Term Definition
Machine Room 1 like
Room which houses commercial and industrial refrigeration machinery (except the evaporators)
Macrozones 1 like
Sizeable zones of earthquake activity defined by the Uniform Building Code Map
Madder 1 like
Coloring matter originally derived from a pulverized plant root, now mostly produced synthetically
Magnesium Silicate 0 likes
White extender pigment which adds fluffiness to substances; provides very slight opacity
Magnet4 likes
A solid body that can attract iron and create a magnetic field outside itself
Magnetic 2 likes
Having the characteristics of a magnet
Magnetic Catch3 likes
magnetic catch
A cabinet catch that employs a magnet to keep the door closed
Magnetic Clutch 3 likes
Apparatus controlled by magnetism that connects and disconnects a power drive
Magnetic Compass1 like
magnetic compass
An instrument that displays magnetic north direction and compass bearings
Magnetic Core 1 like
Magnetic field center
Magnetic Door Holder4 likes
magnetic door holder
A door holder that employs a magnet to maintain it in an open position
Magnetic Field 0 likes
Area of variable force around magnets, magnetic substances, or current-carrying conductors
Magnetic Gasket 1 like
Door-sealing material that maintains a tightly closed door using small magnets in a gasket
Magnetic Hammer1 like
magnetic hammer
A special hammer magnetically sensitized to grip a metal fastener
Magnetic Pole 0 likes
Either of the north or south poles of a magnet
Magnetic Starter2 likes
magnetic starter
Automatic protective equipment operated by an electromagnet that insures a motor does not receive too much current during start up
Magnetism 1 like
A field of force by which a magnet attracts iron, nickel-cobalt or other ferrous materials
Magnetite 1 like
An aggregate made up mainly of ferrous metaferrite, a black magnetic iron ore, used in heavyweight concrete
Magnetron1 like
A diode vacuum tube where the electron flow is controlled by an external magnetic field to generate power at microwave frequencies; the active element of a microwave oven
Magnification Factor 1 like
Intensification of lateral forces at a particular site for a specific factor or set of conditions
Magnitude 2 likes
Measurement of the size of an earthquake in terms of the quantity of energy released
Mahogany Veneer3 likes
mahogany veneer
Thin layer of straight-grained mid-density wood for exterior decorative purposes
MAI 0 likes
Member of the Appraisal Institute; a professional description of a licensed real estate appraiser
Mail Chute2 likes
mail chute
Inclined or vertical hollow channel through which mail travels
Main 0 likes
The chief pipe, duct, or cable in an electrical, gas, water, sewer or other utility system
Main Breaker1 like
main breaker
A switch which operates the service wires in the main electrical service panel
Primary protective electrical service apparatus where power enters a building
Main Drain 0 likes
See Main Outlet
Main Outlet 0 likes
Outlet fitting at the bottom of a swimming pool, hot tub or spa through which water passes to the recirculating pump; also called Main Drain or Sump Pot
Main Runners 0 likes
The heaviest supporting components of a suspended ceiling; primary runners are reinforced by hangers secured to the building structure which support furring channels or rods to which lath is attached
Main Switch1 like
main switch
See Service Disconnect
Maintenance 1 like
Organized preservation of property or equipment
Maintenance Equipment 2 likes
Tools to preserve and clean property or equipment
Maintenance Painting 1 like
Repair painting; any painting done after the first paint job
All painting except the painting completed for aesthetic purposes
Maisonette 1 like
A small house
An apartment with two floors
Maisoning 0 likes
Process of planning, keying and master keying a building; particularly multifaceted hotel and office building systems
Majolica 0 likes
Decorated earthenware with an opaque glaze
Make-Up Air 1 like
Fresh air brought entering a building through the ventilation system
Make-Up Water 0 likes
Fresh water employed to fill or refill a swimming pool
Male 1 like
A part designed to fit into female part; external threads are male
Male Thread1 like
male thread
External threads on a pipe or fitting
Malice 0 likes
Conscious desire to do harm
Malicious Prosecution 0 likes
Pursuing a lawsuit with intent to do harm without probable cause
Mall 1 like
An enclosed walk or promenade
A shopping area grouped around a common pedestrian area serving the general public
Malleable 0 likes
When metals can be formed into new shapes by hammering and bending
Malleable Iron 0 likes
Iron that can be hammered or bent into a new shape without breaking
Malleable Strap 0 likes
A metal fastening plate that can be hammered or bent into a new shape without breaking
Mallet1 like
A hammer with a wood head
Malpractice 0 likes
Negligent action or omission by a professional
Malpractice Insurance 1 like
See Errors and Omissions Insurance
Managerial Competence 0 likes
Capable of fulfilling the responsibilities and functions associated with management such as planning, control, communication, and cooperation
Mandrel2 likes
A metal bar serving as the center around which material is cast, molded, bent, forged, or formed differently
The shaft and bearings on which a tool is installed, such as with a drill or circular saw
Mandrel Test 0 likes
A physical bending test for bonding and flexibility
Manganese 1 like
Grey-white, tough, brittle, metallic element similar to iron but not magnetic
Mineral that is in the clay employed in brickmaking
Manhole 1 like
A hole where a person may pass to access an underground or enclosed structure
Manhole Base 1 like
Cast iron frame which fits a manhole cover
Manhole Cover 0 likes
A heavy steel or iron cover employed to access underground work via a manhole
Manhole Removal 2 likes
Excavating a manhole and removing it
Manhole, Communication 0 likes
See Communication Manhole
Manhole, Electric 0 likes
See Electric Manhole
Manhole, Watertight 1 like
See Watertight Manhole
Manifold 1 like
A pipe fitting with many lateral outlets to join a pipe with other pipes
Manifold Gauge1 like
manifold gauge
Chamber device made to hold compound and high-pressure gauges; valves control fluid flow through it
Manifold, Service 0 likes
See Service Manifold
Manila Paper1 like
manila paper
See Cream Paper
Manila Resins 1 like
Alcohol soluble natural resin
Manometer1 like
Pressure gauge for gases and liquids
Manor 0 likes
The house of a landed estate
Mansard Roof 0 likes
A hip roof with four sloping sides, each becoming steeper part of the way down
Mansion 2 likes
A large impressive residence
Mantel 0 likes
Protruding shelf above a fireplace opening; also can be a decorative trim around a fireplace opening
Mantle 3 likes
The main part of the earth that lies between the crust and the core
Manual 0 likes
Achieved by way of the hands
A book of instructions for operating a machine, or carrying out a procedure
Manual Frost Control 0 likes
Manual control that produces defrosting in a refrigerating system
Manual Proportioning Control 1 like
Control system where proportions of aggregate and asphalt are controlled by gates or valves manually in an asphalt batching plant; the system may also include power assist apparatus to open and close the gate and valves
Manufactory 0 likes
A factory
Manufacture 0 likes
Producing items usually in a factory for industrial purposes
Manufactured Roof 0 likes
Factory-produced roof system
Manufactured Wall 0 likes
Factory-produced wall system
Manufactured Wood 0 likes
Wood item such as a gluelam, truss, joist, or a beam made from smaller wood pieces and glued or mechanically secured to create a larger product; often used to create a sturdier part that uses less wood. See also Oriented Strand Board
Manufacturer’s Specifications 0 likes
Written instructions from the manufacturer which may need to be implemented to maintain the warrantee of an item
Manufacturer’s Bond 2 likes
Surety company’s guarantee that it will honor a manufacturer’s liability to finance repairs created by ordinary wear generally limited to 5, 10, 15 or 20 years
Map1 like
Two-dimensional visual representation of all or a part of the earth’s surface
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) 0 likes
11 Deer Lake Road, Suite 100, Deerfield, Illinois 60015, Tel: (888) 480-9138, URL: www.maplefloor.org
Mar 0 likes
To disfigure, spoil or detract from something
Marble1 like
Granular to compact crystallized limestone that can take a high polish, employed in architecture and sculpture
Marble Chips1 like
marble chips
Maximally hard graded collective produced from crushed marble thrown or blown onto a soft plaster bedding coat to create marblecrete
Marble Flooring 1 like
A floor finished with marble
Marble Mosaic Tile2 likes
marble mosaic tile
Tile consisting of small varying marble pieces that generally about ½ inch square
Marble Paver 0 likes
Hard, tough igneous stone employed on driveways and patios with or without mortar
Marble Tiles1 like
marble tiles
Marble tile 12 inch square or less, generally ½ inch to ¾ inches thick, offered in various finishes such as polished, split-faced or honed
Marble, Imported1 like
marble imported
See Imported Marble
Marblecrete 0 likes
Marble chip embedded finish for plaster
Marbleizing 1 like
See Faux Marble
Marblite 0 likes
Plaster lining made of marble granules combined with white cement to finish concrete pools
