Term Definition
Hod 0 likes
Portable trough for moving plaster, mortar, and bricks, fixed crosswise on top of a pole and carried on the shoulder
Hoddability 1 like
Ease with which a plaster mortar is handled with a hod or hawk, depends on flow properties and angle of mortar repose
Hoe1 like
A long handled tool with a thin flat metal blade for cultivating, mixing, and weeding
Hog Ring 3 likes
Heavy galvanized wire staple applied with a pneumatic gun clinching it as a closed ring around stud, rod, pencil rod or channel
Hoist, Industrial1 like
hoist industrial
See Industrial Hoist
Hoistway 0 likes
Shaftway, hatchway, well hole, or other vertical opening or space where an elevator or dumbwaiter operates
Hold Harmless 1 like
See Indemnification
Hold Out 3 likes
Ability to end soaking into substrate
Holder, Door3 likes
door holder
See Door Holder
Holding Period 1 like
Period between completing casting and introducing more heat or the steam curing period in the manufacture of concrete products
Holdover Tenant 0 likes
A tenant who does not leave the property when the lease expires
Hole 0 likes
Opening or perforation in a material
Pit in the ground
Holiday 0 likes
Skipped area of liquid applied roofing in roofing
Accidentally missing an area of surface being painted
Hollow Block 0 likes
Concrete blocks that can be packed with insulation, or reinforced and grouted
Hollow Clay Tile 0 likes
Tile building masonry unit in a variety of sizes and forms, used for exterior walls and partitions
Hollow Column 0 likes
A vertical column that has an internal air space
Hollow Concrete Masonry 0 likes
Concrete masonry units with open cores, such as ordinary concrete blocks
Hollow Core Door 1 like
Flush hardwood or plywood door with a void or honeycombed interior glued to a skeletal framework
Hollow Core Slab 1 like
Precast concrete slab that has internal longitudinal cavities to diminish its weight
Hollow Masonry Unit 2 likes
A masonry unit whose net cross-sectional area in any plane parallel to the bearing surface is less than 75% of its cross-sectional area in the same plane
Hollow Metal Door 0 likes
A hollow core door made of sheet metal that has been channel-reinforced; the core is frequently filled with lightweight material
Hollow Metal Frame 0 likes
A sheet metal door frame reinforced at the hinges and strikes
Hollow Wall 0 likes
A wall constructed of solid masonry units laid in and built to provide an air space within the wall
Hollow-Back 0 likes
Removing part of the wood on the covered face of a wood trim part to better fit any nonconformity in the bearing surface
Hollow-Core Construction 3 likes
Panel construction with faces of hardboard, plywood, or similar material bonded to a framed core assembly of wood lattice, paperboard rings, etc. which reinforce the facing at spaced intervals
Hollow-Tube Gasket 1 like
Sealing device made of rubber or plastic with a tubular cross-section
Home Plan 2 likes
A home plan is composed of drawings or blueprints for the specifications of a home such as dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods, processes and techniques.
Home Run, Electrical 2 likes
Electrical cable that transfers power from the main circuit breaker panel to the first electrical box, plug, or switch in the circuit
Homestead 1 like
Land tract granted by the U.S. on recording, improving, and cultivating the property
A home and adjoining land occupied by a family; can be exempt from judgment up to a certain sum by filing a Declaration of Homestead
A residence
Hone 1 like
A honing stone
Honey Combs 0 likes
What concrete looks like when rocks are visible and when there are voids in the foundation wall, particularly around concrete foundation windows
Honeycomb 0 likes
Voids in concrete resulting from segregation and poor consolidation when the concrete is placed
Honeycomb Core 1 like
A sandwich core material for doors or building panels, constructed of thin sheet materials or ribbons in honeycomb-like configurations
Honeycombing 2 likes
Checks, usually invisible at the surface, occurring in the inside of a piece of wood, typically along the wood rays
Honing Stone 0 likes
A fine-grit stone to sharpen cutting tools
Hood, Exhaust2 likes
hood exhaust
See Exhaust Hood
Hood, Range2 likes
range hood
See Range Hood
Hook 0 likes
A semicircular bend at the end of a reinforcing bar that enhances the bond and anchorage
Hook Knife 0 likes
A special curved knife employed mainly to cut resilient floor coverings; also called a Linoleum Knife
Hook Stick1 like
hook stick
Implement curved or bent for holding, catching, or pulling
Hook Strip 0 likes
