is made up of one or more large molecules which are formed from recurring units of smaller molecules
Polymeric 0 likes
Made from recurring chemical units, such as plastics and polymers
Polymerization 0 likes
A chemical process in which two or more smaller molecules join to form larger molecules made up of repeating elements of the original molecules
Polyphase Motor 1 like
Electrical motor employed with a three- or four-phase circuit
Polypropylene 0 likes
See Olefin
Polypropylene Pipe 1 like
A strong plastic pipe that is resistant to heat and chemicals
Polypropylene Plastics 0 likes
Plastics that are based on polymers where basically the sole monomer is propylene
Polystyrene1 like
A plastic that is based on a resin which is made by polymerization with styrene as the sole monomer; a plastic foam board that is employed for insulation
Polyurethane1 like
Polymers that contain urethane, employed in plastics, foams, paints, rubbers and adhesives
Different types of polymers employed in flexible and rigid foams, resins and elastomers
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) 0 likes
A synthetic resin that is widely used in water paints
White woodworking glue
Polyvinyl Acetate Latex (PVA Latex) 0 likes
Latex that is largely made up of vinyl acetate
Polyvinyl Butyral 1 like
Plastic film that serves as a layer between two layers of laminated glass
Polyvinyl Chloride1 like
polyvinyl choloride
A strong transparent and solid polymer used for pipes, flooring, fittings as well as many plastic products
A synthetic resin that is used in fluid bed coatings and solvent type coatings; PVC can also be used in water paints
Pond 0 likes
A very small lake
The surface of a roof which is not totally drained
Ponded Roof 1 like
Flat roof that is designed to hold water which then functions to cool the building below
Ponding 0 likes
Static water puddles on a roof typically because of poor drain systems or deck deflection; also called Birdbaths
Water puddles that collect on concrete paving or asphalt, typically a result of uneven finishing or inadequate sloping
Pool1 like
A body of water; or bath, hot tub, hydro, pond, lido, spa, splasher, and thermae, bath house, and pool house
Pool Cover2 likes
pool cover
Made of materials such as UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. They are transparent or opaque, and come in different colors.
Pool Depths 0 likes
The distance from the floor of a pool to the highest water level
Pool Enclosure Kit1 like
Pool Enclosure Kit
Resource to cover a pool.
Pool Equipment1 like
pool equipment
Supplies and apparatus that are used to maintain and operate a pool
Pool Filter (without valve)1 like
pool filter without valve
Swimming Pool filter is defined by the medium inside the filter tank that provides filtration and there are three types – sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth.
Pool Heater1 like
Pool Heater
A pool heater is used to increase the temperature of swimming pools leverage their value and extend the swimming season.
Pool Heater (Electronic Propane)2 likes
Electronic Propane Outdoor Pool Heater
The electronic ignition is  a modern option for a pool heater. These pool heaters require an electrical hook up. The ignition turns on and off the pilot light  when needed and does not attract pests.
Pool Heater (Solar)1 like
Pool Heater (Solar)
Heat radiation from the sun collected by heat-absorbing panels through which water is circulated used for heating swimming pools.
Pool Ladder1 like
pool ladder
A ladder that is employed to get in and out of a swimming pool
Pool Light1 like
pool light
A light installed on the wall of a pool to increase visibility at night
Pool Liner1 like
Pool Liner
Waterproof layer that lines the inside of a pool; generally made of flexible vinyl
Pool Plumbing 0 likes
Plumbing pipes, valves, and fixtures that carry or use water and chemicals in a pool
Pool Pump1 like
Pool Pump
A mechanical device which makes water flow under pressure for filtration or circulation.
Pool Shell 1 like
The structure of a pool floor and its walls; also called Pool Tank
Pool Steps1 like
pool steps
A series of flat steps in a pool, on which to place one’s foot when moving from one level to another.
Pool Tank 0 likes
See Pool Shell
Pool Valve2 likes
A device for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe or duct in a pool, particularly an automatic device permitting movement in one direction.
