Term Definition
J Channel 3 likes
Metal edging installed on drywall to give the edge a better finish; J Channel is employed on the vertical edge of the last drywall sheet
J-Mold 4 likes
Strip of metal molding with a J-section to edge plaster or gypsum wallboard
Jack3 likes
A mechanical device for raising heavy objects
Jack Arch 4 likes
An arch with horizontal or almost horizontal upper and lower surfaces; also known as a Flat or Straight Arch
A crudely built arch
Jack Of All Trades 0 likes
A person who does many different types of work
Jack Plane 0 likes
A medium sized plane employed in the first stages of planing
Jack Post 1 like
A structural metal support which can be raised or lowered through a series of pins and a screw to replace an old supporting part in a building; see Monopost
Jack Rafter 1 like
A rafter that spans from the wall plate to a hip, or from a valley to a ridge
Jacket, Aluminum 2 likes
See Aluminum Jacket
Jackhammer2 likes
A pneumatic concrete breaker
Jacking Equipment 3 likes
Device that stresses the tendons in pre-stressed concrete
Jacking Force 1 like
Temporary force applied by a device to introduce tension into pre-stressing tendons in pre-stressed concrete
Jacking Pipe 2 likes
Forcing pipe through the ground in a tunnel by a pipe usually jacked horizontally in short lengths
Jacking Stress 2 likes
The maximum stress in a tendon during stressing in pre-stress concrete
Jacquard 4 likes
Mechanism that produces a desired color design for a Wilton carpet loom by using a chain of cardboard cards perforated to create the design elements
Jagged Edges 1 like
Irregularities left on the edges of ceramic tile usually as a result of hand cutting tools
Jalousie2 likes
A blind or shutter that has a row of sloping slats to prevent rain from entering and control the amount of light
Jalousie Window 1 like
A window with stationary or adjustable blinds mounted to allow air, create shade, and prevent rain from coming in
Jamb3 likes
The side and head lining of a doorway, window, furnace or another opening with the studs, frame and trim; vertical side of a door or window frame
Jamb Anchor 2 likes
Steel anchor that secures a steel door frame to the wall or partition
Jamb Block 3 likes
A concrete masonry member with a slot to accommodate a window or door frame
Jamb, Door5 likes
jamb door
See Door Jamb
Japan Color 2 likes
Colored paste created by grinding high quality colors in hard drying varnish
Japan Drier 5 likes
Varnish gum with a large amount of metallic salts like lead, cobalt, or manganese to speed drying; employed in paints, enamels, and varnishes
Japanese Lacquer 3 likes
Varnish made from tree sap in Japan that gets very hard and black while it dries
Jaspe 4 likes
Carpet surface that has uneven stripes with different textures or shades of the same color
Jib 0 likes
The arm of a crane
Jib Crane2 likes
jib crane
A crane with a protruding arm off its derrick boom
Jig6 likes
A tool or template employed to correctly position a piece of work or parts of work during assembly
Jiggering 2 likes
Forming ceramic ware from a plastic body by rotating a profile tool and mold
Jigsaw2 likes
A machine saw with a narrow blade used for cutting curved and complex patterns
A scroll saw
Jitterbug 1 like
Grate tamper for pushing rough aggregate slightly beneath the surface of a slab to enable finishing
Job 2 likes
An individual piece of work of a particular nature
Job Built Form 0 likes
A temporary structure or mold made on a jobsite to support concrete while it is setting
Job Lot 0 likes
An assorted collection of goods for sale
Job Requirements 1 like
Specific, essential tasks to complete a building, structure or job; also called General Requirements
Job Scheduling 2 likes
Itemization chart in chronological order of project tasks to start and complete a building, structure, or job
Job Trailer 2 likes
A towed vehicle positioned on a jobsite that serves as an office space
Jobsite 4 likes
A place where construction occurs
Joinery 1 like
Art or trade of joinery; woodwork, finish carpentry
Joining 3 likes
Juncture of two distinct applications in a single surface plane; also called a Jointing
Joint 2 likes
Place between touching surfaces of two components joined and held together by nails, glue, cement, or other means
Joint Butt 4 likes
See Butt Joint
Joint Cement 2 likes
A powder generally mixed with water employed for joint treatment in gypsumwallboard finish. Often called spackle or drywall mud; also called Joint Compound
Joint Check 1 like
A check payable to more than one payee
Joint Clip 0 likes
A metal fastener employed vertically over the edges of two pieces of wood and hammered into them
Clip that secures two adjoining pieces of plywood in plywood sheathing
Joint Compound2 likes
joint compound
A cementitious material that covers joints, corners and fasteners creating a smooth uniform surface when finishing gypsum board; also called Spackle or Joint Cement
Joint Control 1 like
Independent escrow that secures and disburses construction funds
Joint Efficiency 1 like
Wood joint strength as a percentage of the strength of clear straight-grained material
Joint Factor 1 like
Joint efficiency
Joint Filler4 likes
joint filler
Compressible material employed to fill a joint, stop debris from entering, and support sealants
Joint Photographing 4 likes
Shadowing of finished joint areas through the surface decoration in gypsumboard
