Term Definition
Kaolin 1 like
Refractory clay made of the kaolin group minerals that fires to white or almost white; also called China Clay
Inert pigment that imparts easy brushing capabilities to paint products
Kata Thermometer 0 likes
Large-bulb alcohol thermometer that measures air speed or atmospheric conditions via cooling effect
Kauri Gum 5 likes
A New Zealand fossil copal
Kauri Reduction 4 likes
Solvent power of petroleum solvent test; measures the flexibility of a varnish
Keenes Cement 3 likes
Cement employed in areas exposed to moisture; a hard, sturdy finishing plaster made from gypsum that retains a high polish; used in bathrooms and kitchens and as the finish coat in auditoriums, public buildings, and buildings where walls are exposed to extremely high wear and tear or abuse; also called Anhydrous Calcined Gypsum
Keeper 3 likes
The metal latch plate where a doorknob plunger latches in a door frame
Kelly Ball Test 3 likes
How the workability of fresh concrete may be assessed
Kelvin Scale 2 likes
The Kelvin temperature scale is designed so that zero degrees K is defined as absolute zero (a hypothetical temperature where all molecular movement stops) and the size of one unit is the same as the size of one degree Celsius. Water freezes at 273.16K; water boils at 373.16K. [K = C + 273.16°, F = (9/5)C + 32°]
Kennel3 likes
Accommodation for a dog
A boarding or breeding enterprise specifically for dogs
Kerf 3 likes
A partial cut made with a saw or cutter to help break the material to a desired shape
The space from which metal has been eliminated by a cutting process
Kerfing 2 likes
Longitudinal saw cuts or grooves of different depths on the covered faces of millwork parts to lower stress, stop warping, and to enable bending
Kerosene 6 likes
A distillate attained during petroleum refining that evaporates slowly
Ketones 5 likes
Organic solvents containing CO grouping such as acetone (dimethyl ketone); MEK (methyl ethyl ketone); and MIBK (methyl isobutyl ketone)
Kettle 0 likes
Portable roofers’ equipment for heating bitumen to an appropriate temperature
Kettle Bodied Oil 0 likes
Oil maintained at a high temperature until it thickens
Kettle, Steam 0 likes
See Steam Kettle
Key 1 like
A slot at the edge of a precast part in which grout will be poured to lock it to a part next to it
A small piece of wood inserted in a joint to align it and secure it firmly together
The center stone or brick of an arch
The grip or mechanical bond of a coat of plaster to another coat or to a plaster base; achieved by the penetration of wet mortar or crystals into paper fibers, scoring irregularities, perforations, or by embedding the lath; see Mechanical Bond
Key Changes 2 likes
Various combinations of bittings or tumbler arrangements in a lock series
Key Lock3 likes
key lock
A lock that is triggered by a key
Key Switch3 likes
key switch
An electric on-off switch managed by a removable key
Keyed Joint 4 likes
In timber construction, a joint in which a structural part is keyed or notched into an adjoining part
A finished joint of mortar that has been tooled in a concave shape
Keyhole Saw3 likes
keyhole saw
A narrow pointed fine tooth saw that cuts small or curved holes
Keyless 2 likes
A plastic or porcelain light fixture that employs a pull string, found in basement, crawl space, and attic areas
Keystone 4 likes
Wedge-shaped central stone at the top of an arch
Keyway 1 like
A slot created and poured on a footer or in a foundation wall where another wall will be installed to add strength to the joint/meeting point
Kick Hole 5 likes
A hole in a roofing membrane at the base of a parapet wall at the cant
Kick Lift 0 likes
A jacking wedge used to move gypsum board into a suitable nailing position on a wall
Kick Plate 3 likes
A metal plate or strip that spans along the bottom edge of a door to protect the finished surface
Kiln2 likes
A furnace, oven, or heated enclosure to burn, fire, or dry substances
Kiln Dried 2 likes
Lumber heated in a kiln to dry and control the moisture content
Kiln Dried Lumber 3 likes
Lumber that has been kiln-dried, often to a moisture content of 6 percent to 12 percent