Pop Rivet1 like
pop rivet
Metal fastener used to join pieces of sheet metal, inserted manually by a pneumatic or spring-loaded gun; may occur from one side
Pop-Off Valve1 like
pop-off valve
A safety valve which opens spontaneously when pressure is greater than a preset point
Pop-Up Drain1 like
pop-up drain
The section of a sink drain system that functions via a link to open or close the drain
Pop-Up Head 0 likes
A watering head that retreats to become level with the ground when it is inactive; part of a system for watering lawns
Pops 0 likes
Breaches in a completed cement or plaster surface; also called Pits
Porcelain1 like
Ceramic coating, like china, that is added to surfaces composed of cast iron or steel; when it serves as a finish for metal fixtures it is referred to as vitreous enamel
Porcelain Cleat 1 like
An electrical insulator, ceramic in nature
Porcelain Enamel 0 likes
Vitreous Enamel
Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) 1 like
P. O. Box 920330, Norcross, GA 30010, Tel: (770) 676-9366, URL: www.porcelainenamel.com/
Porcelain Mullite 0 likes
Vitreous ceramic which has technical applications
Porcelain Receptacle 1 like
A basic electric lighting fixture with a bulb holder; may or may not have a switch operated by a pull chain
Porcelain Sink1 like
porcelain sink
A wash basin that is constructed from steel or cast iron, coated with tough, impermeable, white, glazed ceramic
Porch 0 likes
A covered shelter in front of a house
A landing or area before a door
Pores 1 like
Tiny openings
Porosity 0 likes
The state of being penetrable to liquids
Voids or gas pockets in metal
Ratio of the total volume of voids in a given substance to the total volume, (including voids) generally indicated by a percentage
Degree of continuity or integrity in some material
Porous Fill 0 likes
Soil that permits the passage of water to flow with minimal obstruction
Porous Woods 1 like
Hardwoods that have vessels or pores that are sufficiently large to be visible with the naked eye
Porphyry 0 likes
A tough igneous rock
Portable Bleacher1 like
portable bleacher
An open stand of tiered seats; can be transported from place to place between events
Portable Stage 0 likes
A transportable elevated platform employed at various speaking and entertainment events
Portable Torch Kit1 like
Portable Torch Kit
Used to weld iron and steel pipes or  fabricate metal artwork and brazing, cutting, bending and forming.
Portal 0 likes
An extravagant or impressive door or other type of entrance
Portal Frame 0 likes
An inflexible frame; two columns with a beam secured with moment assemblies
Portcullis 1 like
A heavy, latticed iron or iron-bound wood grille that moves up and down vertical grooves to obstruct an entrance or gateway to a castle
Porte Cochere 0 likes
A roof structure next to a building entrance and part of a driveway that shelters vehicle passengers
Portico 0 likes
A roofed entry to a large building
Portland Cement1 like
portland cement
Hydraulic cement produced by heating crushed limestone and clay until they form a brick and then crushing it to a pulverized powder; cement used most often in construction; Portland refers to a type of cement, not a brand name
Portland Cement Grout 1 like
Portland cement mixed with water and fine aggregates and employed in cracks, joints and areas as a fill or sealer
Portland Cement Mortar 1 like
A type of mortar that has Portland cement as its cementing agent
Portland Cement Plaster 1 like
Portland cement and plaster binder; used in moist areas or on outside surfaces
Portland Cement-Lime Plaster 0 likes
Portland cement mixed with lime in appropriate amounts
Portland Pozzolan Cement 1 like
The resulting product when pulverizing together Portland cement clinker and pozzolan; a uniform mixture of fine pozzolan with Portland cement
Positioned Weld 1 like
A weld that is made in a joint that is especially positioned to facilitate the weld
Positioner 0 likes
Wire device that maintains reinforcing steel in position in a masonry wall
Positive Drainage 0 likes
When all possible loading deflections of a roof have been taken into account and increased roof slope has been applied to make sure that within 24 hours after rainfall, a roof is totally drained of water
Positive Moment 1 like
Consequence of a beam‘s bending moment when the higher part of the beam is compressed and the lower part is tensed; compare with Negative Moment
Positive Pressure 0 likes
Condition where more air enters than exits a given area, there is more air pressure in that area than in areas that surround the space
Condition where sanitary drainage or vent piping system pressure is larger than atmospheric pressure; also called Plus Pressure
Post 0 likes
A timber that is positioned on its end so that it can support a wall, girder, or other component of the building
Post Cap1 like
post cap
A connection between a wooden post and a girder; made of metal
Fitting which sits on top of a wood post to shield it from the weather
Post Hole 0 likes
A hole dug out in the ground into which a fence or gate post can be inserted
Post Light1 like
post light
A lighting fixture that has been installed on a post
Post Line 1 like
A line indicating the external face of a foundation; also a line to indicate fence posts or the line of piers for a deck
Post-and-Beam 0 likes
When only a few large posts and beams are employed to support an entire structure; contrast with stud framing
Post, Corner1 like
post, corner
See Corner Post
Post, Treated 0 likes
See Treated Post
Postformed Plywood 0 likes
When flat plywood is reshaped via steaming or plasticizing agents into a curve
Pot Hole 1 like
A disruption in the surface of a road where a part of the road material has broken away, leaving a hole
