Term Definition
Nail Apron3 likes
nail apron
Apparel oriented toward utility, for carrying nails and other tools
Nail Bar1 like
nail bar
A tool with one curved end, used to remove nails from their designated locations
Nail Couple 0 likes
Two nails that withstand force together
Nail Fracture 0 likes
Cracking or slight breaking of a nail; see Hammer Fracture
Nail Gun1 like
nail gun
A pneumatic tool used to drive nails into a specific material
Nail Inspection 2 likes
A building inspector’s thorough exploration of drywall fastened with screws and nails prior to taping in order to ensure safety
Nail Popping 1 like
The activity of a nail jutting out of its designated location
Nail Pull Resistance 3 likes
The determined strength of a gypsum board to defy the intrusion of a nail (as defined in ASTM C 473)
Nail Set2 likes
nail set
A tool similar to a punch that enables the completion process of nails being positioned just beneath the wood surface
Nail Spotter 2 likes
A specific applicator used in the completion process that applies joint compound on the heads of nails; See Ames Taping Tools
Nailable Concrete 2 likes
Concrete consisting of a combination of sand and cement that enables puncturing by nails
Nailable Studs 2 likes
Small, metal objects with designated openings to receive nails for securing wall finishes; nailable studs are critical for wall infrastructure
Nailer 2 likes
A piece of wood fastened to a deck made of masonry, steel, or concrete in order to fasten roofing materials
A piece of wood fastened to a concrete part to prepare for fastening of finishes with nails
Nailing Channel 1 like
A groove constructed from 25 gauge steel or less in order to form openings enabling further attachments
Nailing Pattern 0 likes
A recurring organization of the spacing and dimensions of nails
NAIMA 1 like
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association; a group providing insulation options
Nameplate Plaque 1 like
An ornamental metal, porcelain, or wood metal object formally inscribed with a name
Nano 2 likes
A unit of measurement one billionth of a whole
Nanogram 0 likes
1/1,000,000,000 of a gram
Nanometer 1 like
1/1,000,000,000 of a meter
Nanosecond 3 likes
1/1,000,000,000 of a second
Nanotechnology 1 like
The technology of quantifying and producing objects of infinitesimally small size
NAP 0 likes
The mass on the visible surface of a carpet or rug
Napkin Dispenser4 likes
napkin dispenser
An empty, metal device fitted in women’s washrooms to distribute sanitary napkins and tampons
Naptha 1 like
Various volatile, combustible liquids collected by distilling particular substances containing carbon; used as a fuel and a thinner or solvent in varnish; petroleum naptha is also called benzine
Narrow Carpet1 like
narrow carpet
Fabric that is 27 inch and 36 inch in width, unlike broadloom
Narthex 1 like
A foyer leading to the central space of a church
National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers 0 likes
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 0 likes
1201 15th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20005, Washington, D.C., Tel: (202) 266-8200, Fax: (202) 266-8400, URL: www.nahb.org
National Builders Hardware Association (NBHA) 1 like
Now known as Door & Hardware Institute, 14150 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151, Tel: (703) 222-2010, URL: www.dhi.org
National Building Granite Quarries Association 0 likes
1220 L. Street, NW, Suite 100-167, Washington, DC 2005, Tel: (800) 557-2848 URL: http://www.nbgqa.com/
National Building Granite Quarries Association (NBGQA) 1 like
National Bureau of Standards (NBS) 2 likes
U.S. Department of Commerce, Govt. Printing Office, 1401 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington DC 20234, Tel: (202) 482-2000 URL: www.commerce.gov
National Bureau of Standards (NBS) 1 like
URL: www.commerce.gov/
National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research 1 like
SUNY, Buffalo, Red Jacket Quadrangle, Buffalo, New York 14261, Tel: (716) 645-3391, URL: www.eeri.org
National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) 1 like
13750 Sunrise Valley Drive, Herndon, VA 20171-4662, Tel: (703) 713-1900, Fax: (703)713-1910, URL: www.ncma.org/
National Conference of States on Building Codes 2 likes
505 Huntmar Park Dr, #210, Herndon, Virginia 22070, Tel: (703) 437-0100, URL: www.remodeling.hw.net/associations/national-conference-of-states-on-buildingcodes-and-standards.aspx
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards 2 likes
