Term Definition
IAQ 2 likes
Indoor Air Quality
IBC 2 likes
International Building Code
ICBO 1 like
International Conference of Building Officials
ICC 3 likes
International Code Council
Interstate Commerce Commission
Ice Cream Cabinet 2 likes
Commercial refrigerator operating at roughly 0° F (-18° C) where ice cream is stored
Ice Dam 3 likes
An ice obstruction along a roof’s eaves due to refreezing of water from melting snow on the roof surface
Ice Maker1 like
Ice Maker
An appliance used to freeze water into ice chunks, crushed ice, or ice cubes
Ice Melting Equivalent 2 likes
Quantity of heat absorbed by melting ice at 32° F (0° C) is 144 BTUs per pound of ice or 288,000 BTUs per ton; also called Ice Melting Effect
Ice Storage Bin2 likes
ice storage bin
A container which stores ice and preserves its solid state
ID 1 like
Inside Diameter
Inside Dimension
Idiot Stick 3 likes
See Layout Stick and Story Pole
Idler 1 like
A pulley on belt drives to ensure correct belt tension and eradicate belt vibration
Ignition Transformer3 likes
ignition transformer
Transformer that yields a high-voltage current; employed in heating systems to ignite fuel by providing a spark gap
IIAR 1 like
International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
IIC 1 like
Impact Insulation Class
IL 2 likes
Intensity Level
ILIA 3 likes
Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc
Illegal 0 likes
Opposing or against the law
Illiquid 3 likes
Lacking liquid assets
Illuminate 1 like
Light up, make bright, usually with electrical lighting
Ilmenite 2 likes
Mineral used principally to produce titanium oxide
IMC 3 likes
Intermediate Metal Conduit
IME 1 like
Ice Melting Equivalent
Ice Melting Effect
IMI 0 likes
International Masonry Institute
Immeasurable 2 likes
Not able to be measured; immense
Immiscibility 2 likes
Incapable of being mixed or being homogeneous
Immune 0 likes
Invulnerable and not subject to legal process
Impact 0 likes
The action of one object hitting another, or the force with which an object hits another
Impact Barrier 1 like
An obstruction built to resist dynamic loading on a surface
Impact Insulation Class (IIC) 1 like
Rating for the sound insulating performance of a floor or ceiling
Impasto 2 likes
Applying pigment thickly to canvas or another surface to ensure the painting stands out
Impedance 3 likes
Resistance to electrical flow in an alternating current electrical circuit
Impeller6 likes
A blade of a pumping apparatus; propeller type fitting that produces suction when rotated
Imperial Gallon 0 likes
Unit of volume measure used in Great Britain and Canada, for 277.42 cubic inches and weighing 10 pounds; unlike the U.S. gallon of 231 cubic inches and 8.33 pounds in weight
Imperial Units 1 like
See United States Customary Systems
Impermeability 0 likes
The resistance asphalt pavement has to air and water moving into or through it
Impermeable 1 like
Not permitting the passage of liquid, gas or other fluids; impervious
Impervious 0 likes
Not letting water or moisture pass through or be absorbed; generally zero absorption, other than for floor and wall tiles that are considered impervious up to 0.5 percent water absorption
Impervious Tile 1 like
Tile designated by water absorption of 0.5 percent or less
Imperviousness 2 likes
Resisting penetration of moisture
Implied Contract 3 likes
A non-verbal contract
Implied Covenant 5 likes
A promise not expressed in a contract, but implied from other circumstances
Implied Indemnity 2 likes
Obligation to indemnify from the circumstances of the parties involved, but not from the content of a contract
Implied Warranty 2 likes
A non-verbal promise usually associated with the quality of goods, implied from the circumstances of a sale
Imported Marble3 likes
imported marble
Marble brought in from another country, state or area
Impossibility 1 like
Contract law doctrine that forgives performance which has become physically impossible
Impreg 1 like
Wood that has been saturated with synthetic resin to greatly diminish swelling and shrinking
Impregnate 2 likes
To saturate, fill, or permeate one substance with another, such as wood with chemicals
Imprest Cash Fund 3 likes
A petty cash fund for minor disbursements, occasionally restored to its original amount by transferring the monies for disbursements from the general cash account
Improvements 1 like
TI’S or Tenant Improvements
New construction or remodel work: see TI’S
Enhancements to the property value including buildings, paving, fencing, and landscaping
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