Term Definition
MB 1 like
A megabyte; 1,024,000 bytes; a measure for digital information storage or transmission 
MBH 0 likes
Measure of thousands of British Thermal Units; for example, 95 MBH = 95,000 BTU
MBMA 0 likes
Metal Building Manufacturers Association
MC2 likes
Medicine Cabinet
Medium-Curing Asphalt
MCM 1 like
Measure of a thousand circular mils, designating wire size
MCS 2 likes
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; a condition where one is sensitive to various chemicals in very slight concentrations
MDF 1 like
Medium-Density Fiberboard
ME 2 likes
Mechanical Engineer
Mean 1 like
The middle term in a progression of values; average
Mean Effective Pressure (MEP) 0 likes
Average pressure on a surface with changing pressure
Mean Radiant Temperature 1 like
Weighted average of radiating surface temperatures in a line of sight
Meat Case 0 likes
A refrigerated unit for storing and preserving meat
Mechanical 0 likes
Anything relating to machinery or tools such as in heating, plumbing, or air-conditioning
Relating to the principles of mechanics
Mechanical Adhesion 1 like
When an adhesive holds the parts of a surface together by interlocking
Mechanical Application 0 likes
Applying of plaster mortar mechanically, usually pumping and spraying; unlike rendering by hand with a trowel
Mechanical Bond 0 likes
Physical setting of a plaster coat to another or to the plaster base
Fastening masonry units with metal ties, reinforcing steel or keys
Mechanical Cycle 2 likes
Repetitive series of mechanical events
Mechanical Engineer 3 likes
An engineer who designs plumbing, air conditioning, and other environmental systems for buildings and structures
Mechanical Skimmer2 likes
mechanical skimmer
See Surface Skimmer
Mechanical Trowel 4 likes
Mechanical equipment with rotating metal or rubber blades employed to level and compress coats of plaster finish; creates very smooth, compact surfaces; also called a Power Trowel
Mechanics Lien 1 like
A claim on real property, by statute, favoring those who provide building labor or materials for the same value; in some areas, this lien can apply to professional services. Clear property title depends on the discharge of the lien, based on settlement of the claim and filing within a specified time frame is crucial to support the claim
Median 0 likes
The value with an equal number of values above and below
A straight line joining an angle of a triangle with the middle of the side opposite
Median Strip 1 like
An island space between opposing traffic lanes, for instance in a dual carriageway
Mediation 1 like
A dispute resolution process whereby a mediator helps the people or entities to reach agreement; a mediator can do no more than encourage and guide the parties to reach for such an agreement
Medical Equipment 0 likes
Equipment that is employed in medical procedures
Medical Gases 1 like
Gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide reticulated through laboratories and wards in a hospital
Medical Incinerator 0 likes
A furnace for the destruction of medical wastes
Medical Sterilizer3 likes
medical sterilizer
Equipment in which elevated temperatures or chemicals are used sterilize medical equipment
Medical Surveillance 0 likes
A regular detailed assessment of an employee’s health
The assessments necessary to comply with those specified conditions set down for medical surveillance by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Medical Utensil Washer 2 likes
A washing machine which applies elevated temperatures to sterilize medical equipment and utensils
Medical Waste 1 like
Waste arising from hospital and other medical procedures
Medicine Cabinet1 like
medicine cabinet
A cabinet holding first aid items, medicines and toiletries
Medieval Cities 1 like
Fortified cities designed to optimize land use; often characterized by irregular street payouts and with a ‘city within a city’ acting as a secure bastion
Medium Density Fiberboard1 like
medium density fiberboard
A panel made from biomass fibers, namely lignocellulosic fibers, held together by a synthetic resin or another appropriate adhesive; the panels are made to a specific density and gravity by applying heat and pressure during which the bond between the fibers is reinforced by the adhesive material; the manufacturer may include additional materials to improve the fiberboard
Medium Duty Tile1 like
medium duty tile
This durable tile can be used for walkways, entryways, corridors that have a lot of pedestrians
Medium Needle Valve1 like
medium needle valve
A medium needle valve is used in many applications such as the chemical/petrochemical, water-blast, research, and oil and gas industries providing a leak tight reliable connection for gas and liquid service.
