Term Definition
MFMA 0 likes
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
Mho 0 likes
A functional measurement or indicator of electrical transference equivalent to the reciprocal of the ohm
MI 0 likes
Malleable Iron
MI Cable 0 likes
Covered or sheathed cable that is protected by mineral
MIA 1 like
Marble Institute of America, 28901 Clemens Road, Suite 100, Cleveland, OH 44145, Tel: (440) 250-9222, Fax: (440) 250-9223, URL: http://www.marble-institute.com/
Masonry Institute of America, previously Masonry Research
MIBK 1 like
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
Mica 0 likes
Classified groupings of silicate minerals that have a structure that is layered
Mica Pigment 1 like
Elongated pigment that is constructed from silicates of aluminum and potassium which are severed into narrow parts; applied as strengthening and supporting pigment because of its capacity to diminish cracking and checking
Micro 2 likes
One millionth part of a stated or determined measurement
Microbiologicals 0 likes
Living organisms or their derivatives such as antigens, bacteria, fungi and viruses that when breathed in can produce an array of health issues such as infectious diseases, allergies, and breathing ailments
Microfarad 0 likes
A measurement or amount of the electrical capacity of a condenser equivalent to 1/1,000,000 farad
Microlam 0 likes
Generally manufactured in l ½ inch thickness‘ and 9 ½ inches, 11 ½ inches and 14 inch widths, a wooden support structure comprised of pressure and adhesive attached pieces of wood with a greater strength rating than solid sawn timber
Microliter 0 likes
One millionth portion of a liter
Micrometer1 like
An apparatus by which short lengths and widths may be precisely determined
A measurement that is equivalent to one millionth of a meter; otherwise known as a Micron
Micron 0 likes
A micrometer; a unit of length that is equal to one millionth of a meter
Micron Gauge1 like
micron gauge
Apparatus or device used to calculate vacuums near to or within a perfect vacuum
Microphone1 like
An apparatus that records or conveys music or the spoken word by converting sound waves into an electric current
Microregionalization 0 likes
Dismantling or separating macrozones into little areas of particular earthquake movement and intensity
Microscope1 like
Optical apparatus with a lens that magnifies specimens that are examined; used in laboratories
Microvolt 0 likes
One millionth part of a volt
Microwatt 0 likes
One millionth part of a watt
Microwave Oven2 likes
microwave oven
An oven that cooks food via the heat that is created from short electromagnetic waves; the dynamic component is the magnetron
Middle Strip 0 likes
The section of a bi-way concrete structure or block that is positioned at the center of two columns
Midget Trowel1 like
midget trowel
Small trowel operated manually and used for pointing in small restrictive places
Mil 0 likes
One length or thickness unit equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch
Milar 1 like
Reproductions of a blueprint which are plastic and able to be seen through
Mild Steel 0 likes
Low strength steel with less than three-tenths of one percent carbon that is not used for structural purposes
Mildew 0 likes
Change in color such as staining or fading as a result of fungi
A leechlike and opportunistic fungus growth prevalent in scantily vented and moist open areas
Mildewcide 0 likes
Living matter that is hazardous or toxic to mildew; stops or inhibits development of mildew
Mile 0 likes
A length of measurement that equates to 5280 feet
Milestone 0 likes
An event with no discernible length and by which the success of the undertaking is determined. A milestone is an informative, instructive signifier only; it does not influence or alter arrangements or established organization
Milieu 0 likes
Location or place
Military Crest 1 like
An outcrop that inhibits or prevents visibility between a lower lying area and a hilltop
Mill 0 likes
A place of work where grinding, machining, product creation, or woodworking takes place
A device that is used to grind or crush
Mill Scale 1 like
Oxide layer created as a consequence of rolling metals under intense heat
Mill White 0 likes
White paint used to increase visibility on interior wall surfaces of buildings; generally glossy or semi-glossy in nature
Mill-Mixed Plaster 0 likes
See Gypsum Ready Mixed Plaster
Milli 0 likes
Linking form signifying or standing for one thousandth (1/1,000); for example, milligram is defined as one thousandth of a gram or milliamp is one thousandth of an amp
Milliammeter 1 like
A device that registers and quantifies minimal amounts of electrical current
Milliampere 0 likes
One thousandth part of an ampere
Millibar 0 likes
One thousandth part of a bar, the system of measurement of atmospheric pressure equal to 100 pascals
Millimeter 0 likes
A measurement of a defined length equivalent to 1/10 of a centimeter or 1/1000 of a meter
Millimicron 0 likes
A measurement of longitudinal distance that is equivalent to one thousandth of a micrometer
A nanometer
Millisecond 0 likes
One thousandth part of a second
Millwork 0 likes
Finished wood supplies produced in millwork plants such as blinds, doors, panels, window and door frames, mantels, stairway parts, and moldings
Milori Blue 0 likes
A pigment that is iron blue in color
Mineral Aggregate 1 like
A combined substance that is largely comprised of nonmetallic, inorganic substances
Mineral Black 0 likes
An organic black pigment such as in graphite
Mineral Dust 0 likes
The smaller pieces and parts of the aggregate that pass through the 0.075 millimeters (No. 200) distillation process
Mineral Fiber Felt 0 likes
Building felt that has mineral wool as its primary component
Mineral Fiber Tile 0 likes
A pre-constructed ceiling tile that is made of mineral fiber and a binder with beneficial heat and sound characteristics
Mineral Filler 0 likes