Joint Reinforcement3 likes
joint reinforcement
Steel wire, bar, or prefabricated reinforcement in mortar bed joints
Joint Reinforcing 1 like
Joint Reinforcement
Joint Reinforcing Mesh 0 likes
A woven fiber screen-like material employed instead of paper joint tape
Joint Reinforcing Metal 2 likes
Expanded metal strips, woven or welded wire mesh that reinforces corners and areas of plaster and lath
Joint Reinforcing Tape 5 likes
Metal, Paper, fabric, or another material generally used with a cementitious compound to reinforce the joints between adjoining gypsum boards
Joint Sealant1 like
joint sealant
Compressible material that prevents water and solid foreign materials from entering openings; a substance that stops water and moisture from entering joints; also called Joint Sealer
Joint Sealer 5 likes
Joint Sealant
Joint Tape3 likes
joint tape
Paper tape applied with gypsum-based joint compound to treat the joints in gypsum wallboard
Joint Tape System 2 likes
The compound and tape system employed to hide and finish joints in gypsum board
Joint Tenancy 2 likes
Ownership where tenants own a property equally; if one party passes away, the other party automatically inherits the entire property
Joint Trench 1 like
When electric and telephone companies dig one trench and position both of their service lines in it
Joint Venture 1 like
A temporary partnership made up of individuals, partnerships, or corporations in order to achieve a specific job, project, or work
Jointer1 like
Metal hand tool that partially cuts a joint through fresh concrete
Tool used by bricklayers to form the various types of mortar joints
An electrically powered machine for making joints
Jointing 1 like
Smoothing and straightening the edge of a wooden board
Jointing is accomplished automatically by a jointer
Facing the mortar joints
Grinding or filing the teeth or knives of power tools to the right height; circular saws are jointed so there are no high or low teeth; knives of planers and jointers are jointed so that each knife makes the same depth of cut as every other one
Joist 2 likes
Wooden 2 X 8’s, 10’s, or 12’s that run parallel to each other supporting a floor or ceiling supported by larger beams, girders, or walls; a usually horizontal, structural part employed as a floor, roof framing component, or ceiling
Joist Anchor 1 like
A metal rod in a masonry wall that juts out so it can be secured to a joist or rafter
Joist Bridging 2 likes
Bracing joists by fixing adjacent components between them
Paired pieces from the bottom of one floor joist to the top of adjacent joists, also crossed to spread the floor load
Wooden pieces of width equal to the joists and fitted tidily below them
Diagonal or longitudinal parts that maintain horizontal parts suitably spaced, in lateral position, vertically plumb, and to spread load
Joist Girder 0 likes
Light steel truss used to buttress open-web steel joists
Joist Hanger2 likes
joist hanger
A metal U-shaped element that reinforces the end of a floor joist secured with hard nails to another bearing joist or beam
Joist Painting 4 likes
Applying paint to protect, seal, or include color to a joist, generally refers to metal joists
Joist, Metal1 like
joist, metal
See Metal Joist
Joist, Sister 2 likes
See Sister Joist
Joist, Wood 3 likes
See Wood Joist
Joule 2 likes
Quantity of energy required to increase the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius in the international system of units
Joule-Thomson Effect 2 likes
Change in the temperature of a gas when expanding through a porous plug from a higher to lower pressure
Journal 1 like
A log or record of current transactions
The portion of a rotating shaft, roll, axle, or spindle that rotates in a bearing
Journal, Crankshaft 1 like
Portion of shaft that contacts the bearing on the large end of the piston rod
Journeyman 0 likes
A fully trained, qualified trade person such as a carpenter, electrician or plumber
A highly skilled plasterer or lather with a great amount of training and experience; far more skilled than an apprentice or a laborer
A painter with a minimum of three years’ experience and training as an apprentice
Judgment 2 likes
Final decision from a court
Jumbo Brick 1 like
A larger brick than standard size measuring 8 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches
Jumpers 2 likes
Water pipe mounted in a water meter pit prior to the installation of the water meter, or electric wire secured in the electric house panel meter socket prior to the installation of the meter; can be illegal
Jumpover 0 likes
Double offset employed to return the pipe to its original line in piping; also known as a Return Off-Set
Junction Box0 likes
box junction
A square of octagonal metal or hard plastic electrical rough-in box for wire or cable connections
Jute3 likes
Sturdy, resilient yarn spun from fibers of the jute plant employed in the backings of various carpets
Jute Padding 1 like
Tough yarn padding employed as an underlay for carpet
Juxtaposition 1 like
Positioning of things side by side, especially to suggest a link between them or highlight a contrast between them
Juxtaposition of Colors 2 likes
Positioning colors next to or close to each other; complementary colors such as red and green in juxtaposition highlight each other
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