Medium-Curing (MC) Asphalt 2 likes
Cutback asphalt made from asphalt cement and diluted with a kerosene-like thinner
Meeting Attendance Form 1 like
A form designed to register the date of a meeting and identify the participants by recording their name, job title or role and their company; every attendee adds this data to the form
Meeting Notes 0 likes
The meeting minutes or report that lists relevant projects by number and title, date, and time frame; also included are the location of the meeting, attendees, and strategies discussed and executed at the meeting; the notes are provided to all attendees and made available to other interested parties
Meeting Rail 0 likes
See Checkrail
Meeting Room 0 likes
A venue where meetings take place, on or offsite
Megahertz 1 like
1,000,000 hertz; the hertz being the unit of radio frequency or cycles per second
Megalopolis 1 like
An extremely large, highly populated city
The name given to a large metropolitan area, which may contain numerous cities and towns
Megawatt 0 likes
1,000,000 watts; a watt being the unit of power equal to the power produced by a current of one ampere acting across a potential difference of one volt
Megohm 0 likes
1,000,000 ohms; the ohm being the unit of measure for electrical resistance
Megohmmeter3 likes
Instrument for measuring very high resistances, in millions of ohms
MEK 0 likes
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Melt 0 likes
Applying heat to a solid, such as ice, will melt it into water, a liquid; the term is also used for the liquid produced
Melt Point 1 like
The specific temperature for turning asphalt from solid to liquid
Melting Point 1 like
Solids turn into liquids at their melting point; the specific temperature where melting occurs
Melting Rate 0 likes
The weight or length of electrode melted in a unit of time; how much electrode is melted in a unit of time, measured by weight or length in welding; sometimes called the Burnoff Rate
Member 0 likes
A complete unit in a structure or building
Membrane 0 likes
A sheet of material that will not be altered by water or vapor
Somewhat flexible cover often used for roofing and waterproofing to stop water from damaging a structure
Membrane Fireproofing 2 likes
This material made from lath and plaster serves as an obstacle to fire and extreme heat
Membrane Roof 0 likes
A waterproof cover placed on top of a roof to prevent water leakage; this is often one piece of material
Membrane Waterproofing 1 like
A waterproof floor over a substrate usually consisting of roofing or sheet material taking in tiles with a wire strengthened mortar bed
Membrane, Neoprene 0 likes
See Neoprene Membrane
Meniscus 0 likes
The curved upper surface of a liquid within a tube, concave when the liquid dampens the tube, and convex otherwise
MEP 2 likes
Mean Effective Pressure
Mercalli Scale 1 like
System that ascertains the location an earthquake’s epicenter; areas of intensity are delineated through observation of the damages incurred
Mercoid Bulb 0 likes
Electric circuit switch employing a small amount of mercury in a sealed glass tube to open or close contact with terminals in the tube
Mercury 0 likes
A poisonous, silvery-white metal used in amalgams, barometers, thermometers, electrical switches, and lamps; the sole metal that is liquid at room temperature
Mercury Fixture 1 like
A light fitting with an electric discharge lamp producing a blue-white light with an arc in mercury vapor sealed in a globe or tube
Mercury Switch2 likes
mercury switch
An electrical switch that has mercury sealed in a vial that produces a silent contact
Meridian Lines 0 likes
Imaginary lines spanning between the North and South poles, perpendicular to the equator; longitudinal lines
Mesh1 like
Material woven in a net formation
Mesh Tape 1 like
See Joint Reinforcing Mesh
Mesh Tie 1 like
A wire that binds mesh sheets to ensure they will remain stationary while concrete is being placed on the mesh
Mesh Wire 0 likes
A series of longitudinal and transverse wire sheets or rolls, perpendicular to each other, that reinforce mortar and concrete; welded-wire material
Mesh, Slab 1 like
See Slab Mesh
Message Tube 1 like
A cylinder-shaped tube that enables messages to be transported between levels of a structure via air suction
Met 0 likes
The amount of heat (50 kcal per hour) that a human releases while stationary
Metal 2 likes
A malleable, ductile material that has luster, conducts heat and electricity, such as iron or copper
Any alloy; mixture of metals
Metal Anchor1 like
metal anchor
A bolt or clasp composed of metal to fasten objects
Metal Beam Anchor 3 likes
A steel object used to balance beams, columns and girders when lifting loads