Marezzo 0 likes
An imitation marble with color pigments produced with Keenes cement
Marine Plywood 0 likes
Plywood panels with additional constricting veneer quality characteristics
Marine Varnish1 like
marine varnish
Varnish designed to resist lengthy submersion in salt water or fresh water and contact with maritime atmosphere
Marked Crossing 0 likes
A crosswalk or path for pedestrians to traverse a vehicular way
Market Area 2 likes
The geographic area from which a business obtains its customer base
Market Data Approach 0 likes
A real estate appraisal approach where a property is compared to other properties that have just been sold or leased
Market Study 1 like
Future demand forecast in a specific market area for a real estate project considered for development on a specific site
Market Value 1 like
The current price of a unit on the open market where savvy buyers and sellers are not coerced to complete the transaction
Marketable Title 1 like
Land title unhindered by any lien that could impact its worth or marketability
Marl 3 likes
Calcareous clay generally found in defunct fresh water basins, wetlands, or at the bottom of shallow lakes
Marquee2 likes
Canopy above an entrance
Large tent for outdoor receptions
Marquetry 0 likes
Decorative work produced by including pieces of material such as wood or ivory in a wood veneer, then adding it to the surface of furniture
Masking 0 likes
Protecting areas not to be painted with masking tape
Applying protective materials employed in plastering machine applications
Masking Power 3 likes
Ability of a fired glaze to visually mask a material
Masking Tape2 likes
masking tape
Adhesive paper tape that masks or protects parts of a surface
Mason 1 like
Skilled tradesperson who works with stone or brick, especially in the building trades; see Stone mason or Brick mason
Masonite3 likes
Trademark; Fiberboard building panels produced from steam-exploded wood fiber and binders
Masonry 2 likes
Stone, brick, tile or similar building materials usually bonded with mortar to create a wall
Masonry Accessory 2 likes
Component needed for masonry construction
Masonry Anchor 1 like
A fastening mechanism employed in a masonry wall
Masonry Base 1 like
The lowest path of masonry in a footing, foundation or wall
Masonry Bricks 0 likes
Bricks shaped and molded in diverse sizes
Masonry Cement 0 likes
Portland cement with dry admixtures that augments the effectiveness of mortar
Masonry Chimney 1 like
Vertical noncombustible masonry construction with a flue that enables the removal of smoke and other gases
Masonry Cleaning 1 like
Removal of extra grout, concrete and mortar stains from an exterior masonry structure surface; in older structures, the cleaning is usually achieved with steam or chemicals, and occasionally with sandblasting
Masonry Control Joint 2 likes
A groove in a masonry joint to control where cracking occurs
Masonry Facing Panel 1 like
Masonry construction with a decorative external surface
Masonry Flashing 1 like
A thin sheet of plastic, metal, rubber or waterproof paper that stops water passing through a joint in a wall, roof, or other structure; the material employed and the process to waterproof roof joints and other unprotected parts of external masonry
Masonry Floor 0 likes
Shaped or molded masonry including stone, brick, tile, or concrete units employed as finished floor coverings
Masonry Furring 1 like
Metal or wood strips attached to a masonry surface where wall boards or sheathing is connected
Masonry Grout0 likes
masonry grout
Cementitious material and aggregates in water that fills hollow areas of cavities and masonry units
Masonry Insulation 0 likes
Insulation for hollow masonry units
Masonry Lintel 0 likes
Masonry component positioned in a masonry wall to support loads above an opening
Masonry Manhole 0 likes
Masonry vertical access shaft from the surface to the underground service area
Masonry Painting 0 likes
Paint used to seal or color masonry
Masonry Paver 0 likes
Shaped or molded stone, concrete, ceramic brick or tile, or cast-in place concrete units employed for patios and driveways
Masonry Plaque1 like
masonry plaque
An inscribed tablet constructed with shaped or molded units composed of stone, tile, brick, or concrete
Masonry Plaster 1 like
A plaster surface on masonry usually made from a cement-based mixture, usually stucco on newer buildings
Masonry Reinforcing 0 likes
Lateral steel rods, wire, or mesh positioned between masonry units
Masonry Research 0 likes
See Masonry Institute of America
Masonry Restoration 1 like
Repairing a masonry structure
Masonry Sandblast 2 likes
Scraping or cutting masonry structure surfaces with sand discharged from a nozzle at high speed to clean masonry; employed rarely because it can remove the glazed or polished exterior surface
Masonry Society, The (TMS) 0 likes
105 South Sunset Street, Suite Q, Longmont, CO 80501-6172, Tel: (303) 939-9700, Fax: 303-541-9215, URL: www.masonrysociety.org
Masonry Tie 1 like
A reinforcing strip, wire or bar employed to link masonry courses or secure them with a wood or concrete backup wall
Masonry Unit 1 like
Any brick, tile, block or stone employed in masonry construction
Masonry Veneer 1 like
A nonstructural layer of brick or stone connected on the exterior of a masonry structure or wood framed wall
Masonry Vent3 likes
masonry vent
Opening in a masonry structure to supply natural unprocessed ventilation
Masonry Wall 1 like
A wall made of stone, brick or concrete block
Masonry Waterproofing 1 like
Materials applied to masonry structures to waterproof them
Masonry, Gypsum 1 like
See Gypsum Masonry
Masons Hammer2 likes
masons hammer
Masons and tile setters tool that scores and cuts tile, block, stone, or brick
Mass 0 likes
Quantity of matter that forms a body that may have an indefinite shape; also the quantity of a body that measures its inertia
Mass Concrete 0 likes
Concrete without reinforcing; known as plain concrete
Large quantity of concrete cast in place to resist loads
Mass Curing 2 likes
Adiabatic curing that employs sealed holders
Mass Law 0 likes
The law associated with the transmission loss of walls in acoustics that in a part of a frequency range, the magnitude of the loss is totally regulated by the mass per unit area of the panel; additionally, the transmission loss increases one decibel for each doubling of frequency or doubling of the panel mass per unit area
Master Key3 likes
master key
A key that opens numerous locks, although each have been separately keyed
Masterformat 0 likes
Copyrighted title of a uniform indexing system for construction specifications created by the Construction Specifications Institute and Construction Specifications Canada, called the CSI format or numbering system
Masterkeying 1 like
An arrangement of door lock cylinders with individual key changes that can be operated by a single key called the master key
Mastic 1 like
A pasty organic adhesive material employed as cement for setting tile or a protective coating for thermal insulation or waterproofing; see Asphalt Mastic and Flashing Cement
Mastic Grout 0 likes
A chemical mixture of organic and inorganic ingredients from the manufacturer which is more flexible and stain resistant than cement grout
Mat 0 likes
Large footing or foundation slab employed to reinforce a structure
A framework of reinforcing bars
Mat Formwork 1 like
Temporary reinforcement for a concrete mat during pouring or placing of concrete
Mat Foundation 0 likes
A concrete slab employed as a building, structure, or equipment foundation
Mat Glaze 1 like
Ceramic glaze with low gloss
Mat Reinforcing 1 like
Positioning of metal or steel bars in freshly poured concrete mat for reinforcement
Mat, Concrete 0 likes
See Concrete Mat
Mat, Floor1 like
floor mat
See Floor Mat
Matched Lumber 2 likes
Edge-dressed shaped lumbar that creates a close tongue-and-groove joint
Matching 0 likes
Machining boards that produce tongue and groove joints
Material 0 likes
Matter from which things are created; Important, essential, and relevant; physical things required for construction
Material Handling 1 like
Moving materials to and from a jobsite or workplace
Materialman 0 likes
A person or organization that provides construction materials for a project
Materials Used 0 likes
Includes the cost of materials for a project
Matrix 0 likes
Material that fills the spaces between the fine and course aggregates in concrete; the cement paste
Matter 0 likes
A physical substance that has mass and occupies space; either solid, liquid, or gas
Mattock2 likes
A hand tool for digging, grubbing, trimming and shaping wood similar to an axe with an arched blade perpendicular to the handle
Maturing Range 0 likes
The time-temperature range that a ceramic, glaze, or other material is fired to produce specific characteristics
Maturity Date 0 likes
Date when a commitment is due
Maul1 like
A heavy hammer for driving wedges
An implement similar to a sledge hammer with a wedge-shaped end employed for splitting wood
Maulstick 0 likes
A light stick with a padded leather ball at an end grasped by a painter in one hand to support the other hand
Mausoleum 2 likes
A large impressive tomb
Maximum Capable Earthquake 2 likes
Maximum earthquake ground shaking anticipated at a building site within the known geological conditions; the level of earthquake ground motion that has a 10 percent probability of being surpassed in a 100 years
MB 1 like
