Term Definition
NBHA 2 likes
National Builders Hardware Association
NBP 0 likes
Membrane commonly reinforced with polyester; inhibits tearing, perforations and erosion; adaptable at low temperatures and has a low vapor absorbency
NCEER 0 likes
National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
NCMA 1 like
National Concrete Masonry Association
NCSBCS 0 likes
National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, Inc
Neat 0 likes
Undiluted, no adjuncts added
Plaster material which requires aggregates to be added
Neat Cement 0 likes
Hydraulic cement which has not had water added to it
Neat Cement Grout 0 likes
A non-flammable cement based application used between interior and exterior wall and floor tiled surfaces
Neat Cement Mortar 0 likes
A cementitous mixture containing no additives used in the building and construction industries
Neat Cement Paste 0 likes
A quick drying cementitous three to one cement and water mixture that secures adjacent masonry components
NEC (National Electrical Code) 0 likes
Nationwide code which governs the methods used for safe wiring; there may be local variations in the code, in accordance with local laws
Needle Beam 0 likes
A wooden or steel beam which is threaded through an opening in a supporting wall of a structure; if a foundation needs to be buttressed, the needle beam supports both the wall and any extra loads that the foundation would normally support
Needle Valve1 like
needle valve
The needle sits in a slight opening which controls the liquid flow; like a globe valve
Needlepoint Valve 0 likes
Valve with a needle point plug and a slight seat orifice used to meter low flow
Negative Float 0 likes
Term that indicates a construction project is behind schedule, measured in days
Negative Moment 2 likes
When measuring the stress of a beam, this is the result of a beam bending moment when the upper element is tensed and the lower element is compressed; compare against Positive Moment
Negative Pressure 0 likes
Situation when more air is discharged from a space than is supplied to it, hence the air pressure in the surrounding area is greater than in the space
When the atmospheric pressure is greater than that within a pipe; sometimes known as a Minus Pressure
Neglect 0 likes
Not paying the necessary attention
Abandoning a duty or job, leaving it unfinished or never started
Negligence 0 likes
Failing to apply proper care
Negotiable Instrument 0 likes
A promise in writing or payment request for a specified amount of money to bearer, including bills of exchange, checks, promissory notes, letters of credit, bonds, and more
Negotiated Contract 0 likes
When a price is agreed upon for a construction contract by negotiation between the contractor and owner instead of a competitive bidding process
Neighborhood 0 likes
A residential area in which residents are close to each other and assumed to be within walking distance
Neighborhood Shopping Center 0 likes
A local shopping area or strip mall
NEII 1 like
National Elevator Industry, Inc.
NELMA 0 likes
The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association
Nelson Stud1 like
nelson stud
A rod which is bolt-like and sometimes threaded to accommodate a nut, it is usually welded to other steel parts in building
NEMA 0 likes
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMA Switch1 like
NEMA switch
Switch approved for electrical purposes by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMI 0 likes
National Elevators Manufacturing Industry, Inc.
Neon 0 likes
Known for its use in commercial signs, this inert gas glows orange when electricity passes through it while in a sealed low-pressure environment
Neoprene 0 likes
Neoprene is a synthesized rubber product often used in construction; available in sheets or liquid applications, it’s a popular choice for roofing projects due to its versatility and resistance to heat, solvents, oils, abrasive materials and to water; also called polychloroprene and chloroprene rubber
Neoprene Joint 0 likes
The point where two tubes or sleeves made of neoprene synthetic rubber material meet
Neoprene Membrane 0 likes
Made in layers or sheets, this synthetic rubber is resistant to both oil and water; it’s often used in roofing where waterproofing is needed
Neoprene Roof 0 likes
This waterproof roof covering is made of sheets of neoprene, a man made rubber product
Nepheline Syenite 0 likes
A mineral composed of nephelite, albite and microline in significant quantities, and lacking in silica
NESHAP 0 likes
National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants; The policies contained within the EPA‘s Clean Air Act guide organizations and industries that handle or create hazardous air pollutants, such as asbestos and mercury
Net Cross-Sectional Area 0 likes
To figure the net cross-sectional area of a structure in masonry, find the cross-sectional area using the formula most appropriate to its shape and remove from that figure all areas where grout hasn’t been applied
Net Effective Temperature (NET) 1 like
Net effective temperature, or NET, is an experimental measurement used for approximating the conditions of stellar bodies; arrived at by combining the effects of air movement, humidity, radiant conditions and dry-bulb temperature
Net Income 0 likes
Balance left over after expenditures are taken into account
Net Lease 0 likes
In a net lease, a renter pays additional costs such as taxes, maintenance, or insurance normally covered by the property owner
Net Listing 0 likes
Sometimes considered an illegal real estate transaction, a net listing caps the property owner‘s compensation from a sale and any profits over that amount are passed on to the broker as commission
Net Profit 0 likes
A net profit is the amount of business earnings that remain after expenses are deducted
Net Rentable Area 0 likes
The net rentable area is the number of square feet available for rent in any space
Net Working Capital 0 likes
An entity’s current assets minus its current financial obligations
Net Worth 0 likes
Net worth compares your total assets minus your total liabilities; it differs from net working capital in that it discounts assets that are being financed
Net, Safety1 like
net, safety
See Safety Net
Net, Tennis1 like
net, tennis
See Tennis Net
Neutral 0 likes
Neutrality speaks to a lack of relevant properties; for instance, neutral colors are neither light nor dark, neutral solutions are neither acidic nor alkaline, a neutral arbitrator represents neither party in a business deal
Neutral Arbitrator 0 likes
A negotiator whose purpose is to reconcile opposing viewpoints, while maintaining a non- partisan attitude
Neutral Axis 0 likes
An imaginary line in a beam, which when the beam is loaded, is the only point where the beam is neither stressed nor compressed
Neutral Conductor 1 like
An object, made of highly conductive material such as copper, designed to ground an electrical charge, thereby neutralizing a short circuit
Neutral Flame 0 likes
In torches, burners and the welding process, a blue colored flame that does not alter the physical properties of the material being welded
Neutral Wire 1 like
A copper wire, used in appliances and buildings, designed to ground an electrical charge, thereby neutralizing a short circuit; is usually white
Neutralizer 0 likes
A buffer solution, used to contrast the negative effects of extreme pH
Neutron 0 likes
Part of the nucleus of an atom; unlike the proton and the electron, it carries no charge
New England Method 0 likes
See Pick and Dip
Newel Post1 like
newel post
The post at the foot and top of a stairway, larger than the intermediate posts; the posts support the banister
Newton 0 likes
A unit of force used in the metric system, in the USA the older Horsepower unit of force is still in use; when a force of one Newton is applied, a body of mass is one kilogram accelerates at a rate of one meter per second per second
NFIP 0 likes
National Flood Insurance Program
NFMA 0 likes
National Fan Manufacturers Association
NFoPA 0 likes
Currently known as AFPA
NFPA 1 like
National Fire Protection Association
NGA 0 likes
National Glass Association
NGR Stain 0 likes
See Non-Grain-Raising Stain
NHPMA 0 likes
The Northern Hardwood and Pine Manufacturers Association
Product of the day