Pot Life 0 likes
See Working Life
Potable Water1 like
potable water
Water that is drinkable
Potassium Alum 0 likes
Used in sand filter operations, as a flocculent to clump small particles together
Potential Energy 1 like
The ability of a body to perform work due to its position in relation to others
Potential Relay1 like
potential relay
Electric switch that opens with high voltage, closes with low voltage
Potential, Electrical 1 like
See Electrical Potential
Potentiometer2 likes
Instrument for measurement and regulation; works by discerning small variations in electrical resistance
Pouch1 like
A pouch is a small bag or other flexible container, generally carried in a pocket or connected to a belt. See Nail Apron
Pound 0 likes
A unit of weight that is equivalent to 16 ounces; 0.4536 kilograms
Beat or strike repeatedly
Poundal 0 likes
A unit of force that is equivalent to the force that would accelerate a one pound mass one foot per second
Pounds per Square Inch Absolute (PSIA) 0 likes
Absolute Pressure
Pounds per Square Inch Gauge (PSIG) 0 likes
Gauge Pressure
Pour 0 likes
To position concrete; concrete casting that is made without interruption
Pour Coat 0 likes
On a roof, the top layer of bitumen
Pour Point 0 likes
The minimum temperature where a liquid will flow
Poured in Place 0 likes
Concrete that is cured and poured in its final position
Powder 0 likes
Fine dry particles; also gunpowder
Powder Room 1 like
A bathroom, which typically contains just a toilet and hand basin; normally near the front entrance so that it’s convenient for guests
Powder Stains 0 likes
Powder that combines with a solvent to yield wood stains
Power 0 likes
Source of energy such as electricity
Rate at which some work is performed or energy discharged
Power Driven Fastener1 like
power driven fastener
A fastener that connects to concrete, steel, or masonry by means of a power charge cartridge
Power Element 0 likes
Of a temperature-operated regulator, the sensitive element
Power Factor 1 like
The ratio of real power to apparent power
Correction coefficient for the voltage values and changing current of A-C power
Power Inverter1 like
power inverter
An electrical power converter that transforms direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
Power of Attorney 0 likes
A legal term which describes the authority of one person to act on behalf of another; the agent is referred to as an attorney-in-fact, but is not necessarily a licensed attorney
Power Stretcher1 like
power stretcher
A carpet layer’s tool; similar to the knee kicker, but with larger teeth in a patent head that are adapted to accommodate the depth of bite; stretches larger pieces of carpet than those extended with the knee kicker
Power Tool1 like
power tool
A device powered by electric current
Power Trowel1 like
power trowel
See Mechanical Trowel
Power Vent1 like
power vent
Frequently mounted on roofs, has a fan that accelerates air flow
Power-Assisted Door 1 like
A door with a mechanism which, upon activation of a switch or a continuous force applied to the door, facilitates opening of the door
Pozzolan 0 likes
A siliceous or siliceous and aluminous material which, in itself, possesses little or no cementitious value but which will, in finely divided form and in the presence of water, react chemically with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds possessing cementitious characteristics; also spelled puzzolan
PPFA 1 like
Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association
PPG 1 like
Polished Plate Glass
PPI 1 like
Plastic Pipe Institute
PPM 2 likes
Parts Per Million
Pratt Truss 2 likes
Where vertical members and diagonals slope down towards the center; the interior diagonals are under tension under balanced loading and vertical elements under compression
Praxis 2 likes
The practice of simply doing something, either in the present or regularly; does not include rehearsal or training, for which the real action in question will happen in the future
Pre-coat 0 likes
The first coat of filter aid that is placed on a diatomaceous earth filter‘s septum
Pre-Construction Planning and Team Building 1 like
When below market dollar budget, project schedule, and design criteria are determined; the same process can identify and select the most suitable planning, design and construction personnel
Pre-decorated Wallboard 1 like
A gypsumboard that has a finished surface which is applied before it is installed; pre-decorations include paint, texture, vinyl film, or various patterned paper coverings
Pre-fill 1 like
A method of application employed to prepare gypsum board for tape and joint treatment; facilitates prevention of ridging and beading
Pre-Function Area 2 likes
A foyer that leads to a large dining room, usually in a hotel or conference center; receives guests prior to large dinners or meetings
Pre-Mixed Plaster 1 like
See Gypsum Ready Mixed Plaster
Pre-qualification of Prospective Bidders 1 like
A screening process in which the owner or a representative checks background information about a potential contractor or construction professional before making a selection; includes a contractor‘s similar work experience, competence, integrity, dependability, bonding rate, and other specific requirements
Precast 1 like
A concrete element that has been cast and cured in a position prior to its final position
Precast Beam 1 like
A horizontal structural element made of concrete that has been cast and cured in a position other than the final position
Precast Column 2 likes
A concrete column cast and cured in a position other than the final position
Precast Concrete 1 like
Any concrete elements that are cast, cured and hardened and then placed in their final position