Kiln Drying 3 likes
Drying of wood, varnish, paint, or lacquer in an enclosure or compartment that has controlled heat and humidity
Kiln Run 1 like
Brick or structural clay tile from a kiln that has not been grouped or rated for size, burning, or color differences
Kilogram 3 likes
Metric unit of mass and weight that equals 1000 grams
Kilometer 1 like
A metric unit of distance that equals 1000 meters
Kilowatt (kw) 2 likes
A metric unit of electrical consumption that equals 1000 watts; a kilowatt hour is the base unit used to measure electrical consumption; see Watt
Kinematic Viscosity 3 likes
A way of measuring viscosity employing the stoke as the basic measurement unit
Kinetic 1 like
Associated with motion
Kinetic Energy 2 likes
Energy related to motion
Kinetic Friction 1 like
Friction between two surfaces moving in contact with one another; kinetic friction is little less than static friction
King 1 like
See King Closer
King Closer 0 likes
Approximately 3/4 the size of a regular brick, employed to fill an opening larger than a half brick; also known as a king
King Post 2 likes
The part positioned vertically between the horizontal tie beam center at the lower end of the rafters and the ridge or apex of the inclined rafters in a roofing system
King Post Truss 2 likes
A standard peaked roof truss arrangement
King Stud 3 likes
The vertical 2 X’s frame lumber (left and right) of the opening of a window or door, spanning from the bottom sole plate to the top plate
King Valve 1 like
Liquid receiver service valve
Kip 0 likes
Unit of weight or force that equals 1,000 pounds
Kirk 1 like
Kitchen 1 like
A room where food is prepared
Kitchen Cabinet5 likes
kitchen cabinet
Furniture with drawers or shelves and doors used for storage, installed on walls or floors in a kitchen
Kitchen Compactor1 like
kitchen compactor
Kitchen device that compresses materials by employing hydraulic weight, force, or vibration
Kitchen Faucet1 like
kitchen faucet
Fixture on the kitchen sink employed to draw clean water
Kitchen Range3 likes
kitchen range
Stove that has an oven and flat top surface with burners driven by gas or electricity
Kitchen Sink3 likes
kitchen sink
A basin connected to a drain in a kitchen
Knee Brace 5 likes
A corner brace secured at an angle from wall stud to rafter that reinforces a frame to thwart angular motion
Knee Kicker2 likes
knee kicker
A short tool with gripping teeth and a padded cushion that facilitates small stretches while laying carpet
Knee Wall 2 likes
Short wall beneath a roof slope
Kneepads2 likes
Protective foam rubber pads that workers wear on their knees while doing floor work
Knife 3 likes
A cutting tool that has a blade secured to a handle
A sharp cutting blade in a machine
Knife, Board 2 likes
See Board Knife
Knife, Broad1 like
broad knife
See Broad Knife
Knitted 1 like
Nonwoven carpet where the backing, stitching and pile yarns are looped together to create an uncut loop pile using three sets of knitting needles
Knitted Carpet 1 like
Carpet produced on a knitting machine with three sets of needles by winding stitching, backing, and pile yarns together, as in hand knitting
Knockout 5 likes
A cylindrical detachable junction box part or outlet box that facilitates installation of a conduit connector
Knot 0 likes
The part of a tree branch or limb that is visible on the edge or face
Knotty Pine 1 like
Pine wood with exposed knots often employed for construction of cabinets and interior paneling
Knotty Score 2 likes
Shabby cut edge of gypsum board
Knuckle 2 likes
The expanded section of a hinge where the pin is inserted
Knurled 1 like
A surface with small knobs, ridges or beads that makes it easier to grip
Kraft Paper3 likes
kraft paper
A robust wrapping paper
Kraftcord 2 likes
Firmly twisted yarn made from wood pulp fiber used in carpet backing
Krebs Unit (KU) 3 likes
Arbitrary unit of viscosity
KSI 2 likes
Kips per square inch
KU 2 likes
Krebs Unit
KWH 1 like
Kilowatt Hour
Kyanite 3 likes
The most plentiful mineral polymorph employed as a source of mullite in ceramics
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