Term Definition
Labor and Material Payment Bond 0 likes
Written security document to an owner from a bonding company on behalf of a contractor or subcontractor, guaranteeing payment to the owner if the contractor doesn’t pay for labor, equipment, materials, or services stated in the contract; See Performance Bond and Surety Bond
Labor Union 1 like
A trade union
Laboratory 1 like
A room or building with equipment for examination, experimentation, or analysis
Laboratory Cabinet3 likes
laboratory cabinet
Furniture with drawers or shelves and doors mainly for storage where scientific studies take place, or in commercial and institutional laboratories and testing establishments
Laboratory Counter 2 likes
A level surface in a laboratory where equipment is positioned and where work is done
Laboratory Equipment 0 likes
Implements, devices and tools employed in laboratories
Laboratory Hot Plate 2 likes
A heating appliance used in a laboratory
Laboratory Incinerator 1 like
An apparatus where waste materials are burned in a laboratory
Laboratory Incubator2 likes
laboratory incubator
A device that controls conditions in a laboratory
Laboratory Table2 likes
table, laboratory
A surface on which substances, equipment and tools are stored and used in a laboratory
Lac 2 likes
A natural resin such as seed lac, button lac, and shellac
Laches 1 like
Unwarranted delay in affirming legal rights, causing loss of the rights
Lacquer 1 like
A liquid composed of shellac in alcohol, or synthetic substances that dries to produce a hard protective coating
Lacunar 0 likes
Ceiling consisting of vaults or recessed panels
Lacunaria 2 likes
Recessed panel in a ceiling
Ladder3 likes
A portable piece of equipment with rungs attached to the sides used for climbing up or down
Ladder Bar 1 like
A prefabricated reinforcement used for embedding in the horizontal mortar joints of masonry; parallel crooked side rods joined in a single plane by cross wires producing a ladder-like design
Ladder Cage1 like
ladder cage
A cage-like structure bordering a wall-mounted ladder for safety purposes
Ladder Rung2 likes
ladder rung
A horizontal round component that serves as a step on a ladder
Ladder Step 0 likes
A horizontal flat component of a ladder that serves as a step
Ladder, Pool2 likes
ladder pool
See Pool Ladder
Lag 0 likes
Deferred response
Lag Rod 1 like
Large thick rod with a square or hexagonal head
Lag Screw2 likes
lag screw
A large thick wood screw with a square or hexagonal head
Laid Off 4 likes
See Double-Up
Laid-On 2 likes
See Double-Up
Lake Asphalt 1 like
See Natural Asphalt
Lake Pigment 1 like
Pigment created by placing an organic dye on a base of fine particles of inert or translucent pigment
Lake Sand 3 likes
Sand that has a preponderance of fine, round particles
Lally Column 1 like
Tradename; hollow steel column occasionally filled with concrete
Product of the day

How to Plan Your Bathroom | Bathroom Maintenance Tips

Vanity CabinetThe planning process for your new bathroom must include future access to the bathroom plumbing fixtures. You will need to create a suitable access area.  With proper preparation, the replacement of plumbing fittings can be straight forward. To plan your bathroom and enjoy easy bathroom maintenance, consider the following:

Cleaning Agents

There are many  suitable bathroom cleaning agents in the marketplace, including regular soap and water. It is usually best to wash bathroom fittings after use with warm soapy water, and polish them dry with a soft dry cloth where applicable. Natural vitreous china is impervious to bleach and other acid-based cleaners and can be safely cleaned. However, more care and attention is necessary when cleaning cast iron baths, or gold or chrome plated items such as faucets and accessories.

Power Shower

A power shower pumps hot and cold water to your shower where there is low pressure but does not heat the water. Usually found in homes where pressure is low, an electric pumped shower pressures and heats the water at the same time. You will need to buy a cubicle or over bath screen that is suitable for use with your power shower.  When purchasing these items, make sure you get plenty of good advice.  You may want to screen interview bathroom remodeling contractors in your local area to decide who should install your shower.

Wood Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Wood bathroom vanity cabinets must be treated with the utmost care. Even though wood products are coated with a special finished lacquer that is specifically produced to withstand splashes and condensation, you will need to ensure that water is not in prolonged contact with them to avoid damage to the surface.

Bathroom Mirrors

Always ensure that your bathroom mirror is suitable for such use. Quality bathroom mirrors are specifically coated on the rear to withstand continually subjection to steam and condensation.

Acrylic Bath

Fitted properly, an acrylic bath will provide rigidity and longevity on par with the steel or cast iron equivalent. Although each bath comes with a supporting, height adjustable cradle, it is best to fit a supporting timber batten along the underside of the entire bath. This provides much stronger weight support, stops the bath from moving while being fitted, and helps prevent the sealant between tiles and bath from coming apart.

Positioning A Basin

Place a sink or basin slightly away from the wall, especially when fitting to an exterior wall.   This practice prevents thermal shock due to temperature variations between the basin and the wall, and helps reduce condensation on the surface.

Wastes and Sealing

Use a good silicon sealant to ensure a water tight seal between the metal waste and porcelain. Never fit a dry waste. An overly tight waste can produce undue stress to earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware and in some cases, crack porcelain.   When you take the time to plan your bathroom and enjoy easy bathroom maintenance, you can only reap rewards.

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Vanity Cabinet


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