1801 K Street NW, Suite 700K, Washington D.C. 20006, Tel: (202) 879-0520, Fax: (202) 783-0290, URL: www.ncarb.org
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) 1 like
National Electrical Code (NEC) 2 likes
A standard electrical code employed by the National Fire Protection Association and used by several provinces
National Electrical Manufacturers Association 2 likes
1300 North 17th Street, Suite 900, Rosslyn, VA 22209, Tel: (703) 841-3200, Fax: (703) 841-5900, URL: www.nema.org
National Elevators Manufacturing Industry, Inc. 1 like
7 Route 64, Salem, NY 12865, Tel: (518) 854-3100, URL: www.neii.org
National Fan Manufacturers Association (NFMA) 0 likes
5-157, GM Building, Detroit, MI 48202
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1 like
1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269, Tel: (617) 770-3000, URL: www.nfpa.org
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 1 like
P. O. Box 6468, Rockville, Maryland 20849-6468, Tel: (800) 638-6620 or (800) 621-3362, URL: www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program
National Glass Association (NGA) 1 like
1945 Old Gallows Rd., Suite 750, Vienna, VA 22182, Tel: (866) 342-5642 Ext. 127 or (703) 442-4890 Ext. 127, Fax: (703) 442-0630, URL: www.glass.org
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 0 likes
Hubert H. Humphrey Building, 200 Independence, SW, Washington, DC 20201, Tel: (202) 401-6997, URL: www.cdc.gov/niosh/
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) 1 like
1090 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 289-7800, URL: www.nibs.org/
National Institute of Standards & Technology 2 likes
Office of Standards Service, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1070, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899, Tel: (301) 975-2000, URL: www.nist.gov/
National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association 0 likes
111 Chesterfield Industrial Boulevard, Suite B, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005, Tel: (800) 422-4556, URL: www.nwfa.com
National Paint & Coatings Association (NPVLA) 1 like
1500 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Tel: (202) 462-6272, URL: www.paint.org/
National Particleboard Association (NPA) 1 like
18928 Premiere Court, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879, Tel: (301) 670-0604, URL: www.pbmdf.com
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) 3 likes
900 Spring Street, Silver Springs, Maryland 20910, Tel: (240) 485-1139, URL: www.nrmca.org/
National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) 1 like
10255 West Higgins Road, #600, Rosemont, Illinois 60018-5607, Tel: (847) 299-9070, URL: www.nrca.net/
National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 5 likes
Public Health School, University of Michigan, NSF Building, 789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105, Tel: (734) 769-8010, URL: www.nsf.org/
National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI) 1 like
6B South Gold Drive, Hamilton, NJ 08691, Tel: (609) 689-9111, Fax: (609) 689-9110, URL: http://www.nespapool.org/
National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) 2 likes
P. O. Box 2605, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, Tel: (800) 323-9736, URL: www.ntma.com/
National Wood Window & Door Association (NWWDA) 0 likes
2025 M Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington D.C. 20036-3309 Tel: (202) 367-1157, URL: www.wdma.com/
National Woodwork Manufacturers Association (NWMA) 3 likes
205 West Touhy Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068, Tel: (312) 823-6747
Natural Asphalt 0 likes
Natural asphalt is produced when volatile fractions evaporate from petroleum; the most significant natural asphalt is known as Lake Asphalt
Natural Clay Tile 0 likes
This dense and somewhat textured tile is created using the dust-pressed or plastic technique
Natural Cleft 2 likes
This is a crack or crevice in a material that forms a groove in the shape of the letter V
Natural Cleft Slate 0 likes
This is a thin slate that has a natural and coarse appearance; it is created by separating larger pieces of slate at the natural cleft
Natural Draft 1 like
Great variations in temperature inside and outside a building cause a flow of air to be pushed through the space
Natural Finish 1 like
A clear application to enhance the natural grain of wood and other materials without affecting the original color; usually achieved through the use of a primer, varnish, oil or sealant, and used for protective, decorative or waterproofing finishes