A megabyte; 1,024,000 bytes; a measure for digital information storage or transmission 
MBH 0 likes
Measure of thousands of British Thermal Units; for example, 95 MBH = 95,000 BTU
MBMA 0 likes
Metal Building Manufacturers Association
MC2 likes
Medicine Cabinet
Medium-Curing Asphalt
MCM 1 like
Measure of a thousand circular mils, designating wire size
MCS 2 likes
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; a condition where one is sensitive to various chemicals in very slight concentrations
MDF 1 like
Medium-Density Fiberboard
ME 1 like
Mechanical Engineer
Mean 1 like
The middle term in a progression of values; average
Mean Effective Pressure (MEP) 0 likes
Average pressure on a surface with changing pressure
Mean Radiant Temperature 1 like
Weighted average of radiating surface temperatures in a line of sight
Meat Case 0 likes
A refrigerated unit for storing and preserving meat
Mechanical 0 likes
Anything relating to machinery or tools such as in heating, plumbing, or air-conditioning
Relating to the principles of mechanics
Mechanical Adhesion 1 like
When an adhesive holds the parts of a surface together by interlocking
Mechanical Application 0 likes
Applying of plaster mortar mechanically, usually pumping and spraying; unlike rendering by hand with a trowel
Mechanical Bond 0 likes
Physical setting of a plaster coat to another or to the plaster base
Fastening masonry units with metal ties, reinforcing steel or keys
Mechanical Cycle 2 likes
Repetitive series of mechanical events
Mechanical Engineer 3 likes
An engineer who designs plumbing, air conditioning, and other environmental systems for buildings and structures
Mechanical Skimmer2 likes
mechanical skimmer
See Surface Skimmer
Mechanical Trowel 2 likes
Mechanical equipment with rotating metal or rubber blades employed to level and compress coats of plaster finish; creates very smooth, compact surfaces; also called a Power Trowel
Mechanics Lien 0 likes
A claim on real property, by statute, favoring those who provide building labor or materials for the same value; in some areas, this lien can apply to professional services. Clear property title depends on the discharge of the lien, based on settlement of the claim and filing within a specified time frame is crucial to support the claim
Median 0 likes
The value with an equal number of values above and below
A straight line joining an angle of a triangle with the middle of the side opposite
Median Strip 1 like
An island space between opposing traffic lanes, for instance in a dual carriageway
Mediation 1 like
A dispute resolution process whereby a mediator helps the people or entities to reach agreement; a mediator can do no more than encourage and guide the parties to reach for such an agreement
Medical Equipment 0 likes
Equipment that is employed in medical procedures
Medical Gases 1 like
Gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide reticulated through laboratories and wards in a hospital
Medical Incinerator 0 likes
A furnace for the destruction of medical wastes
Medical Sterilizer3 likes
medical sterilizer
Equipment in which elevated temperatures or chemicals are used sterilize medical equipment
Medical Surveillance 0 likes
A regular detailed assessment of an employee’s health
The assessments necessary to comply with those specified conditions set down for medical surveillance by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Medical Utensil Washer 1 like
A washing machine which applies elevated temperatures to sterilize medical equipment and utensils
Medical Waste 1 like
Waste arising from hospital and other medical procedures
Medicine Cabinet1 like
medicine cabinet
A cabinet holding first aid items, medicines and toiletries
Medieval Cities 1 like
Fortified cities designed to optimize land use; often characterized by irregular street payouts and with a ‘city within a city’ acting as a secure bastion
Medium Density Fiberboard1 like
medium density fiberboard
A panel made from biomass fibers, namely lignocellulosic fibers, held together by a synthetic resin or another appropriate adhesive; the panels are made to a specific density and gravity by applying heat and pressure during which the bond between the fibers is reinforced by the adhesive material; the manufacturer may include additional materials to improve the fiberboard
Medium Duty Tile1 like
medium duty tile
This durable tile can be used for walkways, entryways, corridors that have a lot of pedestrians
Medium Needle Valve1 like
medium needle valve
A medium needle valve is used in many applications such as the chemical/petrochemical, water-blast, research, and oil and gas industries providing a leak tight reliable connection for gas and liquid service.
Medium-Curing (MC) Asphalt 2 likes
Cutback asphalt made from asphalt cement and diluted with a kerosene-like thinner
Meeting Attendance Form 1 like
A form designed to register the date of a meeting and identify the participants by recording their name, job title or role and their company; every attendee adds this data to the form
Meeting Notes 0 likes
The meeting minutes or report that lists relevant projects by number and title, date, and time frame; also included are the location of the meeting, attendees, and strategies discussed and executed at the meeting; the notes are provided to all attendees and made available to other interested parties
Meeting Rail 0 likes
See Checkrail
Meeting Room 0 likes
A venue where meetings take place, on or offsite
Megahertz 1 like
1,000,000 hertz; the hertz being the unit of radio frequency or cycles per second
Megalopolis 1 like
An extremely large, highly populated city
The name given to a large metropolitan area, which may contain numerous cities and towns
Megawatt 0 likes
1,000,000 watts; a watt being the unit of power equal to the power produced by a current of one ampere acting across a potential difference of one volt
Megohm 0 likes
1,000,000 ohms; the ohm being the unit of measure for electrical resistance
Megohmmeter3 likes
Instrument for measuring very high resistances, in millions of ohms
MEK 0 likes
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Melt 0 likes
Applying heat to a solid, such as ice, will melt it into water, a liquid; the term is also used for the liquid produced
Melt Point 0 likes
The specific temperature for turning asphalt from solid to liquid
Melting Point 1 like
Solids turn into liquids at their melting point; the specific temperature where melting occurs
Melting Rate 0 likes
The weight or length of electrode melted in a unit of time; how much electrode is melted in a unit of time, measured by weight or length in welding; sometimes called the Burnoff Rate
Member 0 likes
A complete unit in a structure or building
Membrane 0 likes
A sheet of material that will not be altered by water or vapor
Somewhat flexible cover often used for roofing and waterproofing to stop water from damaging a structure
Membrane Fireproofing 1 like
This material made from lath and plaster serves as an obstacle to fire and extreme heat
Membrane Roof 0 likes
A waterproof cover placed on top of a roof to prevent water leakage; this is often one piece of material
Membrane Waterproofing 0 likes
A waterproof floor over a substrate usually consisting of roofing or sheet material taking in tiles with a wire strengthened mortar bed
Membrane, Neoprene 0 likes
See Neoprene Membrane
Meniscus 0 likes
The curved upper surface of a liquid within a tube, concave when the liquid dampens the tube, and convex otherwise
MEP 2 likes
Mean Effective Pressure
Mercalli Scale 1 like
System that ascertains the location an earthquake’s epicenter; areas of intensity are delineated through observation of the damages incurred
Mercoid Bulb 0 likes
Electric circuit switch employing a small amount of mercury in a sealed glass tube to open or close contact with terminals in the tube
Mercury 0 likes
A poisonous, silvery-white metal used in amalgams, barometers, thermometers, electrical switches, and lamps; the sole metal that is liquid at room temperature
Mercury Fixture 1 like
A light fitting with an electric discharge lamp producing a blue-white light with an arc in mercury vapor sealed in a globe or tube
Mercury Switch2 likes
mercury switch
An electrical switch that has mercury sealed in a vial that produces a silent contact
Meridian Lines 0 likes
Imaginary lines spanning between the North and South poles, perpendicular to the equator; longitudinal lines
Mesh1 like
Material woven in a net formation
Mesh Tape 0 likes
See Joint Reinforcing Mesh
Mesh Tie 1 like
A wire that binds mesh sheets to ensure they will remain stationary while concrete is being placed on the mesh
Mesh Wire 0 likes
A series of longitudinal and transverse wire sheets or rolls, perpendicular to each other, that reinforce mortar and concrete; welded-wire material
Mesh, Slab 1 like
See Slab Mesh
Message Tube 1 like
A cylinder-shaped tube that enables messages to be transported between levels of a structure via air suction
Met 0 likes
The amount of heat (50 kcal per hour) that a human releases while stationary
Metal 2 likes
A malleable, ductile material that has luster, conducts heat and electricity, such as iron or copper
Any alloy; mixture of metals
Metal Anchor1 like
metal anchor
A bolt or clasp composed of metal to fasten objects
Metal Beam Anchor 3 likes
A steel object used to balance beams, columns and girders when lifting loads
Metal Bridging 2 likes