Wood, plastic, or metal strip fastened to a wall surface to facilitate mounting of hooks, such as coat hooks or key hooks
Hook Wire 1 like
A curved or bent hook implement used for holding, catching, or pulling
Hooke’s Law 0 likes
Stress and strain are proportional up to the material’s elastic limit
Hoop 1 like
Circular shaped piece of steel reinforcing bar
Hopped-Up Mud 0 likes
Mortar and accelerator mixture
Hopper 0 likes
Deep water basin with all four sides sloping for diving
Hopper Window 3 likes
A window whose sash pivots on an axis along the sill, and opens by tilting toward the building’s interior
Horizon 0 likes
Line where the earth and sky appear to meet
Horizontal 1 like
Parallel to the horizon
Horizontal Angle 0 likes
An angle in a horizontal plane
Horizontal Application 0 likes
The application of gypsum board with the long part at right angles to the framing components; perpendicular
Horizontal Broken Joints 0 likes
Tile laid with each course offset one-half its length; horizontal broken joints are created during positioning of tiles
Horizontal Fixed Position 0 likes
Pipe joint position where the axis of the pipe is roughly horizontal and the pipe is not rotated during welding
Horizontal Forces 0 likes
Any lateral loads imposed on a structure; also those caused by wind or earthquake forces
Horizontal Hardboard Siding 0 likes
Horizontal siding made of hardboard frequently used as clapboards on a home
Horizontal Rolled Position 0 likes
Position of a pipe joint as welding is performed in the flat position by rotating the pipe
Horizontal Shaft Mixer 0 likes
Mixer having a stationary cylindrical mixing compartment, with the axis of the cylinder horizontal, and one or more rotating horizontal shafts secured to mixing blades or paddles
Horizontal Siding 1 like
Linear horizontal material, usually overlapping, employed as an external surface or cladding for an exterior framed wall
Horizontal Wood Siding 0 likes
Linear horizontal wood material, usually overlapping, employed as an external surface or cladding for an exterior framed wall
Horizontally Laminated Wood 0 likes
Laminated wood where the laminations are configured so that the wider part of each lamination is roughly perpendicular to the direction of load
Horizontals 1 like
Reinforcing bars that span horizontally
Horn 1 like
Stile, jamb or sill extension
Horsepower 1 like
A unit of electrical power equal to 746 watts in the U.S. system
In the English gravitational system, 550 foot-pounds of work per second
Hose Bib 0 likes
An exterior water faucet
Hose Reel1 like
hose reel
A round mechanism where a hose is wound for easy access
Hospital Bed2 likes
hospital bed
Bed located in a hospital where patients recline, lie and sleep
Hospital Cubicle 0 likes
A small partitioned area or sleeping compartment in a hospital
Hospital Divider1 like
hospital divider
A movable partition in a hospital to create privacy
Hospital Equipment 2 likes
Apparatus or implements used in hospitals
Hospital Faucet 0 likes
A water faucet controlled by feet to reduce the spread of germs from hands
Hospital Panel 0 likes
A partition in a hospital which divides areas into smaller areas
Hospital Stretcher 0 likes
A narrow, portable bed with collapsible legs and wheels employed to transport patients, often from an ambulance to a hospital
Hospital Wardrobe 1 like
A cabinet installed in a hospital patient room to store the patients’ clothing and accessories
Hot Aggregate Storage Bins 1 like
Bins that store heated and separated aggregates before including their final allocations into the mixer
Hot Gas Bypass 0 likes
Piping system in refrigerating unit which conveys hot refrigerant gas from condenser into the low-pressure side
Hot Gas Defrost 2 likes
Defrosting system in which hot refrigerant gas from the high side is directed through evaporator for short duration at predefined intervals to eliminate frost from evaporator
Hot Junction 1 like
Part of thermoelectric circuit that discharges heat
Hot Lacquer Process 0 likes
Where heat is employed to diminish lacquer consistency; hot lacquer can be applied with a larger percentage of solids than lacquer at room temperature
Hot Mud 0 likes
Mortar blended with an accelerator; also called Hot Stuff
Hot Plate, Laboratory 1 like
See Laboratory Hot Plate
Hot Spray 0 likes
Spraying material heated to diminish viscosity
Hot Stuff 0 likes
Mortar blended with an accelerator; also called Hot Mud
Hot bitumen
Hot Tub 1 like
Wood hydrotherapy unit designed and assembled just like traditional tubs or casks, with sides and the bottom made of separate boards, joined by pressure of the surrounding hoops, bands or rods