Precast Manhole 0 likes
A structure that is underground and enclosed and that has been cast and cured into its final shape before positioning; typically cast in pieces
Precast Panel 1 like
A thin concrete component that has been cast and cured in a position other than its final one
Precast Septic Tank 1 like
A underground sewage system tank that has been cast and cured into its final shape before positioning
Precast Slab 1 like
A flat, molded layer of reinforced concrete that has been cast and cured into its final shape before positioning; also known as precast planks, is frequently hollow at its core
Precast Specialty 1 like
Particular shapes or decorative objects made of precast concrete or masonry
Precast Wall 2 likes
A wall that is cast and cured into its final shape before positioning
Precipitate 0 likes
A substance that is separated from a solution either through chemical means or a change in temperature
Precipitation 1 like
Any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls as a result of gravity
Preconstruction Jobsite Conference 2 likes
A conference that takes place on the jobsite before construction starts so that everyone involved can coordinate their work and clarify expectations; involves owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors
Predecessor 1 like
An action that has been performed prior to the next action
Prefabricated 1 like
Refers to something which has been manufactured and assembled offsite, and is then transported to the jobsite or structure
Prefinished Gypsumboard 1 like
Gypsumboard with its final decorative layer of paint, paper, or plastic produced at the factory
Preheating 1 like
The process of adding heat to the base metal before welding or cutting
Prehung Door1 like
prehung door
A door that attached at the hinges to a frame in a factory before being positioned in the structure
Preliminary Drawings 1 like
The drawings created before the final set of approved drawings; generally includes the label PRELIMINARY
Preliminary Lien Notice 1 like
California requires that a Preliminary Lien Notice be supplied to a property owner within 20 days after the commencement of the construction project. A written notice that the subcontractors and any contractor or vendor provides to the property owner; the notice states that if invoices for labor, services, equipment, or materials are not paid in full, through court foreclosure proceedings, a mechanic’s lien which can lead to the loss of all or part of the property may be placed against the property, even in situations where the owner has already paid the full amount to the prime contractor. The notice states how the owner can protect him/herself against such a situation by
a) making sure the prime contractor provides a signed release by the person or firm, thereby giving the owner notice before paying the prime contractor, or
b) any other suitable method for the particular situation.
Preliminary Notice 2 likes
A notice that subcontractors or materials vendors send to the owner, general contractor, and lender no more than 20 days after beginning work or providing materials to a project; the notice states precisely what is supplied or performed and defines lien or stopnotice rights
Premature Stiffening 1 like
See False Set
Premium 1 like
Sum of money that is payable on a loan
Prepacked Concrete 1 like
Concrete produced by shaping clean, graded coarse aggregate and later filling the holes by injecting a Portland cement sand grout under pressure
Prepaid Expenses 1 like
Any materials or services that a company purchases prior to using them, such as office supplies
Preparation, Painting1 like
preparation painting
See Painting Preparation
Prepayment Penalty 2 likes
A penalty for paying off a note in full before its due date
Present Value 1 like
The current value of money that will be paid out or received in the future, determined by applying a suitable discount rate to future cash flows
Preservation 2 likes
The process of prolonging a material‘s useful life by appropriate treatment; also conservation
Preservative1 like
A pesticide that protects wood from wood-destroying fungi, insect borers, and other destructive agents for a satisfactory period; usually an arsenic derivative
Preservative Treated 1 like
Wood or plywood that has been chemically treated to make it less likely to deteriorate due to moisture or infestation by insects
Press 1 like
A machine used to punch, notch, and shear steel
Pressed Bricks 1 like
Type of bricks that are formed in a mold before being baked or burned
Presser, Clothing 2 likes
See Clothing Presser
Pressure 1 like
The impact of energy on an area; force or thrust; applying weight or force against somebody or something
Pressure Connector1 like
pressure connector
An electrical device that squeezes and connects two or more conductors
Pressure Connector, Solderless 1 like
See Solderless Pressure Connector
Pressure Differential 1 like
The difference in pressure across a hydraulic system
Pressure Drop 1 like
The loss in pressure that is normally due to the length or diameter of a line or hose; also the difference in pressure at either end of a circuit or part of a circuit
Pressure Feed 2 likes
Applying air or hydraulic pressure to facilitate the flow of paint in spray painting equipment
Pressure Feed Paint Tank 2 likes
Fluid container in which air pressure causes fluid to flow; employed in spray painting; also called Pressure Pot
Pressure Gauge1 like
pressure gauge
A gauge that measures a liquid or a gas‘s pressure
A device that measures an explosive‘s pressure
Pressure Head 0 likes
Amount of force a depth of one foot of water produces; can be indicated in feet, inches or psi
Pressure Limiter1 like
pressure limiter
