Term Definition
Nail Apron1 like
nail apron
Apparel oriented toward utility, for carrying nails and other tools
Nail Bar1 like
nail bar
A tool with one curved end, used to remove nails from their designated locations
Nail Couple 0 likes
Two nails that withstand force together
Nail Fracture 0 likes
Cracking or slight breaking of a nail; see Hammer Fracture
Nail Gun1 like
nail gun
A pneumatic tool used to drive nails into a specific material
Nail Inspection 0 likes
A building inspector’s thorough exploration of drywall fastened with screws and nails prior to taping in order to ensure safety
Nail Popping 0 likes
The activity of a nail jutting out of its designated location
Nail Pull Resistance 0 likes
The determined strength of a gypsum board to defy the intrusion of a nail (as defined in ASTM C 473)
Nail Set1 like
nail set
A tool similar to a punch that enables the completion process of nails being positioned just beneath the wood surface
Nail Spotter 0 likes
A specific applicator used in the completion process that applies joint compound on the heads of nails; See Ames Taping Tools
Nailable Concrete 0 likes
Concrete consisting of a combination of sand and cement that enables puncturing by nails
Nailable Studs 0 likes
Small, metal objects with designated openings to receive nails for securing wall finishes; nailable studs are critical for wall infrastructure
Nailer 0 likes
A piece of wood fastened to a deck made of masonry, steel, or concrete in order to fasten roofing materials
A piece of wood fastened to a concrete part to prepare for fastening of finishes with nails
Nailing Channel 0 likes
A groove constructed from 25 gauge steel or less in order to form openings enabling further attachments
Nailing Pattern 0 likes
A recurring organization of the spacing and dimensions of nails
NAIMA 0 likes
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association; a group providing insulation options
Nameplate Plaque 0 likes
An ornamental metal, porcelain, or wood metal object formally inscribed with a name
Nano 0 likes
A unit of measurement one billionth of a whole
Nanogram 0 likes
1/1,000,000,000 of a gram
Nanometer 0 likes
1/1,000,000,000 of a meter
Nanosecond 0 likes
1/1,000,000,000 of a second
Nanotechnology 0 likes
The technology of quantifying and producing objects of infinitesimally small size
NAP 0 likes
The mass on the visible surface of a carpet or rug
Napkin Dispenser1 like
napkin dispenser
An empty, metal device fitted in women’s washrooms to distribute sanitary napkins and tampons
Naptha 0 likes
Various volatile, combustible liquids collected by distilling particular substances containing carbon; used as a fuel and a thinner or solvent in varnish; petroleum naptha is also called benzine
Narrow Carpet 0 likes
Fabric that is 27 inch and 36 inch in width, unlike broadloom
Narthex 0 likes
A foyer leading to the central space of a church
National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers 0 likes
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 0 likes
1201 15th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20005, Washington, D.C., Tel: (202) 266-8200, Fax: (202) 266-8400, URL: www.nahb.org
National Builders Hardware Association (NBHA) 0 likes
Now known as Door & Hardware Institute, 14150 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151, Tel: (703) 222-2010, URL: www.dhi.org
National Building Granite Quarries Association 0 likes
1220 L. Street, NW, Suite 100-167, Washington, DC 2005, Tel: (800) 557-2848 URL: http://www.nbgqa.com/
National Building Granite Quarries Association (NBGQA) 0 likes
National Bureau of Standards (NBS) 1 like
U.S. Department of Commerce, Govt. Printing Office, 1401 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington DC 20234, Tel: (202) 482-2000 URL: www.commerce.gov
National Bureau of Standards (NBS) 0 likes
URL: www.commerce.gov/
National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research 0 likes
SUNY, Buffalo, Red Jacket Quadrangle, Buffalo, New York 14261, Tel: (716) 645-3391, URL: www.eeri.org
National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) 0 likes
13750 Sunrise Valley Drive, Herndon, VA 20171-4662, Tel: (703) 713-1900, Fax: (703)713-1910, URL: www.ncma.org/
National Conference of States on Building Codes 0 likes
505 Huntmar Park Dr, #210, Herndon, Virginia 22070, Tel: (703) 437-0100, URL: www.remodeling.hw.net/associations/national-conference-of-states-on-buildingcodes-and-standards.aspx
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards 0 likes
1801 K Street NW, Suite 700K, Washington D.C. 20006, Tel: (202) 879-0520, Fax: (202) 783-0290, URL: www.ncarb.org
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) 1 like
National Electrical Code (NEC) 0 likes
A standard electrical code employed by the National Fire Protection Association and used by several provinces
National Electrical Manufacturers Association 0 likes
1300 North 17th Street, Suite 900, Rosslyn, VA 22209, Tel: (703) 841-3200, Fax: (703) 841-5900, URL: www.nema.org
National Elevators Manufacturing Industry, Inc. 0 likes
7 Route 64, Salem, NY 12865, Tel: (518) 854-3100, URL: www.neii.org