A lightly and deftly finely separated mineral product at least 70 percent of which will pass a 0.075mm (No. 200) separator or sieve; crushed limestone is the most abundantly produced manufactured filler
Mineral Granules 1 like
Nontransparent, organic or derivatively created colored amalgamate frequently utilized to surface cap sheets and shingles of roofs
Mineral Insulated Cable 0 likes
Electric cable safeguarded with a mineral covering
Mineral Oil1 like
mineral oil
Oil that is gathered via mineral sources and not vegetable sources; generally petroleum or a derivative of its distillate products
Mineral Spirits 0 likes
A transparent petroleum distillate; a solvent for asphalt based surfaces or coverings
Mineral Surfaced 0 likes
Factory constructed roof cap sheet or shingles coated with mineral granules
Mineral Surfaced Roofings 0 likes
Incrementally structured roofing materials whose top surface is composed of a granule-surfaced sheet; an asphalt imbued felt that is covered and safeguarded either on one or all sides and is covered with mineral granules on the side that is open to the natural elements
Mineral Wool 0 likes
Light fibrous products that cushion or restrict heat and sound for insulation purposes
Mineral Wool Insulation1 like
mineral wool insulation
Insulation produced from a clear fibrous material
Minimal 0 likes
Negligible or small
Minimall 0 likes
Shopping center that is not large and typically found in outlying areas
Minor Changes in the Work 0 likes
Alterations called for by the architect that adhere to the objective of the contract documents and do not require a change in the contract total or the time quotas stipulated in the contract
Minus Pressure 0 likes
See Negative Pressure
Minute 1 like
A single entity of measurement of angles, equivalent to 1/60 of a degree
A measurement of time that equals 1/60 of an hour
Exceedingly small or miniscule
Mirror1 like
Glossy surface that reproduces images by reflecting light rays, generally manufactured out of glass with silver layer on the underside
Mirror Frame1 like
mirror frame
The shop produced framework usually made of metal or wood that holds the mirror whilst safeguarding and hiding glass edges
Mirror, Plate1 like
plate mirror
Plate Mirror
Miscellaneous Taxes Payable 0 likes
Predicted taxes that will be incurred in an accounting time frame that require payment to local and state agencies
Miscibility 1 like
Able to be mixed or manufactured identically
Misconduct 0 likes
Unjust or illegal behaviors and actions
Misses 0 likes
To not connect or a failure to complete, such as missing a spot in painting or missing a holiday
Mist-Coat 0 likes
Narrow tack coat; narrow adhesive coat
Mistake 0 likes
A legal axiom or regulation whereby the creation of a contract may be stopped if a party or entity entered into a contract only to discover that the facts were faulty or misleading
Miter Box1 like
miter box
Equipment used to direct a handsaw such that the precise angle is applied whilst constructing a miter joint in wood, metal or plastic
Miter Joint 0 likes
The union of two components at an angle that bisects the interconnecting angle
Mix 0 likes
The procedure or function of mixing; also combination of materials
Mix Design 0 likes
Determining the quantities of the ingredients of a concrete mix
Mixer1 like
An apparatus that combines and amalgamates various components such as mortar and concrete
Mixer Efficiency 0 likes
Capacity and ability of a mixer in rendering an identical product within a designated time frame in concrete making; consistency is measured by testing for corresponding aberrations in physical characteristics of examples gathered from unlike portions of a newly created batch
Mixer, Colloidal 1 like
A mixer that yields colloidal grout
Mixer, Horizontal Shaft 0 likes
See Horizontal Shaft Mixer
Mixer, Kitchen1 like
mixer, kitchen
A kitchen appliance which incorporates or combines food ingredients
Mixer, Non-Tilting 0 likes
A horizontally rotating drum mixer that charges, blends, and releases without slanting
Mixer, Pan 0 likes
See Mixer, Vertical Shaft
Mixer, Plant 0 likes
A functioning installation of apparatus including batchers and mixers needed for batching or for mixing concrete components
Mixer, Tilting 0 likes
A revolving drum mixer that releases by tilting the drum about a firm, stationary or adjustable horizontal axis perpendicular to the drum axis; the drum axis may be horizontal or tilted while it charges and mixes
Mixer, Vertical Shaft 0 likes
A circular or rounded mixing compartment consisting of a straight floor with one or more upright revolving shafts to which blades or paddles are secured; the mixing section may be stationary or it can revolve around a vertical axis
Mixing Chamber 0 likes
The component of a gaswelding or oxygencutting torch where the gases are combined before combustion
Mixing Cycle 0 likes
The period of time it takes for an entire cycle to be finished in a batch mixer
Mixing Faucet1 like
mixing faucet
Distinct faucets that regulate the water temperature with a shared spout
Mixing Speed 0 likes
The revolution rate of a mixer drum or of the paddles in a mixer, usually in revolutions per minute
Mixing Time 0 likes
The time wherein the parts of a batch of concrete are combined by a mixer; for a stationary mixer, the time frame is determined in minutes when the mixer charging ends until the commencement of discharge
Mixing Valve1 like
mixing valve
A valve that allows the combination of liquids, or a gas and a liquid
Mixing Water 0 likes
The water in fresh sandcement grout, concrete or mortar that is separate from any water that was absorbed by the aggregate
Mixing, Open-Top 0 likes
A mixer mounted on a truck with a trough or a cylinder-shaped mixing section where paddles or blades revolve about the trough’s horizontal axis
Mixture 0 likes
The constructed, mixed, amalgamated ingredients of mortar, concrete, or anything similar; or the respective dimensions for their construction
Product of the day