Device which on opening discharges fluid to another part of the system or interrupts an electric circuit once a certain pressure is reached
Pressure Motor Control2 likes
pressure motor control
Pressure control that is employed to start and stop a motor; connected to the electrical circuit and activated for safety purposes or refrigeration
Pressure Pot 1 like
See Pressure Feed Paint Tank
Pressure Reducing Valve1 like
pressure reducing valve
A valve that uniformly keeps fluid pressure on its outlet side provided that the pressure on the inlet side is at or above a predetermined pressure level
Pressure Regulator1 like
pressure regulator
Automatic valve which sits between a compressor and evaporator outlet; controls the supply line’s water pressure
Pressure Regulator, Evaporator 1 like
See Evaporator Pressure Regulator
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)1 like
pressure relief valve
A device installed on a boiler or hot water heater which discharges any high steam pressure to avoid tank explosions
Pressure Switch1 like
pressure switch
An electric switch that activates when there are specific variations in the air or fluid pressure
Pressure Water Valve1 like
pressure water valve
Device that controls the flow of water; responds to the head pressure of a refrigerating system
Pressure-Heat Diagram 2 likes
Graph that shows heat, refrigerant pressure, and temperature characteristics; see Molliers diagram
Pressure-Operated Altitude Valve (POA Valve) 1 like
Device that upholds a consistent low-side pressure that does not depend on altitude
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive1 like
pressure-sensitive adhesive
A type of adhesive that sticks to a surface simply by applying pressure for a short period of time
Pressure-Treated Lumber 1 like
Wood that has been saturated with chemicals under pressure, for the purposes of inhibiting fire or decay
Pressure-treated Wood1 like
pressure-treated wood
Wood that has been impregnated with a preservative
Pressure, Absolute 1 like
See Absolute Pressure
Pressure, Atmospheric 1 like
See Atmospheric Pressure
Pressure, Back 1 like
See Back Pressure
Pressure, Gauge 1 like
See Gauge Pressure
Pressure, Operating 1 like
Pressure a system operates at
Pressure, Suction 1 like
Pressure in the low-pressure side of a refrigeration system
Prestressed Beam 1 like
A structural element that has been subjected to a load as a way of increasing its ability to withstand working loads
Prestressed Concrete 1 like
Compressed concrete in which the steel has been elongated and anchored
Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) 1 like
200 W. Adams St, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60506, Tel: (312) 786-0300, URL: www.pci.org
Prestressing 1 like
Increasing the strength of a concrete structural element by applying compressive stress
Pretax Income 0 likes
Net income or profit before federal and state taxes are deducted
Pretensioning 1 like
A process of applying the design tensile force to steel reinforcing before the concrete sets
Pretreatment 1 like
Chemically modifying the surface of something so that it is ready to be painted
Prevailing Wage Law 2 likes
A law that sets minimum wages for various construction trades people
Prevalent Level Samples 1 like
Samples of air that are taken under ordinary conditions; also called Ambient Background Samples
Preventive Maintenance Painting 1 like
The process of periodically touching up painting or re-applying full coats of paint before paint starts to degenerate
Price 0 likes
The sum of money given in payment for something
Primary Branch 0 likes
A single branch slanting from the bottom of a soil or waste stack to join either the main drain of a building or another branch of the main drain
Primary Color 1 like
One of three colors — red, yellow, and blue — from which other colors can be derived by combination
Primary Control 1 like
Device which regulates the functioning of a heating system
Prime Coat 2 likes
The first layer of any material on a surface; seals and acts as a foundation for later coats; also the first layer of paint
Prime Contractor 1 like
Any contractor who contracts directly with the property owner; typically refers to the main contractor on a specific project
Prime in the Spots 1 like
To apply a prime coat to places where the paint has been damaged or where there is fresh area of plaster
Prime Professional 0 likes
Any professional who signs a contract directly with the property owner
Prime Rate 1 like
The lowest rate of interest for a loan; obtainable only by customers with excellent credit
Primed Door 0 likes
A door which has one coat of paint before installing
Primed Siding 1 like
Outside siding material which has one coat of paint
Primer1 like
Refers to the first coat of paint that forms a base when a paint job needs two or more coats; the first coat serves to seal raw surfaces and act as a base for successive coats
Primer Paint 1 like
A special type of paint that is used for base coats; used to seal the material and to provide a base for successive coats
Principal 2 likes
The original sum of money which is lent; the capital
A person with the most authority in an institution or organization
A fundamental truth or law that serves as the rationale for some system of belief or activity
A general theory or law in the physical sciences, physics, chemistry, or engineering
A law of nature that underpins the construction or working of some machine or mechanical device
Print Dyeing 1 like
The process of screen printing a pattern onto carpet by multiple applications of pre-metalized dyes; an electromagnetic charge propels the dyes into the pile construction
Print Free 1 like