Oblique or longitudinal metal components that accurately space, position and evenly disperse the load of horizontal wooden components
Metal Building 0 likes
The construction of a frame, roof and wall panels from metal; the materials are factory manufactured, delivered to construction site, and then assembled
Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) 0 likes
1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, Tel: (216) 241-7333, URL: www.mbma.com
Metal Chimney3 likes
metal chimney
A vertical structure, composed of metal, which provides an exit pathway for gas and smoke
Metal Clad Cable 0 likes
A steel jacket electrical channel that envelopes insulated wires
Metal Clad Door 0 likes
A door made of wood that is enclosed by sheet metal
Metal Clip Angle 2 likes
An angled instrument composed of metal that fastens two objects
Metal Cripple Stud 0 likes
A metal fastener, smaller than standard height, used above or below an opening
Metal Decking1 like
decking metal
A metal sheet with grooves and one or two layers of steel; used for building floors and roofs
Metal Door Buck Anchor 0 likes
A steel anchor used for attaching a door buck or jamb to concrete or masonry
Metal Ductwork1 like
metal ductwork
A HVAC system of ducts that is manufactured from light sheet metal
Metal Electrode1 like
metal electrode
A metal wire that used for arc welding; may be coated
Metal Fabrication 2 likes
Creating metal structures, devices or implements
Metal Floor Track1 like
metal floor track
A steel channel that runs horizontally along the bottom of a wall and can accept metal studs
Metal Framing1 like
metal framing
Constructing a building with steel; framing the structure using steel members and metal studs
Metal Framing Anchor 0 likes
A metal device that transfers the load of a structure from one member to another member or structure
Metal Furring 2 likes
An extension of metal connected to a masonry or concrete wall that allows finish substances to be attached to the wall
Metal Girder Anchor 0 likes
Stable steel components that stabilize fixed components such as beams, girders and columns thereby preventing movement as a result of upward or side to side movement
Metal Grating1 like
metal grating
A metal formation consisting of interconnecting bars that permits water drainage whilst ensuring the safety of people and vehicles moving or travelling over the opening of the drain
Metal Halide Lamp1 like
metal halide lamp
A lamp that produces light as a result of the impact of electricity on vapors of metals
Metal Joist2 likes
metal joist
A level stretch of cold formed metal that provides structure and support for a floor, ceiling or flat roof in order to convey loads to bearing points; also referred to as a Bar Joist
Metal Joist Anchor 0 likes
Solid steel attachments that connect joist ends to beams or wall plates thereby stopping any upward and sideways movement
Metal Joist Bridging 0 likes
Metal formations arranged in horizontal and transecting figurations that ensure the metal joists are evenly distributed, perfectly straight and able to support the full weight
Metal Joist Hanger2 likes
metal joist hanger
Solid, intact steel part that stabilizes the ends of load bearing joists and carries loads to another joist or beam
Metal Lath 0 likes
Slit metal sheets that are used as plaster bases for walls and ceilings and as a form of reinforcement over a range of plaster base
Metal Lintel 1 like
A level metal structure that extends across and supports the load over an opening
Metal Louver1 like
metal louver
Set or adjustable flaps made of metal that are used within the framed opening of a wall or door
Metal Pan Stair 0 likes
A solid stair shaped construction designed to carry precast or cast-in place concrete, masonry, or stone in sheet metal pans at the treads and landings
Metal Primer1 like
metal primer
The first layer or coating that is used in finishing metal
Metal Quarry Tile Rack 0 likes
Racks made in a diverse range of patterns as well as being constructed from requested orders and used to ensure that uniform joint widths are maintained between quarry tiles
Metal Rafter 1 like
Straight or level cold formed metal that frames the floor, ceiling or roof such that loads can be safely distributed to bearing points
Metal Railing1 like
metal railing
Rails and posts made of metal that may take the form of a guard or open fence
Metal Railing Bracket1 like
metal railing bracket
A mechanism made of metal that supports railings
Metal Roof Removal 0 likes
The procedure of dismantling and discarding an old metal roof
Metal Shear Plate 1 like
Metal plates that carry and support the shear loads between timber pieces and structures
Metal Shingle 0 likes
A metal roof cover that overlaps
Metal external wall finish placed over sheathing
Metal Sleeper Clip 0 likes
Metal clip that fastens wooden sleepers onto a concrete floor
Metal Stair 1 like
A metal step or steps from one level or floor to another
Metal Stair Pan 1 like
A stair that holds concrete or stone units at the treads in metal sheet pans
Metal Stud1 like
steel stud
Vertical steel channel in a framed wall
Metal Stud Bracing 0 likes
A component employed to stop metal studs from rotating or warping
Metal Stud Bracing, Horizontal 3 likes
Horizontal component that stiffens and stops metal studs from rotating or warping
Metal Tie Strap 1 like
Steel part that keeps wooden framing members together
Metal Timber Connector 1 like
Metal devices that transfer structural loads between timber members, other material members or supporting structures
Metal Toilet Partition 0 likes
A prefabricated divider wall in a room that contains a toilet
Metal Toothed Ring 1 like
Metal rings with toothed edge in wood that inhibits shear
Metal Track2 likes
metal track
Channel-shaped horizontal steel part at the top or bottom that accepts metal studs
Metal Trim 0 likes
See Casing and Bead
Metal-Clad Cable 1 like
Fabricated insulated conductors surrounded by a flexible metal
Metal-Electrode-Arc Welding 1 like
Arc welding with metal electrodes
Metallic Color Tile1 like
metallic color tile
Tile with metal flake coating in order to reflect light
Metallic Grout 0 likes
Grout with metal flake coating to reflect light
Metallic Soap 0 likes
A metal and organic acid mixture; employed to dry, treat fungi, and act as suspending and flatting agents
Metallize 2 likes
To spread a thin metal layer over another material; to cover something with metal
Metallurgy 0 likes
The science concerned with the properties of metals and their production, purification, and applications
Meter1 like
A device which measures electrical current, gas, or water consumption
A metric unit equal to 100 centimeters or 1000 millimeters; one meter equals 39.37 inches
Meter Center 2 likes
Room housing meters which measure the consumption of electricity, water, and gas
Meter Center, Indoor 1 like
See Indoor Meter Center
Meter Socket1 like
meter socket
An electrical plug into which an electric meter is inserted
Meter Stop 2 likes
A valve which enables installation or removal of the water meter on a water main between the street and the meter
Meter, Electric2 likes
meter electric
See Electric Meter
Meter, Gas2 likes
gas meter
Automated gauge that quantifies and documents the amount of gas passing a specific point; See Gas Meter
Meter, Water1 like
meter, water
See Water Meter
Metering 2 likes
The automated method of measuring water, electricity or gas consumption
Metes and Bounds 1 like
A legal way of describing land; each section of the boundary is described in prose by its orientation and surrounding landmarks
Methane 0 likes
Gaseous hydrocarbon which is extremely flammable, colorless and odorless produced by decomposing organic material in marshes and mines or by converting coal into carbon; can be burned for fuel and employed as a basic material in chemical synthesis; also known as marsh gas or firedamp
Method of Joints 0 likes
Mathematics employed to ascertain forces in the components of a truss or frame structure
Methods of Sections 1 like
Mathematics employed to define forces in various members of a frame or truss structure
Methyl Acetate 0 likes
An aromatic combustible fluid used as a lacquer thinner that dissolves varnish
Methyl Alcohol 2 likes
Alcohol acquired as a result of the decomposition of wood that is toxic to humans; also known as methanol
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) 0 likes
An industrial cleaning solvent; combustible
Methyl Formate 0 likes
A clear liquid with low surface tension and high vapor pressure; frequently used as a refrigerator coolant
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) 0 likes
A potent organic compound, highly flammable, used as a solvent
Metopes 0 likes
See Tryglyphs and Metopes
Metric System 1 like
A decimal system of measurement, founded on the meter, which is further divided into centimeters and millimeters
Mexican Paver Tile 0 likes
Handcrafted tile which is employed primarily for flooring; similar to terra cotta, the texture and appearance differ; sealants prevent these delicate tiles from deteriorating with usage
Mezzanine 0 likes
A structure separating two major stories of a building that has a low-lying ceiling or roof; a middle interconnecting story that presents in the shape of a balcony
MFMA 0 likes
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
Mho 0 likes
A functional measurement or indicator of electrical transference equivalent to the reciprocal of the ohm
MI 0 likes
Malleable Iron