Metal Bridging 2 likes
Oblique or longitudinal metal components that accurately space, position and evenly disperse the load of horizontal wooden components
Metal Building 0 likes
The construction of a frame, roof and wall panels from metal; the materials are factory manufactured, delivered to construction site, and then assembled
Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) 0 likes
1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, Tel: (216) 241-7333, URL: www.mbma.com
Metal Chimney3 likes
metal chimney
A vertical structure, composed of metal, which provides an exit pathway for gas and smoke
Metal Clad Cable 0 likes
A steel jacket electrical channel that envelopes insulated wires
Metal Clad Door 1 like
A door made of wood that is enclosed by sheet metal
Metal Clip Angle 2 likes
An angled instrument composed of metal that fastens two objects
Metal Cripple Stud 0 likes
A metal fastener, smaller than standard height, used above or below an opening
Metal Decking1 like
decking metal
A metal sheet with grooves and one or two layers of steel; used for building floors and roofs
Metal Door Buck Anchor 0 likes
A steel anchor used for attaching a door buck or jamb to concrete or masonry
Metal Ductwork1 like
metal ductwork
A HVAC system of ducts that is manufactured from light sheet metal
Metal Electrode1 like
metal electrode
A metal wire that used for arc welding; may be coated
Metal Fabrication 2 likes
Creating metal structures, devices or implements
Metal Floor Track1 like
metal floor track
A steel channel that runs horizontally along the bottom of a wall and can accept metal studs
Metal Framing1 like
metal framing
Constructing a building with steel; framing the structure using steel members and metal studs
Metal Framing Anchor 0 likes
A metal device that transfers the load of a structure from one member to another member or structure
Metal Furring 2 likes
An extension of metal connected to a masonry or concrete wall that allows finish substances to be attached to the wall
Metal Girder Anchor 1 like
Stable steel components that stabilize fixed components such as beams, girders and columns thereby preventing movement as a result of upward or side to side movement
Metal Grating1 like
metal grating
A metal formation consisting of interconnecting bars that permits water drainage whilst ensuring the safety of people and vehicles moving or travelling over the opening of the drain
Metal Halide Lamp1 like
metal halide lamp
A lamp that produces light as a result of the impact of electricity on vapors of metals
Metal Joist2 likes
metal joist
A level stretch of cold formed metal that provides structure and support for a floor, ceiling or flat roof in order to convey loads to bearing points; also referred to as a Bar Joist
Metal Joist Anchor 0 likes
Solid steel attachments that connect joist ends to beams or wall plates thereby stopping any upward and sideways movement
Metal Joist Bridging 0 likes
Metal formations arranged in horizontal and transecting figurations that ensure the metal joists are evenly distributed, perfectly straight and able to support the full weight
Metal Joist Hanger2 likes
metal joist hanger
Solid, intact steel part that stabilizes the ends of load bearing joists and carries loads to another joist or beam
Metal Lath 0 likes
Slit metal sheets that are used as plaster bases for walls and ceilings and as a form of reinforcement over a range of plaster base
Metal Lintel 1 like
A level metal structure that extends across and supports the load over an opening
Metal Louver1 like
metal louver
Set or adjustable flaps made of metal that are used within the framed opening of a wall or door
Metal Pan Stair 0 likes
A solid stair shaped construction designed to carry precast or cast-in place concrete, masonry, or stone in sheet metal pans at the treads and landings
Metal Primer1 like
metal primer
The first layer or coating that is used in finishing metal
Metal Quarry Tile Rack 1 like
Racks made in a diverse range of patterns as well as being constructed from requested orders and used to ensure that uniform joint widths are maintained between quarry tiles
Metal Rafter 1 like
Straight or level cold formed metal that frames the floor, ceiling or roof such that loads can be safely distributed to bearing points
Metal Railing1 like
metal railing
Rails and posts made of metal that may take the form of a guard or open fence
Metal Railing Bracket1 like
metal railing bracket
A mechanism made of metal that supports railings
Metal Roof Removal 0 likes
The procedure of dismantling and discarding an old metal roof
Metal Shear Plate 1 like
Metal plates that carry and support the shear loads between timber pieces and structures