Natural Frequency 0 likes
A mechanical term used to describe a recurring rate of vibration in any given object unaffected by outside forces
Natural Gas Meter2 likes
natural gas meter
A metering device used in the measurement of natural gasses and propane
Natural Gray Yarn 0 likes
A natural fiber unaffected by man-made color or dye
Natural Resins 1 like
A naturally thick and sticky substance secreted by certain botanical plants species such as conifers
Natural Stone 0 likes
Stone that is not enhanced by man and which is usually found in a quarry
Naval Stores 2 likes
A category derivative from natural resin or pine sap and used as a waterproofing agent or sealant in the building industry specifically as a natural sealant for roof tiles and in the manufacture of wooden sail ships where an agent insoluble to water would be required
Nave 2 likes
The main part of the interior of a church; typically the spine of the church extending from the entrance to the area surrounding the alter
NBHA 2 likes
National Builders Hardware Association
NBP 0 likes
Membrane commonly reinforced with polyester; inhibits tearing, perforations and erosion; adaptable at low temperatures and has a low vapor absorbency
NCEER 2 likes
National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
NCMA 1 like
National Concrete Masonry Association
NCSBCS 1 like
National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, Inc
Neat 1 like
Undiluted, no adjuncts added
Plaster material which requires aggregates to be added
Neat Cement 0 likes
Hydraulic cement which has not had water added to it
Neat Cement Grout 1 like
A non-flammable cement based application used between interior and exterior wall and floor tiled surfaces
Neat Cement Mortar 1 like
A cementitous mixture containing no additives used in the building and construction industries
Neat Cement Paste 2 likes
A quick drying cementitous three to one cement and water mixture that secures adjacent masonry components
NEC (National Electrical Code) 0 likes
Nationwide code which governs the methods used for safe wiring; there may be local variations in the code, in accordance with local laws
Needle Beam 1 like
A wooden or steel beam which is threaded through an opening in a supporting wall of a structure; if a foundation needs to be buttressed, the needle beam supports both the wall and any extra loads that the foundation would normally support
Needle Valve2 likes
needle valve
The needle sits in a slight opening which controls the liquid flow; like a globe valve
Needlepoint Valve 0 likes
Valve with a needle point plug and a slight seat orifice used to meter low flow
Negative Float 1 like
Term that indicates a construction project is behind schedule, measured in days
Negative Moment 2 likes
When measuring the stress of a beam, this is the result of a beam bending moment when the upper element is tensed and the lower element is compressed; compare against Positive Moment
Negative Pressure 0 likes
Situation when more air is discharged from a space than is supplied to it, hence the air pressure in the surrounding area is greater than in the space
When the atmospheric pressure is greater than that within a pipe; sometimes known as a Minus Pressure
Neglect 0 likes
Not paying the necessary attention
Abandoning a duty or job, leaving it unfinished or never started
Negligence 0 likes
Failing to apply proper care
Negotiable Instrument 1 like
A promise in writing or payment request for a specified amount of money to bearer, including bills of exchange, checks, promissory notes, letters of credit, bonds, and more
Negotiated Contract 0 likes
When a price is agreed upon for a construction contract by negotiation between the contractor and owner instead of a competitive bidding process
Neighborhood 0 likes
A residential area in which residents are close to each other and assumed to be within walking distance
Neighborhood Shopping Center 1 like
A local shopping area or strip mall
NEII 2 likes
National Elevator Industry, Inc.
NELMA 2 likes
The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association
Nelson Stud2 likes
nelson stud
A rod which is bolt-like and sometimes threaded to accommodate a nut, it is usually welded to other steel parts in building
NEMA 0 likes
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMA Switch1 like
NEMA switch
Switch approved for electrical purposes by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMI 1 like
National Elevators Manufacturing Industry, Inc.