MI Cable 0 likes
Covered or sheathed cable that is protected by mineral
MIA 1 like
Marble Institute of America, 28901 Clemens Road, Suite 100, Cleveland, OH 44145, Tel: (440) 250-9222, Fax: (440) 250-9223, URL: http://www.marble-institute.com/
Masonry Institute of America, previously Masonry Research
MIBK 1 like
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
Mica 0 likes
Classified groupings of silicate minerals that have a structure that is layered
Mica Pigment 1 like
Elongated pigment that is constructed from silicates of aluminum and potassium which are severed into narrow parts; applied as strengthening and supporting pigment because of its capacity to diminish cracking and checking
Micro 2 likes
One millionth part of a stated or determined measurement
Microbiologicals 0 likes
Living organisms or their derivatives such as antigens, bacteria, fungi and viruses that when breathed in can produce an array of health issues such as infectious diseases, allergies, and breathing ailments
Microfarad 0 likes
A measurement or amount of the electrical capacity of a condenser equivalent to 1/1,000,000 farad
Microlam 0 likes
Generally manufactured in l ½ inch thickness‘ and 9 ½ inches, 11 ½ inches and 14 inch widths, a wooden support structure comprised of pressure and adhesive attached pieces of wood with a greater strength rating than solid sawn timber
Microliter 0 likes
One millionth portion of a liter
Micrometer1 like
An apparatus by which short lengths and widths may be precisely determined
A measurement that is equivalent to one millionth of a meter; otherwise known as a Micron
Micron 0 likes
A micrometer; a unit of length that is equal to one millionth of a meter
Micron Gauge1 like
micron gauge
Apparatus or device used to calculate vacuums near to or within a perfect vacuum
Microphone1 like
An apparatus that records or conveys music or the spoken word by converting sound waves into an electric current
Microregionalization 0 likes
Dismantling or separating macrozones into little areas of particular earthquake movement and intensity
Microscope1 like
Optical apparatus with a lens that magnifies specimens that are examined; used in laboratories
Microvolt 0 likes
One millionth part of a volt
Microwatt 0 likes
One millionth part of a watt
Microwave Oven1 like
microwave oven
An oven that cooks food via the heat that is created from short electromagnetic waves; the dynamic component is the magnetron
Middle Strip 0 likes
The section of a bi-way concrete structure or block that is positioned at the center of two columns
Midget Trowel1 like
midget trowel
Small trowel operated manually and used for pointing in small restrictive places
Mil 0 likes
One length or thickness unit equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch
Milar 1 like
Reproductions of a blueprint which are plastic and able to be seen through
Mild Steel 0 likes
Low strength steel with less than three-tenths of one percent carbon that is not used for structural purposes
Mildew 0 likes
Change in color such as staining or fading as a result of fungi
A leechlike and opportunistic fungus growth prevalent in scantily vented and moist open areas
Mildewcide 0 likes
Living matter that is hazardous or toxic to mildew; stops or inhibits development of mildew
Mile 0 likes
A length of measurement that equates to 5280 feet
Milestone 0 likes
An event with no discernible length and by which the success of the undertaking is determined. A milestone is an informative, instructive signifier only; it does not influence or alter arrangements or established organization
Milieu 0 likes
Location or place
Military Crest 1 like
An outcrop that inhibits or prevents visibility between a lower lying area and a hilltop
Mill 0 likes
A place of work where grinding, machining, product creation, or woodworking takes place
A device that is used to grind or crush
Mill Scale 0 likes
Oxide layer created as a consequence of rolling metals under intense heat
Mill White 0 likes
White paint used to increase visibility on interior wall surfaces of buildings; generally glossy or semi-glossy in nature
Mill-Mixed Plaster 0 likes
See Gypsum Ready Mixed Plaster
Milli 0 likes
Linking form signifying or standing for one thousandth (1/1,000); for example, milligram is defined as one thousandth of a gram or milliamp is one thousandth of an amp
Milliammeter 1 like
A device that registers and quantifies minimal amounts of electrical current
Milliampere 0 likes
One thousandth part of an ampere
Millibar 0 likes
One thousandth part of a bar, the system of measurement of atmospheric pressure equal to 100 pascals
Millimeter 0 likes
A measurement of a defined length equivalent to 1/10 of a centimeter or 1/1000 of a meter
Millimicron 0 likes
A measurement of longitudinal distance that is equivalent to one thousandth of a micrometer
A nanometer
Millisecond 0 likes
One thousandth part of a second
Millwork 0 likes
Finished wood supplies produced in millwork plants such as blinds, doors, panels, window and door frames, mantels, stairway parts, and moldings
Milori Blue 0 likes
A pigment that is iron blue in color
Mineral Aggregate 1 like
A combined substance that is largely comprised of nonmetallic, inorganic substances
Mineral Black 0 likes
An organic black pigment such as in graphite
Mineral Dust 0 likes
The smaller pieces and parts of the aggregate that pass through the 0.075 millimeters (No. 200) distillation process
Mineral Fiber Felt 0 likes
Building felt that has mineral wool as its primary component
Mineral Fiber Tile 0 likes
A pre-constructed ceiling tile that is made of mineral fiber and a binder with beneficial heat and sound characteristics
Mineral Filler 0 likes
A lightly and deftly finely separated mineral product at least 70 percent of which will pass a 0.075mm (No. 200) separator or sieve; crushed limestone is the most abundantly produced manufactured filler
Mineral Granules 1 like
Nontransparent, organic or derivatively created colored amalgamate frequently utilized to surface cap sheets and shingles of roofs
Mineral Insulated Cable 0 likes
Electric cable safeguarded with a mineral covering
Mineral Oil1 like
mineral oil
Oil that is gathered via mineral sources and not vegetable sources; generally petroleum or a derivative of its distillate products
Mineral Spirits 0 likes
A transparent petroleum distillate; a solvent for asphalt based surfaces or coverings
Mineral Surfaced 0 likes
Factory constructed roof cap sheet or shingles coated with mineral granules
Mineral Surfaced Roofings 0 likes
Incrementally structured roofing materials whose top surface is composed of a granule-surfaced sheet; an asphalt imbued felt that is covered and safeguarded either on one or all sides and is covered with mineral granules on the side that is open to the natural elements
Mineral Wool 0 likes
Light fibrous products that cushion or restrict heat and sound for insulation purposes
Mineral Wool Insulation1 like
mineral wool insulation
Insulation produced from a clear fibrous material
Minimal 0 likes
Negligible or small
Minimall 0 likes
Shopping center that is not large and typically found in outlying areas
Minor Changes in the Work 0 likes
Alterations called for by the architect that adhere to the objective of the contract documents and do not require a change in the contract total or the time quotas stipulated in the contract
Minus Pressure 0 likes
See Negative Pressure
Minute 0 likes
A single entity of measurement of angles, equivalent to 1/60 of a degree
A measurement of time that equals 1/60 of an hour
Exceedingly small or miniscule
Mirror1 like
Glossy surface that reproduces images by reflecting light rays, generally manufactured out of glass with silver layer on the underside
Mirror Frame1 like
mirror frame
The shop produced framework usually made of metal or wood that holds the mirror whilst safeguarding and hiding glass edges
Mirror, Plate1 like
plate mirror
Plate Mirror
Miscellaneous Taxes Payable 0 likes
Predicted taxes that will be incurred in an accounting time frame that require payment to local and state agencies
Miscibility 1 like
Able to be mixed or manufactured identically
Misconduct 0 likes
Unjust or illegal behaviors and actions
Misses 0 likes
To not connect or a failure to complete, such as missing a spot in painting or missing a holiday
Mist-Coat 0 likes
Narrow tack coat; narrow adhesive coat
Mistake 0 likes
A legal axiom or regulation whereby the creation of a contract may be stopped if a party or entity entered into a contract only to discover that the facts were faulty or misleading
Miter Box1 like
miter box
Equipment used to direct a handsaw such that the precise angle is applied whilst constructing a miter joint in wood, metal or plastic
Miter Joint 0 likes
The union of two components at an angle that bisects the interconnecting angle
Mix 0 likes
The procedure or function of mixing; also combination of materials
Mix Design 0 likes
Determining the quantities of the ingredients of a concrete mix
Mixer1 like
An apparatus that combines and amalgamates various components such as mortar and concrete
Mixer Efficiency 0 likes
Capacity and ability of a mixer in rendering an identical product within a designated time frame in concrete making; consistency is measured by testing for corresponding aberrations in physical characteristics of examples gathered from unlike portions of a newly created batch
Mixer, Colloidal 1 like
A mixer that yields colloidal grout
