Term Definition
Lamella 0 likes
A structural part of wood, metal, or reinforced concrete crisscrossed to create a vault; curved vaults and domes have been built of wood, steel, and concrete lamellas
Lamina 0 likes
The layers of substance in a laminate
Laminar Scale 0 likes
Rust creation in heavy layers
Laminate 0 likes
Produce a product by bonding together two or more layers of substances, such as a plastic laminate
Laminate, Paper-Base 0 likes
A multilayer panel produced by compacting resin-impregnated paper sheets into a solid mass
Laminated Glass 1 like
A glazing substance of exterior layers of glass laminated to and enclosing an inside transparent plastic layer; employed in car windshields and bulletproof glass
Laminated Plastic 0 likes
See Plastic Laminate
Laminated Rubber 0 likes
Numerous layers of rubber fused together with adhesive under pressure
Laminated Shingles 0 likes
Shingles that are shake due to additional layers or tabs; also called Architectural Shingles or Three-dimensional Shingles
Laminated Timber 0 likes
A construction created by bonding veneer or lumber layers with an adhesive so that the grain is basically parallel
Laminated Wallboard 0 likes
Two or more layers of gypsum board bonded together with an adhesive
Laminated Wood 0 likes
A product produced by bonding veneer or lumber layers with an adhesive so that the grain is usually parallel
Laminating 0 likes
Bonding together two or more layers of substances
Laminating Compound 0 likes
Regular joint compound or another cementitious material employed to join two or more layers of gypsum board together
Lamination 0 likes
The fusing of layers of material with adhesive
Application of two or more layers of gypsum board
Lamp, Incandescent1 like
lamp incandescent
See Incandescent Lamp
Lamp, Steri 0 likes
See Steri Lamp
Lampback 0 likes
Pigment produced by burning coal tar distillates with insufficient air; not true black
Lampholder1 like
An apparatus that supports an electric lamp and connects it to the circuit conductors
Lanai 0 likes
Porch, veranda, or enclosed patio
Land 0 likes
Earth’s surface containing natural resources
Part of the earth’s solid surface delineated by boundaries or ownership; can be privately or publicly owned
Land Contract 0 likes
A contract for sale of land where title passes to the purchaser when all, or a definite quantity of payments have been made; also called Contract of Sale
Land Plaster 0 likes
Roughly ground natural gypsum employed to condition soil
Land Residual 0 likes
A real estate appraisal procedure where a reasonable return on the improvements is first subtracted from the income, the balance is associated with the land
Land Surveyor 0 likes
A person who surveys land
Landing 0 likes
A platform between flights of stairs or at the end of a flight of stairs frequently used when stairs change direction; generally no less than 3 feet by 3 feet
Landing Terrazzo 0 likes
A staircase landing with terrazzo tile installed on the surface
Landlord 0 likes
The owner of property who rents it to a tenant
Landscape 0 likes
Natural scenery
Improving a site by changing the terrain, planting trees, shrubs, ground cover, and adding hardscape
Landscape Architect 0 likes
A professional who designs the arrangement of land including vehicle and pedestrian roadways and the planting of ground cover, plants, and trees
Landscape Timber 0 likes
Large, treated lumber lengths for decoration, also performing as soil erosion barriers and retaining wall parts
Lane Joint Cracks 0 likes
Longitudinal separations between two paving lanes caused by a weak seam between adjoining applications in the pavement paths
Langly 0 likes
Solar radiation measurement that equals 1 calorie per square centimeter
Lantern0 likes
An elevated structure glazed to let in light on a roof
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