Neon 0 likes
Known for its use in commercial signs, this inert gas glows orange when electricity passes through it while in a sealed low-pressure environment
Neoprene 0 likes
Neoprene is a synthesized rubber product often used in construction; available in sheets or liquid applications, it’s a popular choice for roofing projects due to its versatility and resistance to heat, solvents, oils, abrasive materials and to water; also called polychloroprene and chloroprene rubber
Neoprene Joint 0 likes
The point where two tubes or sleeves made of neoprene synthetic rubber material meet
Neoprene Membrane 0 likes
Made in layers or sheets, this synthetic rubber is resistant to both oil and water; it’s often used in roofing where waterproofing is needed
Neoprene Roof 0 likes
This waterproof roof covering is made of sheets of neoprene, a man made rubber product
Nepheline Syenite 0 likes
A mineral composed of nephelite, albite and microline in significant quantities, and lacking in silica
NESHAP 0 likes
National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants; The policies contained within the EPA‘s Clean Air Act guide organizations and industries that handle or create hazardous air pollutants, such as asbestos and mercury
Net Cross-Sectional Area 0 likes
To figure the net cross-sectional area of a structure in masonry, find the cross-sectional area using the formula most appropriate to its shape and remove from that figure all areas where grout hasn’t been applied
Net Effective Temperature (NET) 1 like
Net effective temperature, or NET, is an experimental measurement used for approximating the conditions of stellar bodies; arrived at by combining the effects of air movement, humidity, radiant conditions and dry-bulb temperature
Net Income 0 likes
Balance left over after expenditures are taken into account
Net Lease 1 like
In a net lease, a renter pays additional costs such as taxes, maintenance, or insurance normally covered by the property owner
Net Listing 0 likes
Sometimes considered an illegal real estate transaction, a net listing caps the property owner‘s compensation from a sale and any profits over that amount are passed on to the broker as commission
Net Profit 0 likes
A net profit is the amount of business earnings that remain after expenses are deducted
Net Rentable Area 0 likes
The net rentable area is the number of square feet available for rent in any space
Net Working Capital 2 likes
An entity’s current assets minus its current financial obligations
Net Worth 2 likes
Net worth compares your total assets minus your total liabilities; it differs from net working capital in that it discounts assets that are being financed
Net, Safety1 like
net, safety
See Safety Net
Net, Tennis4 likes
net, tennis
See Tennis Net
Neutral 2 likes
Neutrality speaks to a lack of relevant properties; for instance, neutral colors are neither light nor dark, neutral solutions are neither acidic nor alkaline, a neutral arbitrator represents neither party in a business deal
Neutral Arbitrator 0 likes
A negotiator whose purpose is to reconcile opposing viewpoints, while maintaining a non- partisan attitude
Neutral Axis 0 likes
An imaginary line in a beam, which when the beam is loaded, is the only point where the beam is neither stressed nor compressed
Neutral Conductor 1 like
An object, made of highly conductive material such as copper, designed to ground an electrical charge, thereby neutralizing a short circuit
Neutral Flame 2 likes
In torches, burners and the welding process, a blue colored flame that does not alter the physical properties of the material being welded
Neutral Wire 2 likes
A copper wire, used in appliances and buildings, designed to ground an electrical charge, thereby neutralizing a short circuit; is usually white
Neutralizer 1 like
A buffer solution, used to contrast the negative effects of extreme pH
Neutron 0 likes
Part of the nucleus of an atom; unlike the proton and the electron, it carries no charge
New England Method 0 likes
See Pick and Dip
Newel Post1 like
newel post
The post at the foot and top of a stairway, larger than the intermediate posts; the posts support the banister
Newton 0 likes
A unit of force used in the metric system, in the USA the older Horsepower unit of force is still in use; when a force of one Newton is applied, a body of mass is one kilogram accelerates at a rate of one meter per second per second
NFIP 1 like
National Flood Insurance Program
NFMA 1 like
National Fan Manufacturers Association
NFoPA 0 likes
Currently known as AFPA
NFPA 1 like
National Fire Protection Association
NGA 0 likes
National Glass Association
NGR Stain 0 likes
See Non-Grain-Raising Stain
NHPMA 0 likes
The Northern Hardwood and Pine Manufacturers Association
NIBS 1 like
National Institute of Building Sciences
NIC 2 likes
Not in Contract
Niche 0 likes
A small concave cavity in a wall surface or panel, serving as a decorative element; also used for storing objects
Nickel 0 likes
A metallic element, number 28 on the Periodic Table; characterized by its ductility, malleability, silver-white color and corrosion resistance
Nickel Silver 1 like
A metallic composite compound uniting 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc, known for its hardness and corrosion resistance; does not contain real silver
Nickel Steel 0 likes
A steel compound that consists mainly of nickel
Night Depository 0 likes
An opening in a building’s outside wall to enable the supply of materials to a business when it has closed for the day’s transactions
NIMBY 0 likes
Acronym for Not in My Back Yard; describes an owner’s opposition to a proposal to launch a valuable development such as a school, too close to the owner’s property
Nineteen-Inch Selvage 0 likes
A roofing sheet with 17 inch granule surface and a selvage edge that has a 19 inch non-granule-surface; Nineteen-inch selvage is also called a Split Sheet
Nipple1 like
Small pipe that has male threads on each end
Nipple, Bushed 2 likes
See Bushed Nipple
Nipple, Offset3 likes
nipple, offset
See Offset Nipple
NIST 0 likes
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Nitrocellulose 0 likes
Compound employed widely in producing plastics and lacquers; produced when cellulose is treated with chemicals; see Cellulose Nitrate
Nitrogen Dioxide 0 likes
Slightly toxic gas (NO2) in smog and car exhaust fumes
NLGA 1 like
The National Lumber Grades Authority
No-Fines Concrete 1 like
A coarse concrete mixture
No-Frost Freezer2 likes
no-frost freezer
A low-temperature refrigerator compartment that does not collect frost or ice on freezer surfaces or its contents
No-Hub Pipe2 likes
no-hub pipe
Cast iron pipe manufactured without hubs and fastened with stainless steel and rubber
Noble Gas 0 likes
Gaseous element that very rarely combines with other elements, such as helium, neon, argon, krypton and radon; also called Inert Gas or Rare Gas
NOFMA 1 like
National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association
Nogging 3 likes
Filling brick between roof rafters to making the building windproof
Noil 0 likes
Short wool fibers that are separated from the long fibers by combing; a by-product in worsted yarn production
Noise 1 like
An unwanted sound that irritates hearing
Noise Reduction 1 like
Reducing the level of sound pressure by altering sound from a source or signal; can be achieved by installing an intervening wall
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0 likes
Numerical rating on a scale from 0 to 1 to express how much sound a material absorbs
Nomenclature 1 like
A system of names used for items in a specific science or art.