National Fan Manufacturers Association (NFMA) 0 likes
5-157, GM Building, Detroit, MI 48202
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 0 likes
1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269, Tel: (617) 770-3000, URL: www.nfpa.org
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 0 likes
P. O. Box 6468, Rockville, Maryland 20849-6468, Tel: (800) 638-6620 or (800) 621-3362, URL: www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program
National Glass Association (NGA) 0 likes
1945 Old Gallows Rd., Suite 750, Vienna, VA 22182, Tel: (866) 342-5642 Ext. 127 or (703) 442-4890 Ext. 127, Fax: (703) 442-0630, URL: www.glass.org
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 0 likes
Hubert H. Humphrey Building, 200 Independence, SW, Washington, DC 20201, Tel: (202) 401-6997, URL: www.cdc.gov/niosh/
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) 0 likes
1090 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 289-7800, URL: www.nibs.org/
National Institute of Standards & Technology 1 like
Office of Standards Service, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1070, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899, Tel: (301) 975-2000, URL: www.nist.gov/
National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association 0 likes
111 Chesterfield Industrial Boulevard, Suite B, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005, Tel: (800) 422-4556, URL: www.nwfa.com
National Paint & Coatings Association (NPVLA) 0 likes
1500 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 462-6272, URL: www.paint.org/
National Particleboard Association (NPA) 0 likes
18928 Premiere Court, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879, Tel: (301) 670-0604, URL: www.pbmdf.com
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) 0 likes
900 Spring Street, Silver Springs, Maryland 20910, Tel: (240) 485-1139, URL: www.nrmca.org/
National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) 0 likes
10255 West Higgins Road, #600, Rosemont, Illinois 60018-5607, Tel: (847) 299-9070, URL: www.nrca.net/
National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 0 likes
Public Health School, University of Michigan, NSF Building, 789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105, Tel: (734) 769-8010, URL: www.nsf.org/
National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI) 0 likes
6B South Gold Drive, Hamilton, NJ 08691, Tel: (609) 689-9111, Fax: (609) 689-9110, URL: http://www.nespapool.org/
National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) 0 likes
P. O. Box 2605, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, Tel: (800) 323-9736, URL: www.ntma.com/
National Wood Window & Door Association (NWWDA) 0 likes
2025 M Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington D.C. 20036-3309 Tel: (202) 367-1157, URL: www.wdma.com/
National Woodwork Manufacturers Association (NWMA) 0 likes
205 West Touhy Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068, Tel: (312) 823-6747
Natural Asphalt 0 likes
Natural asphalt is produced when volatile fractions evaporate from petroleum; the most significant natural asphalt is known as Lake Asphalt
Natural Clay Tile 0 likes
This dense and somewhat textured tile is created using the dust-pressed or plastic technique
Natural Cleft 0 likes
This is a crack or crevice in a material that forms a groove in the shape of the letter V
Natural Cleft Slate 0 likes
This is a thin slate that has a natural and coarse appearance; it is created by separating larger pieces of slate at the natural cleft
Natural Draft 0 likes
Great variations in temperature inside and outside a building cause a flow of air to be pushed through the space
Natural Finish 0 likes
A clear application to enhance the natural grain of wood and other materials without affecting the original color; usually achieved through the use of a primer, varnish, oil or sealant, and used for protective, decorative or waterproofing finishes
Natural Frequency 0 likes
A mechanical term used to describe a recurring rate of vibration in any given object unaffected by outside forces
Natural Gas Meter1 like
natural gas meter
A metering device used in the measurement of natural gasses and propane
Natural Gray Yarn 0 likes
A natural fiber unaffected by man-made color or dye
Natural Resins 0 likes
A naturally thick and sticky substance secreted by certain botanical plants species such as conifers
Natural Stone 0 likes
Stone that is not enhanced by man and which is usually found in a quarry
Naval Stores 0 likes
A category derivative from natural resin or pine sap and used as a waterproofing agent or sealant in the building industry specifically as a natural sealant for roof tiles and in the manufacture of wooden sail ships where an agent insoluble to water would be required
Nave 0 likes
The main part of the interior of a church; typically the spine of the church extending from the entrance to the area surrounding the alter
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An overhanging shelter; a marquee



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