Term Definition
Labor and Material Payment Bond 0 likes
Written security document to an owner from a bonding company on behalf of a contractor or subcontractor, guaranteeing payment to the owner if the contractor doesn’t pay for labor, equipment, materials, or services stated in the contract; See Performance Bond and Surety Bond
Labor Union 0 likes
A trade union
Laboratory 0 likes
A room or building with equipment for examination, experimentation, or analysis
Laboratory Cabinet 0 likes
Furniture with drawers or shelves and doors mainly for storage where scientific studies take place, or in commercial and institutional laboratories and testing establishments
Laboratory Counter 0 likes
A level surface in a laboratory where equipment is positioned and where work is done
Laboratory Equipment 0 likes
Implements, devices and tools employed in laboratories
Laboratory Hot Plate 0 likes
A heating appliance used in a laboratory
Laboratory Incinerator 0 likes
An apparatus where waste materials are burned in a laboratory
Laboratory Incubator 0 likes
A device that controls conditions in a laboratory
Laboratory Table 1 like
A surface on which substances, equipment and tools are stored and used in a laboratory
Lac 0 likes
A natural resin such as seed lac, button lac, and shellac
Laches 0 likes
Unwarranted delay in affirming legal rights, causing loss of the rights
Lacquer 0 likes
A liquid composed of shellac in alcohol, or synthetic substances that dries to produce a hard protective coating
Lacunar 0 likes
Ceiling consisting of vaults or recessed panels
Lacunaria 0 likes
Recessed panel in a ceiling
Ladder1 like
A portable piece of equipment with rungs attached to the sides used for climbing up or down
Ladder Bar 1 like
A prefabricated reinforcement used for embedding in the horizontal mortar joints of masonry; parallel crooked side rods joined in a single plane by cross wires producing a ladder-like design
Ladder Cage 0 likes
A cage-like structure bordering a wall-mounted ladder for safety purposes
Ladder Rung 0 likes
A horizontal round component that serves as a step on a ladder
Ladder Step 0 likes
A horizontal flat component of a ladder that serves as a step
Ladder, Pool 0 likes
See Pool Ladder
Lag 0 likes
Deferred response
Lag Rod 0 likes
Large thick rod with a square or hexagonal head
Lag Screw 0 likes
A large thick wood screw with a square or hexagonal head
Laid Off 0 likes
See Double-Up
Laid-On 0 likes
See Double-Up
Lake Asphalt 0 likes
See Natural Asphalt
Lake Pigment 0 likes
Pigment created by placing an organic dye on a base of fine particles of inert or translucent pigment
Lake Sand 0 likes
Sand that has a preponderance of fine, round particles
Lally Column 0 likes
Tradename; hollow steel column occasionally filled with concrete
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