How to Fix Plumbing Noises In Your Home

plumbing fiberglass insulationTo diagnose loud plumbing, you must first determine whether the unwanted sounds occur on the system's inlet side - in other words, when water is turned on - or on the drain side. Noises on the inlet side have various causes: excessive water pressure, worn valve and faucet parts, poorly connected pumps or other appliances, incorrectly placed pipe fasteners, and plumbing runs with excessive tight bends or other restrictions. Noises on the drain side usually originate from poor location or, as with some inlet side noise, a layout with tight bends.


Hissing that occurs when a faucet is opened slightly generally signals excessive water pressure. Consult your local water company if you suspect this problem. They will tell you about the water pressure in your area and if necessary, can install a pressure reducing valve on the incoming water supply pipe.


Thudding, often accompanied by shuddering pipes when a faucet or appliance valve is turned off, is a condition called water hammer. The noise and vibration are caused by the reverberating wave of pressure in the water, which suddenly has no place to go. Sometimes opening a valve that discharges water quickly into a section of piping with a restriction, elbow, or tee fitting can produce the same condition. Water hammer can usually be fixed by installing fittings called air chambers or shock absorbers in the plumbing to which the problem valves or faucets are connected. These devices permit the shock wave produced by the halted flow of water to dissipate in the air, which unlike water, is compressible. Older plumbing systems may have short vertical sections of capped pipe behind walls on faucet runs for the same purpose; these can eventually fill with water, reducing or destroying their effectiveness. The solution is to drain the water system by turning off the main water supply valve and opening all faucets. Then open the main supply valve and close the faucets one at a time, starting with the faucet closest to the valve and ending with the one furthest away.

Chattering or Screeching

Intense chattering or screeching that occurs when a valve or faucet is turned on, and that usually disappears when the fitting is fully open, signals loose or defective internal parts. The solution is to replace the valve or faucet with a new one. Pumps and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers can transfer motor noise to pipes if they are improperly connected. Link these items to plumbing with plastic or rubber hoses - never rigid pipe - to separate them.

Other Inlet Side Noises

Creaking, squeaking, scratching, snapping, and tapping are usually caused by the expansion or contraction of pipes, generally copper ones supplying hot water. The sounds occur as the pipes slide against loose fasteners or strike nearby house framing. You can often pinpoint the location of the problem if the pipes are exposed; just follow the sound when the pipes are making noise. Most likely, you will discover a loose pipe hanger or an area where pipes lie so close to floor joists or other framing pieces that they clatter against them. Attaching foam pipe insulation around the pipes at the point of contact should resolve the problem. Be sure straps and hangers are secure and provide sufficient support. Where possible, pipe fasteners should be connected to large structural elements such as foundation walls instead of framing; doing this reduces the transmission of vibrations from plumbing to surfaces that can amplify and transfer them. If attaching fasteners to framing is unavoidable, wrap pipes with insulation or other resilient material where they contact fasteners, and sandwich the ends of new fasteners between rubber washers when installing them. Correcting plumbing runs that suffer from flow-restricting tight or numerous bends is a last resort that should be performed only after consulting a skilled plumbing contractor. Unfortunately, this situation is common in older homes that may not have been built with indoor plumbing or that have been through several remodels, particularly by unprofessional contractors.

Drainpipe Noise

On the drain side of plumbing, the main goals are to eradicate surfaces that can be struck by falling or rushing water and to insulate pipes to contain unavoidable sounds. In new construction, bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, and wall-mounted sinks and basins should be set on or against resilient under-layments to lower the transmission of sound through them. Water-saving toilets and faucets are less noisy than conventional models; install them instead of older types even if codes in your area still allow older fixtures. Drainpipes that do not run vertically to the basement or that branch into horizontal pipe runs supported at floor joists or other framing present especially troubling noise problems. These pipes are large enough to radiate substantial vibration; they also carry significant amounts of water, which makes the situation worse. In new construction, use cast-iron soil pipes (the large pipes that drain toilets) if you can afford them. Their immense size contains much of the noise made by water traversing them. Also, avoid routing drainpipes in walls shared with bedrooms and rooms where people gather. Walls containing drainpipes should be soundproofed as stated earlier, using double panels of sound-insulating fiberboard and wallboard. Pipes can be wrapped with special fiberglass insulation made for the purpose; these pipes have an impervious vinyl skin that sometimes containing lead. Results are not always acceptable.

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