Paint that is dry enough so that pressing against it does not leave an imprint
Prism 2 likes
A solid three-dimensional geometric figure which has two ends that are equal, and parallel rectilinear figures, and sides that are parallelograms
A transparent usually triangular-shaped figure that has refracting surfaces that are at acute angles from each other, these separate white light into a color spectrum
Prism Testing of Masonry 1 like
The process of compression testing a wall sample about 16 inches high and 16 inches long, with the same or similar thickness and type of construction as the wall that is being built
Privacy Lock1 like
privacy lock
A lockset which does not have a key and can be locked from only one side; mostly used on bathroom and bedroom doors; also called a Bathroom Lock
Private Mortgage Insurance 1 like
Life insurance that a home buyer purchases to pay off a mortgage in the event of the mortgage-holder’s death; as the mortgage is paid off, the insured sum declines; the lender usually requires such insurance when the loan to value ratio is more than 90 per cent
Private Sewer 1 like
A privately-owned sewer
Privity 1 like
People who are in a contractual relationship
Pro Forma 1 like
Of form; something done or given in advance as a matter of form
Pro Forma Balance Sheet 1 like
A statement that represents a business’s future financial position by displaying forecasted assets, liabilities, and net worth
Pro Rata 1 like
Prorated; distributed or assessed for a proportionate amount of time
Probability 1 like
The likelihood of a given event occurring; calculated by the ratio of the desirable event result to the total number of relevant events
Probate 1 like
An official court process which proves or disproves that a will is valid
Procedure 1 like
Rules that govern the operations of a court
Process 2 likes
Series of actions that are taken in order to manufacture articles or products; aspects of a procedure
Process Tube 1 like
Length of tubing that is attached to a hermetic unit dome; used for servicing a unit
Processed Lime 1 like
Pulverized quick lime
Processed Quicklime 2 likes
See Lime
Processor, Photo 1 like
See Photo Processor
Produce Case 1 like
A container, typically open, that stores fruits and vegetables
Product Data 1 like
Illustrations, diagrams, performance charts, schedules, brochures, directions, and ancillary information that the contractor provides as a way of demonstrating materials or equipment involved in parts of the work
Product Liability 2 likes
The legal liability of a manufacturer for any claims that arise from injury sustained by users of their product
Products Standards Section, U.S. Dept. of Commerce 1 like
14th and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230, URL: www.commerce.gov
Professional Engineer 1 like
A person who works in a branch of engineering such as a chemical or civil engineer
Professional Fee 1 like
The amount of money that a professional person or entity charges to perform a given professional service
Professional Indemnity Insurance 2 likes
See Errors and Omissions Insurance
Professional Liability 1 like
The legal liability that a professional has for claims that may arise from damages and injuries that result from negligent acts, errors, or omissions that occur while performing professional services
Professional Standard of Care 1 like
A professional’s responsibility to exercise care, skill, and due diligence equal to other professionals in the same discipline in similar circumstances
Profile 1 like
An outline pertaining to someone or something
Profile Depth 1 like
Average distance on a surface between the uppermost portion of peaks and the lowest part of valleys
Profit 1 like
The remainder of income minus costs; net income
Profit and Loss 2 likes
A summary account that shows income and expenses as well as the resulting net profit or loss; employed at the end of an accounting period
Profit and Loss Statement 1 like
A financial statement that shows a business entity’s income and expenses as well as the net profit or loss during a specific period
Program 0 likes
A planned series of events that will take place, or procedures that need to be adhered to for a specific project
Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) 1 like
An older type of critical path analysis used for construction scheduling
Progress Payment 1 like
A payment that the owner makes to the contractor; the amount is figured by calculating the difference between a predetermined schedule of values or unit costs and the work that has been completed and materials stored; See Schedule of values; Unit Costs
Progress Schedule 1 like
Line diagram that shows intended and actual start and completion times for all of the project activities; See Activity
Progressive Blocking 1 like
The process of blocking wood between joists or rafters as each of them is mounted
Progressive Kiln 1 like
A type of kiln in which all of the lumber is dried as several units rather than as a single unit which pass one after the other through the kiln; the kiln is such that the side where the lumber enters has a lower temperature and higher relative humidity than the side where it exits
Progressive Loss 0 likes
An injury or damage to a person or property which happens over time, such as rust accumulating when a metal is exposed to moisture
Project 1 like
A term that refers to the total scope of work that is required in order to finish a particular construction job
Project Cost 1 like
Total cost incurred to execute a specific project
Project Directory 2 likes
A written list of all the people who are involved in a specific project; typically includes a title or description of each as well as their name, address, telephone and fax numbers; emergency and after hour contact telephone numbers are best included