Metal Shingle 0 likes
A metal roof cover that overlaps
Metal external wall finish placed over sheathing
Metal Sleeper Clip 0 likes
Metal clip that fastens wooden sleepers onto a concrete floor
Metal Stair 1 like
A metal step or steps from one level or floor to another
Metal Stair Pan 1 like
A stair that holds concrete or stone units at the treads in metal sheet pans
Metal Stud1 like
steel stud
Vertical steel channel in a framed wall
Metal Stud Bracing 0 likes
A component employed to stop metal studs from rotating or warping
Metal Stud Bracing, Horizontal 3 likes
Horizontal component that stiffens and stops metal studs from rotating or warping
Metal Tie Strap 1 like
Steel part that keeps wooden framing members together
Metal Timber Connector 1 like
Metal devices that transfer structural loads between timber members, other material members or supporting structures
Metal Toilet Partition 0 likes
A prefabricated divider wall in a room that contains a toilet
Metal Toothed Ring 1 like
Metal rings with toothed edge in wood that inhibits shear
Metal Track2 likes
metal track
Channel-shaped horizontal steel part at the top or bottom that accepts metal studs
Metal Trim 0 likes
See Casing and Bead
Metal-Clad Cable 1 like
Fabricated insulated conductors surrounded by a flexible metal
Metal-Electrode-Arc Welding 1 like
Arc welding with metal electrodes
Metallic Color Tile1 like
metallic color tile
Tile with metal flake coating in order to reflect light
Metallic Grout 0 likes
Grout with metal flake coating to reflect light
Metallic Soap 0 likes
A metal and organic acid mixture; employed to dry, treat fungi, and act as suspending and flatting agents
Metallize 2 likes
To spread a thin metal layer over another material; to cover something with metal
Metallurgy 1 like
The science concerned with the properties of metals and their production, purification, and applications
Meter1 like
A device which measures electrical current, gas, or water consumption
A metric unit equal to 100 centimeters or 1000 millimeters; one meter equals 39.37 inches
Meter Center 2 likes
Room housing meters which measure the consumption of electricity, water, and gas
Meter Center, Indoor 1 like
See Indoor Meter Center
Meter Socket1 like
meter socket
An electrical plug into which an electric meter is inserted
Meter Stop 2 likes
A valve which enables installation or removal of the water meter on a water main between the street and the meter
Meter, Electric2 likes
meter electric
See Electric Meter
Meter, Gas2 likes
gas meter
Automated gauge that quantifies and documents the amount of gas passing a specific point; See Gas Meter
Meter, Water1 like
meter, water
See Water Meter
Metering 3 likes
The automated method of measuring water, electricity or gas consumption
Metes and Bounds 1 like
A legal way of describing land; each section of the boundary is described in prose by its orientation and surrounding landmarks
Methane 0 likes
Gaseous hydrocarbon which is extremely flammable, colorless and odorless produced by decomposing organic material in marshes and mines or by converting coal into carbon; can be burned for fuel and employed as a basic material in chemical synthesis; also known as marsh gas or firedamp
Method of Joints 0 likes
Mathematics employed to ascertain forces in the components of a truss or frame structure
Methods of Sections 3 likes
Mathematics employed to define forces in various members of a frame or truss structure
Methyl Acetate 0 likes
An aromatic combustible fluid used as a lacquer thinner that dissolves varnish
Methyl Alcohol 2 likes
Alcohol acquired as a result of the decomposition of wood that is toxic to humans; also known as methanol
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) 0 likes
An industrial cleaning solvent; combustible
Methyl Formate 0 likes
A clear liquid with low surface tension and high vapor pressure; frequently used as a refrigerator coolant
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) 0 likes
A potent organic compound, highly flammable, used as a solvent
Metopes 0 likes
See Tryglyphs and Metopes
Metric System 1 like
A decimal system of measurement, founded on the meter, which is further divided into centimeters and millimeters
Mexican Paver Tile 0 likes
Handcrafted tile which is employed primarily for flooring; similar to terra cotta, the texture and appearance differ; sealants prevent these delicate tiles from deteriorating with usage
Mezzanine 0 likes
A structure separating two major stories of a building that has a low-lying ceiling or roof; a middle interconnecting story that presents in the shape of a balcony
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