Nominal Dimension 1 like
Size expressed in numbers as opposed to the real size; an approximation of the dimensions assigned to goods and materials as a convenience
Nominal Size 0 likes
The named size; the nominal size of a wood stud is 2 inches by 4 inches which is larger than the actual size
Nomogram 1 like
A graph with three or more lines adjusted to scale and arranged so that a straight line intersects with any two lines at their acknowledged values, and intersects with the third line at the value of the related variable
Non-Agitating Unit 0 likes
A truck unit that transports ready-mixed concrete over short distances; does not provide agitation
Non-Automatic 2 likes
Action by personal or manual intervention is necessary
Non-Code Installation 0 likes
System or unit installation where there are no enforced local, state, or national codes
Non-Destructive Testing 1 like
Testing of building materials so that the quality of the materials are not compromised
Non-Drying Oils 0 likes
Oils that don’t absorb oxygen from the air or change from a liquid to a solid, such as mineral oils
Non-Evaporable Water 0 likes
Water in concrete which is a permanent part of the concrete as a result of the chemically combination during cement hydration
Non-Ferrous Metal 0 likes
A metal that has no iron
Non-Grain-Raising Stain 0 likes
Wood stain that does not elevate wood grain; produced by dissolving dyes in a special solvent; also called NGR Stain
Non-Load Bearing Partition 2 likes
An unnecessary interior wall used to create compartments in a room
Non-Metallic Tubing2 likes
non-metallic tubing
A round cross-section sheath tube manufactured from a moisture-resistant, flame-inhibiting materials
Non-Pressure Drainage 1 like
Where downward sloping pipes in drainage are not full
Non-Rising Pin 4 likes
See Fast Pin Hinge
Non-Shrink Grout3 likes
non-shrink grout
Cement or epoxy based mix that fills the gap between bearing parts that does not diminish in size over time
Non-Shrink Grout, Nonmetallic 0 likes
Grout that contains no metallic substances and will not diminish in size over time
Non-Slip Terrazzo3 likes
non-slip terrazzo
Portland cement and marble chip mixture on Portland cement and sand; coarsened with iron fillings, carborundum powder or dented while moist
Non-Slip Tile3 likes
non-slip tile
Tile having non-slip properties due to an abrasive mixture, abrasive particles, grooves or patterns in the surface, or may be due to a naturally occurring non-skid surface
Non-Volatile 0 likes
When a substance that does not evaporate at normal temperatures
Nonaxial 0 likes
At an angle to the long axis of a structural element
Nonbearing 0 likes
Something that does not support a load
Nonbearing Partition2 likes
nonbearing partition
A divider that spans from floor to ceiling but does not support loads; only supports its own weight
Nonbearing Wall 0 likes
A wall that only supports its own weight
Noncombustible 0 likes
Any material that does not catch fire or facilitate combustion in air up to 1200° F when subjected to fire
Noncondensable Gas 1 like
Gas that does not transform into a liquid
Nonconforming Use 1 like
Land use that does not comply with the zoning code; applies primarily to land that was used for other purposes prior to the new zoning approval; the non-conforming use may continue as long as there is no interruption
Nonflammable 0 likes
Does not burn; incombustible
Nonfrosting Evaporator 0 likes
Evaporator that doesn’t gather frost on its surface
Nonrecourse Mortgage 0 likes
In this situation, the borrower is not personally liable and the lenders only solution is to foreclose the property when the borrower defaults on payment obligations
Nontoxic 1 like
No poison involved
Nonvitreous 1 like
Non-vitrified; unable to be changed into glass
Norm 1 like
A standard or model that is considered normal in society; a customary situation
Normal Charge 1 like
Partially gaseous and partially liquid thermal element charge in all functioning circumstances
Normal Consistency 3 likes
Milliliters of water per 100 grams of plaster or concrete comprising gypsum to yield a mortar of specific fluidity
Normal Fault 1 like
As a result of tension, a block descends to the dip or through the slope of a fault plane
A defect that detracts from the functioning or perfection of something