Mixer, Horizontal Shaft 0 likes
See Horizontal Shaft Mixer
Mixer, Kitchen1 like
mixer, kitchen
A kitchen appliance which incorporates or combines food ingredients
Mixer, Non-Tilting 0 likes
A horizontally rotating drum mixer that charges, blends, and releases without slanting
Mixer, Pan 0 likes
See Mixer, Vertical Shaft
Mixer, Plant 0 likes
A functioning installation of apparatus including batchers and mixers needed for batching or for mixing concrete components
Mixer, Tilting 0 likes
A revolving drum mixer that releases by tilting the drum about a firm, stationary or adjustable horizontal axis perpendicular to the drum axis; the drum axis may be horizontal or tilted while it charges and mixes
Mixer, Vertical Shaft 0 likes
A circular or rounded mixing compartment consisting of a straight floor with one or more upright revolving shafts to which blades or paddles are secured; the mixing section may be stationary or it can revolve around a vertical axis
Mixing Chamber 0 likes
The component of a gaswelding or oxygencutting torch where the gases are combined before combustion
Mixing Cycle 0 likes
The period of time it takes for an entire cycle to be finished in a batch mixer
Mixing Faucet1 like
mixing faucet
Distinct faucets that regulate the water temperature with a shared spout
Mixing Speed 0 likes
The revolution rate of a mixer drum or of the paddles in a mixer, usually in revolutions per minute
Mixing Time 0 likes
The time wherein the parts of a batch of concrete are combined by a mixer; for a stationary mixer, the time frame is determined in minutes when the mixer charging ends until the commencement of discharge
Mixing Valve1 like
mixing valve
A valve that allows the combination of liquids, or a gas and a liquid
Mixing Water 0 likes
The water in fresh sandcement grout, concrete or mortar that is separate from any water that was absorbed by the aggregate
Mixing, Open-Top 0 likes
A mixer mounted on a truck with a trough or a cylinder-shaped mixing section where paddles or blades revolve about the trough’s horizontal axis
Mixture 0 likes
The constructed, mixed, amalgamated ingredients of mortar, concrete, or anything similar; or the respective dimensions for their construction
MLA 0 likes
Metal Lath Steel Framing Division of National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers
Mnemonic 0 likes
Disposed towards or inclined to support memory
Indicators and guides on mass produced components designed to assist in constructing or installing in the correct configurations
Mobility 1 like
The extent to which a substance or object moves
Mobilization 0 likes
The process of facilitating or enabling movement
The construction and transportation of equipment to a place of work
Modacrylics 0 likes
Modified acrylics; see Acrylics
Modal Analysis 0 likes
Establishing earthquake design forces founded upon the theory-based reaction of a structure to various stimuli with various vibrations corresponding to the excitement
Mode 0 likes
A particular design, look or aesthetic
A pattern or particular approach when undertaking something
The most commonly occurring value in a collection of data
The angle or slant of the vibration curve
Model 0 likes
The prototype from which a mold or reproduction is made
Modem1 like
An apparatus that links a computer to the telephone system
Modification 0 likes
An amenable alteration to the terms of a contract
Modified Bitumen 0 likes
Bituminous membranes adjusted and altered with styrene butadiene or atactic polypropylene to enhance and increase elasticity, cohesion, flexibility, toughness and durability
Modified Mercalli 0 likes
Adjustments and distinct alterations to the original Mercalli Scale to exhibit construction supplies and processes in the United States compared to the European construction processes and supplies of the first Mercalli Scale
Modular 0 likes
Existing as or comprised of modules
Modular Dimensional Standards 0 likes
Standards approved by the American Standards Association for the dimensions of building resources and equipment, predicated on a module, the standard unit of measurement of four inches, which is employed as a foundation for the grid; this is vital for dimensional coordination of at least two different materials
Modular Masonry Unit 1 like
A unit where the nominal dimensions are predicated on the four inch module
Modular Ratio 0 likes
Signified by the symbol “n”, the proportion of modulus of steel elasticity (Es) compared to that of concrete (Ec)
Modulating 0 likes
An apparatus or control mechanism that adjusts incrementally and virtually imperceptibly as distinct from other types of systems which operate in either a fully engaged or fully disengaged manner
Modulating Refrigeration System 0 likes
Refrigerating system that has a range of dimensions and functional capability
Module 0 likes
A uniform component or distinct unit employed in construction
Modulus of Deformation 0 likes
A notion of modulus of elasticity conveyed as a function of two time variables; loaded concrete strain as a function of the load age when first administered and the period of time the load is held and maintained
Modulus of Elasticity 0 likes
The proportion of stress to the correlating strain in a material; the ratio of the generally expected level of stress to the correlative strain for malleable stresses under the material’s proportional limit; represented by the symbol E, and also referred to as Young’s modulus and Young’s modulus of elasticity
Modulus of Rigidity 0 likes
Signified by the symbol G; the ratio of shearing stress to the correlating shearing strain; also known as shear modulus, and modulus of elasticity in shear
Modulus of Rupture 0 likes
A quantifiable indicator of the load-carrying ability of a beam that measures the possible degree of malleability in the extreme fiber of a transverse test specimen under the load, thereby producing fissures and schisms; occasionally known as rupture modulus, or rupture strength
Modulus of Subgrade Reaction 0 likes
Ratio of load per unit area of horizontal surface soil mass to the corresponding surface
Mogul Base 0 likes
An incandescent lamp with an energy capacity of 300 watts or more that has a screw-in style foundation
Moist Air Curing 0 likes
A process whereby moist air is generated at atmospheric pressure and a temperature of about 70° F
Moist Cure 0 likes
See Cure
Moist Room 0 likes
An interior area in which the atmosphere is sustained at a chosen temperature and humidity of 98 percent at a minimum, in order to preserve and store cementitious test samples; the facilities are required to have the capacity and conditions to maintain free moisture continuously on the outside of the test samples
Moisture 0 likes
Water that is separated into miniscule particles; often referred to as vapor
Moisture Barrier 0 likes
A membrane designed to stop liquid water from passing through a wall or a floor
Moisture Content 0 likes
Volume of water that is retained in a substance; in wood, it is generally expressed as a percentage of the oven dry wood weight
Moisture Content of Wood 0 likes
Volume of water held within the wood, generally classified or measured as a percentage of the oven dry wood weight
Moisture Expansion 1 like
Expanded dimensions of a ceramic article due to a reaction with water or water vapor; the reaction may transpire in time at atmospheric temperature and pressure, but is hastened by exposure of the article to water or water vapor at increased temperatures and pressures
Moisture Indicator1 like
moisture indicator
A device that is used to calculate a refrigerant’s moisture content
Moisture Meter2 likes
moisture meter
A device that determines a material’s electrical resistance and compares it to the quantity of ambient moisture content; frequently used by painters to discern the viability of surfaces such as masonry or plaster for the addition of paint
Moisture Movement 0 likes
The consequences of moisture passing through a permeable substance on volume change and efflorescence in mortar, hard cement paste, rock, or concrete
Moisture Protection 0 likes
Undertaking designed to inhibit or prevent moisture seepage
Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) 0 likes
Rate of moisture vapor passage through a membrane
Moisture, Absorbed 0 likes
See Absorbed MoistureMoisture, Absorbed is when moisture is absorbed into a solid material
Mold 0 likes
Container with a cavity in which intact and tidy cement, mortar, or concrete test samples are cast; a form applied to create precast mortar or concrete units; also seen as mould
Mold Oil 0 likes
A mineral oil is added to the inside surface of a fresh, unused mold prior to casting concrete or mortar, to enable removal of the mold when the contents have become hard
Mold, Casting 0 likes
See Casting Mold
Mold, Running 0 likes
See Running Mold
Molded Plywood 0 likes
Plywood custom built to a requested shape that is not perfectly flat; this shaping is frequently undertaken when the layers are glued by introducing fluid pressure or curved forms
Molding2 likes
Wood strip, metal or plastic trim used to obscure or cover up joints or add a decorative element to a surface; also spelled moulding
Molding Plaster1 like
molding plaster
A rapid-setting gypsum plaster used for the production of cast ornaments
Molding, Base 0 likes
See Base Molding
Molding, Bed1 like
molding, bed
See Bed Molding
Molding, Lip 1 like
See Lip Molding
Molding, Picture 0 likes
See Picture Molding