Hot Water Circulating Loop System 0 likes
A piping mechanism where hot water is constantly circulated in a loop from which plumbing fixtures are fed
Hot Water Dispenser1 like
hot water dispenser
Device that heats and disperses small amounts of water
Hot Water Heating System 1 like
System in which water is circulated via heating coils
Hot Water Storage Tank 0 likes
A tank that receives heated water and stores it for future dispersion
Hot Wire 1 like
Black wire that carries electrical energy to a receptacle or another device; as opposed to a neutral wire which carries electricity away
Resistance wire in an electrical relay which expands when heated and contracts when cooled
Hot Wire Relay 1 like
See Thermal Relay
Hot-Water Boiler 1 like
A boiler supplying hot water at pressures not more than 30 pounds per square inch gauge (2.12 kg/cm2) or steam at pressures not in excess of 15 pounds per square inch gauge (1.06 kg/cm2)
Hotel 0 likes
A building used as a business that provides temporary lodging and meals
House 0 likes
A building where people live
House Drain 0 likes
Horizontal part of the drainage system that connects the DWV piping within the structure to the sanitary sewer or private sewage treatment equipment
House Drainage System 2 likes
Complete piping system that carries away waste water and sewage; also called Building Drainage System
House Paint, Outside2 likes
house paint, outside
Paint used on the exterior of buildings, fences, and other surfaces subjected to elements of the weather
House Sewer 0 likes
Piping that carries soil and waste water from the building drain to the public sewer or private sewage disposal system; also called Building Sewer
House Trap 1 like
Located at the point where the house drain leaves the building; holds enough water to stop gasses entering the building from the sewer system
Housed Joint 3 likes
A joint where one piece is grooved to receive the other part
Housing 0 likes
A groove cut at any angle with the grain and partially across the piece; employed for framing stair risers and treads
Howe Truss 0 likes
A standard peaked roof truss arrangement where the vertical web components and the bottom chord are tense, while the sloping web members and the top chord are compressed
HP 0 likes
High Pressure
HP Sodium Lamp 0 likes
A high-pressure sodium vapor lamp that emits a wide-spectrum yellow light
HPMA 1 like
Hardwood Plywood Manufacturers Association
HPVA 0 likes
Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association
Hub 0 likes
A surveyor’s bench mark; employed as a starting point for measuring elevations and horizontal distances
Enlarged end of a hub and spigot cast-iron pipe
See Bell
Hub Union 0 likes
A pipe fitting employed to join two pipes without turning the pipes
Hue 1 like
Human Relations 0 likes
Behavioral side of management; dealing with personnel and approaching each problem from the employees’ perspective; business success frequently depends on the relationship between management and the employees
Humidification 0 likes
Adding moisture to air, increasing the latent heat
Humidified Bond 0 likes
Ability of surfacing paper to resist delamination from the core when exposed to extremely high humidity in gypsum wallboard
Humidifier2 likes
An appliance typically attached to the furnace, or portable unit device that increases the humidity in a room or house by discharging water vapor
Humidistat2 likes
Electrical control operated by changing humidity
Humidity 0 likes
Quantity of water vapor in a given volume of air
Humidity Ratio 0 likes
The weight of water vapor per unit weight of dry air; also called Specific Humidity
Hump Joint 0 likes
See Crowned Joint
Humus 0 likes
Decayed organic matter; a dark feathery swamp soil consisting mainly of decayed vegetation; also called peat
Hung Slab 0 likes
Nonstructural concrete slab with no bearing on walls, completely supported from above by an overhead structure
Hurricane 0 likes
A tropical cyclone with winds above 74 miles per hour; usually experienced with rain, thunder, and lightning
Hurricane Clip 0 likes
Metal straps nailed to secure the roof rafters and trusses to the top horizontal wall plate; sometimes called a Teco clip
Hut 0 likes
A small simple construction or temporary dwelling
Hutment 0 likes
Collection of huts
HVAC 0 likes
An abbreviation for Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HVAC Control 0 likes
An apparatus that regulates a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
HW 0 likes
Hot Water
Hydrant 0 likes
