Term Definition
MPT1 like
Male pipe thread
MSDS 0 likes
Material Safety Data Sheet
MSHA 0 likes
Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSS 0 likes
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve Fittings Industry, Inc
MSS Point 0 likes
Minimum Stable Signal Point; the prime superheat setting which will produce consistent or minimal change in temperature, at the thermostatic expansion valve temperature sensing element while the system is in use
Muck 0 likes
Mud that is abundant in humus
Carefully and delicately blasted rock, predominantly from below the ground
Mud 0 likes
A colloquial term for mortar
Soil that has sufficient water so it is supple
A colloquial or informal term for gypsum board joint compound products
Mud Board 0 likes
See Mortar Board
Mud Cracks 0 likes
The cracks that form in a coating of emulsion that is too thick
Mud Jacking 0 likes
Lifting a submerged concrete slab by pumping a slurry beneath the slab through an opening in the slab
Mud Pan1 like
mud pan
A manually-held container for retaining a small amount of gypsumboard joint compound products
Mudsill 0 likes
Bottom flat piece of an outside wall frame on top of a foundation; sometimes referred to as a sill plate
Muffler, Compressor 0 likes
A component in a refrigeration system that is used to absorb sound; designed to minimize the noise from gas oscillations
Mulch1 like
A combination such as leaves and compost that is spread across or integrated into the earth to enhance the soil quality; organic and natural substances used to protect planting beds, hold moisture, and enhance a garden plot or area
Mullion1 like
An upright separator in the frame between doors, windows, or other entrance points
Mullion Heater 1 like
Electric heating element installed in a door or window mullion to prevent the mullion from frosting or sweating
Mullite 0 likes
An uncommon mineral with several theories pertaining to its structure and formation
Mullite, Porcelain 0 likes
See Porcelain Mullite
Multi-Color Spraying 0 likes
The process of spraying a surface with a combination of different colors simultaneously from a single gun; the array of colors exist independently within the material and when sprayed produce an interconnecting color arrangement with each color maintaining its uniqueness
Multi-Family Dwelling 0 likes
Housing that provides lodging for at least two families
Multi-Layer 0 likes
Gypsum board consisting of at least two layers that is employed in a construction
Multi-Level 0 likes
Carpet pattern or arrangement that is formed out of variable heights of tufts, either uncut or severed loop
Multi-Outlet Assembly1 like
Multi-Outlet Assembly
Surface or flush electric raceway that retain attachment plug receptacles and conductors
Multi-Unit Wall 0 likes
A fixed vertical surface comprised of two or more wythes of masonry
Multi-Zone Air Handling System 0 likes
A system emitting conditioned air comparable to a single-zone system; the temperature and air flow to each area is regulated separately; each zone receives a perpetual, uninterrupted quantity of air
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 0 likes
A physical state that affects an individual who is deemed to be vulnerable to small concentrations of numerous chemicals
Multiple Listing 0 likes
A shared sales tool that brokers utilize to distribute their listings and, if a sale is affected, the listing broker and the selling broker receive equal portions of the commission
Multiple Stage Compressor 1 like
See Compressor, Multiple Stage
Multiple System 0 likes
Refrigerating apparatus that consists of several evaporators joined to a condensing unit
Multiport Valve1 like
multiport valve
Filter control valve altering the direction of water flow
A valve for a variety of pool filter units, which in one unit does what two or more single direct flow valves do
Muntin 1 like
A small piece that separates the glass or openings of doors
Muntz Metal 0 likes
A mixture of copper and zinc employed for sheathing and bolts
Mural1 like
A painting on a wall or ceiling; belonging to a wall
A particular picture or design made of ceramic tile that has been painted and fired
The placement of a tile in a very deliberate part of the wall or floor to create a particular picture and design feature
A design or image that is created out of glass or marble mosaic tiles
Muriatic Acid1 like
muriatic acid
Frequently used to clean bricks following the cessation of masonry work
Murphy Bed1 like
murphy bed
A bed that may be bent and manipulated so that it may be placed in a closet
Murphy’s Law 0 likes
A notion or theory that an undertaking or endeavor is destined to fail or yield negative results
Museum 0 likes
A designated structure that maintains and displays significant historical, cultural and scientific objects
Mushroom 0 likes
The unsatisfactory situation that arises when the roof of a caisson concrete pier overflows and congeals to become wider than the base wall thickness
Mushroom Capital 0 likes
A spreading cone-shaped head on a concrete column
Mutual Assent 0 likes
An informed and transparent agreement that parties are committed to upholding a contract
Mutuality 0 likes
The idea or principle that a contract is only able to be implemented and enacted upon when enforced by both parties
MW 0 likes
Moderate Weather; see Grade MW Brick
Mylar 0 likes
Plastic covering utilized by drafters as a drafting instrument
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Detergent, alkali, acid, or another cleaning substance Solvent for cleaning paint equipment



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