Molding, Rake 0 likes
See Rake Molding
Mole Run 0 likes
A ridge in a roof film or layer that is not connected with deck joints or insulation
Molecule 0 likes
Nominal core unit of a chemical compound that can be involved in a chemical reaction; a group of atoms that are interconnected
Molliers Diagram 0 likes
A chart or visual representation of refrigerant pressure, heat, and temperature features and characteristics
Molybdenum 0 likes
A metallic element similar to chromium that reinforces and hardens steel
Moment 0 likes
An indicator of the inclination to create rotation; the result of multiplying the magnitude of a force by its distance at right angles from a specific point or axis; see Bending Moment
Moment Connection 0 likes
As distinct to a pin connection which allows rotation, a linking of two structures that is unyielding to rotation between the members
Moment Diagram 0 likes
A visual and statistical means of representing the value of the bending moment at any specific point along a beam
Moment Distribution 0 likes
A technique of structural investigation carried out on continuous beams and rigid frames where ensuing converging corrections are applied to an assumed set of moments until the desirable precision is reached; alternatively referred to as the Hardy Cross method
Moment of Inertia 0 likes
Sum of the products gained as a result of multiplying each unit of area by the square of its distance from an axis
Moment Resisting Frame 0 likes
A structural frame consisting of rigid joints whereby the joints and members counter horizontal and vertical forces
Moment, Negative 1 like
See Negative Moment
Moment, Positive 0 likes
See Positive Moment
Momentum 0 likes
The measurable amount of motion of a moving body, determined by multiplying its mass and velocity; the advancement and progress resulting from movement
Monastery 1 like
The residence of a religious community
Monel Metal 0 likes
A combination of nickel, copper, aluminum, and iron that resists corrosive liquids
Monitor 0 likes
A structure that extends above the general roof level, creating vertical windows for light and ventilation
Monitor Cabinet 0 likes
A cabinet where the doors have slats that allow for natural elements such as ventilation, or finish
Monkey Wrench1 like
monkey wrench
A flexible, adaptable wrench
Mono Pitch Truss 0 likes
A truss which can create or transform a roof for a shed
Monochlorodifluoromethane 0 likes
Well regarded and commonly purchased low temperature refrigerant.  Monochlorodifluoromethane is Freon 12 or R-22, with a boiling point of 41° F at atmospheric pressure; cylinder code is green in color
Monochromatic 0 likes
A single color or hue
Monochromatic Harmony 0 likes
Color harmony created by utilizing shades and tints of one color
Monochrome Decoration1 like
monochrome decoration
A decorative product that is composed of one color
Monocoque 0 likes
A form of construction where the outer layer of skin absorbs and holds most of the tension
Monocottura 0 likes
A single-fired tile produced via a process which permits the simultaneous firing of the clay with the glaze resulting in a completed tile with just one firing
Monolith1 like
A mass of plain or reinforced concrete formed or constructed as an integral mass or structure existing as its own entity
Monolithic Concrete 0 likes
Concrete that has no joints aside from construction joints; the term is typically used for larger forms
Monolithic Construction 0 likes
Built as a singular piece
Monolithic Tank 1 like
A singular piece of shell construction
Monolithic Terrazzo 1 like
Adding a 5/8 inch (15 millimeters) terrazzo coating directly to a prepared concrete substrata, removing an under-bed
Monolithic Topping 0 likes
A better standard topping used on concrete flatwork, and placed immediately after the base course is no longer slumping or losing water
Monomer 1 like
A chemical compound that is able to experience and endure polymerization
A natural liquid of relatively small molecular weight that produces a solid polymer by reacting with itself and/or small molecular weight compounds
Monomolecular 0 likes
Single molecules; substances that are a single molecule in thickness
Monomolecular Film 0 likes
Film that is just a single molecule deep; placed above bleeding water at the top of newly positioned concrete or mortar as a curing agent to lower the speed of evaporation
Monopost 0 likes
Moveable metal post that is designed to reinforce a girder or bearing point; generally an 11 gauge or Schedule 40 metal, and decided upon by the structural engineer
Month-to Month Tenancy 0 likes
A written or oral lease of actual property that requires rent to be paid on a monthly basis, for a non-stipulated term; to end this lease, a 30 day notification by either party is mandatory
Montmorillonite 0 likes
See Montmorillonoid
Montmorillonoid 0 likes
A collection of clay minerals that includes montmorillonite which are classified by a sheet-like internal molecular makeup; comprised of extremely narrowly split hydrous aluminum or magnesium silicates that enlarge when wet and diminish when dry
Monument 0 likes
A formation or construction that recognizes something of social, cultural or historical significance
A fixed surveyor’s reference point
Monumental 0 likes
Existing as or pertaining to a monument
Extraordinarily impressive; outstanding; exemplary
Mop and Flop 0 likes
A process by which roofing components including insulation boards and felt plies are firstly placed upside down next to their ultimate locations, are layered with adherents, and are then inverted and added to the substrate
Mop Basin1 like
mop basin
A sink on a floor; also called a Mop Receptor
Mop Receptor 0 likes
See Mop Basin
Mop Sink1 like
mop sink
A plumbing fixture with a faucet and a drain and deep catchment area that gathers and disperses water for mopping and other cleaning purposes
Mopping 0 likes
Hot pitch or asphalt layer separated by plies of roofing felt
Sponging and cleaning
Moratorium 0 likes
A legally binding period during which contractual obligations are halted or postponed; usually when a debtor postpones an obligation
Moresque 0 likes
Many colored yarn constructed by intertwining at least two strands of different shades or colors
Morphology 0 likes
The study of the structure and arrangement of things such as organisms
Mortar 0 likes
A combination of cement or lime with water and sand to create a mixture; used in masonry
Mortar Board 0 likes
A three feet square board that collects mortar on a scaffold for a mason; also called Mud Board
Mortar Bond 0 likes
The cohesion or joining of mortar to masonry elements
Mortar Box1 like
mortar box
The tray or box that is used to combine the products used to create mortar
Mortar Hoe 0 likes
This hoe is employed to manually mix mortar; generally has a perforated blade and a handle that is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches in length
Mortar Mix1 like
The quantity of each ingredient named, portland cement, fine aggregate, admixture, and water in mortar
Mortar Mixer2 likes
mortar mixer
Mechanical equipment used to integrate the materials that create mortar, usually controlled by gasoline combustion engines; when small batches of mortar are required, electric mixers are employed
Mortar Pumping Machine 0 likes
The mortar pumping machine is used in conjunction with the mortar mixer; mixed mortar is emptied into the hopper, and a pneumatic gun drives or propels the mortar through a hose to masons and tile setters working well above street level; asbestos fines are combined with the mortar so that the mortar in the hose will remain intact
Mortgage 0 likes
Loan that is enacted and governed by the security and guarantee of land or property
Mortgage Broker 0 likes
A broker who represents a range of lenders and assists consumers to source financially manageable mortgages; the broker receives a fee only if the consumer sources and commences a loan
Mortgage Company 0 likes
A process whereby a company borrows money from a bank in order to lend it to consumers to purchase homes; the company ultimately sells the loans to investors
Mortgage Deed 0 likes
Legal document that stipulates a loan on property
Mortgage Loan 0 likes
A contract where the borrower’s property is promised as a guarantee and repayments are made in installments; the mortgagor pledges to repay principal and interest, ensure that the home is insured, pay all taxes and maintain the property
Mortgage Origination Fee 0 likes
A fee for work involved in setting up and implementing a mortgage application; generally one percent of the loan sum
Mortgagee 0 likes
The lender who provides the mortgage loan
Mortgagor 1 like
The person or entity who is the borrower in a mortgage arrangement
Mortise 0 likes
A gap that is cut into a member, generally on the side in order to gather the tenon or tongue of another board, timber, or plank to create a joint; rectangular hole which houses the tenon, or any incision into or through a piece by a chisel
Mortise Lockset1 like
mortise lockset
A lockset construction or formation with the mechanism placed in a mortised pocket between the door and the frame
Mortise-and-Tenon 0 likes
A joint in which a tenon of tongue-like shape on the end of one piece is firmly placed into a rectangular opening (mortise) in the side of the remaining piece
Mortising Machine1 like
Mortising Machine
A special woodworking machine employed to cut square or rectangular holes in a piece of timber.