Three Top Characteristics of A Successful Architect

commercial architectureArchitecture is a lucrative, competitive industry. The successful architect must be creative, efficient, attentive to details, and able to operate under strict budgets and looming project deadlines. Commercial architects must be even more disciplined and organized than architects in the residential sector. We will discuss the top three characteristics of a successful architect to stand out and move ahead of the in the commercial architecture industry.

1. Creativity

Perhaps the most critical characteristic of a successful architect is creativity. As a successful architect, your creative ideas must also be practical and achievable within specific deadlines, defined budgets and meet your client’s expectations. You may have designed the best 17th century inspired office building complete with moat and drawbridge, but the reality is that it will most likely never see the light of day in the real world. You must combine creativity with conservative, practical, and modern design techniques that will not only meet the demand and the intended purpose of the building project, but also financial projections and client satisfaction. In essence, a quality you must possess to be a successful architect is what can only be defined as “controlled creativity”. As an architect, you are rarely going to be given a blank check and complete creative license over a project. The key is to walk the fine line between creative, practical, and budget considerations. Once you master this critical skill, you will be a much more professional,  productive architect.

2. Organization

A top-tier successful architect must understand and demonstrate organization. With all of the project details, client requests, budget constraints, building codes, project deadlines, and last minute updates and changes, organization is absolutely critical. Even with modern technologies such as tablets, smart phones, and modern software, a successful architect must be organized and detail oriented in all facets of the project from start to finish. This is especially true in commercial architecture. Businesses and corporations tend to be less flexible with time schedules and budgets than residential customers. The old adage “time is money” has never been more important when dealing with a commercial property client. Impeccable organization is a key to ensuring each project is completed on time, within the budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.

3. Communication

A successful architect must be well spoken and professional in presentations and interactions with potential and current clients. To be more specific, by communicating details assertively, ensuring mutual understanding, and reaching clear agreements, you will mitigate unnecessary conflict and promote healthy client relationships. Your clients will be more receptive to your ideas when your verbal and written communication skills are sharp and professional. Excellent communication skills will impact your ability to sell your services to prospective clients, and promote your clients’ faith in you as a professional in your field. Take advantage of the opportunity to employ your communication skills in writing.  Network with other architects via online forums and blogs dedicated to modern design to stay informed of the trends in architecture as a whole. Make sure you use these media to learn as much as you can each and every day about the architecture industry.  You will then stay on top of changing industry standards, changes in building materials, and modern design trends. We have discussed the most important qualities of a successful architect in this article. Obviously these qualities are not the only deciding factors in a successful architecture career, whether residential or commercial, but they are the most important qualities to adopt, possess, and improve upon every day to insure a lasting career in architecture. If you combine the three top qualities of a successful architect that we have talked about in this article, you are on track to a meaningful, inspirational, and successful career.

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