Project Manager 1 like
A qualified individual or firm that the owner authorizes to coordinate the project in terms of time, equipment, money, tasks and personnel for the entire project or parts of the project; See Construction Manager
Project Manual 0 likes
A book that lays out the bidding requirements for a specific project as well as the contract conditions and the technical work specifications; See Specifications
Project Representative 1 like
A qualified individual that the owner authorizes to help administer a construction contract
Project Site 1 like
See Site
Projecting Sash 1 like
A type of window that has sashes that swing open either outward or inward
Projecting Window 1 like
A type of window that opens either outward or inward
Projector, Nonprofessional 1 like
A nonprofessional projector uses film except that which is 7/8 inch wide
Projector, Professional 1 like
The professional projector uses film that is more than 7/8 inch wide
Promise 1 like
A declaration or guarantee that something will or will not happen
Promisee 0 likes
A person or entity who is promised something
Promisor 1 like
A person or entity who promises something to another
Promissory Estoppel 1 like
An enforceable promise
Promissory Note 1 like
A written note with a promise that the author will pay some sum of money by a particular date
Proof of Service 1 like
Evidence that a specified person has received a legal document
Propane 1 like
A heavy hydrocarbon gas, bottled and employed as fuel
Refrigerant with low temperature applications
Propeller Mixer1 like
propeller mixer
A mixing tool that is inserted into a liquid, typically paint, and powered by a propeller which sits at the end of a thin shaft
Property Damage 1 like
Harm done to public or private property
Property Inspections and Reports 1 like
A brief visual inspection of some property in order to identify the general features and major flaws, any part of the property that is not visible, concealed, or inaccessible is not subjected to such an inspection
Property Survey 1 like
A survey done to ascertain a property’s boundaries
Proportional Limit 1 like
The maximum unit stress that enables Hooke’s Law to be viable
Proportioning 1 like
Selecting material for concrete to produce it with the required strength, positioning, and durability while making the most affordable use of the materials available
Proposal 1 like
A written offer given to the owner by a bidder that states how the bidder will perform the work and provide labor, materials, equipment and other services, along with relevant prices and terms: See Bid
Proposal Form 1 like
See Bid Form
Propylaeum 1 like
Colonnaded gate or entrance to a building or a group of buildings
Proration 2 likes
The pro rata distribution of expenses in proportion to the time of a given transaction, such as for shared expenses as a percentage of a leased space
Proscenium Arch 1 like
A wall that serves as a divider between the stage and an auditorium as an arch framing the stage
Protected Membrane Roof 1 like
A type of membrane roof in which the thermal insulation layer sits above the waterproof membrane
Protective Life 1 like
Amount of time that a paint system can protect the under layer from degenerating
Protector, Circuit1 like
protector, circuit
See Circuit Protector
Proton 1 like
Particle with a positive charge in the nucleus of an atom
Prototype 1 like
A preliminary model for a new machine or product
The original design that serves as the foundation for future iterations and improvements; also referred to as an Archetype
Protractor 1 like
An instrument for measuring or creating angles on drawings
Provisional Remedies 1 like
Orders that preserve the status quo and protect people or property pending legal proceedings
Prussian Blue 1 like
Ferric ferrocyanide; tough pigment which has a deep color; acids do not affect it, but it is easily impacted by alkalis
Prybar1 like
An iron or steel bar that is used for levering or prying, such as a crowbar
PS 0 likes
Products Standards Section, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
PSF 0 likes
Pounds per square foot
PSI 0 likes
Pounds per square inch
PSIA 0 likes
Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
PSIG 1 like
Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
Psychological Factors 0 likes
Organizational and personal stresses and difficulties that can produce certain symptoms in an individual
Psychrometer1 like
See Hygrometer
Psychrometric Chart 0 likes
Chart that illustrates the relationship between the pressure, temperature, and moisture content of air
Psychrometric Measurement 0 likes
Temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement with a psychrometric chart
Psychrometrics 0 likes
A branch of physics that studies atmospheric conditions, in particular the relationship between moisture and air
Public Sewer 0 likes
A publicly-owned sewer
Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act 0 likes
A law that requires public utility companies to buy electricity that private power companies generate on-site
Public Work 0 likes
Construction and projects that are performed for governmental agencies
Publication 0 likes
The process of making texts and pictures available to the public for distribution
Puckering 0 likes
A defect in the seam of a carpet; due to unequal stretching or poor layout, the carpet is longer or shorter on one side of the seam than on the other, causing the longer side to wrinkle or appear pleated
PUD 0 likes
Planned Unit Development
Puddle 0 likes
To compress loose soil by soaking it in water, then letting it dry
Puddle Welded 2 likes