Mortuary 0 likes
A building where human remains are stored until funeral, burial or internment arrangements are carried out
Mosaic1 like
Small pieces of porcelain or natural clay materials that create decorative forms and arrangements in a tile
Small tile or pieces of tile, stone, or glass components that produce a design
Moss, Peat1 like
moss peat
See Peat Moss
Motel 0 likes
A hotel by the side of a road that offers accommodation
Motion 2 likes
A request to a judge or decision-making body to affect a determination or judgment
Motor1 like
A revolving machine generating momentum and power for a car, refrigerator, or other devices
Motor Burnout 0 likes
Electric motor failure when the insulation is damaged due to overheating
Motor Control1 like
motor control
An instrument used to start or stop a motor once a particular temperature or pressure condition is reached
Motor Control Switches 0 likes
Switching apparatus which is employed in a motor
Motor Grader 0 likes
A self-propelled apparatus employed for grading earth
Motor Starter1 like
motor starter
High-powered electric switches generally controlled by electromagnets
Motor Stator1 like
motor stator
Immovable component of an electric motor
Motor-Generator Set2 likes
motor-generator set
A movable gasoline motor that also has an electrical generator
Motor, Capacitor1 like
motor capacitor
See Capacitor Motor
Motor, Four Pole 0 likes
See Four Pole Motor
Motor, Two-Pole 1 like
See Two-Pole Motor
Mottling 0 likes
Distinctly and deliberately marked; an unconventional paint color
Mould 0 likes
See Mold
Moulding1 like
See Molding
Mounted Tile 1 like
Tile crafted into units or sheets by appropriate material to aid movement and installation; tile may be mounted in a variety of ways such as face-mounted, edge-mounted, or back-mounted
Movable Louver 1 like
A product with equidistant panels of wood or metal that may be opened or closed to affect air flow and ventilation
Movable Partition2 likes
movable partition
A wall that separates one space from another and can be reconfigured to create distinct walled spaces
Moving, Shrub 0 likes
See Shrub Moving
Moving, Tree 1 like
See Tree Moving
MPT1 like
Male pipe thread
MSDS 0 likes
Material Safety Data Sheet
MSHA 0 likes
Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSS 0 likes
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve Fittings Industry, Inc
MSS Point 0 likes
Minimum Stable Signal Point; the prime superheat setting which will produce consistent or minimal change in temperature, at the thermostatic expansion valve temperature sensing element while the system is in use
Muck 0 likes
Mud that is abundant in humus
Carefully and delicately blasted rock, predominantly from below the ground
Mud 0 likes
A colloquial term for mortar
Soil that has sufficient water so it is supple
A colloquial or informal term for gypsum board joint compound products
Mud Board 0 likes
See Mortar Board
Mud Cracks 0 likes
The cracks that form in a coating of emulsion that is too thick
Mud Jacking 0 likes
Lifting a submerged concrete slab by pumping a slurry beneath the slab through an opening in the slab
Mud Pan1 like
mud pan
A manually-held container for retaining a small amount of gypsumboard joint compound products
Mudsill 0 likes
Bottom flat piece of an outside wall frame on top of a foundation; sometimes referred to as a sill plate
Muffler, Compressor 0 likes
A component in a refrigeration system that is used to absorb sound; designed to minimize the noise from gas oscillations
Mulch1 like
A combination such as leaves and compost that is spread across or integrated into the earth to enhance the soil quality; organic and natural substances used to protect planting beds, hold moisture, and enhance a garden plot or area
Mullion1 like
An upright separator in the frame between doors, windows, or other entrance points
Mullion Heater 1 like
Electric heating element installed in a door or window mullion to prevent the mullion from frosting or sweating
Mullite 0 likes
An uncommon mineral with several theories pertaining to its structure and formation
Mullite, Porcelain 0 likes
See Porcelain Mullite
Multi-Color Spraying 0 likes
The process of spraying a surface with a combination of different colors simultaneously from a single gun; the array of colors exist independently within the material and when sprayed produce an interconnecting color arrangement with each color maintaining its uniqueness
Multi-Family Dwelling 0 likes
Housing that provides lodging for at least two families
Multi-Layer 0 likes
Gypsum board consisting of at least two layers that is employed in a construction
Multi-Level 0 likes
Carpet pattern or arrangement that is formed out of variable heights of tufts, either uncut or severed loop
Multi-Outlet Assembly1 like
Multi-Outlet Assembly
Surface or flush electric raceway that retain attachment plug receptacles and conductors
Multi-Unit Wall 0 likes
A fixed vertical surface comprised of two or more wythes of masonry
Multi-Zone Air Handling System 0 likes
A system emitting conditioned air comparable to a single-zone system; the temperature and air flow to each area is regulated separately; each zone receives a perpetual, uninterrupted quantity of air
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 0 likes
A physical state that affects an individual who is deemed to be vulnerable to small concentrations of numerous chemicals
Multiple Listing 0 likes
A shared sales tool that brokers utilize to distribute their listings and, if a sale is affected, the listing broker and the selling broker receive equal portions of the commission
Multiple Stage Compressor 1 like
See Compressor, Multiple Stage
Multiple System 0 likes
Refrigerating apparatus that consists of several evaporators joined to a condensing unit
Multiport Valve1 like
multiport valve
Filter control valve altering the direction of water flow
A valve for a variety of pool filter units, which in one unit does what two or more single direct flow valves do
Muntin 1 like
A small piece that separates the glass or openings of doors
Muntz Metal 0 likes
A mixture of copper and zinc employed for sheathing and bolts
Mural1 like
A painting on a wall or ceiling; belonging to a wall
A particular picture or design made of ceramic tile that has been painted and fired
The placement of a tile in a very deliberate part of the wall or floor to create a particular picture and design feature
A design or image that is created out of glass or marble mosaic tiles
Muriatic Acid1 like
muriatic acid
Frequently used to clean bricks following the cessation of masonry work
Murphy Bed1 like
murphy bed
A bed that may be bent and manipulated so that it may be placed in a closet
Murphy’s Law 0 likes
A notion or theory that an undertaking or endeavor is destined to fail or yield negative results
Museum 0 likes
A designated structure that maintains and displays significant historical, cultural and scientific objects
Mushroom 0 likes
The unsatisfactory situation that arises when the roof of a caisson concrete pier overflows and congeals to become wider than the base wall thickness
Mushroom Capital 0 likes
A spreading cone-shaped head on a concrete column
Mutual Assent 0 likes
An informed and transparent agreement that parties are committed to upholding a contract
Mutuality 0 likes
The idea or principle that a contract is only able to be implemented and enacted upon when enforced by both parties
MW 0 likes
Moderate Weather; see Grade MW Brick
Mylar 0 likes
Plastic covering utilized by drafters as a drafting instrument
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Shelf Pin

A pin placed in a hole in a vertical part of a cupboard or bookcase to reinforce a shelf; also called a Shelf Support or Shelf Rest

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