Normal Weight Concrete 0 likes
Tough, high density concrete made from the same or similar density of aggregate
Norman Brick 1 like
A 2-3/4 inch by 4 inch by 12 inch brick
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association 1 like
44 Canal Center Plaza, #310, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, Tel: (703) 684-0084, Fax: (703) 684-0427, URL: www.naima.org/
North Pole 0 likes
Most northern point of the axis of rotation of the earth
Magnet pole pointing north
Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association 0 likes
4 Fundy Road, Falmouth, Maine 04105, Tel: (207) 829-6901, Fax: (207) 829-4293, URL: www.nelma.org/
Nosing 0 likes
Protruding edge of an architectural molding or drip or the rounded edge of a stair tread that projects horizontally
Nosing, Rubber 1 like
See Rubber Nosing
Not in Contract (NIC) 1 like
Displayed on contract drawings to reference, but not part of the construction contract
Notary Public 1 like
A person who is legally authorized to certify the authenticity of documents and signatures; a notary
Notch 0 likes
A v-shaped cut or groove on the surface of a member
Notched Trowel1 like
notched trowel
A tile setters trowel with jagged edges that disperses bonding substances controlled by the teeth size and their spacing; also used in preparing durable flooring
Note 0 likes
Document describing the amount of debt and payment terms
Note Payable 1 like
Amount owed due to a promissory note provided to a creditor
Note Receivable 0 likes
Promissory note provided by a customer to pay a specific amount of money to a business within a definite time frame
Notice 0 likes
Information delivered to someone
Notice of Cessation 1 like
Written notice filed by an owner or their agent stating that there has been an absence of labor for a specific time, and defining the time left to exercise lien rights by those involved
Notice of Completion 0 likes
A written notification filed by an owner or their agent stating that a project is complete, and defining the time left to exercise lien rights by those involved
Notice of Non-responsibility 1 like
When correctly recorded and displayed on the premises, this notice releases the owner from mechanic’s liens that have been placed on the property for work and materials ordered by lessees
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit 1 like
This document, which is required before a tenant is evicted, is a legal notice that is delivered to a tenant who has defaulted on rental payments
Notice to Proceed (NTP) 0 likes
This document is a written notice advising a contractor to continue with work under the terms of a contract
Novation 1 like
Substituting a new legal responsibility for a previous one
Nozzle1 like
A component of a heating system that sprays fuel into a combustion chamber
NPA 0 likes
National Particleboard Association
NPVLA 2 likes
National Paint & Coatings Association
NRC 0 likes
Noise Reduction Coefficient
NRCA 0 likes
National Roofing Contractors Association
NRMCA 1 like
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association
NRP 0 likes
Non-Rising Pin
NSF 0 likes
National Sanitation Foundation
NSPI 1 like
National Spa & Pool Institute
NTIS 0 likes
National Technical Information Service
NTMA 1 like
National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association
NTP 0 likes
Notice to Proceed
NTS 1 like
Not to Scale
Nuclear Meter 0 likes
A device that discovers and measures moisture
Nurse Station Indicator 0 likes
A device at a nurse’s station that patients turn on when they need nursing assistance
Nursing Care Facility 0 likes
An institution that provides nursing care services to people needing constant care and attention 24 hours a day
Nut1 like
A small square or six-sided piece of flat material with a hole that enables the end of a bolt to connect and attach to keep it in place
Nut, Hex1 like
nut hex
See Hex Nut
NW 0 likes
No Weather; See Grade NW Brick
NWMA 2 likes
National Woodwork Manufacturers Association
NWWDA 2 likes
National Wood Window & Door Association
Nylon 0 likes
A tough synthetic material used for textiles, food containers and industrial purposes
Nylon Carpet1 like
nylon carpet
A carpet manufactured from synthetic nylon fibers
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