Spot weld, produced by arc welding, in which coalescence originates on the surface of one element and goes into another; the weld is accomplished without making a hole in either element
Puffing Agent 0 likes
An organic synthetic product that enhances the stickiness of varnish and paint
Pull Box1 like
pull box
An electrical rough-in box that is positioned in a length of conduit so cables can be pulled through it
Pull Chain1 like
pull chain
A switch on an electrical fixture that functions with a pull cord
Pull Saw1 like
pull saw
A type of handsaw that does not cut on the push stroke but rather on the pull stroke
Pull Wire1 like
pull wire
A wire that is installed by an electrician in a conduit and extra wires are pulled through it
Pulley1 like
A mounted rotating with a grooved rim over which a cord, chain, or belt moves; used to change the direction of a force or for some mechanical advantage
Pulley Stile 0 likes
Elements of a window frame that hold the counterweights and pulleys, and the edges of the sash slide between them
Pulling 0 likes
See Floating
Pulp 0 likes
Wood fiber that is added to neat calcined gypsum as an aggregate
Pulvinar 0 likes
A type of cushioned seat
Pumice 0 likes
A light porous stone that is frequently used as an abrasive
Pumice Stone3 likes
pumice stone
A volcanic stone, which is ground down to create a soft abrasive which is used to rub and polish final coats of fine wood finishes
Pump1 like
A machine that is used to raise or move liquids, compress gases, spray paint, and inflate tires; operated by a piston or similar mechanism
See Plastering Machine
Pump Down 0 likes
The process of lowering the pressure in a container or system with a compressor or pump
Pump Mix 0 likes
Concrete especially mixed for a concrete pump; typically has a smaller rock blend than a regular mix
Pump, Centrifugal0 likes
centrifugal pump
See Centrifugal Pump
Pump, Fixed Displacement 0 likes
See Fixed Displacement Pump
Pump, Gas2 likes
gas pump
See Gas Pump
Pump, Reciprocating Single Piston 0 likes
See Reciprocating Single Piston Pump
Pump, Screw 0 likes
See Screw Pump
Pump, Sump1 like
pump, sump
See Sump Pump
Pumped Concrete 0 likes
When concrete is pumped through a pipe or hose
Pumping Agent 0 likes
A product that increases plaster flow through hoses by a machine
Pumping of a Slab 0 likes
The expulsion of mud and water up through holes or cracks due to the passage of a vehicle over an on-grade concrete slab
Punch2 likes
A small hand implement that performs perforating, cutting, or embossing
Punch List 0 likes
A list of inconsistencies that the contractor needs to resolve
Punch Out 0 likes
To inspect something and make a list of discrepancies
Punitive Damages 0 likes
Damages that a private person is awarded by way of punishment for a wrongdoing
Punkiness 0 likes
Spongy or soft gypsumboard core
Purchase Money Mortgage 1 like
A mortgage or trust deed that a seller receives as part of the purchase
Purchase Order 0 likes
A written document that a buyer gives a seller to buy materials which states the purchase terms
Purchases Account 0 likes
Merchandise that is purchased for resale is recorded in this type of account
Purger, Air 0 likes
See Air Purger
Purging 0 likes
Discharging compressed gas into the atmosphere in order to remove contaminants
Purlin 2 likes
A beam that supports many rafters at one or more points
Struts or beams that extend along a roof and reinforce the roof framing system
Push Plate1 like
push plate
A metal plate that is mounted on a door at hand level where the door is pushed open; used to protect the door from wear and tear and to facilitate cleaning
Putty1 like
A type of malleable dough that is used to seal glass in the sash, to fill small holes and crevices in wood, and other uses
Putty Coat 0 likes
Last coat of plaster
Putty Knife1 like
putty knife
A broad-blade hand implement used to distribute and spread putty on surfaces
PV 0 likes
PV Cells 0 likes
Photovoltaic cells
PVA 0 likes
Polyvinyl Acetate
PVB 0 likes
Polyvinyl Butyral
PVC0 likes
Polyvinyl Chloride
Pigment Volume Concentration
PVC Caulking 1 like
Caulking that is made from polyvinyl chloride
PVC Cement1 like
PVC cement
Solvent cement used especially for joining PVC pipe with fittings
PVC Chamfer Strip 0 likes
A triangular or curved PVC insert; placed in an inside corner so that a rounded or flat, beveled edge is created
PVC Conduit 1 like
Lengths of inflexible plastic pipe that are made of polyvinyl chloride
PVC Control Joint 0 likes
Control joint that consists of polyvinyl chloride
PVC Fitting1 like
PVC fitting
A fitting made from polyvinyl chloride which is used to join PVC piping
PVC or CPVC 1 like
Poly Vinyl Chloride; A plastic pipe used in waste pipe and water supply lines
PVC Pipe1 like
PVC pipe
Polyvinyl chloride pipe that is mainly employed for drain lines; especially resistant to chemicals
PVC Sewer Pipe1 like
PVC sewer pipe
Inflexible plastic pipe with a large diameter that is used to spread waste material, made from polyvinyl chloride
PVC Waterstop 1 like
A waterstop composed of polyvinyl chloride
Pyramid 1 like
A solid structure that has triangular sides that slope to meet in a point and a base that is frequently, but not necessarily, a square
Pyroligneous 0 likes
Obtained by destructively distilling wood
Pyrolysis 0 likes
Chemical change that occurs as a result of the application of heat
Pyrometer1 like
A type of thermometer that can measure very high temperatures
Pyroxylin 0 likes
See Cellulose Nitrate
Pythagorean Theorem 1 like
A mathematical theory that states that the square of the length of the hypotenuse (the longest side) of a right-angled triangle equals to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two shorter sides
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