A discharge pipe with a valve and threaded outlet used to draw water from a water main; a faucet
Fire hydrant; fire plug
Hydrant Removal 0 likes
Removing an old hydrant
Hydrant, Wall 0 likes
See Wall Hydrant
Hydrate 0 likes
Adding water to another substance
Hydrated Lime
Hydrated Lime 0 likes
Calcium hydroxide, a dry powder created by treating quicklime with water; also called Hydrate
Hydration 0 likes
Adding water to a substance
Hydraulic 0 likes
A mechanism operated, moved, or effected by water pressure
Hydraulic Cement 1 like
Portland cement that harden or sets under water
Hydraulic Elevator 0 likes
A lifting device power-driven by pressured fluid
Hydraulic Excavator 0 likes
A digging machine power-driven by pressured fluid
Hydraulic Gradient 0 likes
Surface slope of open or underground water
Hydraulic Institute (HI) 0 likes
6 Campus Drive, First Floor North, Parsippany NJ, 07054-4406, Tel: (973) 267-9700, Fax: (973) 267-9055, URL: www.pumps.org/
Hydraulic Lift 0 likes
An elevating device power-driven by pressured fluid
Hydraulic Spraying 0 likes
Spraying by hydraulic pressure
Hydraulics 0 likes
The science of the passage of liquids through pipes
Branch of physics pertaining to the mechanical properties of moving water and other liquids in motion
Hydrocarbon 0 likes
Organic compound consisting solely of carbon and hydrogen; fuels including natural gas, gasoline, and coal contain hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon Resins 0 likes
Attained by catalytic polymerization of petroleum fractions
Hydrochloric Acid 0 likes
Dilute solution of hydrogen chloride, a powerful, corrosive acid, used to remove Portland cement paste from brick or stone work
Hydrofluoric Acid 0 likes
Aqueous hydrogen fluoride solution, a weak poisonous acid, that damages silica and silicates, employed to finish and etch glass
Hydrojet 0 likes
An apparatus that mixes water with air producing a high speed, stormy stream of air augmented water
Hydrojet Booster Pump System 0 likes
A system where one or several hydrojets are set in motion by a pump that is independent of the spa’s filtration and heating systems
Hydrology 0 likes
Science pertaining to the properties of the earth’s water — on the surface, subsurface, and atmosphere — and its motion in relation to land
Hydrometer1 like
A device that measures the density of liquids
Hydronic 0 likes
Heating system circulating a heated fluid, usually water, through baseboard coils via a circulating pump regulated by a thermostat
Hydronic Heating System 0 likes
A system that distributes heated water via convectors to heat a building, structure or room
Hydronics 0 likes
Heating or cooling systems that transfer heat as water or vapor, via a circulating fluid, in a closed pipe system of pipes
Hydrophilic 0 likes
Attracting water; able to bond or dissolve in water
Hydrophobic 0 likes
Repelling water; incapable of uniting or mixing with water
Hydroponics 0 likes
Growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, and added nutrients, with no soil
Hydrostatic Pressure 0 likes
Pressure experienced by motionless water
Hydrostatic Relief Valve 0 likes
A valve mounted in the main drain of the swimming pool and in other areas; when the pool is full of water, the valve closes; when the pool is empty, it opens to enable ground water to flow into the pool; employed to stop the pool from floating, which happens when ground water pressure builds up
Hydrous 0 likes
Having water
Hygrometer1 like
An instrument that has a dry bulb thermometer and a wet bulb thermometer, measuring the humidity of the atmosphere or a gas; also called a Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer or a Psychrometer
Hygroscopic 0 likes
Propensity to absorb water
A synthetic rubber frequently used with neoprene in elastomeric roof coverings; Hypalon is a registered trademarked of E.I. du Pont Co.
Ability of a substance to absorb and release moisture and modify physical dimensions based on its moisture content
Hyperbolic Paraboloid 0 likes
Double curved surface initiated by sliding a straight line along two other lines which are tilted from each other but lie in parallel planes
Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell 0 likes
Saddle-shaped concrete roof structure
Hypocenter 0 likes
The point below the epicenter where an earthquake is initiated; also called the Focus
Hypotenuse 1 like
The side of a right-angled triangle which is directly opposite the right angle
Hypothecate 0 likes
To promise property to repay a debt without releasing the title or possession of the property
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