Term Definition
On Center (O/C) 2 likes
Also referred to as center to center
On the Stump 0 likes
See Standing Timber
On-Site 0 likes
Items and activities occurring on the job site
One Piece Toilet4 likes
one piece toilet
A toilet in which the water tank and the bowl are molded in a single piece of vitreous china for aesthetic purposes and quiet functioning
One-Family Dwelling 2 likes
A place of dwelling consisting of only a single dwelling
One-Way 2 likes
In a single direction only
One-Way Action 2 likes
Structural effect of a slab between two bearing walls or between two parallel beams
One-Way Concrete Joist System 2 likes
A strong framing system made of concrete where concrete joists are spaced near each other between parallel beams or bearing walls
One-Way Glass3 likes
one-way glass
See Transparent Mirror
One-Way Solid Slab 1 like
A concrete roof slab or floor set between parallel beams or walls, with structural reinforcement in one direction
Opacity 2 likes
Lacking transparency, such as in paint
Opaque 1 like
Lacking transparency; not able to be seen through
Opaque Glaze 2 likes
A glaze that is not transparent, with or without color
Open Bid/Estimate 2 likes
A person or entity requests bids or estimates from service providers prior to qualifying them. Contractors can see and bid on project-specific information in the request for proposal (RFP)
Open Circuit 0 likes
An incomplete electric circuit disrupted via a switch, open breaker, fuse or a break in a conductor
Open Compressor3 likes
open compressor
A type of external drive compressor that is not airtight
Open Decking 3 likes
When the joists underneath a deck are visible and unprotected
Open Display Case 2 likes
An open refrigerator case for displaying items commercially; keeps contents at cool temperatures
Open Front Seat1 like
open front seat
A type of toilet seat used in public toilets; has an opening in the front
Open Hole Inspection 1 like
An engineer or municipal supervisor examines an excavation to decide upon an appropriate foundation to fill the hole
Open Listing 0 likes
A property owner makes a non-exclusive agreement with one or more real estate agents to sell or lease a property
Open Run-Around 0 likes
A way of recovering heat from exhaust air by including a fluid into the supply and exhaust air streams alternately, thus transferring latent and sensible heat
Open Time 1 like
A specific time frame in which a bond coat is able to stick to a tile and fasten the tile to a substrate
Open Type Compressor 1 like
See Compressor, Open Type
Open Type Decking 1 like
When the joists underneath a deck are visible and unprotected
Open-Graded Aggregate 2 likes
An aggregate which contains almost no mineral filler; the void spaces are quite large
Open-Graded Asphalt Friction Course 3 likes
A skid-resistant surface course that thwarts hydroplaning by enabling rainwater to drain rapidly through the course and exit the shoulder; this largely void asphalt mixture is composed mainly of coarse aggregate of a single size
Open-Grained Wood 1 like
Types of wood with sizeable pores including ash, walnut and oak; also known as Coarse Textured or Coarse-Grained
Open-Web Steel Joist 0 likes
Welded assembled steel joist employed at close distances from each other to reinforce floor or roof decking
Operable Door 2 likes
One of two doors that usually functions
Operable Part 1 like
A component of equipment or an appliance such as a coin slot or handle, used to insert or withdraw objects, start, stop or modify it
Operating Instructions 2 likes
A booklet or sheets with written directions and descriptions for the proper operation of equipment or components; provided by the manufacturer
Operating Leverage 2 likes
The ratio of the profit percentage change to the sales percentage change, measuring how revenue growth translates into growth in operating income
Operating Pressure 2 likes
Positive or negative (vacuum) pressure at which a refrigerating system normally operates
Operating Profit 1 like
A business’ earnings minus all operating expenses of a business; also known as Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) or Operating Income
Operating Room 0 likes
A hospital room especially designed and equipped for surgeries
Operation Expenses 1 like
Total expenditure for a project or business; includes the cost of products, general and administrative expenses and any indirect expenses
Opposed Blades 0 likes
A damper with two sets of blades which are connected in a way that the adjacent blades are able to open and spin in opposing directions
Option 0 likes
A choice or alternative
The right to buy, sell, or lease an item, which is kept open for consideration for a certain length of time
Optionee 0 likes
A person who is given an option
The potential buyer or lessee in a real estate option
Optionor 0 likes
The person who offers an option
In a real estate option, the owner or lessor who wants to sell or lease
Or Equal 1 like
Used in instructions or specifications to stipulate that any substitutions must be equivalent to the original
Oral Agreement 0 likes
A contract that has been agreed to verbally rather than in writing
Orange Mineral 0 likes
Red lead which is made by baking basic carbonate white lead; mainly employed for printing ink
Orange Peel 0 likes
The pocked texture of a fired glaze which looks like an orange peel‘s surface
Defect in spray painting in which the lacquer coat does not smooth out but remains coarse; similar to when an orange peel is peeled
Orbital Sander1 like
orbital sander
A hand-held power sander that moves in a circular orbit
Ordinance 1 like
A city or a county law
Ore 2 likes
Rock or other naturally occurring solid mineral that contains extractable quantities of metals or minerals of commercial value
Organic 1 like
A chemical compound that has carbon
Consisting of hydrocarbons or derivatives thereof, or matter of biological origins
Relating to or derived from living matter
Organic Adhesive 1 like
An adhesive prepared from naturally occurring organic material that does not require more liquid or powder, used for attaching tile to back-up material with the thin set method; sets by evaporating
Organosol 3 likes
Film that has synthetic resin plasticizer and solvent; the spreading of resin particles in a mixture which has in excess of five percent volatile content
Oriel Window 2 likes
A type of bay window which is supported by corbels or brackets and projects out from a wall
Oriented Strand Board or OSB 1 like
A fabricated 4 feet by 8 feet wooden board that is composed of 1 inch to 2 inch wood chips and adhesive, and frequently used instead of plywood
Orifice 3 likes
An opening
An attachment for the nozzle of a plastering machine hose; can vary in shape and size, and may be modified to create a pattern on the plaster while it is cast onto a given surface
An opening of a furnace or boiler through which fuel is expelled
Original Contractor 0 likes
A contractor who works directly with a real property owner
Ormolu 0 likes
Gilded bronze or gold amalgam of copper, zinc and tin; used in furniture decorations and ornaments
Ornament1 like
Something used to adorn or decorate
Ornamental Facing 0 likes
A design made by positioning stone, brick, tile and other masonry items in a decorative manner in masonry
Ornamental Metal1 like
ornamental metal
A feature on a metal structure to embellish or decorate the appearance
Ornate 0 likes
Intricately adorned; extremely decorated
Orthogonal 1 like
Involving right angles; at right angles, perpendicular
Orthographic Projection 0 likes
A two-dimensional representation of an object on paper or other surface; the projection is at right angles to both the view and the projection lines, as in floor plans, and sections of homes
Orthotropic 2 likes
With different characteristics or strengths in mutually perpendicular symmetry planes; a particular type of anisotropy
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